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' Quarterly 



volume 3 1894-IS95 

tDilluim onJ illjrij €:lU.\c, 

plLLlAMSBLBo. V .K. 


tOrrOR or THE MAC.-aiNE, 

LYON G. TYLER. A. M.. LL. D.. 


Pm>TTD IT * , , 

WarrriT & SHirris«oN 


No. i. Vol ill. 

JULY, 1894, 

William ai }M Golllg 


Historical A Icio-azine 






1. Thh SoKioi.K Ac.\r>EMY, . . . t'a^c 3 

ByEd\v»rd W. jamcs. 



Ry Dr. A. G. Grinnan. 
3. N'vrur; u.r^ATroN Paper ot N'iCHOLAS Vagcr, . " 

B) Di. A. G. Grinnan, 

4. Origin Ai. LrxTrxs, . . . . • '3 

5. A l-Kw Things A!OL! OiT. Cat.-NTv. . »9 

By General Wni. Lv Talinferro. 
^y IxsCKii iioNs ON" Old Tombstones in Gi.ouCESir.k 

C0l-Ni\,VA, ..... -8 

By th? fditor 
7. Libraries in Coloxial Virgi.nia. ... 43 

By Edward W. James. 
3 TH?;0CKMORro\ OF FIngland ANr> Virginia. . aO 

By W. G. Sranard. 
Q. Slave 0\vne.'<s in Pkinclss Anne Co., Va. . 32 

By Ed.vard W. James. 
lu. Journal OF THE Me'-:mngs . . .60 

Ot ll:c President and Masters of William and Mary 

M. Will oF Sir. Philip HoNYwooD. . 64 

i:. The Colonial Co'jncil OF Virginia. . 65 

13. Hi-torical NoiES ..... 6S 

14. Boot Review. .... •75 




Vol. III. J^LV. 1S94. No. i. 

The Noi-folk Acat.Icnn'. 

<."Vmi.n:.a 1 f.!> i;v KDv. .\Ri> V.. _ia:>:i:s. 

"Noifolk" !i','ioni:^ii: 

At a Coinip.on Hall biinrr-nei ar..! }i:^'.d 

t-hc 6"' d:\y ol December 17S5 pro'^ent. 

Carey H. Hansford esquire M.iyor. 

Roberl Taylor Thonias Xcwton, Jun'' i 

James Tayl'.r (ieor^e Kelly ■ (ion't''^ AldennM 

Cornelius C.ilvert Paul I*roby \ 

and Richard Kvers Lee, G«;orge LoyaU, JaMu--, Ma.wvcll, JmIki 
Calveri:, Wi'.iiam I'iuine, Benjamin Pollard, James Dvson, 
Jonathan Calvert and Bristol Brown of the Common Council. 
J:^s<\':rJ That M'" Lee, >F Plume and M"^ Pollard or any 
two be C >m:-.i:ssir':icr.^ to agree witli some person or persons 
for Kebailding the Free School so far as tiie money received 
from the Publick on Account of the same will extend." 

'"Norfolk P. j.-'Ough; 

At a Common Hall summ>>ned Held the 

2-''' day >)t F'^bruary 17S6 present 

Cary H. Hansford esquire Mavor. 

Robert Taylur Thomas MaihcA's 1 

Cornelius Calvert Paul Prouy ,- Gent*" Aldermen, 

Thomas Ncwtonjr. ) 

4 ^\ li.l.lA.M /Nl> XAl'.Y COLLI.r.E QUAllTEIU.Y. 

ill' 1 Jc'iii l]itch;r.L;>. Willi.', n Piunu-. IJenjamin Pollard, Rob- 
trtlUtr..,!, lanes Dyson, Ki. hard livers Lee, John Wood- 
side, j. in-> N'i nIn>^ IIii!ar\- Moscly and Gc-.r.tje Loy:dl of 
llie Coaii.; ;» C'lincil. 

Ab^•^.■^t CorneliMS Calveil Gen' A!Jtr;nnn 
TVt-K'/rrj'Tlia'. The Coiiiiniitec Appoint.--d to rebuild ihe 
Free Scliool on t'ac Public Land iirar l!.c Cliurch be em- 
powered to Call on ihe Mayor for any sum r.jt '.xcecdinjj ilirec 
Hundred I'ojnu'.i. for the rebuilding of the .^a'V.e of the fo!- 
lowiu;;- demer.rion>, io Wit: siruy f'c-t by Iwentv-lv/o feet, 
and to be two Story High. w1;i:c}j sum the Mayor is hereby 
directed to pay to t!ie:n or their Order." 

'\\t a Co'.nnjon Hall bummoncd and Held the i^''" day of 
March 1786 {Ttsont 

dry H. Ilansford esqui.^e >fay.jr. 
Tames Tayl'-.r Robert Taylor j 

Cornelius Cilvert Thonins M.itiicws - Geu™ Aldermen 

'IIicriKis Xe-.vton Jun,. Paul Proby 1 

and Iknjamin Pollard, Jc'.ui Calvc'-t. James Xlmnio, William 
Ingram, Jcn.;t!ian Calvert, Gj.r.;c Loyall, J-din Woodside 
and R::b'' Lvcrv Lee of V^c Common Courcli. 

Tiio Commiisioners aj^pointed to let '.-at the Buil 'int; of 
the lire S.diool, t'lis day reported the s.'me whi'.h Read 

AVjv/.-v.; That the Contract n;ade by tiie said Commis- 
sioners, be Conlur.ied." 

"At a Court of Alhirman summoned and held the 3'^ day 
of October i7?!6 present ' 

Thoma.s Newton Ju'" esq^' Mayor. 
Ciry H. Hansford George Kelley ) 

Gen' Alderman. 

i'.i'U Lov.iil Tl-oma.s Matliews \ 

.!;^.aiesT.^ Paul I'roby 

Rob'^rt Taylor j 

Oa a mcti :>n, R.s^^vfJ Tiiat the Reve^ Wa'ker Maury 'i' be 

appointed to take ciiar--c of the Pul'lic Scliooi of this Uor- 

(,lj "j\ii3w all men by ih-ve present that we 

arc hold and nrmly bound tj Ii Iniand Randolph, 

Tii;: x.'U:\>i.ic ACAiir.MV 5 

one;!!, lipc.i hi:-, cuinplyin^; V. ith siich rules ai.d KciniK-iti jns 
as shall lie llK/u^IiL nccosary f>r tl;e <;ood Govt-: nrnciil r.f 
the same, lo bo ii.jreffl nn hiTcatter by ihc. Mayor Kccoitlcr 
aii'I AlihM-raan wMiii,-. r.oio'.i-li, And t.':ai M"" James 'i'aylor, 
M"" Hans:'. M-u. M'' Kboit Taylor and Mr Ilclly or any ilirec 
ui iheai iio a Cjrn.i;i: o.* lo draw up Ka!j>, .-kI Rcgul.iUuns 
lor ilitf (jovon.aiciiL oi' i!io said Scho.A, and KcpjM ihc. sair.e 
to tilt iKxl mei.'iii'f-." 

"Norioliv Ccroi: .•,'::: 

.\t a Ci-'uri of Aldcnaaii sun:inono(i and 
l.cld the ;6*'" day of .Marcn i/o; present 

Cary 11. liar.s'ord, late Mayor, 
Paul Loyal!. Kcbeit Taylor, > 
jaa-.cs Tavloi, i'aail Prcbv, !- Gen' Aldei men. 
Ocot-e llcV-y, iJ.aj. I\.llard, ) 

At the i^^i'.c:,: of M'' T-'duray, Master (jf the Norfolk 
Acaieniy, t'ae Court h.'.vo i:5:abl ^aed suc'a rul:s and rei^ula- 
tions for tiic good g.i\crruv.oiU of t'p.c same as they tl'.oarht 
most salutary, and the same is Ordered to be recorded. 

Tette AUx. Mos.loy, T. Clk. Cary il. Hansford, lat- 

e.->4r. Go\crno: of iliC Coi'.nvo :v.-ealth of Virga ^.p^j j^-jg si:r-(.-^<.0T for 
lie time l-CTj; in tiie'. il lull sum of ll /e liundreJ po'.::rb-; current 
money loi the use of ilie Coraa;on\veaIlh: to which well & 
truly to be ir.ade we bind ourselve.^ o'ar heirs, ex.<rs .S: adors Jointly 
vK: sevcrAliy lirmly by these picsenis scaled with our seals ^^c dated 
this ij^^ day of J..ny 17S7. The Coadilion of this obligation is 
sucii that, V hereas the ?.hove bound Walker Maury havinsr produced 
to the Court of N"or:oik Couay credentials of his ordinition and of 
his bein^' in regular con'.ir.uu on ol ihc Church of En£;iand and ob- 
t.dned a licence to celcb.a'.e the riic:^ of matrimony accordin- to the 
Act of Asserably to re-ul.-.ic the coL-maization of marriai:es— Now if 
th.e said .Nhury shall well cS: irjjy Coniply with the said La.v tiien this 
oblij^atioa to be void or ch^e to remain in fo.-cc and vi;tuc — 
Scaled >!;• tiv.iverc 1 ) 

1:1 tlie presence of,- Waiker Maury, 

\V"i Kendall. ) Jona. Calvert. 

jolm Tucker," 

C will. 1AM \N!) MAI:Y CM.LKlli qVidlHai/t. 

Ivulcs of ihc School. 

1'^' Thai llic School 1).; .-a lie- 1 tiic N..MioIk \cc^dcw.y. 

2'' 'I liat Kcadiii?:. ^v(■:ti^:,^ arichmoLic runl ]io)k Kcrepizio, 
l-iii^libh (irarii;-!! t. « I.^ "^m ap;iy, a:i'l 'Jio u..(f of thcCilobes, 
the Lattiii C;!-'-ek and Trench lani;:ua >;•-> be la'Ji;hl in the 

3'"y llie price tor tuition in the Latin School be seven 
pound.-; p Annan), those of that tlcpiirtnient to attend the 
Knglish School als<\ iJIl they sliail hav ac(jui.'-cd v. ritin^^ 
and Aiithinctic without any Additional Cc.arge. 

4»''' That the I'Jn^Iish school be for:n<id into f.vo C!a.v^-es. 
The senior C'm.vs clas.s sluili consist of such pupils as shall 
be Advanced to the Grain mar, Geop;raphy or the use of rht 
Globes, and f.hal! pay five pound p Annum. Thr; Junior 
Class enga^-;eil in rc.Jin--, u-ritin-.; ar<J Arithm-.-tic, shall 
pay three ooun Is per Annum. 

5ii' That th.e price of Navigation be three pounds. 
6»i' That the i^rincinle or Master have th<- s..!e po\^-er of plac- 
injj and displacing iiis assistant.-.. 

7^^i That a C')mnutte of Alderman be ai)p..intcd to IC.xam- 
ine the Scliool half yearlcy. 

Sii» That this Committee set on trial witii the principal, in 
all cases wher a pupil shall have conducted himself in 
such manner as to bee J3eem'd by the master, an Improp- 
er member of the School, this It is presumed will pre- 
vent the Odiui.i falling on the principal alone, and will 
give a Solemnity to the sentence, which will have a ten- 
dency to render the puinls particularly cercumspect. 

9*'^ Notorious immoralities of any kind in which the of- 
fender shall persevere, shall be deemed sutlicient cause 
of IC.xpulsion, 50 who shall Resistance of the principal or 

•rilK Kor.POI.K ACAl-hMI. 7 

of Ills J'.S' istJ.r.te— lyiii}?:. swear. n^', spcnkiiig or Acting 
OI>sctii!y.g»^"'e!iiip: aiul !:<;ht!ng, sli;tl! br i>unibJut« M 
the (lisciftioii of the Masur. 

ioi»' That all t!)C I'upals l.c tau<;i!t tht- Catechism of liic 
IC pi SCO pal Civarch. unless otherwise diircted l>y thr I'a- 
icnl or (ir.<ir(linn. 

ii"' 'J"hat all pupils of llic Academy alKP.d Divine Service 
with tiic p:inc;pr.K^ ushers, .iTid liia.t tiiry Asscmhle al 
the school in time to answer to the call of Itic roll, and jjo 
in i)roccssion to the Chuich at a tiuuiy hour, J;c. 

i^ih That t!:r principal or i:<!-,rr read prayers every Morn- 
ing and F.veninpj. and have r. Chapter rea.d in the Holy 
Scriptures, the liturjry to be read ihrou-h with the 
proper Lessons i\ Psalms on \Vednr--.d<iy and friday 
morning, and also al every Sainis day. and festival. 
usually observed. 

i3t'i Tiiat the Ushers be Obedient to t!ic principal in All 
things rcjpcctingtiie Oconeniy of Oisiipiinc of the Sciiool, 
as to a sui)crior. 

i4ii> That ihx Trustees require of the County Court of 
Norfi'ik t.. send one Boy from Each P"'arisli to the Acade- 
mey, who shall be Educated Gratis, and advanced to 
such Branches of Science within the plan of the School 
as their CJcnins may render Elegible; That these three 
Hoys be kept up in regular Sucession. 

15*^^ That the Ilc' of attendance from th.e Vernal to the 
Autumnal Equinox; be from 6 to 8 O'clock in the morn- 
ing, from 9 to 12 a. m. and from 2 to 5 p. m. during the 
intervening period, the morning attendance be dropi>ed. 

iC^^ That the Vocations be fov.r Weeks at Whitsuntide .^ 
4 Weeks at Xmas. 

lyih That tiic puj.ils who Absent thcn-.seivcs so long Sc so 
freciuenily as not to be abl'- to go thro liieir half yearly 

8 wji.i.i \M AM) MAUV roLi.i:«^i: oiARTr.iii.Y. 

cxaminalii>:i, b** nu;ve;! ciown to llic n"xt Class. 
iS" TlKit a '^lain dec::iit iliciis be aJopt-il for all tli-^ pupils, 
fiist class to be di:tin;','-:is^.t<-l tiy a broad IJh'ck ribbon, 
llii-own (Jvor til! li-lit slr-uLlcr and han-inj:,' und-.-r the 
left, and thai all tiu> 13 lyr. of inferior class, be distin- 
guished by a blae kibnoii in the liUttwi holt^ of the Coat, 
anrl th:;t I'.icy ah' a^'S rpi'oar, both in School, in the 
Streets, ^ in C<.M'i[v.'.iiy in liils drrss. 

191'' TIkU I"e:nales t-^- received into th? Ss-lrol and tanght 
any U:anc:ie5 of science, v,ii!»in llie 5?yslcm of said 
S'du.ol. and that a sipera'e Appoi'itv.ei\t b-; Alloled for 
them, as >-:'^on as a Su.'.icient Numb -r Atten.l, to lender 
it H!i Object, i.i; then, that tiiey si in the l.atlin Sc'iool. 

20'^'* That every pupil on E:Ur-.):;ce into the I.riin School 
pay the principal iS| an<i vn Lv.ilr..nce t!)c Knojlish 
Scho./i 61 If ihcs^; ris- to th-; latin School i^in^^re v.d'd 
bo p::id on Adnii-sio i into the s-id S.:hofd. and t!:at this 
entrin.:e b- pAil ^nly o~.c^. not .vithst mdin;; a change of 
Masters m.''.\- take place. 

21" That the French Tutor be ap:)ninted by the Trustees 
when they t'dnk it nece-^s iry, a id pnpl s e-\^ac;cd 
in other Studies pjiy .[c\ p Annum, rud those v.h .» learn 
French alone, pay I'hve pounds per Annum. 

2;'' That one Me la! or Pri::e, be contended for, one in ev- 
ery year on sv.oh t]:\y as t'.:e Master sh. ill a'^p^int. by the 
first latin Cla-s. One otli-r by tiic French Class and a 
third by the :l-t Kn^lish Class. 

2y^ T.-iit as S'v J 1 as crcumstAnees v/l'.l a l.nit of it, the 
Ma:he:":i:ic':-. Lecrures on Natural Pailosoph^. Ihdles 
Letters :s: M jral Fn:los:ph.y be in'rolnoed into the 
Scho d, on suc'.i Phin as the Trustees on application of 
the Principal sh il' cle?:n nvvst for ih: Adva:-.tac:e of the 

Test Alr.K»- Moselcv T. Clk." 


Prc^iclciU M:i(!is()ii :in(l Col ]n 
lor of Cnroliiic. 



Om llie qucstiviii of aUo;")iio:i of tiic FeiJera! C' 'nsiiuitioii 
thfse tv.' ' <'aicsni?n were very decided ojipoiictits; Col. Tay- 
lor h-^ui-- vioicnt ill hia opi)osition. In al^out a d-;cade, how- 
ever, \vc llnd theni more nec'.rly loyether, as the subjoine-i 
anecdotes ;^;:ve:: on ^utlioiit}- of Gen. J.;s. 'J'aylor of Ktniucky 
will show. 

In Lhe canv.iss lor ciection of nienilj/rs of th; \'ir;:riria 
Convf -iiion to Ctir.slder ihe adoplioii of the l'. S. Cor.i;iitviti'->n 
Col. J.i--' r;:ylor of .Mi Iway, Caroline Co. (fuiherof Gen. Jas. 
Taylor of Ky.), and Judge Pendleton were candidiucs for 
election. On the Court (jieen of Caroline Co , Col J no. Taylor 
met Ids co;i-in, Co". Janie>, and remarked that th.e ]''ropo>'jd 
con.slituti.'n r.l):-an;Jod in defects, and ougiit not, in his opin- 
ion, to be adopted. Col. James Taylor a:iswercd t:iat he had 
bt'U waited on by many of the intluenlial men of llie Coun- 
ty, and unsoliciiini;-, been called upon with Judi^c Pf-ndlcton 
t ■> become a candidate, and could not withdra-.v, Ivit told 
Col. b.hii. if he thouglu proper, to offer his services, and as- 
sured him that it woi'.ld not be consideied a breach offricnd- 
s'ai:). .\bout this time, Jud.:je Pendleton stepped up, ami said 
"X'>, C -'i. T..yl .ir, my Tieplicw John thinks he knows more 
than v.-e do, and will support nothin;:;; v.liich does not accord 
with I'.is opinion of perfection. We kninv tiiat tlie oil Con- 
federitivi v,-as a rope of sand, nothin;::^ c Miipulsory in it." Col. 
James Ta. lor rem irkedi that there were some fc-itures wiiich 

30 WIJJ.l.AM /NI> MARY C(i1,1.H:K QU Ali 1 EI; LV. 

he tli..ii^(lil tcc;uirc<! anu-mlnif ni, ilini .t mode was pKividcd 
for tfii;, ill liiat iiistrutnciit. iinil wlu-n its ilrt'octs were ex- 
periciucd by Con^Mcss. he had n<» doid>i amendments would 
be et'i'tcUM!, aiul told Cul. John to oiler as a L.'.iididatc, if he 
thought proper, and it would give no olieiicp. Col. Jno. Tay- 
lor replied "No sir, for two very gwod re.isons. I know that 
1 coultl not succeed il I would, and I wonid not if I could 
against yon ." 

In January, 17011. (ien. Taylor vi-iic-! X'irginia, and spent 
the niglu at Preside lU Madison's-, who had retiieil from Con- 
press, as the I'cderalists had secured control of it, and his 
efforts a-.iinsl them were of n<ja\ail; and jjso, as was sup- 
posed, ti. huild .m adilition to tile old-fashione-l two story 
brick house, built niany years bef.jre by his fatlicr. 

Col. Jno. Taylor had written to Mr. Madi>on, reciucsting 
liim to become a candidate for the \':rei:iia Assembly, say- 
ing lie woidd I.>e one, if Mr. M. would also offer. Gen. 
Taylor was the bearer of Mr. Madison's reply agreeing to 
become a candidate-, which he delivered in pcrs(jn. on rea<:h- 
ing Carolit.e Co.. to Col. John. Thc\ were both elected, as is 
well known, and got the famous Virginia resolution of "99" 
passtil by ih.e Legislature, drawn up b;,- Mr. Madison and 
presented by Col. J(din Taylor, ajid caildl Taylor's resolu- 

(Jen. Taylor says that both of those distinguished men 
were oppose^l to resisting tha C. S. laws by force, their plan 
was by remonstrance and etdightening th.e people to influ- 
ence public opinion: and when it could be done, to have the 
objectionable laws passed upon by the Supreiv.e Court at 

Naturnlization l^apcr of Nic:u)!a 



C OMMUNK A II II I.N' DK. A. <,. ( . K I N N V S" , 

(jov. Si)ots\vt-O(l ost;il)lishecl a scultincnt. of GrrinanL; in 
Vir-inia, anil the foli nving paper, beslowine; cili/.eiisiiip upon 
Nicholas Vajjer, ol Ilessc, maj- be of inu-rc*t. 

"Alexander Spotswood, his Majesties LieuienaiU Gover- 
nor and Comniaiuier-in-Chief of the colony and Dominion 
of Virt^inia: 

To all to v.iion-i thci^e presents shall co;ne (ireclir.t;. 
Wliereas, hj- one Act of Assembly maic at the Capitol the 
23'"^ day of October, 1705, for the better settling and peo- 
pling this his Majesties colony and Dominion it is enacted 
that it shall and may be lawful to and for the Gov(?rnor and 
Commande:-;n-Cii!Ct (^f this Colony and Dominion fjr the 
lime being bv a public Instrument, Letters Patent uadci 
the Broad seal thereof to Declare any Alien 01 Aliens. For- 
reigner or Forreigners being already settled or Inhabitants 
of this Colony, or which shad hcrealter come to settle, plant 
or resitle therein, prescribed to be to all intents aud purposes 
fully and completely Naturalized: And ttiat all persons hav- 
ing such Public Instrument, or Letters Patents shall by Vir- 
tue of the said Act liave and enjoy to them and their heirs the 
same Immunities and Rights of and unto the laws of this Colo- 
ny and Dominion, as fully and Amply as any of Iler Majesty's 
natural born Subjects have or enjoy witliin the same, and as 
if they had been born within any of llcr Maje>ty's Realms 
and Dominions Provided that Nothing herein contained shall 
be construed to enable or give p>vvcr or privilege to any 
Forreigncr to do or execute any Matter or Thing which by 
any of the Acts made in Lngland, concerning Her Majesties 
Plantation he is di>able'l to do ur execute, and Nii o'.as V-ger. 

'i'2 V.III.IAM ANliMAKV rOLLF.i; F iJU A HTlilll.V. 

:i n.ntivf of '\Vijlicr^b;'.(.li in lies?.-, luiviii.;- j.eUlr'il, ar;! Inhab- 
il''J iov S'-'vcral yoars in the County of So nsylwini \ in tliis 
ci'louy. an'l no-.v ma-i'- a;)i);ir.i:ion t) mo f )r liii benefit of 
natural! 'aii )n, an i b'forc mc taku-n tiw- caths orcscribed by 
La'.v and sbsciibcd by Test I do therefore pursuant to the 
said Authority, hoTel)y djc! arc the said N'iclutlas Ya^l-t to be 
to .dl int-,"its and p'ar;)j-;i.'s fully aad co.up'cl'jly naturalized, 
and to ha^'o and enjoy to lii> lieirs tlic r-anT; l:ri:ni;a:t ics and 
Rights i:f ;ia I unt(j the Laws and piivilocc" of tlii:: colony as 
fully ami Amply as any of his Majesty's natural b.-r:". subjects 
havj or e -ijoy within tiie same, an 1 as if he had bcon born 
witiiin .I'ly of [lis M.ij-:.>ty's Ri-aiins and jJo:"n;n:o:is accortl- 
itiij to the aforesaid Act. Savia-^ always in sucii mailers and 
tliiai^'s by which the Laws of Kn-Ian:', conccrain^' the Plan- 
tat ioTi. he is disabled t ) do or execute. 

Giv;;n under my liand and llie Sv-ad of the Colony this 
i3*'> c'ay of July, lyr: in th.c ei^jhth yo:tr -ji liis Majesty'.- Rci^-n. 

A. Spoi-w )ou. 
Nicholas Vagcr. hi.; Naturallzatior.." 
[Seal of \'ir^^inia aUac'':ed, in form of a crown] 

Oriein:.! L-ttcrn, 

[l.KlTKK'l' O! IHK TRAIUUt. TO VI P r, 1 NI A . J 

To Kind's Most l-xrcllent M.-. f?:'.nd ihc Lorls ot liis 
most^'f Counrill. 

The hu:r.ble I'ctiiion of Div:. .'>;vr.-rs of Si)lp5 an-i 
Marc'mnts. traders to Virginia and Ma: viand Sl:c\veth 

That, Wiicreas yo^ Maj Pet'- ar-e inf rmcd s 
perlicular person?, under tl-.c names of the traders in gener- 
al toVir-inla have endc-.v ored to nv;se^i.e yo'" Maj'v and 
this IIo'.J'- table t'aat it u-ill Comiaco much to 'he in- 
crease of yo^ Maj^'-*Cas:oniC3 and advaa :e of Trade tliat the 
Ships v.hlca a.-e already gJ"- and preparinp: to ^^^oe thither 
shoal J a'.)-, be permitted to depjrt theme unlid tiiefir.-^L of 
May ncMt. 

It is Ilaaibly prnpjadel by the Petitioners hereunder 
v.-ritleu that -he Contrary -.vii; appear^ if yo-- Maj»>' and hon" 
v.-i!l be r>Iea-.j 1 to \vy.j;'.\ the r.MvTn hereunto ann -xd. 

Which duly con.ilere '. yo'' Pet" v/ith 
all humility implore yC- Maj*'^ favour 
and clemency to-vards rhem so to or- 
der that th.e Shipi may relurne thence 
according to tlve usuall man:v-r which 
will n-t oncly prove beneficiall to yo'' Maj'^ ownc interest 
Hut alsoe to the ere leral; '::'Vjd ot all N\s«jt:ants in t:;a: trade. 

(1) Fr-.m the State Paper Coioai.i! i j. P.^lio 103. 
[1662] Sept. 6. 


And your Wl^" jliall ever pray 

Rob<*rt Vaiilx <" A. Stanford/^* 

Jt'hn Ciitelyn. Cliristophor Joljnson, 

Jo^hiia Lasher, Sani Til^hman, 

. « Joha Whcallcy, William Harirtl, 

W'l" Vapp. Rich Owen. 

William Wood, The: Dudley, 

Thomas Moss, Kol> Morris. 

'J'iio: Jlarwot.d, Richd noolh.. 

Nicholas Jackson, Stcpiicn IJarbt-r, 
Nathaniel! Nicklethw^:Ir, Iluinphrie l.f.y. 

Jolin >'lerkfp, lidwriri-i Withfircij^c. 

Y. l;Ci-p<', Gcr<".rd Hiicknor, 

Hum Lcvine, Thotnas Webb, 

Isaac Alien, Edw: Ardtnbrooke. 

W. R'jasby, Raiuford Waier'i'.ouse, 

Tro: Calvcri, Mark Jarvis, 

Ja; Holland, Richard Grassingham. 

John Runtinge, Robert Hooker, 

Jttb N'utt, John Stedhall. 

Tho: Harrison,'^' Tho: Toukon. 

John Owen, 1 ewys Stocket:. 
Juhn Harr:?, 

(1) F\oberL Vciulx. a ;ead:rf merchani of London, m. Klii-.ahcth 
Burwrll. *;>^:cr of Lewis Burwcll. He owned Vaulxs Hall plantation 
on the wirst «;de o( Oueen s crec-<. His brothers Hi:mphre)-, Thomas 
and James came to tne Colony. James Vaulxs son. Robert, settled 
in Dorchester Co., Maryland. Robert's son. Kcbcri, settled in 

■\V(cimcrc;An'i Co. i;Cour.ty Records.) 

(2) Capt. Thomas Hsrri-on of Katcliffc. Middlesex Co.. Lng. 

(3) Hofja 5:r.nlcrd. wl:o n;ec in York Co.. Va.. 1657. was broth- 
er of Anthony Stanford of London. Merchant. (Ibid.; 

OKICIN \1. Lr.lTKB-. 15 

[;oIlN I'UKVIS'"'' TO \v;i.l.IAM l';-.SN.| 

\'irgiiiia \ '' .'i"^ ^!ay. i'. ?; 

I have Recti tliync hy ffowlcr wlio I !'.,:vc i:iv.*n w!kiL 
l*o>siabIc dis[>aicii to yi>u againc as wind ^c wcatlier wouKl 
pniitt dfic lifipe these will find y'" affaires ns t.ivourabic To 
yo^ onciyna'Joiis. In oid"" to yo"" \'oyage hom» 1 li.ive sont y" 
Best .TLComniodation for yc^"" Passage Dow ne as ihis Tiicc 
rati aiiord Tli-^ navi2:alirin I'^inoj r.oth S>'.fc ^\ casye ivc 

Tlio Js^'i Instant I shall have all my Tobacco 0:1 Hoard 
and ilicr. in four or five dayos afterwards I shall be Keadyc 
to sayL- hov/ever I purpose: to stay God pir.iltino,- until' y" 
icti'Junc ilie n-iwst [>art of which time will be f'-r thy Corn- 
panic wch I ro'-iucst if yuii enclyne for l-'ngiand ilt mic^ht Hec 
with what exspedition Possiable can be othcrwayes the cliart^e 
of my sliip will growe heavic. 

Tli;: Lord Ijaitrniore oihis f.-.iiKly I\i>sl tlus River M-> 
about six dayes sence in an English flly boat C'.pt. Eve'in;^ 
Comniandr and is now v. ith The Lord of Kuinghain who is 
supposed will stay most part of this week there and then the 
first ffaire wir.d he saylcs for England Plt^ase to excuse my 
ffaults and I sliall alwpys Remaine To be 

yo'" obliged f;ricn<' 5c Servt. 


My Hono' ffriend William Penn, 
Proprietor X Govorm^r oft 


[jAMliS I-LAIR TO I'HII.IP !.l' DWrM..] 

London, Jan. 6, 1704-5. 
Dear Brother: 

A few days ago, I received yours of Oct. 30, with i:ic 

(i) John Purvis was a prominent sea captain and trader to \'ir- 



c:'^lo.-.ed Mc::)" . It consists m) inucli (»f (i. neiKlls uithoiil 
;iriy pariicular lnr>iaiicc thai 1 fc.;r liiiie use c:'.n b.i in:i le ct 
it. \Vc inieiui out of that am! otiicr late ailvicis (loiw Vii- 
gljiia to ilraw aa abstrac: ol N's late coaJiict, v.hioli v.i!t at 
Icasl <.rc<P!o\c n l\.c;)c»rt, v. nicli is in Juitriouily spread a'jroad 
that X. has by his late mild and good tc-inpjr and ciidact 
made all jJOkij.Ivi c: sy. I lioje by this time you have rcceiv.- i 
what v.a> i>cat by Mr. Wallace. Since that there is liitic nc.v; 
only tiuit 'v. is in evcrrvbody's nujiith tlie govcrnincr.t of 
\'irg-^ was t«,' I'e given to my l.cwl C):krioy. My I-ord hns 
be<.n curcrliiiied w itii renewed ] r it : ,.-;s, but the tiling is nut 
yet declared; say the delay .;as bi-.n occasioned b}' 
snme heals in Parliament, relating- to .-^oilanJ, about ti.e 
Succcision v.-!iich are iv.>t yet cuilte over, but arc likely to end 
in an cf:-T uf a Uidun to ii:;'.t kingdom: oLiicis tiiink tin.-y 
ate waiting i-O l;ave G'-v^" Xici^i. 'lion's atis-.vcrs to all t!ic pa- 
per:; and aaiavits uhich were sent him frvjin hence, via Xcw 
York, ah:r.t t!ie bfginning i.f Jni}-. It v.'ould be of great use 
ii' we could certainly learn lluit the}' are come to his b.and 
itnd that he shifts or delays the As tor my own 
opinion, if I were to venture a v.'ager, it s:;ould be y' my 
Lord Orkney v/ill be (.IcclareJ Governor so ^o.^n as that "' * 
business is over in Parliament; and there is not t'ae least 
probability y' that will go well over in less liun a inon'.ii. 

If my I.o — is otucial is by himself boiag a Lt. Gener:dl 

in llie army * * a very necessary m in t'lere. There l-.ave 
been many who have put in to be Lt. Gc'vornor ui^der iiim. 
It is most. likc'y that Major Xott, Gov^ of P.erwick, who mar- 
ried Gov'" Black.-'t jne's sister, v.ili l)e the man. and if he is, I 
hope we shall be very happy, for he hr.s as gH.d cluracter in 
all respect;; as we can v.i.-.h. It is m<)>t likely ihnt tiie \'ir- 
ginia f.eet will sail late, as not designing- back till ne::t 
spring. Por further particulars I \.ill rcfcrr you to Mr. 
J iquelin, by whoni this c-niies. My service to m\- Sister and 
blessing to tlie girles. I hear your father has bought for 

oKir.iNAi, li;tii:k?, 

you tirj plant itioii called liio C j'Ic;^'.", iuid you have a great 
13arQ;:iiii of it, of uliicli I \vi^'l you j >y. If our hopes of Lord 
Orkney sh<Hil 1 we will do well to pursue the advice, scut 
by Mr; 'W.V.I. ice. wi.ich was to sen i home inuny a'Vi 'aviis 
coucernin^T the Guv'"'* mal-a'hninibtralion ai y,.u en; liiou^n 
1 hope llie 'ousiness will be done wiiiioui iheai. My \vi;\> and 
ad friends here are well except M*" Nathaniel Burwdl, who 
was tcikeii List Monday nit,hL with a .ureal cold. Tliii is v/ha t 
ofu-rs at jiicsL-nt from 

yo*' ir.ou a'Tccliona':c Dniiher 
and iiunible servant, 

Jam IS I)i AIR. 

The I'hilip Ludwcll, Esq"- 

at his iionic in Jani-.-^ Cily Courav. 
per yj Jnqiiolin, 
Jan'' 6, i^c ;-S' 

ALktitr (f Wiiliam Downma!! to his brother, '".Mr. Ra- 
leigh D.jwn'nan at J'^seph Ball's Esq^ in Straiford by !;ov;,aear 
London," 'A'irg-''- Rapitk, May i6, 1752," states '"his 
wife, ai'.d all ower friends are \\eir'; "Miss r-!i;:abet!i 
CiiichesLer 5: M'" William Gh'.-cock w as married y^ 7^*'* 01 Eeb '■' 
la-A,"' has no o:"xt for tob^ as yet, but expects by June ye 
market will rise; thinks 17s. cash at 30 per cent is alni(-sl as 
good ab 13s. p. Bdls Exchange; his little boy Raleigh "is of- 
ten lalkir.g a;>oul his uncle. " "Maj'' George Glascock ^; ? !:s. 
Sarah China are dead. MichellTDillon got a fall from his 
horse and died"; "the exr of Hew Brent deced cant dis- 
charge ills debt till you prove your account." "I was v.iJi 
Mrs Pinkar 1 to kn-.»w where our great grandfather D^wn- 
man lived, and s'le told me she believed that he lived in Ply- 
mouth; ir you git y^ Coat- -f-Arms do send me a seal of ii": 
*"My wife joynes v.iili me in Love to you and my sister, not 
forgiting oar little ncase." 


|iii()M\'; jKv:r.K-.<)N TO jA\ji-; i avi.or.''' ] 

Waslu:i.:;:..n. June u^'', i/oj. 

Vou;- favor of llic .»"' lias been recrivcil, and ycslfrilay 
the two [li'i" , of Ma<ii.'ira last forwarJi.-il came to hand. They 
shall be i>a"ul foi witiiin lln" Icnn proposed by Col" Newton. 
I must decline at present taking the otlier two incntioued to 
be still on hand, on account of the e.\traf»rdinary expenses of 
oiitfil on m} cominiv into ofHce, and wluch enc^.^c^c all my 
resouiC'^s private as well as ()nblic for some moni'is to corn'!. 
Accept my salutations and respects. 

Th. JF-rK'r.V.SOX. 
JaMIS T \\ I. OK. CS{]. 

(I) Mc:cha:'.t of N iifoik. Tlic tomb of his yrap.dia'.her isiij the 
yard of Si. F^aid's Ciiurch, and reads: 

Here Lies the IJody of [jlin 

Taylor. Mercliant in Norf.j'.k. 
Born in the Farii^u of Fintrie 
in the County of .Stirling,', 
Scotland in Mar:h 
1694, And Died on the 25^!' Day 
of Octoler, 1744, in the Si^*' 
Year of his Aqe. 
The arms on the tombstone are: A saltire engrailed, cantoned 
with a cirquefoil in chief and base, and a heart in each fiank. Crest. 
^ leopiard holding; in one paw a cinquefoil. Mo:to over tiic crest: /-/•// 
el F:d:i:-ii. Jolm ^ Taylor liai! son John. - v.iio niarriod Sarah, duu 
of Col. R<:)bert Tucker and Joanna, his wife. Me was buried near Ids 
father. He had lames, •* born Pec. 14. 1771; mar, his first cousin 
Sarah Newton. June ii, iSoo; uas clerk of the Ci)urt and merchant, 
importer of wine. &c. Died June 7, 1S26. Had Ta/.cweil. < 3rd son. 
born in Norfolk. Jan. 30. iSio; cducateri at Georgetown College acid 
the L'pii.eraity of Va., a di-ti:i';uishod lawyer for forty years. He had 
Frederick 5,5 late member of the Vj. Houv^ of Delegates. In th>; 
"Calendar of State Papers" are published several letters of James* 

A r^cw Thiiv^s about Our County.' 

l.V CKNtKAI, Wll.l.IAM I',. T AI.I A 1 F KkO. 

The cuuiUy uf Gloucester in wliieh \\t live, is (for Aincri- 
cans) cla^sic ground; rendered.! so by events which have trans- 
pired within its borders, the narrative and "true relation " of 
which, Wi,)ul 1 furnisli a vidunic full of interest to our ov/n 
people an(l to every student of \'irginia liistory. 

Mojc than one writer of ron^.ar.ce in books that have 
fully vindicated the capacity and genius of X'irginians fui tl:e 
production of books of tlction have sought our county for 
the theatre and held, upon which to move their characters in 
their portrayal of the liistorical or legendary incidents they 
have commemorated; but Tucker and l^abney and John 
listen Cooke have still left unutiii/ed a rich store for future 
aspirants to literary fame. 

Gloucester is one of the oldest of our counties; estab- 
lished on the authority of Ik-vcrley in 1642. 


At the firr.t settlement of the Colony on the banks of the 
magnit'icent Pawmunkey, now converted into the ICnglisli 
York, resided the great weri..wance Powhatan, chief of many 
tributary tribes. With many seats scattered from the head 
tidal waters of the Powliatan, the Pawmunkey and the 
Rappahannock to the shores of our inland sea of Chesapeake. 

(i) A paj-jer read b)- Gen. Taliaferro before a Literary Society in 
Gioi'i-esier, several years 3}.;o. 


liis prinripal ;*nd fiivuaritc .ihouc was WcrowfK «jmicn; a vil- 
lage ov ti.wn, sticlching for some distance alon;^ ihe margin 
of ih(' river. There it was thai the Dutclimcti bcnt fur that 
pur|M.<c by Capl. John .Smith C(.ni,irii<:!ecl for him ihc hu}.':e 
stone chimney \el to be scon, the first struciurc of the kind 
ever ercelc>i in America; and it w.-.stlere tliat was enacted tlic 
memoijble and ilramatii: scene of Snnlh's jc-cue by the 
kivini; iVcahonuis, a love, alas, wliic!i,if wectedii tlichis'.ori- 
an Anas Tudkili, was never reciprocated. 


The histjry of Bacon's rebellion in 1676 is intimately 
connected v/ilh that of this countv. It was here lie held his 
conveniim, licre resided the Speaker of the II"Use of Bur- 
gesses, Augustine Warner of Warnci' IlaU: it was to Gloucester 
that the Governor. Sir William I'erkly lUd; it was here that 
Bacon, at the house of his friend Mr. Pate, died, and it was here, 
where none know nov., few ever kncv,-, that he wa<^ burieil 


The otiice of County Clerk o; Clork of the Court, in ilie 
early period of the country was one of the most important 
and responsible in the Colony — for there wcic no public 
Clerks' oirices, the records being kept at the private residence 
of the otTicers. The Clerk of Ciloucester C-^uiuy of that lime, 
by his cosmopolitan reputation, reflected much lustre upon 
our County. This gentleman whose otlicial ;;utograph I 
have, ail'i.xed to the deed for part of "Dunham Massie," was 
induced by his inclinations to devote much time t(.) natural 
science; and attracted by the variety and wonderful beauty 
of the flora of our country bestowed most of his spare time 
upon trie study of l)Otany. The result was a volume which 
extended hi> fame n >t only ihroug'i the Col .nies, but through- 
out Kurope and aclucved for l;im the proud distinction of 
being called the "Linnceus of America.'" He was John 


Clayton,''' ani his h-^auliful hu-nc was between the North and 
the I'iankatanl: rivers. r.-^ cor.'iN \ HON rotf. 
The niMU)firy trees we soni-.-timcs see scattered here and 
there couhl tell an intercstinpf siory of a remarkable early 
achievement of people. When these trees were first tr.tns- 
planted fr'^m tlicir native Iial\', thii^ was the principal field for 
the profluctioii of silk in llie Coh.-nies and was then a thriv- 
ing in'^ustry in Cil'^ucestcr, for v/hich handsome bonntic:^ 
were eitc'.blishcJ and paid. It is said, and we need not ques- 
tion its truth, the silken ro';)e of royal purple worn by Charles 
the first at his corcmat'.on uas the production of his loyal 
county C'f Gloucester in his loyal Colony of X'irginia. 

''Concord," on Vork river is distinj^uishcd as tlie birih- 
[dacc of another Son of Gloucester, whose fame has reflected 
hoRour upon his native county — a reputation like that of 
CMayton n':>t con'lned to America. He was the celebrated 
Dr. Purteus,'-' Bi>hop of London. 

{\) John CUyton. son ot John CUyton. Attorney General of \'ir- 
f;ini<i, was bora at Fulham England in 16S5. and died in Gloucester 
Co.. Dec. 13. 1773. He came to Vir;;inia in 1705. was an eminent 
botanist, member of some of the most learned societies of Europe. 
President of i!ie Virginia Society, for promoting useful knowlcd>;e 
1773. and author of "Flora Vir-2[inia." He was for fifty years clerk of 
Gloucester, and at one time h.>.d a. botHnical garden at his estate 
"Windsor" in that county. A letter book is preserved by one of his 
descendants filled with the letters of himself and father which give 
many particulars of their lives, and contain orders for instruments 
and books in various languages A letter now in the Virginia State 
Library describes a visit to "Windsor." and a number of portraits by 
Kneller and others. Ha was brother of Dr Thomas Clayton, whose 
inscription was printed in the last nuniber. See for "Clayton Family" 
Wa!hcc"s f{i^.'jri:j/ .Xf.ij^nrntf. October. 1S91— ariicle by W. G. Stan- 
ard. who freely used the letter book. 

(;) As seen from a more extended note in this number. Hishof 
Porteus was born not in Gloucester but in York. England, in 173c 
Hii father, Robert Porteus, was born in Gloucester Co.. Va. 


l.oRl, DI-NioKE. 

In tlif becjinniiK;' of tlio K-vdhiiioii.iry war, when ih^ 
Governor, Lord Dnnrnor-^, Hod h-foro thr pitriotic ruilburst 
of JJiuixcsscs and pooi.lf, f.llowiii;; the cxumplL* c.f his \'icc- 
roy prcdtTossor of a crniiit y l.rf ,ic, hf soiii^hl our borders; 
not because of the disloyalty of our people to the cause of 
the Colonies, for none were more !<;yal, but because of his 
discomfiture near Xo.folk. He r.-'piircd the i)rotection of 
the insular po?itiv)n of Gwynn's I^I.;Tid, then part of Gloucester, 
where he entrenche 1 and remained until di<Iodc;cd by Gen- 
era! Andrew Lewis. 


In connection with this the beginning- of that war, may 
we not call to mind and proudly boast that the blood of a 
Gloucester woman, Mildred Warner.U' cours'-s through the 
veins of a grandchild, who was called to the command of the 
Continental armies, guided the de.tinios of great strug- 
gle, secured the independence of the Colonies and gained for 
himself the imperishable title of "'r'ather of his Countrv"? 


In one of the remarkable Icller.^ of Madam S avigne 
written about the niidclle of tlie i]0.\ century, cccur? a sen- 
tence whioii f«:>r volubility and adjective redundancy stands. I 
think, unparalleled in any language. 

"1 will tell you," she writes, '-of a thing the mo.u astonish- 
ing, of a thing the most surprising, th-- most wonicrful, the 

(I) LauTcnec. eldest son of Col. John Washington the ixmi- 
grat. married Mildred, dau-hierof Col .Au:(iistine Warner and .Vlildred 
Rcade his wife (daughter of Col. George Fveade. of the Virginia Coun- 
cil.) They had John, Augustine and Mildred. The inscription on John's 
lombwa? given in the last number. Augustine married janeBui er. the 
daughter of Caleb Butler of Westmoreland and hai Butler. Law- 
rence. Aujijnstino and Jane. .Vu-usiinc married 2dly Marv Ball 
March 6, 1750 and had issue President Gcorpe. Betty. Samuel, John 
Augustme. Charles and Mildred. See Sparks' H'js/iii-ion, vol. i,p. 543. 

A FJ:\V IIIIN'"..^ AROUI OUK rolNTY. 23 

most miraculou';, the m;jst Iriumjihanl, tlic most unheard of, 
{ho mosr singuKir, tlio most exiraorclinary, thr ino^i inert <li- 
blr, i!ic most unexpected, the greatest, the smallest, llie most 
strikini;, itiUil to ilay the m..m secret, llie most brilliant, the 
most to l)C envied, a ihinp: «>f which m-.e finds only an «xam- 
ple in past centuries, a thin^:; haidly to be believed in I'.iris, a 
tKinj; which makes the whole world astonished:"' She wrote 
of the m:irrin5:e of the Madenu-ixlic, t!ie ^'randdangh- 
ter of Henry tlie ^ih, the coubin cf Louis the Fourteenth, to 
;t man whos-- history exceeded the visi.)n of roni..r.ce; the 
Count de L'.u/un. Vou will wonder what connection this 
can have with the county of Gloucester. The name of Lau- 
zun connected with tlie person of the successor of the hus- 
band of the Princess of France is intimately associated with 
perhaps the nrsf I'liUiant episode in the history of our County. 
In i-Si, Cwl. Ounlas, and Col. Tarlelon, tlie rcnov.ncd 
Cavalry leadri-, a bold, adventurous and skillful soldier, wh.ose 
memoirs are most interesting contributions to tlie litera- 
ture cjf war — with their l.rilish troops occupied the lines of 
Gloucester P. 'int. 

Above them, a point now called "The Hook,'" a name not 
suggestive of its historic associations, was the scene ot a 
memorable engagement that called f irih the admiration of 
Washington expressed in general orders tt' his army on the 
3'^ of October, i7Si,from that hist )ric place, now known as 
Robin Mill, then the Head Quarters of an allied army nutr.ber- 
ing over three thousand five hundred men, a large force fur 
that war — on whose c->mmingled banners shone the new born 
stars of America and the undying belt of stripes. Genl. 
Choiie, the Lieutenant of the Count de Rochambeau, moved 
his forces to Gloucester Point, not to attack the entrench- 
ments of the enemy, but to c!;eck and punish 'he presumption 
of Tarkton. wlio w::h a con>iderable force was levyi ng c< r.tri- 
butions upon the adjoinir.g country. Movingin two divi.-«ions. 
one took tiic Saddler's Neck and the other the Piney Swamp 

21 WILLIAM AND >!AnY roi.Lr.'.K (jU AK I r.llLY. 

road, 'rhc van, however", so far outslripped the main b mIv the enemy was enc<»unterc<! and (lis'<>int"iicd before liic 
latter readied the li. -Id. The leader <>f th.« troops engaged 
and the hero of the brilli iiit affair at the iiitei scciion of the 
"York and seven Koads" was ih.' Duke de Lau/.m. 

Our Court House is als-o entitled to reco;^nition as a his- 
toiicp'int. I )iirini; the f utnnier and early autumn of 17S1, 
it was the Head O larters of tiie allied forces on this side the 
York. The Slate Militia under Gcnl. Weedon, a capital 
body of men o:liceicd by old veterani of the Coniiuental 
line, witli Mercer, a di uingaislied oftk-^r in command of the 
Horse were encamped there, and these troops were reinforced 
by the flower of the Frencli army, the Legion of Lauzun, tlie 
whole commanded by (General Choi^i'— charged with the re- 
sponsible duty of ch ockiri--. if not preventing, the northward 
march of the British army. 

COl.'.>N[ A I. Rl:.<Il)l-..VCt".5 

The o'.d residences of Gloucester, ante-rcvolutionary and 
colonial, aiTord an interesting theme for descriptive history or 
romanti'^ story. Warner Hall, perhaps the oldest, C'uirchill, 
Carter's Creek, 5a ah"s Creek, named for th.e famous Sa-ah, 
Duche>s of Marlnoroun;!!. Timl)er Neck, lilmington, Bcll:- 
ville, Nc-.vinf;'.i>n, Poropotank — now \'i dot Bank. Roscwel!,, North Bnd, Whic Mar^li, White Hall, Toddsbury, 
Airville, M.>unt Pleasant. Goshen, Hagle Point once \'ue de 
I'Eau — Seaford, Wareham, Isleham, Gloucester Place. Belle 
Farm, Wilsons Creek, Hail Western and many others, the 
names of whose relined and opul^rnt [iroprietors of one or two 
centuries ago I would mention if time permitted. 

These old seals have all of them their liistories and tra "i- 
tions full of sug^^estions to romantic or imaginati.-e nunds. 

Church Hill ha? a tradition — of a gho.-t— the di.^mliod- 
icd spirit of a love-born maiden — the unhappy viciim of un- 
requited passion, who wanders at night through itb room.-. 

A li:\V TIIIN<i3 AIl.'ll' 01 li CuUNTY. -iO 

ail evil j.'^enlii>. lu ihc bli^s of inairicd life, lapi/mg with h?r 
;^'tu.->i!y fail ilio doors of ch.imbcii. arul voicdy invoking llie 
( uisc of niihapiuncss upon ihe sleeping inmates who dare so 
mill !i as to even u'l^tvn of love. Tlic spell slie has laid upon 
t!:e place is unhappily illustrated by ihc fact that in eivdit 
I'M^^ decades of the present century Church Hill has known 
no mistress. It is to be hoped, however, the power of Love 
•qiiivincit omnia," which conquers all things animate and 
iuatiimate, may come to the rescue of the pre-,ent proprietor 
aTid enable /^/w to exorcise and Ipy the ghost. 

WAR ov I Si .>. 

The wa;- iSi^ subjected our county a2;ain to the incur- 
sions of a hostile force. Our seaboard situation rendered us 
liable to maritime incuriioi;, and my father has often told 
how as a boy h.e watched from t!ie poriico at Airville the 
manteuvres of the Criil^'i :lce'. O'lr miliiia was undt:rarms, 
and Col. William Jones of "Cciucord," and Cat't. Catesby Jones 
and Capt. Baytop and Cant. Richard J'.mes of "Lowland Cot- 
tage," ai^d others comniaiuled ilie tro >ps defending our shores. 
The Gloucester IIor>e, a spleadi 1 company of Cavalry, at 
least so I believed from tlie description of its gor- 
ge. jus uniforms and glittering equipaients which was poured 
into my infant ears, long after, by one of its veterans! under 
t!;e commaml of Col. Skaife Whiting was ordered to Hampton, 
when the enemy landed there, and acliieved the glory of 
capturing at least one red coat, wliose exhibition at Head- 
tjuarters marked a day of triumph to the company, the re- 
curring anniversary of which was celebrated by the survivors 
for many years after at Capt. Ro;..;ers' new tavern at Glouces- 
ter Court House, in Coj)i.)us hbation. 


Apropv^^is of tl;.2 cccipation of the Chesapeake by the 
I'-nglish Sipiailron. Gen. Winfield Sci.itt related to me a rem- 
iniscence of his life wliicl: is inter'-sting and instructive. In 


iSi; he \v;is a Corporal in llit- I )iii\vi.!(Jic ir.inp of cnvalry — 
and in a skirmish with a barj'c i:rc\v of ihc enemy <.in the shore 
of Lynliavcn hay, succcrdc'l with his Htlle parly in captiir- 
injT a micl-,liipman of tin- Dri'.i.di tloel. Tliis younjr jjenl'.rman 
was handseimcly ircalcd by his captots, and then st-nt lo the 
head-quarters at Xorf(;lk. 

Some years after t!ie war (^ciil. Scotl was ia London and 
was inviicd to dine wiili a nobIe:nan of hii^li rank. At the 
dinner he was presented t<j a captain in tlie Uriti^h. Navy. 
This orfuer mentioned the circunislance of his ln-ing cap- 
tured when a midslii[)nian by a coip<.raI and jiarty in ihe 
X'irginia waters and remarked upon the astonisliing resem- 
blance which Gcnl. Scott bore to his humble captor, but at 
the same time begged pardon for alluding to it, remarking 
that A-hilst it was impossible in the nature of things that thev 
could be t'.ie same persons \et the resemldance was striking 
and what was almost as remarkable they bore the same name. 
He begged the General on his return to America to ascertain 
the whereabouts of the soldier and convey to him his thanks 
for the generous treatment he had received when a prisoner. 
The General, th-n swelling (as he told me) with patriotic 
emotion, replied. "I am the same man. The Maj<;r General of 
the United States Army now before yt)U was the lance cor- 
poral of the Dinwiddle troop. Such promotion may be im- 
possible lu-re. but in my owti free country of equalitv noth- 
ing is impossible; the highest stations are in the grasp of any 
who have the boldness and the merit to achieve them, and I 
in three years rose from lance corporal to Major General." 


In tiie war which was fougiu in our time between the 
sections. f<jr the preservation of the rights of the States on 
the one s'de, and for the unification of the cnnr.ry on the 
other, the first hostile shot that was fired in \'irg:nia fell 
upon the soil of Gloucester — at the historic Gloucester Point. 
It was the brief engagement between tlie I'nited States gun- 

A ii:\v Tiiixus ABOUT ocn County, 27 

hull "Tiue blooilcil Yankee" and a section of ilic l\ichniond 
Howitzers — and was the p. elude to llie terrible drama of which 
our beloved Conimonncalth became the jirini.ip:d theatre. 
Of the devoiion of our Gloi:cCbter women, tlicir patient en- 
durance of the suMerings iind horrors of wa:, their artive self 
sacrificing co operation in patriotic '"aid of the rebell-on," 
enouLjh can nrvcr be written, and tlie lythe can never be 
told. The h.tynltv to their State, the sacrifices and the superb 
lieroism of the fathers, husbands, sons and l.>rotlurs of those 
women will be feebly commemorated in a few days by a mon- 
ument on whose faces of eniluring granite will be inscribed 
the names of more th;in six ^core who offered tlieir lives upon 
the altars of their country. ^^* 

I have written tliis much, this meaLTe outline of some 
events, merely to suggest topics or subjects for papers to be 
written. 1 ha I intetided to select one of them, 'Bacon's 
Rebellion," as tliC subject of the essay I was appointed to 
prepare— but my pen has run away with me, and sincerely 
begging pardon for the abuse of your patience. I wdl reserve 
the subject T have selected until my turn shall come again. 

(I) The m-)niimcnt. a hniulsonic r-anitr sh?.i:. s'a-:d< at r,\o\,r^^. 
ter C. H. Gen. T. L. fvosscr delivered the addrc-s at the uiu eilm '. 

nsci-i])lic)iis on old Toinlis in Gluuccs- 
Icr Co., Virginia. 

COI.l.FC 1 11) I;V IMF. F.nilOR. 

[Cunlinutvl from l!ic Aj ril Nuiul.icr) 

OIJ) ll'TOXt" 

III Meiiii.ry of 

l-'anny \Vi I't 

l^icd Sept 8 US38 

A'-<I 67 VrarJ 

J II Mc:n.)ry '-f i'oLor Wialt 

Horn Am .r. i. 1 799 

Die! .^"ept jj,Ui 18^4. 


(Onthr "Dragon Swamp." Ijov-iulary between Gloucc'it-r anil Middlesex Count iei 
Here lies the Hotly of 

Peter Wi.itt 

Who departed this Life 

on tlie 2Gth December, 1S15 

Aged fcrty-scven years. 

lleic lies the Bixiy of 

I*" ranees L. W'iatt 

Wife 01 

I'cter Wiatt 

who departed this life i.:;th I'ebruary 


A-t. 47. 



Here lieth ihe Body oi Edward Porteus 

of Petswurth Parish Gl(»ucestcr County 

Merchant Departed tliis life the 

OLD TOMIVilONLf? IN <;LOL'CI..Sri:R. 29 

169 , ill the Veaic o!' liis A^;c 

Icavcinp one only son Rijhcri lo 
Succeed him. 


KOIUNS' .\I-:CK <•!) 

In rcmcinbiance of FrancL-s Robins 

daiiRhtrr of Thomas N: 

Miklrcrl Stul>bs born the 

14 February 1745 & departed 

this life the iSth of July liloo 

In remembrance of Tho- 
mas Robins son of Wil- 
liam ^c Klizabcth Rob- 
ins born the nth F'cbruary 
1745 & departed this Life 
the Sth November iSoS 




Under this Marble are Reposed 

until y*-^ Day of General Resurrection 

the Remains of Tho Rcadc '^' Gent 

Iildcst son 

to Tho Reade gent of this place 

He v.-as suddenly taUcn away 

By the hand 

of Divine Providence 

From this t.) a Far better Life 

on the XVII Dav of April 


Actate XLII 

To whose Dear Memory 

His lovinc: And Disconsolate 

Hath F.rected thi> Monument 

Here lies M""' Lucy the v/ife of 
M'" John Dixon of Bristol Diughter 


l\V() of their childit-n Died Nov 22 

1731 A:.'.c(l 30 years; 

N(Mr licr is M'""^ I'.li/alutli Dixon 

his sifter l)ir(J Sci)l o 1732 

A_£>ccl 13 Vcars. 

Here qui'tly reposes the body of 

V.'ilham S.nart 

Horn ill EMi^latid ot \\'il!i:uu 6»: Mary Smart 

on the :'oth of July 17S4 

In early lite he o:n\:(rated lo the United Stales 

and after Mistainiuv^ ;tn irrefirnachable repuldtion 

and a life of uncxccptional>!e piety he died 

in certain huj'e of the resiirrecticn 

of the just and eternal li''c 

on the ivtli of February 1840 

Let me die the deatli of I'-.e Ric;hteous 

and let niy la?t cv.d \>c like lii> 

In memory > >i Louisa 

The wife of \^'illiaIn Smart 

\Vh . dc-parted this L'fe October 7ih iS;S 

in the 34lh ye;..- of her age 

She found .odomption thKHP.di lil- od of the Lamb 

Reader — hast thou? 



To the Memory of 


John l^ixon 

only son of 

John Dixon 5: 

Sally Thrr-ckmorton 

of Airville 

Died June :.i 


In the 23'^ y 

of his A-e 


John 1 )i.\oii 
cuily stin of 
Joltn I)ix<)ii iind 
I':iizal)cth l\-ylon 
of Mount Plciisanl 
who (lied Sfjit. i,{h. 1.S30. 
in ihe 53'! yoar 
of his iip;<'. 

>Ii'. iiu'innry will \r>n'.\ he 
chcrishc'l by all ulio km w 
Iiim In him the v.i'low 
and I'athcrles"; always 
found a iric::d, 

Hiis Toiub is erected by his 

dai!_i;hter lliriiel P. Sheldon in 

token of her ardent efiection. 

lie died in llic full hope 

of a joyful resurrection 

He'- the last male descendant 

of tlic Dixon familv 


PF/rS\VORTH CliruCtl. ''") 

f Skull and cros.- bjncs] 

Hete lyetli the * * * * 

Edward S.ncl.dr * * * 

who departeil * * •* * 

16 Nov * 1= * * * 

Hero Lies t!ie Body of the Rev. 

M"- Hinari'.el .Hres'^') 

the Husband of M'=* .\n\:c Jones, 

who departed this Life the 29th day 

of January in the year of our Lord Christ 

1739 and in the 7-'' year of his Age. 


Here Lie;, the Ivxly of John Jones 

The I'^ldest son of the late 

Reverend Emanuel and Anne Jonci 

WI 1.1,1 AM ANi' MAr.Y C'(iI,l,lMK QUAHTLRLY. 

wlio di [larti-tl ihis Life 

ihc i^tli day of August 

1715 ''> 

In tlif ryih V'-Mi- of his ai;e 

Here lielli 
the Body of John Wood 
who (Imparled ihis life Jan'"'' 
26, 1769 Age s'j yt ;irb. 

X V . 


fllcr]c lyeth the P>odyof 
Janicis Ciack'^' Eon of Williaui and Mary Clack 

[who \va]s born in the Parish of Marden 
* * * * Mdes from the Devizes 
( In] the county of Wilts 
[He] Came out of En;^!and in August 
[16I7S. Arrived in \'iririnia upon 
New Years d;'.y foUovvin?:^ cam-- 
into the Parish of Ware [-•n\ Easier 
Where he c^'itiuued Minister near 

forty five years till he I^y'^d 

He departed this life on t!ie ro^'^ 

day of December in the year of 

our Lord God 17J3 in hopes of 

a joyful Resurcction to Eternal Life 

which (jO I <Tra!U him for his pjl;:sscd 

Redeemer's Sake. Anien. 

L'nderneath this stone' > lyeth the body oi Amy 
Richards, the 

mo5t dearly-beloved wife of John Richards, min- 
ister of this parish, who 

departed l:f' rr- of November, 17^5. aged 
40 years 

"Near her dear mistress lies trie body of NLiry Ades. 

OliI> TOMH.-=iT(>NKs: IN <lLOUCt.STr.K. 33 

luT t.iilhlul ciiiii l»cl.)ve(l scrviiiH, who 
!oj)arlcJ \\n> life l\\v : y^ of Nuvcini>or, 17-5, at;od 
28 years. 

Here lycih Uic body c>f M.s Ann Willis, the vifc 

of Col. Fraticis^"" 
Willis, who i.lrj.>.it«il tin's lifo the loih of Jum-, 

1727, in t!u' {3-'') y!".'>r of licr r.gc 
Also lilt: boi'y of A.. ilaiii;hu i of inc. 

abovLsai>.i aged 7 day^ 

L'lidcrneaih tiiic oione lyeth the body of Mr. John Rich.uds 

late rcLLor 
of Xeiilestcad and v. car of Tciton in the county of 

Kent, m liie Kingdoni 
of Fni;land, i.nd minister of Ware, in the county of 

Glouce>t'-r ..'.nd coh-.n/ 
of Virginia, who, alter a troublesome passage 

through tiic various changes 
and chances of this mortal life, at last reposed 

in this silent grave in ex- 
pectation of a joyful resnrrexion to eternal life. 

He died the irth day 
of Xovcmber. in the year of our Lord MDCC 
^ * •'' V, aged 40. 

Here lyeth the body of Isabel, daughter of Mr. Thomas 

Booth, wife 
of Kcv. John Fox, mii.ister of this Parish; who 

with examplary patience 
iiaving borne various afflictions, and with equal 

piety discharged her several 
duties on earth, cheerfully yielded to mortality, 

exchanging the miseries 
'>f this life for the j'^ys of a glorious elerniiy 

on the r3^'Mlay ..>f June, in 
the year of .-ur Lord MDCCXLI I. of her .xgc ^S. 


IIcic aliio lie tlic bw lir; of Mary .uid Sus.'.nn.ih, 

chiugliicis of ;lic 
above meiUionod .''.ilin .iii»l Isabel. Tiie o'le dcpai:- 

td lliis life vn ili.- 5'»' 
day of ScpUinhei 174:; in ihe .^ih year of her a^;e; 

the olher on llie 
7th of Uel.)ber, in die jJ year of her age, MDCCXLI 1 I. 

X \- 1 . 
Ti.Mi;i:i< Ni'XK. 

Here lyeth y** Body of 

.l-ohn Mann '"^ of Glouccstt r County 

in \'irt;inia G'.nl Ai^e'.i 6j years 

who DrpaiU'd tl:i> life ye y^'Day 

of Jan'aary Anno Domini 1694 


Here lyeih Interred the Dod)' 

of M'' Mary Mann, of the 

County oi Gloucester in the 

Collony of Virginia Gentle Worn 

\vh.. Uepaited this life the iS'^' 

day of March 170 f4 Aged 56 yearcs. 

[Arm<;] (12) 

Here Lyeih ye Body of 

Elizabeth Pago Daughtar 

of mathe.v page of ye Colony 

of Virginia Gentle man Aged 

three years who departed 

this life ye 15th day of manh 

Anno Domino 1693. 


No'iTs \\\ Tui l'j)n«.ii. 


<1J "Old L'plon" is p^jition of x^w elder tract call-d ••Bo-nIcv." long 
the boine of ihc Viri^iiii.i Wialls. Tlio lusl is nam d ;ificr "Huxlry 
Parish"' in Kent Co., J'^n'^I.iml, fatuous chiclly for tiircc tilings.— isl. 
its aiic'ciii Abbey, wlicrc the blessed "Rood uf Grace' v.rju^ht niira- 
clos. in the i)C[) fancy only second to those «.)f St. Thomas of 
Canterbury; ^Jiil. rcnenden Healh, wlicic the Norm.m Blsli^ps met 
to try <?>do. the half-br'jthcr of Williurn the Confjucror, and Wat. 
Tyler rallied his Keutish inal-conlcnt>: and 3id the \Vi .t family, who 
had their seal tliere for centuries, becomin}:^ possessors of the Abbey, 
after it \v.-\5 confiso.ued by the crown. Tlie pcdii^rce of Francis Wiat. 
Gnven.r.r ot Vir^'inia from 1621 to 1626, and from J 639 to 1642. is 
Adiiir.', Williiiin-. R'j!)crt , Gcotlrey', Kicharri''. Sir Henry''. .'irTiiom- 
asT ,Sir Thomna^ t!iey'JUi.L;er. Geoi,,'c", I'rancis.l'- Of tiiesc. t.vo names 
previous Ic. our Frai-;cis. shine out conspicuously.— The first is Sir 
Hcniy, who lor his friciidshi[> to Henry VJI underv\ent. at the hands 
of Riciiard III, severe iniprifonment and was saved Irom starvation 
by a cat which brous^ht him food. The monumental iiiscri^^tion in 
Box'cy Clnirch to the Wiat furniiy states tiiis fact, and so does one of 
the '"Wiat MsS." in possc:^5;on of I ord Ronincy, tiie present repre- 
sentative ot the Wiat family in Kn;iand. The lattc: Says: "He was 
im[nisoned oi'ien; once in a cold and narrow Tower, where he had 
neither bed to lie on, nor ciolhes sufficient to warm hini. nor meat for 
his mouih; he had starved there had not God * * sent ♦ * a cat 
both to feed and warm iiim ' It was his own relation from 

whom I had it. A cat came one fUy down into tiie dun;,'con unto 
l;in). anvl, as it were, olercd herself unto him; he was ;;la'i of her, laid 
her m his bosome, to warm him, and by makini; much of her won her 
love. Afier this she would come every day unto him diverse times; 
and when she couid SL^et one. biing him a pi;4eon " * ' an<I * * 
the keeper ' '^ dressed for him from time to time such pigeons as 
his .'/i\;/tr, the cat. provided for him. Sir Henrs in his [i.-osperiiy 
would ever make n:'jch of a cat and perhaps you wiil never tmd a ].ict- 
ure of him anywhere, but — like Sir Christopher Hatton with his 
^^A — ^^'^^1 ^ cat beside him." After the usurper Richan! fell on Bos- 
worth field Sir Henry Wiat was raised to the highest honors — Kniijiit 
of the Bath, Knii^ht Banneret, Privy Councillor etc . and was execu- 
tor of King Henrv. The second •j.xc.x representative of the Wiat 
family was Sir Thomas Wiat. the younger, grandson of Sir tienry. 
He attempted to raise a rebellion against Queen M.iry inorder to pre- 
vent her alliance with Phili(> of Spain, was captured and beheaded. 
His estates were confiscated, but (_)ueen Kli/.abeth -ranted a revoca- 
tion of the bill of att.unlrr in favor of George. Sir 1 iiomas' eldest son 
and the representative of the house, and restored to him a porti.->n of 
the old estate and the reversion of the Abbey house and land. Sir 
Thomas W'at. Jr. married Jane, da:igiiter of Sir Willia:.: Hawte or 


Hau'.c of \i Jiit.'ic. ;m<l (ico: ;i'. I'is only son lliai iivod to aye. inirricd 
J:inc, diia.^lilc r uf Sir Tlioin 5 Fiiich and l»ad Sir l-'rancis. Hawtc and 
Eleanor. [ I'liis is .ict oidiii:;' l<j llic W'ial monuincnl and ihc'llis'.ory o! 
Boxlry J\ji;i/i." by Kcv. J.CaVc llrovvn, M. A.,\iii.i «<f Dcllin;,'. Kent. 
it>9;. Accord in.',, liovvcvt-r, to W'icit pedi:^:cc troni Vincent's Kent 116 
p. 73. printed ii; ll\>r,\s i/ ^sV. » ;vr j;:./ //Vj/. edited ty ^- f- Noit. L>.l). 
Londx'i. ici''.. vu!. I I, ilaro were .ilso llirt-j yoLiiv.^tr sons, Henry. 
Gcor:;«: and Thcnias. Sir f'rancisVv'ial changed the sr»ellinj^lo"\Vyat,'* 
and died ir. 1644 Icavif;;^ ll c Bo:;icy property to his eldest son, H<nry. 
Henry was surcLcdcd I") l.i.^ cinircnt brother ICd'.vin. Chief Justice of 
the.t^rand SfJM.)ns for the counties of Carinarthei'..l\*n)Lroke and Cardi- 
j,'Hn. M<:r.b(.r of Parliament for Mailstonc, etc. His sons. Francis and 
Richard, died v.i'.'nmit issue. The old site of ihc Abl>ev is new owned 
by Major M-v. Jesily G. Besi. of l*ari< House; and anotiicr portion of 
the ancionl possessions, ciillcd Dox.'jy lions.' estate, wiiich was 
bcqucatliL'l by Kich.ird Wyat to his rchuivc Robert, Lord Romncy 
was recently purclKi-^ed by Albert F. Style. great-i;randsoa of the sec- 
ond Lord !\-'inn'.'y. In t le church, besides the ni';)num:nlal tabirta to 
the Wia'.s, may be men', ioncd a tablet to Gcorv^je Sandys, who transla- 
ted the Iliad "A Vir-^ini I and a tablet to the Athawes family, plated 
tiiere in 17 y^ ijy Sair.ael /v.iiav.os, •*5':>n and siiccess'ir of Kdward 
Ath iwcs, H \'ir;;in!an merdianL of London." 

Tiic \Vi :i t:t):et. after statin;^ ih it Ge(.>r';e Wiat was succeeded by 
"his el Jest son. Sir Francis Wiat, twice governor, and married NLirya- 
ret. dauj^hter uf Sir Samuel Sandys" ^eldcr brot'ier of the poet Ge jtgt j 
says that he, Gcorc:':. "!cf. also Haute Wiat who died vicar of this 
parish and hatn issue livin^; in Virginia." The following is from Rev. 
J. Cave-L> :;nr.^e!f. v.-:;o is fully in'ormod on the U'iat pedi^Tces; 

" \';-.^'e. .Maidstone [Kent Co.]. The Bo.xley Register 
imply ihrtt Haute Wi .t married his first wife. Eli/abeti;. i^-forc he 
orUu:n,\i, and had by her a s,'n Thomas— his wife dying 14 days after 
the child s b.:ptsm and tiie chdd himself on tue lotli of the followinj:^ 
April. By his 2d wif.', Anne, he had a dauglitcr, .A.ona; tiiis wife uied 
12 days after the birtii of tivj child. From the family pedigree I ^Ind 
he had by his hrst v.'ife t.vo other sons, GeJr,'e an.l Edward, and by lii^ 
2d wife a Sun. John. Tiiesc murst have been the "iow:, et origo of the 
Virgini'in Wiats." 

The tradition in the Glo.icester Co., \'a family is tiiey derive 
descent from Rev. IL.wte or Haute \'\';att, and the name of their oid 
home IS "Boxley. " \'.';icn tlteir ancestry is traced, we lind that thc-.r 
progenitor Edward Wyac, who is found first with George Wyat. 
living to:..'cTiier at this (then c.dled MiuiHe I^Liuation) as early 
as 1645 'Vori< r«'<crds — L-.:u! Register.) Eiiwanl Wv.ii adminl-. 
trator in '.'4; of Jol;n C! rite (iec'd i\vhu had also l:^ed hcrey, s..->ii of 
Sir Jolm Clarice of Wrotham in Kent Co.. England, Lh.o younger and 
only brotiicr c-f Sir William Cl.iikc of tliat pla^e. Li iC'^z "Mr. Wiat" 

0T,i) TOMn='TnNF:c i>f <-;t.ouci:stf.r. 

rcpiescincd Haninh Clarke, fdoubllrss tlie widr.w of Jolin Clarke 
ficce'dj as the cxccntiix of Sir Duii-jy whost- will, dated jQtli 
March 1650. uas recorded at Jamcstoun j; 7 I-cr, 1651, and dcvisrs 
land near tiic "Middle Plantation" to \wr. Hannah sold the same to 
l>r. jcrcTniah Hnrrison, of Ouecn's Crock. [In n'.y^ Mrs. f->nnrfs 
Harrison, widow, patented ioooacrc> in Wcstmoru! ind, headrigiits Dr. 
Jeremy Harrifoti. IVances Harrison etc. John H.'.rrisjn, p.itentt.-d 1000 
acres in Wcsimorcland. failing his heirs u> "his sisr-r." Mrs. Trances 
Harrison, and f.iilin^ her heir.s to Giles Brent of •'Pe?.ce".\Vtstmoreland 
Co. (Land Ke;4is'.cr). Dr. Jcrennah Harrison mirri.rd FrHnce.s. sister of 
Tb<jt;ins \Vhit;<rcavc of Moscly in StalTord County, IJn-land, who 
savid t'lc life of Charles H after liic b.dtle of Worcester in 1C31. 
(Burke's "Landed Gentry.") In 1632 Mrs. Clarke p^entcd lar.ds 
neai \ViI!i;.in3lH>rg adjoining the lands of Cul. Philip Honi-.vood. wlio 
came with Sir Thomas Liinsford. and tlic lands of Croshaw, 
wliose dau-htcr Unity had married Joi'.n '.Ve^.t. nephew of Lord 
Delaware. Sir Dudley Wyat had also se.ved in the army of Charles 
L— Sec Clr.r-ndon's History. He was one of the grantees of the 
Northern Neck from Charles H. dated i.t "St. Gcnnains" in Fiance. 
S.^pt. iS. iC^o, ;■.;■„; h'^ came to Vir;;i:)i.-i n* onoe.j 

In rC63 "•:d.vard Wyat. gentleman" p '.tc:itL:d \ohn Clarke's l.Tnd 
at "Middle H::;ntr;'.:n:>.."as an escheat, and su'nsequenily. with his wife 
Jane, sold it in iCC; to George Poinde.xtcr and Otho Thorpe.of Middle 
Plantation. BuL the General Court de^-idcd 2: March. 1675-6 that 
the property beior.ged to John Clarke of Wrotham. in Kn-land. 
(York Co., General Court, and L^nd Reords 1 In 1CO2 he patented 
lands in Gloi; :o:>tcr, and s-ihsoqucntly hulofl from there. In* 1665 lie 
u-as security for Edv.-ard Conquest, to servo James Millor of Surry "in 
sea aflairs." for two years of his term assigned bv "Capt. John 
Scott, Esq., of the Long Island." In :67: Cci.qnest Wyat. "<on 
and heir" of Edward Wyat, patented lands on Hoccadie's Creek. 
ne-tr his old Plantation. Conquest wns votrynnn (t69o). shcriiT 
n7o5> etc. Petsworth Vestry hook siiows that the following 
Wyp.ts T.-cre vesiryrr.c'! there: Frrincis from 1710 to 172S, Con^ 
quest I7C7. C^.pt. Edw-rd 1740. Capt. Jo:-.n 1753: Peter 1763; Capt. 
John 1775; James 1737. From this pari-ii a stea<ly stream has been 
sent out ad over the State. Kev. Wiiliam E. Wiatt. pastor of 
Newingt^n and Fctsworth B.^p...<t cluir.he?, is descended from Cap- John Wiatt of Gloucester, who married Miss Mary Todd and had 
Dr. William E. Wiatt. shcriif of Giouceetcr Co. in 1SJ2. He married 
Mary, daughter of [ohn Gruhaai of Co.. and had 
«. John who m Cecelia DaLricy 2. Dr. W. G. Wyatt -..ho m . 
n.ui. of John S. >tur.:.s 3. El.Ai ^^ ho m. W..'k.-r forics 4. Eleanor wiio 
ni. Col. Scott ot Petersburg 5. Coi. Tiiomas Todd 6. Col. Harote. 

George Wyat. "C<^o;;" (Cooper) lived at "Middle Plantation" 
as early as 1645. hid i.. iGCo a wife Su-nnaii. in iCji his jon and 


hciic'", llc-ir\ of (Jloucc?tcr, sold liis l;ni(i licrc Id John Pa^o 
(York ricnri! .) Iletry was born in i(>.y/, ani iivcd willi wife 
Alice id N'lw Kent Co.; vcsti lan of Si. PcMftrs in 1AS6. In 
1705 Ri. h.iril Wyal's son Hcnr of N'cw Kent, was Icj^.ilcc of Henry 
W. (lecc'd. In 172S Henry of I'rince Gcov^i-. released a mill in 
New Kent. (HrnricoCo. records. Ailanis MSS.) 

Olbcr early Wiatts ip Virginia were (l) A'..-.''//' who leased Und 
on Apponi.iHox river in 1636; v.itc n'cis widow of Capl. Wii 
liriin Billion (:; Rt'-f.-rd patenuvd in Gioiicjiicr in 1O45. and 
ordered by York Court to p ly a hogshead of toLiicco to Dr. 
Thomas Kalon ^.f London, "ciirur^ijon." Ilisson a .d heir, 'J/'uvn- 
<7.f. pAtcn^ed In (d<>iicesicr in \Gftj. (X) Wi/ZAivi, evidcnlly a kins- 
man of IMwuiil, was witness to a deed in i' 53 :> ".\!i. I>lward 
\Vyai"troMi li'.e '•Cliiscoyukc'Indiaus; major r'.nd ^ii.ii.'l of Ni_ .v Kcni in 
1671, nut-Ti^d before 1674 .Amu "tlic moilu.r of .\i-.;i i |a.:'.;SiM»"' (York 
records); hid a .^on William jun. who p;itentcd ;n i '1; o. t^. ).//;//' t' •)■ w.ts 
buri^ess fron; Ch irlcs Cily in 1C45. '35, '56. wa^ ca le I Majf)r. and had 
son, Capt. Xici:' '.js. active in Hacijn'i R;!bcKija. •. ho patented in 
1CS6 "Chapli.'is Choice" etc. (5) C/:r:'.u'')/>/':,-/-, 26 in 167: (York records,) 
probably a son ■>[ itr.2 of the pvcccling. <G,\ 7y.-';;:^zv patented in 1043- 
[Tor no'.ices of 1 .tor Wyais in Virginia see W. G. Sia:ia:d"s Paper 
in RIcIiinor.d d /.':'.-, Dec. 10, loc);> and R. A. Im.; 'c's notes in New 
P!ng. Hist, and Gen. Re;,'i5tcr. vol. 40. p. 43. and \';r:.;ini.i Hist. S oc. 
Cell. VIII. p. loj. The following in aildition may not be without value: 
P'rum .//'.■ //.J. /;'/.' Parish Rc^iiit-r: Mr. Francis Wyali mar- 
ried to Miss. Lucy I\o\v. Oct. 30, i;42 
Mary dau'". of M^' Francis and Lucy Wyatt. 
.Ap.f daur. of M'" Francis atid Lucy 'vVyatt 
From .v'. I'lUrs I\7r:sh AV^'vV/.-/" Peyton son of Josep'n and 
Dorothy Wyati l-,orn Nov. 15, 1763, 

The Wyitt a.-ms arc: Party perleSiC. ar.u:e and },'ul:;s. a barnacle 

1 he IIa\s ic arms are: C)r a cross engrailed f;u!cs. 

Tlie nariu: of tlie Wiatt fanuly is variously sptllnl in our records, 
but the spelling of the Gloucester branch seems now to be "\Viait."j 

(2) "Violet Banks"' is the modern name of the Iv)us-.; of Fdward 
Portcus, the c^iij^rant. It is an old sipaare brick buildin,^', two stories 
and a half, witii four rooms to a floor. Thouidi a:)andoncd, it still 
retains ihe V.txt panelling and interior rarvin-^ of the long past. It 
fronts York River and on tiie west is Poropotank Creek. Rnbcri 
Porteus. hi?. ??n lived at "N'ew Bottle." subiC(iuently ceiled "Con- 
cord." In 1693 Fdward Porteus was reccmmcnded bv the Governor 
of Virgin: i for appointment to the Council (^-lin.-biiry MSS.i. ves- 
tryman of Petsworlh Parish in l''6\ (ve>:ry InokK He married "the 
Reli.t of Robert Lee,'' who left in his will seven pounds to the poor 
of Petsworlh (ibid). 

Hisonlys 'n, Robert Portcus, Esii. was in 1704, mem- 

OLD T0MIiSToNj;3 IN OI.OUCK^^Tl.'R. 30 

bcr of the Counci! and removed to Yoilc, tntjiand. anrl in ilic Catlic 
dral ar. Rippofi is an inscri;)ti.-)n on. t' f: w.lls to !:is incin'Trv. (Spots- 
wood's /.</.Vri. If. 5t.) lie lut! nin ■ -II cliiMrci. the yomiycst of 
whom but one, Inilby Portens, w:s l^jni at York. May 8, I73f.and 
died May i (. iS^S. He bcc^mo hi<li )ii of Chester and of London. 
(Chalmer'.s Bi":;raplncal Dictionary.) This CoIIcl^c. however, owes 
him no than!;s. for he boasts of iiivinc: induce.] Lord Thurlow ly 
cxcl'jde it from all rharc in the fun<l of the Honi»"e Roijcit Hovic 
lonp used for the cduciiion of Indians and diverted after the Ktv- 
oliiiion. at the su--esiion o< Pf)rtcus. to the conversion and reli;,'- 
ious instrurtion of the N'e-(rocsin the iiriiish West Indie.s (5 Vcrsey 
jr's Reports; i;.ou-n"s "History of the Propaj^a'ion of Christianity.*' 
H p. 633). What a contrast tiiis action to the splendid conduct ot 
the Lnjjlisli C'virc ini yS;. \vh:n t!i.» Mary Whalcy fund for the estab- 
lishment cf a t:ce-schoo! in York and |;.mcs City Counties, after 
lyinj; lur£,'otten of men in the i^ank of Enc^Iand for 156 yeai:.. was 
turned over to the control of the C.;l!cc;c for the purpose indicated. 
Robert Ponrjs married the daughter of Edmund Icnnings. Esq.. 
son of Sir Kdnvir.d of Rippon, Lngland. One of his places in 
GloncCiUr rovinty was called "New Bottle." after a plate of 
similar name ia Scotland owned by him. The Bishop, his son. 
had "a sin^jiar picture which thouyh not in the best sivle of 
coloring was vet thoiigiir. valuable by Sir Joshua Reynolds as a speci- 
men oi the extent to which the an of paintmi^ had at that time 
reached in America, and he himse'J very hi-hly j.rized it as e.Khibiting 
a fai:hful and interesting represeatation of his father's residence.^' 
(See "Life of Bishop F'ortous," by Rev. Robert Hodgson.) 

The nc:.;:iborhood of the Potteusos in Virginia was certainly 
respectable. A: an interval of a mile alof.g tt:c York River shore, or 
up the nu.ncrou3 crteks were vv-eli budt brick houses, soiv.e few of 
which stil! remain. Going down the river from the Porteus mansion, 
one p issed successively the lands of the Smiths of Purton. the family 
of Capt. jo::n Stubbs. the Burwclls of Carter's Creek, the War- 
ners, of Warner :L:Ii. the Pages of Rosevvell. the Manns of Tim- 
berneck. the Perrius of Sar.Ui's creek, etc., while on the opposite 
shore, were the t:on<es of EVlmund Jenings. Nathaniel Bacon. 
Dudley Dig.;es. the P.allards. the Reades. the Smiths. Chismar.s. 
Calthorpesetc— families of first cor.sequence in tijc colony, havin? 
good li'urcirijs. most of of proveil descent from respcctJbie En- 
glish geiniem«\'i. and all cf them dis:ilaying coats-of-arms of un- 
doubted autiienticity. 

•■*» For an a.coafit of the Robins family sec R:'-hmnnd Cri.'/r 
Aug. 14, lS,"^;. Tlie imigrant V.-..3 John Rol);ns of Elizabeth City. 
whuscson.Dr Thj.uas R Dbins. married .M.irv. sisccr of Mai(*r Thn.nas 
Hansford, the rirsi Virginian bDrn cvcrlianged; and settled in Robins. 

40 Wir.MAM AM> MARY COLM:<Ji: quarti:ki-y. 

Neck, Gloucester county, where lii3 'Icsccnrlnnts resided unlil the 
presi.i'.t time. 

'*)CoI. Gc.iii,'t> K-Mic was brot!;'T of Roherl Ivea'ic. private Scc- 
rclar> to Winflohank. Sccrctaiy of Slatr tjClurlcs I. :iM(1 married 
Eli/.al)Clii. (lau-iitc! of Cr'.;>r. Nic'i >lns Mariiaii and ii id i. Mildred, 
wlio itiirricd Avi^'JS'.iric Warner, 2. Gv^or^o, liviri'^' in 1655. 3. Robert, 
will-) married Mary, flaii'^'Ine:' of Ioi:n Lilly (-.viio married tlic heiress 
of lulward Mals^'H. a cooper of Vor!: county living in 1657. > 4. 
Francis '.rh') inarric*! ist. Jane, dai'L';hlcr c>f Cap'.. Thomas 
Chisinan and had Miry who m. Mdwaj 1 Davis of K. and n.,:ind Filiza- 
be?h who married Paid \Vatiinj^;ton before 1707. He :narried zrily 
Antic- , before 1693. lb; bad also Gc'^rt"^ and Anne. He died about 
1604. lcavin„' a son Brni.imin iivinc^ in 1715. 5. ninjamin married Lucy 
before i^}:. Ii! 1601 ho r '!d fifty r.rrcs f>r the site of Vorktown, and 
after livinf; about forty years Iat?r died, and in 1735 his eldest son 
Ciwyn Readi% who inai ried Dorotliy— . sold tlvc acres as a conitnons for 
the citi;:^;i:5 of Vorktown. 6. Tliomas Rea'c married Luc\ Gwvri, 
danrijhtcr of Kd.rr.und Gwyn. and had 'rhomri? (tombstone) died witii- 
oul is^uc.and Rev. Joim of King- and Ouccn. d;j:i before 17'';;), leaving; 
an only d-iu;,ditcr .S.-.r-ii v.-lio married Jo!:n R^otes. 7. Eiizab-jih who 
married Ca;it. Tiiotnas Chisman. 

Robert, tho eldest son. died in 171::, .ir.d ind John of St. Stephen's 
p^arir-Ii K ^^ O. Co., Robert. George. S.-.muel, Francis. Tiiornas. Mar- 
garet m..rri°d Thomais Nrlson and Mildred married is: Ja'ne^ Good- 
win 2d Cnpt. Lav.rcnce Sn:illi. Robert hcd Robert v. ho had 
Elizabeth wiio married is: Rev. RiciKird Hewitt 2. Col. Ed.varJ 
Hfrv.'.od. Sainud. ir.ot'ier son of I^obert Reado. married ^L'lry. 
Nutti'i^. and ha'i Frances who married .\L^ior Anthony Robinson. 

There v.-erc other Rcades in York cou--.ty contempor-dueous v, i'.h 
George R-ade E?q. TlTr,:na:-, R:::de. c.-'l'rd in ih.c records his "kin-.- 
man." lived ia V.'arv.-ick .?nd married Eli.^abith. daughter of John and 
Ruth (Beale) Tiplady. Acccrdin^ to the will of Mrs. A'.icc Be.ilc, 
wif<; of Co!. Thcma>'c of the Council, and mother of Ruth 
Tiplady. he hnd living in t/Ot two son^.Ioiin and Thomas Rcade. F>cn- 
jamin Rcadc, probably a broiiicr of Co'.Geor^.*. Reade,(wi'i proved in 
York Co. Jan. C4, iCo-s) c.;''.? "Mr. Rob-irt R'^P-de and Mr. Frarcis 
Readc'' k,i-smen" and Li.ei.- so::s "nephews;" calls EH/ -bc-th, dai'.j;!iter 
of Capt. Thomas C'isrna.j 'Tiioce" anil makes his two kinsmen. "Mr. 
R 3b-rt and Mr. FrancisRfadc" exccuiors. Otijcr p?.s<.n> mentioned in 
will are "niec.^ An:-.c Gary, riau^'hcer of Mr. Henrv Cary," •■James 
Mandors br.>th:rof my dr-cea-^ed •.vife,'"Mrs. Eiizabetb Flov.i^rs. motl:- 
cr of my <.'.?coascd wif-". " "aunt" Mary Myiiil!. Raip'i Firiu-t r? jr. and 
Samuel Flowers. Gives 2.5 £ to the poor of Ma!h?rry Islands p-.r^h, 
and hjs lands in Eri;ian.d and Merchants' Hundred. Ia:.ios City 
Co. [Hpnin;j's Statutes V. 6S: VIIL 4S3; wills of C'.izabcth Readc, 
widow ^i C>»1. Gcor;;*'. pr. Jan. 24. ioSC-~, ot Robert Rr-^de ( 17 1 :>. of 

01,1) T.»M135TOnI;S in CLOUCKS'IEU. 4l 

M iry R'iidc (I72:,>, of Samuel Ucurlc, 1758 clc] 

'■''> Pfibwurlh was probiifjl) f)r(i.iounccil "iVlsoc"' as the vc?^try 
b(.»ok calls :11c parish by ihc lass. name. Tlic p.uish was piobably 
iiamccl f<.>r llie licTiiard farr.ily v.'h<j cuv.c (:uni l-'clsu-rlii, Hiuking- 
hiunihiic. Mr. W. Ci. Su..rtrd writes: 

"From CbL-siir'& Luiul<.)ii Marriu-^c Licci.cos. licnisc Nov. 24, 1634. 
to Kicl.ard l*erp..^rd. of FclS(C. UucUs, Gcnl. widnwcr, -6 ^years', and 
Anna Cor.icroy spi. ster. 22. d^u. of Mr. l^blankl Corucic-y Lui. deed. 
I to be married j at Si. .-\ndre\v.'^-in-Liic- waidr.ibe. 

There is ft pcdi-rrcc of Bernard in Lipscomb's History of Bucks 
1. 519, 3:1 and of "Cordray"' in the visitation of Wiltsliin;, iCz}." 

There is a c^rani to Mrs. Anna Bernard in which Richard Bernard, 
Mrs. Anna B.. Cordery B., Edv.',=.;-d Conlery, etc., arc he id-ri;4hts. 
From a deed [i6;3] i\>i'.nd in Westmoreland it appears that Mrs. 
Bernard h;id a cau.L^iiter, Aiin Smith; probably in this wiy Purlon 
camo to tlic Smi'.l'.s. In York r^-coids Richard Bernard pnichased 
Prvor'j piart.ition i;i 1647. The clerk makes a. drasvini^ of his arms 
on the scroll in tnc Rt-cord Book, which i> clearly a b.v.r rampant and 
common to f;::r.:!ics of the name in Bucks. Lincf)In. North:inis etc. 
"Anna Bernard of Burton" in 1662 S'A''. Pryor's Plantation to Capt. 
Robert ix.l.ircy. In \".'c.-.iinorc!aiid Co. records, Richatd Bernard of 
Petsoa p .ris :, Giouccit-.r Co. empowers in 1639 WilLai:) l?<iiLl:ner of 
StalTord to receive 4^0 acres firarted to Ann Bernard and as5,i;.:ncd to 
Slid Richard. Birradall'-i Repurt.s (173S) slio.v that in 1C51 and 1C34 
Anna Bernard obtained patents for land, wliich on her death des- 
cended to her Son Richard, who died in 1691, leaving- ti.c land 
by his will to sons Philip and J. >hn. John had the wlrle by survi- 
vc-rship and tlicd la 1700. ar-Lj the land to his son Ricl'.ard. hi'; 
heir, aL;od 25 whtMi the suit v/'S bic;.,'|-;ht. — Began, le.^.^cc of Richard 
Bernard pit vs. \V'i'S.-:i.T;;ton Parish, Disliman. Wecden. John and 
William Brown delts. 

Honini,' shows William Bcrn;'rd of GKuccitv-r (will male 
1704) had son Robert alive 1734. i Bernard. Barnard, Barnett were 
the same.] Richaid Barnard vcitrymaa of Pc'.sworlli in 
l<')77 ^ vestry b.)ok.) McWiiiiani r>,irnard churchwarderi in 1695. 
Peter Bern.-. rd oi' (jl . uccr^tcr was Caj)t.>in in the Revolution. His 
brother and heir, jjlm Bernard of, was shcrilf there in 
1781, aad mirri.d Hjnin^liam dau. of Col. Geor^^c C<rr!n;^ton. 
Capt. Peter )3. nad .1 s.bter, Mar£;arec, wh.o married In 1764 Cicor_L;e 
Carrin^;ton. There have been r.umerous lepre^oiilatives of tiie Ber- 
nard name m Virginia. 

Col. L'ernard. i-f the Council, hid a son George living 
in iCi3. and v.-aj then huiband of Lucy, widow or Lewis Hurweil. 
Col. William died i;; i',o.'. Capt. Bci n^rj barges- for 
Warwick in 1642, 1643, and 16.15. 

Nothing now reti'.ams of old Pctsw^itli ciiurch, of which Moadc 


fjivcs an interesting at«ounl. There is i;c;ir by -j faniou'. >prinp; of 
cool w.iicr. 

6. Sec Jan. Oiiarlorly, iJ>04. '"">r notu!- of the Jones lombs. 

7. Wiiic Parish church is built on land ;;ranlr*d to the church 
by ih'j 'I'hrockniorlon family. It is a rcctunpular Ijrick buildinj:; 
and is ini;:)Ofi rep.Jr. Kcv. Mr, Lcc novv otiiciiics iierc. and ai Abinj;;- 
don church, and York ciuircii. 

8. Mcacic prints the nariic James I51rck, which is a mistake. 
Willi.uu 'J hornton Son. (\\iliiam> 'rhornlon. Wiliiam-. Franci.=jj 
married Jane Clack, of lirunswick Co.. born June 9, 1721 (Family 
Bible.) She Wds pcrluips a j>rand-d.iughlcr. James Clack was Lvin^ 
in Gloucester in 1740 (V^.rk records). >;iiaruiaii of Charlotte, d." of 
Robert JKiliard. dcc'd, of Vork. 

ij. This and the three subseciueat inscr.p'.ions arc taken from 
Meade, tlic ori>;inal sionc^ beiny conce .led under the ciuirch door. 

lo. Francis Willis was an ^early seilicr in VcjrK county, Virginia 
in which he hail a patent for hind in 164-. lu 1640 he was removed 
from his oli'ice as cieric, for abusiiii,' the povcrnor and coar.cfl and 
burgesses, and punished by !i.tvin.c to s'.iuul at the court-house door 
with a pa^jcr i*^ his hat an-^l disabled from bciiiL^a licrk or attorney in 
any co':rt. pay a fine etc. In 1645 '■£ ^^^^^ Justice of Vork county. 
and in 1632 bari:<:«> lor Glouces'.er Co. The will of Kich.ird Sim-. 
ons (dated 13 Juiy. 1647). wiio w.'.s brot'j'.r and heir of Tliomas 
Simons deceased, mcnii;r.s hs eldest s^n Richard in Enj^Idnd and 
his brother, Francis Willis, and makes Mr. Thun.a- Curtis, of the 
new Pnwfiuosin i)arish. ?upcrvi>or of hi^ will etc. The will of Francis 
Willis, his son, siiows ttiat lie left i. Francis, died iniG9i.j. Mcnry 
wholuid Sus.nnah. Mary Herren. Aiice, I'rar.cis, William 3. William 
who had William (New F :!.■:;. and IJist. Gen. KegistLr, Vol.41. 257.) 

Vork records menlion in 1732 lienrv Willi's u( Spi.its) ivaiiia and 
Mildred his wife, (late widow of Jol-.n Rnnvn, dec'd in 1720!; that 
Francis sou of Francis, of (Jloucester Co., married Flizjbcth. daugh:cr 
of John Perrin of Gl'uccsicr about 1707. 

Abin^^don Parish l\c:4istcr shows that "Mr. [-"r..:'.cis V.'iHis mar- 
ried fc;ii;:abeth Carter Sept. 2^. 1742." 

II Mary Mann widow Cif Fdin;:nd r>erkc'Ly. deceased, before 
1^71. The will of Jolin Minn, lier ^cc -'i:! husiutul. was proved in, 
Gloucester County court 13 r cb.,i694..:iii! ihe ori.;:na' [n[>i-r prt's-:: v d 
bears d-itc o Jan., 1614- 5, ?;ives his cousin M.i.y ll-mvitor. 5:^ / 
steriin"4. son-in-law fi^dr.mnd 1). rl.cley 50 / ^t^Tlin;;: ;;o1. d.tu. Ann 
Booker 20 f sterii";;; ' ' of the res: of his real and p^r.sonal est ice to 
his wife. Mi'.ry, an<l t-e ^■.'il.■.•^cc t> his .; lu^l-'tT. Mirv r-t;e, and for 
want of heirs 10 30 c] '.a''y t-^ my ^orl-i•)-h:•.v Fri" urid ficrk-iey a'-d 
my cousin .\la'-y il.unpton.and lor \va;it of heirs to ;^o to my two 
grandcliildrcn josep!) and IMinund Rin;;. and for want of heiri then 
to the CoI:e;.^c "for y*" rr.uiut^nan' e oi Poor chil'.Irep"; mentions 


Mr. John Williams. son-in-Iaw Matthew Page; Mr. Stcpl.en roni and 
_Capt. Kicl'.ard Booker lo see this will performer!. Witiirsses Richard 
Bookf.r. George Jonson. U'iilock Hoslork. P. Beverly cl. cur. Jo.scph 
Ring's will was proved in York Co. May 24, J703— he was justice, 
burgess, and recommended lo tiie council ; hvc chiUircn lCfhiiun<I, 
Joseph. Klizaheth, Sarah and Mnry. legacy of loc'/ to I suae Sedgwick, 
and appoints his living hrollicrs. Capt. Matthew Page ar.d Mr. 
Edmund B;;rtlci 1 Berkeley is often spell this way)cxors. [Isaac Sedg- 
wick was a lawyer and brother of Wiliiam, clerk of York 
county, wh > in his will calls himself of Burlen Hall, in Lincoln>hirc. 
Hottcns" '•Immigrants" has John Mann, aged 21 . transporteil to Bar- 
biidocs in 1635. Feb. i, [3 Cli.-.rlcs 11, John Mann, gent. apii')intcd 
chief surveyor of Jamaica.] 

For dcscri[.tion of the arms on Mary Mann's tomb sec "Coats-of 
Arms" in l.isl Quarterly. 

13. This lomb has arms dilicrcnt from the usual Page arms: 
bein^: within a lozenge a cross engrailed, in the right liand corner a 
conch shell. 

I^ibrarics in Colonial Virginia. 


\'n. July 22^-i 164S John Kemp, inveiUory: 
■ "Item seven books of Chriurgerye viz 
his works, the Surgions mate, two of 

Barrowes melhod of phisick pte of //^^ 

the Regimt of health, Aristotles problems 200 

Item five Divinity books: viz^ a 
small bible Mr. Calvins Institutiong 
ye practice of piety ye true watch 
Christs Combat with Satan the cfiec 

tual Calling 250 

Item some small bo(^ks of small valev.- 50 

Pastalls abridgmt of yo Statutes ^ pt 
of ye Court Baron & Leet 200" 

VIII Doc 15'*^ 164S Mr Richarvl Waked, inventory: 
"three bibles two 5: twenty small bookes 
a bible" 

44 ^vILLT<^f and hart rfiT.i.r.'Ji: quartkui.y. 

IX .'any 17"' 165: Robert Puncs, Gierke: 

"Two & thirty bookcs 500' 

.\ I'^cb 1.}''' 1655 Col lYran Vardlry invc-iitory: 

"9 books small i*v great 500' 

XI July C4'" 1666 Richard Russell, will: 
"a bookc callfd Lyons play unto 

John Porter jun"" Six books, tn John 
Porter Sr ten books, to Katherin Greene 
three b...c.kes One book to Sarah Dyer, 
unto Wni Green's wife t'.vo books ^^ her 
mother a bookc, unto Anna Godby two 
books, unto Jn<^. Abell one bookc in 
Quarto, unto Richard Laurance 
One bookc" 

XII Nov 10*'' 1671 Capt Wm Moselcy, inventory: 
"a pcell of Iju'>ks Some frcnch, duch, 

Latten v^ Enj^Iish all att 3000' 

XIII May 15''' 1672 Lt Col Thomas Wil- 

lougliby. :n\eruory: '"a pcell of books 1500" 

XIV Feb .-6"' 167?; Mrs Sarah Willoughby. 
inventory: a "pcell of books in her Roome, 

a large bible in fo. the turkish history, 
the life of Lewes tiie 13'h Heylands Cos 
mocfraphy. the Eclrsiasticall History of 
Euscbias pamphelius, Cornells Stats 
tins democritus Ju'". Sonds his tra 
veils Riders dicionaty two bibles in 
quarto directions for planting mul 
bery trees, the soules progrcssc to the 
Cilestiall Canaan, preservations ag' 
Sin, the E{)istles of S' Anthony guidue 
va, the Esseys of the lord Mountaguc. 
the Scamans Callender, doctor Sibs 
Sermons, an Exposition on the xo Comman 
detn'^ wisdome in three books ppr Car 
son, Thesaurus poeticus two books, 
an Exposition of the lords prayer, a 
tretise •'•f the divine Estence and atribu 
tes. The birth of mankind or the wom 
ans book, a gramer. a treatise for 
Englishmen, a Latten Iwhlc. 2 testa 
meats, ovid dctristi'jus, propositions 


of wairc ^\: peace, a Swc-t posic for 

gods Saints, Lsopr. fables; cases of 

Conscicn<:c. Scamcns practise, Iri 

gonoiiK try or the doctrine of triangles, 

p book of Laltcii \'erscs» arsmetias 

in octa\i(.), the safe way, two books t.)f 

Ovids nictainorphosis, 3 Small lat 

ten books X'irg'i or the South Hart 

thereof, the destruction of babilon, 

ovids deartii Mundy, himcs prelu 

j^ia. a liisiory of Ilapie prosperity, 

Murcus lullius Cicero, the use of pas 

tion, the History of animalls &c miner 

alls, HUegantio, \'irgill in octavio, a 

latien book in prose, plain prime, 

the glorious Stars Charles the 2^ . 

all vallued att 5:-:-" 

XV June I -'^'i 16-5 Wm Greene, inventory; 

"one new bible and case 7s. one old Fjible 5s. 12s 

4 books (vizi) a cronicle of the Civill wars 
of England, a Comeniary on the psalms 8" 

a Seamans practise, ndvicc to a Sonn 

Feb. 12^11 i6S;a Mr. James Porter, inventory: 
"his books forty two printed &: twelve 

XVI March ic'^ 1690 — i Mr. Samuell 
ball, inventory: 

"19 boockes Some Quarto; Some 
octavio all old att ::o pr pence 3S0 

two English bookes In folio ;oo 

thirty Small Latten books Some In 

folio Some In quarto all old 550 

four books In folio 250 

one Dock In Large ociawo new 

and thick cSo 

;r9 books In (juarto unbound 060 

32 old b'joks all English in 

quarto and octavio 450 

I Probably folio 


Throckinorton of 1.^. 

p.L^laiul anc 



F.\ \V. G. SIANAKU. 

The first question that arises in tr.icing tliis ; c(li;^rec is 
as to whicli of tlie Robi-rt Tiirockiriiirtons name 1 in i!if last 
generatiwa (if ihc X'isitation of I'^ij was arac^tor <,f ilic 
Tiirockrnonons "f X'ir^inia; but thcr.- can hiruly l.c a doubt, 
from the evidence given below, t)iat. it v/as thi: Kobrii, son 
of Gabriel Throcknuirton of Cllingu.n, and tli \t it was his 
win, which is next copied: 

[P. C. C. l-iruce. 74;. In the ii.-xme of Gr,4, Amen— sceinc; tliai 
nothing is niorc certaiiie then death and with?.!! that roctliing is nncrc 
uncertayne tlien the tyme of death, and least I should depart 
thi? life wi'.iiout setting my house in order in some good measure ac- 
cording 10 my mynd and^Arue meaning without disposing of such 
earthly substance eyther in land or goods wh^rewi^aU the Lord 
hath mercifully blessed me I Kcnri Thr.\:^)iiort'.vi no-.v of Osf^^rd 
Clti'uy and heretofore of Kliingicn in the County of HicntiKiton, Es- 
quire . . .do now this present 14 September, 1657, make my last will 

and Tesiamcnt.: First my body to be buried in decent christian 

burial at the discretion of my Exor and overseers ...and whereas I 
have heretofore by fync or other conveyance made feofment of my 
mannor of Ellington with appurtenances in the County afor»'i and 
other my Lands, Tencmcn:s hercditam''' with appurtcnanci in Elling- 
ton o( some part or parts to the use of such person or per-ons as I 
should by my deed declare lymittand appoynt. And, whereas by or.e 
other deed th >.t the said mannor of Ellmgton. . . and all & every the s^ 
lands. . . services and hereditaments for the use of such persons In 
pursujince ir.ereof and according to such provisoes conditions trusts 
I doe now by this my last wdl and testament give will lymitt devise 
& dispose with the reversion & reversions remaynder of the same i' 
likewise all my goods and pcsonal estate, viz; Imprimis I doe ap- 
poynt my eldest Sonne All-ion Throgmorton sole Exor, being conti- 
dcni of h:> iive and conscionable care in the probate and perform- 
ance of the same: Item I give unto tl:e joor people of Ellington 

Throckmorton Pedigree. 

The foHowiiif; chart pedigree is from tlie Visitation of liuntin'^donshire 1613, pub- 
lished by the Camden .Society: 

Tliom:i.s ■Ihrockn-.ortori de Couahton in Com. VV.iir. 


Throckmorton, sonne and 

heyre of Tho. ^ 


...rii. to... 



Sir George - 

d.i. to the 
Lo. Vaulx 

Richardus Throckmorton = 
de Hitiham Ferrars in 
Com. Northampt. Sencscallus 
Ducuus Lancastriae. 

.. .iKia 

•de Com. 

, 3 flliu. 

r Throckmorton 

1 ! 





1 1 


Gabriel Throck- 
morton, of Ell- 
ington in Com. 
Hunt. sepultLis ', 

in Com' 'pniijiVco. 


Emma fil. 
. .. Laurence 


1 1 



s. p. 





Com Hun 


1 1 

on u.-c 

1 Pe:nberton 






de Bra 


Sr (ieorj;,. Thro. 

sergeant of tlie 
HawkestoO Eli 

ck- 1 1 1 

za- nu|,u, 

Robertus Throckmorton 
1- de Ellington in Com. 


Pli;. lob'i.s 

mpion' in Lom. 

Hunt, jam stipcrstes 1613 I 

Rai.hael and S 

2 Emma u.x. - 
Hen I'oid- 

ton de Br.iiighton. 

3 Elizali tha 

Maria Fra- 
cksci Dorinaton 
de Wardet.oy.s 


"1 '^ 


;<• Tich- i< 
incr-h in 
■;...„ Norlh- 



u.xor kob'ti 


de Com Bedf. 

Maria u.xcr 


The. ^iorlcy de 


ibricl Th 
us et b? 
. etamp! 

leract 37 

= Alicia 
1 lilia 
1 Willmi 
1 Bedles de 
1 Com. Bedf 
ct. haeres 


™ [ana. Gracia 
F. Kobti u.T. Edtv. 
F'eetsde Holcott de 
Elington Ellington 


de Siukeley 



aetate 5 ; 



and SiMl-.orf e ^O; : and if 1 dye inli>ibit:'-tu <if Osford Cluiicy that 2o\ 
shall he distributed to wnd -.iinonftst iIil- poorc proi)lo there: unto my 
eldest soniie AH'Son rhuhimori.'n & to his liciis for ever (or the bet- 
ter enablein;; him in the perform uicc of this my la*i v.dl All that 
Cottajje or Tcnf.mciU anil three selioiis of Kind and Icycs lately en- 
closed by esiimacon three h.Uf acrca. & als j 5 acres of crr.'.I>Ie Lands 
& fjrecn S'.vurd \ also i acre of Leycs licinj^c in Siockcinge with the 
quickc hcdG;c their all w^^ said cottage or tc c n^ three sclions & six 
acres i^fof^"' arc lyriiig witliin the Towns, fields, bi^unds or precincts 
of 01 i:: Ion.: stowc upi.hi>rpc. and SpauUlw icke in tl.e C*^' r.f Hunt- 
ington to have i\ 10 hold unto the said Albion Throckmnrt')n or his 
heires ar.d assigns forf:ver. To the end that the same may be soiild 
and the moncycs imploded towards the performance of this my will 
anil le^'Hcies: To my son Albion all my mannor of Ellington af"""' ... 
c.vccjit on!ye the lands— tenements, services, heredi'"'"' there by me 
conveyed or settled upon [u-iith my wife for her joyiunre; to my 
Sonne Ro' !.riT J:r„\hiKj> ten /^2oo, tw be paid att my mannor iiousc in 
Ellinp.ton at his acco:np!i5hm.°nt of the a-c of 24 )-.:a.ro3: unto my 
Sonne /(^/;a' ■r>'//-i'i--6/v.iv7t';; /:oo, in like :nannr-r at his atteyning the 
age of 24 ycare?: unto my daughter Mary Tlirockmorti'n [.\o to buy 
her mourning and also a watch of myne which was her mother's 
and likewise /j'oo — viz. /200 at age of 21, or day of marriage. /loo 
six months after dcccabC of Judith my now wife: unto my loving wife 
X^o for mourning: unto my d^iu^^htor in lawe. M" Anne Dorrirgton 
upon reqai St ye use of child bed lininge returnirg the same to :ny 
Exor: unto my br^.ther Gabriel Throckmort(-.n. .S: to my sister Droin- 
sill, my sifter [acKSon my sisier Phillips, my sister .\nne Dorrington. 
to every of them a gould ring of 20;- value to v.eare in loving remem- 
brance of me; and if my said daugnter in lawe, M" Anne Dorrington 
shall be unmarried & resident with me att my death, then I give her 
£,\o to buy her muurnist;: to my servants dwelling with me att 

my death 5 a peece My well bcl-.^ved brother in l.uv, Owen 

I'rom^a!! and I.-aIs Puii'ips, gent to be overseers of this my last, will: 
all residue of my Jewels debts credits to my son Albion— signed in 
presence of us Henry Dorringt'.m. Jolui Burden. 

R.^bert T/:re:f:>?u>r(c>n. 

Proved at London 21 June. 1664, 

by Albion Throckmorton, son of 

deceased \' sole c.tecutor. 


It is also Welifwd tliat llie K<jbrrt Throckinorlon, of 
whose will ihr f>>!lo\vii)j; is an ahstrnc t, was ihr son of John 
Tlirocknio: loii. who is naiiK^d in tin- prccfJinif will ; 

Will oi }\ubf:it 'riuockinoi tr-n, -of l'evt<.n I'awa, Co. 
IluniingJun, dated i March, 169S. proved 3 May, 1699, in 
which he leaves Mary his wife land at IHlinpton, with rever- 
sion to liis son Rol>crt — mentions liis clans^hters Susanna, 
Alice and Mary — leaves property to bis eldest ^on, Uronisall 
Throcktrorton, and ^-^500 to his son just born — mentions his 
fcithcr-in-law Thomas Ijionisall, Msq., and his uncle lidward 
Mason-Clives his brotiier Albion Throckmoiton all his j>Un- 
lation and cflects in ("ilouccsler County upon York Kivtr in 
Virginia, and t'j his brother Gabriel Throckmorton his oUier 
plantation and effects in New Kent County, near Rapnahiu- 
nocke Kiver in \'irginia. 

The testator was probably tlie Robert Throckmorton, 
who patented 300 acres in Charles Co.. \'ij'ginia (then includ- 
ing Gloucester) ai "the White Marsh," August 24, 1637 (and 
was himself a head-right), and 650 acres en the west side of 
Nansemond River, in 1644. 

The second doubtful, or rather unproven, point in the 
pedigree is of course as to the paternity of John Throckmor- 
ton, spoken of above; but from him on there is no f\irther 
trouble in tracing the line. 

A descer.dnnt of the Throckmorion family, living in West 
Virginia, has an old Bible, with numerous entries of 
births, marriages and deaths, evidently contemporai y. In 
some of these entries the ink has so faded as to render the 
date illegible; but what remains is of the highest importance 
in tracing the descent of the family. Statements from this, 
and other family Bibles ma le use oi, will be referred to by 
the letters F. B. 

The r.rst entry in old Bible is "J^^'' Throckmorton 
oi Ellington m the County of Huntingdon, Great Britain. 
born . . " married . . . and died . . . (l-^. F^.) He had issue: 

I. Robert, born .... living at lilllngton in 1683 [V. B) 


An ahslracl of \i'.< will lias hern given. His sen. i'tomsall 
TlirockniorK.n, was living al Hcniing Alibotls, Co. llunling- 
tf>n. in i7?o (!•'. 15.) 2. Albion, boin 1672, "about i: years old 
in 16S4" (r. i; ) W'lu'lber li<- was ever in \'ir^inia is uncer- 
tain, though he may have been the Albi(H» 'Ihrex kmorlon, 
who was an early vesiryman <>f Ware parish, Gloucester. 
'Iheic was also a John Throckuiorlon, vestryman of Ware 
in 1672, who cannot bo accounted for. Pcrhapi. he may have 
been the John Throckmorton, of i^Jlini^ton, named in the«!e entry; 3. Gal'ficl. 

3. Ctaekikl TiiROCK.MOR'roN of Ware pari-h. GUtuitster 
Co., Virginia, born 1665, "an;cd 19 in 1684, thtn in \"irf(inia" 
(F. 13.) He m?.rricd in 1690, I'rances Cooke, daughter of 
Mordccai Cooke, of Ware Paiish, Gloucester, (F. V>) ard died 
in January, 1737. His obituary in the Virginia Gazette 
states that he had long been presiding Justice of the County, 
and that ho died iu his 77^'' year (a mistake as to his age). 
Is--uc: 4. Elizabeth, born . . married John Perry, and had a 
daugliter Frances, who married Francis Whiting (F. B); 5. 
A','/r/-/; 6. Mo>\:'e:.:i. 

5. Major Ko,.t;-<.i Throckmok roN, of Ware jia:i^h,born 
.. married (i) August 14, 1730, ^^ary, daughter of Joha 
Lewis of Wire [lari^h. (ii) Sarah S;riith of "Shooter's Hill," 
and died . . (F. B ) He v,-as appointed a Justice of Glouces- 
ter, 1737 (Council Journal). 

Issue (i'' m ) : 6. John; 7. P' ranees, bjrn Dec. n"^^ , 1733, 
married W'" Dcbnam, of Ware Parish (F. [?.) A traditional 
account says she was the wife of Col. James Barbour. S. Ga- i^' 
bricl, born Aug 16. 1735. Ele may have been ihc Gabriel 
Throckmorton, who was living in Caroline Co , in 1769, (\'a. 
Ga/ette), and ttie persiin of the name, who (as appears from 
the Fsse.x recordb) married in. or before 1701, Juditli, daugh- 
ter of Tho> Fdmurid.son ot Essex; 9 A'.'/"'/; 10. .■1/::,>.'i; 11. 
Fli/abelh. born . . married Barton Davis, of Northumber- 
land Co. (F. B ) ; i:. Mary, born . . married Thomas Throck- 
morton (F. B.): a traJiti'-nal account says she was the wife 


of Miijoi- \V. M<vj!e. (j' i;i.), 13. Mji\i'\\ti'\ 14. ll\i>ne/; 15. 
Sarah, l)oi II . . maiiicdin 1771, I'ctt^r Pr-sley Tlionurin uf 
'Wortliuiuhciland Ilousf," Xoi;hnnii)?rIrftul Co. who was a C' 'loiiel uf niinule moii at. thr bcvjiniiintj of iht; 
lievoliuioii, ami a meirhir of thi- Convention of 1775. 

6. Cai'Iain .M.'KI)i;( Ai Tiiiiockmor ion, was boin . . 
(.lied 176S; nianieti Mai y, danc;htor of ThonKis Read, of Ware 
Parish (I\ W.) He was pro'ialily Uie Mi)rdccai Throckinor- 
ton, who was shcriiY o{ Kin^ and Oiicen Co.. in 17^0 (Council 

Issue; 16. Lucv, married K >lit:ri Thro. kmurlDn, of Cul - 
pepper Co. (I\ B.): 17. Tln^'na^ . 

6. John Th:iock morion, of Ware Parish, Glouce>lor Co.. 
born Dec. 7d^'^^ , 1731, married (i) Rebecca, dauj^hter of Wil- 
liam Richar.l^on, of Wjre Parish, and \\\. (ii) Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Cooke, of Gl<.>iicesicr (F. B ) According to 
a manuscript left by Mrs. Ann Page, (ncc Dixon) of Glouces- 
ter Co.. he removed for a tirnc to t!ic Western portion of the 
Colony (pritbably to '"Roxton." in the present Jefferson C".): 
but after the dcaili of his first v,-:fe returned to Gloucester. 

On Sept. 5^^^ , 1767, died Ro'.icrt Throckmorton, of "Hail 
Western," Huntingdonshire, (his death is recorded in the Gen- 
tleman's Magazine) and left the larg'jr p^ rti'>n of his estate 
to this John Throckmorton. (An old estate of the Thr..'ck- 
mortons. on Ware River, Gloucester. Va., was named ''Hail 
(or Hael) Wcs'crn," and still bears the n:'.me). The following 
letter, to Robert Thrcckmi-rton. father of John, has been 
kindly copied from the original, by a descendant of the family: 

"London ijtl' Sept., 1767. 

The chid purport of ilus i.s to inclose you a Luic iust rt-c'd from 
Mr. Dailcy, of H jnun^jdi-nsiiiro, informing us tiiat y >ur n.miesakc. of 
Hailwest'-.n in the s.iii Coun'y dird the 5»'« In y ant \- by -.vil! had given 
a good real e.>-tc»te iS: xnd the pri.iciiai ()3rt •:! ids estate I.) a 
gentlctn.-in described as follows; To the Eldest son of my Cousin 
Robert Throckniorton, Ks<i'" now or late upon York River in GIouc- 


ard if 50. 'he sooner he comes over i!ic birtlcr, wiiliout wailing for 
ail) further Inforinatiop. than this. 

Mr. B.iilcy recommends, as he is an entire S:r.;fij;cr to every p:iity 
hero, that it will be necessary for your s jii to brin.:: «''''' l»'fTi proper 
Certificates sif;ncd by the Gov'' ^V put under ilic Colony Seal with 
every Credential to prove him to be the Mcntic.vl person described as 
above, or else he will meet with gre.u riifiiculty -3 in the disposal of 
the real estate cr ;;cttiii_i,' into his p''S>cssion the personil. which is 
Vested in the Publi.k Funds, ."sc who. w km the Ica"^.: d'jubt is inado, 
will never part willi a six pence: as we arc doubtful wlictlier Mr. John 
Throckmorton is your cldcit son. wo have noL wrote him. but re- 
ferr'd everything to V-'^'^'-^elf. What services wc can ren-ier him, you, 
or any of your family we shall with pleasure do. 

What we can learn, the estate left to your son ii worth Ki^^'ht 
thousand pounds. We give you joy of tliis event & remain 

Sr yo'.ir most hum. scrvls. 
Roi;r.kT Cai;v Ov C"o. 
N5ajor Roi'f.rt Tmrockmokton." 

Upon receipt of t!i:s intelligence, Jolin Tliiockmoi ton 
went to Knf^'land, aini secured the csti^le. While in that coun- 
try he obtained a conllrmatii-n of his fainily arms. The 
original emblazoning is now in possession of a descendant of 
the family in Texas, and bears, written across the back, the 
follou lug certificate: 

"The arms, ciest S: quarleiings, depicted in this achiev- 
ment, belong to John Throckmorton, of Ware Parish, in V^ir- 
ginia, extracted from evidences preserved in the IL-raUs' 
0/JiL-e, London, by 

Ralth — Somerset 
Herald. Keg. j March, 1769. 
Sec the pedigrees of this family in the visitations of 
Huntingdon," or in the Heralds' Otfice." 

Recent correspoi-.dence has a.^ccrtained that there is, at 
the Heralds' CoUcgc, a pedigree tracing tl)e descent of this 
John Throckmorton from tlie Tur-ickinortons of Eilington, 
and that a copy will cost five guin-as It is to be hoped that 

some one intcrc^lfrd will c.l)tain a coj))', which the lyUlt'nrK 
anJ Mitry (J :/<ir /<•//)■ will take plcasurr in i.i:blisliini(. 

Issue: (i"' in.) iS. AVV-Y; 19. WilHai.i, born . . (F. \i.); 
20, Aihion; (.•' in.) ::i. .'(.iiu, born . . {V . \\.)\ 2:. Hli/.abeth, 
born .. {\\ H.); inarrio;! Lrwis (F. B.) Mrs. Papfc's mani-- 
f.cript sayb she married Col. IJuckner — perhaps a second hus- 

9. Roi.FRT Throckmorton, born Ndv. .-g*'' , 1736 (F. ]i ); 
rcmovci! t) Culpepper Co., and was a Jusiiro ilierc in 1769 
(Calendar of V'a. Stale Papers) ; man ied .hinc i6">, 175 — Lucy, 
dau^j^hter of Mortlccai Throckmorton (F. 15.) I-isue: r-j. R^<b- 
crt, born May, 175 — ; z.j. Mary, born Marth ]?, 1760 (F. li.); 
25. Mordec?.i, born Feb. 2'' 1761 (F. B.); :0. I'rances, born 
Feb. 24^'*, 1765 (F. li.), married General W'"' Madison, (jf 
"Woodborry." Mailibon Co., brother of President Madi?on, 
27. Lucy, born Jan. 15, 1767; :;8. Elizabeth, born April 6*^', 
1769, (F. B) mairied Kbenc/cr Potter (tjayden's Va. Gene:*!- 
ogiei); 29. Lewis Read, born ^Lay 14'^' , 1 793; was a merchant, 
and lived at Orange C. H.*^^ 

[To ho cortinuoJ.] 

Slave Owncis in Princess Anne 
County, Virginia 

[In my January number a list of slave-holder'^ in Princess Anne 
County h.ivmi; more ihim ten slaves was published. The foilovvint 
list comprises all having under ten slaves. It will be seen that in 
this county the lari^'e majority of the hcafls of families owned slaves. 
This by no means represented all the families interested in slave 
property. Many persons preferred to hire slaves, and, besides the 
hirers of slaves, there were many persons who. while not owning 
slaves, were dependent upon that species of property, such as over- 
seers, store-keepers, physicians etc. These last had a more sul>stan- 
tial interest in the slaves than the nominal slaveowners. On the 
whole, slaves were better distributed thai: horses in East Virjjinia. The 
class tti low whites was small. However illiterate, they 'vere never 
dependent on their wealthier neic:hbors. Beverley, Jone*. Smyth, and 
other early writers, say that poverty, the patent >ji servility, "was 
almost unknown in Viri^Mnia. — Editor] 

(i) The compiler of this gcnealojjy is gr-at'.y inilcMcd to Mr. (". \V. '1 hiock- 
morton of New \ork, Dr. A. G, Griiirian of Madiion Co., Va. and Mcicer 

Slaugliter of Al.ii.U. 

SLAVi: owsiiiis IM rniNCLs's annk co., viki^inia. on 

Slave (.y-wners in J'rin vj. Ay.nt Co., I'd. dufir.c; the year iS/o, •w/iooiL-neU 
his then lo s/ij-.'i-s. 


Robe 1 1 Alh. 
, ICli/.abcih Ackiss 
\l At wood 

Robert A(idcr:>on 

Aaron, F. B. '' 

Frederick Ansel 1 

Kdward At wood 

Fdward Allen 

I^rancis A'"kiss Jr. 

janics Absloin 

Win Ashhy 

John Anscll 

Wm Axtead 

Jolm A I wood 

IVancis Acki-^r., Sr. 

Jonathan Ackiss, Sr. 

T!io:nas Ackiss 
/ Wni Bishop, Jr. 

Moses Bor;ney 

Lanfair Burgess 

Wm Boash, Ir 

F.dward Brown of Ewd.^"' 

David Butt 

Moses Brock 

John Brown of Ilo^akiah 

Mary BarwcU 

.'\nthonv lUirrows 

Wm Burrows 

Amos Benson 

Cornelius Bu>key 

I-^lizabeth Batten 

James Bonney 

Hajrison Banks 
-- George B.ishan 

John Bivin 

Joseph Bent ha 11 

Thaddcus Bowman 

John Banks 


KinvAkI) W. JAMES. 


Wm Ihewcr 



Wm Butt 



Travy B.urrows 



ICdward Brown of Saiitl 

1 1 


John Buskey 



Robert Benthall 



Charles Burgess 



Charles Barnes 
Jeremiah Butt 




Anthony IButl 



John Bonney of John 



John luxrnes 



Samuel Brown 


Thomas Brown 



Maxa Bolt 



Willouichby Bolt 



John Bolt 



Jo*iah Bell 



Klizabeth Brown 



Boush Butt 



Reuben Brown 



Kedar Brown 



Uavid Busten 



Anthony Brown 



IVancis Barnes 



George Butt 



Diana Bonney 



Richard Bonney 



Sarah Brock 



Anna Bonney 



Cliarlcb Brock 



Jonathan Bonney 



Tully Barnes, Sr. 



George Booth 



Noah Brock 



Cornelius Brock 



John Bright 



John Bonney of Jon.'' 


^VI^LIA^^ and maisy tollk'!?! quaktfri.y. 

Ivlward I'irown of Mosci. ,: 
Tliomas Buiiiicy 
\Vm Banks 
J no Banks, Jr. 

I Icnry Broik 
Sarah Cai rauay 
Margaret Calvcrl 
J.>si?.h Ci">o!: 

Thomas Coipicw, \V. N.'' 
Jesse Cajips 
Lydia Cai>p?. 
Ililliary Caj^[")r. 
W'ni Camjibell — 
Joshua Cone 

II iliiary Cone 
David Cooper 
J no Cox of Geo 
Fra:-tce> Capps 
Jeremiaii Cane 
Henry Caven'ler 
John Cannon 
Frances Capp5 
John Cox 
Elizabeth Cannon 
So!*^ Capps of John 
Mary Cavender 
John Cumberfoot 
Henry Cap[is 
Leek Creekman 
Martin Curcmins 
Lemuel Curlin 
Elizabeth Corprcw 
John Cannon of Pungo ' 
Maryan Capps 
Jacaniine Cason 
>Liry Capps 
John Capps 
Hillary Capps 
Charles Capps 
Anna Capps 
lohn Craft 


Anscll Cox 



Joseph Corprcw 


Win Cannon 


Avarilla Capps 


Molly Cox 


Morris Capps '■^' 


Rodney Capps W^i \V^ 


Joel Capps 


Sally Corbcll 


Lydia Capps 


Lancaster Capps 



James Dyer 



Henry Travis 



l')avid Dunbar 



\Vm Doudg;e 



William Davis 


Richard Davis 


Tully Doudge of Joab 


Mary D re wry 


David Dawlcy 


Wm. Du'.Hey 


Robert Dudley 


Wilioughby Dyer 


Lewi.. Drayton 


Samuel Diayton 


Edward I^iggs 


Horatio Davis 


Lewis Dey 


SoP Dun Jan, F. B. 


Wm. Davis 


Caleb Dawley Sr. 


Nathan Doudge 


' Jn^^ P^theridge 


Henry Edmonds 


Wm Edmunds 


J.imes Elheridge 


John Ewell 


Mary Elh-tridge 


Ezekiel Ewell 


James Ewell 



Moses Eaton 


s^,^\r. owNF.ns in annfco., viRorNiA, 


Robert lul'Ciicl^^e i 

Mary I"ri/.Io 5 

I-linanuel Fentress 4 

N'atlP r 

Joshua Fentress, Sr. 3 

Jno Fentress of Geo. ; 

Fdvvard Fentress 2 

Major Fentress 2 

Aby Fentress i 

Thomas Fuller F. B. 

Jno Fentress of Jno. 

Malachi Fentress 

Lemuel Fentress 

Joshua I'en tress 

Jno Fentress of Jo.-hua 

Jno Frizle 

Isriel Fisher 

Moses l''entre.>s of Jno. 

Peter Fentress 

Jcreraiah Fentress 

China Gibbs V. U. 

John Gornto 

James Grimstr^ad 

James Gaskin • 

Charles Griggs 

Reuben Gornto 

John Garrison 

Edmund Gar:\.><n 

Joseph Grant 

George Guy 

Matthias Gr: "i-i 

John Grirlui 

\Vm Godfrey 

Joel Gam mm 

Matthew Godfrey 

Joel Gisbon 

Arthur Gornto 

\Vm Gornio : 

Thomas Grimsiead 3 

Wm Green 

Kiziali Garriot i 

I'ranky Grithn 
Wm Holmes 
Wm Ilutchins 
Jacob Hunter 
Wm Hudgin 
George T. Hall 
Elizabeth Haynes 
John 1 1 l: liter 
Thomas Hunter 
Wm Hard as on 
Joshua Holmes 
James Heath 
Jesse Hill 
Jeremiah Hosier 
niandana Hunter 
Tho" Henley of Coi 
Ja' Humphries 
Thos Humphries 
John Henley 
Charles Henley 
Chas Hartley 
Ja* Harrison 
The** Harrison 

Ed A.i;d James, Sr 
J. hn Joiirr "on 
Ke/'ah Job -on 

Henry Jsmcs 
Jesse Ives 

Tho* Old, Ives 
Tho« Jumes''5' 

Hartlett \ve^ 

Betty James 

Wm Jame*^ Jr 

Jn*' James Jr 

Elizabeth James 

Tho' Keeling, Sr 

Isaac Keeling 

Wm Keeling 

Henrv Keeling . 

Jrf' Keeling 

Peggy Keeling 

4 — 



5 ^ 









wii.i-iAM AND ^fAUY quakterlv, 

John Kil;;oic 
Henry Parsons Kcclin;^ 
Isaac I, and 
Win Liifnian 
janics I.aiul 
Reuben I-ovcti, Sr 
IJatson Lan«l <.f Ilora 
Jno Loveit, Jr. 
Simon l.,aiul 
Reuben I-uvett, Jr. 
John I. ester 
Jai Lewis 
Lancaster LovelL 
Caleb Land 
Tully Lan.i 
Robert Land 
Lovcy I-anc 
John Lc TcIIior 
Elizabeth Land 
Lelitia Land 
Molly Lovett 
Randolph Luvcti 
Adam Lovett 
Langley Land 
Enoch Land 
\Vm Land 
David Land 
Joshua Land 
Henry Lewi- 
John Lewis 
Adam L'^vett Jr, 
Reuben Land 
Richard Land 
Joshua La--: '.r^-cc 
Henry L** mount 
Geo Lewis F. B. 
Anthony Lawso;; 
Evan Lt!jj2:et 
Jamc? Legg'.t 
Jn** Livingston 
Br.tson Land 


Robci t J. Lcvifiel 



Simon Murdcn 



Kedar M'lore 



David M.ilthias 



i:ii/abelh Matthias 



Doctor Jas Mo,cly 



Hillaiy Moore 



Lydia Moore 



Peter Malbun 



Malachi Murdcn 



Isaac Mattliias 


iJavid Malbon 



J. /in Mundcn 



\Vm MClelan 



Henry L. Manninr, 



James Marno 



Jn'J Moore, V>. S.,7. 



I'.hn Mi!l> 



Ro^.- Martin 



Nathaniel Mears 



Elizabeth Mackie 



Jas Miiis 



Jiio Morri^ett 



Philip Malbon 



Tully Moses 



\Vm McCoy 



Elizabeth Moore 



Malachi Moore 



Caion MCIaiin 



Malachi Mur.lcn. B. W. 

' 7 


Caleb Moore 



\Vm Mosel'jy 



Jas MCl^'I'^n of Joab 



Ja^ Murden 


D.miel Murdon 



1 1 en I y Miird:-.i 



H-nrv Moore 



Ja" M.. re. D. N. " 






Moses MClalen. S-" 



Moses MClalen. J^ 



Joliu MC!a!cn 


Lab^n Pellet 


Tho« MClalcii 


Ibnalio Parsf>ns ^ 


Ja" Moore (jf C.isoii 


Jt romiah l*kimmcr 


Wm <a' Casuii 


Charles Paydun 


jas M.'lbon 


C'A*^ |a« Robinson 


I'Vancib Malbon 


John Kosc 


John Miilbun 


Wm Kamy 


Absoloni Ma!b'-n 


}\i;t(y Robinson 


John Moore 


Thomas Robinson 


William Mi;ri>liey . 


Jidiu R< ailc 


Nailiyii Muiulcn 


W" Ra'.KioIph 




l.ovey Rende 


David Morse 


I'lli/abetii Roberts 


Joel Morris 


Ja-- Robinson ol A. 


David Mi,.rri5 


Charles l\obinson 


Jno MClalcn. N. C ''^' 


Mary Raney 


Molly F. U]k. 


James Raiiey 


James Norri^ 


.luhn Smith, Carpcn'.cr 


Wm Norris 


Cha* Smith, K. V. '^^ 


Sowcll N orris 


Ijurtlet Shipp 


Wm J. Xinimo 


Jn" Smith. Jr. 


Wm T. Nimmo 


Henry St_\ ron 


Nancy, F. Blk. 


Daingerf;cld Stark 


Harris Nelms 


Jn° S. Salusbury 


Jane Otters(<n 

Daniel Sharky 


Covingion Ollcy 


Andrew Smith 


r^lizabeth Oliver 


Molly Scort 


Nathan Oakum 


Ja^ Scart 


Joseph OLlorsori 

'/- 5- 

_Ja^ Stcphaus 


Cornelius Osteau 


Hillary Snail 


W" Fcbw.irth 


Jonathan Smith 


Jwhn Petty 


Ibaac Sherwood 


Francis Petty 


Isaac ScotL 


Lemuel Pt.ade 


ja^ StDne 


Sarah Pcbworth 


Miles Smilt 


Mary Petty 


W'" Shepherd B. B. ^i'' 


Fdward Pelty 


W^' Sovey Sr. 


Jn L. Pebworth 


Vv'" Sovcy Jr. 


Matthrw Paliett 


Joy Sovey 


-Jvihn Pallelt 


Philip Sovcy 


Wm J. Pebworth 


Jpo Simmons P. W. 


TuUy F'hllips 


Malachi Styron 




Hciiry Siiniri'cis 

Peggy Sl.ipp 

Rcul)<.ri Sliipp 

Jti^ Smith of Dir'i" 

Ja" Siiiilh of Diff 

jiV Simmons 

John Sliipp 

John Simnioni, l'ur!i':«,' 

Isaac Smith 

W"' Senera 

Jesse Senccn 

luistice Sli ij>i.s 

Charles Smith 

Henry Tiouer, Sr. 

George T)nx>ji 

Aaron Timbcrlake 

Henry Turner 

I*'anny Vashon F R. 

Geo. \'ale;uine F. B 

W'" Var.c;..ver 

Caleb \'an^ovcr 

Robert W'u'.rrson 

Jno Whitehurst 

Moses Williamson, Sr. 

Tho* Wrir^ht 

Cha* M. Wood house 

.ln° Williamson 

W'" Williamson 

Charles Wray 

Jon* Woodhouse Jr. 

Joshua Whiteliurst 

Caleb Whitehurst 

Odcn Whiiehurst 

Joshua Williams<?n 

Jn"^ Whitehurst of Sini" 

Abraham C. Wiliaroy 

Ja-^ Whitehead 

Major Whitehurst 

Willoughby Whiteh.urst 

Hillary Whitehursi 

Henry Whiiehurst 

Caleb Ward 

Chri'jt Williamson 2 
I'.at.M-n Whitehurst T. ('-' 5 

Win w'pct Sr. 7 

Thomas Wormslcy 4 
Moses Williamson 1'. Side i 

Mary Wan en 5 

James Watson 5 

John Ward i 

Moses Wilbci" 4 

Thomas Wilkins 5 

Moses Whitehurst 3 

John Wliitihurst 4 

Josiah Williamson i 

Keiibe\i Wiles i 

John Wi^igen 5 

Isaac Widgen 4 

Francis Wdkinsi^n 3 

Thos. R. Walker 6 

Mary Williams i 

W'" Wilkin?, Sr. 5 

John Wilkin* 2 
Christopher Whitehurst 3 

Ja* Williamson 2 

George Whitehurst i 

Henry Williamson 2 

W'" Williams 3 

Joseph Williamson 8 

Robert Williamson i 

Caleb Williamson, Sr. 6 

Nancy Whitehurst 9 

Corprew Wilkins 8 

Josiah Woodard 4 

Lemuel Williamson 4 

Horatio Woodhouse 1 

Nathaniel West 2 

James Wickens 7 

Jimima Wallace -^~ i 

John Wick ins 5 
I lenry W< .odariJ 

George Wc_>o.Iard 2 

W-" Williams n. W. 4 

Jesse Woodard i 

SLAVE owKi;ii=? I.N' riUN'CKJs AXNi: CO., viR(;ryiA . 69 

\V:IlouL:hl>v West 2 John Wickard i 

Thomas West 7 Ja'- Wcodhous.; of .'a^ i 

Joshua Wright, of Jcvc ? IVanccs Woodhoiise 7 

Tho* Woodhouse ^ Mary Ward 7 

W'" Wright 5 llciny Woodhotisc of Ja». 2 

Mary Whitehursi i Mary Waiterman i 

W" B. Wilkins 3 Malachi Williamson 5 

FraiK-es Whitehurst 3 Miliary Whitcliiu^i 2 

F'hilip Wichard 1 I'raiuis Williamson 

Jn" Whilcliursl l>{ Jno. 3 W"' Williamson 

Sarah WhiuhurLl \v^' Ja'- 5 Lodnwick Williamson 

Kich^ Whiichur>i ot Jas i W--^ Williams K. I. ^i^' 

Kath^^ Whiiehmst i Mary Ward 


Tully Whitehurst A. R. "<• 3 Fraiicis Wright 1 

Ja" Whi.churst of Ja\ i 

In addition to the slaves whose owners names iiavc been 
given there were on the plantations of 

Bramble and Coliey 10 Jno Mivison 30 

W'" Boush 5 Susan Smith » 

W'" Cuthburt 5 Jno Stone 11 

(tco Finch 4 Arthur Taylor 9 

Jno Hopkins 3 Littleton W. Tazewell s^ 

Hermans 2 Jas B. Warren 6 

Geo M'-Intosh 16 Swepson Whitehead 4 

The report shows that there were in t!ie County r6Si 
white males, 2624 white- females. 267 free Negroes, and 3926 
slaves, that 646 heads of families owned slaves and that 411 
did not. 

1. r. B. and F. Bik. means free black 

2. Edward Brown, son of Fdvrard Brown 

3. West Neck 4. One of the three districts into wl-.irh Princess 
Annt county is divided, formerly one of eight precincts of Lynnhaven 
Parish. As it took its name from an estate bearing this nime. there a Pun«;o within a Pun-o, and as this led to frequent and amusing 
mistakes, the inhabitants were, by those ignorant of the fact, errone- 
ously accused of beir.;; ashamed of t!ie name of their precinct. 

5. Widow ot Wm. Capps. 6. Tiiomas W. James: 7. Ray Side: 8. 
Black Water: 9. Dam Neck; 10. Nanny's Creek; ir. Kcmpesville; 12. 
Back Bay; 13. TaLcrnacle; 14. Ashoy's Bridge; 1$. Knott's leland. 


i6. This arlick should he iriiri in connection with llul in th.c 
January Quarttrrly. 

17. Tlic names of slave owners are taken froii a census report 
labelled ''A Co{)y of tlic jd Census To remain at the Clerk's OlJ'ice foi 
l!ic inspection of al' conccrncfi \Vm, fiiihop As«t, to Tlic Mar- 
shall of the ViriMnii district;"and the report issi,i;ned: '"The above be 
correct as fair as I know— of the inhabitants of Princess Anne Covinty. 
Given under my this 1 jtli day Dero''. iSlo 

IS. \v Hi, hup Asst." 

18. W"" Bishoj) was married to Miss Anne Carmichael by the 
Reverend Anthony Walkc on the 29'' of December, 17S9. He T/as a 
vestryman of Lynnhavcn Parish, Princess Anne County, from July 
lO'' , iSd6 to April 9'1», 1814. beint; Churcli-Wtirden from March il^^ . 
1810 to Aprd 9''>,i8i4. His will was made February lot'i , 1SJ4, proved 
April 4"-h. 1S15. He left a widow Anne, and dauL,ducr Elizi*. and ap- 
[uintcd his brother James nisliop executor. Ho left a plantation of 
111 acres of land. His appraiscinent was made April 12*^ , 1815. 
Among other thintrs mentioned were 12 Negroes, 5 horses, 30 head 
of cattle. 23 sheep, 11 lambs, 2S hogs and 9 shoats, riding-chair and 
harness, one clock $50, suit bed curtains $15. black walnut bedstead 
$15. one backgammon box, cotTcc pot, tea pDt, lot table chma, 
mali'->j,^any desk and its contents, lot of books $3. one buiTct glass, 
doors $15, maho,^any sideboard ^15, glass and china on side board $3 
and a small table with books ihercon. 

Journal of the Alcctings 


[Cic) blank — 70] Sattirday June i;"'- 175S 

Present The Rev' Mr. Thomas Dawson. President; K.Tian- 
ucl Jones, and the Rev' Gronow Owen. 

Tlie Rev'^ Mr Jacob Rcwc A. M. belni^ elected by 
the Visitors and Governors Professor of Morality, and havirii; 
entcr'd on the said OiTice the 14'^ Instant did this Day sub- 
scribe his Assent to the Articles of the church of England, as 
in Page the io'i» and did also take tiie oath dc hdeli Admin- 
istratione .^'•- \'id: Page ce'i* 

He likewise sub>cribod to the tliree following 
Articles in tiie 36''' Can^jn. 

I. That the King's Majesty under God is the ^nly .Sup- 
reme Goverut>r ol this Realm, and of all oilier his Ilighacss 


Dominions anil Countries, a^ well in all Spiritual or l-'cclesi- 
astical Th'ngrs or Causes, as Tem|>oraI, and that no foreign 
Trinctf, I'crson, Prelate, State or Potentate, hath or ought to 
have any Jurisdiction, Power. Superiority, Preeminence, or 
Authority, Kcclcsiastical, or Spiritual, within his Majesty's 
said Realms, I^ominions, and Countries. 

II That the IJook of Common Prayer, and of ordering of 
Bishops, Priests, and Deacons containcili in it Xotliing con- 
trary to the Word of God; and that it lawfully may so be used 
and tliat I myself will use the Form in the said Book pre- 
bervcd in Puljlic Prayer, and Administration of the Sacriiments 
and no other. 

in That 1 allow the Book of Articles of Religion agreed 
upon by the Arch-jJiihops and Bishops of both IVovinccs, 
.'•nd l!ie whoie Cl^:i.;y in the Convocation holdcn at London 
in the year of oui" Lord God, One Thousand. fi\e hundred, 
si.xty and two, and that I acknowledge all, and every the 
Articles thereni contain'd, being in Numbers nine and thirty, 
besides the RaiiHcation, to be agreeable to the word of God, 

Tho. Dawson. P. 
Jacob Kowe, June 17, J75S James Horrocks March 30, 1762 
W Small October 19"' , 175S Samuel Henley May .3. 1771 
William Webb Sep' 25, 1760 Tho. Gwatkin May 3'', 1771 
Richard Graham June 25, 1761 John Dixon May y*-" 3"^ , 177 1. '^^ 

June 20"' 1758. 
At a Meeting of the President, and Masters of W"' and 
Mary College Present 

The Rev'i M'" Thomas Dawson, President 

Emanuel Jones, Gronow Owen, and Jacob Rowe. 
Resol: unanimously that M"" Edward Thompson of 
Helperly be appointed Steward of the 
Braftcrlon Estate. 

Tho: Dawson P 
Augvist 15'^ 1 75S. 
At a Meeting of the Presiiient and Masters of William 
and Mary College: 

0) Thcje signatures were appended at different times, of course. 


The Kcv' M' TiioiiKis r)a\vson rrcsideiU; Hmanucl Jones, 
Groiiow Owen, and Jacob Kowc. 

Rer.ol: thai M"" V/illiam Taylor liavc Itave from this Soci- 
ety to collect all the Rents dur to the CoIleL;c from llic Ten- 
ants in King William County, cither in Money, or Tobacco, 
as he thinks proper, and that he bo dcsir'd not lo let them be 
in Arrears for the future. 

Tho; l.Xnwson, P. 

[73 blank— 74] 
October 1 1^^ 175S. 
At a Meeting of the President and Masters of W^, and 
Mary College. 

The Rev^ >r Thomas Dawson I'resident, 
Emanuel Jones, Gronov.- Owen and Jacob Rowc. 

The Rev^ M"" Tliomas Hatton recommended to this 
Society by the Chancelh^r of the College, as a Person duly 
qualified for an Usher, was this Day cliosen into the said office. 
Tho: Dawson, P. 

[75 blank— 76.1 
Thursday, October ig«n 175?. 
At a Meeting of the President and Masters of William 
and Maiy College. Present: 

The Reverend M'" Thomas Dawson, President; Emanuel 
Jones, Gronow Owen, and Jacob Rowc. 

M"" William Small ID being elected by the Visitors and 
Governors Professor of Natural Philosophy, and, having 
enter'd on the said Office the 18^'' Instant, did this Day sub- 
scribe his Assent to the Articles of the Church of England, as 
in Page 19''' , and did also take the Oath, de fideli Admin is- 
tratione is:c. Vid: Page 66'^ 

He likewise subscribed to the three Articles in the "o'*' 
Cannon, Vid: Page 70-71. 

'H Dr. William Sm.iII was the preceptor of Mr. JetTcrson. and 
is said by him to have "ti.xcd his destiny in life." We h.avc but few- 
facts rc-ardiiiq him. He qiinhiicd as Piofossor ct Xati:ral Philosophy 
and Mathematics Oct. 18. 175S and returned to Knuland after Jan. :o. 
1764. Tlicrc is preserved a portion of a lisi of scicnunc j-pparauis 


Tlio: )).iw-oii P. 
[77 blank, 7S and yy Inissill^^ So) 

December i.]'*' 175S. 
Al a Meeting of the Prcsidcril, and Masters ol W'" and 
Mary College, I'nscnt; 

The Rev'-' M"" Thonia?. Dawson President, l^nanucl 
Jonc^, Gronow Owen, JaLob, and William Small. 

Rcsol: Unanimously that a Lca.->c of the Coilcije Land 
in King William lately held by Col Thomas June, be now 
p:ranted to the Hon'*''' Th'.ma? Nclon, Hsq^ 
Tho. Dawsf>n P. 

Morch 3.. til ^yyj. 

At a Meeting- of the President and Masters of William 
and Mary College, Present, 

The Rev- M'\ Thomas Dawson Presider.t. ICinanucI 
Jones, Gronow Owen, Jacob Rowc and \\''liiam Small. Day was laid before ?he Society by M'". Pres- 
ident an Order of tiie \'isitois in the folhnving worvis, vi/.: At 
a Meeting of the Visitors and (rovernors of William and 
Maiy College held the 26^' Day of March, i759,[Si blark, 82] 
on a Motion made in Behalf of the Rev'^ M"" Ilation Usher 
of the Grammar Schools. It is ordered that he be allow'd to 
sit and eat at the Masters' Tables, and further in Regard to 
his good Character, and for an Encouragement to his contin- 
uance here, the President and Masters are desired not to 
remove him from his Place of Usher, without lirbt mforming 
this Visitation and their Allegations against him. 
A true Copy. 

Resol: that M"" William Taylor has leave to sell what 
Tobacco he has in liis hands belonging to the College to the 
best Advantage, and that he be desired to collect as soon as 
possible the Arrea-s *hat are due from the Tenants in King 
William County at 2'' P Pound. 

Thomas Dawson President. 

selected by him fcr the ColleQe. It is remarkably full for the period. 
Accordirifj to the Gentleman's Matjnzinr he died Feb. 25.1775 at 
nirminf^hani in l';;-;'.ni(l, — whence Priostley came. Under his 
instruction the sciences struck deep root in Virginia and were the 
parents ef Revolution in Church ami Slate. 


August :.S«»', J 759. 
At a Meeting of the l'icsidf?ni and Ma.stcrs of W"" and 
Mary Co!Ir;^c. 

Tlu- Rcv'i Mr. Thomas Dawson President, 

l-'niaiincl joncs, Gronow Owen, J>;r(,l) Kowc, and "Wil- 
liam Small. 

Kesol; Tliat M" N]artha Bryan b«' appointed House- 
keeper to the College in the place of Mr* Owen deccas'd. 

Upon a Motion nind-- by Mr Prtsident that quarterly 
meetings be held, it r/as unanimously resolved that the fol- 
lowing da\T, be appointed for t'le same: 

Viz: the first Thuisdny in March, the first Thursday in 
June, the Inst ThuTjday in Septem'>'^' -md the tlrst Thurtday 
in December anu"-'"" 

: _^ iJA A'son Pr^ 

■•'ill of Sir Philip Ilonywoocl 

day of December i6S.| I, Sir Philip Honeywood ot Char- 
..ig, Co. Kent, Knioht, do make my will in manner following: 
"I give to my wife"' [after this there :s blank]; 
To my sister Priscilia £200, one of which is in trust for my 
sister Wilkinson; 

To my Nephew Charles his five children ^50 each; 
I desire D^ Jacob to be my trustee; 
To Sr. Robert Haywood I give £10; 
To my sister Knatclibull ^ic; 

I make my only daughter Francei my sole ICxecutrix and 
residuary legatee." 

On the sRth day of January 16:14 there issued a commi<:sion to 
William Jicob M. 1). and John \Vilkins«3n, f-lsq., guardian of 
Frances Honywood, minor daughter of the said S*". Philip 
Honywood. Knt. to administer the goods of the said deceased 
for the use of the saitl Prances during her minoritv. 
On the i.nh day of May t6S6 the above will was proved by 
the oJth of Frances Sayers als Honywood, slie being now tfic 
wife of George Sayers. 

The Colonial Council of Virginia. 

A list of inciul'(.i> alMhabclically ru ranged froi'i the list 
of Mr. \V. G. Stanai-d vciilkd from Hcniiig Statutes and 
other sources. The dales given arc th.ose of Commissions or 
111 St appearance in the records. 

Allerton, Isaac i6S6 Byrd. William 1754 

Argall, Sir Samuel 1617 

Armistcad. luhu .uSx Camm. John .774 

Cai ter, Ldward 1659 

Biicon. Nathaniel 1656 '>"-^-' Carter. lohn 1^.-7' 

Bacon, Katlu-iniel Jr. 1G75 Carter, John 17-M 

Ballard. Thomas jf^y. Carter. Robert i7^>.} 

Basse, N.-thaniel 1630 Carv. Miles 1665 

Bassett, William 170.^ CheVscman, John 1632 

Beak. Thomas i66j Chichclcy, Sir H-nrv .670 

Bennett, Ri.hard 16 (f Churchill. William 17C5 

Berkeley, Kdm.'nd 1713 Claiborne. William 16^4 
Berkeley, John 1O21 . Cocke, William 1712 

Bernard, William 16-2 ^ole. William .O70 

Beverley, Robert 1070 Coolinos, Christopher 1630 

Beverley. William 1751.^ Corbin"". Gauin 1775 

Blair, James 1689 Corbin. Gawin fr. 177s 

Blair. lohi; i 

Corbin, llenrv 166 

Bland, The >dorici; 1605 Corbin, Richard 1764 

Blaney, Edv.ard 1627 Cu.>ti>, Jo'nn 16S0 -j Hen: 509) 

Bowler, Thoma^ 1070 Qn^tli!, John 1699 

Bray, David 1731 Custis, Juhn 17-M 
Bray. Jami s 167c 

Brewer. John 1632 Dale, Sir Thomas i6ic 

Brid£;er, Ti -eiMi 1670 Dandrid£!:e, William 1727 

Brocas, William 1642 Davannant. Sir W. 1650 

Browne. Henry 1637 Davidson. Christoph.-r 

Browne, Wiliiam to^C Dawson. Thomas 1756 

Bullock. Richard 163J Dawson. William 1743 

Burwed. Lewis i-jc: Dew, Thomas 1055 

Burwcll, Lewis 17 m Dipges, Dudley 1693 
Biirwei;, R .':.crt Cutrr 17C4 Digues. C'.le 1719 

Byrd, William i6»i Digges, Edward 1654^' "' 

Byrd, William 17:^5 Donne, George 1637 



Duke, Henry 170? Leech, i^.:?! 

Kllioit, Anthonv 16:^7 ^''-•'^''' l>'^"'-s ^(>^^ 

lippcs, l-ra.icis' 165. Lepuorih, Micl.a.-l ,6.m 

Lewis, John 1715 

Faiifax.Geor-c W. .70S Li^htfoot. loh:, 1692 

Fairfax. Wiliiain 17.14 Litchtfoot. 'iMulip ,73,3 

Farrar. Wilham 10:7. Littleton, Nathaniel .652 

i:inch, Henry 1630 Ludlou-. GeorRC 1642 

Fu/hu.^h. W.lham 171. Ludwell, Philip 1670 

Freeman, linJgvs lOs-' Lvulwdl. Philip ,702 

Gales, Sir Thomas 1609 Liuiuell, Thomas 1732 

Gooch, William 1655 Ludwell, Thumas i66o 
Gosnold, Harlholcvvcv.- .607 M,^,.ock, Samue! ,6,8 

GryiTies, John 170 Madis-.m. Lsaac ,624. 

Grymcs, Philip ,751 Martin, John ,6.7 

Mamor, Ralph 1621 Matthews, Samuel ,62, 

Harrison, Bcniamin 162S Matlhcu-s.Samuel. J,-. 1655 

Ha,-rison. Henrv i;^,o -^^^"e. Henry 16S0 

Harrison. Nathaniel 1714 Mcnchc, George 1642 

Harvev. Sir John 1624 Morrison. Francis ,659 

Harwood, Thomas 1621 Moni.on. Richard ,641 

Hawley, Jerome 1637 Nelson, Thomas 1764 
Hige:in;>on, Hum.phrcv 1642 Nelson, William 1744 

Hill, Fdward 1655 Neuce. Thomas 1621 

Hill, Kdward. Jr. 16S8 Nence. Sir William 1621 

Hinton, Sir Thomas 1637 NVv.-[)ori. Christopher ,607 

Hobson, John ,637 
Hookc, Francis 1637 
Horrocks, Janies 1764 
Horsmanden. Warham 16: 

Page. Jolin 16S3 

Pacrr, John 1768 

Pa-e., Jr. .773 

''age, Mann 1717 

Jcnin-s, Fdrnund (O91 (y^^^^-^l) Pajie. Matthew 1699 

Jenings, Peter 1670 Parke, Daniel, Sr. 16S0 

Parke, Daniel Jr. 1692 
Kemp, Richard 163 ^ p.^^^ ^^^^^ ^^_^ 

Kendall, G-^ r-e ,607 Pcrcy^^braham ,^..4 

Lear, John 16SS Percy. Ge"rc:e ifjo9 

Lee. Philip Ludwell 1761 Perry. He:::y 165-; 

Leo. Rich ird 1663 P.-i ry. William 1632 

Lee, Ricli.^rd 16-7 Pcifj •. if'42 

Lee, Thomas 173: Pierce. William 1631 


Place, l\o\vl.uui i6So Tnyioc, foliii 173} 

Poitcus. Kohtrl 1:15 'I'aylocCJ'.tylur). William 1C52 

Pott, John 16:1 Thoinlon, Presley 1760 

Poiintis, John 16.M Thoroup^hg^ood, Adam 1637. 

P(.>vs ell, Xalhanie! 1691 Thorpe, Cicui;.;c 1621 

Pa\.let. Koljerl i6;i Townslicnd, K'ii liard i6.j2 

Puiefwy. Tliomas iC^i Tucker, William iC.-j 

Qiuiny. Robert 1701 I'lye, John 1631 

Randoluh, Peter 1764 W.ildoc, Richard jf-cS 

Randolph. William 1728 Walker. John 1656 ^mcn: ni) 

RalcliiYe. John 1607 Wyrncr. AuKUSlinc, Sr. 1659 

Readc, George 1657 West, Francii 1619 

Robins, Obedience 1655 Wcsi, John 1631 
Robin:son, Christopher 1G91 Weynnian, Sir Terd inaiido 
Robinson, John 1724 i(3ic, 

Robinson, John 1745 Whiiakcr, Jahcz 16-^6 

Robinson, William 1751 Whitinc:;. Henry 1G91 

Rolfe, Jul. -1 161; Wickham, Willia-.'i 1619 

Sandys, George 1619 Willis, Francis 1658 
Scarborough, Charles 1692 Willoughby, Thomas 1C44 

Scrivener. Matthew 1607 Wingate, Roj^er 10. [o 

Sipsey. John 1636 Winglleld, Edward Maria 1607 

Smith, Jolin 1607 Wood, Abraham 1657 

Smith, John 1706 Wormeley. Christopher 1637 

Smith, Robert 1663 Wormcle_v, Christoplier 

Smitli, Roger 16-M Wormeley, Ralph 1650 


Somers, Sir George 1609 
-Spencer, Nicholas 16S0 5^";," 
Stegg, Thomas 1665 

Wormc!c\-, Ralph 1670 
Wormeley, Ralph Jr. 1673 

c» T t^- I I ^ ^ Wvatt, Sir Francis 164-.'' ",'" 

Stephens, Richard 1C31 ' ^ ^'• 

Stvi.ner, John 1634 Wynne, Peter iCoS 

Strachey, William 1610 Veardlcy, Argall 1652 , 1644 

Swann, Thomas 1660 Vcardlev, Sir Ge-.r-c j6i8 



Lir.uTVoui. The gencakigy ul this t,amily will be coik kill- 
ed in ihc next issue. 

Imi/^hli.h — Cook — Bfalk. Mr. Ucmj^'laN II. Thoinas, of 
naltimorc. Md.. writes as fuUows: 

"Referring: to pat;c 30, No. 1, \ol. I I |Mr. truck's paper 
or. X'irgiPiia's I'ast l\irlraitur« |, reganliivj; consecutive series 
of family portraiis, I have siimclhii>i; (]uitc inii(iue myself. I 
allude to ihc portraits of the Fii/huj;h family anri desccn- 
ilaiil.s, direct male and female in line, \\ux\\ i^-a;] lo date, tm- 
l)raeing pu;l;aits of nine generations in vlirect line, broken 
only by the absoiue of lli-. portrait oi' the fourth ^venera- 
tion, lo wit: 

1. Ilriiiy I'it/Juigh, of Hcdford, England, born 1614. 

(Son of William Fitziiugh.) 

2. Col. William Fit/.hugh, of Bedford, lung George 

County, Va. born 165 1, died 1751. 

3. Capt, Henry I'it/.hugh, of Dtdford, l\ing George 

County, Va., born 1667, died 175S. 

4. Thomas l-'it/hugli. of "Doseobel." born 17^5, died 176S 

5" Susamui I'it/hugh, of "Boscobcl." born 1 75 r, died 18^3: 
Wife of Wm. Kho.x, of Windsor Lodge, \'a. 

6. Annie Campbell Knox, of Windsor Lodge, \"a. 

born 17-4. diii!^ 1^67. Wife oi Basil Gordon, of I'al- 
n'iouth, \'a. 

7. Annie Campbell Goidon. of Falmouth, \'a., born 1S19, 

died 18S6. Wife of Dr. John Hanson Thomas. 

5. Myself. 

6. My ciiildrcn. 

Capt. Henry Fit/.hugh. married Susanna Cooke (1693- 
1749.) She was the daughter of Mordt'-ai Cooke, of "Morde- 
cai Mount," Gloucester County, Va. lie was High Sherih of 
Gloucester County 160S. and Justice of the Peace, and Bur- 
gess 1702-14. I a.m very an.xious to ascertain the name of his 
wife. Can you help me.^ Tiie John and Mordicai Cooke 
mentioned in the Quarterly, I think in number 4,\\.1.II were 
evidently his sou and grandson. 

Can you give rne the family name of the wife of Thomas 
Bealc? See Ouarterly Vol. II, No. j, ^5. Her Christian 

nrsTOKicAi. sr.Trs. 69 

name \va> Ann. .mil she iii;ii rioil William C(jlst<in, as I find, 
amonci t!ic records of Rappahannoclc Co., tlift mlinwinp: "At 
a Court li'jld for Rappahannock County Aiic;i'.Sl 7, 16S9, upon 
tiir humble jut liijn of William CoIsImp wlio marrittd.and for 
;tnd on ihc bc-h.alf of Mrs. Ann iJo^lc, relict <>f Mr. Thomas 
Hcalc, (leceased.ctc." * |Capl. Thoij-'as 13calc's tomb(i679)at 
' Chestnut Hill,' Kirhinond County, states t'iat he married 
'Anne, dau^liter of William Gouc^c' In thr Y'ork Records 
^7 Tcb , 1A7 i-r .. Thomas l:5rale jr. is mentioned as "inter- 
marrying Mrs. Anne Goocli." Th-.: tombstone, 1655, of Maif»r 
William (iooch (pronounced Coug'c),o! the Cou'ici! iiin the old 
Vork Church ruiuf; at Temple l\'\rm, York County.) — lumok. 

Fo.\ — CojriKKU L — RoKKK rsox. '• Th.cbic Fox, of V'a., wh'.'sc 
mother was an Alison, marricil John Cockerill (said to have 
been an Knj^lisli Fmiijrant)and n^d one son John, born Dec. 
i9i 1757; -'""-" ''"^'>' ^""!''^'<^l '^"i^''*^ Collinswortli (said to ha\e 
been an Iri-.h l>au;;rant), and had anotlier son, I-dmund; the 

3rdly mi-rried Kclls, f.nd died, without any Kelts issue, 

at the heme of her sou,Kdn:und Collinsworth. near Nashville, 
Tenn. She kin to the Claibornes, Balis, ami Dain^cr- 
ficlds. She came of an aristocratic Va. Fox fanaily. Can 
any one give me a clue to her genealogy? 

Her son, John Cockeril), Jr., served in the \'a. Militia in 
the relief of Ft Watan;^a ^776, and next year under Mackin- 
tosli. In 1779-S0. lie went with James Robertson's cohmy to 
the Cumberland Rive."; he married Robertson's sister, Mis. 
Ann Johnson, and died in Xashville, Tenn., April 11, 1837. 

Jamc-> Rjb.Ttsnn was b^rn in Brunswick Co-. Va.,June 
28, 1742, m jvc'i to Wake Co., X. C. v.ith his father, about 
1750, V.MS one of the 'Regulators' of 1771, was Captain at the 
Battle of Ft. Pleasant, Va., Sept. 1774. settled Nastiville. 
Tenn. 1769,-79 — made Brigadier General by Wasliington 1792, 
died at Chickasaw Blui'f, (.Memphi.-.), Seju. i. 18 14 These 
facts about liini can be fuuud in any good Dictionary of 
American B".ograph\ . lie is said to have been descended 
from the'Yorkshirc (T'uvers, of whom the ].)uke of Sutherland 
is now ciiief. \\'h.)Cun give me any ligiit on hi< genealogy '" — 
Gfci.-rri./f (rihi\W, .Irkiij.-fp/iiii, .-bk,it:s,is. 

Kem."K. "Ricnard Kempc's v.ili lat Somerset House, Eng- 
land,) is dated 1649, and proved 1656. Hi? Icgatccb arc his 


wife i:ii/.-\lirih,d;iut;hlci I'Ji/.^bell). 'Uncle' Ralph Worinrlcy, 
brother I'.dward Kemp, and nephew lulinund Kemp (who, 
fioni thr j;ift of servants or to com*' in, wa;? evidently in \'a.) 
and vat ions fi icnds. 

When the will was proved the daughter (an inlant) was 
dead, as v.,i> the Tnclc Ralph Wornieley, and the will Wc.s 
proved by the widow who was then Klizabeth I^unsford. 
^'oll can find out a good deed about K. Kcnipc from Hrning 
and Ncill. R. Wormeley, w)»o died between 1649 and 1656, was 
the first Ralph Wormeley (perhaps he waf? the wife's uncle, 
and she a diiiii^hter of Christopher Wornieley). I-'rom the 
Visitation of Suffolk it appears that R'.U»crl Kempe, Ksq.. of 
Gissing, had issue (i) Robert. (2) Hdward, (3) Richard (.j) 
I'Mmund. The eldest son Robert was created a baronet in 
161.1, and the title is still extant."--//', (i. SidrarJ 

Washin'"; 1 ON". "One of youi numbers, Vol. II, No. 2, Oc- 
tobei, 1^93, p^igc 113, makes Wm. Augustine Washington a 
brotlier of the General; it is a mistake, he was the son of the 
General's halfbrothcr, Atr;itstinc\ being my great-grandfa- 
ther I can speak with authority. Wm. Aug. Washington 
married Jane, daughter of the General's own brother John 
Au^. U\is.'iij:^ton, and much confusion is often occasioned by 
the many Augustines." Afary ]l''as/nni^to >: A'c\sc-r, 104 West 

^[cnumini Street, iras/iin^ton. 


PoRTRA!;?. "It may interest you, perhaps, to knowihatmy 
mother, Speyers, has an oil painting of her ances- 
tor Samuel \'atch (the ist Governor of Nova Scotia) and one 
of his wife and child — He married the daughter of Robert 
Livingston in 1700. The child married Nicholas Bayard of 
N. Y. Both pictures are by Sir Peter Lcly (Sec Apple- 
ton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography-page 2S4, Vol. 6th) 
She has his Commission from William and Mary, Queen 
Anne, and George 1st. She has also a picture of her uncle, 
Hugh Bayard, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, son of (ienl. Wm. 
Bayard, who ov.-ned Hoboken and a great part ot W'all St., 
all conr'iscated on account of his loyalty to his King— George 
HI. Should you pass through our city, we will be happy to 
show you the pictures, if you rare to see them." Alt'frt G. P . 
St>fy<.-rs, 41^ Jl\'s/ .•'j.z St., Xc-ir York. (G.-andso:i of Admir- 


al Gporj^c Pii-'-l (R. N'my), wiio manirrl a fUuKhter of \Vm 
Hayaid, of X. V. 

TuoKNTON-, "William Thornton, of 'The Colta;.^e,' in Kinc: 
Cieorv;e County, ir.ariitvl l-ili/alieih, younji^t-st fiaughtcr of 
(icorgc Mason, of Gunston. She was born at 'Gunston Hall' 
in I 760. and b.ijui/rd by the Rev. Lee Mnsscy, rector of Tnoo 
l*arish, Mr. Martin Cockbiim standing; godfather, and Mrs. 
Ann Cockbiirn and Mrs. I-di/abeth Bron.iugii giximothcrs. 
William and l£Ii/aboth Mason Thornton had two sons, 
Crcorge and William, who were at W'iHiam nnJ M,v v (^v'/c\',- 
with their coiu,ins, Cieorge and William MasDn. of 'Mattaw- 
onian.' One of tltc.>e y.>u;ii;- Tli'iTntons committed suici I'-, 
while at coMot^e, from depression of spirits at his failure in 
his studies, according to family tradition. The other son 
died young and unmarried. Mrs. Thornton died before her 
husband . 

'Blessed' surveyed for Rov/land Tiiornl)ury — 31, July 
1694. north cast branch of Jones's Falls — 'poss"" s'' Thv)rn-- 
bury is orp", boi n into X'irginia' [1703 or about that time.] 
'I'.arbadoes' — 75 acres, yearly tent o — 3 — o. — 29th April. 16S2 
for Randolph Brand, being an Island in Potomac nrar ilic 
falls, over against Rock Creek, commonly called Aiiacostin 
Island. Poiscssor Rand I^rand in Virginia. 

These two entries are from the Ctt/r-' ,' Rc-it Rolls, Histo- 
rical Society — Caltimore Maryland." Kate Mason Ron-la >ui. 

T>.A.NiER — Wasiuxc ION' — B.\i.i.."It is Well known that Wrl!--s" 
'Washington Fam ly,' and the 'Sketch of J. F. D. Lanie:,* 
1S77, claim tliat the Lanier family of Virginia and North 
Carolina are of Washington and Ball descent. Welles, p. 112, 
marries 'Elizabeth Washington, 3d child of Col. John Waili- 
ington, Bridge deck, Va. 1665, to Thomas Lanier, son of 
Lewis Lanier, of Franco, 16S7. Of their five children Samp- 
son, b. Va. i7oo,liad Ljwi> Lanier, b. Bridge Creek 1736, who 
m. 'Miss Bail, sister of General Waslungton's mother.' 
From this Lewis he deduces a long list of descendants, not 
one of whom appears to bear a Washington or Ball name. 
In the • Sketch of J. F. D. Lanier,' p. S2. this deduction 
from Elizabeth, daughter 01 Col John Wasjiington, is given 
on the authority of G. W. P. Custis Estj. 


The cliait th-rc i!;iven is so erroneous thai it cunliadicls 
itself. It IN tliiis: 

Col. John \Vabliin;.;loiu-- = 
" ' J 

Eli/Abclh-^Tlioinas Lanier Aui^Uhtiiic Mary Ball. 

I ^ 1 , 

I George •' 

Lewis-^ Miss Ball, sister of Mary Ball, the mother of 
Washint^toii * 

In '\'irj^inia Genealogies,' p. 43. I show th'.- impos'-ihility 
of such a B.ill niarriage, and the above chart, by oniittiT:g one 
generation of Wa-^hingtons, (that of La\vren:e, father of 
Augustine). sh"\vs its worihlessncss. The entire a*^)sc:ice of 
the name of Li'Micr from the Washington wills i)ublisheil by 
Ford «nd Toner, and from the c >rrespondcncc of Washing- 
ton; the abse:ice of an I'.Ii/abcih \Va-..hingt<;n from tl^e Wasli- 
ington records of such a date as that given to Mrs. Th.omas 
Lanier is stroi^.g presumptive proof against the claim that the 
Lanicrs have any Washington blood in th^ir Virginia line. 

Having lately given some special attenti n to this matter. 
I venture the present enort at a solution of this Washington 
— Ball tradition, so long held by the Laniers. This tradition 
is thus stated in the Lanier book, p. 5 — 6 and 78 — S^. 

c. 'Thomas Lanier, of Bordeau. France, went to England, 
thence witli Jolin Washington to this country, where he i.ub- 
sequently married Elizabeth, a daughter of John \Vas!;ington, 
and settled in North Carolina. 

2. His grandson, Lewis Lanier, son of Sampson 'married a 
Miss Ball, a sister of the mother of General Washington,' * * 
•The marriage of my great gra jdfather with a s/s/fr of the 
mothfr of r/.n/'ii/:^:.'/; [?■ a well cst:iblisbed tradi: ion 
in our family, but I y\'.-i.o-r no authrmtic rec.^iJ cf the f.ut' Tiie 
italics are mine. 

On p. :!>4, thf po-t Si Iney L luier adds to ill- tradition thus: 
'In a lett-- {•: -wx \\: . .\ K. L Bryso.i. g- eat-^reat-gratid- 
child of rhomas Lanier I find the following paragraph, "Lewis 
Lanier married a very ii^.tcresting v.uiaau in North Cari.-'lina- 


if I mistake not slie was i\ Mi.-s r>,ill. I ihink she was a sister 
f.f General Gcoriic Wa.'^iiington's moilicr, as my grandmother 
c.'lled Mrs. Washington aunt ' As to tradition Nn. i, it is in 
evidence fioni the Lanier book that Thomas Lamer wa.-; not 
(.-ontemporary with Cd. John Washington. Cul John Wash- 
ington was burn cir )('.^3 i; Lewis Laiiicr, grandson of 
Thomas, who 'came to \'a. with Co\. }o\\n Washington,' was 
born 1707. The Lanier book, p. 7S, states on the authority of 
another branch oi the family that Thomas Lanier came t'j Va. 
from Great Britain somewhere between i69[ and 17 16. On 
p. So, it says that he had a grant of Crown kinds in \'a. i7-;7. 
adjoining «^ne Siiephrr-l Lanier. Other grants to him arc 
noted, given in 1751-17C0, and 1 76.S, all of wliich conlra<iicts 
the assertion that he was contemporary with Col. John 
Wa>hington. who, b. 1633-.}, came here 1677. On p. 77, it also 
claims tliai this Tlii'>mas was a lineal descendant of Sir John 
Lanier of King William's army 1690. This contradictory 
tradition, with a failure to discover any Kli/abeth Washing- 
ion among the children of the emigrant WasliingLon, dis- 
poses of the Lanier-Washington claim. 

As to tradition No. :■, It is very probably true that a 
Lanier did marry the s.i>ter of Mary Washington, and that 
Mrs. Bryson was right in her statement that' her grandmoth- 
er called Mrs. Washington 'iiu/i/.' 

I take it that Lewis Lanier, the grandson, b. 1736, was 
son of Sampson Lanier, b. t//v<r 1712-13, who was the son of 
a Thom.?.s Lanier, b. ci/ai 16S0-90, came to X'irginia c/rtj 
1709-10, married 1712, Eliza Jolmson, the stepdaughter of 
Col. Joseph Ball, Lancaster Co., Va , and the Aa//si>/r>- of 
Mary Ball, the mother of Washington, and that the latter was 
thus the \;-/.7' of Sampson and Lewis Lanier 

As I show in ' Virginia Genealogies' p. 58. and esj-ecial- 
lyin my paper entitled ' ^Liry Washington," published in the 
J/a^azifu- c^/ .If'^r:. rn /f-sti'/y, ]u\y 1893, Col. Joseph Ball had 
only one child by his second wife, who was Nhs. Mary John- 
son, a widow; that child was Mary, the mother of Washing- 
ton. He had no daughter who could correspond with the 
wife of Lewis Lanier, b. 1736. His daughter Lli/abcth (Mrs. 
Carnegie,) died befoic 17 1 1. It is known however that he 
did have a stepdaugiiter. V.W/.jl Johnson, to whom in 17 11 he 
by will devised 100 acres in Lancaster Co., Va. She was the 
daughter of Mri. Mary John-j;o;i, his 2d v.ife, by a former hus- 


band, nnd iluis /i^f^/s:>Ur to Maty Hall. Mary was Iji-ni 1708, 
not »is is pcrsistf.ntly asserted by carelds wrilcir — Nov. 30, 
1706, a year before her parents were nianicd! 

f)f tljc history t»f Kli/a Johnson subsequent to C<->1. Ball's 
death I li.ive ka'iied iiothinci definite. There is not a word of 
evidence that her muther with her children went, to ICngland, 
as is stated by Marian Harlan<J, I Inn. Jno. \V. Uani^-i at the 
monument of Mrs. Wasliington May, 189^, and others. Mary 
Ball was probably never in England, certainly was never 
married there. C-')!. Rail gave his wife a pan of his estate 
during l:er natural life, with stock, slaves, etc.; to iii:> daugh- 
ter Mary, he gave ;ou acres in Richmond Co.; to lili/a John- 
son, ICO acres in Lancai-ter Co. The Lancaster Co. records 
could show w.hat dispoiiiion she made o( tiiis laiul. She was 
probably 15 or iS years old when Col. Ball died, born say 
1695, ami of suitable age to have married Thomas Lanier. 
On no otlser hypothesis can I explain the tradition 
repeated by Mrs. Bryson that her grandmother called Mrs. 
Washington 'aunt,' and the tradition thus accounted for that 
a Lanier married a sister of the motlier of General Washing- 
ton, than this.- i. e; Thomas Lanier b. say 1680-90. came to 
Va. about 1700 to 1710, m. about 1711-12 Hliza or Klizabcth 
Johnson, halfsister to the mothf: of Washington, had 
Sampson Lanier, b. say 1712-13. who had Lanier b. 
1736. Eliza and Lli/abeth arc the same name, and were so 
used in the iSth cer.tury. The close association of Mrs. Lanier 
wiili the Wasliingtons, tiirough the marriage of her haifsi-ster 
Mary, will easily account for the introduction of the name 
Washington into the herein tradition. I will be glad if any 
one can corroborate or disprove the above liypotiiesis." J/o- 
race /•^jici/i J lay am. 

WiATi. [See page 35] John Wiatt bora May 15, 1732,(0. S.), 
and died January 5, 1^05. married Mary, daughter of Chris- 
tian and ElizabuLli Todd. c>i Toddsbury, on North River. 
One son, issue of tliis marriage, Dr. \V. L. Wiatt, born 1762, 
and died Dec. 26, iSc. married to >Lir\, daugiiter of John 
and Elizabeth Graiiam. Feb. Sth, 1781. Children: John Wiatt 
married Carolina Dabney. Dr. W. E. Wiatt married Louisa 
Stubbs, daughter of Jno. S. Stubbs.Eleanor married Col. Scott, 
Eli/.a Maiia married Wc'ker Joi;e-, Cols. Thomas Todd and 
Hawte who n-iver married. [From the family record of Dr. 
Walker lone-J. 


r.ooK !<i:\'ii:\\'s. 

Barons ok thk I^oio.mack ani» l\ ai-pahannack. /.y Moncure 
Ihuiicl Coir.^uiy. Ntw Yoik. The CJrolicr Club. 1S92. 
Seldom has llic press j^'ivcn oui a work about wliii h so manv fine 
ihini^s CAW be said. There is only one word lo dcscrilje the jjeneral 
t,'it up of ihcworl:--it is supt>i>. Tiio cosily liand-niade papci and 
the cut antique type arc perfection. Perfection tJLiinot be as- 
ciibcd to any writer, but so many splendid elements enter into tlie 
qeneral autliorsliip of the work that Mr. Conv.ay shoiild receive un- 
bounded p:aisc. The tribute paid to \'iri^i:iia and V'irc;inians by .Mr. 
Conuay awakens .1 strain ot pride for our (;;rand old state. One hears 
the sky-larks of Spotswood in the meloiJious sentences that rin;j from 
Mr. Conway's pen. Tlie silvery voices of the fair ladies tinkle on ev- 
ery pj>^e, and ever and anon the manly forms of the Washinjtons, the 
Carters, the Leuiscs. and the other baroas. rise like S[<lendid dreams 
before our eyes. No wrilei in America has a greater commar.d over the 
Euj^Iisa language than Mr. Conwriy. Senienc-s. under his marvellous 
pjn, iiieli into rainbovvs or f1 )at into music, till wc seem to live in a 
land of dreanis. 

All thanks to Mr. W. F. II ivc:r>n''yLr. whose careful preservation 
of the in.iriuscrip:s, up .»n which the book is based, has rendered 
eie^ani producion possible. One learns to appeciate such a man, 
when nearly everyljoJy else is c.uelcss of the past, and thinks an old 
record fit for th- moths, tiie dampness or Ure. The careful collector 
of old manuscripts. wh;chsome limes contain keys to a thousand my- 
steri.'S, is necessarily a patriot. In therefore noMcms; a few instances of 
error, I do not wish to 'lO understood as modifying n^y admiration for 
the work. It is no won i-'r ch kX. in a work where there is a pleasure in the 
flickering lights of the old letters, the historic vision is sometimes 
lost in shadoAS. I think Mr. Conway lays too much stress on the po- 
litical importance of the " Barons." But the error is not confined to 
him. The social piuses of Virj^inia life have b;:en often misunder- 
stood. Virginia was the first Colony to have a reprcsenta'.ive body — 
the House of Burc;e;sc3. As shown by Prof. Jameson, of Brown Uni- 
ver.sity. tiie ballot was twice as free in Vir..;ini 1 as in New England, at 
the time of the Revolution. The real authority in the Colony was 
the House of Bui, jesses, freely etecled by the people. The Justices 
in the country held their oiHces during .i,' 'od behavi:n:r. but the whole 
bench was subject to the law, and the test of the Justice was his elec- 
tion to tie House. Spotswood. the type ol tl.c Baron, bitterly com- 
plains in his letters of tliC insubordination of the Bur^'esses. the peo- 
ple's representatives. In their dealings wiiii tiie ^;overiinient. the 

76 V.ll.l.IA.M AM) .MAllV Col.l,K';i: C;UAKTi:i>I,Y. 

Cou icil i;,r:ierally cuurle<! llic [h-ojjI-j. Ami it n,ny \>c ni.'.y be said 
ihat llio oMiCT.e litinocralic vicAs oi Jclloison -a Uaioa liitnscU in 
family destcnl — were a nwre cxpicssion c>( tlie popular tomJercy 
After the IvLVoIulion it was the dcsccii h'.rr.s of many of thcst old 
IJaroiis who were llic most rabid JacoLiiles ..nrl tiicnf;-; of popular 
j^overmm at. It is curious to read Mr. Conway's coi;cIc'ir,n..tio:i of 
IJncoi.'s Kchellioii. Pcrhapa lie has not read ilie report in .iiami- 
script iifihc commissioners sent cs[)(?cially to iinciti-alc the- trfnijic. 
They ha;', no murcst but t<> do justice ai.ti il:cy laboriously did it, 
and ilicy in cJcct tl:oro. i,duy up'.uld tlic j.islice of liacon's cau.c. 
WUi^n in like ?\lr. (^'on.vay suy " iic cap.n(.>". di3r.ov.;r an i:i stance 
ill '.vliich an o!d tiirm-^'on .tr historic cdiiko in Vi;:;^inia do .i.o^od 
by Northirn iiiniirs." owj cannot but rc>'/. ct his wav.l ul inve?li;jati.->n. 
In Vol I; and )anii'= City counties al>»r.o ll:cre are in.riv in>t :r.ccs of 
such deslriictioti, of whirii I mention the lullov.iri:^ ; ist. Wilha.n and 
Mary Co!li-^e burned by federal tro v/..-,; ::J. Thj nraiTcrton buildinij 
at the corc5;e, the >.ld In.lia.i-ich )ol h. a<c. re*, entirely dc.-;lroyed, 
but gutied o; e\t.iy p;.rti<:le ol \vo.>J;vor!.; yA. Tiic iv.-o oliiccs ot.tich- 
cd to the Pa'.^rir in Wiiliainsbu'-:-;. .^onsideicd well-built re^idcnccs, 
torn down to rnal;i; chimneys for tents of liic Federal oinccrs ot i-'.irt 
Majiuder; 4'.h. Tlic clorU's l ll.ce in \'.'il!ianisb,:rj:;. wh;cli was f.rst 
hreti, and tile '.ricks rcni.nV(]; jth. Old '• l'o".vh;itan."' llic rtsi, '<>nco of liie \Vi:a!e;.<, the Th'^rj^.-s, and the Tali. il'erro?, burnt; 
6th. '• Grecnspring.' the a-^cicnt rc.-^r^r.ce of Gov. IJ. rkelcv 
and the Lu'lweiis burnt wiiii ail ti; • oailiousos. Thv.* ov.iier. wlio was 
a Northern man, tlien residir..^' in N w Jersey, OJtain d from Cor;i;:c.s-, 
for buildi'i/s and stock des:r''yed. i-';o,ooo; 7th. The old Ambicr 
Ilou.-e at )wn; otli. CJid Ch:sk:ak Charch 1:. Vi rk cuntv. I 
need not nmkiply inst inccs. " Wiiliam Liyl-.tfooi did marrvMiss 
Ilo-.v?!!, v.: o was by b\:n b'T'.ten, so tr.ut she leit hii.i." 'i'ii s i.- fienicj 
//•.• :i>:'o by a descendant, arid th.^ statcn;cnt scnr. 's h.rsh and cnncc- 
e.sarv. O.i pa^e 1S9. Mr. Conway sa>s .-^v.cari. c- vcas confined to 
■• poor whites and mnlatto.-s." He is skep.ic d aljout Wasliin 'ton Thii is li.irdiy c.>rr.-ct. Swe inn .r •.as common through- 
out the Un"te.i States and Engl.i::.l. Tae a'la.-,; -n to " p;.i>r whites '' 
i.s a repetition of mere nei:ro b!an,'. Ic i:, to oe rj-rett>.d that Mr. 
Conwiy ir.d'Jic;es in ir. I>evo:l-^y s.iys th tt in 172: thc-c were prav ti- 
cally no pojr people in Vir-^'in"..'., S.n;:iiC in hi.s trave's in 1773 sus 
t'lai there weic fe ^ e: poor people in \"iri.;inia than i:i ..ny country m 
the world. T lat th;r: w is any caste of " poor whlf.s ' ir: \'ir.;inia is ab- 
surd. The negroes used the term to des::;:i::tc any pjrson inferior to 
tlieir masters in wea'.tii. Tii- abiliti > lists be.'ore the war seiz-d un- 
op. the term to invlicaic a dos.ent f.-oni t!ie oii-ina! scrvaiit ckibs'of 
emigrants. There is n-. [k-.^.; of llfs, and it i, fiJiy to infer a stigma 
alter :oo years of descent. 

lU»Oiv lUVIKWS. • (7 

Till. V'lUr.lNIA M VUA/INKOl lllSmUY ANU HMi.RAIMIV. J'/tilip A. 

IhUit, I'.J/lcr. Kitlunonl. Va. and .\5)ril numbers, 1S94. 

Thai amid the |)io:li^;ioiis wealth of personal references contained 
in the excellent issncs of this Vrilnablc pfrioilu al a few crr^^rs should 
occur is not surprrsin.,'. Pcriirips llie follcvin^^ aiUiiiions :;nd corrCi:t- 
ions :niy be not without value: 
I. 'ThonniCi.u'yriu, j.nniary No. p. 317. 

I h?.vc s^.tisf.i'-torily idfUificJ Saraii. -.vifc of riiornas, 
son of Col. \Vi:iin:n CL borne. ;i^ ihj da-.i-luer of Sr.niucl Fcnn. He 
lived at tlie Mid lie Planfatiin. and his will proved in \(^"^:>. mentions 
his wife I)or.iil,v, son S.inuiel ami daughter Sarali bulh of whom "I 
d.>o dcs_»rc '•< 1) • t' I.M a.o 1 t.i ;iu '.unio$t \"i:{;iriia aliordcl';." 

In 1659 K;i!{.h Siir.;)k!ns Pi;d Sn5a",nah his wiie S": i 10 Sanuicl 
iYnn a pla::tat'.- :i ip. l'::'.on I'ar.iii "except two acres part thereof 
j,nvcn formerly by liic s.i.'! Sinikiiis to t'rc u.x of the oarishoners of 
Mi.idictown I^Brnton w:.s m I !e in 1674 of Mi^MIct own and Mu;st:jn 
p.lrl-^Iles' on which a church is now buiidiny." 

- - This lan.i Tlntnas Cl-.iliorne and Sarali his wife, "both of the 
county of Xcw Kent," s.ild to Major Oiho Thorpe, of the Middle 
PlAutation. Tiie foil^win-; letter accompanies the dtcd of Convv'y- 
••IL.norcd S^ 

This isbvone of my neighbours to infornie you 'tis not 
p i^s.iile for me to be bcc it yr Court th j God i)cc praised for my Leg 
i.-; nccr woi!. bat i\x'^ n >t venture till i'.t be m.'rc sound. S"" to shew 
our read ^■i(•^s wee have :c-.t our letter of attorney to empower the 
Binrcr la .nir'c to a 'Unowcdge itt, but if you plc.^.se to stay, 
wic will b'lili :>t yo»' nr\: Court if Ixod wi!!s. S.'rah rciurns many 
thanks f .rthe iTniite. l-ks witli both oar ui;e respects iud service to you 
both is a':! ?.t present, 

Sr tlrijni yor rcalle Sc^v' and s.on-in-law 

Tlu>. Ciaibiyrne 

To Major Otho Thorpe at the M iridic Piau'aiion." 

Otho Til iri'f m rried ist K'izabcth. wife if his kinsman. Kich.ird 
Thorpe C.vill prov^vl 10 S-'^p'. 1660.) m:irricd 2 '.!y D ^roihy. who 

'Vtober z~, 1675 irjrut.:)n l^arish Re^^ister); married 3dly F.anccs , 

who survived him .ind marr'ed 2 'ly |c>h:i .Vnriesu y. of Westmiu'Ster, 
MiJd'.cscx Co.. Lin^iind. Tr,<,^rnc died in i6£n 87 at Lcndi-.n in the 
paiiih of .Ml -Hall wcs l!'.c-"'al!. In the :i;T..'Ctionatc lan;;uajc:<. of i!ie 
a-^e Thomas C'ai'-.orr,.' v.c:s son-in-law of Major Thorpe l.-eciuse o' Ins 
n;arriaj:c wi'.ii 5a al;. the dan^jhter of Sanme! and D jro'liy I>nn, 
wli J mast have bcon Horothy, Th.orpc's 2i wife. 

2. rfV.;';:-.V; April X.x. p. -.z. Ifs/./jri .;/;./ .lAvr Co.V,-^ 
iju.if/t-r/'v fvir Jc.nuary. i?93. has a note of the m;irriai,'C contract (dated 
i^.'.j) of Kalph Worir.e'cy \\ itii A-atl.a S;ut b.r.s. widow of Luke 

78 V.lLl-lAM AND .M.\I;Y COLLIHIE k'UAKl ill'.LV. 

Stubbins of Noil!iani[>l<:*ii C<i. So thai Ai;rilh.i ICIlonhcad rnanlcfl i. 
Luke Sluhbins. :>. l\alph Wormc'.c). 3. Sir Hcr.i y Chichcley; 

3. /fVjV — Ibid p. 4:4. Col. John West lur.nlcd Uniiy.n'.t frsnln 
Croblsaw as staled. 1 found a deed in the Voik Co. RL-cords from 
John West and I'niiy, his wife, eouvcying "PoiJ .:r Nei.k," iJie la'.c 
residence of I'liiiy's fallier Major Josepli Croihaw lo Kdnmnd Jeu- 
iMp;s, I'-sq . Sorreiaryof Stalf. ll was ilated 1 '.;■:;■. Croshi'.w calls lohii 
Wesl'soiiin.Iaw " in his will. Jolin West, son of lhi:> Ccl. John Wc-^l 
and CirdUGSon of Gov. Jolin West, married Jui'ali. da.i^'hler of Majt^r 
Anlli'.ny .Ar.tu^ti;ad. (tlizabcili Ciiy C^^. F\e( .) 

4. U\.i/. --I()ii p. 39. The sons of Rev. llaAie Wial were not I'.il- 
ward and Rii.ha.'d, but Ild.vard and Gco.v>*. a^ ..dii.v/n in a prcvi-j^s 
n^ile in ihis s-^jp. l>ut F\icliard was doubiles.; a kmstn tn. 

1l'1>a>: .-X l»:air,a in Five AcU. liyy't:;/- /.:•..;/,• Hall.iA Willi.w.; 
and .M.'.ry Co'i<\;c. For sale by H. T. Jones. \Vil,ian.--our',', \'a. and 
otiicr booksellers. Price lifLv cents. 

This work, by I^rof. Hall of Wdllant and Ma:y, is an cfiort 
tovfard the elevation of ihc drama. Fvcry one knows how the cheap 
playwri^^'nts liavc crucified the lii^hcr drama. Tb.c book b^'fore us 
aims to be a part of a reform moveir^eiit. Fo.' s ur.o time pi<i, there 
have btjen inuicauon ofarevival in this dep^itnici'. of li'crature; of 
course, the novel is our main vehicle of expression. f.o:'..;fc'Io.v, Ten- 
nyson. Browning;. Swinburne and o'.'ncrs h.ive however t.-i^jd tht* .dra- 
ma with more or less success. Very recently. Mr. ilrccen .M.n'h -.vs 
has lent his name and his talents lothis revival mc. ep..fnt. Mr. };..;; 
does not sail und:;r any speci d flag. Very niLide-'ly, ll'.ro-i^h tlie 
presses of the lo'"3l publisher. lie has sent forth ins little V()!- 
ume. hoping tiiii it may Unti we'co ne in some sympathetic !i-^ .11 is. 
He has not brou,;iit any very sacred chancters up )n tiie stai:e. 
Nothing in the book cm wound the ni '>i s.-nsiiive n.iiure. 

Judas is of course tt-.c central figure of the ac'.ion. His mo'ivei 
and purposes are broui^ht out both in soid-(.uy and diaIos,'iic. lie is 
the vctii'i of avarice, disajspointment and cl.^crin. In ad'ii-.ion tj 
these notions, a mic^litier one. love, drives Iu:n madly on. He is 
betrothed to a lovely maiden, and her father, a hau<^u\ o.ricer c[ riic 
Temple, tells bmi to chose between his and the bold Gr-li- 
lean propiiet. This, with other things, leads judas 10 betray \\\<. 
Master. In the fifth act. the traitor is seen near the place cf cruci:i>; 
ion, in deep rem .^rse. He resolves ui^on self-des'.r-.iction. 
scene, his hfeless body is jjrou-^ht lo his ni(;ihcr's home. The curtain 
falls upon her in her indcscriliablc agony. 

N'ijt long ag.) .Mr. Hall wrote a tr.-xnslaiion of Rco Wulf. whir!; 
eminent critic's have considcn-d the h-st r.f its U;r:(!. Mr. FL.;,s 
scholarship is broad and e.xtensive, and he is an master of 
En'di>h vcrsr. 




Editor: LVON G. TYLER. M. A. 


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By FLc Fdiior. 

5. Tni: .l^KACnKV Family 

6. Old Toin?sroNi-s I^• Glolcestfk Colniy, Yujoinl^, 

]^y The E.litor. 

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Quart<^rly )'iist:ori(;al papt^rs. 

Vol. in. OCTOBER. 1804. No. 2. 

THE SKAL or m:kciinia. 


As tlic clinngcs iu i\\c se;il of Virginia liavt- ucver been fully 
traced, tlio f.'llo^-inp pa]>cr should be of interest: 

Under the doublc-hc/ided charter of April 6, 1000, granted 1)y 
King Jamt'S to Sir Thomas Gates and others, two colonics wore 
proN-idcd for — the lirst to be begun at any place on the Xorth 
American coast between 34 and 41 degrees north latitud'^, and to 
be called the "First Colony;" and the second to bo begun at any 
place on the some coast between 3S and 45 degrees, and tu bo 
called the '"Second Colony." There was to be one supreme cuui\cil 
in England for both, consisting of thirteen persons, to be called 
" Our ' Ojuncil of Virginia,'' and to have a seal with the inscription 
about one side Sijilltoyi J2er/is Muijnrr, Britannir^ Fraurii nxd 
JTibertrur^ enclosing the king's portraiture; and about the other 
side the words Pro Concilio Suo Vir(jbii<>', enclosing the king's 
wms. Cuts of this seal may be seen in Neill's Vir<fiaia W'uata, 
Brown's Gt nests of the United States, Vol. I., p. 57, and Xarrtttive 
and Critical Tlistory o/ America, Vol. IV., p. 140. 

In addiiion to the Supreme Council in England, each colony was 
to have a local council, with seals exactly similar to the seal of tho 
Supreme Council, except that the legend " Pro coxciiio suo Vir- 
giyii'X," was substituted, in the case of the lirst colony (at James- 
town), by the words "I'ro Concilio Prira-r ColoniT-, Vin/ini ^," 
and iu tho case of the second, by the words " iVo Coficilio 
Stcund'V Coloni't I'iV^i/uVr," The seal of the local council was 
the seal of the colony, as the councU had tho pnwer to govern and 
order all matters, subject to the Supremo Council or the King. It 
apjKjars that, despite the abolition of the charter in 1G24, the seal 

82 ^VrI.I.l.\M Asr. Mm.v CoM-K-u; Qiakteri-y, 

of tlio olil coiMicil still oontinuod to \>o the emblem of State iu tho 
olupy till t!i<-' surroudtr of Viigiuiu, in lGo2, to the commibsioncrs 
of iho rmliament. Sevcinl iiistftiiccti of tho use of thi^; venerable 
device have passed under my notice. Tho oldest instancps occur 
in tho case of t\vo uri^rinnl p:ilentx iu my possession, badly muti- 
lated, {.'ranted by Sir John Harvey, Governor from 1C29 to ICHo, 
and from lOoG to lO.Vj. One is a grant to ThoTuas Hawkins, 
" son of Thomas Hawkins, of Vir^nnia, deceased," dated August 1 i, 
1G39, ami bearing an assignment to Henry Heyward, witnessed by 
Samuel Snignell and llichard Xicksnu. The other is a grant, dale 
torn oiT, to James Miller, of one hundred acres, "ujrm the great 
Otter dams, at the head of the New Poquoson, in York county, 
I'.fty hcrr^i due for his oun personal adventure, and fifty acres for 
the adventure of his wife, Mary." On the back of the j^atcnt is an 
assignment of Robert Newman (mark) to Christopher Stoakts, 
diited January 1, lOiO, witnessed by Humphrey Hanmer and John 
^Vatsoa (his mark) ; an assignment of Thomas Goddard (mark) to 
Christopher Stoakes, witnessed by Edward IMihill, and dated De- 
cember 14, lG-10; and an assignment, dated October 3, lG-12, by 
Edward Mihill to John Howard. (The early spelling of Howard 
was Heyward, Haywaid, Haward.) 

The vvnliug of tho patents is veiy IJnc, but of wonderful art and 
bcauiy. Tiie papers, v.hich are double sheets, have rt-d wax be- 
tween the leaves in the right Land corner, and on the outside of 
each sheet appear, respectively, the obverse and reverse impres- 
sions of the seal as described in the charter. It is oval, and in si7e 
about two and a half inches by two inches. The example seen by 
Mr. R. A. Brock in the collections of the Virginia Historical S'> 
ciety, dated M:irch -J, IGoS, is undoubtedly the same im}>rcssioi;, 
tho slightly dillering legend being accounted for by the wearmg 
away of several letters.' I have seen in the same place a patent 
gianteii by Sii- M'illiam Berkeley to Richard Kempo for 4,332 
acres in James City county, called " Richueck," dated April 7, 
1G13, M'hich certainly bears tho same seal. In each of these in- 
stances the initial letters flanking tho crown on tho obverse are 
those of King James, "I." "R." The cut here presented was 
made at my suggestion by Bailey, Banks cV: Biddle, of Philadel- 
phia, to whom I furnished a abort account of the Virginia seal, and 
it is the fii-st representation of the first seal of Virginia. 

'See Mr. 11. A. Brook's imtnictive notf on the seal of Virgiuia, Virginia 
Hiitorical Colkctiont, Vol. VII., Part I., p. 152. 

Tiic. Slal or ViKc.iM/ 


SCAL or VinOlKIA ICOC-ieSi (On\'ERSE and KKVEUst.) 

Tbu king's arms, which appear on the seal, are tlie arms com- 
luon to the Sluart kings: Quarterly 1st and 4th, FraiK^o aud 
England, quarterly (three lleurs-de-lis for France, and tliree lions 
passant, guardaut for England): 2d, or, a lion rampant, within a 
double ticssure flory eouuterllory gu, for Scotland; 3rd. az. a hfu-p. 
or, strhiged, az., for Ireland. The arms of France lirst appeared 
Gi the ruyal shield iu the time of Edward III., who assumed the 
t.tle of king of Franco in supix)sed right of his mother, Isabel, 
diughter of Pliihp TV., who became that in^jnarch's sole heiress, 
Ils three sous having died issueless.' 

After the surrender of Virginia to the Parhament, 12th March. 
l(51-'52, tlie old seal, with its royal deuces, was abandoneci. 
Hthorto the patents for land were said by the governor to be 
"given under my hand and the seal of the colony," but un<lcr the 
Conmouwtalth the concluding words wore "given under my hand," 
and the iusti-ument was also attested by the Secretary of State, 
Col A^ illiam Clayborue or Thomas Ludwell. In March. 10.55. the 
Grind Assembly, consisting of the Governor, Council and Bur- 
gese.^, pardoned' "Leift.-Coll. Thos. Swaun, accused and ira- 
pefjched for the death of his servant, one Elizabeth liuck," the or- 
dimry course by petition to the chancellor being impossible, as 
" tlis collony is not as yet settled with such oGicers as belong to 
passing such pardon, and noe publick seale being in the countrey." 

The record of two patents in York county gi-anted after the re- 
storation of Charles II., the one dated 10th October, IGOO, and the 
other 2Cth March, 1(;Gu-'G1, shows that the custom of the Common- 

' Soe Burke's General Arin-yry for au nccount of royal armory. 
H ening Stnts u, 400. 


WlLU.wM A-M) M.VUY C'-iIXKOK Ql-AllTr.UI.Y. 

wciiltli wna kept up f<">r some limo after it Imcl .succuiubed. How- 
r\or, it was only until time could be hnd for devisinj^ a new em- 
blcLii ' There is a piitoiit nmon^ tlio Ludwell MSS. in the Virgini.i 
llist.u-iciil Society, dated 27th October, 1003, to which is attaclu,(l 
a white wafer on which can bo delected iho impression of a shield 
Fnrrouuded in part by tho wordr? '"Kojii Boit qui mal y pcnse," the 
wholo surmounted by a crown, llankcd by tho letters " C." "U." 
All else is obliterated. Another patent by Sir Wilham Berkeley 

July 2, IGGU, and hanj^ing framed in the State Library, displays 
the Stuart arms and tho words in the excryon Kn ilit Virrjinia 
Quintum. I have personally two Uno specimens of this befd, the 
oil.- ou a white wafer attached to a patent given by Gov. Herbert 
JcllVeys to iL-. Henry Hcyward for 210 acres in the Now Poquoson 
Parish, York county, on the southside of Cheesman's mill, dated 
2Sih September, 1078; and the other autheuticatin^j a grant by 
Lord Effingham to Dr. John Totou for 100 acres iu York county, 
dated February 1, ICSG. 

Mrs. Charles ^L Wallace, of Riclimond, Va., has an old laivl 
grant, dated 1071. which has a perfect specimen of this seal. An- 
other example of this year, though somewhat mutilated, is iu the 
collections of the Historical Society; and Dr. William P. Palmer 
has described- ouo in tho State ai'chives attached to a documeut 
dated September 1, 1GSG.» 

William Leo says* that his an- 
cestor, Richard Lee, visited Charles 
II. at Lreda to kuov» if he woad 
undertake to protect the colony if 
they retm-ued to their allegiarce 
to him, but finding no supp)rt 
could be obtained, he returned to 
Virginia, and remained quiet uitil 
the death of Cromwell, when be, 
with the a.'isistance of Sir Willixm 
Berkeley, contrived to get Chailcs 
II. pi-oclaimed there King of Eig- 
laud, Scotland, France. Irelaid, 
and Virginia two years before he 

' A p.-^toa; issued by Fr.incis Moryson, who otliciateil as governor in tho tb- 
sonc^ of Berkeley, reals, "given under my h.iuJ and seal of the colony." It 
is dated 13tb J.xrv.i.Ary. lS»]l-"ri2. - Calendar of State PapeM, vol. I., xiv. 

'These impresiioii': are, as stated, on wafers in the ri^'ht hand corner of 
the first page of the docunienta. • Men lo's " Old C'lurc/in," etc, II., 137. 


Tur Sr\i. OF N'iuimnia. 65 

\va>* ret')!-!'.! ill I'tiglrtii'l, niul Sir Willi.un IktIcuU'V was roinstalod 
as his (jov<n-uor: nurl th^t in c.nisecjvu'iico of thi.s step tlm tiiottoof 
the Virginia nrms al\vii}s till after tlie uu'um was J'7n dat Vir- 
ijinia quintain ; but since the Union it was changed to I'M dat 
I'irgiiiiti q>i<irtarn—i\\\\i is, Kinjj^ of Oroat liritain, Franco, Irc- 
l:in<l, and Vir^'inia. The trno history sccuis to bo thut tlie Vir- 
ginians, includiug Lfo, wore loyal till the surrender, in 1(j5'2, wlicn 
thoy all becaiuo good Cominoiuvealth inon. Leo, who, iu 1G55, is 
specially represented as friendly to the Parliainent in a contciuiv)- 
i.iry document, may have, like the rest, wanted the ]ving restored 
in latter years, and the restoration of Beikeley to the governorship 
is a good indication of the general sentuneut. But Berkeley took 
ortice subject to the will of the people of Virginia, and, us a matter 
(f fact, he did not proclaim Charles as King till ScpUinber 20, 
IGGO, several mouths after it had been done at London. I believe 
I was the tii-st to discover his proclamation in the York records.' 
It is very probable, however, that the motto Kn dat Virginia 
qnintum, though not new, was incorporated in the new seal, in 
p:irt as a recognition of Virginia's qnalitled loyalty.' 

The tlrst connection of the sentiment with Virginia was aTi early 
one. Spencer dedicated his "Fairy Queen" to Elizabeili, "Queen 
of England, France, Ireland, and Virginia." In the inscription 
accompanying an admirably engraved portrait of the "Virgin 
Queen," by llcnricus Jlondius Hague Consil ; Cum privilrgio 
lllust. I). D. Ord. Gcneralium, 1G3'2, belonging to the Virginia 
Historical Society, she is entitled, iScrenissiina ac JWentissima 
/'rincij'S J^lizabct D. G. Anglia, Francir, Hibernir^ ct Mrgini^e 
J\egina Fidci Chriatiaw.p. Propugnatrix Acerrima. After James 
of Scotland succeeded to the throne, Virginia could be, in compli- 
ment, called a tifth kingdom. — {Quiiition regnujn.) 

In IGIO the London company, which had hitherto bad no seal, 
adoi»ted a "cote," which has been often confounded with the pro- 
per seal of the colony itself. As it appears in Smit/ts Jlistonj, 
editions of 1G24 and 1G32, the escutcheon is quartered with the 
arms of the Stuarts, crested by ii maiden queen with flowing hair 
and eastern cro^m, having as supporters two men in armor, beavers 
open, helmets ornamented v.-ith three ostrich feathers, each holding 
a lance; and in the exergon the words En dat Virginia quintum. 

' Fvichmoiid Thus, r^Ol ; Qnnrttrly, Vol. I. 

'Francis Pa^o, a lealmij ruacristrnte of York cuuuty, Va., issncd several 
warrants? in 16SS, in whicii the Kin^; is name'l as Kiny of England, Scotland, 
France, Ireland, and Virginia. — York Co. Rtccrdi. 



'\/'i,T/.'oru U G^iyrr.\).'!cnt. 

I/Ierc!iauts o A^rgini 


'"F'}!'- G-n-pory cf Mp-Vn-T^.h, called Kcnhs;,^ of Vir^ia^ 

ons arc given t!.rm. iKnownct the tinif cf their incorporating, 
Iteithcrhv v.hom tlioirArmes, LS"'jp|X)Hcrs,an<i Gr-i f were ^^ran- 
tcd,a^Ithercforcam co.T>j)clicd to Icaucllicxn abrur.ify. 


A pa';e r«oji SioWs ••SrB\-EY or Londov." irn Sno-.Tisci Tat Abms of the Lom>o» 


Note. — " Siminer-Iia:\.ls " iu the ougnwiui^ sLouUl be " Sumint r-ll;iDil3 " of tho engraver. 

TiiK Vii:..iM.« !Sr..« 



111 tlie fJitioii of StDw's Sur>',y of L,yn<h))i, pul'lislieJ iu lG:i3, 
tlio eoat-of-aiins np]uai-s with the m.>Lto JCn dat Virijinia quiu- 
tivn, vliicli is eviilontly u luero error of tho cnp^rnvcr, althou;^'h 
" quiutrim " is corivct as <iiialifyiii;: " corouam." Tho eililor of tho 
Survaj appears uot t-.i have iuvestigaU-d tho siihjeot, as he writo.s: 
"' Tho company of lueruhauts, called Morchuuts of \'ir;,Muia, lier- 
liiiKla or Smniaer-llauds (for, as 1 heare, nil those atlditious are given 
them). I know not the time of their incorporating;, neither by 
wliom their arras, supporters and crest were granted." 

This seal of tho old London Company appears as tho frontis])iece 
of all tho printed acts and otlicial proceodin<_;-s i)f tho colonial 
.e:overument, of Beverley's Jlhtory of Virginia, and the several 
Virfjinia Gazettes, the only dillerencc being the substitution in 
proper years of the arms of tho Ger.rgos for the Stuarts, and, after 
tho union of England and Scotland, in 1707, of quartam for 'pdn- 
tina in the motto. 

"Vv? _^-N_v/vr^^ A But tlie seal of the colony itself, 
as allixed to the ol^cial papers, was 
distinct from this sentimental uso 
of the seal of the old defunct Lon- 
don Company. After the adoj.tion 
of the new seal, akeady described, 
no change ensued until the time of 
AVilliam IIL, and tho change then 
was not radical. = In 1701 a colo- 
nial se;\l is found upon a warrant 
issued by Governor Francis Nichol- 
son. The impression is the same, 
except tliat the charaeters " \V." 
"R."take the place of "C.""R.," 
ilanldng the cr.^wn; an.l upon the centre of the Stuart arms tliere 

' Da^>u it HanttT s Ga-cotte. The Gazette for the year 1775, by Alexunder 
Purdie, Lis the Stuart arms. 

' Iu the Kiohmond Ui^piCchof 15th October, 1SS2, appeared a communica- 
tiou from Mr. K. A. Brock, iucluding cue f roin hiui to Cbarle.^ Deauo. I.L. D., 
Cambridi^e, Mass , giving a proclamatiou from James II.. date! ilat Decem- 
ber, 16S7, ftppoiutiD'.; a new seal for Virt^iuia, a3 follo\\"3 : "Eu;:^aven with 
our Koyal Eilijies. sUtiui; in our Royal Kobes enthroned, having on each side 
a Laudskip, and upon the Canopy, which is supported by two Angels and a 
Cherubim overhead, this motto : In [En] dat Virjinii Quiiitum, with our 
Koyal Title in the circuaifercnce, and on the other side our lioyal Coat-of -arms, 
with the G.irler, Crown, Supporters aud Motto, with this inscription in tho 
circumference: iSi^illuni Djinini ^oitr : Vir'jin. Aiiu:ricu.'' This seal, which 

tote till i^l 

Thx Ar.MS or the Losdon Coixi-any. as 

ZETTE."! 1775. 


\VlII.l\M AM. MaIvV CoLUVMi: (^l ^KTKRLV. 

is ail obcutcheou of pretonct', beiuing tlir arins of Nussaii.' The 
incilto, JJn dil Vinjiaia (^uintum, Mj»])c;:ir.s in the circumfeioiice 
as befuic. 

Shortly after tlio at'cessiun of Queen Auuf, who asceuJeJ the 
tliroiie in the year 1702, u decided chan^'e tool place iu the si al. 
From an ellipticid form it assumed a circular, lu the extrgon the 
word "quintiiin " «;ives ))laco to " quiutam," and below the sliield, 
^Yith the royal arms aud <:jarter, is a scroll with Queen Auiil-'b 
motto, Semper Kuhin. 'J'he royal initials llankinj^' the crown are 
wanting. This seal,' which is also ou wafer, without a reverse, 
continued to b(f used for several years. I have an orij^nal <^'runt 
by Alexander .S]>otswood, lOlli JJe- 
ci mbcr, 1711, for 100 acres in York 
C(.'Uiity, conllrming a deed of Marcli 
o, 1GGG-'G7, from Samuel Suignoll 
("who intermarried with tlie heiress 
of Capi. M'illiam Hay ") and an order 
of the General Court of the 10th 
April, 1707. It bears a remarkably 
clear impression of the seal of State 
in tiic form last mentioned. 

lu 1714 it appears from Spots- 
wood's Letters that a warrant had 
issued some time before for a new 
seal, and the old was now broken in council. This new seal seems 
to have been authorized by Queen Anne, by prciclamation dated 
October 0, ISI'2,^ which document is pul-lished, with engraving 
of the accompanying original waxen seal, in the American His- 
torical lu'corj, I>. J. Lossiug, LL. D., editor, Vol. Y., No. 4, 
AjM-il, 1S72, pp. 160-1G2, aud is thus described: '"Engiaved on 

!Skai. OF Vrr.r.i>iA FmiM 170-2 lo ITU. 

WRs brougbt by the f>rst Col. 'Williatu Byril from En'MftnJ, ■where he went on 
a visit, to Virgiuia. it appeirs never U3C<1. It resembled the great senl of 
Queeu Aiine, berecfter ibsoribed. Its use was doubtless preTcuted by the 
Kevoiutiou v,bich shortly after drove James II. from the throne. See l;ioh- 
nioud Di!>jhUrh of October 20, ISS-i ; Xew England and Gen. li' jit- 
ter, VoL XXXVIL, p. SC; Aucieut Keoords. 

' When a uian m.irries an heiress, he bears her shield in the centre of his 
own, as au escutcheon of pretence. But William placed his shield, as Triuce 
of Orange, ou the centre of his wife's, the daujjhter of James 11. 

* It appears on a document dated October 22, ^MOo. — Calrndzr '/ •'^taU 
PajHTS, vol. I., xxviL 

^jipotswoud, iu bi-i letter of 21, 1711, snya tint "it c^me to h.-^nd 
but the bej;inuiuc; of last month. " 

'J'liK Vii.t.i.NJA Seal. 



tlio ono pldo Willi our ''Hi^'V .ii'>l nn;in en liis knco pre- 
senting' tobacco to us, this inscriptii'U ' J'-'n \'ir</inia fjunrt'tm,' 
hviug iindor t!in ttligy, f;)ul aromul tin; i-iiriimfi.ienco, • Virginin 
in America SiffiHiun Proinnci".' On the ollni pitlu of the said 
seal is engraven our anus,' garter, erown, suppurters, and motto, 
\vith this iuscnption around the circumference, Aniu: Dei Gratia 
^fiiyti'i J>ri('inni<r, Fran>-i,v et Jfiherniie Jicf'inci FiJei Jf.J'cns'ir,' 
for use to afiix the hiiid seal to all ])atents and grants of land, 
and to all public acts and instruments of government which fihall 
be passed and made in our name w-ithln our said c.-lonj." 

Spi->ts\vood at once found fault, 
with this ilovio.i. rarohnient wan 
S'jldoin used in tlm colony, and 
the seal was so heavy thai it ran 
the danger of te:iring (jll from the 
paper, in short order. Then, many 
papers needed authentication, for 
which the fee?? app.nuted by lav,- 
scarcely excredod the value of 
the wax. He propxsjd '•alus.-er 
seal,"Jor "signet," to bo used for 
matters of small consequouce.* 

In their leiur of the 11th of 
October, 1717, iheL<^rdsof Trade 

enclosed to Spotswood the warrant for a new seal, "and the old 
was broke in council."' But a land grant issued shortly after, 
in 1719, hau-ing in the Virginia Jiistorioal Society, has a small wliite 
was crown pendent from the paper by a piece of tape or ribbon. 

From this time, the distinction between the great and thecrowu- 
phaped seal was maintained.* Other and later instancesof tho crouii- 

"Qaeen Anno, ou her iicces^ion, bore the same arms as Willi;\m III., with- 
oat the escutcheou of pretenco for NiiSiau, viz., first and fourth, Frnuce an;i 
Eai^laud quarterly: ?eeon',l, SootLinil ; thirJ, Ireland; but after tho uuion 
with Scotlrtud, in 1707. her Mijesty bore first and fourth Eu'^hmJ. impaling 
ScotlAud ; second, France ; third, 

' Spotwood's lAtlcra, II., 71. 131, lu3. ' Ibid., 2C1. Conuoil M.SS. 

*In Anjust, 1731. the Legishiture nmhorized the Governor to is^juo oue 
comniissiou or more, under tho "j^rcnt seal" of the colony, "to twelve pcraon^," 
to take depositions, to set up the records of Nanseuioud county, destroyed by 
tire at the houso of the clerk, Christopher Jackson.— //''i/''^; J St-iU. Tha 
t^rm " bro/id seal." which 1 find used in the Acts (see Act of Naturaii7.Htion, 
ia 1705). .\ppcars to have bo-n only a*: emphatic reference tj tlie se.-vl of 
Stat(\ without farther si^'uificance. 

The Sr.AL oi 

Vir.GISIK (Qr 

111 (OBVt.USS). 


William am> Mauy Collkoi. Qiautklly. 

pliapcd sof^l, fittncho'l io lfiii<l [^'nuits, mo in the State Libiaiy iiu.l 
tlio Vii-,'jiiiiri Historionl Society. Mr. Bruck naya he lm.s inrt uitli 
many instimces of the crown slmpt'<l aeiil niul the groat scul. Of 
the hitter there is an excellent cxnmplo in the Vir;;'inia Historicul 
Socioty'fl Khow-onse, bolonpjinij' to the reign of Genrgo III. It i.s of 
Avux, praporod, and nioa3iux-s fivo inches in diameter and one-fourth 
of an inch in thickness. It is hero reitroRonted. 

Gksat Seal or Vxkgixta. Reigx or George UL 

The eriifraving i>^ \(:ry similar to (^ueen Anne's, txcopt tljai the 
Indian kneels to a king instead of to a queen in the obverse, and 
the arms ' of George III., ^vhich were also those of George I. and 
George II., ai-e substituted for those of Queen Anne in the reverse. 
I have also in my possession a specimen of the great seal of the 
Island of Barbadoes, during the reign of George III., which is 
very similar; and Mr. Brock, who has also examples, says that the 
use of the great seal appears to have been common to all the colo- 
nics from the time of Queen Anne. 

The Revolution was, in Virginia,' a revolution not only in govern- 

"llie arms of George III. were: quarterly, 1st, Eud-'ind impaling Scotland ; 
2nd, Franco; 3rd, Irclriud; Ith. gu. two lions pa.iB. guard, in pale or, for 
Brunswick; impaling or, seniee of hearts go. a lion ramp. az. for Lunenburg; 
on a point in point ga. a horso coiirant az., for Saxony; on tbo centre of the 
fourth quarter an escutcheon gii. charged with the crown of Charloniaguc, 
as the .A.rch Treasurer of the FIolv Roman Empire. — Burke. 

' The iuiependent life of the Virginians — of even the poorest— madfl erery 
one equal. It can be demonstrated that the Kepublicanism of Virginia, even in 
early Colonial diys, was perhaps greater than that prevailing in any other colony. 
Aristocracy was a mere skim. It is only in this way that one can explain the 
absence of Tories, and why Virginia became the seat of the Jeflersonian Repub- 
lican party. After the Revolution, mo't of the other colouiea still clung to the 
old ways of thou-ht. an 1 even the seal of tho Unite.! States "was e^t.iblished 
on old heraldic principles. See "Seal of United Statc«," by Gaillard Hunt, 

Thk VinoiNf^ SiAi.. 01 

mcnt, h\\\ in church, education, nnd hentiracnt generally. Mouar- 
ohy in every {(uise becfuue odioufi. 'J'lic Komau ]{epublic ])rost'nted 
lit that time the hij^Uest exemplars of virtue and heroinm known to 
history, and Vir;,'inia, who liad fewer Tories in her borders than any 
other of the thirteen States, raodelled lierself ui^on th-i mistress of 
the claasio world. Heraldry, the history of ))edij.a-oe.s, fell into 
utter disrepute, and individual ment was the solitary test. TLo 
adojition of a seal for the Conimonweallh was the lust act of tho 
Convention of 177G. The committee ajipointcd to prepare a seal 
consisted of Ivichard Henry Loo, wlio was, however, not in the Con- 
vention, George ^rason, Robert Carter Nicholas, and George 
"Wytho. In Girardin's continuation of Burk's " J/istori/ of Yir- 
ij:/ii<(," it is said that Wythe pro})oscd tlie device adopted by the 
Convention; and, as Girardin wrote under the supervision of Mr. 
Jertersou, who was keenly alive to all such matters, tlicre can be nt> 
reason to doubt tho fact. George "\\'ytlie and John Pago were ap- 
pointed to superintend the engraving of the seal. In the absence 
of Lee, Mason, as next on the committee, had reported the seal to 
the Convention, but Wythe was entrusted with its execution, and 
must have jjcnuod the words that doseribo the seal, which have 
been admired for clearness and precision.' "Virius. the genius 
of the Commonwealth, dressed like an Avia-on, resting on 
a spear with one hand, and holding a sword in tho other, 
and treading on Tyranny, represented by a man prostrate, p. 
crown fallen from Lis head, a broken chain in his left hand, and 
a scourge in his right. In the excrgou the word Vir.'iiNiA over tlio 
head of Virtus, and underneath, the words Sic Seaiju'r Ti/raiuiis. 
On the reverse a gi'oup, Lipert.vs, with her wand and pHeus, on one 
side of her Cef.ks, with tho cornucopia in one hand, and nn ear of 
wheat in the other. On the other side .ttternit-^s, with the globe 
and phceuix. In tho esergou thcfc words : Deifs yol>is Jlaec 
Otin J'lci'." 

In October, 1770, the General Assembly authorized the Gover- 
nor, with advice of council, to issue commissions, under his signa- 
ture, until the seal of the Commonwealth should be pro\-ided.» 

On April 9, 1778, "William Lee was appointed' Virginia's agent 
iu Franco to borrow 2,000,000 livrcs, and a seal hastily prepared, 
according to the resolutious of the Convention of 1770, was used 

' of ConvcDtiuD, 1770. KowL'tnl s "George Miisou," Vol. I., pp. 

2CJ, ':•■..•. 

• Heniu^-'s Stota., Vol. IX., p. 211. » Council Jounml, MS. 

02 A\'ii.).iAM AM> M.\j;v Coi,i.ia;i: (^rAUi'Kui.v. 

{<) autlieiitirato liis cri'duiitiiils. In Ootfilxr, 177r>, llir (ieiKr.-il 
Assembly nniued tliis innrti.stic " the lobscr bcul " of the Curu- 
moMMefUh, to be alVixed to all grants for land aud lo all commis- 
kIous, civil and military.' At the same time tlu-y authorized the 
Cioviiiiur, with advice of council, " to ja-ovide. at the jtublic charj.'t, 
a gi-eat seal for the Ci>mmonwo;dth, and to jirccuro llie same to be 
cuj^^ravcd, either iu America vv Europe, v itli tlic same device as 
was direct«'d by resolution of convention in tho year one thousand 
seven himdrcd and seventy-six"; save only that the motto on tlic 
reverse be changed to the word Pa-spvcrfnuh. The great seal 
tliU3 authori/cd was lueiJarcd with the highest artistic skiU in 
Pans, under the supervisiLHi of ^Villinu\ and Dr. Arthur Lee, and 
WHS delivered to Dr. I>eo on or before SoptexuVx-r 4, 1770.' 

According to the ])rcamblc of the act approved March 27, 187.1, the origiiial dies of the great ajid lessor seals were in ex- 
istence down to the evacuation of liichmurd in 1805.' but were 
then "stolen or mislaid." Governor Pierpont, in ISGG, caused a 
new seal to be engraved, similar in every respect to the old, except 
that it contained the words, "'Liberty aud Union," which said 
words were added to the seal without any authority of law. In 
ISGG an old seal ^ was returned t<» tiio ou^tidv of the Secretary of 

' Heniuj^'s Str.ts., Vol. X. Tlie limine of Virtas, which, according to 
classic tho-ight, is siguiticant of uiajcsty iu repose, is curiously distortcil in the 
impressioiis I have seeu of this seal. H. r houil is bent downward, her arm 
half-way e'stended, and her right hnud grasps the sword as if about to strike 
the tjrant writhiug below. 

- Siier%.iu Mcliie's Keport. iu the " Letters of William l^cf," hy Worth- 
ingtou C. Ford, William Leo writes to liis brother, l>r. Artimr Lee, that be 
had consulted in Frankfort about the seal Mr. Sauv;:^e, orfcvrc a I'ainean 
blauc, quai des orfevres, pont ncuf. 

'Col. Sherwin McKae states, however, that George Wythe Munford, so 
long and so fuvorably known as Secretary of the Commonwealth, tcstilied that 
the original great seal was in use until the year ISuO, when, being worn out, 
it was substituted by a new seal, ex ictly similar. But 1 have found no act of 
the Legiilatnre making a new seal at this time. 

* The following lett'^r. which enclosed an impression in wax of the lesser 
seal of the Commonwealth, shows tliat the seal returned in 1806 the old 
great sep.l : 

" 1720 CoNNI CTltr T AVENIT., 

"Washington, Va., Feb r uart/ '2Ij, 1892. 
" Ilij Excellency Vie (jovtruor of Virginia. 

" Dear Sir: At the tin::e of occupation of the United States .\rmy of llich- 
mond, Va., 1 h.\d the honor to be an aid on the st::tl of Mijor-General Godfrey 
Weitzel, and, serving .as such, became possessed of the of your Sutc, 

The ViitoiMA 8i;.\L. 93 

Di'j Coimnonwciiltli. as keeper t>f the seals, ninl the Ijc^'ibhituro 
liaviiig in n svil)si<nu'nt act (iiactoil that "the f^Tcal seal and lesser 
sial sliall C'lilimio to be tlio seals of the Coiuiiiin wealth," some 
il.)iibt arose as to which seal that Viudv intended to le^'alize. The 
act of March 27, IST.i, directed thu Governor to have new seals to 
he prepared, and defined tin ir si/.e and use. Governor James L. 
J\eiuper obeyed tiie order, but tlie new seals ])roved to be incor- 
rtL-t :ind nnsatisf:ict«.'ry, and then-fore were never usfd. Governor 
Will'Hin 1]. Cameron re,]uested 0>1. Shorwin McUae, the Slate 
Librarian, to superintend the construction of new seals, and at 
length, in ISSl, he rejKirted that the metallic dies, obvei-se and re- 
verse, had arrived ; and in a Ion;:; and somewhat confused statement, 
he exj->hiined the Iii.^tory of the seals from the time of the Conven- 
tion uf 1T7G down. Ho explained that the prentest care had been 
taken to conform the various figures on the reverse and obverse to 
the most exact classic standard.' 

By the law cf 1S73 the great and lesser seals have the same 
devices and inscriptions. The one is two and three-quai-tcr incites 
in diameter, having an ornamental border one-quarter of an inch 
wide. The other is one and nine-sixteouth inches iu diameter. 
The gi-eat seal is artlxed to documents to be used before tribunals 
or for purposes outside the jurisdiction of the State. 

which I Jesire to turn over to you nt such time and uinuuer ns you may sec 
IJt. Althouyh origiunlly in my hands, it has odIv lately been in my power to 
place it at the disposal of your State. 

"I have the honor to be your obedieut servant, 

(Signed) "JonxsTON L. dk I'kystli:." 

[.4 slip enclosed trith an it ipression on vox :] 

"This i-s an impression of the s.ral 1 took from the 
room of the Governor of Virginia the week of April 
1th, 18C5. 

[This is the first im- 
pression and the only 
ono made since IsiJo.] 

(Signed) "JoirssToN L. vr. Pkysteb, 

" Brevet Lieut. -Ci'l U.S. Vob., 

"Aidto M-tJ.-Gcn. Wiilztl.'^ 

"The above is a correct copy of the letter (and enclosure) now iu the Gov- 
ernor's Oflice, written to the Governor of Virginia, of February 20, 1892, by 
Johnston L. de Peyster. 

"S. Pr.ANcii iTcKiNNicv, Jr., 
"Acting Stcrct<.try t> G^T'^rnor O'FirraU.'' 

Tbo Governor (P. W. McKinncy) replied, expressing bis pleasure to have 
the seal, but the scmI hns not been received. 

' Eeport of Col. Sherwin MelUo on State seal, Hou<o Journal, 1SS3-SL 
Doc. No. 11. 


^V^I LUM AM> M\KV ('ou-K>ii; (^)tAICl'ritI.V. 

The lesser kcuI is jiltbiotl to fill ;^'i-ants for lainl, uud writs of elec- 
tiou itisnc'l by the goviriiov; to all l«'ll< is of )i:ir.l>ii nml rcpricv.,' ; 
to all f'Oinmissioiiii, civil ivv\ inilitiirv, siifiicd l)y tli<; {jfovcrnor; niul 
to nil uthor ])'ipors rotiuiriuj^' sciil, autli <ri/eil t«j bo issued by the 
govonior for llu! purpoj^c of canyinjj the laws ii)to cllV-ct witlmi 
this Coiaiuonwoalth; ninl nlso, wUl-u dueiat'd no(;( ssury by the 
Sccret;iry of the Coininonwonlth, may be used liy him ns an au- 
theuticiUiou of his otVii-ial sij;,'natiu-o. 

Tlio lar;::;c' poiulcut wax seal has seldom Ixcii used in the Comni"n- 
wealth since the devolution, but the impression is made upon a 
red wax wafer uitached by mucilage to the document. 

S< AL Ot TKt COMV.OSV.E^Lrn. ITTi^-lbUl. 

It is claimed by Co\. Shcrwin ^IcFiae that no other American 
State has a seal equal to that of Virginia in classic beauty and 
approjniateness. "The seal of a State," he observes, "is not a 
bauble, but an important and necessary clement of government: 
indeed, the Couvcution of 1776 was so impressed with this truth 
thai the seal was made a specific constitutional provision." 

The following entries are from ofHcial sources: 

February 15, IHSl.— King James 2d siguifics his accession to the throne, 
and order? the old seal to bo used until further orders. Ancient Records, Vir- 
gi/d'i HistoiHcal Soc'tti/. 

April '2r», 1CS4.— The Council dc<;iro3 the Kiug to accept of the Live> aud 
fortunes of his Subjects hero, for the inestimable Honour of a Glorious Seal 
sent hither. Jbid. 

February 27. l''SS.— They order the Old Seal, which was Small, to bo u>od 
nntil Ptirchmcnt and was can bo provided for the uew one. Ibid. 

King WiUiam, by his letter dated 21 Febra.ary, IGSS, commands the old 
seal to bo made u>o of till he should order another. Ibid. 

Juue 10, 1711. — Ilor Majesty having si-nt in a new seal for the colony, to- 
pether with h':!r Royal warrant for usim^ the same, tho former seal w^s P^t- 
suant to her Majesties order, broke in council. Council Jourmd, Va., 1I6S, 

The Vuu; IMA 05 

Oct.)l.i.-r H, 1717. -The Kin;,'*s wnnnut ti> Al. xrimlcr SpotswooJ, IiIk Mnj. 
J.ieut, «jov. of Vir|.'inift, nntboriziu^^ liim to fvilix tbo (uew) sool to all I'nlcuts 
auJ Grauts of Lund, nii'l nil j>ul)lic Acts niul luslriuiitutsof Govermucnl lundo 
iiuil pts^fd ill his Mnj. imiiie, which seal is i!n;irf.vcii ou tho ouo si'le with our 
Koynl KUi;:jies nuil iiu ludinu ou his i>ri«SiM)tiii;:,' tobacco unto us, tlii.^ iu- 
birii'tiou bcin-.' uuikr our buiil efli'^iL-3, h'li tl<U \'ir;ini<i qutrlun, and this 
other insciipti.-n round the cireumfenncc, Si'/iUuin J'rortnna de Viifjini't in 
America ; ou the other side of said scftl Our nrms, g.irtcr, Crowu, sup])ort€rs 
ftud Motto, with our titles rouud the cireuuifcri-ncc-. --.Sj/zi*!)'/;-// JASS. 

January 'J, 1717. -Ilis Mnjesly haviu',' been jdcnseil to seud in n ncw scnl 
for this Ool'juy, toj^'etber with a warrant for tho Governor's usiu^' tbr- same, 
the said warrant is ordered to be entered in tho Council oflice, and pursuant 
t.^ bis Majesties comuiaiul the old seal was this day broke in Councib — C'i'u;ici7 
Journnl Va. ,V,S.9. 

Auj^U3t 2G, 17-20. Whitehall. Journ.-^l of tho I'.ourd of Trade and rianl = . 
An ordar of Council of iMh iust. was road, requiring this JJoard to prepare 
l)rauc;ht3 of Warrants to be sent with the new .«cals for JJarbadcas, Jamcica. 
Vir^:;iui.i and Carolina, for empowering the Governors or Commanders in 
Chief of tho.->e CoK^jnies to use tho said seals, and directions yiveu for preparing 
tbo Drau;;hts of AVarr.-'.uts accordingly. — i^ainsl'iri/ J/^^'. 

A warrant under his Majesties Hoyal Si';;n Manual, bearing date the ('Ah of 
October, 1729. was read at tho Board, empowerin;^' the Governor to use a uew 
eeal, sent him by his Majesty for this Colony, and directing that the old seal 
be returned, in order to be defeated in his Majebties p scnce in his privy 
Council, and thereupon the Govern' del'd the uew Seal to be kept as Ursual in 
the Secretaries Otlice ic the old seal was delivered up to the Governor in Order 
to bo returned pursuant to his ilajesties i>leasure. — C'c>'/z!<;i7 Journal »f Va., 
.VSS., \otJi April, 1730. 

[It is proper to say that I have not been able to fiud any direct authority 
for tlie use of the crowu-.=haped scab It secm-^tohave been sut^gested by 
Spotswood ; and there arc abundant instances of its use. ] 

Sorr.cES from wjcicn tue Above Paver w.\s Cosipiled. 

Orif^inal MSS. in my posses-sion; neuiug's Statutes; York County liecords, 
Yorktown, Va. ; Burke's General Armory; Vir^^inir. Historical Collections, Vol. 
VII., Part L, ly2; Brown '.s Genesis of the United States; Narrative and Criti- 
cal Ilistory of America; Neill's Vir;:,'iDia Vetu«ta ; Neill's Loudon Company; 
Land OiYice Records, Bichniond, Vn. ; Ludwell MSS., Virc^inia Ristorical 
Society; il.SS. framed in the Virginia Historical Society : MSS. frnme'l in the 
State Library ; MSS. in the possession of Mrs. Charles M. Wallace hiti 
Clopton), Kichmoud, Va. ; Meade's "Old Churches," etc.. IL 117: William 
and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. I. ; Smith's History of Virginia, editions of 
l'>21 and 1C32 ; Beverley's History of Vir':;inia (frontispiece) ; Stow's Survey 
of Loudon, 1033; Spencer's Fairy Queen; Calendar of Stato Papers, 1C52- 
1781, arranged and edited by William P. Palmer, M. D. ; Virginia Gazette, 
177o. etc., by Alexander Purdie ; Virginia Givette, by Dixon ..I- Hunter; 
Spotswood's Letters : Burk's History of Virginia, Vol. IV.. Appendix; Journal 
of tho Convouti'^n of 1770; B-.wland's "Life of Gi-orgo Ma^ou," "Vol. I., 
'2&i-26C.; Letters of WilUam Lee, by Worthingtou C. Ford ; Keport of Colonel 

96 NVlI.I.IAM AM> -M AHV COLI.KC.E (^L AKTi;i;Ly. 

Sherwin Mrllne on Stnto Seal, Hoii«o Jonrnnl and Dcicumrtuts, ls83-"Sl, Docu- 
inoiit No. 11; The Seal of tl.o I'uitoil States, by (Jiiillard Iluut : llidiiiiuii-.l 
DispfttcL; New Kui^'lauJ lh;tori(.\l ami Gcii. IJegistor, Vol. XXWIl., j.. sO; 
Aiuci-iciiu Hist iiiciil lleoorJ, Vol. V., No. 4; Stiiusbury's M8S. ; Council Jo-ir- 
n:il MiSS. ; Auoi. ut IiCoor>l^ in Vir 'iuia Historical Sucictv. 


C:o.M.Mr.M(\r>;i> llV KDUAI-.P W. TAMtS. 

"Know nil int-n bv thcso p'scuts that 1 Jolm "Wliitt of Ibc pari.sli 
of Liuhavuu raid lu The county of Lower norfolk Ciirpouter,' 
])oe by llitso give unto Jjuiies Sherwooil « Jifly ncies of Land, 
Lioinj; and j'.ciuj:^ in the County of Lower norfolk iu the parish 
of Liuldveu the said laud lieng upon the South Side of a Crceack 
the said Creek Cunnnondly called by the name of Ba>5uctt.s Creook : 
and it lie« along the Creek Sides from a Bi-aiicli that there is hard 
by the sd: Johu ^^'hits chare groimd now know yee thai I the 
s:ud John M'hite doe by these p'sents give tlie said Land uuto 
James Sharwood and uuc-j hi:^ heires Executo' ; and Ad?niri><-t's for 
Ever with out aiiy hinderance or fraud in any wise us witness my 
hand this r>ure asul twentieth day of may ICSU 

Test: Eichard lionuy— Acknowledged in Com-t John "White 
John Gisbonu,' — 15 octob'' IGSO 

Test. Wm. PouTExCl Cur." 

" In the name of god ameu I John ^Yhile bemg sick in Iwdy " 
butt of p feet memory blessed be god doe apoint this to bee my 
last will and testanr Imp' I give my Soule to Almighty god and 
to Jesus Christ by whoes death and passion I hoope to have Ee- 
missiou of all my sines, my worldly Estate as fuUoweth, Item I 
give uuto my Loving Sone In Law James Sherwood all my Laud. 
Item I give uuto Jn'. Sevell one Cow and Calve, and a hayfer of 
2 yeai-s old, and one Iron pott, Item I give uuto marj- Sevell one 

' A great m.iny fr.nciful things h.ivo been written about Grace SLer-;\\io.i'3 
origin anJ position iu life by in;.^enious authors, who, instead of searchiui,' the 
recorJi for facts, have tortured their uuagiuatious for theories. One writer 
tbou'tht that she was a mcmborof the despised free necrro class, while she was. 
iu fact, the driu.;hter of a substantiil mechanic and small land owner. 

•At a court liold for Lower Noifoik county, ou the ICth of August, 1''>7S, 
"an order" was "granted James Sherwood aj fhc Sherfe for the non-ap- 
pearance of Wm. B.Lsnett. Seir'.," and on irarcli loth, IjU-X he was reported 
by "M". James dan:^e for nott" helping to "the highways and " make "a 
bridge over a Cj-pressd Swamp." 

Gr.vck SitKinvoon, thk Vii:oinia WnvK. 07 

Co\s- nnd Calfc, It'^-.n I j^ivo unto .7;iinps tlu- Soiic of James Shcr- 
■wuoil, one two year old bayfor, Ilfiii I <^i\\: unto Jn". Cevell my 
groat pun, Item I ^'ivc; unto I'Ahvaitl AtLwood Seg', oue Cow Calve 
to Run >v"' tlio Increase on Jajncs Shcrwoods Land and the sd 
Janics Sherwood to Look after thiiu as after liis owno. In witt- 
nsso whereof T have heeruuto Sett my liaud. I likewise make the 
sd James my Sole Exequetor Signed Sealed In the 
p'scnco of 
us this 9th day of fob 1G80 

Alexand' Keeling- 

Jn' Corperhcw. John Wliile iV Seal 

pi-oved in court 11th may IGSl 
Test: AVm PoKiKN CI Cm-." 

"Know all nion these p'sents y' vreo James Sherrv.ood and Grace 
Doe for a valluablo Cou Sideratiuu in baud received of Cap*- 
Plomer Bray , Doc for us ou' heires Exccq' Adm' l>ar;^aine Sell 
Sott ov' A: alien unto tlic afore Said Lray his heirs Exeq"" Adm' 
for Eve' a parotU of Laud out of a p' Sell of Tiand which Laud 
being: given unto the Said Sherrwood his heires Execcj' ndni' or 
assignes p J<-«hn A\'^iite Carpenter w'^ Land begins att a marcked 
pine lliat parts a ]>arccll of Land romouly called p the name v,-il- 
ford which ^aid wiUford is in the possession and occupation of the 
afore Said Caj)' pla luer iJray being parted p marckt trees betwenc 
the said Dray Lund and the afore Said ptice of Land that wee 
James and Grace have alienated untoy' said Bray his heires Exeq' 
Adm' and assigius for Eve' cv: Soe to a marckt pine then westerly 
to a marckt poi)u]ar and then North and by west to y"- C!reecke and 
Soe a Long y' Creccke comi)nly called p the Name of Basnet is 
Creecke the Land upon the South : Side to the fiiat Station: which 
Land being aboute fificene acres more or Less with all rights 
p'eviledges all mines and minerals hunting hawking which Land 
wee James and Grace Doe from us on' heires Execq' Adm's Sell 
to the said Bray his heirs Execq' Adnf and assignes with warrantic 
of thesd Laud wee acknowledged ou' Selves in the peuall summ of 
teen thousand pounds of tobac' that the a fore Said Laud is Xoe 
way Incumb'n-ed Nor Noo p Son p any means hath any claime or 
claimes Soe wee: James and Grace Doe oblidge ou' selves ou' heires 
Excq"" adm's that the afore Said Bray Shall nott bee molested p us 
or ou' heiri .5 Exccq' Adm's but y' s;ud Bray shall peaceably lujoy 
posess the afore Said L:uul both for him Sflf his heires Excq' and 
Adm' and wee James and Grace Doo this In wittness whereof wee 

Grack Suu:\vooi), tiil Vii;.>inu A\'ijcji. 09 

'• I'liuccss Anno C'o 

Al Ji Court ht'ia tl:<' Ith Day of nVbi-iiniy ]C9' 

Cull Aulhony Liiwsuu 
})iscut ]\r Ben'. Burrough ^I' Edward ^luscliy Caj)t'- Jno' 

Th^rowgood Cajif W" MoseUy .lu.-ticis 
Jiimcs Shfvwood nnd Grace hi^ Avife Suing Kiclid C'apps iu nu ac- 
tion of ]!)i.f:iMiac<'n ]):uimgC's lifly jnuls sterl nnd the Dcf failing 
to nppoare, A: the Shcntre to take stourily, order is granted the 
said Sherwood ag" the Slu-rilTo for it shall appeare duo unlesse he 
produce hiiu next Court attachni' granted y' slioriiro k'" 
*' Princess Anno Co 

At a Court held the third day of March ICO; 
prosiut Cull : Aulhony Lawson ?<P lOdward Musuk-y M' Ben' Bur- 
rough yV. Evan Jones Justices 
Tlie Dilierence Ixtween James Sherwood and Graot- his ^-ifc plain- 
tilTes, and Bichard Capps Def- being Ended by the parties, is 
Ordered to be Di?niist " 
"Princess Anne Co 

Alt a Court held the 10th of Sep' IGOS. 

Coll Aulhony Lawson 
M" Bcuony Buvrough M' Evan Jones Cap'- iVrancis Morse ^V ]Ienry 

Woodhouse :M' Edward IMoseley dqr W"- Moseley 
James Sherwood and Grace his %vife sueing John Gisburnc and 
Jane his wife iu a action of Slander setting forth l-y his petition 
that the Pefeiid" had wronged Defamed and abused the said 
Gi-ace iu her good name and reputation sanug that she is a \\itch 
and bewitched their piggs to De:;th and bewitchi d their Cotton 

position were ofteu compelled to cnke a mark. Forty-eight per cout. of the 
•women who were mp.iried in EuylAud :xiii Wales from 1>^ H-'Ij luadc their 
marks iu sl^uiui; the marriage ret,'i?^ter, and seveuty-ei'^ht per cent, of the 
women who were m.irried in Italy, iu IbCG, made their marks. 

Authorities quoted: Life of the Duke oj Oriuond, by Thomas Carte; History 
of Enjlind, by James Anthony Froude; lllatory of Cicilizutiou, by Buckle; 
Mi»eiU.ineo\is Wor.'.s, Buckle: The Athenaum, for August 10. lSl'3; Life of 
Shakeapeare, by Alesuuder Dyce, M. A.; .Vo<Urn Unbita and Customs, by 
Lady Cook, iu the W,.,tminstcr Jitvie'.r, for March, 1894: llisttnj of En'jliud, 
Macftiilay ; EnrycWitlia Britannica ; The ^Verlt■rorth Gtuntu'cy : The Eirly 
Ite:}rds of V i Toif-n of Pn-vidence : The Btrgen Family, by Tennis G. Bergen ; 
Chi-Oit'clei of Pdliim-jre, by Colonel J. Thomas Schnrf ; llixtory of Fliiliddpkia, 
by Soharf and Westcott : Proceedinrt ot the JlasitichuS'tti Iliftoiic'd i^ociety. 
Vol. VI., pp. 24. •:.->, l>'jr.-'01; Ko.n.,,niCiir.d y>ci.d Ui^try vf Xeir En'f.and, 
Weeden ; T.'.e PictuV d Hi3t>ry of Enghxnd, by Craik and iL^.cf.irlane ; Rtcefrds 
of Laicer XorfAk and Princess Anne Counties, VirQinia. 

100 AViLU\M Asn MviiY Ci>i.r.K(.r, Qr\niF.KLY. 

A- \n-in-F. JiiJ^'iuont n-ninst iho Knicl Gisburne for £100 Steilin^'^ 
aainri;-o with Cost to wliith tlio Dof.-iui'- plcfttUth not fruilty the 
Mboki matter being put to a Jury who briuj^' in tlicir Verdict as 
followoth \Vco of the Jury find for the Defend' llVaucis Saycr 
foreman Cliri«toi)h' -enckc Otlio lliif^scll mark I'owcll Thomas 
Wallier George \Varriupton }\nW liennoy Robert Richmond John 
Keeling Thomas Hall Henry Spratt Adam Hayes upon the De- 
feud' motion It is Ordered that the Juries Verdict bo Recorded 
and Judgmt is gcMiited upon the same that the suit bo disraist" 

"James Sherwood and Grace his wife suing Anthony Barnes 
and J:iizabeth his wife in an action of Slander sotting forth l\v their 
petition that tlie s' Eli/.aiy had wronged and abused thosaid Grace 
in hci pood name I'V: rejAitation saying the s^ Grace came to her 
one night and rid her and went out of the key hole or crack of the 
door like a black Catt .<:c prayes Judgment for 100 C sterling dam- 
age with Cost: to which the Defend" pleadelh not guilty. The 
whole matter being i)ut to a Jury who bring in their Verdict as 
followeth ^Vee of the Jury find for the Defcn' iVraucis Saye)- fibre- 
man, Christopher Cocke Otho Russell, :Mark Powell, Thomas 
"Walker George Warington Rob' Rennoy Robert Richmond John 
Keeling Thomas Hall henry Spratt adam Hayes upon the De- 
fendants motion it is Ord' th;U the Jiuies Verdict be Recorded 
and Judgment is gniuted upon the same that the suit be dismist." 

'' :\Iartha Ward haveing attended the Court four daycs an Evi- 
dence for James Sherwood against John Gisbunae It is Ordered 
that the said Sherwood pay her for the s*^ foiu- da\-s attendance 
according to Law with Cost als Execution." 

" Susanna "^'ilHams haveing attended the 0.>urt four dayes an 
Evidence for James Sherwood ag" Jolm Gisburne It is Ordered 
that the said Sherwood pay her for the said four days attendance 
with Cost als E\"." 

" Jolm Lewis and his wife haveing attended the Coui't four days 
an Evidence for James Sherwood ag" John Gisburne It ii 
Ordered that the said Sherwood pay to Each of them tour dayts 
attendance according to Law with Cost als Ex"." 

"Thomas AVilliams and Elizabeth his wife haveing attended the 
Court four days apoice as evidences for James Sherwood again>t 
John Gisburne It is Ordered that the said Sherwood pay to ea^^i 
of them for the said four dayes attendance according to Law with 
Cost als Ex"." 

"Onvcu inacirrarv haveinor attended thi^ Court four davs an E%i- 

Talman I-'avii.v. 101 

(louoo for Jftines Sherwoo(.l n^ainst Antlionv Barnes It is ordorod 
thfii the said Shorv.o'id \my him for tho said four dnys attenda.uce 
j.ccoiding to Law \vi<h Cost nls K\"." 

"lOdward Baker liavuinj^f atteudoil the Court four dnys an Evi- 
dence for Jaiiios Slicrwood a;,''' Antlionv Barnes It is Ordered 
that the said Shervwod pay him for tlie said four days nttendauco 
according; to Law with Cost als Ex." 

"Jolin James having attended the Court three days an Evidcuco 
f./V James Sherwood apfainst Anthony Barnes. It is ordered that 
the said Sherwood pay him for the said three dayes attendance 
according to law with Cost als E.\\" 

[to ni: coNTiN-ur.n.] 

tal:\lvn rA:\iiLy. 

Sir Horace Walpulo, in liis ''Anecdotes of ]'aintiu.^," says: 
" WilUam Tfhnan was boru at West Larington in "W'ilUliive, where 
he had an estate; was comptroller of the works in the rcigu of 
King "WiDiam lie was an architect employed in considera- 
ble works. In 1G71 he built Thoresby House in Xottingliain.shire, 
burnt a few years ago; Dryham House in Gloucestershire, in 
IGOS, SwallowliL-ld in Jicrks (Diary of Henry, Earl of Clarendon, 
for whom it was built), and Chatsv.orth; the elegance and light- 
ness of the latter fru)it do great honor to the artist — the other 
sides are equally bt-autiful. The flight of steps by which you 
ascend from the h-dl to the ajiartments was thought noble enough 
by Kent to bo borrowed for Holkham. His son, John Talman, 
resided much in Italy ; made a large collection of prints and draw- 
ings, particularly ol churL-hes and altars, many of whirh were d^-ne 

l)y himself A few of his drawings are in the library of the 

Antiquarian Society." 

The Parish Begister, of West Lariugton, Wiltshire, shows that 
""William Talman, y' son of Christopher Talmr.n and Joanna, his 
wife, was bap' Apl 5, 1063." The rector of West Lanngton writes 
that, owing to laxity in religious matters at the time, ht; thinks 
AVilliam. the architect, v/as about thirteen years old when he was 
bapti/:ed. Ho bought Fehaingham maiior, otherwise Fulmingham 
Hall, ab.iut ITnO, and in 1711 there is a petition of his to the Lord 
High Treasurer, praying jKrmission to surrender his jiatent as 
Queen's waiter in her I\Iajesty's cust'tms, to his brother-in-law, 
Jau\es Tate, •' who was fully quahlied." This entry is minuted 

102 ^VILUAM A.N1. M.VhV QL'.VinLl.t.Y. 

thus: "2R Au^nist, 1711. Tlie i.ntli imist tuA bo taken thnt no 
iDoncy or otlu.-r consiikratioii it, j;ivfii ur jToiiiisLcl t») Mr. Taluuui." 

AVilJiain 'J'lilinjm's Avill is> rtcorJcil iu l{(:;.^istcr Sluilkr, fj. 14, 
Prcrop^. Court, C;iutcrbury, ITliO, In- which it :ii>i>L-:irs that hu died 
ftt Fehuiiighaui llalJ, Xcrfulk cuuiity. lie uieutioiis liis ^vift•, 
ITaunali, and children: John, to ^\hunl he b<n|ueathed his culkr- 
tioii uf i.riiits, di'awings and bouks for his Hfe, iJl,500, and hi.s 
ohani1.)crs iu Ciray's Jnn; ]Iannnh, who uiarried John Grt-tu, Jr.; 
Jaii!cs, who married Klizabcth (buried at reluiingham iu 17;?0, 
aged 25 — tuinhsUmc), and Jhnry. 'Six. J. S. Moore, of Rich, 
mond, who i.s a lineal dcscondaut of tho, writes : 
"The fulk'winiL; i.s a copy of tho in.scription on the tomb, covered 
by a black niavblo slab, at the old church at Fchniu^ham Hall, 
Norfolk county, Tnglaud: 'Here Rcst.s tho bodies of \Villi;im 
Talnian, vi IVhuhiyhani, Esq., who died Nov. 22, 1710, aged CO 
years, and e>' Hannah his wife, who died Jan'y -1, 1720, aj^^ed CO 
ycfti-s.' 1 have also the inscriptions of two or three others of tlio 
family, one in Latin. Each one of the tombstones has a qiuiiut 
monogram or elevico on it, which I woulel like to senel you, but I 
am no elraftsman. It is supposcel the Talmans came over with 
^Villiara the Conqueror. (Tho shield of the family coat-of.irms is 
Norman, anel the device on it inelicates that the bearer was a 
crusader.)" The recorels of Norfolk county, Knglanel, state that 
•'John Talmau, of Grimstone parish in Norfolk, conveyed a pan^el 
of lanel for charity by deetl in 1391.'' The name :dso occurs in 
documeuts conveying sales of land in the ■47th and ISth of Ed- 
ward III., that is, in 1373, also in the 0th of Richard II., that is, 
in loSo, in Grimeston and aeljoining parishes. 

Li ]\[obray's ''Travels," e->ccurs the f -Rowing : 

"By letters uu boai'd tho 'Jlcchrai/' in the East Inelies. we 
have an account of the death of Mr. John Talman, only son of the 
hite John 2\ibyu.nt, A^S'j., famous for the best cc)llee*tie^ns of prints, 
drawings, anel particularly church ornaments, of any private gentle- 
man in England, anel grandson to William Talman, Esq., coitp- 
troller of all his IMajesty's iJuiklings anel Gardens in the reign of 
King William. He was a young gentleman of a sweet temper and 
disposition, and nuich lamented by all his friends anel acquaintances. 
His estate, which is considerable, elescends to his two sisters." 

These two sisters were Frances Ann, an«l !Mary, whose n.ames 
are in Burkes Peerage. This John, the granelson of William (the 
architect^, w;i3 never mameel. At Hinxworth, near Balelock, county 


IlertfoiJ. is a toinV) to another Ji^lui Tnltufxu, wLo \vas likewise n 
gront. trnvolcr and "cjllectorof curi )U.s paintiDj^^s nud drawings," 
who dieil November 3, 17'2G, ngc-d forty years. Jlis wife way 
Frances, dauLi^hter nf John Coi'Icaynt;, " of this parish, ^'cnt., who 
died "Maroli 22, 11:12." yiv. Miore, who has made extensive re- 
searches in old wills and other recu'ds in Iv.if^laud, writes that 
this John Tahuan was descended from Kev. John Tahnan, vicar 
of Sahsbury Cathedral, wlr) was lirst covisiu of \\'illiam, the 

Hknt.v Tat^man, of New Kent county, Virginia, had uniong his 
papers the original will of William Talmau, the architect, and it 
was in e.Kisteiico slu)itly before the war, as proved by dcjvjsitions 
sent to England. IFo was son of the architect, d in St. Pe- 
ter's parish, New Kent county, but spent mucli of his time on the sea 
as captain and owner of the sliip "Vigo,"' running b.tvVLcn B)-istol 
and Virginia. Mr. ^[ooro has in his pjssessiou a gold sleeve-button 
oacc woni by Capt. Henry Talman, and a quaint round walnut 
dining-table brought over in his shi]>, also his autt>graph to a bill 
of lading for goods shipped from Bristol in 1737-'38, to Wn\. 
Cabell, to be discharged at Shockoe Warehouse on James Biver. 
^Ir. Moore writes tliat Capt. Henry Talman married Ann JCli/abeth 
Ballard, and died iu London in 1775. He adds: "Capt. Henry 
Talmau had three children,' one sou, William, who was my grand- 
mother's grandfather, and the ancestor of the Talmans nov,- living 
in Virginia, and who married Elizabeth Hewlett; he had also two 
daughters, one married Hewlett, the other Bacon (John). William 
the sou of Henry, had sis children who lived to maturity: Xancy 
was my grandmother's mother, and married Bobert Pollard, of 
New Ivent county; Austin lived and died iu BichTuond ; John lived 
and died at the old residence of his grandfather ■• Tahuans '" iu 
New Kent county, and their descendants are still among us: Patsy 

' In tho mutib.te'l lojistcr of St. Pettr's E'.iri'h, arc the foil iwiii^ entries: 
'•M,•l^th:^ daui^htor of Heuiy fiu.l Ann Taliuiu, birth, Mar.-h In, 1733." 
"Uebccca, ilfiu:;bttT of Heury auil Anu Talmau, birth, .April 'J, 17J7." 
"Honry, soa of Htury and .\uua, boru December 2''i. 17. It.' [llo 

died iu oUildh'^od. ] ' 

"Jobo, son of WiUiiim aud aud Elizabeth T.ilraan, boru Fob. 27, 17'»1." 
"Eli/.j\betb, diai^'bter of aud Eliz.iboth T:ilni;ia, boru January 15, 

1 7.-S. •• 

'•.\.uaa (fl iiini\), d.iucjhtor of Willi-tiu and Elizabeth Talm.-iu, boru .Vpril 

0, I7».i).-' 

"James, sou of WillK-vm and Elizabeth Talm.^u, born June 17, 17C7." 

]0i ^ViJ.I.^AM .\.M> ^J.\J(Y (^lIAIll r.ltLY. 

luarricil IJuolington, their heirs are still in Virginia; James was 
a rovohitiouary suldicr, and diod, or Mas killed at Valley Forj^'e; 
Hannah, the bixlh child, married a Turpin and umved to Savan- 
nah, Ga., and thtir descendants are still there. The coat-of-arins 
ajid family portraits in the diNision fell to Hannah, and were 
carried to Georgia as her lares, manes, and ptnales, and were 
destroyed l>y lire during tho late war. The coat-of-arins was 
on parchment, and was framed. A cjpy was foinid a few yeai-s by o!\e of the family in Geijrgia, a book-plate in a volume 
of JJcrtram's 7'ravcls: a Norman shield, the crest an arm in 
armor emlx)wtd, wielding a battle-axe. Tlie vertical lin< -; ou 
the shield arc cinmsou; on the chevi-on are three round silver 
C'.iins (Byzantian), indicating that the beaier was a Cru.-:ader; 
above the ehcvTon, on each side, are two dagger.s or swords, hilts 
up, points downward ; at the base of the shield is also a sword, 
hilt down, point upward; the Xorraan shield intlicates its antiquity 
and early origin ; the motto is ''In. FiJe et in Jidlo F<.n-tis " — Faithful 
in friendship, strojig in war ! This crest, and motto, and shield, w ero 
not registered at the College of Arms in London. Sir Albert W. 
Woods, llouge Dragon, says, in a letter to the writer, that many of 
the gentry never registered or rccn-ded their coats-of-arms. Dr. 
"\V. H. Turpin, of (Georgia, who was descended from Hannah Tal- 
mau, had this coat-of-arms painted on his carnage doors. I have 
also a coi\v of it ou r.n old letter-head." 

[Conclude J.] 

BV THE l.DITt>i:. 

The following notes regarding Philip ' Lightfoot, the llr^t of 
that name in Virginia, give all we know of him : Drother of Cap- 
tain John Lightfoot, and resident of Gloucester county in 1671 
(General Court riCcord.s): called "Mr." in 1077, lieutenant- 
colonel in IGSO, captain in ICOO, in which year he resigned his 
position as vestryman, and Captain John Smith succeeded him 
(Petsworth l\Hrish, Gloucester county, Vestr}- Dook) ; lieutenant- 
colonel of militia of Gloucester and justice of the peace in IGSO 
(Virf/ini'X Magazine of Uit^torii and Jiiojrai'hi/, Januaiy, 1S94) ; 
administrator of Captain Francis Leigh in lGSi-'S5 ; and with 
John Griee. Samuel Pond, an<l John Marrable, justice of Jan^es 
City in lG'.)-t (York Kccords); justice of James City in 1G0'.>, and 

Lr^HTKOuT I' lOo 

collfct'^r f-'j- tlir- Tpjicr Dislrid uf .Tujucs Kivrr ( Vini'iiun M-nja- 
::ine of 7L\^( •/•>/ an^f Jiin'jnijt/n/) ; siirv«'v<»i-;r(.iuT:il in 1G7») (OjII- 
wny Robinson's Cuuncil .T.ninKil Xott-s^ ; Jiis will liiitcd in ITuS (llcu- 
ing's Sials., \., )». 11 U; Avifo was Alice, fliuij^'htcr of Jlcnvv (.'<«rbiu, 
of " Bucl:in>;lj!un 11. use," MidiUcsox county. His tomb ftl .Samly 
Point in wiiliout date, and }>o;trs as nruj.s Li;,ditfoot ijupuling Cor- 
l)iu. The crest, I ;iin now satisliod, is a grillin's head. 

Pliilij^' Li^fhtf.^ot bad three ti-nct.s of land at Sandy Point, which 
was then in "\Vftllinq:ford ])nrisli, James City county, but iu 1720 
the Chickahi.>niiuy River became the boundary line of Jamt.;^ City, 
and Sandy T'oint fell in "Westover parish. This land he willed to his 
sou Francis-, bat iu crse of Francis d\in^' without issue, then to 
his sou Philip-. Francis was justice of the peai;o of Janus Citv, 
and naval C'lUector (S.-iiiishury 3ISS). He died -lanuary 7, 1727, 
in the foity-llrst year of his age. His tombstone is at S;u:dy 
Point, and beai-s the Fi^ditfoot arms. He man-ied J-lizabeth 
(slic died ]">ccon:ber 31, 1727, in the thirty-fourth year of her 
age, tor/i^'Stnii':), and by her ho had Francis' Lightfoot, wlio died 
May 14, 1730, iji the eighth year of bis age {t<m,h.-itont). aiid a 
daughter, Fiizaboth\ wlio married Beverley Randolph, eldest sou 
of William Kandolph. of the CVnmcil. ller foitune was aunouuced 
to be i;o,000/ It would seem that Francis Lightfoot enlarged his 
plrtutatiju by jnirohase from "Thomas liee, of Potomack, in Vii*- 
ginia, geutlcraim," of land at Sandy Point, the proi)erty of Damo 
Mai-y DollilVe, relict of Sir Jatues Dollilfe, knight, of London, but 
ileceased.** who bad inherited the same from her mother, ^Irs. 
Maiy Dunstev (Y.jrlc Records). Under the will of Pliilip' Light- 
foot, the land passed to Elizabeth Randolph, but her father, 
I'nrncis-, willed it to his brother Philip-, he paying .1:2, .j"0 to his 
>aid daughter in full compensation. There were suits between 
Philip' Lightfoot and liis niece Ehzabcth about the property, 
which were tiually settled by an act of the Legislature in May, 
1740. Piiilip- was contirmed in the possession of the Samly l\aut 
estate (Heuir.g's Stats, and liarradall's Reports). 

Phijli! - Licunoor. — He was born in 10S9, and died 3fay 30, 

' TVrcr.'.z Gazftte, Jacunry 30, 1737. 

' Iu La Novc'.'> Kni'jfiU occurs the following: " Jatu»>s Dollille, of Loudon, 
iuercL;iiit, aU D'Oliv. one of the directors of the South Sen Comp:iny. See 
the grant of arms nr coutinnation anil !Xa«if;ument of cnst tdl c-rant, pai^e 
1">7: ftz'ire ou a chevron or. bet. 3 crescents An:, 'is uixuy olive bvaLchcs ppr. 
Crest. : out of r» castle Arg. an olive-fructoil tree, pp. dat-jil ii Feb. 1-2 .\un.H, 
1713-1 L Knighted at tit. Jauies, 4 Oct., 171-t." 

100 AViJj.i\M AM) M.m:v Coi.i.Et.ii; C,|LMai.Hi.v. 

17IS, aud his toinb.-'toDO at " .Sanely I'oiut," which has the Light- 
foot arms, describes liim ns "descciidod from uu ancient family 
in Eni;lan«l, uh«> came over to Virgini:i in a genteel and honorable 
character." " Tie rose to almost the higliest huuors of his country." 
Ho was appointed in 1707 clerk of York county, anil served as siu-h 
till 17M;>. In 1715, lie became agent for the jniblic store-house at 
Yorktown (York Reo-rds). October '20, 17;'.3, Philip I.ightfor.t 
antl Thomas Loe were sworn members cf the Council (Barrudall's 
l\ei^i)rt.=^). He liad a iiandsome huuse in Y''orkto\vu, where he and 
Thomas Nelson were the merchant princes. He married Maiy, 
duugliter of "William and Anne Armistead, and widow of James 
Iknwcll, of King's Creek (anciently " Utimana ''). and liod issue, 
1. \Vil]i;iin^ who married Mildred Ho\\ell."" II. Pliili|)= Lightfoot, 

who married Susannah , and had Francis*. Phili].^ was dead 

before liis fallier (17-iS) ; and as his grandniother does not men- 
tion him in her will. Francis* Avas probably dead before 1773. 
III. John', who had died -vsithout is.'^.uc before 17C0 (Hening's 
Statutt:s, VIII., 457). I\'. Armistead', who died at his home in 
Yorktown about Sepcnibej- ]0, 1771 {Tirginin Gaz^WS). Inven- 
tory of his personal estate valued -^ii £13-10,18.0, and has 233 
books and 23 pimpblets (Yuik c»niuly Pitcords). He married 
Aunc, daughter of President Lewis Burwell (Keithl, and had an 
only child, Mary (Thomas-. Nelson her guardian in 1773), wlio mar- 
ried Jolm Tayloe Griiliu. The widow, Anne, mai-ried in 1771 
Charles Grymes, of Gloucester (Y^ork county liecords). 

The will of "Philip Lightfoot of the Town of York, Esq ," was 
prese!.tcd in York cur: '20th June, 171 S, by Y.'illiam Lightft,ot, 
one of the e.vecutors. and duly proved by F.dmuml Tabb and John 

" 111 th:' index to the crises in tbo Genernl Conrt iu 17'24, is the- c.ts-? "Johu 
r.rown r.T:l Mildred h'S w.fc, Charles Lewis and !iInrT bis wife, residuary let;.^- 
tees of John Howell, c,'eut., deceased, vs. Gfi%vin Corbiu and John Lewis, jun. 
gent." It is kDov.n thp.t Cbnrles Lewis married M:iry Howell, aud were not 
Mftry Levns aud ^Mildred ^.^o^v^l daiightcrs of John Howell ? Iu IT.iC, Henry 
Willis, of Spotsylvania, geut, aud Mildred his wife, bite widow of John 
Brown, whose will was dated 8tb September, 1726, are mentioned iu the York 
Records. In Brutou parish churchyard is piece of a stoue to the memory of 
John Brown, with the d.ite 1726 upou it. Another store is to the memory of 
Maru'aret Brown, who uied iu 1720. v.ife of I>r. J.)ba Brown of Willi-wnsburg 
[perlnps V. first wife], late of Cold Stream, North Britain. See inscription in 
Virf'ini.x Coilectiou. Vol. XI. Conway s.ivs that Mildred, who sub- 
se'iucntly mr.rrieil Colou?l Henry Willis, was a Wasbius^ton— a cjrnnd-r.r.r.l of 
Goorfre Wr.=biir.'to'i -, but L.mTencc Wa-liiuL.'toii, George's i^raudfather. had 
no sister Mildred to my kuo»vlodgo. 

LktiirKooT J''amii.v. 107 

Amson, iiufl tlicrcupon ccrtifionto wns ,';iaiit< il Willinm Lij::flitfoot 
forobtninin^' fi jwobnte; securities, ^Vi]lI:lIll Nelson and Jolm Lif,'lit- 
foot. Ho moi^tious his wife: sons William, John, Annistcad, 
riiilip dcceaseil, graiulson Francis, ami his (Francis's) mother, 
S'lsannah. Mentions bi'5 plantations in York, Snrry, Charles City, 
Ihiuiswick, Goochland, New Kent and Hanover counties; houses. 
Ktorchousos and lots in Yorhtown, Williamsburf,^, and lilandturd ; 
niore than ISO slaves ; lar^'o amount of ]>lato; "four wheeled and 
two wheeled chairs," und "his coach and six horses"; to each of 
his sons X-000 storlini:^, and other legacies to vai'ious persons. 

" I fjive unto the Parisli of York-Haiuptoii tho sum of lifty PoiunU f'urrout 
Moroyto he laid out ni tlio puv.^base of n hnml-^oiue Flnjjgou au-l Chnllaco with 
my nim=; engraven thoroon for tho usa of York chnroh. nnd tlio sum of forty 
roun.UCinrt-nt in Gooils to bo \ni>\ by my Executors into tho hanilnof William 
Nelson, E=q., p.uJ son William Litjlitfoot, to bo by them distribntCLl cmon^'st 
tho poor of York-Uampton Parish. I give unto Elizabeth r>arv.-ell, the ilniifjhter 
of N. Burwoll, deceii^eJ, three hundred Pounds to be p.^id hor v/hon she shall 
arrive at the a;?e of tv:cuty.oue or marry with tliC approbation of her p^rand- 
moilier I.ightfoot; but in ca^e she dies before she is entitled, then I will and 
direct it go with the rcsidic of my estate, the IcLjacy being void. I give to tho 
Collej^e of William cad Mary the sum of five hundred Pounds Current, for a 
found ttion for two poor schoiars forever, to be nrouLjht up to the n.iniilry of 
tho Churcli of England or such other public employment as shnll be most 
suitable to their capacities, whi-.-h sum I desire my execiuors to pay to the 
President and Masters of the College within twelve montlis after my doct-ase. 
to be laid out for that purpose, and its my will and desire that my sun William 
Lightfoot have the nomination and preference of the lirst six scholavs. "' 

Tho V, ill of Mrs. " :\ravy Lightfoot, of the Town and County of 
York, ^vidow," ^vas dated 9 Nov., 1771, and has Iavo codicils dated 
respectively, 12 ^lay, 1173, and 12 May, 1775. The ^Yhole was 
proved 21st Aug., 1775, and AYilliam Alien, Esq., cue of the 
executors, acknowledged bond security, Joseph Hornsby. for obtain- 
ing probate. She mentions her daughter-in-law, ^Mildred Lightfoot ; 
grandson, James Burwell : Anne Ijurwull, daughter of my giand- 
sou James ; granddaughter Elizabeth Jicv\itt, ^vife of licv. Tiichard 
Hewitt; - daughttr-Ln-law, Anne Lightfoot; granddaughters, ^Mary 

' QcAr.TEi.LY, II., No. 4, p. 2.'>2, and Vol. Ill , No. ]. p. 40. need correction: 
James Burwell (Lewis', Lewis^ "i- ilary Armistead (she md. '2d Philip Light- 
foot) issue N.athaniel* Bacon, and Lnc}"" d. s. p. Nathaniel Bacon^ Bunvell, 
and bal, as far as kno-.vti, .James', and Elizabeth^ Jamrs^ ra. .Anne, sister of 
Dr. W:iU.-:- Jones. Elizabeth'' married, 1st, Ecv. Eichard ITewitt; 2d, Col. Ed- 
"^ard Harwood. 

Richard and Elizabeth (B'lrwcU) Ilev.Ut Elizabeth Lurwell, ilarv. 

108 AVllXIAM AM) ]\IaI.V CoLI.HiiK ( >rAl;TKl<I.V. 

Alloc, fricl :Miklrr(l 0.1<^s, Kli:"il).'tli OjIcs. Ainie TJ^'litf..ot ; huns, 
^Villialll Li^', deceased, nud Arniisti'iid Liglitfoot, dccciih:ed ; 
]\Iurv, daughter of my s«iii Anuistend Lifjlitl'out, deceased, and 
the Ic'jiicy j^'iviu lioi, if slio should die liefi»ic' '21. to be cc|ually 
divided betwicu tbo surviving dnughteis of smi William Lij^lilfoot, 
deceased: grandsons, AVilliaui Li;;htfoot and Philip Li;^Ltfoot ; 
legacy of 20 .C to the pour peoj.le in the town uf York: 20 C eatli 
to Lewis BurwoU ui King.sinill, AN'illiaui Allen of Surry, and the 
Kcv. Iviohard Hewitt, ulumi she ap]K'ints executors; aud by the last 
codicil, Fieldiny; Lewis, Esu. A\itjie>sess to the last codicil, ])avid 
Jameson, David Jameson, Jr., ^\'illiam Barrow. (^York records.) 

"JJie'7, ^[rs. :Mary Lightfoot at York, relict of the late Ih-n 
Piiiiip Liyhtfcol, I''sq., one of his ^lajesty's council of this culuny, 
iu the 7nth year of her age. Her corpse passed through town this 
moruiug to be deposited in tlie fjiuiily vault at Suudy Point." (Va. 
Go-die, Juno 30, 1775). 

WiLLLVM^ LioHTFOOT, SOU of Philip Light fool, was sherilV of 
Y'ork county in 174G (Y'ork Peoords), and died before 1771. Ho 
lefi, I. William', of '' Tedinglun./' U. Philip*, of Car.jlinc. III. 
Maiy*, nj;irriod William Allen, of Surry. IV. r\IiMred^ marned 
^\'tdter Coles, of Halifax. 

William*, of ''Tediugtou," lived at Saudy Point, and the jost- 

oftice there is named " Tcdington." He married l>t Anne , 

and had, I. William Howell'; IL Francis*; Hi. Philip Joluv; 
IV. ^fary Elizabeth BollingS wife of George Blakey; V. Anne 
Cocke', wife of William Le^\•is. He married 2dly Aune Clopton 
Ellysou (she married 2dly John Culgiu), and had, VI. Ivobert 
Ai-mibtead^; Vll. Sarah*. (Authorities: Will of -'William Light- 
foot, of Tedington," 27 April, 1S09— 17 Aug., 18u9 ; Munfords 
Picports, v., p. 12; Deed of Gift recor<led iu Charles City Co., 21 
Api-il, 1S09.) He imported many well-known thoroughbred horse*. 

WiLLLvM Howell* LicnTFOor, of Cabin Point, married S:irah 
Short, who married 2dly John ^linge.' He died in June, 1810, 

Auu, Dor- 'thy. Col. EJwarJ^ Ilaiwood (Ciipt. ITnotuas', Esq., Hninphrey- 
C'ol. Williftiu\ William'') married Ijt El;7.fll)c-tli'' lleade (Col. George', Robert', 
Jolm-, Jolin*) aiul had Elizabeth, who m. Iltnry Leo, S:'.rnh, who m. Littlctou 

Keiul.ill, Miury, who m. (dead before 1707) aud Dorothy. lie 

marrie.I 'idly, as above, Elizabeth, wi.low of Iliohard Hewitt. The two wives 
are mi:ked up in the accounts before given, — both beiuL; namoJ Elizabeth. 

By this ninrrint;e Jolm ^Miiv-e had an only d.n!ij;hter, Sarah :ilclville, who 
married Kobert UoHmg, of Petersburi.-. 

Liiiiii'Fuor Family. 109 

n;^cd 3]. (Tombstone.) His cnly sou, V.'illiaiu, died October 27, 
1831, R'jQil 25 yo.'irs ajul 27 days. (Tmnlj.stojic nt Snmly Point.) 

Francls* dieJ befuro ISK), k-nviii;'- cliildicii. (\Vill of riiilip 
JoliB Lijjhtfool.) 

Pini.if Jo][.N* innrriei] M;;ry Ami , nnd died viiliout issiue. 

OVill, IG Juno, ISIO— l.-j July. 1810.) In isno, Willmni A. Light- 
foot of Piuckinghanx county, nnd Caroline, liis uife, ck-cdcd a lot 
in Williamsburg, the proj)erty formerly of Willinm I.iglilfoot, of 
Charles City, as one of the devisees of Philip John, said AVilliam's 
.son. The deed rcfors to a cause cntithd Lc\vi.s A:c. Vh. IJIakey 
iVc, in the Su]Mrior Court uf Law and Chaiiccry f")- JUnrieo 
county (IS.j.'j), in \vhi(;h a divi^^iou was made of I'liilij) John Light- 
foot's jiroperly. 

Pniin-' LioiiTvooT, son ctf Willinin^ Lightfo..t, liv»d at Cediu' 
Creek, Caroline county; dicJ in 17SG; ^\•as a lieutenant in Harri- 
son's artillery, Contincjilal Line, and received two grants of land 
for his services. Ho married ^Ftiry AVarner Lc\sis, ojjly daughter 
of Col. Charles Lewis and Lucy Taliaferro, his wife. Issue, an 
only child, I'hilip. of Po]-t Royal, born Sept. 2.1, 178-1, nnd died 
there July 22, ISr,.". He mnrried Sally S. P.crn;.r.l, daugh- 
ter of AYilliam P>ornard, of "Lelle Gr<jvo,'' King George Co., Va., 
afterwards of " Maunslieid," a tine old Colonial residence nefo* 
Fredericksburg, burned during tire late war. Issue, I. Dr. Philip 
Lewis', m. I' IMary Virg-inia Smith: 2" Isabella Drummnnd. IT. 
^Yimam Pernard\'b. Dec. IG, ISll ; d. Feb. 5. 1870, in :Mobile, 
-Uabania. Married 1" I'oberta Beverley, dau. of llobert I'everley, 
of Essex Co. Va; ra. 2' Sarah ]3ce, of Mobile. HI. John 
Lernard', m. Harriet Field. IV Edgar ^'ivian, d. s. p. V. Fannie 
Bernard, m. Capt. Piobert G. Bobb. VI. Ellen Pankhcod-' m. ]')r. 
Cartel- Wormeley, of King William county. MI. 'Mary Le■v^■is■', m. 
^Ir. Vail, and died in Ejigland. 

"Mauv^ Lioutfoot, daughter of William' Lightfoot, nnirrieil 
William Allen, of Surry. She died before her husband, who was 
perhaps the wealthiest mail in liis county. His will (-1 Sept., 
17S9— Sept. 2-1, 17!;'3) mentions children. WiUiam, Patsy, .Anne 
Anuistiad. Jolm, ^[arlliu Bland; grandson Willi:im Allen Harri- 
son ; ''^liss Garrett to coutinuo as tutoress and to l-e paid as 
heretofore twenty guineas per annuju ; " j^lautatious in Suny, 
Jame;s City, Now K.^-nt, Sussex, Xan=!emoud, Southampton; new- 
chariot. 1^0. 

The following, bv ^Irs. Wilham IiL-vnold.-j, gives some details of 

110 \\ii.MAM AMI Mmu Coi.r.un: QU/VnTrULY. 

liiiic'li interest roLrariliii;:f the- p.>rtiaiLs and plate uiicc at Srin<ly 
Pciiit or Totliiigtou : 

'•Tlu'io i« iircscivcil .k l>ortraif of William Liv-litfoot. wilh tlnto 1750, full 
Ifliiglli, life sizo, ill blue court dross ; a portrait of his brotlu-r l'hilii>, same hi/e 
auil stylo, in rod court dross. Those portraits wore prououucud very fiuc by 
Voiliiuar, the beat authority in tliis liuo. lie said the ouly oues he had ever 
Leon liko them wore soino scut him X^* be cloaiicd by Gonorid lli>bevt E. Loo, 
and idoutitied thorn posiiivolyns the work of, the inrxsterof Sir Jo>«hup. 
hoynchU. Tortniit of Mrs, IIowoll, with infant dau-^htor, MddreJ (aftor- 
warda tlio v.ifo of AVilliaui Li^jhtfoot), ou her kiice. The mothor's fi^'urc is 
lifo size, and iu white court dress. This is also a very tiuc picture, aud Vulk- 
mar thought it must l)o a Coploy. Portrait of 'Sir Jehu IJu-.w-ll, London, 
1G30 ' (nnmo and date on back of cauvas), full hu^th, in yrey court dress, lean- 
ing on sword, llo wis, iirosMraably, tiic pjaudfather of Mildnd. Portrait of 
half-grown youth and l:\udscape, pronounced iu Philadolphia to bo the work 
of Kir I'otor Loly- a llowtll j/icture. 

"Tli':so last two Ho'.vtll portraits were givn Mi-s. Scllen and Mrs. Siarke 
by_Mr. }>olliTi^, when Sandy Point was dismautkd. There were many otbor 
portraits at the old place, which wore scntlerei amonj^' various descendants, 
but thoso were the hucst. 

" Much of tuo largu quantity of old English silver originally belonging to 
Sandy Point was stolon by lue British, and the rest hr.s bcou divided an J scat- 
tered. The puuch-bo'>l, large silver dish, candlesticks, and other smaller 
pieces inherited by my grandfather, aud :tlil in the possession of his children, 
are p.icces of this old Engli.<h silver, and very massive and hand.-;oaie, and 
cugrr.vel vrith the Ligli'foot arms. I have a book with the book-plate repre- 
senting the Lightfoot crest and arms, and the words engraved, ' Wm. Liijht- 
foot, Es.]., Tcdington, 1750.' It is the fourth volume of Pope's Satires, illus- 
trated, nud dated ' Lond'.>u, 17o7.' There were a great many of these old Eng- 
li':h books, with book-plates inside, at my grandfather's. I could stnd you a 
copy of this pluto if you have not seuu it. ily coxisin, Mrs. Powhat:tu iit \ik, 
inherited many vnluiblo relics from ■\Villinni aud ^lildred Lightfoot. Tho 
beautiful old brocade diesses of the latter wore loft at her home on the James 
Piiver when abandoned during the lato war, and were, of course, carried off. 
Among the relics she has recently shown rue are William Lightfoot's miniature, 
with bow-knot of diamonds ; a large gold snutV-box, with an exquisite minia- 
ture, inside the lid, of his wife, ilildred: his mourning ring, a hoop of diamonds 
enclosing gold ring, \>ith inscription, 'William L—, ob. 10 Juno, l7C-t - !> 
40.' .\lso, two very quaint mourning pins surrounded with diamonds, and one 
inscribed, 'Mrs. Mildred Lightfoot, obiit 17 Nov.. 17S3, 60.' She is s.aid 
to have lived iu great style, anil always drove in her o^nti coach and four. I 
send you photo^rraplis of these above miniatures, thinking they might interest 
you as an antiquarian. I'leaao return them to me. 

"I send also Philip Lightfc>ot'3 will, an.l that of bis wife. Perhaps some of 
the d.ites and names iu the latter mi'.:rht bo nooded. The communion set mer- 
tion'jd in his will wis at jlen iu the kite war, but w.os uftorwards restored to the 
rainislor iu charge by t!io commanLliug oiVicer on hearing its hiitory aud age. 
It is now iu tise. 

TlIK PilK.^nr.Y I'.VMII.Y. Ill 

"Wo Imvc nl«o the will i>f my grcnt giniKlfnthcr, Tliilip, of the Revolution, 
Jinsbfiml of Mnry NVurufr Lewis. Ho leaves ns ^'UfUilinn-. to liis only child, 
I'luliji, 'uiy v.orthy frifuils, Joseph Jouos, Efi, Dr. John Teuuunt, uud Isano 
Colts, K?ii.,' niid ilovisoh proi)orty iu Caroline, lJrun.i\vick, nnd I'ittsylvnuia 
counties, Jiud all hi? Inudt J estate in (.)Lio, to his nephew, Chiirlcs Autinstus 
Lewis, iu case of the deuth of his iufaut son, my (^rnndfathcr TLilip, of Port 

i'i:.\ciiFA' rA:\iiLY. 

Samuel Peachoy, tlie iiuiui^'raut, was the son of K jl>crt Pcaclicy, 
of Million Hull in Sufl'olk county, Kugland, and Anno TloclL':skiu, his 
wife. As a youth, ho accoinpauicd hi>; uncle, "William lIocl,'^, to 
Virginia iji IGjU. Tho foUt.»win;.;- letter i> from the records of llich- 
ruond County, Virginia : 

ULoruL!-. >Vii.LiA:.f : My love v.itli your Si^lors to yon prp^ciitel nnd desir- 
ing God to (bless) k'-ep both you luid my sou Sam" which is sent t') go with 
you, and bnve gott his nioth^i's Good will aud blessing to go along with him 
but iJrothcr Shoo and I desire according as you promised me that you would 
bo a father rr.ther than an uuklo to him to lett him be to you as isideed lie Is 
a kinsman, and not a slave you shall Kec' e by Beecraft the Carrier of Norwich 
a Trusso with your Turkey and rajner in itt, Directed tT" M'. Edward Adden- 
brook as you aireotei me, so as formerly with our prayers to God to bless nnd 
keep yon I l\esl your Loveiug brother to his abillity. 

Milden hall Octo-- y 24 ' '59. rcOityr.T r£Acni:v. 

I pray lett us hcrae from you as Soono as possible of your arrivall. 

To his I.oveing ftriend Mr. VCm. Uodgskiu these presents with 

Lecordat' Test : James Siirjii/jcK, CI. Cur. 

According to the record of the deposition of "Mr. Edwd. Adcock, 
■snIio heard ?.Irs. Eliz. Dobbins say, "Samuel's mother was own 
sister of ^Iv.s. Eliz. D.»l»bius, and Mr. William Hodg^kiu was their 
brother; ^Irs. Eliz. D.>1»bins was wife of Mr. Daniel Dobbiiis." 

By Mrs. Phebe Slaughter's deposition, made July 7, 17u3, Mr. 
T\'illiam Hodgskin was her first husband, her brother being Mr. 
Heniy Smith [and she a daughter of Col. Toby Smith, of Kappa- 
bannock ] That on a visit to England she saw Mrs. Anne Peachy, 
mother of ^Fr. Saiu. Peachey, and heard Mr. Hodgskin call her 
"sister." That ^lartiu Hodgskin was brother of ^fr. William 
Hodgslcin, and !Mrs. Anno Peachoy was theii* eldest sister, and 
Samuel Peachey her eldest sou. 

This is contirmed by the family Bible of Thomas Grillln Peachey,* 
frora whicli the following is a literal transcription: 

*Iu the iiicLmonJ Couuty Records tho name i.s always spi:It with an 
before the last letter. 

112 M'lLI.IVM AM1> MaHV Ct)i.I.DlL QlAr.Tl ULY. 

"Thomas Griffin IVacliy, son of S:iimiLl iV: ^Villifl•^Hl Pfwhy 
was b..iii DcL'tMuber 23, ll'M A: was luarrictl to Elizabeth, the 
Eldest DaM;;:li!cr of Mr. John Gilliam, OctolKV ]2, IToS. Kliz'.both 
Gilliam, born :\rarch 20, 17-11, departod this lifo the 27th day of 
I\ray 17S1 [T. G. IVachy dtparted thi-^ lifo March C, IJ^IO.I 

"'J'homas Oritrni. pou of Th^jinas Grillin \- Eli/abcth IVachy, 
born January 0th, 17t)0 : dt-jvirtod this liifo the 2d day of January, 

"John Ti^vImo. 2d s-n of Thos. Grilfm A- T.liza IVaohy, born 
DccembL-r V.\ 1701; departed this I-ife the day of December, 

"William Samuel, Ovd son of Thos. Griflm i^ Eliza Peaclij- born 
November Olli. 1703, aud departed this Life the 2d day Januaiy, 
1S02. :Married :M"a-y Monro, dau-hter of ^Villson Mile.s Caiy, 
Esq., of Ceeleys, November 22d. 1787. [:\rai-y ^lonro Peachy de- 
pai-ted this life Nov. IG, 1836.] 

"Thos. Gritlln Pea>-'hy Avas married to Elizabeth Mills, Avidow of 
Mr. Mill?; of I'rbauua. in the cinnty of Middlesex, September 22d, 
17S3. [Eli;', the second ^vife of Tho.s. Griinn Peachy, de- 
parted this liio Ocrobor 3d. 1705.] 

'• Samuel ]-'eachy, the father of Tlios. Grilllu l*oachy was sou of 
"\\*illiam Peachy, v.ho vras the sou of Samuel Peachy, who was 
the son of lu:)bevt Peachy of Mildeu-hall, in the county of Sullolk, 
in l^upland, from which jilace the last nametl Samuel Peachy 
emigrated with his family to Vi}-.i,'-inia about the latter part of 
the seventeenth century, and purchased lands aud settled him- 
self o'u tlie bank.^ of the river Eappahannoek iu the county of 

■• Winifred, the mother of Thomas Grifiin, v.-as the eldest daui^hter 
of Thomrs Gritl'ii aud Elizabeth (Lee\ his wife. The ancestors of 
this family also emijji-ated from England about the latter part of 
the seventeenth century, and purchased lands and settled them- 
selves on the Pappahauuock aud Potomack rivers." 

[The above is copied from an old Bible leaf, and is in the hand- 
writing of Thomas GriiVm Peachey, the first uamod, save the parts 
included in brackets which are in another haiid.] 

Samuel ' Peachey, the immigrant, was justice «.>f Richmond Co., 
and in 1701 Lt. Colonel. He died about 1712, and his will (dated 
2'.Hh January, 1711- "12. proved ith Juno, 1712,) disposes of a large 
estate : legacies to his nephews and nieces, the si.nis and dans, of 
Nathaniel Peachev, and the sons and daus. of Will. Dolamere and 

Thk Pka. iir.Y Famix.y. 113 

Auno, his \vifo, and ;ils<» Iho sous anil drui'^'liteis of John WiKlnKiii 
and Jauo, iiis wife ; to f^'riuulsoii, Sa»uufl Ptacliey, " my gix-at Silvor 
Tanktu'd tunl mv Renkd Gold liini^', LavLiij^ both my coate of Armcs, 
niul the horso I hitdy bouj^'ht, with the ,SadJl»' and Furuiturc, as 
bolstr-rs and Pislulls," kc; to said j^randson "all my bookcs"; Sis- 
ter Jauo AN'ildman to have koiuc neoessaiy clotliiu^' for the pour of 
the Parisli ; gold rinj^r^ to Col. ■\Vinou;^diby Allcitoii, Capt. Daniel 
jMcCarty, "Sir, Daniel Dobbins, and Capt. Tlionnis Bealc ; requests 
that his {^v^jkIsou, Samuel, "bo sent to the Collodi^^o of WilliaTiis- 
bui-gb, to be iuipx-ovt'd as mu^'li as ho is capable of attaining unto ;" 
otlier legacies to Katharine Dol>bius, James Ijiddleoomb, liubin 
Hood, Senr., AA'illiaiu Dobbins, Ciiarles D ibbins, Thomas Tlurne, 
Eli/.abtth Tiyi'.;h, dan. of Steven Lynch and I^li/.aboth, his wife, 
Thomas liuvly, iVc. 

William Hodgslcin, who was justice of Piijipahannock Co., 
mentions in his will, proved in 1073, the sons of his nepliew, Sam- 
uel Pcnchey, Samuel" and AVillinm.* 

About this time lived ]M:ii-y Peachey, whose will (!M:iy, 171:^ :-2d 
September, 1713) mentions daughter. Mary Tarpley, granddaugh- 
teis Mary and Elizabetli Tarpley, and appoints the residue of her 
estate to bo divided between Jame.^ Biddlecjmb's children and 
daughter EH/.abeth Jones's children. 

Vi'nxiAM' married , and had Capt. Samuel' Peacluy, who 

married AViuifred Grifiin, daughter of Thomas Griflin and Eliza- 
beth Lee, his wif.;. 

Cajt. Samikl' Peachkv's will is on rec<-)rd in l"Jichmuid cnu'ity 
(dated 12t]i Dec, 17iS, proved oth Nov., 17.30). It mentions sons 
Samuel,^ AVilliam,* Thomas Griflln,' andLeli;'y;* daus. Flood and 
Eustace, and crrand-daughtfr, Kate Flood. His inventory exhibits 
a large library. 

TuoMAs Grifkis's %nll (7th Sept., 173-2;-lth Juno, 1733) men- 
tions wife, IMrs. Elizabeth G. : daus. Winifred Peachey, Alice C->r- 
biu Griffin, Sarah. Ann; son, LePoy, grandson, William Peacliey. 
and mourning suit to Capt. Samuel Peachey. He died Sept. 9, 
1732 (parish register). 

The following is from the register of St. Stephen's parish, Piich- 
mond County (kept in the clerk's oilice) : 

Robert, son of Samuel and Eliz' Peachey, b->rn March 21, 1073. 

Ehzabeth, dau. of Samuel and Katharir^e. born Nov. IS, 1721. 

Pliel.e. dau. of S.^iukI Peachey, born Dec. !>:. 1727. 

AVilliam," son of -• " ' •' Ai)ri] -i, 1720. 

114 AViLLuu a:u) Mary (\>[.u:ge QiAnrEiiLv. 

William Grifliu, sou of .Sanuicl IVnchfy, l^urii Feb. 20, 1700. 

Snuniel, " " " " F».'b. 2G, 17:^2. 

Thomas Orifliij/" " " " Dec. 2;i, 1731. 

LcKoy," " " " " Juno 19, 1730. 

^larringro bond of LcTioy* I'cfir-Lcy to ]3olty Taq^lry, diitcJ 7 
Nov., 1759, by whum lie L:ul llli/.a Grillin, born Ot. 20, 1701, 
SamiK-1, bcrn Oct. 12, 1707, and LeKoy, l-orn Au^' 21, 1770. 

Mturiage bond of Capt. William* Pcachey with ^lillion Gbss- 

cock, 81 , 17-iS. Bom, AVinifred, dau. of M'iDiara and Million 

Peachey. He maniol 2d]y ICli/.abcth , and had .AJico, born 

July 2, 1702, 8us:mnah, born Sept. 14, 170-1, Ann, bora Oct. 15, 
1700, Tl)opja.s Oritau, bom Nov. 10, 1770, and Sally, bom 3d 
]3eo., 1775. 

AYilliam* Peachey v,-ns the colonel of the 5th Viij^'inia iJeginirnt, 
in the war of the Revolution. 

The following,' is from a Bible; and all save the last entry is in 
the band^iitin'j: of "William S. Peachy, deceased: 

"T. G. Peachy died in Williarjsburg ou the of ^larch, A. 
D. 1810, in the 70th year of his ago. He was buried in the 
Peachy graveyard i)i the garden to the houso now owned by 11. "NY. 
Hansford. T. G. Peachy, by his tivat wife, had throe children, to- 
wit : 1. Thomas Grimn, born 9th January, 1760. Died 2d Juno, 
1781 (immarried>. 2. John Tayloe, born 19th December, 1701. 
Died 31 Dec, 1785, unmarncd. 3rd. "William Samuel, born 9th 
XoAT., 1763 ; he was married to ^laiy Monro Caiy, daughter of 
Col"\ Wilson :\Iiles Gary, at ' Ceely's,' Elizabeth City Co., on the 
2:ld Xovcml>or, A. D. 1787. He died at FkA7er-de-Hundred, on 
James Eiver (c'v- was buried there) on the 2d Jaiuiary, 1802, age 
3S. !Mary Monro, his wife, died in the city of Williamsburg, on 
the IGth ^'ov^, A. D. 1830, aged 72. (Her mother M-as Sarah 
Bhdr,' sister of Judge John Blair, of the U. S. Supreme Court.) 
Thomas Grillin Peachy (the son of said W. S. cV. M. M. V.) was 
born on the 1-lth day of :\Iay, 1701. On the 9th day of October, 
A. D. 1S17, lie was married to Sally il. Campbell, of Norfoll:. 
He died in the City of liichraond. Xa., on the 21st June, A. D. 
1S04, aged 70 yenrs, 1 mth., 7 days. Sally M., the wiio of T. G. 
Pouchy, died 13 October, 1878. 

1. William Samuel, the son of T. G. P. .V Sully M., his wife, 
was born ISth July. A. D. ISls. 

^S.irnh r>I;iir was cl.'\u;'ht'ir uf John Bl.iir, Sr., vLo ra:\rrieJ Marv Moar:>, 
dautj'bter of Kov. Joliu Monro.— Editor. 

pKACiiEi- FAVir.y. IIG 

2. Arcliiljakl C. rcachy was bom 6th Oct" A. !">. 1820. 

3. Jului Blair rciichy wan born lOlh June, A. D. I.S23, (.lied ILo 
Cth ilay of December, A. D. 18G8, ngcd 15. 

•J. ""i'lioiaas Grifliu Peachysvus born 2StU February, 1820. Died 
3rd :\Jay, 1SG7. 

5. InverKy St. Cleori-^e Tucker Peacliy Avas born 13 Fcbn.', 

C. Mary Monro Peachy was born llDi March, ls:;i. 

7. SaUy Caiy Peachy was bona Jan. 20lh, A. D. 1837. ])icd 0th 
Sept., 1839. 

8. .Alary :\I.ajro Gary Peachy was born 20tli July, A. ]X 1811. 
I\[arri<:d, in the city of Ale.xaudria, on Monday the Otli day 

of Octobor, 1813, l\v the Pev. James Johnston, AVilliani 8. Peachy, 
of tlic city of AVilliamsburg, State of Ya., to Vir^jinia Bland, 
youngest daughter of I'athursL Dain-^'erfield, dec'd. 

Died, in the city of AVilliamsburg-, Virginia, on tlio Isi July, nt 
11 o'clock ]). ni., A. D. 1881, AN'ihiam Samuel Peachy, in tiic G3rd 
year of his age." 

The Pcachcy arras, as preserved on a seal of the late William S. 
Peachy, arc the same as those of John Peachcy, Esq.. of Sussov 
county, England, granted in lGl-1: Az a Hon rampant, double 
queued erm. ducally crowned or, a canton of the last churged with 
a mullet pierced gu (Burke). The crest of the seal diiici-s in some 
measure, but it is identical with a crest of " Jolm Peachey, Esq.," 
whose bookplate I have seen in Judge Beverley Tucker's hliraiy 
in an old co})y of Chaucer's Poems — a demi-hou double queued 
erm, holding in the dexter paw a svrord point upward. 


ICont i lined froni the July€r.'\ 



Here Lyes Interred 

The Body of Frances Todd ' 

wlio was b<->ni April 12, 1C92 

And departed this Life 

Xovember the 5ili 1703. 


Heir Tats tlio ])oily of 

Cjipt. Christ ojilir-r Todd' 

uho vns horn tho ^d Day of AjiriJ in the 

Ycai' of our Tiord ICOO and Dc)iarted 

This Life tl)c 2Gth of March 1743. 

Here hc.-i the Body of 

Cnpt. Th'v.mris Todd,\So!i., 

who w iis Jjorn in Iho Year of our Lord 

IGCO and Departed tliis Life tho ICth 

day of January 172^ 

Here lies the Body of 

Geor^;o "NA'ythe ]iouth 

■\N"ho departed this Life 

Dec' 20th ISOS 

in tlie SGtli vear of his acre. 

Hero Hes the bv>dy of 

James H. Koy 

who departed thisi Hfe 

On tlie 18th 31arch lS'2o 

in the -iOth year of his a;:c. 

Here lies the body of 

ililis. Elizabeth T.oy 

Avifc of 

James H. lioy 

who departed this life 

Ou the 15th of April 1813 

in the 41st vear of her aize. 

Here lies the body of 

yinry Jones, 

Kehct of 

the Kev'd Emanuel Jones 

who departed this life 

April 18th 1S20 

in the sevontv-fuat vear of her a; 

Oll> TuMjJSrosLs in Gi.oicr.srui Cocnty. 11' 

Hero lies the IJody of 

JJaii^^httr uf 
Goorgo W. aiiil laicy ]'. J*ooth 

uho (Icpurtcd Ihi;; Life 

Ou the 12th of, 3818 

in the eighteenth yeur of lier a^o. 

Here hcs the Udy uf 

Philip A. Smith 

second sou of the 

liev'd Armistcad Suuth 

And !M;ijiha Smith 


after a lingering and paiuful illness 

•which he bore with uuc >mmon 

(;ja-istian fortitude 

departed this life 

the 1st day of October 1S13 

in the 2.")th year of his age 

imivoi-srdly lamented by his uumei-ou= 

relation^;, friends and laqaaiiitauces. 

In memory of 

Thomas Smith 

Eldest son of 

The luv'd Armistcad and I^Fartha Smith, 

of IMuthov.-s County, Virginia. 

Born IMarch 5 th, 1785 

Died April 13th ISil. 

In Memory of 

Thomas Todd Tabb 

Eldest son of 

Philiij and Mary 

who was born 

The 4th of Dec. 1TS2 

And departed tliis Life 

The 20th uf June, 1835. 


Here lies the 13oclv 

of liucv AriiiibUad Tiil^b 

J^auglitor of 

The litv. Ainiisttnid Siuitb 

Aud tbo M'ife 

of 'Jhuiiiiis Todd Tabb 

who diipiivti'd lliis Life 

Nov. lltb, 1S21 

in the 39tb year of her age. 

Witbin tliis Tomb 

rest tbe morhd remains of 

Frances A. Taliaferro' 

lato ^Yifo of 

Warner Taliaferro 

and Dauyl'tor to 

George and Lucy Booth. 

lu the full tide of youth, beauty and 

all the external Blessings of friends 

and fortime she sunk to an early, not 

initimely grave 

For the lieauly of holyncss illumined 

her path and she uas ripe for eternity. 

She departed this hfe 

April 8d lS2-i 

Ajred 22 vears. 

Sacred to the memoiy of the 

Bev. Armistoad Smith 

of Mathews county 

"UTio after lla^•ing faithfully served God 

in the Gospel of liis Son 

departtd this life 

Sept'r 12. 1S17, 

aged GO years 9 months ct 12 days 

If sincerity in friendship, a heai't glowing 

with true piety, benevolence c^' chanty 

have a claim to lasting regard the memory 

of the deceased will be fondlv cherished. 


Here lies tlie liotly of 

MartL:i Smith 


of the I'.tw Ai-iuiou-ad Smith 

and dnu^,'litur 

of Edward k Mary 'J'al.b 

v.ho Nvus b'jrii Oi;t'r 21h;t, 1757 

aud departed this life 

Sopfr IGlli, 1S'21. 

Phihp Tiibb 

Sou of 

Edward Sc liiu y Tabb 

Born Oth day of Xovt-mljcr, 1750 

Departed this life 251 a day of Fob'y 


Edward Tal^b 

sou of 

John Tabb c<;: Martha his wife 

iK'in tho 3d day of February 1719 

departed this Hfe 

29th day of January, 1782 

I [ere lies the body of 

Paidiue J^uoLh 

daughter of 

Edv.ard and Lucy Tabb 

aud wife of 

George W. Booth 

who departed this life 

on the Gth of April 1794 

in the 20th rear of her age. 

Lucj- Tabb 

daughter of 

Chi-istopher and Elizabeth Todd. 

Boru November 20, 1721. 

Departed this Life 

ISth day of Eebruaiy, 1701.* 

120 ^VIU.1AM ANJ) M.UvY CoM.lJoL QlAUXUiLV. 

Ill MeinoiT of 

Itidiaril C\fke/ 

BoiJi Nov. 115. 1700. 

DicMl :\raivh 31st ISol. 

Bolovod iu life, luiiieutcJ ui dcrith, 

The best consolation of his fiiciicU 

is thuir lio})0 of liis 



• Totlilbuiy is now occupied by the Mott fnmily, linving p.nssed out of the- 
Todd fnnuly, to which it btlonc;ed fi)r f^cnoratioiis. Tho building upon tho 
plnce is of brick, ami upou the chimacy on one side I have read, carved iu the 
brick, the yenr 172-2. It probably sugi^'osts sotac r-jpairi ru.ido in that year, as 
the tonib>ti.'Des inJioi'.te a much cp.rlicr origin. The house is not lar^^c, but i.s 
ber.utif ully pancUc-d within, and dispensed a princely hospitality. Tho scenery 
of the North rivor Ls eiquisite. Every half lailo or so, some handsome rc^^i- 
dence decorates the shore — Newstead, Toddbury, Eschanuo, Elmiugton, Dnn- 
ham Mabsie, Green riuins. Auburn, Islehaui, etc. 

" There is one to:nb at Toddbury so worn as to be undecipherable. It is 
Euppoied to be of the father of Cnpt. Thomas Todd, Sen. 

- Mother of General William B. Talirxfcrro. 

■• TiBB,— The firit of this family in Virginia was Humphrey Tabb, who 
appears from the Land-Books to ha/e settled in Elizabeth City county about 
1037, and was a justice of that cour.ty iu 1G52. In 1CG2 there is a grant to 
Thori. Tabb, son and heir of Humphrey Tabb, deceased. From these de- 
scended the families of the name iu Elizabeth City, York, Gloucester, Mathews, 
Amelia, Norfolk, ilecklenburg, etc. Among the prominent representatives of 
the name before and during tlio Revolution v.cre Thos. Tabb, Sheriff of ElL-.u- 
bcth City, 170S and 1709; Thos. Tabb, Sheriff of Amelia, 17-il. and many 
years Burgess, who died Nov. 27, 17o0; John Tabb, Burgers for Amelia from 
about 1753 to 1774, member of tho Conveutiou of 1774, and of tho Colom:.! 
Committee of Safet J', 177o-'6; John Tabb, 15urges3 for Elizabeth City, 17l?>-'oS; 
and Augustine Tabb, captain in the State line during tho lievolution. 

Todd.— Several of the name appear early in tho se^enteelith century. 
Kobert Todd is mentioned in the York records in 16-1'2, and bought land in 
Gloucester in ICol. In ICOG there is a grant of Ia:id in Gloucester to Wm. 
Todd, "son and Leir of Bobert Todd, deceased," Ibos. Todd patented laud 
in Elizabeth City in 1C47, and in Gloticestcr in 1GG4. Branches of the family 
were long resident in Gloucester and in lung and Queen. The most prominent 
man of the name was Thos. Tod 1, of Kentucky, Justice of the United States 
Supreme Court, v.ho was born in King and Queen county, Va. The History 
of Baltimore County, Md., states thi'.t a Mi-'.jor Thuir^.-is Todd came from Vir- 
ginia, patented land at North Point in ICGl, and left a Th.omai. 

* Richard Coko was a distingui>hed Virginia politician and Member of 
Congress, uncle of the present Senator Coke, of Texas. 

l^ATEBS From Tin: Ktconiis oi Slkicv Col'ntv. 121 


The foliO".\!!i\' i.s Iho s])Ocoh of Natlianiel ]5;icoji, Jr.,' ilflivoixrl 
io bis men drawn up in Green Sjinn^ OKI rii-l<l«, jacjmratorv to 
nttar-king Sir AVilli.iin Berkeley nl Jamestown: 

Glntllmf-N .and Fi.Li.'iw Sor.nn.r.s: How am I transported v.ith 
gladness to lind yo\i thus unanimous, bold and daring', brave and 
f;allant. You have the vietoiy, befoi-o the fipht, the c nique-^^t l.>c- 
fore the battle. I know you can and dare figlit, while thi-y will lie 
in their place of ref\ige and dare not so much as ajipiar in the 
field before yi-u. Your hardiness will invite all the c-iuntry along 
as wo march to come in and second yon. The IndiMiis wo b. :ir 
along with us shall be as so many motives to cause relief ftom 
every hand to be broujjht to you. The ignominy of their actions 
cannot but so much rclleet upon their spirit, as they will liave no 
courage left to tiglit you. I know you iiave tlie prayers and v.ell 
wishes of all the people iu Virginia, while the others arc headed 
Avith their curses. Come on, my hearts of gold; he that dies in the 
field lies in the bed of honor. 

PAPK ];s n;o:.r the pixoiids of srr.PY county. 


I. Proclamation of Sir 'William Berkeley, dated 20iii Septtinber, 
IGGO, published iu a previcms number. 

II. Proclamation of the Peo):)le. 

""\Vethe freemen i.V: Inhabitants of this County now present doe 
accoidiug to our Dutye iV allegiance Heartily, Joyfully, ».\; ujiaiii- 
mously acknowledge cV: proclaim that Imaiediately uiwn the decease 
of o' lato Soveraigne Lord King Charles The Impereall Crowne of 
the Realme of England a: of all the Kingdoms, Dumiuious iV lights 
belonging to the same did by inherent Birthright, cV lawful! iV; un- 

' From tlie rtport of the commissioners. They gnvo the foilowiri!:j descrip- 
tion of Biicou: "lie wiis said to bo aijont four or five nud thirty yenrs of uge, 
indiilereut t.ill. bnt slender, blnck haired end of en ominous, p cusivc, mdan- 
choUy'ect, of n pestilent and pvcvulcnt logical di:j<x)urso tending to nth^ism 
iu most companies, not given to too much talk or to mako sudden replies, of a 
most imperious and dangerous hidden prido of heart, de^pi^in^' the wisest of 
Lis nt-;,_hbor<= for their ijiiorrvnco, and very fimbitiou3 and arrou'ant. Bit all 
the^e thiu:^ Hy hid in him till after he was a councillor and until he became 
l>owerful and popular." 


<lou1>tc'l Stirr<K<ioii, (Ipscriid .V couvi to li is iuo5;t excellent Majcslyo 
Charles tlio Sccoiul, hciw^ IJucully, justly A: Lawfully nex lieire 
of the Blood Fioy'iU of tliis lUnhno, And that hy the goodness A- 
providcnoo of fthui{:]:hty god Hee is of England, Scotland. France iV 
Ireland, tl'o most jx-lont, rni;:,dity, ».<: undoubted Iving. And thtre- 
imto wee most humbly, iV' iViiitlifully doe submit <^: oljhdge our 
Selves our h'uros, i'^ pusterityis fur evt-r. 

God Save the King. 
"These )>nx-]amaH<-)ns were. ])roi'lainu'd at Southwnrkc in ihe 
County of Surry in Virginia with the acelamatiuu of a great jxart 
of the County then present and Ifccorded, the Eleventh day of 
flobniary lining Thursday Anno IGOO.'" 
l\r l;o: Stanton el. of s' County. 

III. r(:liti»n of Pcier Greene, one of the ^Eagistratcs of Surry. 

"To the llono'ablo Cull Browne the Humble Remonstrance of 
peter Greene givetli you to understand that the secondaiy \-eare 
tliere was a Strang horridi: Imposition by Oath Enjoyned on the 
peopell in gtunerall. but most Especially upon the Commanders of 
the Colloi.y ol" the whith I was then one of the number in the bo- 
Lalfe of my Iving iV Countrey the whole oath seemed so Detestable 
& sacralegious to me that 1 did not only liefuse it. but lilccv.ise 
utterly detest the Thoughts of it being most Damnable lieraticall 
imposition coutrarye to the fandamontal laws of the kingdom A: 
my teudtr Conscience i^ withall did then in the face of my Enemy 
that had tlie power to Destroy my body Express v't declare that 
I would sulTer y* txecution ojY death before my owne Dore than 
derrogatc from those kingly principils which I have beone ever 
naturally Endued wi'" this I have thought good to declare unto 
you that I desire a Cap' pleacc according to succession but that 
you would be j>leasod to Consider y' Endeavours A: loyalty of the 
King's autient friends and acquaintance not that it is my desire to 
displace any man but that my loyalty may be considered by some 
Encoui'agemeut according to my desarts which is the hai-ty A; loyall 
desii-e of him y' is ur would wish to be acC'.>untcd your loyall friend 
&. sen-ant Plttek Gr.Er.NS. 

Teste: V,'.'-. :\rarriott, John Bulges, llec. ?> Tber, 1GG2. 

KtlJELUON OF 1674. 

Smry. 3\1 Jany Ao Dom 1G73. Of how Dangerous conse- 
quence unlawful! Assemblycs and raeetiugs have bin is EviJ-nt by 
y Chioniclcs of our Nativu Country w"""' are occatioued by A Cliddy 

r.U'Eiw n;OM Tui: Paxoui'S or Suuky Coi'Ntv. 123 

lif-'fiilrtl Miiliitn.l.' {\V'\ uiih'ss ref^trayiieil may ])rovo y' Kuin of a 
Couutvy, nml for y' wo Law. Br.kcr, niul llub' Spencer two of y' 
justices of this County, l)ein'x Infunned y' ou or iibuut y" 12'" of 
Xbr. now L:i.->t past, a company of sudili»tus and ratio people U) 
y" number of llburlcono did unlawfully A.ssend>lo at y' pish chui'ch 
of Lawncs Crceko, w'^ Intent t> declare thoy would not pay thoiro 
l)ul)liii taxes, ^: y' they ]'^:pccted diverse oth'' to meet': them, who 
faileing they did not i)ut thoire wicked desigi} in Kxeeulion, c\: f.<r 
y' y* r;ood Law made ag' Ixoutes I'v: liiotts and jiticulerly y' .Statute 
of y' 13'" of Henry 1 '' Chap iV Injoyuinj^' Justices to Enquire of 
such mecteirv^s, we therefore scut our warrant to y" shrft of this 
County to cause Malhew Swan, Jn" Barnes, \\"' Hancock, AV" 
Tooke, lu'b'' l^acy, Juo Gregory, Thomtis Clay, Mich'- A'pclmrcli, 
Jn" Shcpperd, Goo. Peters, AV" Little, Ju" Greene, i'^ James Ches- 
sett to a]ipenro l^cfore us, yet y" s' persons not being Satisfycd w"* 
thoire former urJawful mcctciug, did this day, y' greatest pto of 
y% meete to.ifether in y" old lield called y" Divells Held,' A: as we 
doo justly Suspect, did Confederate not to discov' wiio wccro y' 
first lustigat' oi* mov' of them to theire unlawful! Assemblijig as 
Afores', A- we upon theire Lsaminaiious doo lludo y' they Imvo 
unanimously agreed to Justitle theiro meetcings, presisting in y' 
same: as api-ioarcs by y" open declaring of Kog' Dellc y' If ono 
Sutlers they would bui-nc all, Ai we finding theire contemptuous 
beha^•iour A: carriage,, not respecting Authority: have therefore 
committed y' psons afores* to y" custody of y' sheriff, untill they 
finde Security for theire appearance att y' next County Col : A: 
alsoe for kecpoing y" peace, w'-' wee Conceive Consonant to y" Law 
in such Ca.=es: and y' ]\Lutcuous psons afores"*, being soe many in 
number, we have by Virtue of y'^ Statute *.>f ye 2' of Henry o" 
commanded y' aide and Assistance of Sev^all of y" ncighboiu'hood 
for theire Security: Given uud' our luuids y- dayc «.\: y'e afores'. 

Law. 1>.\i:lu, 

Rou't SlKNCKR. 

Recorded y' 13' Jan;v 1(373. 

Teste Vv"^ r.duards CI Cui-. 

Rog^ Delk being this day brought before us y° subscribed A; 
comp''- being made to us by AVm. Sheiwood Subsherrift of this 
Coimty, y' y ^d Dclke did this day say, y' we A^ill V'uruo all before 

' Ne-ir Sriith's Fort, ou Gr.ay's Crotk. The naiues of pb.ces iu Surry are 
often curious such ns th? "Flying Poiut," "Sunken M.-^rsh,'* " Il.illowiag 
Point," etc 


one slmll Sufftr, y* scl Dclke Acknowlcilo^ed Le said y" Kame words, 
& }>ein J asked ■svliy tliey meet at y" clnireh he sfiid by reason tbeire 
liixe.s -wtro poo unjust, iV tliey would nut pay it: be was demanded 
who was y' pson y' liivited tbim to meet, ho peremptorily dcuycd 
it: but y' sd Dclk di<l on his own behalfe it and on y' bebiUfe of 
y* olhors then mctt dcchxiro y' tbeire meeting was to be releived 
from }iaym' foi- Dranjs A: Cyder w '' they uev' had, all y" Rest As- 
ser.ted to what he said, save ojily Midi" Vpclunxh. 

Mathcw Swan beinj y'' day brou^dit before us y' .subscribed, Sc 
being asked why lie and oth" mett at y' Church y* 12'" Xber 
Last, he said it was to agree about redress from tbeire taxes w=" 
■were hea\T. he Mas asked how he Icnew theire ta.xes were unrea- 
sonable Laid: lie said m' 3LT!ion told him, and alsoo m' Goreing 
said y' same, A; y' there were some Lxtraordi'y taxts, he being de- 
manded w' disc< he iSc m' Goreiiig had about y' nj Getting, he 
said m' Goreiiag said he wold be there if be did not goo from 
Homo, ct y* said Swan liay alsoc very obstinately pert-isted in y' 
Lawfullne>se of y'' mcetcing, i\: said y' all or most of y*" County 
were of his minde. 

[Similar depositions of James Chcsselt, Rob' Lacy, John Grcgi- 
ry, Tho: Clay, "W"* Hancock, Geo: Peters, Jolin Greene, William 
Liitle, <lno. Shepherd, Juo Barnes, "\Vm. Tooke.] 

?.Iiclv' Ypchurch Saycs ho was att y' meetijig at y' Church, but 
denys to dcclaire by whome he hoard of it, or y' he kntw any of y' 
business they mett aboiit. 

The deiK)sicon of iVrancis Taylor being called before Cap- Law: 
liaker, m"" LoV Cautield iC Cap' Eob' Spencer, to sweare bis true 
knowledge concerning a mcetcing of some of y' p'"*" on fiyday y' 
12 '" xb' 1G73 att Lawnes Creek p'^^ Cburcli is as followctli 

That being at home at my lodgeiug — looking out I Espyed Jno 
Grigory goeing through the field, and called him desire him to 
make me wastcoato, w'** he told me he would, but he asked me li I 
would not be at y* Church for y '■"'■■ was to be a great P of y- P ''' 
mett y'" y"' morneing concomeiug y" Le%7s, I told him I knew no-' 
thing of it, Xei"' was I Concerned in it as being noe housekeeper, 
but I did not much care if 1 went w'^ him to sec w' was done, he 
t'jld me he was goeing to m"^ Cau{i»^lds to take measure of one of 
his men, to make liis freedome Cloayes, k be would hollow for me 
as be came back, w"^ Accordingly be did ».V; wee went togeay', and 
\vben wee came yere we found about halfe A score men Sitting 
yere, and askirg yem how yey did, iSc w"" yey mett for, yey said yey Expect some more to come Intending Civilly to treate concern 


jiig y' IiC\7 for y' tbcy did uinVstand, y' llune was Kov'ftll Officers 
to 1)0 \Kik\ lob out of y* l-o'ivy, w'" thoy kiuw iioe Kojisou for, by 
lli'iistui y»y wcro put to jib uiucb Truul»le iV Exponcc iis tliey -were, 
vV y- Coll .Swnii was to lutvo Five thousand ])ds of tob" for Lis 
ii(.'iil>lc A: Clmrge, y' W"* tob" for y' Offiooi-s and y' Coll was to be 
li:ivicd ou yis p'"*" oucly, tlieirc Company not inccttinj:: ycy stayed 
:il)oiit ail liower, \- soo resolved to Sjuake abouti* it oji y' ju-xt Sab- 
bath being; scriuon day, lu y"" lutenm ou y" Satm-diy, I bcin;;,' att 
in' Sherwood' requested hi)!! to see y* List of y' Leavy w''' he did 
shew me, iV. there 1 saw y' y* Char^'c was Lcavied on y* whole 
County, Ti ■'■' I t-poak of at y Church, yey heareiug yey sai<l noo more, 
iV further saoy nut ITha: Tavi.ou 

]iy the (iov'no' and Ca})' Gou'' of Virg' 

I doe hereby remiti the Ihics of Mathew Swanu; A:, alsoe the fines 
of the otlier poore men that were fined in Sui-ry County Co't, pro- 
vided they acknoNvledge there faults in the said County Co*t, and 
pay the Co't Chai--es. Dated this L'3d Sept 1C7-1. 

SrRKv iiitST REcoGyi/ti).' 

Thcse are t;^. Certitie yal ye agreement between ye South Side 
of James l^iiv'' ^: yis pish is yat ye s' South Side shall pay uuL<.i ye 
pish of James City tV'r ye yeare one yousand six hundred vS: lifty 
tenn pounds of tubba-'co ».^- one bushell of Corne p head A: for ever 
hereafter to remain a ptieular pisli by Yem Selves without any 
further p:ivm' att all to yis pish ■v\-itncss my hand ^-is \k\ Jau'v 
1C49. WiLUAM ]5i;i;kkl!-.v. 

Tveoordod att ye request A: eharge of ^Mij'' ^Marriott ISth ootob 

Bacon's Klbeluox. 

Att a G/t held for Surry County July 4th lOTT Arthur Long 
appeared in Open Co't A^ made the following submission with a 
I'oape about his Neck on his bend' Knees : 

'William Slaerwootl, then siib-sberifT, subse<iueutly Attoiuoy-Gtiicriil. 

•Surry wiis represented first in the House of PnrL^c.^ses in April, 10-1-2, by 
Mr. W'illiftm Thomas, Mr. William Edwards. Mr. George Stephens. James 
City, like Charles City, originally extended indefinitely on the south side of the 
River James. 

- Arthur Lowj, "cv.^s a captain in'Eacon's Ilebellion, and was condemned by 
the General A-sombly "upon lAi bended knees with a rupe about his necke to 
acknowledp'f' Lis treason- niid rebellions before the right honourj.blc f40verDonr 
«nd councell, and b:.-' panloa for lu3 lif--, autl that in like manner ho uoe 
acknowledge his crimes iu the county of Surry, and that he bo committed to 

126 "WlI.I.l.'.M AM' ?vr\l!V Coi.l.Ki.K QlAr.Tr.KI.V. 

I A it I Hi r L*^)!!;^' tlmt nil bystinuli rs may t!ilv«» ikjIIcu of tin's my 
Binefiio iJcpcutum-e of uiy licbrllion, floe here most Immbly ii]>un 
my kiMCS with a Jioapo nbiuite my neck Impli^rc l^nrdnn of Gotl. 
my King tlie IIouo"''" Gov'no' Coinunll t*v: ]\In^c'stnitos of lliLs his 
Maj"" country nuil liuuibly crave the bcnr-fitl of his Maj"" mt -jt 
gracious acts of Mercy t^- rarclon for my Treason and rebellion, 
Ajid thnt this my Sul>missiou iV his I^Iaj'''"' Ivoyall I'ardon to be 
granted me thereupon may bo Entered on ]Ucord to make Die 
same availeable tu mo, in the Pleadeing thereof if Occation sliall 
hereafter bee. 

God Save the Ivin^--, And Piosper the Gor'no"" i^ I\Iaj^istrates of 
the County, with all liappiness iV Good Success. 

Vera record' Test : A\'. i:. CI. Cur. 


AxTiiONTT Lamu (died Dec. 29, 1700) was an early resident of 
Poquoson parish, Yc'vk county, Ya. Inventor}- of personal estate, 

JC22, and 12 cattle, lie married 1st, ."Mary , who died Jan. 3, 

1G7T ; married 2dly ]Jaunah , and had (1), John, h. kw^. 22, 

1G79 ; dead before 17;:;i. (2), Anthomj, b. Feb. 12, ICSI ; d. X^.v. 
15, I73i. (3), ^Villiam, twin to preceding, b. Feb. 12, 1G81 ; d. 
Sept. 80, 1C9S. (1), Ursella, b. March 11, 1GS:3. (5). Maiy, b. 
Feb. 15, 16SG. (G), Hannah, b. Sept. 25, 1G90. (7), iMidel, h. 
Feb. 1 2, 1G92 ; d. July 4, 1744. 

1. JoiiN, d. ]\rarch 28, 1733; raarned Frances , and had S, 

Anthony, b. Oct. 7, 1720; d. March. 1758: 9, Hannah, b. Julv 
30, 1723. 

2. AxxnoNT, mariied Sarah , and had 10, ^lartha, b. July 

24, 1720 ; 11, John, b. July 19, 1723 ; 12, Daniel, b. Sept. 2, 172S ; 

13, Anthony; b. Doc. 21, 1731. bound to a trade in 1744: d. 
April 19, 1750. 

7. D.vxiEL. Will proved in York court November 19, 1744, and 
mentions wile Abigail : sous John and William ; daughter Eliza- 
beth ; nephew Anthony, son of Anthony Lamb, deceased. Per- 
sonal estate i:iventoricd at i"336, 9, G. He md. Abi-riiil, and had 

14, Siuah, b. Sept. 5, 1713; d. September 10, 1713; 15, John, 

safe i-risou until Lo sliall givo gooj secr.rify his fut'ire bvlmvionr." Tl>:ro 
are several dopo^itiuis ro^orJed iu Surry p.c;r\iast Lor.,,' in sT.its by Capt'^in 
Arthur Allen for tl.imagos " wLcu Lo f orco I him from hia house IS 7bcr last '" 

Lamu r.\Mii,\. 127 

I.. June 11, 1717: IG, ^Vinim^, b. March 20, 1722; 17. Ann, b. 
Oct. 3, 1721; 18, i:ii/.ab.,tli, b. Feb. IS, 1T2G-27: Hnunab, b July 
10, 1729; 19, Daniel, b. Dec. ]1. lT;3o. 

8. Anxhuny. ^^'ill provod 20i1j Maicli, 175S ; uu'nlinns sons Juhn 
uiul AuthuiiY, nvA dnu-htcr lUi/uboth; Jolm Pnt-^on, of Klizubelh 
City, executor. I'crsi.ual cst;\le vcliu-d at C171, (.'•, 2. }lo mar- 
ried 1st, luicliel, daup-litcr of John '• and Marv Hay. She was Ivorn 
Any. S, 1720; died May 31, 17G0. ])y tirst marria^'e .bilhony 
Lamb bad; 2U, Jonn. b. Nov. S, 1742; 21, Antho»y, b. Doc. 18, 
1744; he married 2d]y, EU/abeth. daughter of John Prcsson*; she 
died Feb. 25, 17 7. By her he had 22, Ehza. b. Jan. 2."., 1757. 

JufiN. Probably 15. married INIary , and had 2:"), William, b, 

Jan. 1, 1743; 24,' Thomas, b. May 27, 1740, d. Oil. G, 174G; 25, 
John. b. Oct. 12, 1747. 

[The ab'jvo entries are t:il;'.n'from the Parish lie;;i.ster.] 

21. AvrnoNT. Ho resided in Charle.s City coimty, and man-ied 
Putty Kmory, b. :\ray 0, 1751; d. Dec. IS, 180S, and had 2tJ, t<.illj 
Zam\ b. Aug. 13, 1772; 27, liachel, b. Nov. 8, 1773; d. Nov. 25, 
1773; 28, .Pachel Betsy, b. Oct. 31. 1774; 29, Pobert, h. Oet. 30, 
1777; d. Mr.y 16, ISlo'; 30, John, b. ?Jay S, 1780: d. Dec. 5, 1S44: 

' Ciipt. William ILiy, J. P., of York county, sluriff, bur,;_:ess etc., was bora 
iu 1613, r.U(l died Jauu.iry '2:3, IOCS. He nid. 1st, Mar-;orY, widow of Jobii 
Griggs (1655) ; md. idly, Eliznbotli Brny, widow of Edwurd MiJiill nud of 

Kobeit Sheild (ICCl) : 3raiy, Bridget , by whom ho had Willinui, b, Oct. 

3d, 1C(35, nnd died July o, IGuC; aud Elizabeth, b. Nov. 1, 1007, " solo heiLiSS 
of Capt. Hay," who married Samuel Suigueil; but she lenviuc,' no cuildrcu, the 
]^rc-porty cUsocndod, under the will of C.\pt. U.ay, to Ro\it livj, sou of C.ipt. 
Hay's "kiusranu," John Hay. of York county, and Mary, his wife, d:i-i. of 
Armigcr Wade (died Jan. 2S, 1676). 

llor.EET H.\Y. b. Ifth Mny, lOGo: died April V2, 1717. Inventory of per- 
sonal citate, £ly2 os. 5d. He md. 1st, Kachell, aud had John, b. March 27. 
lt!97; d. Nov. 21, 17c>5; Kobort, Elizabeth, "WilUara, Jnmes ; married 2dly, 
Hannah Hind, and had Dorothy. 

Joux, his sou, married Mary , and had Kach-1, b. Jane 17th, 172ij; 

baptized July lo. 1720; she married Anthony Laiab; and had John, Mary, 
Kobert, and J&uios. I believe George Hay, the celebrated lav.-^.er, was of this 

Anthony Hay, to whose house in Willian;sburg|tho B;ir':;-?«es, in 170O, ad- 
jo'imed when di -solved by Lord I'ototourt, \\as also of this famdj-. He m.\r- 
ried ElLrrabeth, daughter of Thomas Penman, ami left Thomas and other 
children. Will proved T>ic. 17, 1770. 

Dr. Peter Hay, one of th.o most eminent ph\-sicinns of Vir:.,'iui.'\, died in 
17C6, and left a widow, Grisr^ell, aud children, David. Pol ert, Lydia, Helen, 
and M.arj'. His will sj-ak^ of hi-: brother, David Hay, of New l"ork. 

'Will of John Prtssou, proved in York coiuitv 2lst Dec. 1707. 

128 AViI.LIAM AM) MvtiY Cul,I.j;oi: t^L AKTKnrA-. 

31, Anlb.'Miy T.-nnL, h. Au<; .'., 17s2; d. Aii^,'. 3, 17s 1: 32, Fuunc-y 
3J.iyo, 1). M.iy 21, ITsr,; d. July 27, 179:.; 33, WJlliuui, b. Sf-pt. 27, 
nS'.i; a. Oct. 11, 17S»; 3i, Anthoioj lla,/, 1.. Jan. 10, 1700. 

20. Sai.i.v. M:'.iriL(l Honry Kdloe niul had Ml, Anue Cuckc, h. 
8q.t. 10, 1701, niia 3."), llouiy, 1). .^laivh 7, 170G. 

34. ANTiioNi- Ra. I^rairiod Ann S. M.)ieoock, lYb. 21, 1822, 
ami had 35, William IJ., h. Feb. 17, 1823; J. Oct. 10, 1821; 30, 
Ann Kli/alx'th, b. June 23, 1828. 

[The ab(>ve entries nro coutuiueJ iu an old panhiuent bound 
b<x>k in the posse.ssion of James C. Lamb, judge of tlie Chancery 
Court of the City of Riehnioud, sou of TIev. Lycnrgus Lamb and 
grandson of 30, JnJoi Lamb.] 

Hon. Daniel Lamb, one of the fouudor.s of llio Slate of \Ycst 
Virginia, chairuvAu of tlie convention who formed tlio State, aud 
theorij^inal drau;;htsiuau of the Stale Constitution, ulio was found 
a few months ago dead in his bed at (he age of 82, must have como 
from this family. 

Col. WilHam Linib, of Norfolk, is descended from Kichard 
Lamb, a wealthy merchant of that place before the Jkvohition. 



[85 blank- 80.] 

October 8th, 1750. 

At a meeting of the President ».\: Masters of AVilliam and IMary 


Present, The Rev' M' Thomas Dawsun, President, Emmanuel 
Jones, Gronow Owen, Jacob Rowe, cV William Small. 

Resol: Unanimously that Mess"' Capel ».V Osgood Hanbuvy 
Merchants in London, be appointed the sole Agents and Managers 
of the Bralierton Estate, Jc that they have full Power to revoke all 
former Commissions granted to others, c^ to settle the Accounts 
duo to the said Estate. Thomas Dawson, Pnsidcnt. 

December lOih, 1750. 

At a Meeting of the President ».\: Masters of William .v .Alary 

Present, The Rov' ^I- Thomas Dawson, Pre-ident; Emmanuel 
Jones, Gronow Oweri, Jacob Row(!, Jc AViliiam Small. 

MKtTlNtiS OF ]\[.\STK.U.S OF \\■ILI.I^^^ AND ^FAnY COLISJ.K. 12'> 

lU'Sol: tlint Co\ GcoY'^e Mercer l>o n}«ii"inte<.l suneyor of llio 
liinds on the Ohiu. 

f S7 bhuik- .SS.J 

Fcbnmry 21bl, 17(10. 
At ii Meeting; of the Prcsklcut iV Mftstor.s of ^Viltialu iV ^Mnry 

Preseut, The llcv' M' Qliomrif; Dawson, I'residriil ; Eniiaanud 
Joues, Gronow Owen, Jacob 11 jwt>, iS: AN'illiaiu Small. 

Resol: That John Blair Jnu'' Kstf be api)<>ii;t.'il Bursav of the 
CoDc^'O in the ria.-e of :\rr John I'ahner, ] )ceLa. 

Th«im\s Dawson, Vi'. 

March 1:1th, ITCO. 

At a Mectin-- ut the Trcsiilent v>c Masters of W"' and :\Jary 

Preacnt, The Itev' Mr. Th-tnias Dawsc^n, Presiilenf ; Ihmnanuel 
Jones, Gronow Ovveu, tV, "W™ Small. 

Rcsol: TJiat 3rr. Tobert Walker bo appointed to overlook the 
College Quarter at Nottoway, cV that he be allow'd at the IJatc of 
twenty Pounds \' anu. f(jr his Trouble. Thomas Dawson, Pr\ 

[SO blank— 90.] 
April lOih, 17G0. 
At a MctLing of ihe President and blaster's of "William and 
Maiy College. 

Present, The Eev' r^Ir. Thomas Daw.son, l^resideut; Emmanuel 
Jones, Gronow Owen, Jacob Eowe, cV; "William Small. 

I^e;ol: That M' John Mathews Ijc appointed Usher of the Col- 
lege in the Place of the Pev' M^ Hatton, who has resigned. 
June 27th, 17G0. 
Present, The liev' Mr. Thomas Dawson, President; Emmanuel 
Jones, Gronow Owen, A: "William Small. 

Resol: That Mr. William Powe be appointed Writing "Master of 
the College, pro Tempure, in the place of Mr. Joseph Davcnjtori 
Sen' \vho has resigud. 

[91 blank— 92 and 9.].] 
September 2oth, 17U(.i. 
At a ^decting of the President, ami Masters of "William and 
^laiy College — 

Present, The Pev' ^Mr. Thomas Dawson, President; P^mmnnuel 

' Jad^je John Blair, son of Prc^iilent John Bhiir, of the ComicU. 

180 "\\'ir.T.l\M ANU MaUY OiLLEGK QrAHTK.ULV. 

The INv' W. "William NVubb, (at a iiioctiu.<,' of tlie Visitors .^ 
Govt;iini-s ))..'1<1 the litli August, 1700) havin;^' befu elected 
:\fastcr of the Grummnr St-hool, in the itlaco of the Uov' ^r. 
Clrot:ow 0\ve)i, vlio ivsi;irnc(.l, diil tin's Day enter upon Ijis sai<l 
OlHce, and sul>sfril>o his Assent to the 39 Articles of y' Chiu-ch 
of Eiij,'land ill the foll')\vin^- words: 

[Same oath as taken by AVilliaiu Stitli, ])a^^e C] 

He likewise touk the Oath DeP'-kU A<hn'mUtraflonc, Are., V'c.h 
Pa^'O OOtli, and subscnb • 1 lo the three Articltii in the 3Glh Canon, 
Vide Ta'^'es TOth and Tlst. 

September 25th, 1700. 

At a :\lecting of the I'rc.sident and :>raster=. of William and Mary 
College : 

Present, the Ik-v' M Thomas Davv.s'.m, President : Kmmanucl 
Joue-s, "William Small, and William Webl>. 

HksoI: That in compliance with an Order of the Governors cV: 
Visitors of tlie College dated 14 August, 1700, the ]k'v' :.f Jacob 
Itowe is unanimojsly de.->ired to remove himself, and his Ijiects 
fi-om the Q'j\[<:^c by M.^uday the 20th Instant. 

JRt\>o! : That an Addition bo made to Paile o' in page the 44:th. 

Jiosol: That Mr. .Alanly's Loiter to his Honour the Governor con- 
cerning the Duty on Tobacco exported to the Plantavions bo re- 
ftrr'd to a future >reeting. 

[95 blaiik— 00] 
March 10th, 1701. 

At a meeting of the Masters of W'"" .Sc Maiy College : 

Present, Emmanuel Junes and William Small. 

Aiter the Death of the llon^'' cV Pev' M" Thomas Dawson, late 
President of the College, the Visitors having elected the Pev' 'SV. 
WiUiam Yates President, he qualided himself according to the 
Statutes by subsciibiug his Assent to the 30 Articles of the Church 
of England in the following words : 

[Here follows the oath, as on page 25.] 

And then the blasters administer'd the following Oath : [The 
oath de p'<hli, kc, as on page 25.] Kt- [William Yates] Iikc^^^5e 
subscrib'd his Assent to the three following Articles in the oCth 
Canon : 

» For a sketch of Vates, seo W'hitt's Ennjcliiwlij, oj BioQriiil'j, Vcl. III., 
p. 233. 


T. That the Iviug's ^Mnjrsly uiulor God is tho ouly Supreain 
GoVLniur of liiis IJcalrn. ami of all .-tlar liis llip;hness' Dominions 
and Coimtiics, as \Vfli i.. all Suiritu:!! oi Va-(1< .siastical Tliin;.rs. or 
Causes, a.s Tcrnpural; and thai, no foreign I'rincc, I'crson, Prelate, 
State or ri'tcnlate hntb or on|L,'lit to have any Jurisdiction, Power, 
Suiieriurity, rrtenuncnce or Authority, Ik'clLsia.itical or Sjiii-itunl, 
uitiiin his ^lajtsty's saiil iJcalms, D...minions nvA Ci>untric-s. 

U. Tlmt the liouk of Conunon Prayer and ordering' of Bishops, 
Priests and J)»tK-ons <-.)n<aiuttli in it nothinj:: ci-uinay to tho word 
of God, and that it [OS] huvfully may so be used, and that I my- 
self will use the form in the said ]"iook prescribed in I'ublic Prayer 
ajul .Sdmini-itraliou of tho Sacrament, aiul no other. 

III. TliaL 1 allow the P.ook of Articles of KoliL'-Jou atn-eed upon 
by the Areh-Uishops and Bishops of both Pro'.-inccs, and the vdiolc 
eler^:y in the convocation holdeu at London in the year of our 
Lord God One Thousand live hundred, sixty and two ; and that I 
acknowledge all, and every the Articles therein contained being in 
number 3i) besides the Kntilication to bo agreea1>le to the word of 
God. ^^'ILUAM Yai;:s. 

March ::ist, 17C1. 

At a :Mccting of the President nnd Masters of VriUiam and Tdn.ry 
College : 

Present, ThePev' M . William Yates, President; Enunanuel .Jones, 
& William Small. 

Pesol : That a Nurse be provided to attend on tho sic': Boys. 

Pesol: Th;d an Undertaker bo n^Toed wilh to build a Stable iu 
the College ].ot in Williamsburg, for the use of the President. 

WiLLLOi Yates, JVesiJmt. 
June 2G, 1701. 

At a Meeting of the President and IMastcrs of ^Villiam and :\riry 
College : 

Present, Tho Piev' ^V. WiUiain Yates, President; Lmmauuel 
Jones ^: William Small. 

The Rev'- 3I\ Pich:ird Graham A. :\r. at a meeting of the Visi- 
tors ct Governors of the CoUege held the 12th Inst : hrwing been 
elected Professor of Morality, in the room of the Bev' 'SV. Andrew 
Bm-naby, who declined that Place, did this Day subscribe his 
Assent to the 30 Articles of the Church of England in the follow- 
ing words, 

Ego BicharduS Graham, I'rofossor iloralis Philosophire «\:c — 
[Oath as on page 25] 



Ho likewise took tho Oath, do li(l«li Adtniiiistrntiouo, Sec. Vido 
Va'^o CO. 

Hft ukso subscrihcd hi.s Asseut tn the tlacn articles in the OCtli 
Canon. Vide I'a.'es 70Hi cV 71st. 

ijrd{Ai:iT:s ix coloxial viucixia. 

TJStkctioJisfrui/i the rCi-onb of JHc/anonrl County, b>/ the h\Utor.'\ 

XVII. Inventory of AVilliam Cul.stou ' (1701) : 

JAbriii'i/: "lu the clo&et by y" cliinmcy in y' ITall one liUiidred 
books of all sorts." [Aniou;.^ otLer items the followiiij^': "Money iV: 
Kings: t\v^uty nine shiUijipfs in old clipt money; In Spanish, Eng- 
lish and Gold 37 pounds, ] G sliillings and nine pem^e ; twelve 
plaiuo gold i'ini:^s ; throe single stone di'to; a p' of gold sleeve 
buttons ; one silver needUs one ricturu of Mother pearlo; one vi.rv 
old watch with stiidd..d cuse ; one L'.>ade Stone; 1 pr silver shoe. 
Buckles; 1 foot brass scale. Phtte in y' Dwelling Honse.''J 

In 170i tho Justices of Iiichiuond County were: Col. William 
Tayloe. ]jiout. Coil. Georyc Taylor, Lieut. Coll Sam' P<:a'"hey, 
Capt. AVilliani Underwood, Capt. John Dean, Capt. Alex. Doni- 
phan, Capt. John Taipley, Capt. "William Robinson, Capt Thomas 
15eale, Mr. Joshua Davis. "~"^-^ 

XVIIT. Inventorvof Capt. Charles Colston, 25 November, 1724— 
total value fSOO, 17, 0;'. 

Library: Iveoble^ Justice 10. : Cooks Institutes 1st part 15. 0; 
Do 1st i^.art old 15. : An old Collection uf the Virg' Laws 2. ; 
Jurisdiction of Court Leet *\.c. 1. 0; The Compleat Attorney 1. 0; 
A Treatis of Testam'- 2. 0; The young Clarks mauuel 1. 0: Deaver- 
loys abridgm' of \'irg' Laws 2. ; Oue great ]3ible old 5. ; One 
small Do. 2. ; Oue praver Book 1.0; The History of Barbadoes 
kc 2. 0; The History oi" the World 5. 0: Tirkius Works tho last 
vollume 10. 0; Coles English Diekiionary 1. 0; ^losos iV Aarons 
Elites of the Hebrews 11 0; Hi.-tory of Europe or ^lonthly ^ler- 
cuiys 2. C; one Do 2. G : Ovids Epistles in l^nglish 2. ; The art oi 
contentment 0. G ; The History of America 5. ; a parcel of old Do 
5. 0: [In all] 37.i; 1. 10^. Among other items, a silver hilled 
sword, 1 VNTiting desk, silver swons, ».Vc. 

XIX. Inventor}- of Cajit. Samuel Peachy (1750) : 

Library : Pappins History: 2 vols io: 2. 10; KoUius Anct. Hi>t : 

'Will of Willir^ai Cobt.>u. J.-.toa '27 Oct . 1701— proved 3Pec.. 17ul. Sons. 
"William nul Charles; iluu.^Lier, Siisiuun; sou-iu law. Mr. Thonms l{c.".le; "a 
Gnive htoae to bo seut f'T to bo Inul over his wife Anne, v.-'.luo £10 ftn.! a 
suitablo in^c•ri^ltion." [NVjllii'u Colston m .rr:o.l the widow of Capt. Thouiaa 
Iknle, of Clifstiiut Hill, in Jlicbuiond County.] 

LlI.KAUlKS IN' Cul.DMAT, Vli;<;iNL\. 133 

10 vols Svo 1. 17. G; lJoin:in Do 12 vols 4to 1. 17. H; B<llc Lettros 
4 !)<» 8vo 1. G. 0; Tiio Unsy Body 2 Do o; Mu^ail 'ink-:, (2) 5: Bo- 
Liliilt Nat. I'luliis.^iiliy {2) 5: Lock on J-Miication 2. G; Kci-l's Loo- 
turo.s 4. G; The CLiribtian I^ifo 5 vols 1. 2. G; Kounet's Au- 
ti'iuitics to lionie 3. 0; Ciiunybfiirs JicveHl'il Iveli^^iou 2. G; Ho- 
sier's Aliuds 2 vols 4. ii ; Lexiocni o : Stilhs Hist \'ii<.diii:i 7. G ; 2 
Tereiu-f Comodics in Lntiu 5. G; Wotsuiis Hoineo L;it ^: Ew^ : 2 
vols 7. G; 'W'obb.s Virfifinia Justices o. 0; Gonloiis Gco-jfrnpliical 
Gram' 2. G; Ciosars Coiiimtut : old 2. G; Tiiu Ajxij^t'/lical Epistle 

3. G; Bevcrid^^'e on llolijiou 1 vol Svo 3. 0; Lock on Hrimau L'u- 
derstandiu^ 1. 3; Sallusts (2) G. 0; The List of Husbandly, 2 
vols 5. ; London Cases nbiid^^ed 1. G; J^»oyers J-)iictiiue of Ira- 
pcacbni' Bovles Keepts 0. G; Unfurtunato Nobi«;iiian 2 V. Svo 
5. 0; The Li'ff of Clevel' (?) •^- ?v 4. G : Gulliver's Trnvcls (2) 2. G ; 
Lu( lids l-"li-iJients 0. G : Instruction for y' Indians 1. G ; ]>e Clirkes 
Christs Beligiou; Q'.iiutus Curtias in Latin 4. G; 2 Saored Dia- 
lo;^uc?. 1. G; Gilbert's pastoral Case 3. C: l-'amily Iveli'jion 1. G: 
Tlie Child' Gcograpby 1. 0; Three Youths Companions 1. C; 
AVfti-rens practical Discourses 7. G: Plutarchs ^b>]-als 3.0: The 
Aryumeuts of TollextVud and his Eeports 10. 0; Siiep'' A'orid!:i:in' 
of the Laws 7. G ; Pearson on the Crt-ed 12 ; a paix-ell of ]\Lu^a- 
zines 2: The Virtu ^ns Villager 4. G: Cowley's poems: A large 
Conion praver Irj.k 5.0: Xeuojihoii 2. G; Vir;.'ils ^Vorks Lat iV 
Eug. 2 vols' 7. G; Jneobs Modern Justice 2. G; Hills Aretlm-ctick 

4. C ; The Plistory of England 1. G ; Stnccas MonUls 2. G ; (.,'ninceys 
Dispensatory o. "O: The Whole Duty of Man (2) 2. G; Liith ions 
Dictionary old o. 0: Philips Engli.-h Dictionary 5; 2 old Bibles 3; 
"Wards Mathen.aiiciaus Guide 4. 0; Kirkwoods Grand Treatis of 
the Sea Law 1. G; Actions for >Slandor 0. G; God >lphius Lcs 
Testimentaria 4. 0: The Hist of the World 2. G; I'lt/.herborts 
Natuia Brevium 4. : Sheppards ^ATaiTOw of the L:iw 1. : \\in- 
gates Sermon Law 2. G : Crokos Bo]>orts 3 ])artes 15. 0: Winijates 
abrid-in of y Siauitcs 2. G; Seventv old Books 1. 0. 0; A jiook 

XX. — Inventory of Captain Ai'thur Spiccr,' (IGOO^: 
The Statutes at Lirrr^o from y* yoare 1G40 to y' 27th of Car 2' 
Kebles Justices Pultons Statutes to y- 7th of Jac. Cro: Bejtort, 
1st pait. Shep. Epitoiny. Laws of Virg' Co. Inst. iJd iV 4th p' 
one vol The Cou\tyfiicer's Light "\Villi:un Kastall's CollLctiou? 
of y' Stat. Dalton Justice Terms of the Law The practic;d 
Kegister The Compkat Atturu. Kitchiu Jurisdictions of Courts 

'Capt. Arthur Spicer, of the Parish of Sittcrbonnic, lvi<-hruon.l Co., v.-p^ n 
lawyer, justice of the poaeo, mid biii;,'ess. liis will was prove^l iu lO'J.'. nutl 
mentions son John; Lylii. ehlest d;vi;^httr of his brother John Sj>icer. latt: of 
Louilon. ile.'M ; nnd Kluabotli. youu^-cit ilnnchtor of the Mr Colston, 
Crtpt. JMiii D.ittiiile. t\n\ Mr John Loyi npp (inteil tni«t'?os of his deiir child 
during his niiuority. IVsires his son to be > to Eu.,'l;\nd for Lis cduoAtiou, 
"nnd thi t of the Chn.rtor h >n-.t« I tike to be the best." The '•ru«>st worthy 
JcfTiey JciTreys E-q. to be npplyr-d to"* in this behalf; nnd he ro.p.iests " Col 
. . . C.irtor of Lriiic.istc-r C^o. tia>-oept the trouble, boia.; sensible his princi- 
pnlls le.nd him to . . . ctiaritublo purposes." 

13 t "William anl' !Mauv Coi.Lixii; Qlai;T£1{LY. 

AVi!'.rn1o<; Abii.liTin.'iils Tiio Mv-.k vi.s cf Ckiksliip The Cl.-iK.s 
Tutor Tlio oflice cf Jlxtx't' Tlio J^aymun Luvvvcr J.)iivctiuii>j 
for y" study of y" Lnw lliiu-hc.;-. l.nw Totlis r.(]>.iiti? The Law 
conccniiu;^' Justices The (^'t>nij)loat Liiwycr by ^\ '" Xoys Noys 
^luNiius Jiul^^o Jiiikiiis ^^'olk.s Magna Clmrtri The ftlllee of a 
justiec by "William Lajiiltert The C^onipleat Atturu: ("Icrkj^ Gin<lc 
f'hilvS Guiite Jure INfaritinio A ]ire))arativo to plcfKlio^' TVnns 
of y* Ijnw Trruis of y*^ Law J''iucs A- llecoveryes I'erliius Treat- 
ise lUeetwoods ojiloc of a Justi(.'c Horues Mirrors D.'claruliuns 
niul pleadiii;:,'-"^ JJrowtou TiiO Life of Sir Mat: Jlalo Colkctions 
of Orders iu Chamv.ry Kesohilions upon y' blatute of J.' : 
Heruts Cc>nveyance.s AVests presidents Debates of 11. Coinuious 
Air' IC^O } [ernes presinleuts Bui-nt Wests SnnboLipfraphia A 
Book of Entries by J II. The attiu-ney.s aeademy LtiCons Elc- 
nients Win,i::aies lu'dly of y* C'onnnon Law a Table to Cooks lie- 
l)orts A ]3espute b.rweone a Civilian ^V a Coianiun Lawyer Ju- 
dex of JSeutences rraeticll ]>art of y' Law most of y" libreirot-ins:^ 
books beiUL,^ old biokeji and Daiuuilied vail att V' ^^hole ol": 0: 0. 
A Largo Bible A Smaller D' A Siutdl D" a ]^attin d' a Treat- 
ise of y" Court Soerat«"'S Orations liichard Hopfers Treatise a fol 
^Vard"s bouk of "Warr Shearons I'omauce Wottuus wurk Cieero's 
Oj-a!i>«is 3 bookes The Boweils of tender mercy foil A Diction- 
ary llullyoke ^la-.-beib History of y* Holy warr Woodtdls Sur- 
•^ery Perkins of Divinity llbl Lxons Coutf mplations Browns 
7:]rror:s riomrvce L'rania Treatise uf Cann>ns of y' Ciiureh. 
Cbiueh Discipline a answer to Mr Ilhodes Ushers Answer to y' 
Jesuits The Gramiiiar priuciplcrs of nuturall ilelipon Christian 
p^Dlicy Bcverius practice of physiek a Concordance of y' JJible 
a Latin TesLameut Ileylin History ]"tawleigh"s History of V" 
"World a Greek Lexicon a lYolio of Sermons Burroughs Treat- 
ise Jannua Linguarum The Cluster of Canaris grapes S' iL-^t- 
thew Hales conieinpiations The decay of pietie Kennellm digby 
of Bodeyes Prnm about Prelacy Icon Basilica Koyall l)lood 
shed Xtian Eelig-ir'ns 2 vollumes Vindicater of Godliness 
ticll ^lerall and Maitiall discourses liistorians Guide ^Madame 
Seddery]s(.') Conversions Catholick doctrine Church of England 
Jannua Linguarum J^acon of advancem' of leai-uing 
Buri^ertlick Logick Historical! marks about Loudon Amelius his 
marrow of Divinity Practice of Piety the Avhole booke of Psalmes 
Supplement of Churnirgery the JllustrioUb Prince of Orange 
Peligio Medici; the defence of Constantine morall gallantly: Tiie going books vrducd att o': 00: 00 A parcill of small bookes 
of little value about 00: 05: 

[Among other items in the inventory are the following: 

One L:u-ge Salt 5jeveu Trencher Salts One Sui:iil Tankard a 

sett of Castors new Three Caudle Cups w"^ handles 1 do/." new 

spoones 27 old ditto 1 silver plate two ^ack cupps 1 )ai-go 

tundjler 1 ^imall Dram cupp 1 musiai'd spoone 1 Tobb Box. \c.] 

NuTi.s AM) Uiiitits. 13r 


Kmciits or TUt (lOM'KN lloitsE sn>)r..— " 1 Ichil h c to vuiu- tiuniiry 
CMUceniuig the 'j^'oldcu horse sboo,' '.yivcu hy Governor Sj)otts- 
^vooil tu my ^a-e;it-i:re:il-j,a-au<lfatlier Kobirt (Fraucis) ]jrooke, I 
n-gret that 1 ran jrivt' you no infonnutiou. I uiu ufniid we will 
Imve to rest contont with the inilubitabk- fact that suoh aji interest- 
ing relic did onoe e\i.-t. Uosidos old Judge jirooke's btatt-jnent in 
his autobiography and his letter to Dr. Caruthers, published in 
Carnthcrs's novtl, 'The Knights of tlic Goldtn Hor^5o-shoe,' Mr. 
luchard W. ]3ro..kf, oi AA'asliinglou, D. C, tell.s nic that th(; late 
Vr. AV. Corc.jrau told him that he (jFr. Corcoran) had often been 
shown the goldeii by an old gentleman named llduiund 
]>ro(.'];e, who lived in Cscorgctowu, D. C, and who seemed to value 
the relic very highly. Dr. Jolm Cropi>cr ^Vi^c, with whom 1 was 
a student at the University of Virginia in 1SG7-'G8, t( Us nie that 
liis wife -^as a Miss BrooLo, and a great-great-granddaughter of 
the old Kdmund Lroolce spoken of by Judge Brooke, and that she 
has a Cousin whose jiame is Kdimmd Brooke, and now living in 
"Wa-shington, D. C. It would seem that these Hneal descendants 
ought to know something about the whereabouts of that interest- 
ing relic of a time so far back in oiu- history." — ^'^ Gjo. 7\ Jir->oke, 
l^ro/t.'^soy of Lair, Wed Virtjinia Uni>:crsit>j, Mor(jiini'.ncn, W. Va. 

JoiDC PiT.vis. — See his letter iu last number of the Qlai.tuuly. 
!\Tr. Brock has the oiigiual, which iio published some time ago in 
tiie Jhspu'ch: ••John Piuvis, the writer, is invested with some 
historic interest to us here, in that ho is said to have carried the 
^bS. Laws of Virginia to England, which were there pubUshed and 
are commonly known as the Pui'vis Laws." 

IsTf^sXuiiED Skuvants. — *'The mayor, aldermen, and justices, of 
Bristol, England, had been accustomed to order the transportation 
of criminals to the American plantations and to sell them by way 
of trade, such idderman or justice taking one in regular rotation. 
As legal Convicts became scarce, they took measures to keep up the 
supply by threatening those accused before them of pclty oll'cnce.s, 
m:'ny of whom were entirely innocent, with hanging, an<l ol'dcera 
were in attendance who would advise the ignorant creatures to ask 
for transportation as the only itlternative to save life, and m general 
the advice was followed. Nor was this nefarious practice contincd 
tf* Bristol, for even from London pers.Mis were sr.ipped who were in- 
nocent of crime. The notorious Lord Jeili-ies, having learned what 

l^C, William am> Mauy Cou,K<ii: (Jr.\i:Tf.nLY. 

Avns brill" ( ftt I'ristol, :iih1 tluit inriyor fiiul nliloiin<u were 
eqiriliy iiiv.<lveJ, nuule the fuiiuer desceud froru bis seat on the 
l>ciu'li, and stand at tlio J3ar in his scarlet and furs and plead as a 
couiiuun rriiuinal, and took security from him and his associntes to 
answer infi.>rniatic-n against them before tiio next prrand jury. The 
amnesty, after the lievolutiun of 1G88, stopped tliese proceedings, 
au<I tlie case never came to trial." — A. G. Gr'ninntx. 

Old Timts. — On the lly-leaf of a book in the librar}' of the late 
M. B. Seauell, Gloneesler county, is written " William Nelson, Jr., 
AV. :M. C. [William and Mary Colk-gc], 1784." Then in another 
hand: "Jane Nelson is a neat girl; Page is a sweet girl; 
Lucy Burwell is the devil, if not the devil, she is one of his imps." 
On the lly-leaf of a record book (1G71-1G7G) in York county clerk's 
oflice, occui's in a largo, bold hand: "Hannah Armistead Is One 
of y* haudsome<l Girls in Virgin'', by Thumas Frayst-r. Hannah 
For Ever, David Cambridge." As the style of the writing appears 
of later date than the book, and as Thomas Frayser (who mar- 
ried Frances Wise) was living in 17."] 4, the Hannah Armistead re- 
fcncd to was probably Hannah, daughter of CoL Anthony ' Armi- 
ste:ul, of }L!izabeth City county (AVilliam', Major Anthony-), and 
]".li/.aboth Westwood, his wife. 

HicioiNsoN. — Humphrey Higginson, age 2S, sailed August, 1035. 
in ship "George' for Virginia. Member of Council, 104i'; mem- 
ber of Council, Cajitain. lG4-i; member of Council, Captain, 
1G45 ; member of Council, Colonel, 1G5'2 ; member of Coun- 
cil, Colonel, IGoj. He resided on his plantation in IGoo at 
Harup (HiU'ope). Fieturned to Englanel and lived at Katclili", 
Ptuish of Stepney; died in ilai-ch, IGGo-'GC, his wife Elizabeth 
executrix. At the time of his death his brother Christopher re- 
sided at Harup, pLmtation, and by will he was to reside thereon 
diu-ing his life. Fli/.abcth, the daughter of Humphrey. marrieJ 
Henr}- Foster in "Virginia; was left a widow, and died in^Iarch. 
lG73-'74. Her mother living in England siurvived her. 

House ILvcrNiv. — Becords of York county, September 10, 1G74 : 
*• James Bullocke, a Taylor, haveing made a race for his maie to 
runn w"" a horse belonging to ^I". !Mathew Siader for twoe thou- 
6:md pounds of tobacco and caske, it being contrary to Law for a 
Iial>ourer to make a race, being a sport only for Gentlemen, is fined 
for the same one hundred ix)unds of tobacc(^ and caske." 

'* Whereas M'. "Mathew Siader, iV James Bullocke by condition 
und'.r the hand and scale of the said Siader that liis horse should 

runn out of tho avsiv that Bullock's mnre mij'ht \viur, "w'" is riu aj)- 
pavcnt cboal«', is ord" to be ]>vitt in the slodcs it tlicre fiitt the 
space of one houre." 

LiainTooi, AVim.ixm. — "Sir: My 'IJarous t-f the I'otumack ami 
the Kappahannock' (the title is ^.Mveii iuaccurutoly in every notice 
I have been) is nut a historical work, but a book of sketches and 
studies of colouinl life, and portraitures of character, Avith illus- 
trative auccdotts, lo;Tends, folk-lore. In dcaliuf^r with thousands of 
details in an obscure period, some errors v.rre incvitabh^, and I 
would be ^lad to admit, were it possible, the denial 'in toto by a 
descendant' of Wiiliam Light foot of ray statement concerning,' 
AVilliam's trouble with his wife. The chaptt-r containing' that 
statement w:i.s i.>ent in proof for rcnsion to Miri ais wellinfonricd 
persons of that connection, but it was only after the volume was 
bound that I received a letter from a lineal descendant of William 
Lightfoot, assuring mo that after the trouble (iirobalOy exaggerated) 
be ard his wife camo together again and lived amicably. 1 deeply 
regret not having received the letter earlier, and had ho])ed that 
the imfortunatc sentence, wliich came from an authority I coiild 
not question, would not be cited from my privately-printed l>iok. 
If. certainly v.onld not have been written, had I kniwn there ^\•as 
any person liN-ing whom it might wound." — JLtw^ure J). C'',;/;r./y, 
Wianno, Mass., September 7, 189-1. 

Mr. Conw.w .\ni> the Ta.MimoN. — (See 
Historical Notes last Quarterh/.') — Any hypothesis of !Mr. Hay- 
den carries such weight that one hesitates to question it, even at his 
desire. It is a satiofactiou to see that he has turiied his attention 
to the most important problem in Virginia genealog^- remaining un- 
solved — Who and whence was Z^Iary Johnson, widow, mother of 
Mar}- Washington ? IMr. Hayden realizes, no doubt, that where 
family legends of exidted relationship are concerned, there may 
be much smoke with but little tire, or even none (a great name 
patriotically given a child often gives rise to such ), but he thinks there 
may be a si»nrk at the centre of the Lanier-Washington m}th. 
For e\-idently I think the stories of Thomas Lanier's marriage to 
Klizabeth, an imaginary daughter of Col. John Washington, and 
Lewis Lanier's marriage to " ^Miss Ball," an iiuagin.aiy sister of 
Mai-y Washington, are variants of one myth. It would be inter- 
esting to know whether Sidney Lanier himself heard his grand- 
mother call Mary Washington "aunt," or whether it was a tradi- 
tion that she did so, gi'owing out of his " !Miss li.dl ' beUef. How- 

138 AVii.uvM KSi) Mauv CViLi.Kor <^>i .MnyitLV. 

evrr, sill' niny luivo been th<' iiioce of stui-ootli'jv ^Irs. AV;i>liiiig-t')ii. 
There Avas a raco of \\':isliii)^'lons in Vir;,'iiiin conteiiiiKiniry with 
the (iiinonil's nnccstors in ^^'oslulOl•c•lau<l, nmong whose dcscrnd- 
anls the trndition prevails that they nro iix,\u the Bainc fumily. 
This is certainly not the case. These Siury A\':ishingtous, one uf 
whom is a worthy Coiif^res^maii from Tenues.seo, have fepread 
through llu) country more than the other faiaily, and one of tlicii- 
Elizabeths may have marritd a Lanier in Nurtli Carolina, canying 
into that family the belief in her relatiou.ship to the General. 
This is more conjecture, but it ajipears to me surrounded with 
fewer dilheulties than Mr. liaydeu's theory. In }>lr. ilaydcn's 
'Virginia Genealogies,' tliere is a letter of James Ball, of Bewdly, 
written soon after 3Iary Washington's death, reporting his etVorts 
to discover somelhing about her mother Mary (Johnson) Ball. 
All of his in(]uiries availed only to show that "she was an English 
woman." His intiiiirics were evidently unaided by any of Mary 
Johnson's own family. There is no hint of the existence of any 
connection of liers in Virginia, or elsewhere, apait from the Ball 
and AVasliington families. Surely, if her daughter Eliza liad mar- 
ried in the North Cai-olina, and had descendaits there, James Ball 
must have discovtred the fact while engaged in tlie investigation. 
At that moment, when the name of ^iary Washington was on 
every tongue, the Lanier relatioiiship must surely have been made 
known by that family or others, had it been then dreamed of. It 
would be interesting to Ln-jw the date of the first letter in which 
this Ball relationship is suggested. About sixty years ago, or just 
filter M;-ry \A'ashington's monument at Fredericksbiug was ded- 
icated with an impressive oration by President Jackson, some of 
the IMonlagu family claimed relationship to her, and tin- LaniL-r 
legend may have started about tlie same time. (Mr. Haydeu, in 
liis ' Vu'gLnia Genealogies,' favored the story that the widow Mary 
Johnson was a Montagu, on the ground that General Washington 
sometimes used the grituu as a crest instead of the Washingtr.n 
raven ; but the gritUn is cai-vcdon the tomb of Katharine, daughter 
of Islajor John Washington, at Pianketauk). Were there anything 
genuine in either the ^lontagu or the Lanier claims, they could 
hardly have remained sikjit at the tune of Maiy Washington's 
death, escaped the diligent investigations of her Icinsman, James 
Ball, of Bfwdly, or been ignored by General Washington in his 
long letter to .Sii- Isaac Ileai'd concerning the family. -Uthough 
}ilr. Hayden, with all other exact invesligaturs, rejects the Itttci- 


cro(i;i(il by Mnii.iii llailunJ au'l otln rs about 'Mi-Uy* Wnsliinj^:- 
tuu's bc-:\ niul lu.r (;uiiiLj to Kii«,']aiid witli lic-r ninili( r, I caiin<>t 
ngreo vitli him tlint 'tliore is not a word of cvidcnro that her 
mother with htr children Avent to Eu;^laiul.' I shall next year ro- 
Kuiue iu England some iuvcsligatioiis wliifii I hope may cast light 
on tliio subject; for the |u-csont, es))ccially as 1 am far away from 
boohs and jnipers, I will go no further than to submit that tiie 
statement of the clcrgymau Colt<:»n, in Jaico/i, that Augustine 
Wa-shi'igton found his wife iu England, and two letters published 
by Mr. llaydun, sho^^ing Joseph Jiall negotiating with a Johnson 
family in England f.)ra ]>all portrait nud reli«'S, togetiior with the 
absence of any trace in Virginia of tlie widow and her daughter 
Eliza after Col. Ball's death, iu wills, records, or church registers, 
or any trace of Mary Ball until her marriage, eighteen years after 
her father's death, do constitute 'a word' of presuni|itivc cAidt.ncc 
that the English woman had returned to her own pei'ple." — Jfo)i- 
cure J)'inicl Cotncai/, T\''i)inoJia, Jifciss. 

[I think ^Ir. Conway's suggestion ab(.>ut the intcnnarriage of the 
^Yashington family, of SuiTy, with the Laniers, of X^ath Carolina, 
is borne out by the wills iu the counties on the Southside. T have 
not just now tlic data to show what connections took place. liut 
?tfr. Conway is certainly wrong about the tombs at Pii-nkctank, 
and lie is also \ATong about them m his Barons, etc., l^agc -IS. I 
have been to "ilighgate," and have my own drawings of arms and 
crests, and the drawings of two other persons; and they agree. 
The arms on the tonib of Elizabeth {not Katharine), the daughter 
of IMajor John ^Vasuingtou, ai'e the Washington arms surmounted 
by the regular ^Yashington crest : Out of a ducal coronet, or, a raven, 
wings eudorstd ppr. The arms on the tomb of Katharine "\\'ash- 
ingto, wife of I\Iajor John "Washington, are: On a chevron three 
trefoils between three wolf's heads; and the crest is a wolf's 
head. These last doubtless stand for ^Mliting• — Katharine bemg 
the daughter of Col. Henry Whiting. —Editop..! 

Pr.E^TON- — Tyle?.. — T had heard the tradition that twu sisters of 
John Tyler, father of Judge John Tyler, married two professors of 
William and Mary College, and that the Visiters had taken the 
jtrofessors severely to task for infrii^.ging the Uionastic rules of 
the institution, which forbade marriage. One sister was satisfac- 
torily ideuiilicd as l^dith Tyler, who married Professor Thomas 
Eobuison, but for some time the other marriage was not cleared 
up. iVrry's '• Iliotorioid Collections" seemed to point to Eev. 

140 "William anh 'M\u\ (^L•AIM■^;nI,Y. 

V\"iJli;uii rre.-,(:>n, but kiiowIcJ^xo of his \vife was withlicUl till the 
kind assistiUice of tlio finiiient nntiiinariuu Chnrlcs Ucst NoivLill"..-, 
H. A., Lau«,'tou Hall, ^Inlton, Yorkshire, furuisiicd cortniii clatii 
which were ijublishcrl in (Jt'vnTKKLV II., Xo. 2, p. ]'J2. llei-« thu 
wife's name wa.s rtiKlercil as ^lury Taylor; but the tradiiioii is now 
fully coiilinned. as the followiiii,' from Dr. Xuivlitie will show: "I 
have lix)kecl again at my rough notos, as well as the fair <'(>]. y, and in 
the former the word is Tyler. It was very carele.-s of me to make 
suoh a mistake, and not like the accuracy I always luiinbly aiiu at. 
'Mc-re haste worse speed, FeMitui loitc." 

"Pbkston. Compiled by C. I). NoKri.iriri:. 

Rov. waii.iui Pr. >toii, ■ 

R.rl. rnf liro'i'-'baii). Woxtinoivland. I Kii/aJ'cth. daiichti-r .thI rr.l.Or of 

i;:'j-17:0. 1). 1 Aiiril 1770. a;i-l 77. Join st.;.l.Lij^(.u. I>. :■••. AmiI iTOT. 
I aged U. Hcireus of W aicoii Ha L 

Autbony l*roslou, Rrv. William Pre-ton 

bpl .^ rue. 17j7. bp. ■.'.^. Veh. 1710-2" Queen's 

Tyue.u'j CoUtgo Coll. Oxl'.iid.l!. A. 1741 M. 

Oiiord .*. Ji.v r);cr'f 24 Nov. I74i 

B. .\. 1747. Ix'eottMof OriLhid.- 170-.'. 
of iVT.ntli. 

.Attoni'^v-at-lnw. bjr. ^farch, 177-* n-.-l .'0. 


iiar. ut %Villnuitibur?. V:r- 
i.':nia]4 s. jit. 174"). him^d 
at Warcoj. Ji LiC. 17s?. 

EIi7.abt:b rnston. Mary Prestou Wiiuani St- ph. Uton Pio.-toa. Sar.iL Todd. 

Bai>t. l?* June 174n Bapt. i:i .Nov. 174S. iJapt. J-:> lulv. 1701. Warcf p. of Brou-jh 

mar. 1 Nov :7C7 Vi-ciria. bur. 1 Bur. PJ Nov. lt.o4 m. JJ May. 17S5. 

=:Laiic«Mot Bland M o'. 1"'J1 

yv/.vi.Va rns'r,,. G^.-^r.-i-SUpht-.i^-m Prr.'t-^n. Rev. Wjlhani Micliaol Stephrti^r.n 

bp. U J>co. 17:.I -— Bapt. JO -luno. Bur, 18 Prer ton. M. A. gu cu s C.:'.- 

ij. Vir^riiiia.Mar. 1 S- >)t. 17.'.9. Warcop. Oslord 1611 D. il, 

19 Nov. 177IJ. d. T W.; Wilkin Sept l>^4i T" ' " 

11 Oct. l':J7. II. K. C. S. of Appkby | 

R.-'v. Charlr<= Mave? Pr. st-ii. B. A, "=■■ ■ ■ ■ 
Vicar of Warccp Is'^-VlsiU.' I 

Sf_vl ok Virginia.- "I was iu Annapolis City yesterday, aiid 
came across what I think may be of interest to you and others who 
are collecting material for Virginia history. 

"In overlooking certain wills, I found a copy of a certificate of 
the Governor of your colony, dated November IG, 173G, transmit- 
ting the depositions of Charles Biu-gess and other parties, taken in 
Virginia to a will respecting property in ^laryland. 

"This certificate was under the seal of the colony of Virginia, and 
signed by WilUam Gooch, his majesty's lieutenant-goveraor and 
commandci -in-chief of that colony, and ajjpcai-s as fresh, neat, and 
distinct as it it was copied but a few years ago. 

"As I urn not ver.-od in the history of the seal of your State, I 
do not know what ch;iuges mav have been made iu the same 

NC'TtS ANJ> (JlTKlI S. Ill 

tlDi-ijit^ your coloiiinl c\is(onco, but liopc Hint tliis fnct Tiiny prove 
uf vnluo to yon in tlie work you are so well brin^'inj^ out in your 
(^xuirtirly." — If. 11. d'ohlsborouffh, Iiii/(lnto7'C. J\fil. 

Since tlio leading article, entitled "The Seal of Vir;.Mnia," was 
put in tyi>c. the editor lias had access to new lii^^'lit. In the clerk's 
c'fllce of iS'orfolk county there are numeious R])eciinenr, of the 
croicn-shaj>cJ seal referred lo in the article. These show that this 
seal was only the authorized seal abreviatod. The intention was 
to save by clippin[^ away all save the crown. r>ut the clipping 
beinf^ done by hand, the amount of wax left varied in each case; 
and in some of the specimens words and letters of the "hoiii soit 
qui nial y ]>ense" under the crown and of the title of the kin;;; in 
the circumference can 1)C made out. 

In the clerk's ottlce in XorfolJ: city is a veiy interesting' example 
of the full wax impression of the seal, as used during the reign of 
George II., which, with the change of the Icing's nnnie, is similar 
in all respects to the ctit presented of tlie seal during the reign of 
King George III. — [EniTon.] 

FiT7ja-G}i P0RTR.UTS. — "Mr. Frank C. Fitzhugh, of 'J^cdfurd.' 
King George county, Va., o.vns the following portraits: 

"1. lleiu-y Fitiihugh, son of ^Villiam Fit/hugh, of Dedfwrd. Kng- 
land, age 20. lG3i. Copied by Joliu He<seHus, 1751. This por- 
ti'ait represents a young man in a long, dark wig, parted in th? 
middle; black eyes; tlressed in a black velvet gown. Is the por- 
b-ait o^^•ned by Mr. Douglas H. Thomas, of Baltimore, the origi- 
nal, or also a copy? 

"2. Colonel William Fitzhugh, son of the above, age -^0. IGOS. 
Copy by J. Ilesselius, 1751. This is the portrait of a large, fuie- 
looking man, full face, rather stout : woa:*s a black silk gown, large 
white necktie, and lai-ge wig of black hair. 

"3. Captain lleniy Fitzhugh, of 'Bedford,' son of the above, 
age 65. 1751. Painted by John Hessclius. He is dressed in 
blue silk or satin vest and coat, large white necktie, no collar, 
white wig of long hair. He was blind. 

"4. Majoi' Henry Fitzhugh, of 'Bedford,' son of the above, age 
28. 1751. 'John Hcsselius, Pinx.' Dressed in a brown coat 
and vest, short brown wig. 

"5. Henry Fitzhugh, son of the alK)ve. Three-quarters length, 
iige 20. Painted by Hessclius in 1771. This Henry Fitzhugh 
was the great-great grandfather of Frank C. Fitdiu-h, from whom 
the above data was obtained in ISSS. 

112 ^^■lI.:.lAM AM) .M.vKV CoiXKt.i: Qi'.vmLHLV. 

" Dcscciidfcl from Cii]tt. Jlmry Fitzlui^li, of ' iJedfuiil,' daughter 
of liis fourth suu, John Fit/lni^>-h, of 'Belle Air,* was Elizabeth 
Filzhu^'h, wife of Cajt. Francis Ctmway. (.See Hayden's ' Vir- 
pfinirt dencalo^'-ies,' p. 2G3.) Her ]>ortrnit, lialt len^'tli, aj]^e lifteci!, 
^vas i)aiiited by J. llesselius, July 1, 1770. The dress is fawn 
color, S'juare ,corsa!?e, elbow sleeves with lace rulHes; one hand 
holds in place a blue mantle. The hair is carrlLd smoothly back, 
and is very hijdi over a cushion, dressed -with strings of pearls. 
There is also au ivory miniature of Elizabeth Fitzhugh Conway as 
a yoimg widow, with quaint cap and 'kerchit f. .She afterwards 
nmrried Col. James Taylor, ancestor of the Taylors of Newport, 
Ky. lioth oil i)ortrait and miniature are owned by r^Iiss Frances 
Seutt Cou\\;\v, Louisville, Ky. Geu. Charles L. Fitzhugh, of Pitts- 
burg, Pa., descended from George l-'itzhugh, foui-th son of Colonel 
William Fitzhugh, the immigrant, has portraits of his whole line, 
beginning with the above Wilham, with the one exception noted 
bolow : 1, WillJaia, the tirst in America; 2. George (missing); 3, 
William, of ' ]^ousby Hall,' Maiyland : 4, William, of Hagersto^^^l, 
Md. ; 5, Heniy, of Oswego, X. Y. ; G, Charles L., of Pili^burg, 
l*a. ; 7, Ilcurv, of Pittsburg, Pa.; S, Charles Carroll, of Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

"Genend Fitzhugh is very anxious to obtain the portrait of 
Gecnge Fitzhugh. if one is extant. Can any reader of the Qr\R- 
TF.Ri.y assist him in his search ? Is Mr. Thomas's portrait of Col. 
William Fitzhugh, the immigrant, the ongiual, or is the original 
the one owned by General Charles Fitzhugh ? Or if both of theso 
are copies, v, here is the original portrait ?" — JCotc Jlason Iloirluwl 

Thkockmoktox. — "I lind in your issue for July that you have made 
two mistakes, both of which should be corrected. First, ou pa^re 
50, in the letter from Robert Caiy & Co. to Major Hubert Thi-ock- 
morton, you have omitted the following paragraph, beginning nt the 
bottom of page 50. The letter should read : ' Gloucester Countv in 
Virginia anil to his Heirs and assigns forever and had appointed tb.e 
above I Bailey his Trustee and Ex'. Mr Bailey desired we would 
send him an answer, which we did. and as he purposes writing him- 
self shall as soon as we receive it order it to be Immediately 
forw.ivded. We presume IVIr John Throckmorton to be your 
Eldest son." From here on you have quoted the letter correctly. 
The other mistake is in the wording of the certificate, and consi.sts 
in the in.sertiou of the word 'or' in place of 'etc' The certilicatc 
ou the back of the coat-of-urnis should read; 'The arms, crest. 

Xorrs ANi> Qi Krits. I-}.'! 

stiul quartoriiif,'S ilejiictcd in tliis ac-liievcimnt bc-loup to Jvhu 
Tinoclcmoridn, of ^^':lro Pnrisli in ^■il•f^Jli!^. extrnotccl from tvi- 
ileiiCcs jn'tscrvcil iii tlic J/i:ra/ds' i tlicc, ]>jndou, liy iJalph LJi;,'- 
l:iml" — ^'ohUTsel Ihrahl, J:ffj. :i JA/r.-A, ITc;). 

8l'(- the pedigrees of this family in tin- \ihit:itioiis vi Huutiii^'- 
tluii, otc, in tlie IfcnOils otVic-c— r. IT. 'l'liiu:L)norton, .'M3 
JJrotiJirinj^ Xtir York. 

DiiiGKs. — In llio Pi;'-.i,'cs pcdi^acf, QuarttrJy, .lannaiy, 18!t3, tin- 
lirsl uife of Coluntl "^Vil)i:un Di^'.^ts, of Denbigh, I llizabetli, ciiugli- 
tcr of Julni AVonut-lfy {Ilcuhnjs K>tatntcs, Vol. 8), is omitted. 
Colonel "\VilIi;im Di;^'<jc.s, Sen., died before 1781, ns ajipcars from 
advertisciuent.s in the GuzcUc. Colonel Eduard ])igj;e.s, his 
In-otlier, died before 1785: ns his tru.slee, Thomas Ntlson, Sen., 
advertise.s for sale that part of Newport Xcw.s tl'iit lies in "War- 
wick County, containinrj by a late .survey seven hundiw d and f.irty- 
onc acres, and foui- hundred ao-es on York Tliver, two miles from 
Yorktown, includiuLr his mansion-hou.-ie and a i>art of the land that 
proeluces the famous 1".. D. tobacco. 

Stk.^chey F.\.mii.y (See Quarterly, July, 1893. for SUtrc/ni/). — In 
the JfkinticMunthhi for :\rarch. ISUH, is an article entitled "The 
Old Hall and the Portraits," by Sir Kdward Strachey, Bart. Tlie 
"Old Hair' is Sutton Court, the ancient seat of the Strachey 
family. Tlie article is in the form of a dialog^ue between " Foster"' 
and •• Squire," who represents Sir Eelwarel Strachey himself. 

After a statement that the "William Strachey, who came to Vir- 
ginia, was the ;jraudfather of John Strachey, a friend of Locke. 
" Fo.'iftr " asks. " lUd you keep u]) your connection with Virginia ? " 
"S'jnire:" "Yes. Two migrations are recoreleel in the family 
pedigree. And though the male line ended, I still correspond 
with a worthy representative through the female line. This gen- 
tleman opened a eonauunication with me after the war of 1801- '05, 
in the troubles of which he had lost his family pedigree, and asked 
me to help hira t-i su}^ply its place: anel in token of his claim ho 
sent me photogi-aphs of the pictmxs of several of our exmimon an- 
cestors, of which the counterparts are now hanging before you."' 

In the Hakluyt Society edition of "William Strachey 's "Vir- 
ginia Britannia," the editor st:ites (jx i), that in the ]>odigTee of the 
Stracheys of Sutton Covu't there is mention of a W. Strachey, of 
Sailiou ^Valden (^married in 1588 and alive in 10"2(»), though with 
DO notice of his having been in Virginia, but "it is remarkable, 
however, that his grandson of the same name is espcciaUy refen-ed 

in A\'ll.lJ\M ANH ^Ia):V Cul.LI.ui. (JlAi:-J KKLY. 

to as Lnviiij; emijjfiutfd to tliiit jibxcc " [Viifriaia]. Sir Hcniy 
Slradioy was i»nvato socretarv of Goucral Howe tluriii'jf the Aiiicri- 
can llrvolutioii. 

TJli: JiOTETOlTiT ]'i:iZK 3Ii:J).\LS. 
Lord Bc-totourt, wlioii j^'ovtriKr, ])rt'vi(l(d t\v(i;,'(.M medals which 
were awarded for four years as j^rizes for the studcuts of WiUiain 
and ^fary C<.>lle;,'e. The medal for excellence in matliciuatics was 
^aveu iu 1772 to Xathauael I'urwell, in 177:} to l)a\id Stewart, iu 
1774 to Jose]>h l"!frgh-.stori, and in 1775 to Jtihn YOiitc. The meilal 
for excellence iu classics was awarded in 1772 to James Madison, 
afterwards jiresidcnt of the Colle;.je, in 1773 to Samuel Sliield. in 
1771 to AVallcer IManiy, and in 1770 to Thomas Kvans. ^L-. P. L. 
Duruell, of Cumberland, 'Slii., lias inhented tlie medal of his an- 
cestor, NathajKiel Lurwell, and the medal awarded to Samuel 
Shield is now held by desceudauts iu Hampton. 

DiT.v, Tu( -aay, Juno 10, lSO-1, Li:n.;amin S., LL. D., Fel- 
low of the lioyul Society, President Emeritus of ^Villiam and IMary 
CoUegc, and late Colonel of the Thirty-second Pcgimeut, Vii'ginia 
Volunteers, C. S. A. lie was truly a remarkable man. Thoui,'u 
eighty-four years of age, he retained almost to the last his brilliant 
powers of conversation and inexhaustible fund of cheerfulness and 
wit. The College was put in mourniiig for his loss, and his body 
was deposited in the College burying-gi-ound. He was president 
of the College pro tempore iu IS-IS, and became permanent presi- 
dent in 185-1, acting as such till his resignation, in 18S8. Chiiily 
thi'ough Col. EwelTs exertions the Historical Oitalogne of tlic 
College was prepared iu 1850. I believe it is the first of its kind 
in tlie United States. After the war his l.jyalty to the Cullegt- in 
its darkest hom-s won for him the admiration and love of eveiy- 


Padf. r>v ViKGiNiA, from "Vir^iuiK Gcncalof^ios. " Ihi Juv. llorare Edicin 

}Iay<kn, M. A. 
Hook - Eaunes of Virqinin aiul Maryland, from " Vir^iinin Gcncftlo;;lfc.-." By 

Rev. Horace Ediciix Ilaydcit, M. A. 
Ciiaklj:3 Cunii'iLi^ of CarroUton, Inst surviving si.;iior cf the Declnratiou of 

iDdcpeiiJcucP. By lit t. Ilorncc Kdirin llaydcu, J/. A., WilkulKim, Pcnn. 

Tlieae piiiuplilt-ts nre iiitc rostiut; coutrihntious to lii>tory aiul pciicalof;y. 
Tboy display Mr. Daydva's excellent talent for order nnd syhtenintic cx>ndeu- 
sation. Virginia and r^Iaryland are cortainly fortunate in liaviug such a 
cautious and able exponent of fact as Mr. Il.aydcu. Tlic labor Lo has done U 
prodicrioub, and deserves grateful acknowledgment. 

A IIi.sTor.v or ike Vxitud Stah s for Schools. By John FhJ:^, Lilt. D., 
LL. JJ., t!c. With Topical Analysis, sutrirestive Questions and Directions 
for Teachers. J>y Frank Alpine Hill, Lili. J)., tic. Boston, New York, 
Chicago : Ilouujhtou, Miiliin A. Company, The Ki%-er3ide Press, Cam- 
bridge. 1>91. 

This -^ork is a doliu-htful contrast to the usual made-to-order histories 
inflicted upon the country. Prof. Fiskc is a prodi';r>- of k-aruin!,' on all sub- 
jects, and a'] of his works are pleasant reading. One feels that he is in the 
hiinds of a true historian when reading Dr. Fiske. One thing can be truly 
said of him, that every Southern man can read his works without that outra^je 
of feeling to v.hich he is subject in the case of nearly every other Xorthern 
writer, who, uniting igiicrauce of the South with the haughtiness and ferocity 
cf dominaiion, are continually olTending the facts of history and the sympa- 
thies of their Southern readers. Dr. Fiskc's devotion to his native New Eng- 
land is warm, and his loyalty to the Union cnthusia'^tic. But this doe.s not 
prevent his writing like a gentleman, and appreciating the force of truth, even 
in thj case of the South. Dr. Fiske's crj-vlanation of the name "Amoiica," 
given to the contir.eut, instead of "Columbia," does only justice to the great 
na-vigator, Americus Vespucius. But there are so many good features about 
tlie "History," that I cannot spare <.pace to enumerate them. It is much easier 
to give my objections, bocauso they are so few. Probably Dr. Fisko might 
have laid more stress upon the settlement at Jamestown as alTectiug th.' settle- 
ment at IMymouth Rock and the whole English colonization. The failure of 
that great work would probably have handed over the continent to the 
Spaniard. While spoaking of the "riff-raff" imported to Virginia, ho might 
have dwelt upon the similar emigration to New England. It will hardly be 
contended that all the emigrants settling in New England were huly pilgrims. 
Besides, he might have equ;diztd things when stating that very few of tho 
criminal cla?3 were imported into Virginia after 170i>, by adding that for many 
years in recent times the Northern States have been the dumping ground of 

14G AVu.I.lAil AMI MaJ;V CoM.KOi; QlAUTl.l'.hV. 

Europeftn outcasts, ucoiling strin;^'ciit k;.;islfition from Chh'^tobs. Ou pnpe 2 IS 
he 8av6 tlml " tho no\s- coustifUiuu cn-ntcil n uatiouiil Houso of licpresfiitri- 
tivcs \vlji'"h c.iul I tux the j)coplo; n Scunto wliich rciiicsented the Et-Teriil 
States," etc. Doos Dr. Kiske inonu i!iat the IIcusc of liciiresentatives tloes 
not ropresout the Slates ns much ns the Sennte? Then I refer him to Mr. 
Upshur's review of Jiul^^o Story ou thia subject. The Si-iuito takes as m'lch 
pnrt n^i the House in tnxiu;^' the peoi'lc, nud the House is coustituted as mucli 
ou tlic bnsis of the St.ite ns the Scu.Tto. 'J'ho aim of the NortLeru writers liiis 
been to destroy the federnl clKiracter of the L'uion by iuvonliut,' a uoudescript 
busiucss, "partly uationfil nud pfutly fcdernl," by dwelling upon the diflt-reuce 
in the powers of the govornuunt uiuler the old fjoverumeut aud under tlie 
new. liut suppose there wiis a sitiglc clause iu the Constitution declnriiik' 
"this Union is n IciHguo," would the distribution of the powers as tliey tir-j 
disturb this fundamental fact ? Powers may bo ever so extensive, and yet bo 
fouudcd upon contrn'^t. Again, why is it that Dr. Fiske in his map of succes- 
sive acquisitions of tt-rritory by tlie Liiitod States limits " Texas " to her present 
boundaries, and describes the rest of tho vast territory acquired from Mexico f-.s 
" Mexican Ccs^ion." The United States took Texas witli full knowledge of 
her claim to the Kio Grnudu, and from its hend-wiiter.s to the forty-second 
parallel of north latitude. They afterwards admitted her tii^e by paying her for 
two-thirds of New Mexico. It is true the ifexicaus denied the vpdidity of the 
Texan claim, and assigned the Xi/eces as the southern boundary; and the Free- 
Eoilers adopted the same view for a purpose. But the United States were in 
honor bouijd to do what they could for Tex: s iu the uortoti.Uions with Mexic.>, 
To be loqical, the map should either bo constructed to represent the Texan 
acquisition as bounded by the Xueas, or give the full claim of the Texan Con- 
gress as far north as the for.y-secoud parallel. 



•F^-j'".. i",^.yn.^'' .-•-iV-i-'-A*"^^^'^? 


--■--■ .V,, ..-.,..,>i3 

1 .J' 


V -^ . :-R 

^'^iM:-^'' '-'"■ 



"_- - - ' t- 



! ^v'^- -;;/>• >'^^- 


.1 ..,-.•'. ^ r"-- ^^•'--,-^'X 

William ani^ Mary Colllgl 



EoiTO';: LYON G. TYLER. M. A.. 




\Vl;IT OF IfAIlE^S CoitlUS, 

Sir "Wiu.uM Tii1)>U'30N, BiiOuiEi; of .Stevkns Tuo5rP30N, 
Attounft Gfnfj^.u, ok VinciNu, 

J3y Miss Kftte ^lason Jiowlaud. 

C.MTAJS ^^'^.l.lVM CAIiVFi;, . . ' . 

]iy EclwnrJ ^^'. James. 

Coats of Arms in Vinoixu, 

Briton Cui'f.oi 

By Tlie J:aitor. 


By The Euitor. 
Old Tombstcn'es in GLorcESTER Cor.vTT, 

By The F.d;t>r. 
.Grace SiiEr.wooi', The Virn,ii\Lv "Wircu, . 
By Edward \V. James. 
TiiRocivMor.TO.N or En\.l.\nu ank Vir.c.iNx\, 
By W. G. Stanard. 

Joi 1 N.vL OF Tui: Meltings of the Ppj:sipe 
of William and Makt Coixege, 

Okiginai. Letter 

The Ja-Mesun FA^^lLY, 
The Plulic L.\:4i)s, .... 
lIisTorjCAL AND Gei^-ealogicvx Notes, 
Booii Be'.tev\>, .... 



Qdar'c(^rly [listorieal /T^a^azii^e. 

Vol. III. JANUARY. 1S05. No. 3. 

Umjli; the cbarlor granted April G, IGOG, to Sir Thouins Gates 
aiid others, for the plant iug of Vir^'iiiia, the enrly settler.s \\fcre de- 
cltircd entitled to nil the liberties of Jiritish subject.s. Except 
during the period of the nip.rtial laws introduced by Sir TLoiua.s 
Smythe and Sii' Thomas Dale, the commou law and Unj^lish stat- 
utes of ft general character were iu full force iw the Culuny, a.s is 
bLowii by the records of the County and General Courts. So when 
Robert Ueverlcy was arrested by Sir Ileiiiy Chicbeley iu May, 
1C82, for CL-mplicity iu the plant cuilin;:^ in Middlesex, and he ap- 
plied for the proper mandate, though the writ was at lir^t denied, on 
the pretext that tlie subject of his coniinement had been transmit- 
ted for the decision of his Majesty, it was sub.sequeutly granted, 
and the said Beverley was produced in court by the shcrirt" of York 
County, on whom the writ had been served, and was bailed iu the 
penalty of X2,000 sterhng.' Beverley's lawyer, William Fitzhugh, 
descants to Ins clieut, in his letters of May 21), 1C82, and J:muary 
8, 16S2-'83, of the elYect on his case o[ Jfojna Charta, the Petition 
of Riglit, the Ilabcaa Corpus, and the other English statutes pro- 
tecting the liberty of the subject, and fully recognized iu Virginia. 
'■ In York county the Governor, acting as Ckief-Justicc, granted 
the writ in a civil case pending at nearly the same time, of which 
the following is the record :- 

"York Count!/: 

"Complaiut bein;:; made to moe by ffrnncis Page- Late Shentl, M ' 
ElisLeba Vaiilx* staudcth iiulebteil to hiui y sum of tliroe thou'-an.l nn>l oii*i 
hundrcil i-iuumls "i tobacco & forty sbiUiiiL;s st-rl. by account for fe^s and sheo 
by a wTitt of Habeas Corpus from y U' Hon' '■' y" Govern'' b-'iiig delivered to 
y sberiff of James Citty A process according to Law not to bee bad a^,'' her 
in this coauty, 

" 'ITiebO are tbcrefore in hii Ma"' nnrue to ^\-ilI i require you to att.icU soe 
much of the Folate of y above named Klisheba Vauli aa you shall find in the 
hands of Coll Wilhnm Colo A y snivc soe attached y- you dotayue in yo' hands 


or otberwifi' soe i)rovido itt mny bo forlliconiinp, hereof yon arc not fnile as 
alsoe to innko due rolurne of tliis p"c«>i>t. Given under my baud this 22* 
dny of ilfvy, 1C.S2. Otho Tno&i-yJ- 

"To tho sheriiff of York or his DeirJ^"' 

"Mnyy 22' lC.s2 

"Then scrvtJ this Attnchui' Coll Culo' promiseiu^ y' whal hoe liad in his 
Lauds should rciuniue for y same, w '' (\ill Colo jukuowUd^ed to hee four 
pounds niuo shillin^K i eoven ponce P Sam" Uaiuton," Bailiff of York County 

"2G June, U.n2, Recorded "p E. Jounings* CI. Cur.'' 

All the pouers of the >vjit ucre exercised bv the justices, -^nLo 
were invostod Mith full coniiuoii law and chancery jurisdiction. 
This might he inftrrcd from the broad laiiguiige of their commis- 
f^ions. The coimaission <L,aaiiic«l by Governor Edmund .Vndrob in 
3G82 to the justices empowered them, jointUj or sci'crallif, "to 
kecpe the ponce fur their couuLy and to keepe or cuuse to be kej't 
all ordinance';, statutes of ]'-ngland ^: lawcs of this Country made 
for y' good of y' peace, c^ for conservation of y' same iV for (juietL 
Kule and Governm' of y* people in all tt every Artickles thereof in 
y* said County according to y* force forme k, cft'ect of y* Same. 
And to Chastise k punish all Psons oliending ag' the forme of 
these Ordinances, Statutes of ]-3nghind, k lawc- of this Country or 
any of them in the County aforesaid, And to cause to come before 
you or any of you all those Psons who shall threteu any of their 
Ma**" Hedge people CN-ther in their bodycs or burning their hohses 
to finde suflicient security for y' peace and for y* good behavio' to- 
wards our soveraigne Lord tt Lady y' King «.t Queen, And all their 
people. And if they sliall refuse to fmde such security then to bo 
kept safe in prisson untill they hne such security.'" The commis- 
sion then proceeded to constitute the county coiu-t by assigning any 
four of the justices, whereof one of lour certain justices called the 
Quorum should be one, to meet at the usual place on certain Jays, 
according to law, " to hear and determine all suites cV Controver- 
sies between pty and pty. doeing therein what Justice apptaines 
according to y' lawes of England, k this Coimtry, with power like- 
^•ise to you A: every of you to take deposicons cV examinacons upon 
oath for the better manifestacon of the truth of all such matters A: 
causes. And to keep or cause to bo kept all ordo" of Co''- ordo" of 
Couucell c^ proclamacous directed to you or coming to your hands 
from me c^ y Councell. And to punish y* olVendo" «.V' breakers 
of y' same acconling to y' lawes of England it this Countr>' «.V: fur- 
ther to keepe or cause y' Clarke of yo' Co" to keep Records of all 
Judgm'-' iV controversies decided A: agreed upon by you or any four 
or more of vou." 

Wurv OK JImjkas Cahiils. lol 

Many in.stnncos occur in the couuty oourls of tlu- iiitorfcrcnce of 
8in^;lo jiu^ticcs to prot(<| the liberty of the iicrson— the iuterfer- 
tiico goiu«T^ to mnkin-,' the party boKliiij fuiotber in restraint to 
{^nve \hm<\ till the next court, or actually to taking the \K.viy re- 
8l rained (jrenerally a servant") out of custody, and remitting him 
to the care of the constable until the next county court. An in- 
tilauce of the former is at biind in the case of Mniy Kawlins, who 
vns nifdtreatcd by ber nia.ster, John Kussell,* and a-skcd tlie pro- 
tection of Governor Berkeley. He addres.sed the following note to 
Major Joseph Crosbaw, one of the justices of York County: 

"Mf\j' Croshaw. Hore hatb been a womau servant \v"' nice who h.ith been 
most uncbristinuly A" cruelly used by bir master one Jn" llusselL 1 desjTC you 
to chU him before you & if bee will not give security for bis better using o' 
bir, then you are to biud bim over to the County Court, wbeu I doubt not but 
the Com" \vill take care that servants sbnll be Cbri>tianly used. 

"Yd"' frtind Sc servant 

"M'vyL'd.V ICGl W.M. Bkukilft." 

iMajor Crosbaw bound Rubsell in the sum of forty pounds ster- 
ling to keep the peace until the next court. At this term the court 
declared the bond forfeited, as Piussell bad broken the bond by 
using "unci^-ill, contemptuous ^: rude language towards Mnj' Jo- 
Bepb Crosbaw to the abuse of all Magistrates \- ^Magistracy,' and 
he -was put under a new bond. But at the com-t ensuing, "John 
liussell, craving the bcneiit of y* Kings most gratious ])ardon & 
hiimbly acknowledging bis faidts &, begging the Courts forgive- 
ness alsoe is discharged from his bond for y' good behaviour Sc 
from y* order of y' last Court." 

It is evident that Spotswood introduced no new writ into Vii-- 
ginia, but merely gave solemn expression to the Queen's endorse- 
ment of the ancient i»ractice. As I do not remember having seen 
bis proclamation in print, I introduce it here from the records of 
York Comity: 


Bv THE Hon*" the Lnic- Govf.r.NorR 

A Proclamacon. 
"VMiereas ber Majesty, out of ber Koyall grace Jt Favour to all her Subjects 
of this ber Colony it dominion bath been pleased by ber Instructions to Sig- 
nify untu me her lioyalL will »;; Pleasure for preserving unto them their Legal 
Rights & properties w ■' said Instructions are as followoth: Whereas we are 
above all things desirous that all our Subjects may enjoy their Legal liigbts tk 
propertys you are to take especiiUl Care that if any person be Comitted for 
any Criminal matiters (unless for treason or felony plainly it Especially Ex- 
presed in the Warront of Comittm') he have free -Liberty to petition by him- 
Eclf or otlierwise the Chief P^irron or any one of the Judges of the Comon 

162 \\'iLLi.vM .^^l' Makv C<Ji.i.L..ii: Qi-.u;ru;i.T. 

picas for ft writt of hnbcii3 Corpus w '' upon Suoh ftijjdicntiou SluiU bo grnutcil 
& Served ou the X'rovost Mnrj^b.'ill CJruler or other olUcir hnveui^; tlic Cu^loily of 
SncL I'riBoucr or Sbnll be kli r.t tlio Gaol or plftcc when; th.e prisoucr is Con- 
fined it tho sfii-l rro\\>.-t Mur->hiill or other ollioei Shall vsithiu throe days after 
8uch Swico (ou the pet" pr.yuig the fees k Chaiijes it giveing SecuiUy that 
lie will jiot Escape by the way) make return of the writt A jirisoner before the 
Judj;o who granted out tho s' Writt aud there Certify tho true Cuuse of the 
Impriionm' & the s' Darroa or Judge bhall discbarg'.- Such I'lisoucr takciug 
his Iieco!;ui/.ance it Suretys for his appeaninco at the Court where the ojleuce 
is Co-ni/!iblc iL Certify the s' Writt i recoguii^auco into tho Court unless .Such 
offcuco nppu'.r to the s' Barrou or Judgo not bailable by the Law of Euui'.an 1 
And ui Cose the said Barron oi Judgo Shall refuse tu grant ft writt of Habeas 
Corpus on View of the Ci^py of Committuient or upon Oath made of SuehCupy 
havfcing been df uyed the said Prisoner or any person nquireing the Same la 
his belialf or Shall dcbiy to di-char^je tho prLsoueis after the granting Such 
Writt tho s"^ Barren or Judge Shall iucurr the forfeiture of his place You are 
likewiao to declare our pleasure that in Case tho l'ro\oit Marshall or other of- 
ficer Shall imprison any person above twelve hours Except by n ntiltii/iui Set- 
ting forth the Cause thereof he be removed from hLs s ad oiTice. And upon 
the applicacon of any person wrocgfully Committed the barrou or Judce Shall 
issue his warrant to the Frovo'^t ilarshall or other officer to bring the I'risoQcr 
before him who Shall be discharged without bail or paying fees it the provost 
Marshall or other otVicer refuseing obedience to Such Warrant Shall be there- 
upon rrmovcd it if the s' La: ion or Judgo denies his warrant he Shall Like- 
wise iucurr the furfciturc of Id-; place _ You shall give directions that no pii- 
Boner being Sett at Large by an Habeas Corpus be recommitted for the Same 
offence but by tho Court whore he is bound to appear &. if any iiarron Judgo 
Provost Marshall or other ollicer Contrary hereunto Shall riecomiiutt Such 
person so bailed or delivered yon are to remove him from his place and if the 
provost Marehall or other ofticer haveing the Custody of the Prisoner neglects 
to return the Habeas Corpus or refuses a Copy of tho Commitm' within Six 
hours tf'.er demand made by the Prisoner or any other in his behalf Shall 
likewise incnrr tha forfeiture of his place, ic for the better prevention of long 
imprisonm'' You are to appoint two Courts of Oyer it Terminer to be held 
yearly Viz' On the Second Tuesday in December i: the Second tucsJay in 
Jirne the* Charge whereof to be paid by tho Publick treasury of our said Colony 
not Esceediug >^100 Kach Seisiou. Y'ou are to tako Care that all pri-oners in 
Cases of Treason or felony have the Ijiberty to petition in open Court for their 
tryall that they may be indicted at the tirst Court of Oyer i Terminer unless 
it appears upon Oath that the Witiuesses against them could not be produced 
JL that they be tryed the Second Court or discharged And the 13arrou or 
Judgo upon motion made the last day of the Sessions in open Court is to bail 
the Prisoner or ui>on tho Itcfusall of the said Barron or Judge it Provost Mar- 
Bhall or other ofticer to do their Kcspective dutys herein they Shall be liemovcd 
from their Places, Provided always that no person be discharged out of Prison 
vho Stands Committed for debt for auy decree of Chancery or any Legal pro- 
ceeding's of auy Court of P.ecord. And for tho Preventing any Exactions that 
may be made upim Prisoners you are ti) declard our plea-sure that n ■> J-.arron 
or Judge Shall Picceive for himself or Clerks for granting a writt of Habeas 

Wiai- vi- IlAiir.Ks CuiiiL's. 153 

Corpas mere tltfiu two Shill' Six pouco &. tho liko Suta for takeing a llccofj- 
iiiznnce it t)i^ provust Mnrsliull Sbull uot Koctivo luoro than live Slulliui^i 
fur every r.>;i»ujittiu' Oiio c>liillui>,' tliruo iioiice for tbo bouil tlio prUoucr ia to 
fcigri Oue Shilliui; throo peuco for every Copy of a Mittiiiiut A ouo ShiUiag 
tliToo police for every luilo be l»riii(?(th back tbo I'lisoncr lu Obciliciicc to 
bcr Majtys t^ommuuils k to tbe intiut that all hor oijl.jetta inny bt fully lu- 
fovuieJ bow i.iudi tbcy owe to bor Mnjtys Koyall fav)ur for tbtv^o bur Kratious 
Cousc'ssions 1 Al« xniuler S|>otls\NOU(l Ksq' bcr Mnjtys L<.iiit: Guvt-rn' uf btr 
Crloiiy it ilouiinion of Virq' hrxve tboii^^bt lilt by A' witb tho ndvictofber 
ilnjtys Couacill to issue tlu^ my rroilnmatiou bort-by ('ounnAudui':,' in ber 
Majtys imnio tbe iSbenlls of tbc Jtospcctivc Couulys witbin tbis C'oUujy to 
Cause tbis Hi;;iiilicacou of her Majtys will it Pleasure to bo openly rc.iil A 
I'ul'liabtil at tbe Covut bouses of tboir llespcctivc Couutys nt tlie next Court 
after tbe luvtipt bereof nuil 1 do furtber witb tbo advico af ores' require 4 
Coniand tbe Jtihtices of tbe liospectivc County Couils to Cause tbo Same to 
bo lie^istertd in tbe Ilecords of tlieir said Couutys A- to obsurve tbtse bcr 
Majfstys Couiinau(l3 as they will answer tbe Coutraiy at tboir I'trill. Given 
bt Will bur^h under my band it tbo Scale of the Colony tbis G ■ day of July 
1710 in tlio uiatb year of her Majestya Keigu 

God iiave tbo Queeu A. Spotiswood 

York Coniity 

August 21 ■ 1710 Publisbtd in Court iS: admitted to Record 

Test : Pun. I.igutioot CI Cur 


'Hen. Statutes, iii., 541-571. If cniug errs in saying that "tbe imniodirvte 
actors in tbo plant-cutting escaped prosecution." Some were e.xecutod. See 
ibid., page 503. 

- Va. Mig. ofllist. and Bhg., Vol. I., pages -18, 100. 

U'rancis Pago, eldost son of Jolm Page, of the Council, was born in lt:57, 
and diod May 10, 1GJ2. lie was a justice of the peace of York eouuty, and 
tho first clerk of the House of Burgesses appointad by the Governor. He mar- 
ried Mary, daughter of Governor Edward Pigges. 

*EUsheba Vaulx was wife of James Vaulx, merchant of Loudon in 1003, 
justice of York cour.ty in Virginia in 1C70, and died in l(3>H-2. His .son, llo- 
bert, removed to Dorchester county, Md., and his wife married there one 
John Franke. James Vaulx was brother of liobort, Humphrey, and Tbom.o.i 
Vaulx, whoie dtscondants located in Westmoreland Connty Va. 

*Otho Thorpe was doubtless of the family of George Thorpe, Esq., of tho 
lung's Privy Council, and who was massacred by the Indians in 16_"2, while 
acting as superintendent of the college laud. Ho married, 1st. Elizabeth, the 
vidow of Ills kinsman, lUchard Thorpe (died in York coUuty in ICoO). who 
had two sons, Kichard and George. He married, 'Judly. Dorothy, widow of 
SamnelFenii; 3rd, Frances, who survived him, and married John .Vnr.c.-hy, 
of Wostiuinster, En-l.tud. His stop-daughter, Sarah Foiin, married Thomas 
Claiborne. Thorpe died in the parish of AU-Hallows-tbo-Wil! in Lond-^u in 
l&S'>-7. His devi-eos were: Tiiomas Thorpe, his uopliew, and his wife Catha- 
rine, daughter of Francia Seatoa, of Polcbrook, iu Northampton county, £ng- 

154 Mll.l.IAM AM' Makv C(iU>:(!E (^k:AI.Ti:}:l.Y. 

laml; his nousin, John Grice, juvlit-c of tho ponce of JaiiitK<,'ity county ; Rud his 
nieco, lliuiiuih Thviri". whD mnirivl Juhu IVlI, citizcD nu»l cooper of LouJwJi. 
In 1700 HnuD.'ib P«ll tiMd hor hushaiid convcycil "Powhotnn," in James City 
County, j»tiJ other jaojn rty of Thorpe s, to Jaincs Whrilc\, son of Mitjor Tlio- 
mas ^VIlflK■y, of Da'uu'- J'.cbelhon, fiu<l father of Mattliow ^\■hAley, in whoso 
liouiT Mnry, \\ife of Jnnics AVh;th y, rstiihlishfil in iTi't". thi' free school in 
llruton pnribh known r.» tlio " Mutt*. y School." now attnchcJ to ^Vllliam nod 
Mnry Coll.'ge as n moj. 1 school. 

* For an account of C»l. William Colo and his descendants, see QiAi;T!:r.i.T, 
Vvlunie I., January, lh"j:<. 

'Samuel Uaiutou, "Gent," died about September, IGOO; and his \sjll, 
after Icaviucj 5U0 pounds of tobacco to liis broth>r-iu-l;i\v, Thomas Hick';, in' 
London, an cqud amount to his •wife, and twenty shillings to ^Villiam Sedg- 
wick, gave the residue to Mi. Thomas Th.-rpti and Cathanue, his wife. 

'KJmund Jeniugs &•>" oi Sir Llmund Jcuings. of Jiipoa, was clerk of 
York County, Alloruey-genoral, Secretary of State, and )'r':!-id«»ut of the Coun- 
cil, (raohmoud Crit:'c, Xovcm. 10, l^i^H.) Ho dio'l June 2. 17J7. (Bruton 
Ko'jistcr.) Pct^.r Jcnin::;s was aged 27 in November, 1C56. (York County 
records.) He was Attorney-General of Virginia, and died in 1071. He cmr- 
ried Cithnrine, daughter of Sir Thomas Lunsford. (la. .Vaj. of Uiat aid 
Biog., Vol. I., p. 115.) She died May 17, lOSo, having ronrried 2udly Rulph 
Woruicloy. Trarish register.; Peter Jeaings, of Gloucester County, ntn- 
tioned in the register of Abiag«lou Parish, nmst have been a son of the first 
Peter Jenings. Tlie following eutrl.s occur in that register relative to the 
children of Peter and S^uah Jcuings: Philip bapt. April y' 1078; Eliza- 
beth born Feb. 23, I'iSl; Thomas, bapt. Fob. 20, 1(>C; and Kebccca bapt. 
May IS, 1C30. "Col." Peter Jening-, first named, was undoubtedly a kins- 
man of F.dinnnd Jenings, he having a brother named Peter. (Le Neve's 
Pediijreesof Knighti. See also N, Y. Curio for Jenings' pedigree. Vol. I., p. CO.) 

'Henry Taylor, of Bruton parish, in 1G74-5 left the proceeds of forty hogs- 
heads of tobacco '-to be equally divided between the children of John Kus- 
eell deced, foimirly s^ivunt to the old Count-iis of Bedford, wh-^u they shall 
meet together and not before. " John Fvussuirs will was proved in York county, 
January 24. 1CG7-G3, and it devises his laud to his sou John, and reijuires his 
dautrhter Klizabcth "to be kept to schoole soe long as she keepes herself e w""- 
ont a husband." Coii-Mderable estate in cattle, furniture, etc. 

sre ^^'ILL1A^[ thomp.son, biu)thi:h of stevkns , 

r.v ^Ii>s IvATE ^I.VbON Rowland. 
Sir ^Villinnl Thoinpson was born, most probably, at "HoUia 
Hall," Dear lii})on, Yorksbire. au estate puivhascd by his giaud- 
fatber, Heury Tlioiupson, in 1G5S. Ho aud bis eltler brother. Ste- 
vens Thompson, v.-ere admitted into the ^[idiUo Temple in If.SS. 
whore they arc entered as sons of " William Thomson, one of the 
Masters of the Utter Bar." 

8lH WlU.lAM TlUAll.-^ON. 155 

Lf Xc\f, ill Lis J'aliijrec oj Kuiijld^, tic, has: 

^^Thc'iipion, MiddUi'x. Sir William Thouipson, ouo of the Kind's Scr- 
jeants-at-Liiw, kuit^bUil nt Wliitcbnll, 31 October, U"-m9. Sto a cunt nnd qnar- 
tcriiigs by tlie luune of 'riiomsou, my M.SS. buuk of Docketts of Arms culled 
Shirb\v. i)a;^o 103, if tlio ffimily Lave a right to that coat. 

'•Sir William Thomi-sriu, Serjoant-nt-Luw, kiiii;btci.l ns ahovt-, died 

day of ., ICH— ; buried nt 

William TLompsoD, ti barrister-fit-lnw, = , Daufjhtfr of Sir Chri^toiihor 

sou .ind heir; Momlior of Parliauieiit | Conyerii, Bt., nf Uar.l-'ii, in tho Li-h- 
f'lr Orford in Suil^lk, aud one of tlio j oprick of Durhaiu, n-lict of Sir ^Vlll. 
niaii.ip^ers a^'aiiist I'KOtor Snflieverell. i iUackclt, luiit , of Nev.-c.tstle-ou-Tyiie. 

Kuij^htod .lay of Eecordor 1 Murritd 1711 to licr S'.ooiid Jiiwbai'jd. 

of Lomlon aiid Solicitor-General." ( 

Six- AVilliam Thompson is bore spoken of fis liis fallicr's heir, 
and no mention is mudo of bis elder brother, ■who is overlooked 
also by Woolrych in liis aketeh of the earlier Sir William. In the 
Lives of the Heconhrs of London, by Frith, it is stated that Sir 
"William Thompson -was elected to that office on the 31st of ]\Iarch, 
171-1, by th'j casting' \o{q of the Lord Mayor, and was sworn 
the 8lh of April, 1715. lie was made Solicitor-General in 1716; 
calkd to bo Serjeant-at-law on tlie 2Gth of November, 17'J0, having 
accepted tlie office of Coursitor Baron of the ]']xchequor the pre- 
vious August: and in this same year he was raised to the bench 
as a Judicial Baron of the Exchequer Court. He was probably 
kniglited on the accession of George I., and he is called Sir ^Villiam 
Thompson in tho first Parliament of George I., 1715. Sir AVilham 
Thompson was Becorder of the city of Ipswich, Suffolk, from 17fi7 
to the time of his death in 1739. In Parliament he first represent- 
ed Orri)rd, and then Ipswich, retaining his seat there, with only a 
short intei-val in 1710, from 170S until 1720. His namesake, ^Vil- 
liam Thompson, the member from Scarborough, Yorkshire, was 
for a number of years in Parliament contemporaneously with Sir 
^Vi!liam Thompson. And while the latter was a Whig, the other 
^Vilham Thompson was apparently a Tory, as he retained his scat 
in 1710. when so many of the opp:)sito party L-st tluir election. 
Sir AVilliam Thompson was n^turned for Orford in 170S, and for 
Ipswich in 1714, 1722, and 1727. Nobles, in hi.s manuscript ac- 
count of the Becordcrs of London, says that Sir ^Villiam Thomp- 
son's countiy Seat was "O.-terley Park," Heston, ^Middlesex. He 
died at Bath, on the 27th of October. 1739. His tomb is not to 

15G \Vii.Li\M AM> Makv CkIIFOJ ()r.U;TF.r.I.Y. 

Lo foViud at iri.:>toJi; luvi* \\;i.s liu buiitil jit ITaiMp^tcad, ulitn the 
loml) of his ^\ifo is to bo seen, lie jaav Lavf bcou buried ui L'ntb, 
or possibly in the 'J'i'iiU)lo giave yaiil by tlie ^itlo of bis j»artntH. 

Sii" William TiioU)[)S'Jii was inp.niccl to Jjatly B!;u-!;(tt in 1711. 
In's 7.(>?h/>>n u^fiirri.ii/c L'ccnsts there is roL-i-nktl the 
riagc of a Williain Tli-.ii.]'>..!,, ..f tlio :^lnU\v, a baclulor 
of t\\('aly-thrcu years, in ITUl, to ^Irs. J«n-ce lirent, of St. CloniTit 
Danes, .'\Iiil<llt-,c\. So there must have been two of the name bar- 
risters uf llie Mitlillc Teinplo at the same tiiue, unh ss Sir Williain 
Thonji>sou niarricl twict-. He %vas n'built'.l to the Temple in 
1C8S, thouj^'li not ealUJ to the bar until ten years later, aeeordini; 
to Fox. 

Sir William Thompson's career in Parliament is noticeable in 
its connection vriih the several ttalc trials, or prosecutions by im- 
peachment, v.hicn took placu in the reigns of (Jueen Anne and 
George I. Of these, the most famou.>^, j)erbaps, Avas the impeach- 
ment of Dr. SacheverLlb To^vu^:nd, in his J/cinoirs of Uie /{■nue 
q/ Com)ixon.<, notices the "frequency and futility of impt.achnunts 
during the throe reigns tliat succeeded the revolution." Of tho 
sixteen that were instituted betv.cen lC8f> arid 17'2-1, but fev.- were 
carried to a trid: in tlio case of Dr. Saoheverell the sentence was 
BO light as to seem a mockery: .".nd in two only, adds our authori- 
ty, the trial oi Lord Derwont water and liis brother peers for high 
treason, "and the prosecution of Lord ^Licclei::tield for peculation, 
•was the event worthy of the occasion."' No impeachment has been 
instituted in Parliamtut now for one-half a century, and it seem3 
probable that this formid.ablo weapon of the Commons will be 
allowed to lie idle in tho future. The trial of Dr. Sacheverell took 
place in reln-uary ami March, 17l(\ and William Thompson, who 
had aided in drav.iug up the article^ of impeachment, was entrust- 
ed with tho enforcement of tho third charge. Hemy Sacheverell, 
a fashionable Tory cler:;yman of London, had taken occasion in two 
Bcrmons, one of them preached at St. Paurs on Guy Fawkes' Day, 
1709, to inveigh against the Whig ministry, assertiiig that ' 
church and state were in danger from the party in power. The 
sermons were both printed, and the latter, dedicated to the li'jrd 
Mayor, attracted wide spread interest, and created n.) small excite- 
ment. The Tories praised the bold divine, and the "Whigs as loud- 
ly condemned him. The ministry llually, under the hatlership of 
liord God. .Iphin, resolved ui>on his im[ie:'.chmcnt f-.u* high crimes 
and misdemeanors. It proved to be a suicidal measiu'e for tho 

Slit A^'lI.I.IAM TuiiMI'SON. 157 

minibtry; and with our modern idcns i)f tlio ficcdoiu of tlie press 
and of the puljiit, such u prosecution would seem uujustiliable 
from any jioiiit of view, liul tliero were j^rent questions of povcrn- 
niont still open and dcui.inding settlement nt this era, and this 
trijd wab the occasion and the excuse for their discussion and solu- 
tion. "^Vhctber the titlo to the crown was founded on hereditary 
rij,'ht or oriiijiDal contract; wlM.-ther the duty of the subject could 
t vcr bo compatible with resistance," was the ])roblem, sa^'s To\\ti3- 
end, which this tiial completely solved; and he adils: "The true 
theoiT concerning the origin of civil government was debated there 
\vith as much fervour as the most momentous dogma in religion, 
and elicited a course of eloquence, both in the attack and defence, 
well Worthy of the gicat occasion." Of this tnal, Burton, in his 
lu'h/n 0/ Qu'.i'/i Anne, says that whoever has patience to read it 
"will, if ho be a student of constitutional history, have reaped for 
liimself a rich harvest of constitutional and historical lore. It is 
such a contribution to this great school of knowledge a.s no one 
man, liowever gifted, could liave contributed. It is of an infinite 
variety. The great orator and statesman gives forth hi.s announce- 
ment and vindication of the ancient liberties of England in brilli- 
ant and imjiabsioned oratory, and the great sage c>f j'recedent ex- 
tracts pregnant matter out of the depths of his learning and wis- 
dom All passed before an audience far too fastidious to 

tolerate ^ither turgid declamation or solemn pottering in trilles. 
Though thus made up of many and various parts, there is a com- 
pleteness of harmony throughout that disqualities one isolated 
passage from duly expressing the spirit of the whole." Of this 
distinguished ai'ray of legal talent, the young baiTister and mem- 
ber for Or ford, AVilham Thompson, formed a part. Pritminent 
among the managei-s of the impeachment may be named Sir Jo- 
seph Jekyll, Sir Peter King, AYalpole, Lechmere. and I'arkcr. 
Lord Chief-Justice Holt died during the trial, and Sir Thomas 
Parker filkd his place. To him, afterwards the erring F.arl of 
Macclesfield, '•thepahnof eloquence and argument was awarded 
by general assent,"' says Townsend. The great lawyers, Sir Simon 
Harcourt and Mr. Phipps, were the most notable nami-s on the 
opposite side; and their advocacy of the accused and their defence 
of his i>osilion as a good churchman and a loy;il subject were ably 
sustained, ^\'hen the articles of ijupeachmeut, which were four in 
number, were ».ba\\u up, Mr. llaiky i\ishcd to leave out the word 
"seditious," but he was overruled by !Mr. Thompson and others. 

158 ^\'n.lI\M .\M> Mai;\ Coli.i.ok Qlahdiilt. 

Tlio coniinillcf who had tlrawn up the articles were ordered by 
the Coimiioiis to he the iiiau.t;,'t rs and to make j^'ood the iiupeaeh- 
ment. Aft»r a fonuidable i)reauible, the article char^^ed: first, 
that ])r. Sachcvorell had sujjf-re.stfd that the means which brou^djt 
about the late lievolution wtiv unjustidable; secoiitllv, he had 
maintaint'd "that the toleration i,nanted by law is unreasonable, 
and the allowance of it unwarrantable"; thirdly, he had sujf- 
gested and ass.Mted "that the Church of Kngland is in f,'rcat jaril 
and adversity under lier ^lajcsty's adiniMi.-,tratiou "; f.jurthlv, 
he liad suj?-:t.-ted "that her Majesty's administration, both iu ec- 
clesiastical and civil atVairs, tends to the destiuctiun of tho consti- 
tution," etc.; and that he "char^^cs the government with a general 
mal-adininistralion." ^Ir. Thompson was the lirst to speak in sup- 
]K)vt of the third article, on the tliird day of the trial, and he spoke 
again on the tenth day, in "reply to such answei-s as had been of- 
fered to this article." That he acquitted him-,elf to the satisfaction 
of his party is attested by the fact that he was engaged as junior 
counsel in tlic proceedings against the rioters wlxich took place at 
Old Bailey in the following April. "When the long and singular 
trial came to a close, the verdict against Dr. Sacheverell susperid- 
cd him from his cilice for three years, and condemned his two ser- 
mons to be burnt at the Koyal Exchange. But be was now the 
]->opiiIar hero. His friends were found in all ranks. Fine ladies 
had his portrait painted on their fans and handkerchiefs. Fash- 
ionable peoiJe named their cliildren after him, and invited him to 
christen them; and mobs of the lower classes paraded the streets 
with the party cry, "High Church and Snchevereli:" j;he rever- 
end doctor seems to have been scarcely worthy of this enthusiasm; 
but its existence testified to the attacliiuent that the nation felt for 
the Church of England, which, ia the opinion of the Tory majoriiv, 
liad sufTercd tlu-ough him. 

^Yith the two sermons of Dr. SachevercU tho House of L-jrds 
condemned to be burned "tho judgment and decree of the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, lGb3." This judgment condemned certain proposi- 
tions, of whi.'h the tirst was that "All civil authority is derived 
from tlic people." This, to us, self-evident axiom, abjuixd by Ox- 
ford in ICS:), and reasserted, by implication, in the action of the 
Parhament of 1710, with sevend others of a like character, recalls 
the articles of the A'irginia Bill of liights. George ^lasou. its au- 
thor, it is not unlikely, would be familiar with this paper and v.-iih 
the proceedings of an impeachment, in which "constitutional and 

Slli ^VlI.l.IAM TllOMISON. I.'jO 

liistoncal lore" wore so richly di.spluyed, and in which, moroover, 
Diie of his own family, his luothcr's uiu-lc, hiul borne un honorable 

The Pailinnicnt of 17J0 cnuio t<i :in untinuly cinl ^sith its un- 
j>o]iular action in the iiui)u!iehnient of the hi<.rli cluavh cler<,'yninn, 
i\nd at the next ^■^eueral ehctiun there were but four of the man. 
agfci's of the trial who were returned to their seats. Williani 
'J'honipson contested his seat with a Tory opponent, and his petition 
was voted by a Tory house "frivolous, false, and ve\atit»us," and he 
was forced to pay the costs incui-red by the successful candidate, 
such was the force of the prejudice that ho bad inspired. In the 
Parliamout of 171i William Thompson was returned to the 
as a member irom Ij)swich. This was the last of (Jueen Anne's 
l^arliaments: and during tliis session, as has been said by To\ms- 
cud, "the ehauces of the Stuart and the Hanover dynasties hung 
equally poised." Lord lJolingl)rolce was at the head of the Jacob- 
ite party, and many others were secretly in correspondence with 
the exiled fatuily. It was at this time that the Schism IliU was 
])asscd, in order to strengthen the Tory ascendency; but C^ueen 
Anne's death just at this cnsis prevented its operation, and tho 
Whigs were once more in full power. In the lirst Parliament of 
George I., 1715, Sir William Thompson's name nppcars in the list 
of members as a representative for Ipswich, ho having been knight- 
ed on the king's accession, apparently. 

In this year took palace the unfortunate Jacobite rebellion in 
the interests of the Stuart dynasty. But the nation as a whole was 
in favor of tlie Protestant Succession, and preferred the Gennau 
George, though a foreigner, to their native prince, for the sake of tho 
principles that he repre.sentcd. The cinl war was of short duration, 
and the leaders of the defeated paiiy, the Earl of Derwentwatei- and 
six other peers, were impeached by the Commons for high treason. 
Of these, tliree were tinally respited, and two made their escape from 
the Tower, two only sulleriug the extreme penalty of the law. Ijord 
Nitbsdale, by the aid of his devoted wife, and diessed in woman's 
attire, managed to elude the vigilance of the guards; and Lord 
Wintuuu, making use of his mechanical skill, sawed through the 
bars of his priso7i window. The trial of Lord ^Vintoun took place 
two months after the case of the other nobles had been disj->osed 
of. Sir William Thompson, as one of the prominent Whig lawvers 
in the House, was selected by the Commons to as.-ist iu tho man- 
ng«-ment of the impeachment. The trial was opened by Mr. Hamp- 

IGO \Vii.i lAM AM) M.\i;v C<»i.i.LJE Qi-Anri.iu.Y. 

don ftiid Sir Joscpli Jokvll; aud Sir William Thoinjisou, witli Sir 
Ji)si'])h Jfkyll, cxaiiiiuctl the witnossos. After a s})Cfcch by ^Ir. 
CowjKr, brullior of I/iril Cowprr, tlio bi<,'li stcwunl, Sir William 
Tboiiij^sou luatlo tilt' closinjr arpfumcnl. spcalciuj,' ut fcuiuc length 
as to the evidences of the ffnilt of the accused. On the becond day 
the counsel for the i»nsoner spoke, aud they ^\fcre answered by 
M'aljiole, Cowiior, and Sir William Tlu;mpson. The triiU lasted 
for three days, from the Jiftcenth to the nineteenth of March, 
171G. Tow-u.^ond, in his J/enmirs of the IJouse oj Cot/unons, in 
his account of this trial, refers to the hardships to which the Kujj- 
lish law at that time condtMiined state piisoiicrs in not ))ermittiug 
them a full defence by their counsel. Lord Wintoun was an ec- 
centric and, it was said, a weak-mindod uobloman. On this occor 
Bion, -whether from policy, or becaii.>?e he was really ujiable to do 
Bo, he refused to state the poiut of law which liis counsel wished 
to make. It was necessary that the prisoner should state it, and 
then the counsel could argxie upju it. Sir Cun.^tantine Fliipi)S, 
one of the prisoner's counsel, \-iolatod the rules by sjjcaking for 
the prisoner; but he was immediately bileuocd. He then asked 
leave to say but tf-n words more of explanation; but Sir William 
Thompson rejoined : " 3Iy lords, we humbly insist upon it that that 
gentleman be not heard one word more." Sir Constautine vras 
then rcprnnanded for presuming " to be so forward as to S})eak 
for the prisoner at the bar before a poiut of law was first stated." 
And again, when another one of Lord Wintoun's counsel alluded 
to his client's condition of mind, he was stopped, as "going into a 
matter of fact," wheri he only had leave to speak to the point of 
law, which was stated. Lord Wintouu, who was cleverer, per- 
haps, than he scorned, was the last of the famous Scton family, 
distinguished for generations iu Scottish history, aud associated 
with the Stuai-t sovereigns, to whom they had many times proved 
their loyally; and it is not surprising th:it a Seton should be found 
in arms iu support of the luckless Pretender of 1715. Lurd Win- 
toun ended his romantic and chequered life iu Rome in 17-10. 

Anotlier state prisoner at this tiiue, who had been committed to 
the Tower before the outbreak of the civil war, was the brilliant 
and accomplished Larl of O.xford. As liobert llarky he had been 
three times Speaker of the House of Commons, where, as Towns- 
end says, he w:is "stabbed into popularity" by the pen-knife of 
Guiscard. As Secretary of State and Treasurt-i-. Lord O.\ford had 
incurred odium for ccrt:un jmbUc measures, notably for the pro- 

.Sue ^VlIXlA.M I'lIOMlSON. ICl 

fetnliiigs that 1»mI to llic ii<acc of I'ticdif . Tii 1717, ;iftrr two 
ycai'y' iiuiivisouiucnt, Loiil Oxford uski-d f(»r n trial. Tlio luxteeii 
nrticks of iiDj.cacliiuent cliar^jtd liiiu witli ti'oason as well as with 
liiy;h crinicH aud luisdciiKaiiors. ]5nt tlu^ fi-clin^' aj,' liiin had 
in a peat measure subsided, and the Il(»uso of Lords sinipflit for 
au r-xcuse to release him. In the Coniiiions, Nicholas Lechmcre 
aud Sir ^Vil!iam Thompsiui urged the prusfciition. The procced- 
iu«,'S Nvcro opeucd by Mr. llamj)den, and Sir Josejih Jckvll was 
about to speak iu advocuoy of the first article, when an adjonrn- 
luent was moved. The LortLs then mgcd that the Commons should 
not proceed to enforce the articles charging high crimes and mi'5- 
denu.-an(.rs until tliey hud disposed of the articles, which were two 
ill nuud»er, charging high treason. The Commons maiutaincd 
that the articles .should be taken up in the order of time, the less 
st-rious charges leading up to the graver ones. On this groiuid of 
dispute the Lords dismissed tlie impeachment. Sir "William 
Thompson, in vindication of the privileges of the Commons, and 
as spokesman for the managers of the impeachment, adilressed 
the peers: 'OFy Lords, the managei-s for the Commons conceive it 
to bo tilt, undoubted right of the Commons to proceed in their own 
method in maintenance of the articles exhibited by them, aud do 
nppreliend that this resolution of your lordships may bo of such 
fatal consequence to the nghts and pri\ileges of all the Commons 
of Great Dritain that they cannot take upon them to i)roceed any 
further without resorting to tlie House of Commons for direction 
therein." The lawyers led the van, as has been said, in advocating 
the liglits aud privileges of the Commons. However, iu this case 
they were not to be successful; and, to mark their resentment of 
this slight put upon them, tliey asked of the ]ving that the Earl 
might be excepted from the act of grace then extended, and their 
request was granted. Lord Oxford, it is said, was saved from trial 
by the fact that he had it in bis jKiwer io implicate the I'uke of 
Marlborough as haAing been in correspondence uith the Pretender. 
This is higlJy probable; and though, had the impeachment pro- 
ceeded, it Would not have been possible to prove any treason, yet 
the ministerial accountability for compromising acts in connection 
with the peace neg jtiaiions would no doubt have been made good, 
to the satisfaction of a people jealous of national honor. 

Lord Oiford, as the frieiul of Swift and of Pope, the i>atron of 
letters, and the founder of the Harleiun Collection in the llritish 
Mu.^eum, is remembered with by all lovers of literature. 

162 "NViLt.iAM AM) M \i;v Coi.LKGF Qi:auti;ulv. 

The j;im-n'ils r,f T'nrlininoiil show Sir ^\■ilh.■un Thoinp^.n .speak- 
ing on srvcnil occasions in the IK)use in tho session of 1717. Ho 
urged cv>mi)lianco with the King's messago aslcing for a supply 
ngaiust Swulcn. 

In Novornbcr of tliis yiar tho (iii:irr< 1 bilwicu the lung and tho 
Priuco of WaUs came to an open rupture. The ioriutr uislied to 
control the family of the i)rince, and he nslccd the tjpinion of tho 
t^^■clve judge.-, ^YJuther it Ava.s the sovereign's ri-ht t(^ direct the 
edueati.Mi and the marriages of his grandchildren. Ten of tho 
judges pronounced in favor of tlic King's ha\ing the power in both 
cases, and two of tho judges opposed the right of the King to di- 
rect the education of the royal grandchildren, maintaining that 
this vas the father's privilege, but asserting the Khig's nuthority 
in respect to directing their marriages. This ojuuion was given in 

1718, and reference is made to it in tho debates of Pialiaiaent in 

1719, on the bill for strengthening the Protestant interest. The 
bill, passed in the t'»velfth year of Queen Anne, to prevent the 
growth of schism, ngaiust occasional confonnity, was read, and 
Sir AVilliam Thompson si)oke in favor of its repeal. IIo "urged 
that the bill deprived j'Orents of their uatmal right ef edu- 
cating their children as they think proper; to which Mr. Shippen 
answered : " That it was somewhat strange to see so able a lawyer 
ii-.consisteut with liimself. For when the twelve judges were con- 
sulted in a case relating to a great family (tlie Prince of Wales's 
children^, he was of the opinion of ten of them, 'That children 
may be taken from their parents, and educated as the good of tho 
nation rt-quires.' "' To this Sir "William Thompson replied: "That 
as he never was consulted, so had he never declared his thoughts 
in tlie nice case hinted by that gentleman: and therefore he could 
not, with any color of justice, be said to have changed his oinnion; 
but that the member who taxed him with it, and who thereby de- 
clared against the opinion of the ten judges, if he would be con- 
sistent with himself, must now be for tho bill that repeals the 
Schism Act, which restores parents to their natural nghts.' 

[To be Continued.] 

Ca!Tmn ^VlI.l.IA^! CviiViii;. 103 

CAi'TAix WILLIAM (\m;vi:i:. 

Co^^ML'^■lt•AT^:I> j:y Ij-wakd W. Jam>s. 

"Att ft Court held the 15'" of June 1(J75. 
*'Ixi\vrr Norfolk 

Prosfiit Cap' "W" llobiiison. 
!Maj' fraucis Sayer M'. ^rulnch^-'Thruston 

M'. Gcov-ie fouler M'. Antli". Lawson 

.1 usticcs. 
"IG" driy" 

"l']K)U tho Liforuintion of Cap'. ^V"' Carver' ag' Jone the ^^ife 

' Cnptftiu ^VilliaIu Cm vlt was mido a justice for Lower Nurfolk County, Vir- 
piniii, Oofobor l.">, IC'io; nddod to tbo Quorum Feliruary l'., ICCS, niul on 
the 2.";tb of November, I'.G.j. wns suspended the commission by Sir William 
liorkeloy, and ou tlie l'>tli of Ociobor, 1C07, wns ngiiu nd<leil to the coiumis- 
siou. M as Flii^h Sherifl" in lOVO, and aft>-r tlic expiration of the t^rni of liis 
office, njjnin took liis sent ou tho bench, aud was present for the last time June 
IS, 1672. He was a nicniber of the House of Lur^cs'^es m ir.Ci, and June 
15, lCt)9, and April IG, l"i7"2, was appointed to take the tythables for tho 
Southern branch of tlie Klizabeth 'iiver, and IS, lCO;t, was apiX)inted 
General Surveyor of ni;::hwaTS for tho Western and Southern branches of 
l.lizabcth lliver, and A'l-ust 16, Hy 1, General Surveyor of Hiidiways for the 
Snuthevu branch prtciucts. On tlie lOth of April. ICOl, he b ou^jlit of Henery 
Goodricko "a s-hip, called the Expedicon, of 10 tons for "2(),<ioOpounds of to- 
bacco," and ou June !•"», IGOG, he, designatiu.; himself William Carver, .Mari- 
ner, and Elizabeth his wife, sold "to Edward Davis auJ liachil his wife, their 
well-beloved cozens," 300 acres of land, pnrt of a patent for 'An) acr. > '.'ranted 
him July -1, 1C64, ''in the Southern branch of Eliyabeth River." and on .May 
8, lOGS. he, this time callLui:^ himself "William Carver, merchant, of the So'itb- 
eru branch of the Eiiziibcth liiver, gave John Low 50 acres of land " lying att 
the head of Church Creek." 

On the '2oih of 1G72, viiile laboring; under an aberration of the n-.ind, 
he killed Thom.iS Gilbert, who was sitting next to him at dinner, by stabbing 
him with a knife. In 111.=^ e-^amiuation. .\Mgu.-t 15, 107'2, he deposed "that ns 
fur his part hee knewcth n'"ithinL,' of It, noe more then the child thrit is now 
unborno, nor of any other action that day nor severall days beofore or after." 
Captaiu Carver sided with Bacon, durini^ Bacon's Rebellion, and held an im- 
portant position in his lleet. Fie was captuied and put to death, and dif d with 
great courage. Governor Uorkeley, in pursuance of his relentless policy wrote 
the following letter: 

"Coll Mason M.aj'. S.ayer and Cap'. Bray: My honored fronds by This time 
I prcjumo you have heard of the death of that monstrous RcbcU B.icon Soe 
tliat now there is noe pretence left to the Kebells his oasotiates Lull an Abso- 
lute dcclnraon of open Rebellion w ■' I presume very few will dare to professe, 
S'o that now I hope shortly the County will Returue to Its former qnictt 
tiiought nott to the fornx r plenty w" " those villains have dc.-troyed in mo~t 
pl;ices, butt six or Seaven yearesby god.s Blessing may Recover that oLio, what 

lG-1 M'll.I.lVM AM. M\.I:V CoU.K.ih (jLAU'iKhl.V. 

of ].:u;ini.-> Jenkinj^' Cuiurcrnin;^ licr iKcinj^ fmnilier wi'"' evell 
Bpiritis tin J useiiij^^ wilehoitJt «S: It is oidcuxl lliut the Cuustablo 
of Taniu'is Crock i>it.siaets due s<jmii>ik1s W" ixjileii Oharlts Kgei- 

Evor It bee your nieiiitts will for Ever bon looLt upon by nice aii.l 1 Lope tLo 
wliole couutry ; I iK.siie tlint ("jirvors JNtnlo inny bco Secimilto In Ip to pay 
tbc CL)irj;e of yonr (.'ouuty, nml If nuy oiic Sluill piesinuo to Conceal.- itt, heo 
Shall Loc nocorupteil to Lave CouopiitJ witli C'arvci and Soo his Estate boe 
likewise Subject to (V'ni'uc.ilion 

'*iV(*rt/>iA 4' ', lOTC. Your ficuil & Sor\t 

Coll Custis \\" Bkiiko.i.y." 

Super Si*]itia tLus 
for CoH iii.tsoa Mi-jor Saycr aud Cpy': Ilob'. liray or Evtlior of tlicin in Kliz'. 
•'To tlio lii'.'ht lloiuii S . W-'. I'.orkiley Knf. Gov^ and Cnp'. Geu' of \'irg' 

The ]l'iiuble pttt of I.fimull Musou aiul il)e li;.-t of tLo cfacers of tLe mili- 
tia for the Cnunty of Lo\\>r uorfolk iu tl)'.; hphalf of the S'l county inosi hum- 
bly Sh'.NTPth That youi p-Hf". (by nunur-< of tuii tjran.l l{phollioii) have Sus- 
toyued f;roat losso and btou att i,Tcat troiiblo Juiveiii>; about Siily of our Best 
Gunf-s and Sevovull Swords taken from ws for Bacons Service. Suce w ■' 
abDut iiyiiety men did Voluntaily attend upon your hon' ntt James Citty to tLo 
lossc of sevorall of thtir croops, besides oUmtr cLarLjes tliat your pott", have 
becue att \v ' tLuy bU:ill in due time make apenre and your hou'' hnvciuf: becne 
pleased to or', that the Estate of Cap'. W". Carver should bee Sea/cd for tho 
use of t)ur county w '' hiith accordiu-^ly beene done. Your pett ' therefore now 
most humbly prays your Lou's or' for selling tho same at ou outcry or the dis- 
posjill thereof Some way for Satisfying part of the Charg-.s above Said 
and your pett ' as iu duty bouml Shall pray ac 

Lkmceij. Mason." 
'•the 17"' Jnu". 1G7G 

"This pett is granted and the Estate of the above sd Carver bee souldat au 
outcry by Coll Lemucll Mason and Cup-. 11 Ar. bray and disposed of by them 
amongst the Souluiers according to ])ror)ortiou as farr as tho E.slate will goe, 
and that they give mo au accompt of tlieir procc<liugs the first day of the next 
assembly Willia.m LKiihULEv" 

Captain Carver was twice married. IIU llrst wife was named Elizabeth, hii 
second Rose. By his first wife he was the father of a son. Kichnrd. who. born 
about 1040. survived him, and on thf> eleventh of May, 10^1, sold to George 
Newtou 7S1 acres of laud c.illed Brinsous quarter, and on tho 7th of Decem- 
ber, the same year, sold Major Anthony Lawson for 11.500 pounds of tobacco 
in cask a tract of laud ou the side of the b.ay of Elizabeth Kiver, coutaiu- 
iug .100 acres, and called Lamberts Poiut. In both of these deeds he meu- 
tioned himself as being the sou and Loir of Cnptam AVilliam Carver. 

' Lazarus Jenkings w;xs one of ten persons for whose impiirtutiou Cant^iia 
Carver was, on the Itith of October, Hill, granted r.oo acre.-* of hind, and there 
was .some ill feeling existing between them in Kl'j. for ou the l.jth of ilay, 
that year, the diirereuco "becfvene C:ip . W", Caver plautif and La.^arus 
Joukiug dtfen' " \va.-» "lleferrod till the next court att the lieip'.ot of timo- 
thy Udfra", aud ou Juue llith the court orJerod tho suit to be Ji.<missed, atd 

Coats oi Akms in Vi.':niMv. ICi 

iov Plomrr ]^.ray S.-inili porlen Jovco lianpflov ' M;ir;'<'rc TiaurancL- 
nmrv Cliii'lu-stcr Jiml Anne luilicoct to Jtcpavrc to tlio buiipe of tho 
s' Lnu/.urus Jt'iikinj^s unon tho 17'' of this lustnnt Jund niul there 
to uMxkv tlch;:^cnt search conccrnj^ the same ncconlinp: to the IIS 
chapter of iloulii ii. ami that If any Such thiu;,' boi fuund thoy to 
^'ivc in their IJepoils u]Mm oath to the next Tiiaj^istnite that Shco 
may bcc dtalt ^\'' all acconliiif; ti» Law in Smli Cjisok jirox id^d, 
and further ordi rod 1 hat If Cap". Car\er nhall thin): fitt hoe may 
1)00 there also niaj', Sayer hereby Itetpiosted to *Mve them their 

COATS OF Ai::.:s i:< vir.GiNiA. 

Lr.wis, lIo\\LU-, ]ii;rcE-rp.YCK, Cox inTNAY. "WAHNin. Bowi.r.^, Pain 
eiKKKiELD, Wasiiinoton, Jones, Lfwh of Van, CioiAnoHrs, ^.c. A 
comparison of the plate of "Warner Lewis with tho emblazoning 
de^i^cribcd by Moncure D. Conway, in his Ji<iro>m, \q., pi». 1 52-171, 
shows that the former has seven shields, the latter thirteen. I 
cannot speak for the authenticity of the latter; bnt I have seen 
and examined the old silver jilate.- Tiie tinctures aio represented, 
but not always correctly. Thus the plate repro-ents — 1. Lewis: 
Ar. a elraj^on's head and neck erased vert. 2. Howell: On. three 
towers trijile towered ar., holding in tiie mouth a reel hand. 3. 
Ar. three chevronels or [liruce-Pryce, as described by Conway his 
Gu. three chevronels ar, a crescent for ililiorencc(]. The represen- 
tation, which appears ou the silver, niust be incorrect, for it places 
nrg. (argent, silvt^r)— a metal — on or (gold) — a melal. 4. Ar. three 
torteaus. This, after the analogy of the Conway eud)la7:oning, 
stanels for C-ourtenay; but it shoulel be, accoreliiig to J3urke, or 
three torteaus. 5. Ar., in chief a/, three lozenges or, for Tielding. 
G. Or a cross engrailed vert, for Warner; but Burke has vert a cross 
engrailed or. 7. In the centre is placed by way of pretence: Az 

the 6.irac day the diDforeiioo between " La/arns Jenkiu-^s plnntif and Cmj . W ". 
Carver defend'." vrns " referred till tho next court l>y KcaMin that Ju . Hig- 
ley" "an evidence in the hehalf of the sd Jeukin:;s fayled to npeare thoii.;ht 
Somoned, and that the sd Iligley for hi<; contempt bee fined "jr^tj " of tob ac- 
cjrdiBj; to act " 

' Joyce Lnu^loy was the widow of William Ijanpl^y, who patented land in 
lC-2o. and .lied in lOTj. She afterwards married William Clements, and died 
before the 12th of .April, lObU. 

-See Vol. II., n. !."''•. PiecAS of thLs plate arc hold by Mrs. Courtenay Sel- 
den, and ilxs. I'icldiug LewLs Taylor, of Gloucester county. 

ICC AVll.T.IAM AM- >rAllV CoLI,!:r.K Ql-A!tTEni.Y. 

tliicc striJuliup;' bowls nr.. out of o;icli u iKiar's lit-iul or, fur JJowlcs. 
Cul. "NViinitr Lewis marrieil I'Icunor I'.uwlcs, widow ui ^Villiaux 
GoiK'li, son of Governor Goocli. Tlu' rrest on the silver is Ar. a 
dragon's lioiul, and iicok erased vert, liMldiii'' in the. ninnth a liloudy 
liand, for liOwis. 

TJic UK ! to is, Oinnc solum /'or fi jxitrid est: "I'.vcry land is a 
brave man's country." 

The Lewis silver differs from the en;:jravinpr in the Jiarons, kc, 
in lacking the shields of Daiugerlield, Washington, Jones, 
Golydubun Lord of Caeileon, Fielding, Butler, A:c. It wovild 
be interesting to know the origin, age, etc., of the embhuxiuing de- 
Scribed by I\Ir. Conway. 

Coiaux, r.vr.KE, Faki.iiy. In an old book in my possession ("Let- 
ters from a Citizen of the World to his Friends in the East," lialti- 
Diore, ISlC.) there i.s a plate indicating tuictm-es, quarterly 1 and 
4, Corbin: Ar. on a chief or three ravens sa.; 2 and 3, a/ure im- 
paling gules. There is also an escutcheon of pretence, bearing 
quarterly 1 and I, a/.ure three pales sa. (liJiu-ke has or thret^ pales 
sa., for Faik-y) : 2 and 3, gu. on a pale r.r. three buck's heads ca- 
bos.sed of the lust, f.r Pai-ke. On the plate underneath is printed 
R. Iv. Corbiu. From IVu-huiond ViU'u\ November 20, IPSS, Major 
Iiichard Corbin. born 1771, niember of House of Delegates from 
King and (.^Hieen in 1700, and in the artillery during the war of 
1812, married Rebecca, daughter of James Parke Farley and Eliza- 
beth Hill Byrd, daughter of William and Fli/.abeth Carter B>Td. 
]\rr. Farley was of Antigua, but removed to Virginia to manage a 
valuable tract of land iiurchascd by his father in 17G2 of William 
Byrd, and located on the -Roanoke, in North Carolina (Smythe's 
Travels). What d.) the a/.ure impaling gules of the 2d and 3d 
(juart* rs in the tirst shield above imply"? 

Mannixo. In numbers of the Jiritish Theatre, London, 1701, 
once belonging to the Library of St. George Tucker, the younger, 
there are bookplates of one William ?klanning: Quarterly az. and 
gu. a cross llory ar. between four trefoils slipped. Cnst — Out of 
a ducal coronet or, an eagle's head sa. beaked or, between two 
feathers sa. ppr. Was William ^fanning a Virginian^ 

Hat. In the Worki of ^^f. Jjoih'nu Despr€<iu.f: Glasgow. 1750 
(French), bearing auti-'graph of J. Page, is a book plate having the 
arms of Hay : Arg. three escutcheons gu. Creat : A demi-t.>oun- 
in-man, holding over his shoulder an ox yoke. !Motto above the 
crest, lUnovulc Ani/iioi- ; below the aims, Giilitlrnu6. Dr. Peter 

CoAi.^ UK Akms in Vuh.'.NIA. 1C7 

Hay, of Virginia, uho ilicd in ITG'J, lm<l a considoi-ablo liljimy. 
W'lis the I'uoK liis ori-^iiiiilly '? 

Lt!i>\vKi.L. lu un old book entitled IVic JUotion of J'^lfiiJa, cCv., 
]iondon, 17o7, piiri-Lasfd, as tlio lly leaf slatcH, " l)y J<»hn Llair 
jiiu. at the sale of Col. TjiidweU's Ksf" ib a bouk plulo: Gu: be- 
twocn two t<nvei-s on u b»»)ul ar^'ent three ea;^'lcs disj.layt d sable. 
Moth>: 7. rtnsicri slretti A'lfil \'iso tScio/fo. L'ndenu;ilh is 
jirinted, '•I'iiilip Ijudwell of Green Spring,' in Vir^^nia Kscf." In 
the samo coUoctiun I have seen book-plates, withotit armorial dt»- 
vices, of Iicv. James }iendor5on, ^vho married I^liss Ulair ami }iugh 
On-, both of Williauisbiirfic. 

AuviarriijEMLNTS. — ''I^ost, about throe weeks a^'o, within three 
milts tif Col. Grifliu's, a triangular seal, set in ^old, with a c-at-of- 
arnis cn^'raved on one side, a crest on ani>ther side, and the letters 
^V. G. on a cypher on the third — half a pistole reward." — 1 ir/jinia 
Gazette, August 2G, 1737. 

*'Lf>st, some time in Auj,'ust last, a silver suuft' btjx, gilt on the 
inside, and a coat of arms being engraved on the lid, three tygcrs' 
Heads, and the crest of a Lyon liainpant AVhoever brings it to 
Mr. Thomas Hall iu rrince George Co. or to the printer of this 
paper shall have a pistjle Howard." — Ibid., January 7, 17;{r>. 

[Thomas HaU, clerk of New Kent county, was executed by JJerke- 
l'\y in 1G7G, as a supporter of Bacon, he "being more useful to the 
Piebolls than forty armed men." Thomas Hall, of Prince George, 
was, I think, his grandson, and married ^lolly, daughter of Major 
Henry Power. — Qi AiixEnLY, January, IS'JM.J 

John VN'aller advertises for "a silver wat^'h with a key, at'd a 
silver seal with a leopard engraved on it." — Jbid., July. 17;i0. 

Day. — Captain James Pay's will was ]n-ovtd in Isle of "Wight 
court, Virginia, January 0, 1700-1: £300 sterling to each of his 
children, Elizabeth, James, Thomas, and "William Day; and for 
their education he directs that certain property lying in ]5road 
street, within or near tlie precincts and circuit of the late dissi-lved 
house, prion.-, or monasteiy, commonly called the Augustine Fryars, 
in the parish of St. Peter"s-the-Poor, in London, be sold; to his sou 
James he leaves his watch, silver cane, "seal k. coate of-iu-mes ^ my 
Piapier "; mentions Aunt Silvtstra HilJ, Prother and Sister Chapman, 
and Sister Swan wife Mary Day; to his "ever honored mother. ^P*. 
Mcay Copley, " £10 sterling. [John Day, uf Bristol, made a power 
of attorney to Hump'nra ?^I-.rsh:ill iu 1G07. 3Ii-s. Sihestra Hill (will 
proved JauiKiry 0, 17i',j-"7j gave 3GJ acrc^> to the poor of the up- 

168 WlI.I.IAM ANI> ]\I VUV C'0LIJ.(.t (^fAI.ri.l:Ly. 

per parish of Islo of "NVi^^'ht; was Iho widow of Nioliulas Ilill, J. P. 
(will provi'il Oc-tulxT 20, Uno), who lueailiwuH Ihe k«,'iicv left her 
by Mfijor-Gencial lliclmnl IJcmictt. — Js'c of Wiijlit Co. Jitconh. 
Ivichfu-(1 Hfnnc'tt, in his will, jiroveJ Au^ 15, IHTG, hcqucfilhcil 
12,000 pounds of tobacco lo his cousin Silveetra Hill, the wife of 
Major Nicholas Hill; ami the same amount to Jnmcs Day. — ^V. /;. 
7/. <b G. Ji., Junuary, 1804. ].aLai 115.] 

"Willis, Kicu, Kk-h.uid.s, Fox. — I obtained piTniissiou this sum- 
mer from tho vestry of "Waro Church, Gloucesitr county, to take 
up the chanctl, which hid from sij:;jht some haTidsi>me slabs. Tho 
plal>?, throii;;h tho lilterulity of Dr. Francis T. \\'illis, have now 
been placed where they can be seen. The first is the tombstone 
i«f Mrs. Anno AVillis, who died in 1727, and was wife of Col. Fran- 
cis A\'illis. It bears: Three griflln.s pass, in pale for "SVillis, impal- 
ing a chevron between three crosses botonneo for l^ieh. From an 
C'ld "Wilhs Bible, Colonel Francis Willis married Lady Anne Piich. 
The second stone is that of Amy Fichards, the wife of John llieh- 
ards, minister, and it bears no armorial devices. The third is that 
of IJcv. John Fichurds: A chev. between three lleurs-de-lis. Jlich- 
ards of Fowley, county Kent, ]'^ugland, bears as anns: Sa. a chev. 
bctw. three llcurs-de lis or. The fourth tc^nb is that of Isabella 
Fox, wife of Fev. John Fox, and has the Fox arms: A chcvion be- 
tween three cocks; on a chief a fox courant, — which correspohd^, in 
Burke to Fox of Missenden, County Bucks. The tombstone of Mrs. 
"Willis has a crest which I am not entirely certain about. 

"Wallace. — The toml^stono of Fev. James ^Vallace, at his homo, 
called "Erroll," on the Back Fiver, in Elizabeth City County. Vx.ars 
arms: A hon rampant; crest, an ostrich's head and neck, hokUng in 
its beak a horseshoe. As his tomb states, Mr. "Wallace was from 
En-oll, in Perthshii-e, North Britain, and he was minister of Eiiza- 
beth City county for twenty-one years. He died Novenibcr 3, \. D. 
1712, and in the forty-fifth year of his aire. — The tombstone of Mrs Euphrn Dandridge, lying 
near that of Rev. James Wallace, has arms: A lion's head erased 
between three mascles, corresponding to Dandridge of county 
Worcester, England. Mrs. Dandridge died 22.1 April, 1717. 

F.uisAT. — I have seen a wax real attached to the original will of 
I^r. George Famsay, in Norfi>lk county clerk's ollice: An eagle dis- 
played, beaked and membered ; credit, a unicorn's head couped. 
These arms correspond to those in Burke of the Earl of Dalhousie 
and the Famsays of Croughton House, ]>rackley, Southampton. 

Biu'TON Ckikcii. ICfl 

Dr. Rnmsay, in his will, (liitoil Juiip 22, IToG. doviscd his property 
to bis wUv, Sarah, and to his sens, John and .lames Kamsay. 

Tnr.rsros.- — Tho original will of l\d\\ard I'hniston, dated 2.Jth 
Soi)tcmbcr, 17C1, is in Norfolk county ckrkH oilier, and hears a 
wax Real with the impression: three buj^le-horns stringed. Ho 
mentions son, John; dau^'hters.. ^Fai-y and Elizabeth; {,'randsons, 
Charles ^Mine Thrustou, John Smith, of Norfolk, :\r(\<?eH iJobertsou; 
pranddaughtei-s. Fiances Robcrtsoii, Sarah lliitehiuprs, wife to Jo- 
Boph Hutehings; le^^'acy to daii.r;htcr, Kliz:ibeth Tiiruston. 

Ky tui. Kditok. 

Nr.xr after the Colle'.'e, the glory of V/illiamsburg ia Brutou 
Chureh. AVhtD. in 1G3'2, iliddlo riantation (subsequently Wil- 
liamiiburg) was laid out and paled in," a parish of the same name 
was shortly created.' Of the early history of thia parish very little 
is known. When counties were established two years later, tho 
hue of divi.<;ion between Charles Eivor county, Eubsequcntly York, 
and Janies City county appears to have passed through tho centre 
of ^iliddle riantatiou.^ Charles Itiver county, the parent potential 
of many new counties, stretched out indeiinitely to tho north uud 
to tho we?-t. 

At Middle Plantation there was no danger from disease, for the 
Burgeon of the Colony, Dr. John Pott, had given convincing evi- 
dence of its healthfulncss by the purchase of a plantation caded 
Ilarop, just on its borders," and hi^ judgment was to be conGrmed 
iu future years by the unanimous voice of the Legislature.' In 
this favored spot there were no mosquitoes;-^ tho air was "serene 
and temperate," and crystal springs burst from the "dry and 
champrdgn" soil.' But the Indians inhabiting near were a real 
menace. The danger, in fact, of sudden death from this source 
made religion a constant factor in the lives of the early Ci)lon;.sts; 
and the vakT and the intrepidity of the brave comraandt-rs at iMiMle 
Plantation, Lieutenant Fuchftr.l Popely" and Captain Ti. bert Ilig- 

'HeDiii<;. I., K<'.», l'J'>, 204. -York Record**. - i'"''^- ^rieuiiv-r, L. 20S. 
^Hcuiu^,', III.. 419. 'Hugh Joncss Prfit-d i<Uitf of Virj.ui.i. 

'Honin-. III., 410. 

*Popoley owno'l 7(tA acres nt the Mid.lle n.'intntion. (York UeconU) In 
1627 he w,\« C'iven 1.500 pounds of tobncco >>y th'^ Cown^^il. "hr? btiui^ r m;:n 
th.'-.t brtthe heretofor" aud io still ready to do po'^\ *«rvice to the Colouy. " lie 
wn3 bcni in li'OS. iu th" pniish of Wolloy, Yorkshire, LuglauJ. ^..VucicI.t 
Records, aud Suinsbnry MSS.) 

f,'iiu..>n,' dk\ nut diiniuibb the i.eopln'B trust in a Lij^'lior protec- 

i;y ir,<l tbu "forest" to the northwest, Im.l ret-dvcd bo many 
iiuniij^runts, that id the eessiou of tlio Lo-^nbluture that year "the 
\il>l>cr part of York county, from tho ^\■cst bido of Skiiucuo Crctk 
to tho hciiiU of ramunky and ^lattaponi rivers, and doAvu to the 
head of tho West side of I'oropotacko," was created' into a Bepa- 
lato coimly, called New Kent; and at tho same session, that part 
of Yoik couuty on tho river, which lay adjoining, " fiom tho head 
of tho north side of Qu.on's Creek as high as tho head of Skimeno 
Creek," was made' into a distinct parish, and was called ^larston. 

In lOM a parish iu James City, between Archer's Hope Creek 
and Maiiiu's llandrcil, comprising llarop and Failow'b Ntck ..>ub- 
fccquontly KingsmiU jilantatiou), was created,* and called llarop 
l.ari^h; but iu March, JG.jT-'uS, this pariai was united with :\Iid- 
dlo IMantation, and the two became known as ^liddletown i»ar)sh.* 

Ij\ tho same year (IGoS) IMajor Josejih Croshaw, whoso daughter 
Unity married Culoncl John ^Ve3t, Lord ])elaware's nephew, gave 
to the parish of Marston one acre of his plantation called "Poplax 
Xeck," near the "Indian Fields," for a church-yard, on which liuid 
there was already a church/ 

There is a deed,' dated March 5, IGoO, from llalph Sirukins and 
SL-.SiUinjh, his wife, to Samuel Fenn (whose daughter Sr.rah mar- 
ried Thomas Claiborne, a sou of tho renowned "William Claiborne), 
conveying 37 acres of woodland, "except two acres, part thereof, 
given formerly by tho said Simkins to tho use of tho parishioners 
of r^Iidilleto-.^Ti Pari Ji, and on which a church is now building." 
In 1G7-1 tlie parish of Marston was joined to that of Middlctuwu, 
and the united parishes became known as "Bruton Parish"' — a 

' The tomb of his only chiKl, Lucy Burwoll, at Carter's Creek, Gloucester 
county, Virgiuia, speaks of Cfiptniu IIig;,'insou as of the "ancient family of 
Hipgiiison," and a3 "one of tLc first comman-lcrs to subJuo the country of 
Virtjinia from the power of the heathen." In 1G14 he had charge at MiJiUa 

'Pleiiiug, I., SS'^!. -I'oiJ.; York Couuty P.c-corJs. ^IIiuiuL;, I., 317. 

'IIU., -108? 

• York Kecords. Joseph Croshaw and Coblis were vestrymen of 
Marston Parish in loCO. uad Kcv. Edward Foliott wiis the miui^ttrr. 

' York Couuty Kecords. 

" I h.ive not been able to Imd the order rt- [uiring the chaugo, but in the 
Yorl: records "Druton" takes the place of "Middle-town" auJ of '-Marston" 
dr. ring 11)74. In some Lite accounts Prutun Church ba.s bttn c.dkd "Christ 
Churh" and "St. David's," but tho records show tu.;t the only name which 
it ever h id was tho n ime of the parish, Soo Perry's Hidt. Coll., Virginias 208, 
2'J3-3U0, 111, -IJJ; iloaJe, MoCabe, Voik liecords, etc. 

]ii<UTON Cm i;«'i. 171 

nniiio over sinco rot.-u'iifd, no'l il'.'iivcd from tlio IauIwcH family, or 
from Sir Wiilintu iJorLeioy, tho Ciovcrnur, who wove from liruton, 
Somerset county, in Enf,'l:ind. 

Tho Ihst entry in the old vpstrj-book, now lost,' l)jre date "April 
y' 18tli, 1G7-I,"nnd from tljat time tho distinction betwoi'ii Middlo- 
town und Mc.rHtoa }-:uishe.s ceased; nnd in tho deeds I'luitfttionn 
in I*.Iurston parish are described as in "liruton." 

Of Bruton parish, ](ov. lloA-Jaud Jones (IG JO-IC'SS), eon of liev. J.>ne8 in Oxfordshire, was tlie first minister, llo was a 
graduate of Oxford, and an ancestor of Mirllia Waslnn,'::ton.' Tho 
two churchwardens in IGTi were Captain Pnilip Clicsley' and ifr. 
AVilliam Ayktt, both of York county, and the Honorable Daniel 
IV.rko* (J:?ecretai-y of tho Colony, and an ancestor of Martha Wash- 
iuj^ton's first husband, Daniel Parke Custis), Mr. Jamea r»esouth, 
"hlr. RoboiL Cobbs, and Mr. James Jiray, were of the vestry; Alex- 
ander Bounyman was the first clerk of Bralon. In November, 
1G77, the vestry deteruiined^ "not to repair either the upper or 
the lower churches in tho parish," but that "a new chun-h should 
be built with brick at the Middle Plantation." Th-re were then, 
probably, three wooden structures for worship in tho pa'-i.~>h, cor- 
responding to I^Iiddle Plantation, Harop, and Marston parishes*, 
all threo of which now composed Bruton, which stretched in an 
irregular manner fn-m York Kiver to James River, and was about 
ten miles square." ^Ve have ovidenc9 certainly of the exi.stonce of 
two such chmches: Marston Church is constantly referred to in 
the Yoik county records as being in tho dii-ection of tho present 

'lu some wnv tlie vt>try-book disappeared duriii;? the lato wnr. Fortu- 
nately, llcv. J. C. McCabe L.'i.l the use of it iu \S7>G, aad ho publi.^lifil iimny 
estrticts in T/ie Church licciaic and Kccleiiasiical Rtguter, Vol. VllL, 1655-50. 
Iteforcnces to the skotoh iu Tfie Church Ri'ricie, etc., will he m:ule ia this 
paper as " McCabe. " A mutilated register of the parish exists. Tho eutries 
ruu: Birth.-, 173.1-17'>2: Deaths. 106U-1731. The early d'-aths, lC':o-lt".7-l, 
beius those of porsnas livint^ iu Marstou parish, show that the rou:i;>tor inu5t 
have Leon ori;4inaHy the roLjistcr of that parish. Mrs, C. 1>. T. Colcuiau, of 
■NN illiamsburg, h.'.s the rcj:;i3ter. I had a copy mado for the Colle,^o librarj". 

* VirL;ini.i " Hiitorical Collectious,'' XL, paire 7G. 

^Of Wclfori, Gloucestershire, England. Will proved iu York county, Vir- 
Ciuia, in ICT-L His D'.>phc\V3, who were educated iu Euglaud, left descendants 
in Virginia. 

*Seo Virginia Historical Collections, XL, page 7(1; also, Bishop Meade's OUl 
C:iiirrhts iiini FamilUi of Vir-j'/ii^t. ' McCabe. 

* Ilev. J.unt"j Blair describes the pfirLsh iu 1721 as being ten miles s<pinre. — 
Perry's ///dc"»-i>ui ColUctiom—VirQini'i. 

172 AVii.i.uM AM> Makt C'U.i.r.iT: (,)T-Ai;rKr.KY. 

r.ij,'lov,-'p, "ill tho l!i(lif\n fioUls near Quern's Creek"; ftud in De-, KiT-t, Th^>inas CI ".ibovno v.ud Surp.h, his >vifi« (wLo was Sji- 
rah rtiin'), joine-l in a deM to convey tbi' wife's inheritauce in tbo 
old i)];intaliuu uf Ralph SimUius, "except the two acres on w^'' the 
I'arish Church of Bruton voir stnndtf,, formerly given by l{:ili)h 
Simkins uuto the parisliioners of liruton." 

To tho propo:=}ed brick buililin;» at Mi<l Uo riantaliou liberal 
contribuliona were msilo ' by Rev. Uowhind .lonea, John Page, 
Gideon Mncon, Martiu Gardiner, Thomas ],udwell, Kprj., and 
others. Ou 2:kl January, IfiSl, an ngreenunt was signed by 
Capf. Francis Page to build ' the brick church for *' £150 and sixty 
pounds of good, sound, morchantable, fiwect-scented tobacco, to be 
leveyed of each tylheabln in the parish for three years together." 
Tho land on v.hicli the church waa built, together with si\ly feet 
of the same every way fur a church yard, was a gift • forever from 
tho "Honouiablo Coll. John Page." 

Oa Noveiubcr 2D, 1083, tho now church was at length completed, 
and on tho 6th day of January, 1C83-84, being tho Ei-iphany, Mr. 
Jones preached a dedicatory sermon. Special pews were set apart 
for the Governor a-Kl Council and the families of Cul Juhn Page 
of ^liddle Plrtntatii)U, and of Col. Philip Ludwell who had married 
the Lady Frances, Governor Berkeley's widow, and resided at 
Greenspring, seven miles distant. The fees were fixed — for burial 
in the chancel 1,000 pounds of tobacco or ,£5, payable to the min- 
ister; for burial in the church 500 jiounds of tobacco, payable to the 
parish; for a funeral sermon £2, pay abb to the minister; for reg- 
iilcring christenings, and burials 3 pounds of tobacco each, pay- 
able to tho clerk of tho parish ; for digging a grave 10 pounds of 
tobacco, piy.ible to the sexton. The minister's salary wps fixed at 
1,600 pounds of tobacco and cask annually.* Among the bene- 
factors of tlio church, besides those already mentioned, were Sir 
Edmund Androi. the Governor, who in 160-1 gave to Bruton Parish 
a large silver server; ' Mrs. Catharine Besouth,*^ who gave £10 by 

•■McC.ibe. '7.''^f. ^McCftbo. * Ibid. Terry. 

'A server preseutotl by .\n.iro«to Jnnua City r.irisli tnTiicil up in an oiit of 
the way plp.oe somctiuio a.,'o, nu I is now nt the Episcopal Rt" minftry :it Alciamlrift. 

*ilrs. H.^soiith was tbo wife of vestryiunn J:uue« Besoutb, ru«1 wuiow of 
John nuber.l, the brother of Mnthow Habonl. H.^r a.-\uaht€r. Elizabeth 
Ilubcr.l. nmrrie<l Capt- James .Prober, r\n cn^'inoor in Sir Herbert Jeffreys" re(;i- 
ment. H:s dnughter. Anne Arch'T, mftrri»^<l Mni<>r William Lari)or, bur^*es,s, 
justice. et<\, nu-l Im 1 Eli/nbetli, who luiirrie.l Leourr.l Claiborne, Capt. Jntne; 
Berber, etc. 

]imi\N Cm KCH. 173 

licr will for tho ])urchii.-io uf ii jiin-o of jilftto on.'/rftvcil with her 
nume, iimi ^hs. Aliro I'a^o,' Nvlio iu 1G'.I8 <^avo " on»> {.'old pul^tiit 
cloittl' anl cushion of Lest velvott.'' A cltiirch JJiblc wus fjivtn by 
C!1}jI. Mathews.Mvhic-h iu Vii'l " hoiut,' "^ ilaii^^cr of Ki)'>ilirif; hy 
laying iu the chest, Mr. Thouiua Cobbs nf^reoil to talco, prouiisiu^; 
to fioud fur nuotht-r when tho samo shall b<-o rt-quirt-J." A fout 
etono was impi'rtctl in IGOl,* uu<l is doubtless tho one now in tlso 
chuich. Iu 1721 Kcv. Jaiucs l^lnir reported * that the church was 
providtd with '• a great Bible, 2 Common prater p.ooks, the Homi- 
lies, canons, jjulpit Cloths, altar and altar piece, Font, Cushions, 
Suq)lice, BlU, iVc," and that "there were 110 families in tho 
parish." Tho church has at preseiit the uso of tho follo\siu;^' sor- 
^ic<.6 of comuiuni'.u plato: Ibt. A B<;rvice of bilvcr, considiiujf of a 
larr^e chalice and a paten, origiually presented to tho church at 
Jamestown, each veesol l.>earing the motto, " Jli.'C not hol'i tJt'uKjcs 
icith profu/n'." and about tho rim, on the bottou), /.'.'• Jono IVan- 
ci't>ci Aforrisou, Armif/eri. Anno JJo)ni IGGl." FrauciH Morri- 
son, Esq., was at this timo acting Governor of tho coloi oy. Tho 
maker of tliis sernce, whoso mark was " T. \V." was also the maker 
of a celebrated cup owned by tbo Blacksmith b Company, London, 
lt'5o, and bubsequently purchased at a salo for the large sum of 
£378. 2d. A ser\ico of silvei'-gilt, consi-iting of a paten and a 

' Will of Mrs. Alice Tage, wife of Col. John Pa^-e, vr"vc-'l August 24, l(i7iS. 

' The follo^virig uotes reg.irJiiig the Mathew.s family umy bo of T.iliie : Gov. 
Samuel ilalhews, wlio lar.irieJ the daiiybter of Sir Thomrib Fliutuu, lived in 
AVhrwiok county, aud died iu ICijO. — Ilening. "Jobn Math.-ws, sou of Col, 
Samuel M;:the\v5, decnspd." Mrs. Anun Barnnrd guardiiin, etc., \C7l. — Gen- 
eral Court iittvrti*. '• Kobert Bullock, sou of William 15ullock. who was son 
of IIuL;a Lallock, '* gu-.-s Col. Peter Jouinf^s, r;u<iriliau to "orpbans of Cvll. 
Mathews, dt-tcascd, " ICil.—Jbid. " Wiiliiiiu Cole, Ka.]., ;^uanUuu of ilr. John 
Mitbews." ICT'J.— 3'^/;^• County Jiecords. "William Colo. Esq., aud Capt. 
Jobu Mathews, trusteed of IJdd'.viu Mathews, orj>bau of Capt. I'raucia 
Mathews," etc., IGbJ. — Ibid. "Jobu Mathews. Eiq.. of Warwick couuty, aud 
Eli/abeth, his wife, sola dauj;btor aud heiress of ilichaol Taveruor, of York 
county," 16S4-5. — ii/-/. "linldwiu, infaut aud ouly sou of Capt. Fraiicis 
Mathews, deceased," 1G74-5. BaKlwiu Mathews, of York couuty. iu hi^ Gbth 
year, found dead with his head rcstiuq on the table, etc. — Virijiida Oautte, 
l6t .\pril, 1737. Mary, daujjhter of Baldwin Mntbews, uinrried I'hilip .Smith, 
of Northuubcrlaud couuty, and had Baldwin Mathews Smith, eldest son. and 
Mary, who married Thomas Buckner. — Vork County lii-cord,*, 1751. Samuel 
JIuthews' wdl, prove.! in Bichmond couuty in 17lt<, meutiuus his son? John, 
B.ddwia. and Frauijis. dai^Lters ilary aud Elizabeth, au I kinsmen I'udley 
Di;^'.;es au'i B.Jdwiu Muhows. 

'Calendar of Sutc Bapors, L, p. 05. * Ferry. 

17-1 Will lAM AM' ^Jahy Coi.i r.c.Y. Qr.\i;rK!:r.Y. 

diinMf Imtnlled ciiii •\\itli cdvor licimlitiilly clmscJ aii<1 f-.nliellif^hed 
v,Hh npi>litiui- loaves mu\ l)carinj:; priviilo anas, at present uiiiilen- 
tilioil. The cnj), resemllin^ in Bhaj>e iiuil h'y/.o n cauille or lovinrr- 
cup, wfts iniulo in IGSG by Peotei' liiuiiclie, nn eminent French 
goKlstnitli then resident iu Ijundun. Tho paten, of loss delicate 
WDtkinniiship, was not raado until 1737, at ^vhioh tiiuo tho two 
Tcs-iols were doubtless jnesented to thn church. A cut ol this ser- 
vice appears in ,1. II. Buck's Old I'latc (Gorhaia ^lunufactnring 
Company, New York. 1.S8S). Hd. A silver service of three pioccB, 
a large llagon, a largo goblet bhaped chalice, and a paten, each 
piece bearing tho royal arms, with nioJto, *^ Jloni soit <pd imil y 
pome," between the initials G. III. 11. This service waH uiadu iu 
ITCl and 170G by Thnmas Ileniiu;;. 

The vtstry controlled tho church, and out of their number wore 
elected each year two persons called church-wanlens, who saw to 
tho enforcement of tho church laws. These church wardens, who 
wer^ assisted in their duties by tui officer called a sidesman, looked 
after the poor children, who were taught reading, writing, and 
arithmetic,' and reported to the county courts the evil doers, who, 
contrary to Bishop ^leade's suppositious, were prom})tly punished, 
as tho county records show. 

In the cour.^e of the vestry itself rer/arding tho election of min- 
isters, the independent character of the Virginians was remark- 
ably illustrated. Under the practice iu England the minister held 
his living for life, but the vestry of Brutou would only elect Kev. 
Solomon Whoatley for a year at a time, iu spite of the insistence of 
Governor Andros to the contrary.' Even Governor Spotswood ap- 
pears to have found them an obdurate and unmanageable set of 
men. 3 

' The vestry Imd clip.rge (often in conjunction with the ju:-tices) of the par- 
ish schools, of which there seoins to have been four in IIIL— Perry. One of 
these waii the "iFattey School," fonmkil by Mrs. Mnry Wh.ilcy in honor of 
her 6i:in, in ITOC. Probably the other schools were iudicnted — 1. Bv the school- 
houc of which I have fotiud frequent mention in the York records as loc.ited 
on the north side of Queen's Creek, uenr Marston church ; 2. I-y the fiftv acres 
and house given at Jamestown for a free-school {Meade I., 201) ; and 3. By the 
school of .V. Curtis named on the map of Williamsburg. In 172G Jonathan 
DruUt left his estate for a free-school, but the act of the Legi.slature in 17";2 
permitted tho Tc>try to nso the proceeds for any ch.iruablo purpose. — York 
County Ricordi and Ihninfi Statutes. 

» McCabe. 

•'' In the ir.dox to the cnse^ prndinj in the General Court CLudwoll MS.S. in 
Vft. lliat. Society) there i>. a case of Q: ire impidit, brought iu 1721 by ' ' Evlinuu 1 

BiuTON C'ni'Kcii. ]7o 

Tho vestry, liowever, rested with ftBsortin;^ their own iiiilcpon- 
dcuce. They hvA no patience with the (Quakers, who claimed r\- 
oniption from thrir reh'gious dDDiination. The (.Uudcera were pcr- 
Bocuted. impiii:C)!\<.d, and fined. And yet there is i>)enty of evidence 
that the people iit largo had no {a-eat antipathy to this claps of peo- 
ple. From some of tho very first citizens tho (Quakers received coun- 
tenance and ]n-otectiou. When in 1 70") the formidable Quaker mis- 
eiouary, Thomas Story, visited the homes of Kdward Thomas ard 
John and Janus B:ilo3, " a wanton c.<mpany " of both sexes from "Wil- 
liamsburg and other adjacent places utteTided iho (Quaker meetiii,'^ 
at Queen's Creek, but were actuated by no feeling other than that 
of a thoughtlef^g '"levity." And Governor Francis Nicholson him- 
uelf received Stoiy when he called upon him "with a kindness be- 
yond expectation." ' 

Of course tho c.stabli:^hmeut of tho college at tlio ^liddlo Plan- 
tation, " Old fleilds," in 1C03, and the removal thitlicr of the capi- 
tal in 3C09, had great effect upon tho church.. Wo notice in the 
records frequent mention of repairs, and it becomes evident that 
the ideoi* of the vestry had outgrown the limits of tho modest 
church first erected. In 1710, tho voslry, consisting of "Hen: 
Tyler,* Kich' Kendall, Eich^ Bland,-^ ffred Jones." Hugh Norvcll,* 
W". Tirason,« Amb' Cobbs, E. Jenings,^ and David Bray," ' com- 
pla'ncd in a petition to tho Burgesses that tho present church bad 
gl•o^\^l " ruinous," and asked pecuniary aid to build a new church 
to accommodate the crowd of strangers brought together by the 
General Assembly, tho courts, tho councils, and other public 
agencies. As the petition received tho active support of the speaker 

Jcciugs, Esq., Henrv Tyler, James Br.\v, Mixthow Pierce, Johu Holioiv:iy, JoLn 
Custis. Miobael .\rclier, and Kob'. Cobba the younger, Henry Cary, Archib.ild 
Blair, Baldwin Mathews, Gent, the vestry of the Parish of Brutou. iVc. vs?. 
Alexacdpr Syiotswood, Esq., Lt. Governor and Conimander-in-cliicf of the 
Colony and Poniinion of Virginia and Oidiuary for Collating to Iknelicea Eo- 
clesiiistical within the said colony." 

' Friends" Library. 

'^^randf.ither of President John Tyler. 

'Father of Kichard Claud the antiquary. 

* A representative of the funiily of lhoina.s ap Catesby Jones. 
'Grandfather of W'ilUam Xorvell, who represented James City county in 

the Convention of 1775. 

' Sou of Samuel Titnson, formerly of Lonclon.* 
■"Sou of yir Ehnuul Jeniajjs of Kipou, in Yorkshire. 

• Col. Duvid Br:vy, of tho Council. 

170 WlU.UM AXl) Mai;V CoM.rOE Ql AU'l rid.Y. 

of the of Bur;^^c.-,.SLS, John lIolliAvay, uud of tlio Governor, 
AJcxnudcr Spi.t'^fwootl, it cuu)il not wtll fail. Tiio contractor vms 
JanuB ]\Ioriis,' "cai] •cuter a)Kl chief \voi]:iian in tlie city of Wil- 
linnibbur'.;, >vlio carae into Vir(;inia with Cj!1. Liuhvcll." " In order 
to beat Hown tho exlravaj^aiit prices of ^voll•■mcn," th»^ Governor 
and Kdiuuud JeningB volimtfL-rLd to deliver in place "the brick 
necessary in building tho ehmch," at 15 hhillings per thousand, 
•' provided Bome of y'" \estry Avould uudertal:e the oilier pr.rts." The 
length of the new church ^v;^f^ 7.3 feet, of which the Governor a-n-eed 
to put up 22 leet at his own expense. Its width waw made 2S feet. 
'J'ho church wall was 23 feet high. Tho General Assendjly con- 
tributed two wings, 19 feet long by 22 feet wide, making the 
church aluio.!>t an even cro;-s. 

The church was tinished about 171.'. It was a new church, and 
on Koveiuber IG, 171G, an oriler was made by the vestry that "the 
church-wardens dispose of all the material belonging to the old 
church, except the brick." If the old brijk had been used in con- 
structuig the new church, this exception would have been super- 
jluous; besides Spotswood had agreed to furnish all the biick 
"necessary in building tho church." It wiis in fact cheaper ij 
use new biick than to bother with the old, cemented in almost a 
solid mass by strong shell lime. 

In ]71G John Custis obtained leave to place upon the north 
wall of the church, where it still is, the marble slab to the memoiy 
of the graudlaiher of his wife,- the lion. Dan Parke, Secretary of 
State, which slab was in tho old church. And when, in 1720, Dr. 
AVilliam Cocke,' who was also Secretary of State, died, a tablet was 
placed opposite on the south wdl to his memory. 

Under tho orders of the vestry the men sat on the north siMe of 
the church and the women on the south. Tho youth of the collerre 
were given the gallery "from the pillar on the south side of the 
isle of the church to the uorih side of the church," and in 1721 a 
gallerv- for the parish boys was ordered to bo built on the south 
side of the church adjoining the gallery of the students in the west 
end. In 17G2 Utujamin Waller and others were permitted tj erect 

' James Morris, Li> Ljramlsoa, wius clerk of tho r.iri^li of St. Peter's iu New 
Kent. Sco regi'^tor of thnt i>arUh for ncoonnt of the f.iuiily (177G). 

'Custis m.irritHl Frauces, d.-xu. of I'luke, the youui,'er, yovernor of 
tho LtcwarJ IsLv-ids Ac. 

'Dr. Cxko was from Siiifolk Co., ?!ii;jlncil, aaJ mnrrioil Eli.-.,ibtth, tho 
eistcr of ilark Catesby, tho naturalist. 

linrroN Cjif/u ir. 177 

a pjjiUcry on the north sitlo for their ftiraili«!S. Tho pulpit wna ht 
the south ctist corner, and was reached by a llij^ht of \Ninding 
ttuiiw. Tho chancel was on tho cawt end. The i)ewH wore roctan- 
galur, and the pew of tho Governor was near tho pulpit, and had 
a canopy o»er it. Whitowabhed walls, oil jiiiinted muliogany Beats, 
and btone-lhi^'j^ed ainlcs, wero featurcH of ]^rut<)n. in coninion with 
other old chuichca of tho period. 

The present brick wall enclosing tho graveyard was built })y 
Samuel Sj)urr, of Williamaburg, in 1752, and cost i.':^20. It will 
bo ronieiubored that John Page gave " llO feol of land every woy" 
for tho church. But tho act providing for laying out ^VilHaluH- 
burg provided also for condemning land fcr tho church, and tho 
jnup of the town in tho college library shov.B that tho churcliyard 
was BO enlarged as to tnko in two acres on Duko of Gloucester 
street. Around three-fourths of this tho brick wall was built, and 
its front is, on measurement, 330 feet. The other portion unen- 
closed was Sold not many years ego to private land owners. 

In 1141 the vestry* had suggested to tho General Assembly the 
purchase of an organ as something "both ornamental and use- 
ful."' After ei^at years' delay, John Blair, Philip Ludwell, Armi- 
f lead Bmwel', James Power, and Benjamin Powell were appoint- 
ed by the Assembly a committee to provido material for ejilurging 
the church, and for purchasing and setting up an organ in tho 
loft, to cost .i200.- New repairs and a new steeple^ were ordered 
by the vestry in 17G9, and it seems that by virtue of these orders 
the cb.urch assumed its present proportions of 100 ft-et long and 
28 feet wide, the wiiigs being reduced from 19 feet in length to 
14 \ feet. In 1755, Peter Pelham, son of tho early New England 
artist of tho rame name, was elected organist. He was clerk of a 
committee of the Hjuse of Burgesses, also; and his sod, Colonel 
Charles Pelham, was an oflicer in tho Kevolutiou. Genend Jithn 
I'elham, of the Confederate army, was a descendant. This organ 
is believed to have been tho tirst church organ in the United 
States, just as the theatre in "Williamsburg, erected in 171(1, was 
the iirst theatre, and tho asylum for the insane, erected in 1703, 
was the tirst asylum. 

The btll that swings from the steeple of the church, and which 
has rung out the yeais for more than a century and a quarter, has 
engraved upon it: " Che gift of James Tarpley* to Bruton Piiri3h, 

' McC.ibe. ' Ilening. ^ The present steeple is about 100 ftot Lii;;b. 

* James TurpKy wfia a rich merchant of WiUiauisburg, and waa ori^iually 
from Kichmoud county. 

178 Wjl LIAM .\M> M MIY C'oU.Kci: Ql'AKT) KI.V. 

17()1." Tlioif WHS a etill older bell, for the vestry, in 1709, en- 
tered an ord'.T for their contraclor, IJoiijuiuiji Powell, to Lfive the 
"Old I'.ell and the inatorials of the old Btccjile." The anciotit 
clock still liJoLs down from tlio blocple, but the hnuds are Bl'i'.lon- 
ary, and the fiire Ims no fjpnrts ujxju it. 

lueido the cluirch the sj)iiit of modern inuov»ition has been at 
work. In ISiJT the high pows and tho stone-paved aisles, thu jud- 
pit and the chnnccl, renmined nncharf^ed. licfiTo 1838 the uliolo 
liad ]lafi^:cd a\\T.y. A wall was buili across the western end, mak- 
ing the present Sunday-school aud lecture-room. Against this di- 
viding wall tho j)ulpit, reading desk, and communion-table were 
placpd, the chancel-rail euclohing them all. The galleries were 
ieuiovod — (hero vere live in l&oS. Tho organ was removed to a 
loft in tho east end opjiosite the i)refient pulpit.' This is the pro- 
Bont appearance of the church, except for the addition of some tab- 
lets' on tho walls, and a beaulifiil memoriid wimlow recently erect- 
ed by some of the descendai:ts of Colouol Joliu Page. Despite 
the alterations, ^^hi^■h we mu>t regret, the church presents a very 
beautiful interior. 

During tho war between tho States, Bruton parish churcli, to- 
gether with Ihe chmxhes of all other denominations in AVilliums- 
burg, was used as a hospital.' 

Although tho outside has preserved its ancient appearance — its 
cruciform, and glaze i brick?, its steeple, clock, and bell — it needs 
attention to prevent the inroads of time. A close exairiuation 

' MS. of ITrs. Lctiti:: Tylrr Sonjple. 

'These tablets nro iu memory of, (1), AVilliam II. "NVilmer, Prosidout of 
William ftiid Mary Collecre; (2). The Coufoacrate dead; (.3), The Tyler family. 

■' For a loufc time tho collctje exercises were held iu tho church. Colonel 
R S. r.wcU used to toll with much tiloe, tli;it when John Tyler, at the age of 
seventeen yeais, made liis gr.iduntiag address on "Female Education," he 
epoke iu the old church, under the direction of Bishop Jiimes ilndisou. then 
President of tho College. The Pishop, who had rend the mannscript, objoot- 
td to certain high-strunq sentences and "curls" in the speech, and told the 
futnre Presidt-ut of tho United States that he would take his position at the 
end of the church, where he mi.;ht -sufjge^t to him by sipis what to leave out 
l"he young spc.°kcr bc^'an his address, but was too stronfjly wedded to his 
"curl-" to give them up, even .-it the «u^gcstion of the venerable prosideat; 
and it wa3 iu vain that the latter wildly qebticulated with his hands and his 
cane Tyler continued his remarks iu his own way. The ovation which he re- 
ceived from the audience doubtless eucoura.qed ila lison iu dcclariny that, de- 
spite too ardent an expression, "it was the linest speech ever delivered at tho 
College by a student withiu his recollection." 

limnoN Ciu i:rii. 179 

Bhows that Uf^'ly sl-hiks aro lififMniiiri'.' to viiii down tlio siilop. 'J'ho 
ivy that clinj.;s to tlio wuUs cixuuot liiiio tho threateiuijf^ crucke. 
Tiicso Ki;^'n3 of decay nuhst appeal Klroujfly to tho Kvinpathifs of 
persc'iis of nil d.'tiominatious, for tho hi.-^tory of tho church bclougs 
to tho Statts which it unco repivrsontod. For {'enerations, states- 
LOCD, warriors, kui^'hts, councillorii, Henators, governors, and di- 
vines woibhippc J there. Fashion and heauly, wit and talent, piety 
antl virtue, plorifiod its Bacred interior, in this church and church- 
yard bleep' many who wero well Icnown iu their day: two govern- 
ors, Xott and l-'auipiior; two council lor.s, John Pago and ])avid 
}?ray; three secretaries of state, Daniel Parko, Dr. William C.>cke, 
and Fdmnnd Jeuings; tho great lawyer and Virginia's lirst law 
reporter, Edward Jiarradall; and scores of others — merchants, 
physielans, etc. The old church honored our past; tho present 
should honor it. Its lepair and preservation wero onco a State 
njatter, and ax'o beyond tho ability of a small town. No worthier 
object could receive the attention of people of all nligious views 
than the preservation of this historic edilice. It is disiiucLively 

lil^T OF lliE MlXIS! Ens 01- BUUTON pAllISTi. 

Rowland Jones, 1G71-1GS8; Samuel Eburue, IG-^S-IGOT; Cope 
Doylcy, 1G07-1702; Solomon Wheatley, 1702-1710; James Blair, 
1710-1713; Thomas Dawson, 1743 1759 : William Yate.s, 1750- 
17«''l; James Ilorrocks. 17G1-1771; John Camm, 1771 1773; John 
Bracken, 3773 ]S1S; R. Keith, D. D., 182'2-lSL'r>; AVilliam H. 
Wilmer, 1S2G-1^27; Adam Empie, 182S-1S3G; William Hodges, 
D. D., 1S37-1S-1S ; Ileury 31. Dcnison, 1818 -Ps52 ; George Wilmer, 
D. D., ISjG; Thomas 'SI. Ambler, lSGO-1873; George Wilmer, D. D. 
(2d p.istoratc), 1S72-1S7G; Jacquelin :\[eredirh, 1S7G-]S77; Ifenrj- 
Wall, S. T. D., 1S77-18S0; Alexander Overby, ISSO-lSSo-; F. g'. 
Biu-ch, 1SS5-18S7; Lyman B. Wharton, D. D., 1S83; T. C. Page, 
1889 1803; W. T. Roberts, 1S9-1-. 

Pap.ful List of the Vestet of BauTON 

[The dates reprtsoiit their tir«t apj'Ciaranco in tho rocoi\ls.] 

1G71. — Hod. Daniel Parke, Hon. John Page, J;\mc3 Beaouth, 

Robert Cobb.s, .James Bray, Capt. Philip Chesley, William Aylett. 

1G79— George PoindLstt-i-, George Martin. 1GS2 —Major Otho 

Thoi-pe, Capt. Francis Page. 1GS4— lion. Philip Ludwell, Hon. 

' The !ar'.;er pri'jortion of the ile.'id are without tomh^tonp';. For inscrip- 
tioiii on th" stones rcm'xiQiu;^, seo Virgiuia Ilidtorical Collcctious, Vol. XI. ; 
aa.l QrAUTEEXY, VoL IL, iv^n IS. 

ISO ^YlLUAM AN1> MaK-i CuLLJ.i.!. QlAJHUlI.Y. 

Tliornftfl I>'ajo. IGSG— ^^al•liu Giirclncr. ICOi— IIuu. EJimmd 
Jt'uiu^;3, John Dorinur, U'illiam Piuketlnnun, }lu<s,\x Nor veil, Henry 
Tvkir, John Keu.l.ill, Uoi>f;Jt Crawley, lialdwin Mathews. 1G07 — 
John Owens, rhilip, Lu-lwell, Jr., Timothy Piukethman. 1701 — 
AViJliam llnm^ford, Jo.scph M'hite, V/i'llam Tiuisou. 1705— 
I'leck-rick Joues, Juhu Pago. 1710— Kichard Kendall, AuibroBO 
a.bbs, Kidiard Blaud, David P.iay. 1721-Mathew I'icrco, John 
IluUoway, Juhn Custis, Michael Archer, la.btrt Cijbb?*, Jr., Ik-nry 
C:\ry, Dr. Archibald Blair. 1725— Lewis J3ur\vell. 1727— Sir 
Johu Paiidolph. 1741— James Wray, Hou. John Blair, Sr , John 
Ilarmcr, Bfujamin Waller. 1747— Hon. Peyton Bandolph. 1750— 
John Holt. 1754 — Bobert Carter Nichobs. 1761— Frederick 
Bryau. 1700 — Thomas Everard, Johu Pierce, ^ Villiam Krton , 
George Wythej John Prcutis, "William Graves. 

Thy following uamcK are taken from Muudo's Oil C''urr',r<, vb 
occuning in the old vestry bjok ^vhieh ended in 17G0: Hon. 
Thomas Ludwell, Hon. Thomas Ballard, James Yanlx, "William 
Corker, Thomas ^Vh'^ley, Capl. Thomas ^^'illiams, Daniel Wyld, 
Thomas Taylor, Christophor Pearson, Gideon Macon,-' Bobert 
S[^riag, Abraham "\'incUr, Samuel Timson, Thomas Peltus, C</1. 
Thomas BiiUard, Balph Gr.aves, Cap'. James Archer, Geor;.;e Nor- 
vcll, Edward Jone?, Caj.t. Thomas Thorpe, Daniel Park, Jr., James 
"Whdev, James Bray, James Hubard, Nathaniel Crawley, John 
Clayton, David Brav, Jr., Tnomas Jones, Samuel Turner, George 
Nicholas, ^Yi^liam Kobcrtsou, Thomas Cobbs, Balph Graves, Ed- 
wai-d ]3arradall, James Barber, Daniel Needier, James Bray, Jr-, 
E.lward Bavra lall, Jr., Hciuy Tykr, Jr., Mathew Pierce, ^Villitun 
Parks, ^Villi.lm Prentis, William Timson, Jr., Armistoad Burwell, 
John Pi?lmcr, Piukt^thman Elton, Nath'iniel Shields, John Power. 

LIBB.AlRIES in colonial VIRGINIA. 

Selections' fuom tuf, Bfxords of York Cocsry, ny thk Emtor. 
XXI. The following' inventory represents the total estate of 
Richard ^Vinne, deceased (1G45) : 

lb. Tob. 

Inip'mis. A fixt-innskct A" shot bnc; '2uO 

One o'.vM suite of clothes, a bnbers case 

4 Terry owKl 13ookc3, 2 owl J tl.ibiuL; hues &.{ ^q 

a bo'jke, ) 

Jnrat in car. viccssiino ilia Dec. 16-15 
teste rue llo: IJoath. 

' Ik.') connty record books slio-.v a c >nstaut .l^volopniont lit-^riry. irtelKc- 
tnal, and material. Th»» wills and iiivd.torict; <ir many of the uu re -wealthy 
people were recorded m tho Goueral Court, aaJ tho records destroyed. 


XXrr Invent ->ry of " Rnlph Wat=;on, Clarko," takeu 22"' Jauuar\ , 
161'), roonliins C3ws, lioiforn, calw-s, hoj^s, pipn, dislies, n silke 
gt»^vno, ono bhick s«^r^'t; Kuto kc; "I'iOokr.s that tluiiO J)''«cik will 
nut pniyso, but M' Grvjucs nccorJing us it was DiJored: 'J'iiiity 
greato boukes in f'>lio, must of tut-in * ^ * anil old ftiithurs; 
about fifty bookcs in (juart') mobt of them being kitfiu bookcs." 

XXIII. Inventory of George Hopkins, nunistor dc^'. tnkc n tho 
last tlay of Octol)fr 16io : 

"Mis binary of oM bnokes in fi little snirilo * • * " Amonff 
debts paid by iho udmininfrnt'ir, llli/.abetli Hopkins reJict, is " To- 
bacco dno Cnj't John West, l-^sq., for diett :] yoarca— one ycare for 
"hlv Hopkins tV one ycare for himself, wife and two servants." 

XXIV. Inventorv of Mr. "William Kollaway (1015): 
•'Itia .slxelitile bookcs" 0100 

[Tolal inventory, Xj'oO lb. tob., money due tho estate ClSl.lGs.OSd, 
and three servants.] 

XXV. Inventory of Tlioai-is D:.':'.con, "late of the psh of Yorkc, 
deced.," l:i!;cn bv Mr. liolicrt Kinscy, Henry Lodio, \\'m. Light Jc 
Lawrenoe Riilett. (IGIS.) 

A Biblj, V ]jructico of pic-tv. a toslaniont i^- a small pccll 

of other b.x.kc3 all old r.t OOCiO. 

[Total Inventory, lOol.'j lb of tobuvCo.] 

XXM. ^Vill of Doctor Henry Waldron (l';37) : 

BequeatL.s " all my Library and IJookes Nvhrasocver in this coun- 
tiy and my hor~e to.ri;o'her v.ith my chests of ph;,sioall means'' to 
Capt [Do •tor] Kobcrt Ellyfc;on of James City Co. 

XXVII. Inventory of Major John Broadnax (1G57): 

''Iri bookes." His inventory, which is a very interesting one, 
amounted in tobacco to 0,301 lbs., and consisted chiully of articles 
of -Nvardrobe-S pr gloves, 3 broadcloth suits, ]^cr)iv,-ig, rapier, rib- 
bon, slippers, culls, \:c. Ho was probably a royahst, who hal fig- 
ured in the civil wars in England. His will mentions his eldest, son 
Thoma-i, living in England on "Fair Church street'" (Lnidon ?), 
and son John living en "Gracious street," and gives "my lUblo- 
booke also my Eare-King with a diamond in itt" to daughter 
Elizabeth Lroadnas. 

XXVIII. Inventory of Lieut-a.U Thomas Ludlow (lOGO) : 
"The I'oAes" worth 250 lbs. tobacco, "a picture of Judge Rich- 
ardson to the "NVaist." "one little chest w'" some French bojkes in 
it. rTot!il inventory — some articles not entered — •Jill). 03. 5^ and 
113,0S0 lbs of tobacco.] 

XXIX. Inv, ntory of Ivov. Edward Johnson, dcced. (IGCoi: 
ffoure sniiill jiicturts O pence; "'The F.ookts belonging to Ed- 

v?ard Johuson son tV heir, — Mrs Mallory for M" Johnson \ of 
them. — y' rist 3.L'." 

XXX. Paul Johnson's Inv ntory (1G71) : 
"One new biolo and 17 old bookes." 

18"2 WllXlAM AM) MaKV CoiLFfiK (^lATiTKr.I.Y. 

XXXI. luvc ntory of John l^ftrlrorvylc, clorl: of York Co (lC7i -5) : 
"A jicell of English liookfs i;3"; "r pcoil of Lutiiie LJookes 

XXXIT. Ai'pnusemcnt of tho Estate of Cji]tt. ffruncis Mathews, 
Oct. *J0, ICTo: 

'• :>2 BoL.kos " vakicd at l.C lOs. [Total invontorv, £220. 19?. 02, 
€xchi-ive of io cattle, 3 hoibcs, tobacco claims i]iukin;.j 10115 jjils 
aii'l .(.G. 12s. in money.] 

XXXIIT. Invontorv of Dr. Ucury "U'inter (IGTO^ : 
"Now buokcs" worth oOO p.l.s tobacco. T()t;J inventory ■10-15 
pils tobacco, and bills due tho estate 4804 pds. 

XXXIV. .\n appraisoiDont of the Estate of !M' Jonathan Newell 
(ICirO) : *• Cookos — G3 l)o(_>]<es of several sortcs, }iay Bookcs, some 
large." Among the Fervauts were "4 Turkcs at £0o." 

XXXV. "An ace' of what Goods were left at Lawrence Hides 
at tho time of his death <!s:c." (1079) "1 new Bible, 7s. GJ.; 10 
Bockes 3s." 

XXXVI. Inventory of Edward Phclpcs' Estate (1C79): £455, 
17tj, 5d. and claims amounting to 2S124 pds tobacco, including " '^ 
BiX)ke8 entituled pcnnance for sin 5s. 3 Bookes Bishop Loviday 
aiid Norwo*jd Gs." 



ICofiti/iU'-d from October Number.'] 

^^*ARE CHTOcn. ' 


[Anns «.] 

Hero lyrth tho body of il" 

Ann ^Villis tho wife of Col' Francis 

Willis v,\\o departed this life y' 

10 ■ of June, 1727 in the 32^ year of her age 

Ali^o tho Body of Ann Wilhs 

D.^ughter of y' above said aged 7 days 

rndorneath this Stono 
Lioth Interred the Body of 
Amy Bichards the most 
Dearly Beloved wife of 
Jolm Uichards minister 
of the Parish who 

OlI> ToMlSrONKS IN GlOLcJ.bltJl Coi'NTV. 183 

Depai-te.l tliis life Iho 21" 

of NoveinVicr IV 25 

Aged 40 ytars. 


Her dear ^listrin licfl Iho 

liody of I^Iui y Adus Her 

I'aithful arid Beloved 

Servaut who Departed 

this life the '2V of Nov. 

1725 Aged 28 years 

[Airnn '.] 

Underneath this ttouo lyoth tho Body of 

1\P John Bichards 

Inte Bcctor of Ncttlestead aiid Viear of Tcston 

in the County of Kent in tlio king.lom of 

England and Minister of "U'are in the County 

of Gloucvf^ter and Colony of Virginia who after 

a trouhl'jsomo papenge thro' the various changes 

and chances of this !^furlil life is at last rejKiied 

in this silent Grave in expectation of a joyful 

Besurrcction to Eternal Life, lie departed tho twelfth 

Day of Novemb' in the year of our Lord 

MDCCXXXV Aged XLVI years. 

[Arrus *.] 

Here lieth tho Body of Isabella the 

Daughter of M' TlKunas Booth 

wife of the Bev'' il' John Fox 

Minister of this Parish 

•vvho with exemplary patience 

having borne various jilUicliona 

and with equal Piety 
discharged her Several Duties 

on Earth 

Chtarfully yielded to ^fortality 

exchanging the miseries of this life 

for the y:>y6 of a gl rious Eternity 

on the K)'^ day of June in the yi-ar 

of oar Lord :^U>CCXJ.II of her Age XXXVIII 

184 AM' Mauy Coi.t.i.;k Qiarteut.y. 

Hero filso Ho tlio IJoili^s of ]\TRry 

and Susannah I)auj.:litor of the, 

al)0>o iiiMitio!io<l rlohn aii<l Isr.liolltt 

tlio one rlejmrtotl this life 

on tbo 5'" day of Si:]>t. 17J2 

in the l"* yonr of licr ago 

the othor on the 8th of Octobor in the 3^ year 

of heiHgoMDCOXJ.lJl 



Jn i/ieniorf/ oj J>octor 

Richard Iviwards 

who departed 

This Life the 8 

Day of ^March in 

The Year 1721 

Haviup; had two 

AVivos and at the 

Time of his Death 

Nine childrou 


fSkiiU and cross bones.] 


this Life the 
* *^ March 
In the Year lTi>[T] 


Exca.\N."GE *. 
Here lies the body of 

!Mary Anderson 

born 27'-' Aug. 1710 


died on 1'2"' June 1S20. 

Oi.l) ToMLM-.^NKS I.N Gl,'iLir.>TKn COL-KXY. 18t 

Ilere lies Ih'.- hody of 

Mftfhew AlicieiHou J'iKq 

born C" iX'cremb. 17-13 


diet! on 21 ]3^c/ 1800. 

Here lit-B tho ]5odr of 
Ceorgo Dabiicy Andorson 

Bon of 
Matbev,' it Mary Ajiderson 
uho was bore October 8'" 1700 
and departed this Life 
Septemb {), 1771. 
Suatcbcd in his Dawn (how Sv\-ift our Bles.iingB fly) 
Here the f«.'nd hopes of his p'ievcd Parents l3'e 
But cease to weep, look up y* moui-uful pair 
Behold jour Darling a bright Soraph there 
See how he beckons from yon distant sphere 
Here fix your Hopes, lie cries, your 
Treasure's here. 



[A.rm8 \'l 

Here heth interred y' Body of y" Honoui-able 

C:)UoncIl Mathew Pago Esq"" one of her "May" 

most Honourable Couucell of the Parish of 

Abington in the county of Gloucester in the 

Cullony of Virginia 
Son of the Honourable CoUonell John c*c .Vlice 

Page of the Parish of Brutou in the Couuty 

of Yorke in >' aforesaid CoUony, who Departed 

this life in the 0''' day of January Ann' 

Dom. 1703 in v* 45 vear of his Age. 

[Arms ^] 

Here lyeth luterrM the Body 

of Mary Page v.-ife of the 

Hon'^ ' iluthew Page Esij. 

one of Her Majostyes Coimcel 

of this Collonv of Virginia and 

Old ToMiisidNts IS Gix>i\:i..<vv.u Cockty. 18i 

IJiuo lios the IxKly.-f 

born G'" Dec^mb. 1743 

(lieil on 2i Dco/ 1 SUO. 

Here lifB tllO JiiJr of 

Goorgo ]Xibney Anderson 

Bon of 
Matliew k. Alary Anderson 
uho was born October S"" 17G0 
and dopiLrtod Ihit; Lifo 
Scpteuib 0, 1771. 
Suatclied in Lis Dawn (Low Swift our BloHainj^s fly) 
Here tLe fond Lopes of liis grieved Parents lyo 
But cease to weep, look up y* mournful pair 
BeLold jour Darling a briglit SerapL tLore 
See how he beckons from yon distant BpLore 
Hero fix your Hopee, he cries, your 
Treasure's here. 



[Arms ^l 

Here lieth interred y* Body of y' Honourable 

CjlloiK-ll Jrathew Page Esq'' one of her 'Ma']"' 

most HoEoui-ablc Councell of the Parish of 

Abingtou iu the county of Gloucester in tLe 

Collony of Virginia 
Son of tLe }Ionourable ColloncU JoLn Sc Alice 

Page of tLe PrrisL of Bruton in tLe County 

of Yorke in \' afure^^aid Collony, wLo Departed 

tLi3 lifo in tLo 9'^ day of January Ann' 

Dom. 1703 in v* 45 vcar of his Age. 

[Arms «.] 

Here lyeth Interr'd tLe Body 

of Mary Page wife of tLe 

Hon* * MatLew I'ago Estj. 

one of Her ^Injestyes Councel 

of tLis Collony of \'irginia and 

180 ^Vl],LI.VM AM' ^UUV CoJXF.OE QrAIITmi.V. 

Dougbler of Join ntul Mary 

Maun of this CuUoiiy, wLo 

Do].nrtfil this life y' Hi''' Day 

of ^furcb in }' yoar of our 

Lor^l 17u7 ill y' Thirty Sii"* 

year of her age. 

Near this Place lyo interred tlio Body of 

Matlic\Y Page Son of }' liunourublo Ct'llou'" 

Mathew Page Esq', ami Mary his wife 

who Departed this life y* 31*' day of December 

Ann Dom 1702 in y'. 5" mouth of bis Age. 

Allbo the l"5ody of Mary Page Daughter 

to Collju'" Mattliew ]^age T.Bq' k Mary 

bis A\ife -who Departed this life y' 14'- day of 

Jafi: Aufi Dom 170^ in the 7'" yeare of her Age 

[.Vxms '°.] 

Here bo tho remams of the Ilunourablo Maun Page Esq " 

One of his Majooties Council of this Collouy 

of Virginia 

vrh.) departed this Life the 24"^ Day of January 1730 

In the 40'" Year of bis Age. 

He -was the only Sou of the Honourable Mathew Pago Esq'. 

who Avas lilrewi<ve a Member of bis Majesties Council. 

His firnt %viJo \wi3 Judilh Daughter of Palpb Wormeloy Esq. 

Secretary of Virginia; 

Py be bad twu tjns and a Daughter. 

He aflerwa'ds married Judith Daughter of the Hon'' Pobert 

Carter Esq'. 

Prcsidtut of Virginia 

with \Ybom lie lived in the most tender reciprocfd affection 

For twelve Years.: 

Leaving by her Five Sons and a Daughter 

His publick Trust be faithfully Discharged 


Candour and Di.scretion 

Truth and Justice. 

Nor was he less eminent in liis IVivate Behaviour 

For bo was 

Ol.U T0MIt.ST0M~S IS (il.orn STJ.U Coi-NTY. 187 

A tondor Husbautl an.] 1iu1m1<;( iif iMithor 

A gpiitlo ]Vrastor iiii'l a fiiithfull I'liciul 

Ikiii- to .\11 

Courtfiius niul DouovoL'iil Kiml nml Afiuble 

This Mominitut was I* Erected to His IMcmory 

15y liis xnourfully Smvivin;^' Lad v. 

Sacrf" et Pin; jVIcmoiiic 

lloc nioDumcntuta ])ositum doloriH, 

ab Ilonoratu i^Iaun Puge aimigcro 

Cliarissimtu bu.c conjugis 


lu ipso a-tatis fluro dccnsstc, 

Ornalissimi Italpbi AVonnelcy 

do Agro Middkscxi;t; 


Neo non VirgininDi Secrotarii quondam Mcvitiesimi 

Fili;C' dignissima! 

Lcctiseiinco delectissiuinquo fcoruioic 

Qure visit in Sanctirsimo luatrimonio 

quatuor aniios totidcnique menses 

ririn.-=que Scius uii'.nu Suporslitem 


Ralphum ot !Mariam 

vera Patris siuud et Matiis eci}]ia 

Habuitquc tertium Mann nominatmn 

vix quinquc dies vidcutom 

Sub hoc Silenti Marraore Matre Bua inclusum 

Post cnjus p.iitum tortio die 

^rortalitatem jtro iinmortalitate 


Proh dolor! 

Inter uxores amantissima 

Inter Matrea fuit optima 

Candida Domina 

Cui Bumnia comitas 

Cum venustissima Ruavit;:'o morum ot sermonam 


Obiit duodecimo die Dcctmbris 

Anno Mile=sim.i iSoptingessinio dtcimo Soxto 

Aetatis Su.e vii-i^-^imo JSecundo. 

188 \Vli.l!AM ANl> ;^T^KV C'or.T KGi: QlAIlTrKI.Y. 

Here lies tho Body of ^Fra Alic<< ^'^J,'^ 

V>'ife of MnTiu Tagc Esq. 

She tlopartud tbis life on tlio ]U!i Day of Januaiy [174C] 

In cliiM bed of Ler Becoml Sun 

in tho 23"^ year of her age 


Two Sons and ono Daugbtor 

She vras tho Ibird daughter 

of the Honourable John Grimes Keq. 


Middlof^ex County 

ono of his Majesty's C"UiKil in this Colony 

of Vir;,'ii,ia 

Her personal Deauty 

and the uncouiniou Sweetness of her Temper 

Hor aflVble Deportment and Exemplary Behaviour 

Made her respected by all who knew 

The Spotless lunoceccy of her Life 

and her singular Piety 

Her constancy k n-'signation at the Hour of death 

SuHiciently testified 

Her firm Sc certain Hopes of a joyfiill Resurrection 

To her Sacred I\Iemory 

This Monument is piously erected. 

Here lieih interr'd the Body of 

Taylce I' 

Third Son of Mram and 

Ann Coibin Pago 

who departed thi.^ life 

tbe 29-" Day of November 17G0 

in the 5'" vear of his Age. 


' Waue Chtkcx — These inscriptions ns given by Bishop Mende •were pub- 
lished in tbe July QrAr.TEr.LY, pp. 3'2-31. September 20, 1S91, the chancel 
V. hii-h concealed them was t.-\keu np, and the copies now printed arc from the 
orijT'.nnls which bad been concoalod siiifo several yeurs before the war. 

'Th.^o arms rrprosont Wyllys imnuling lUch. It appears from the Scins- 
bury 5ISS. that the Franci.'^ Wdlis wlio died in 1G91 was the original emigrant 
and Kot his son, m I was inclined to think. (Sec pngo 4'2.) lie was clerk of 

NoTKS. 189 

York county, burgess, councillor. There is a mention in the SainFbiiry MSS. 
Rhout ii>^0, thfit Col. Frftutis ^Vlllis, of tho Council, hficl gone to England, 
vherc it sccins ho died in H'Ol ftt on ndvnncod nge. To the inforuiation con- 
t.'iiiied in tho nolo, j.. IJ, ftJd: " Ucury, sou of rnincis und Eli/nbcth Willis, 
born November 8, IICO." —Abingdon PutUi lUrjiiUr. In 1712 I'rniicis ^Villi3, 
of London, merchnut, Kiilliariuo IJristow nnd Kcbcrt liiibtow citcutors of 
I'obcrt l.^ii-low, d(c»nscd, are rucntioucd. — York County lUcords. luvefctiga- 
tious ill i;iij;laud would, uu doubt, produce interesting reaulti. in reftrcDce to 
this fiiii:ily. 

' See AnU for a dcHcription of Ihcbe arms. 

* Thtso f.rms rt-prcstut tho Fox faiuily. 

' Tliis inscription i"* niucli worn, but I have been informed it honored the 
memory of ouo of the wives of Dr. Edwtirds. 

'There are eomo intere^tuTi.; purtnits at Exrhnnco by the Olourcster 
C-^unty, jiftinter, Huherd: Portraits of Thomas Todd T.nbb, of Eli;:Qboth Fore- 
xu«n his wife, of iLirtha Tompkins who married Dr. llcury "Wytho Tabb, and 
of Dr. Juiuts Dnbney. 

'The mscriptions fit "Kosewcll " h.-ivo been published Lm the "Pr.gc Fam- 
ily," but as printed above they were by me compared in the hoJk witli tho 
onpiual3. Some verbal inaccuracies were fo;uid to eiist. Koscwtll was built 
by Eon. Mann Pape. The m-oiii building has two large halls (out of each 
hall three good-si7cd rooms may be made), nine passages, fourteen lar;;o room?, 
nine small rooms, basement, an attic, aiid a cupola. It had two wings (now 
ptilkd down), wliicb contained six rooms apiece. They formed the court; and 
the front of the original building and wings was two hi'udred and thirty-two 
feet. The main building is three stories and a bastment. The laruje roomi 
are st least twenty feet si]uare, and the small ou«^e fourteen by goveu. 

" Tho arms on this tomb are the usual rat.;o arms, with crescent for dif- 

* Same arms as ^ 

'* The arms are Page in;paling Carter. 

" Tho tomb?tone of lion. Jlnnn Page is sadly wrecked, but all its parts are 
preserved. It is in form an oblong octagon, and the figures on the sides rep- 
resent an allegory-. The first side represents a cherub weeping, with fist to hid 
eye ard torch reversed, a forget-me-not at hi.^ f ei t. TLc second side, the pall 
loojed with scalloped shells. The third side has a cherub representing im- 
U:Orlality; his left foot is on a skull, left hand holds a chirry branch, his right 
foot on a thigh bone, his right hand points to a lamp with Uame, a forget-me- 
not at his feet. The fourth side, which is the head of the tomb, a cherub's 
hoad between two wings, underneath a wreath. The fifth side has a cherub, 
with hand raised, holding a serpent which has its t.ail in its mouth — representing 
•eternity — the forget-me-not as in the others. The sixth side has the pall 
aL'ain. The seventh has a cherub, with hamls folded on its breast, and a 
f'^rcet-me-ni t at its feet- rcprest^nting rc-iiguation. And the eighth side, 
■which is the foot of the tomb, has the crown ot the saints, and underneath, 
the trumpets of the arcliangcls crossed, surrounded by a wreath of cherry 

For many courtesies and attentions at "Koscweli" lam indebted greatly 
to its occupants. Judge Fielding Lewis Taylor and his wife, who was Misd 
Nelhe Deans. 

1^0 WlU.l.Ut ANL. M.\l;V CoLI.IXil: QlAI.TUSLY. 

GiiACF. sinnwooD, 'j'lii: \ji:(;iNi.v avitcu. 

CoMiiLNa-ATi:!' ).•: ]!i>\\ai:i) W. Jami;s. 
Princess Auuc 

At a Court htkl j' 3'' Sop'' 1701 present :\r Ben" Ben" M' 
Henry ^Voc^allou8e, M' liob' Tborrowjjooa :\r' Ifcury Spratt M' Jo- 
ell Cornick Justiccb 

Upon y' Ptiic.-a uf Grace SIjctnvooiI Polict of JanioR Sherwood 
y' a Coinmiscou of Aduiiuist^vn iui;[;ht bo f,'rautca her on her ] )eca 
ITusbands lualnle he Dyiug luli-state which i.s grunteil inidcd 
Sbeo give Security for y' Same as y" Law Directs. 

It is Orilered y' y' Shtrr Som Edw: Cannon Sen' Sc Pioh' Bon- 
ncy to meet at y' late D-.vclling bouse of Jainos Sherwood .V ap- 
praise y« S' Sherwood's Kr.tato Upon >' 8"" Day of y' Instant Sep" 
Provided they bee flirst Sworne for y' Porposo Sc m' Joell Corniek 
is liequcstcd to bee y" c't theare to Sweare y'" 

An Inventory i^- Appraisuv" of y' Estate of James Sh.erwood 
Deed taken l)y \ertue of an ord' of Priuccfs Amie County Court 
dated y- 8"' Day of this Instant Sept: wittuess onr hands y' S'^ of 
Sept^ 17U1 • 

11. tob« 
1 old bed ^- boulster Sc. pillowes ."c bedstead & a few old 

blanketts beiug all y' beding ■ . . . . 200 

1 low table & formo »*!: Seven old Cheres .... 3-ju 

2 old Chests i^- one old box IGO 

one hand milKV. frame A: \ 300 

3 milk pnylcs two trayes .V; other milk Vessells w"- Some 
other Lumber ooo 

•1 Sider Caslcs hq 

2 Iron potts & bailes Sc one pott hang' . . . l.^o 

3 L-on wedges one pestell one Spitt two old narrow axes 

two old broad boes it 1 fizgig oqq 

to one old gun ......... 250 

to a persell of floathors 120 

1 old wooling wheeles Linen D' 1 old Cutting Knife . OSO 

one old pooro mangy Scabby horse 20 

. ,, ,. 2200 

to Lwes one weather one ram 800 

Ed" Cannon Sen' Piioh' Bonney totall . . 3000 

An addiiiouill account of w' is not here Invcntoryed and ap- 
praised a true ucc'^ given by me Graco Sherwood to y' best of djj 

Clr.ACF. SiiKUwooi). Till. Viiti. INI \ ^Vnc}^. 101 

lcnowlec1{»»3 .V w"' is os iYclloweUi (Vi?.'') ono Sa'Tlo i^' bri'lle nnd two 
old vitli I^'islcrttR i^- a bP.tllt.' i^: fivo licnd of Catllc iV Hfcven liojid of 
lioggs Si«(uum 


PrinceBS Auu 

At ft CoMil the 7'" Xbcr 1705 Present M' Piii' Bun' Cull" Tvlw: 
Moscley "M' Jn" Cornick Cap' Hen: Cbftpiunn 'M' Ju° Piicbasou 
Cnp' Geo: ITandcock Justicos 

Coll" Thorrowgood Cimc Late 

Grace Sliorwood Suinj,' Luke ITill i^ Uxor In an fiction of Tres- 
pass of Assault i^' Patt'' Setting fortb how y' Def" Wife htid As- 
Baultod Pruned ^laiinod I't Barbarously Ikaten y'' pt: to her groat 
damage llfly Pounds Sterr: Damage to w"^ y" Def' by Pich'' Cor- 
bitl their Att"' pleaded not Guilty & of this put themselves on y'* 
Country -w"* y' pt: iu Like nianuer M'lierenjxjn a Jury was Impan- 
elled and Sworno to try y* Case who Bring in their verd' wee of y* 
Jury doe in a DifT: depending Between Grace Sherrwood pt: Sc 
Luke HiU ^. Eliz^'" his wife def find for y* pt: twenty Shill: Stem 
Daniftges w"-'' Cost. Mark Powell foreman iVc' on j* pt. motion 
the Jurys verd' is ord" to be Pecordcd accordingly ord' y' y" Def 
pay to y'' pi: Twenty Shill Ster: I^umages w'*^ Cost Alls Exc' 
Princess Ann 

At a Court held y" 12"' Xber 1705 

"Wliereas }'- fToreman of y' Jury Impanelled in a Suit depending 
between Grace Sherwood ag' Luke Hill A:, wife }' 'i'-^ Instant Omit- 
ted to Sign y" verd' Soe y'y'on noe Judgm' Could pass It is there- 
fore Old' y' } ' same bo stayed till y" next Court for y" Shcrr: to 
Sum 3Iark Powell foreman to Court to give further i^- full Sattis- 
faccon as fhall be demanded of him by y" Court in y* bohalfo 
Piiucess Ann At a Court held y' 3^ of Jan" 1705-6 

Whereas Luke Hill & uxor Som' Grace Sherwood to this Court 
in Suspition of witchcraft ct she fayling to apear it is therefore 
ord"" y' attachm' to y' Sherr do Issue to attach her body to ana' y* 
B^ Som next Court 

ffeV^ 6'' 1705-G 

Suite for Suspition of witchcraft brought by Luke Hill ag' Grace 
Sherwoud is <^rd' to bo referr tiU to niorr" 
fFeb^- 7''' 1705-G 

Whereas a Compl' was brought ag' Grace Sherrwood on Suspi- 
tion of witchcraft by Luke Hill iVc: ilv; y' matter being after a long 
time debr.t<(l .v ord' y' j" s' HiU pay all fets of this Coinpl t'v; y' y* 
b' Grace be hero next Court to be Soiuched accor^Ung to y' compl' 

102 ^VU.IJAM AND MaIIV CuI I.r.wK QrAr.TEIlI.Y. 

by ft Jurj' of woincu to dcciJo y' r'' DilYcir: Sc y* Slicrr is Likowiao 
ord' io Som an nblo Juiy accordin^'ly 
rriiiccBS Auu 

At u Court liclil V' 7'" i^Iaich 1705;; I*rcseut Col" KchvnrJ Moao- 
Icy Lieu' CoP Adam Tliorrowgond Mnj' Henry Sprat Cup'" Horatio 
■\VoodIiouso M' Ju' Ccrnick Cnji'" Henry CLainimn M' 'VV" Smith 
]M' Ju" ]tichason Cn])"' Geo: Huiidcock Justices 

"NVbcreas a Coniplaiut havo boou to this Court by Luko Hill k 
hi-t Nvifo y' one grace Slierrwood of y' County was «fc Havo been a 
lon^r time Suspected of \vitchcrnft I'v; havo been as Such lieprcscut- 
ed Avhereforo y' Shcrr at y' last Court was ord' to Som a Jury of 
women to y' Court to S':-reh her on y' s' Suspicion She assenting 
to y'- Sauio ajid after \' Jmy iiupanuelled and Sworn «.v Sent 
out to make Puo inquiri-ry A: InFpoction into all Circum!^taneoR 
After a Malme Coiisideracon They bring in y* verdilt wee of y* 
Jury have Sorch'' Gricc Sherwood it have found Two things like 
titts w'" Severall other Spotts Eli// llarnes forewoman Sarah Nor- 
ris Marg'-"' Watkins Hanuali Diunis Sarah Goodacre ^lary ]>iir- 
gcs3 Sarah Surgeout winifred Davis I'rsula Henley aun Bridg* 
Ezabh waples Mary Cotle 

[Tok Cor.t'Hoal.'] 


By "\V. G. SiANAKP. 

\_Coiiti)inccl from paf/e 52.] 

10. Alijion Thkockmoutok, born November, 1740 (F. B.), served 
in the Kevolutiou as a cornet in Lee's Legion, and received land 
bounty for his services. ( Virginia L<ind Ojfice Jiccords.) He 
married Mary ^Vebl>, of Virginia. Is^ue: oO, Ju//ics J-Jdmonson ; 
31, Williiun £.; ',i2, Robert, a sea captain, died of yellow fever 
about 1S34; 3o, Lucy; 34, Dorothea; 35, Daughter. 

13. Major Mokufcaj Thuockjiorton, of Gloucester county, served 
in the Revolution as captain of a company of minute men from that 
coujity. In the Journal of the Committee of Sifety, July 3, 177G, 
is the following entry: "A certiiioate of the appointment of Morde- 
cai Throckmorton, Gent., to be C.ipt. of a minute Comp. in Glos- 
ter district was ret'd and a Comm'n issueJ, d.ited G''" May." On 
Oct<jI»er 24, 1770, C.iptain Mordecii Throckmortou's and three 
other companies of minute men fetati >n^id at, Glouce.^tcrtowu were 
discharged on account of their reduced numbers. Later in the war 

TirnOCKMOKTON VI ]v\(;l.\M» ANU VlKolXIA. 15»3 

ho wns a nmjor iu the Gl(juccslcr militiii. llo mairiccl, Dcoembor 
11, J77o, Mary (born July 11,, il;iu;,'htor of Sir Jol]n reyton, 
l^anmct, of ''Ihli'hau'," Glouctstor county (lluviloii's ]'ir(jinia G'e- 
}i,(/i)^/iLs), ftutl died ubout 1788. In 7'At' Viri/liiia (i\aeUc, Xo- 
vojubcr '20, 1788, is au ndvorlisemout slatiujj that a ju^tition lind 
been prcst-nted to the GeuiTal Asacinbly to enable Sir Jolm Pey- 
ton to muku a deed for a tract of land on Norlli llivcr, Bold by Mor- 
dceai Tlirockmorlon before his doalh. Isi>ue: 30, l\vtou, died un- 
married; ."{7, Waruor, died uixmarried; 38, Thunias, of " Wilson's 
Crock," married, Auril 20, 1S15, at "Severn ][ou3o," Gloucester, 
Julia Lewis, daui^uter of Warutr Lowis, of "Y»'arner Hall," 
Gloucester (Richmond A'/ojuiirr), and died ^vitllout isjiuo. (Mrs. 
ra<7e'8 I\[anuscripts.) 

li. "Waiiner TnuocRMouTON, of Gloucester county, niarried Julia 
]jangb)rne, of King William county, and had issue: 30, Sniah. 
married John Dixon, Sr., of "Airville," Gloucester county (see 
]ii3 fct«itaph in the last riumbcr of the Qi-.^nr.uLv. It should be 
uoted that the last two lines of the epitaph, as printed, are really 
part of that of his son. Dr. John Dixou, and were aceidontally 
transposed); 40, ilary, married Dr. Wm. Taliaferro, of Glouceb- 
ler; 41, Harriet, married Dr. ^Ym. Taliaferro (^d wife) ; 42, :\Iar. 
tha, married Captain Richard Jones, of "Hickory Itiil," Hanover, 
Hud of "The Cottage," Gloucester. (Mrs. Page's Mauu.^cripLs atd 
Juc/ininnd jSt'.rmlird.) 

17. Thomas Thkockmouton, born in 1730, died Aj»ril 27, 182G 
(F. B.): justice of Frederick county 1781- '90; emigrated to Nicho- 
las county, Kentucky, vdth all of h?s r-ona except Mordecai; was a 
member of the Kentucky House of liopreseutatives iu ISOS. und of 
the State St-nate in 18li-'16, and 1S20 "21 (Collins's K<'.,itanhy); 
married (1), Mary, daughter of Kobert Throckmorton; (2), Mary, 
daughter of John and Aun (Fowko) Hooe. Issue: (1st Djarriage), 

44, Thomas, born November 14, 17<')5 ; (2d marriage), Ann, born 
December 17, 1772, maiiied, March 27, 1807, Joseph Jlussell, and 
died March 27, lb07 ; 45, Thonn.K ; 40, MorJccni ; 47, John ; 

45, Muia, born January 17, 178C, married Matthew Arnold, and 
died August 28, ISoo; 40, Matthew Real, born February 23, 1781, 
died S2i)tembcT, 1802: 5u, Ariss (F. B.) 

IS. RoBKHT TnnooKMouTON', of " RoxU:)u," Jellerson county, was a 

justice of Berkeley county iu 1780, and sherill'of Frederick county 

iu 1702; mairied, January 20, 1770, Catherine liobin^on (F. B.), 

and died in 1700 (F. B.). Issue: "j1, Jufoi; 52, Lucy ^I., born 


194 "SVlI.I.IAM AM) ^r.VUY CoM.hOK QlAr.TLKI.V. 

July 10, 1770 (F. IV), and maniod Janios Siimllcy Bnto in 170- 

in. ^V!^^.IAM TiinocicMonTON, marrifid Mary , was tho 

father, it is believed- of Colontl ^Varnor T. Tlirockmcjrtou, of 
HanipsUlio county, State Senrttor, ISl'J ''22. 

20. Amuon' Tnr.ocKMORToN, married iJildred (born 1705), dau^^b- 
ter of NVarncT and Ranuah (Fnirfa^) Wa3binj,'lo3, of '-Fairlitld " 
(F. B.). l^Siio: C)?,, ^\\tnler M'lishinfiton ; ij4, llunnub Fairfax, 
bom at ""Woodbury," Virpniii, 170:5, married John C. W'ormclcy, 
and diod in M<?iui)bis, Tennessee, in 1S5S; 55, Catberiue R., born 
in 1700, married Wm Dickerson, and died at Xashvillo, Tenn. 

30. J.v-MES liluMONSON TiiKocKMou ION, died at Princoton, Kentucky, 

in 1S50, a^'^fed 03 years; married , and was father of Dr. 

Wallace Tlirockniortou, who died in Caldwell county, Iveiitucky, 
about 1S52 ; married ^-"-^-^'^^-^^V and was father of -Tamos Throck- 
morton, hvin;:: in Kentucky. (Information of Geo. J. W. T.) 

31. Dr.. William E. TunocKMoi-.TOX, born in ISOO, die<l October 
2, 1842 ; emig'-atcd to Kentucky in youth ; mai-riod, first, Jniie, 
daughter of William Rotan, of Souih Carohna; secondly, Matil-ia 
Clements. Issue: (1st uiarriage), 50, W. A. L., died in Arkansas 
in ISoG; 57, Dr. John A., ol Houston, Texas; oS, ..lauies W.. Gov- 
ernor of Texas and member of Coup'tst*, married Ann, daughter 
of Thomas Rotau; 50, Kobert E., Lieutenant Confederate States 
Army, killed at tho battlo of ilau^field, Louisiana; GO, Nancy; 
(2d marriage), Gl, Edward; 02, Yir^^inia. 

45. Tho>l\3 TiniocKMOHTON, of ISicholas county, Iventucky, born 
Jauuai-y 24, 1775, died Jane 17, 1S35, married Su.san Mort-^n 
(bom December 13, 177G). (F. B.) Issue: (J':), Thomas W.. bom 
January 11, 1S15; died July 10, 1842; 04, WiJluaa J/.; 65, Mor- 
decai li.; GG, Joseph M.; G7, Pat^^y H., born March 19, 1800; OS, 
Susan W., born July 4, 1802 : 00, Aim R., born Scptem'r 2, 1804 ; 
70, FUzabeth ]M., born July 24, I80!l ; 71, Lucy V., born Decem'r 
8, 1808; 72, Frances W., born October 8, ISIO; 73, :\[ary II., born 
June G, 1812. (F. B.) 

4G. Matoh Moi;DKr.u TuROCKMOKTON, of " Mcadow Farm," Lou- 
doun county, Virginia, born March 10, 1777, died February 0, 
1812, mfariod (1), February 22, 17'.i0, Mildred, daughter of War- 
ner Washington, and widow of Albion Throckmorton (she died in 
September, 1S04): and (2), February 0, 1812, Anno, daughter of 
Bemard Uooo and Mary Symes Chichester, his wife. (.V. H., bom 
July 8. 1703; died ia IMiy, 1800.) I^sne: (l.<l m^rri.igo), 74, Mtt- 

JoriiNAL or TUK MrxTiNiis of tiik I'iil-siufxt am> M.^sTur.s. ]9.*i 

ilicir Jl.; 7r», Tliuinns lie ruanl, M. ])., born Jiuiuarv 11. 1813, dittl 
■witlioiit is;MH', January 1, ISiUi; 7(», John Ariss ; 77, Mordecai, 
l>oru Aiiiriist i:?. 1817, died yoiiiifj; 78, Auna Calboviuc Hooe. 
born ]'Ybiuuy 10, 182U, diid September IC, 18:i4 ; 70, Richard 
l\IcCarly, born Pcceiubor f>, 1822, died in An;^ust, 1835, married 
Mtay Oi>bilia Digges, of Maryland, nud had no issue; bO, James 
Barbour; 81, Ihujh Wil/iam. (F. B.) 

(Cohdudi^d in next issue.) 



Juno 2G, 1701. 

At a Electing of tlie President cV ]\Ia5tcr3 of William iV ilary 
Collogo, rrei>eut: The llev'. M\ Willi.un Yates, Fresidunt ; Km- 
manuol Jours, ^Villiam SmpJl, A Eichavd Graham. 

Resol: that ."M*. John Sauuders bo appointed to build Stables 
for Iho USD of tlie President on a Lot belonging to the College, of 
the dimensions, viz': Thirty-two Feet long, iV; twenty 
Feet wide, w'*" [102] a partition taking oil" 12 Feet at ono End for 
a Carriage, A: at the other a Door leading into four Stalls on each 
Side, iV; that he be allowed the Sura of .CG5 for the same. 

Hcsol: that M'. Foster be appointed Stocking-Mender in the 
College, and that she be p?.id annually the sum of 112. Provided 
she furnishes hoLSolf with Lodging, Diet, Fire, Sc Caudles. 

Ixesol: that 'M\ \\'illiam Taylor, Collector of the Rents in Iving 
Willi.iMi County, bo directed to bring Suit immctliatf ly against all 
the Tenants that are more than twelve ^Mouths in Arreai-s. 

l^esol: that an Advertisement bo forthwith'd in the 
Virg' Ga?:cLto to desire all Surveyors, who did not settle their Ac- 
ccounts with the Bursar of the Colloge in Apiil last, to come A: 
settle the same by the last oi GL-tobor, or that they may depend on 
having their Bond.s sued, and their Commii^sions auspeudid. 

Resol : that tho Feathers which are laying waste in the College 
bo dispos'd oti', and that the Ylouey arising bo applied towards 
furnishing an Intiimary. 

Resol: that Ercmanuel Jones be appointed I/ibrarian. 

V>'ii.LiAM Yati.s, E'resid'. 

196 ^V^.I,lv\I AM' M.vr.v (^Jt.unxru.v. 

Aug. HI", 17G1. 

At a ^'Icctir^' of the I'rtaiJont »t Maateni of \\'illiam Jc Mary 
College, Prtstnt: Tbu Rov'. M'. AVillium Yates, Presiileut; Em- 
inanufl Jones, ^Villiam Small, t\: Jticbard Graham. 

Kosul : That ^r*. Isabella C'ocke bo ajipoiuleil Iluuaokeeper of 
Ibo Cullogc, in the place of .M". ilartba liryan, \\bo baa rcsiga'd. 

}{e!3ol: unauiiiiously that tbo Tiiauks of i\un Sjciety be given to 
M". 13rvau for tlic ffiitbful Dist-lmrgo of bor Ofilco in tbe College. 

licsol: That Daniel Wolstenh-»lmo, Esq'., bo desired to revive 
of biii Majesty's CoUectora in Maryland tbe Duties of exported 
Tob' duo by a Ixoynl Grant to tbo Collugo of W". k 'Mxry. 

Wus.^i Yatps, Presid'. 
March M\ 17G2. 

At a Meeting of tbo Prosidunt and Miisicrj of Wiliiam S. Mary 
College, Present: The Rev'. M\ "\Villiam Yates, President; Km- 
niftuuel Jone.H, William Small, and liichard Graham. 

The Rev'. M'. James Ilorroeks being, at a Meeting of tbe C^ov- 
emors and Visitors of tbo College held yesterday, elected Master 
of tbe Gramuiar School, i^- having enter'd on his olVice the lo" 
February, did this day qualitie himself, according to the Statutes, 
in the following Ytanner: [105] Ego infra scriptus Jacobus Hor- 
rocks, kc. [Tlie samo oath as that taken by "WilliuTu Webb l>age 
96 of the Faculty Book.] 

Ho likewise took the following oath: Tu Fidem, «tc. [T'/\'7c 
page CO.] 

lie likowijO subscril^od hi.i Assent to the three ArLiclos in the 
3G'^ Cannon. [Vide pages 70 and 71.] 

AVhcreas some Disputes have arose onccrning the Power given 
by tbe G'""- Order, Page 37"', to ever}' Master in the College, of in- 
flicting discretionary Punishment on every Scholar' in tbe College, 
of what Age, Rank, or (^)uality soever. 

Resol: that this Society is of Opinion that by the said Order 
every Master has a Right to inlli-H such Punishment on a Scholar- 
behaving in an indecent and irregular Manner as be shall think 

N. B. One of the Society wr.s of a diJ^erent Opinion, viz': "NV"". 
Small. Wn.LiAM Y\\te3, Presid*. 

' " Scholars " were the buys of tb.o grtiiuinar-achooL The "stUilcuU" took 
the philosophy courses. 

OltUilNAL LtlTtltS. ]0T 

duly 0'\ 17G2. 
At ft SIcelinj,' of llio Prcsiilt'iil iV ^ru.skrs of \V '. & Mary Gjllef,'e, 
Prosfcut: Tlio J'ev''. M'. ^Villi?^.lu "i'litc-s, rj«'siJput; Emnmuuel 
Jonc8, Willirtin Small, Tiich;ii\l Gnihain, nn<l Ja\ Ilonocks. 

liOEol: Ihiit ISV. Ai'thur Eiumciijon ' is uuaniiuuusly chosen Ar- 
eihtimt XJblu r iu tlio Gium'. Scliuol, iinCi lli;it be l>o allow'd l^orLy 
Pouuils Stuiliug ■[> Ann: for liis trouMo. 

William Yates, PrcBlilout. 
November 1'', 17(j2. 
At a nu otin;,^ of the rrtsidonl aud Masters of Williaia c^c M:uy 
College, Present: The EoV. M'. William YaU-s, ]*resident; Kia- 
inanuel Jones, William Small, Piicb'. Grabnnj, k J a', ITorroclcs. 

Eesol: Unanimously, that "M'. Kdmund Scarbur;^'h, Surveyor of 
Accomack County, appears to have behaved very ill in his ofiice, Sc 
that bo be immediately removed from the same. 

Kcsol: That ^P. Nicholas Massenberg be r.ppoiutod C'olkctor of 
the CoUei;je Konts in Sussex County. 

Pesol: That a Lease for one Lot of Lauds belonging to the Col- 
lege, in the Tovkii of Hampton, bo granted to M'. Thomas Forljos. 

WiiJ.LVM Yatls, Prcbid'. 


[This letter, tlio origiual of wliicL is fouuii ftmoiig the Ludsvcll MSS., Vir- 
ginia Hi=toi-iof.l Socictv, slionld bo read iu connection with "The Ludwoll 
Family," October nninber, 1S92.] 

TnoMis Lcu^'KLL, OF BauTON, 1]n->;i.ani), to Pini.ip LrnwELL, of 

PRriON, 4 Jiinuari/, 1723- '4. 
My noNoiT.KD Kiksm/js-, 

I am vciy much obliged to you for y' good account you g;;ve 
me of y' hav)pine53 ^ prospering conditions of that part of my Ecla- 
tions in Vii-ginia. I pray God to increase his Blessings upon 
them that they may abound iu all y' good things of this Life and 
that ■which is to come. I thauk God y" most part of us bore 
are in a good wav, but mv oldest kinsman Bobort Ludwell has 

' Eev. Arthiir Lmuierson ndverti<eil iu 1783 n school iu X.iuscuioud couuty, 
for instruction in the Lritiu, Greek, French, and It.di.iu l.'iu^ui'.;o5; uuniber 
of scholars not to exceed twenty; price of board and tuition. £30 a year; 
ticul&r attention to readiucr writin" and declamation. 

lOS ^\■II.I.1^M AN1> Ma!:V CoiJ.KiiK (^r.UlTKKI.Y. 

inado a IJrcaeh anionf^st us by inarrying a young "Wench of no For- 
tune iior liopututiou, insomuch that though I used all tho persua- 
sions I could think of to hinder it X' roqucstcd all my friends to do 
tho same, yet ho went porvcrsely on v't: concluded it on purpose to 
aflVout me. This gave mo sonio uncisiness at first, but to show 
him I would not bear it, I altered my will t'^: have settled an Estate 
of 2000 lb. valu<; I designed for him on his younger Brother, John 
Ludwell, who married iuto an honest Familio iV. lives handsomely, 
(-apt. "Williams of Bristol came hither last Spring iS: saw by acci- 
dent a young girl of my youngest nieces I have bred up, i\: told 
Capt. Try ho was certain she was of l:in to y' Ludwells, she being 
BO well like y' Daughter I\P'. Hannah, upon whioh I often call her 
by y' same name. Her mother has S more of thtm A: I saw all y" 
9 at dinner with her this Christaias time. I thank God she got 3 
in very cheerfully among them iC shall not want my ii.ssistance. 
Wo drank y' Tok'n merrily when Capt. Williams was here, it I 
have ]vat on a mourning ring in ^Memory of y' good Father. 

1 have rec'd y* 2 Hhds of Tobacco you were so kind as to send 
me Sc thought my Ivinsman 11. L. should have gotten ^foney by 
them, but upoa thi.-^ JIupturo between us, he refused to undertake 
5' doing of it ; so I desired my Frie^id Capt. Whitchurch to sell 
them for me in r>ristol, where y' comodetie at present i.s very 
low, iV the::o tho' one of them be stript yielded but 7d. '{ per lb. 
k y' money to bo payd iu 3 Months. The charges of bringing 
them over, y" cost in y' Country c^c will bring mo about 40'. in 
pockett. But iu this we must bo beholding to our godly neigh- 
bors of Scotland, wh:> pay less Duty iV consequently imdersell us. 
I do not write this to complain of y" hard Bargains, for I shall care to sell you y* balance in such goods as you direct me to 
buy at Bristol Fair ye 2'x^ Instant, having no hopes of procuring 
you such servants as you want, that being a thing not ])raclicab!o 
here : and I am afraid to l)e conserned in it, lest I fclii)uld ba ac- 
counted a Kidnapper. Not but there are enough g.ardeners A: 
other workmen to spare here, but thoy will live meanly ilv: send 
their Families to y' Paiish to bo relieved, rather than hear of such 
a long journey to mend their condition. 

As to y' Cottington Relatione y" eldest brotber lives on hifl 
Estate at Funthill in Wiltshire iV as I have hoard has only ouo 
child, y' younger brother has y' estate at Godmansttr \- Discow 
\- livir_: upon it a Barhelour at present. 

Wlitn y' goods are K-ught, thoy sh;dl bo sent by y' next ship 

TuK Jajm£so.n Famxlv. I'.tO 

bouml for York Rivor with an uccount of them whk-h I liO])o may 
go us Fr.ff! aa y' Tob. cuino hither. 

Bo pleased to givo my humble servico to y' Lady it Familio k 
to nil my other lltlutioiis in y' jxirt of y' vyrld Sc to believe mo 
to bo, 

Ilonourod Sir, 

Your most humble St-rwuit uud Kiii.snuin, 

Tu. Ll 1-\\KLL. 

THi: jA^n:soN family. 


The will of Jnmcs Jum{;sou Wiis proved in Essex Cuuiily Onirt, 
Virginia, 17th November, 1730, and mentions threo sons — 1, 
Thomas; 2, James; and '.], David. lu 17o'J T. Jameson executed 
a lx)nd as guaidiau of David Jameson. 

C.U'T. TnoM.vs J.VMLSON, b . . , died bet^veen Thursday Nov' 26, 
1767 and July 2Sth 17C8. On this latter date his son Tboma3 
Jani««ou (No. G) was granted letters of Administration; Thomas 
Porter, ^V" Vndcrwood, and John I^Iorton securities. 

Est. vaJued S«:pt. i:4ih 1772, by ^Villiam Pannell, Wm Bror.augh 
and Uriel Mallory. Will Book 2, p. ^52, Orange Co. Vu. 

On May 20, 17o7 the Commissioners who appraised the Est. of 
Capt. Jereiniah Morton were sworn by Capt. Thomas Jameson, 
Gent. \\'m Book 2, p. 250, Orange. 

On Mavch 20, 1787 Thomas Jameson — whether No. f'., I canaot 
6.iy — received seven negroes from James Kobb, "Adm' of the Est. 
of Francis Moore Jun' dec'"' by a Judgment of the Oraugo Ojurt. 

Book 10, p. l.')5, Oraugo Co., Ya. 

The children of Tliomas Jameson (No. 1) were — 

•1 — i. M.vgaret Ju-nesou m. March 1707 to Juhn Ilaw- 

kuis. She d. Sept. 12, 1770. 

5— ii. James Jamoson m. Lucy Hackloy. They had a number 
of chilthren. ono of whom, John Jameson, was in the celebrated 
Indian battle of Estill's ]:)efeat, March 22' 1782, on "Litllo ^toun- 
tain Creek," now called llinkston Ci'eek. in Montgomery County, 
Ky., en land enteretl by Thoraaa Jixraesou (No. 0.) 

G — iii. Thomas Jameson in. Judith Ball ILickley, sister of Lucy. 
On his tombstone is, "Thomas Jameson Sr. Emigrated from Cul- 
peper C. H. \'a., 1782. VkA Aug. 14, 1827, aged 81 years." Com- 
missioned Ensign Ecby 23, 1773. lie built a brick houso on his 

200 Wiu.nM ASP I\rAKY Ct>i.i.rf.K Qi-AJrrir.i.Y. 

farn\nenr tho bat'lr'-f'uM of I'slill's DL-fLfit, in 1H02, nr;<l the liouse 
remained iu the family till last Kovcmbor. His sou 'J.'Ikiuus Jame- 
son, I'uilt n liiick lii>u^f« in f'lU view of tiio battlo-fitld, ahout 1804 
or 5, and it is still oocupii.d. Tliif; Intler 'J'homas J. married Sarah 
Smith, u daughter of Enoch Sniilli. l.)orn in StaCurd Oj. Va. Juno 
20, IVoU, fton of Itenry and Sarah ( Smith. I'^nocli v.-as a 
brother of Dauiel Smitli, V. S. Senator from Tenn. A Va. Com- 
uiis.sioncr to run tlie line between Va. and N. C. (now Va. and N. 
C, Va. and Tenn., and Ky. and Tonn.) and the ance.stDr of iji- 
drew JfckFon Dond.-on and Daniel Smith Dorielsou of Tenn. 

7 — iv. John Jamosou, Lt. Col. of the 2' l\egt. Light Jiorso Con- 
tincn(:J Line, to whom ]\Iuj. John Andre was delivered. 

8— V. David JameBou b. Aug. 10, 1752, died Oct. 2', 1S39. He 
manicd, . . . 1702, Mary Meunia, Spinster, dau. of Charles ilea- 
nis, Dco~" and ^lary liia wife, lie was SherilT of Culpopor Co., Va. 

— vi. William Jameson, "orphan of Thomas Jameson dec', be- 
ing above the rgo of 1 J,"' JIarch 2.')^ 17G0, cho^o liis bionor Thoinas 
Jameson, his guardian, Tolivor Craig JviV, Security. Orange Co. 

Tlicro inay liave been another clMld — a drughtcr — ay D^ivid 
Jame=on (No. 8\ whon applying for a pension, f^tatcd that the 
family Bible -was taken to Kentucky by his sister. I have not been 
ablo to learn of any sister who came to Ky., but tho two children 
of Tilaigarct (Jameson) HaMkius did como to Ky. — a descendant ia 
now Cbiff Comm'y Dcpt. U. S. A., Gen. John P. Hawkins — and 
he (David) may have meant "his sister's family." 

On May 0, 17S0, G,OOU acres of land were entered, in what is 
now ^loutgomery Co., Ky., in one body, as follows, namely: 3, -303 
acres for Hon. David Jameson and 2,500 acres for Thomas Jame- 
son (So. G). The Hon. David Jameson gave 500 acres of this 3,500 
to "David Jameson of Culpeper," before it was patented. 

Lucy Hackley ajul Judith Dall Hackley were sisters of Lieut 
John Hackley of the Continental Line, children of Judith Ball and 
John Hackley, vestry m:in of St. Mark's I'arish; ard Judith Ball 
was a daughter of Samuel Ball, one of the first twelve vestrymen 
of St. Mark's par. (^a first cousin of the mother of Washington) and 
Ann Catharine (Tayloe) Ball. (Va. Genealogies, Hayden). 

Samue-1 Ball's children were— 

i. Judith, m. Juhn Hackley, vestryman, etc. 

ii. Mary (not P'^'^/, as stated in St. Mark's Par. His. by Slaugh- 
ter) who 7/1. Ilubt. Green. 

Thk Vvv.uc L.vnd.s. (ir.'i').) 201 

iii. Mai'j,'aret, vi. John Bnnow. 

iv. W'Uliiim lifill 111. Frances Slaughter. 

Snuiui-1 Dall'B will ni'^'le K-th Aug. 1751, probated 22" Nov' ITol. 
(hilpopcr Co. Vft. Mill Book 1, }). GO. lUa daughter Mnrgaret 
NvnB not then marricil, and AVilliara was not twcnty-ono years of 
U'^'o. IIo mentions Lis wife as "Ann Cntlmriuo." 

A ^VilliHm Jauif'sou was in Augubta Co., Va., July li.">, 17 Jo. 
[7c» fic Continued.^ 

[Amonc; tlif I-n !«• U MSS. (Virf^inift HL<toricnl Socictj-) is tlio followiug, en- 
dorsed " M'. (."Inyboiirnf^'s Hcturn of LnuJs Lni<l out lC2.j. No. 0, C'.m- 
l.oruo's lloturn of J^ublit'i Lands that vrero aftrrward? rntcnti-J." — Ennou.) 

The ComoRATiox or HEsnico. 
Ou the Northerly Hide of James river from ihi^f'xHes y^.) Town to 
Henrico containing 10 milts in Length are the rublick Lnnds re- 
served and ]-.aid out, whereof 1G,000 Acres for the University I-ands, 
3000 acres for tho Company's lands, with other lands belorj:;ing to 
the O)llcdgo, the comou lands for tho Corporation fifteen hundred 

Tiii:'Cor.i'or.ATiON' of CnAUU-s Crrr. 
laid for the company below Sherley Hundred Island 3000 

TuE TniRnoRY or Gf.k.vt "U'jitonoke. 
Upon tl:o Eastwardly Side of Chepokes Creek is appointed 500 
acres beloTiging to <he place of Treasurer. . By order of Court. 

John Martin lOn ^ 

Co])io. George Harrison. . . . 20r» . by Patients. 

Sam'-' Each 100 ) 

Ou the Northerly side is tho Lr.nd belonging to Southampton 
Hundred containing 100,000 acres Extending from Tanks \Vey- 
onoke down to tlio mouth of Chickahominy river. 

The Cor.pon.\Tiox ok James Cittt. 
Adjoyning the moiith of Chickahominy river there are 3000 
acres of Land Laid out for tho Company 3000 acres Liid out for 
the place of the Governor ])lanled in which are Some SuiaU Par- 
cells granted by S' Thomas Dale c\: S' Sam- Argull planted — 


M'. ];ich' Buoke, 750) ,, ,, ., , 

J A- Put tent. 
The Gloab Land, 100* ■ 

'2^)2 A\'iLi.iA.M AM) Mai;v Com i:<-.r. (^ iu.y. 

Ill tbo Tslnnd (tf Jninos City uro many imrcOls cif Land grnntcd 
by puttcutG .V onkr Court. 


On tbo KrtblNvardly hide of S()iiUjaiu2)iou river tbrro are tliroo 
thouRfiTid acrer, btlonginj/ to Ibo Company, at ]i!liznbcth City 
I'hiutod, and ITidO acres comon ]jaud. 

Tliis l'2xtrart of all tbo titks acd Instates of L;\:ul was sent lioino 
l)y S' Francis Wyait ^wbcu bo rotnniod for Kn;.^l!ind) unto tbo 
liOrds of liid Miij'^' ]-)rivy Council according v.itL tbeir order in 
tlifcir Letter dated at Stillsbury. 
^V*". Cla'bourne. 

A True Copy extracted from otlicr tbiugs of this kind being on 
locord. Test 

l")ia');Y SiiTir, Jln'. 

Mr.M. : There Bcverell inoro ])arrcl8 of Iv.nd by pattcnt to 
privat pe^oou^^ in each corporation in y' original), but tbo designe 
of Ibis copy being c»nly to shew y" lauds reserved for publick unes 
which arc binco all parcelled out a.nd gianted by pattenla as other 
laudtt [except y* G'-v" l.-xndjs] they nro omitted here. 


Gkaves. — Sto Vol. 11., p. "JTl. Kich:\nl Crosbnw * Graves, of New Kont 
Co., living in 17'.'2, m. Elizabeth, dao. Joseph Valentino, whose will is rc- 
cordea in York Co. (1771). Children, William •, Kichard\ Joseph', Edmund 
Valentino \ Polly ^ m. Fiuue.i DuUif mL (Uecords Charles City Co., nnd in Au- 
ditor's OtVice) and Elizabeth ^ Graves who married Joseph Christian (Judgo J. 
C. Lamb's M.SS,). 

"William Graves' (\nt11 proved in Charles City Co., 18 Aug. 1S05) m. Ta- 
bitha; children, Joseph C.*, William \\.\ Robert*, Elizabeth', ilelvina" 
("not yet christened"). 

Joseph C Graves of New Kent Co. (died about IS'JG) m. Angelica . 

Children, lionry" of Charles City, CroshaW and Jlartholmew ■" (^Kecorils in 
Auditor's Otlice and Charles City Co.). 

Edmund Valentine' Graves, grandfather of John Edmund Graves of 
Charles City Co. 

Gkaves. — .V'X'ordm-^ to tho llo^'ister of .Xbiuglou Pnrish, Gloucester C<i. : 
Thomas an.l il.iry Gr.ives had John, chiistoued 1077, Mary, biii)t. Au-. I'J, 
I'-'SL JcCrey and Dorothy Graves had Eli/.a. b-.m May 13, ir.SO. Jeifroy. 
born May 20. ICSJ, Sar.ili, bapt. July 1, KISS. William and Mary Graves had 
John, bapt. Dec. •2'^ IC^O, Willi iiu, April 'I'J, lOS^. John, bnpt. Jan. 5, U'>-^'-\ 
Benjiimin, bapt. Apvd '23, 17itO. Jeflrey and Eliznbcth Graves had Th<ni;as, 
bapt. Jan. 21, 1701. Jellrcy Graves liad Eliza, bapt. June 23, ITi tJ. John 

iri>irOhIt;AI, AM) (iENK.\rO<iI('AI. NOTKS. 203 

mill Hcboccrt Grnves hml liebeccn, h. Jau. 21, 170-1. John Graves bad John, 
bom March 0, 170-;. Williaiu Griivc- h«.l Sn.iiuiti.'ili. bipt. April 0. 1707. 
Kilbcrt Graves bail Tboiniis. born Sopl. I'J. biipl. Doc. 15. 1714. Itoberl aud 
JIury Griives bad Kob.rt, baj.t. Jan. 21, 1717, Jnnn-s, b.^.pt. Oct. 21, 1721. 
Kliziibeth, dau. John Gravc3, died Nov. 21, 17ai. Thoiim^ Gravc.H niiJ lCli:ra- 
bcth LrilliUj;h iiiso wero married Oct. 20, 17;i3. Thouma and Lucy Graves had 
Jlary. bnpt. (ht. 10, 1730, Wini!\U). b. Mr.ich 2, 17.{^ 0, I'h niias. 1 oiu Mi.ich 
2, 1711-2, Siisauu.a, born ilay i, 1711, John, burn Sept. I, 1745. Lucy, wifo 
of Tliomas Graves, died Oct. 7, 1700. 

Gi;avf-s. — Willium, of Norfolk, married Euplinu Armistcad, dftufjhtcr of 
■W illiiiiu Aruii^, wiio was son of Col. Hubert .\niii't! a 1 of Klizab« Ih City 
C'ouuly. llor will was proved Dec. 2d. lb2'J, lacutions sou, William A. Grave?, 
uiocc, Mary I'lnllips, and makes executors, ilurdooai Cooke aud bou William. 

QctKiKS.- I'rof. Joseph J. Casey, 2fi East l2'JlJi street. New York, would 
"hi^'hly Hpprociate any iuformatiuM, however sllj^ht,"' rc;^arding the following 

Mtirtin, K'^rt: }'>rn i'.i Kipl' and Queen Co. 17N(?); patorual home- 
si. 'ad ou both hides of tlio Mataponi Kiver. luformulion w;iutcd relative to 
bis brothei-s aud sisters, and his aucestoi-s. Were George and Susanua (West) 
JIartin liis pnrents? 

Callvrnii, Col. Rk-hant: Of the Bedford Co. family. Who were his an- 
cestors, and what the nimes of his wifo and children ? 

Keaiion, Rkh'ird, and wifo. Celia Ea-jland. In Chatham Co., N. C, after 
the Revolatiou, perhaps duriu!:; it. Was this tlio HUlsboro;i,'h liichr.rd ? What 
w;is his relation to Will Keaaou, the Meckleubur.:?h si'.,'PLr? His hue of de- 
scent from the Vir.;inia Keunons ? IIow was the name spoiled before it ap- 
peared iu Virginia? Wanted, Celia liaijland's hue of dtsoent. 

VenalKe, Abriihain and (Mildred Lewis?) Hicks or Nix. What Kn-libh 
branch produced this Abraham ? 

nailer, Jolni : Lieutenant in Alexander Spottswood's 2' Viraini.". K«gi- 
ment. Ilis Vii;,Muia ancestry and looalitj rccpiired. 

La>U!.— Vol. IIL, p. 127. Ihe 34, 35, an i 30 lines should bo corrected 

Ro as to read as follows: "John, his son, married ^lary , ftud had l^sue, 

Kachel (born July 2. 1720, baptLcl July 20, 1720, ra;^nied Anthony Lanib\ 
and John, Mary, Kobert, and Jumcs." The date of tho birth of this llachrl 
Hay, wife of .\uthony Lamb, is also Riven erroueou-ly in tho 8th line. On 
pa':,'o 12S read for "Rev. Lycur^'us Lamb," Zycur?;/* Anthony Limli, and aid 
tho foUowiu;.,' d:ita, since received; John Lamb married Miry Emory, and Ihcir 
chddron were— 37, Ly-''i)'ji» Aathnny r.uiv>, b. April 20, 1S14, died Oet. 12, 
1835; 3S, Rev. John .Moody Lamb, now living; 30, Junius Lamb, deceased, 
leaving iss-ie. .^7. Lvcruvts .^xthow L\Mn had Issue : 40, John Lamb, born 
June 12, 1^10: 41, Christian Lamb. b. Feby. 20, 1842, died Sept 1, 
ISC'; 42 M.iry E-nory Limb, b. Jany. 11. 1><41; A\ Nannie \. Lamb, b. 
M:h. 7, ISIS, di.vl Xw:^. 7. 1S39; 41. Elizabeth Allen L".mb. b. Jany. S, 1^50, 
d. July 3, 1^50; 4"i. Fannie Beverly Lamb. b. July 13, 1^51; 40, James Chris- 
tian Lamb, b. Nov. IS. 1S53. 

Tho wUl of Ri;hard Lamb, "lately of the city of Richmond, but now of 
tho Eoroii.,'h of Norfolk, d-^visos a legacy to n<-nry Gi!)=..n, of li:ehmon<l: to 
hLs mother, if she be living; in tho kingdom of Gr«>.-it Britain, §500; to Sarah 

204 \VlI.llAM AM' Mm.V CoLlS.r.y. QrAinTIlLT. 

I.nmbrrt, lislrr to Col. Willima Lmulail, >r>00." Dated 9th Juuc, 1S20; prorcd 
28tb Jan., li^:53. 

BoiUN), CocKr, Sttth, y.ic. Queries l.y R M. II«'yl, Colontl I'. S. 
Army, Inaj-^rd^r-Gcnfral's O-Jlc,:, Room -lUl, J'l'Umun BuiUUi,<j, Chiraro, 111. 

liobert llolling, born I'^'J, died 174'.', uinrri'.d Ann Cocke, ITOC. \\'\M 
\s-oro tho names uf Ar.i» Cocke's pnrcuts, nud \\\u-\\ did tho fnuiily come to Vir- 
giui.i ? 

Eobcrt IJolliug. born ICIC, diod 1709, mnrriod Anno Stith, 16S1. Tlic 
names of Anne Stitb'b ^..-irtnU, also wlicu tlioy ki ttUd in Virginia, Is do5-irod. 

Did Mary "Wulhe, or Miuy Walicer, lujiiry, 17.'^'', Charlci Carter, of "Shir- 
ley," Virginia ? 

[Aime Coeke was probnbly the daughter of Richard ' Cocke, the younger of 
Breuior (lUchurd', of Mulvcru Hills, llichard', of iJremor). At lireinor, in 
Henrico county, Jaiiies Kivcr, I ohbtrvcd two badly shattered stones with the 
following inscriptions : 

Hero lye? luterr'd the Hody of 

Kiclmrd Cocke 

Son of iJichatd Cocke of 15 " * 

He wiis Born the 10 " day 

• • cccmbor 1030 and departed 

• * • ifo on the 20 '' N'ovembor * * 

lloro lyeth Interred tho Body 

of Auno, the wife of Ri-'hT-d Cocke, 

the younger of Bremor iu this county, 

and D.iughter of Thomr.j Bo vlcr late 

of the County of llipp:dir.uuook. 

She wns born tho 23d d:iy of Jan: 

1C75 nud departed this life the 24tb 

day of April 170.". Aged 

30 • • 3 ruouths 1 Day. 

Anne Stith was daucjhter of Col. John Stith, of Charles City county, who 
patented hnd there iu lo»'.3; was lawyer, buru'css, etc. For account of Stith. 
family, see Richmond Critic for September 27, Ib'.'O. 

The Critir, June IS, 1>SS, states that Charles Carter, of " Shirley," mar- 
ried, first. Mary W. Carter, daughter of Chiirles Carter, of " Cleve." and Mary 
Walke, his wife. — Einxor.. J 

H.vPPER.— ^Villia^l C. Pennington, 7 E. Ea£!er street, Baltimore, Md , 
Btctes the following descent, " be.Lrinninct with tho family Bible cf At-raham 
Harpor, who lived probp.bly near Frodoricksburi:;"; Abr.ihftm Hr.ri-or married. 
Ivottcs George; issue, Jesse Harper, who m. Diana Goodloe : i;5>ie, Robert 
Goodloe Harper, who m. C.ithariuo Carroll; i.-^ue, Charles CirroU Ha'-per, 
■who ic. Charlotte Hntchiu-on Cheffcllo; issue. Rniily Louise Ilaipcr, v.hou. 
"William Pei:niuv:tou. 

"Robert Goodloe ILupcr was the eminent lawyer. Federalist, and United 
State.s Kcnr.tor from Miryl.uid, and C.ithurine, his wife, w.i.s the youngeit 
d.-.a'.;hlor of Chi;r!..i Cunull. of Girrollton. and died iu 1^2':. Mr^. Emily 
Louise rcnnJn^'ton ii the ^;runddaut;hl«-T, sole heir-at-law, and ptrioual rcprc- 

IIlstokical anu CJknkalooic.u. Ni»TF_s. 205 

icutiUivo livint; of Kubort Giodioo Hiirper. Jitforni dion ihsiro.l rP;^urJing 
nuy iiiiii»i;^riiiit-. of the namo of llmpor." 

Cakthi. — I'jforuiiitiuu tkiiiv.l ii;'t»»li'iy ^o\\n (.'artcr, bom about 17-2y- 
'3U; livoi iiu.l du-1 iu C'lroliuc couoly. lie uiirrinl Jst, Muss Armi>tta 1; i\. 
Miss Uiinnah Chew, dnu-hter of Chow, of Si)<>ttsylv:inia. fvud Mury Kc-t- 
crlcy, daiJKhtor of Caj-t. ll.-irry UuVcrlpy; i'-.suo, tiiirtciii children, of whom 
four were V.iUir\in, John, lloboit, :iml llobert, Jr. The Carter tree, by Mr. 
Ciirlor, of ^Shirley," ia wnntiu;_; Iho name, but "from r\ll (ho circuuistautial 
ovidt ueo I enn gather, tho Cnjit. John wiu tho s<>.-ou.l s>ju of llobert, of No- 
nini, in.irrivd in 17:'3 to Tri-ifilla Biudtju. of M;iryhusd." "Seven of hi-> 
duu^-htcrs b.ft deseen.i luts iu Vii;;iniu— Ilaisloys, ilnrshalls, Suttons, S:o- 
Teus.'-J/»;«ii'. ;;. MuUr, Paaddon, S. V. 

Jk.mnos. — "Cuu ftuy one iuforui nie wliere ft copy of tho (rt'neal'i;_;y of the 
' Jonin^s f.unily,' prcparod for l)ie Jeninys heirs, can bo fv.nud ? " 

'' Ni-u^y 15<.'ti->M, born nljont 17jo nuirried Uilhani Lau-^, by whom she 
liad sevci.U chiUUcn. tho last of v.l'oni was ft posthuiuous child, nnd nt tho re- 
(juest of her hisbaud. tho wilo proiuiscd to iinuie the child for him. It beiu^; 
a girl, sho wn.'; named - Willey " L:-iuc, nn 1 she inaivicd a Uounctt. Slio ^^.^9 
liviiit,' soruowli-re iu Yirpnia, ISlO-oO. Tho widow, Nancy (licliioM) Lane, 
uarrioa Ilnoeh Suiilh. Cau any of your renders inform the writer cf tlu- 
of birth, n\aiiia-_(es, aud dc^th of Naucy Smith, tho uamos of her brothers and 
Bi;ter> au 1 of their parents ; al^o, of nuy of her dojcoudauts by her IJr-.t rnur- 
rioge?"— ./u//;:) -V. liournc, liOO Third Avt., I^uinil'^j, J\i/. 

TTiiore is iu the New York Curio, Vol. I., a podic;vce of the Jeninc^.s family, 
trieu fioiu th-i HtiaUi's ColleLje, and bronc^ht down to about 1"^00. The soli- 
tary male repicseut.ative in IS'JO ol Edmund Jeuin-^s, the Secretary of ."<tate of 
Virgmia, waa Edmund Jeuings, Lsq. There were otb.r Jeuing.^es iu V.r^'inia 
cout« niparaiy witn Kdmuud Jeuinys. One of these was Charles Jcniu^'s, clerk 
of Elizabeth City county, and another was Johu Jcuings, clerk of Isle of Wiybt 
county, who took a leading part iu Uncou'.s rebellion. There \\;i3 r.V.o Pc;er 
Jcuiu','s, Attorney-Goucral of Virginia, who left deseendnuts. — Edit.*!-, j 

" Vu.oiMA GiistAi.owtE.s " .o<r> Ciivr.LKs H. Hcowsiya: Will \ .■. please 
state, for the benetit of your Virjj;inia readei-s, the follow iu;^r In tho X''e 
Krirlind iIis(.-G.n. Hojii^er, .\pril, IS'J-i, and the .b.itTiV.i;. lli^'oricd Rrl^tcr 
lor December, IS'Jl, of which hs is edicor-iu-chief. Mr. lirownini; attul;-, n-.y 
yir;;:n>i GrACihqiei with a ti-sue of misrepresentations that must be ai p.'^reut 
to .luy ordiu iry iutelli-euce on careful comparison with the matter jind author- 
ities which he pnicAda to quute. PTis efforts to disprove the Peyton dedr.etions 
in mv Virjinii Geneuhiji'S will thus be found full of falsehoods, ai;d iiacdi- 
racies even in the spelUni; of names ftud piviug of dates. ludced, it will nppe \r, 
on examin.ition of niy reply to him in the Xeir Kngl'iml Ui>l.-G'-u. li-ji.-t, r for 
July, ISOl, pa„'e :3-i3, that it is impossible for him to -^ive nocuralcly the smallest 
quotatioii from my pai.'e5. and it al=o shows that hi? methods aro not of that 
uianlv or-lf r that j.houM prevail among gentlemen. 

V>TJ:€'iHirre, Pa., Dec. 8, IS'J-l. Hoilvce Edwin IlAior-.N-. 

[TliO contrOTcrsy between Cb.^.rlos II. Browuin;:: au.l Kev. Ilor.'>''e E. H«\y- 
den s»h'-\vs some feeliuLj. In tho crtse nt point the p iblio d..-.-ires only the fret? 
about Sir Johu Pcjtou. IIow ataud.-, bir Johu IVy ton's ancestry ? Tlie Kis^;- 

2(U; Willi \M and Maky C'olli.i.i; (iUaui kj;ly. 

stou lUniJtor ftuil Vestry Kool; mentions '*TLoinftj> reyton, Gcut., Bori of Mnjor 
Kohcit I'evton," uml tho births, umrriac;es iiiul deaths of TLoumsB cliiMren 
nrc enlored in tliut rccurd. Tho gtittcintut on yn^et JC'J of Hnydou'ii Vtnjinia 
Oeitcah'jiii, Jesse Peyton's RecoVycUons, page 471, the- Htntcnicut frnui the Ves- 
try Kouk of Kii!'.:5ton I'nrish, i>uj;e 170, nnd the ohitnnry to Mrs. pii;.N^ 177, 
coutiruf the identity of ll(»bert, Thomns nnd Sir Jolm. Perhaps Mr. IJruwuing 
wiisKd into error by niistakin'^ Mr. lluydcu's quotation in.irkd. Mr. Ilaydcu 
Fp.ys, "Mr. Thom.Ts Peyton, Gent., son of Mnjor liobort Poytou," p.nleuted 
oiif! hundred nnd ton aeres in Gloueostcr Co., •tc. Mr. IJrowiiiu;,' puts tlic 
quotation mnrks at the end of tho sentence, and senrrhcs the Laud iJooks. and 
does not discover 'J'h<im.»s Peyton described as "son of Major liobort Peyton "; 
\\hcrtas Mr. Haydon must bo (piotiu-,' from the Kingston PiCpi-stcr and Vestry 
]i.iok, whieli Sj J reads. ]?ut independently of tiiis hi'.;h authority, tho .issunip- 
tion of the title of " Kiiiftht Banneret" by sueh a man as Sir John Pcytoji il'd 
afford ?trou;,7 efideuce of a ri.,'htfnl cl.iiui. Mr. Uruwnin;:: p.-xys. "Sir" John 
was not known as such till 17.SJ: but sec Haydeu, 171;, whore it is shown he 
was so Ci.Ued as early as 1750. Mr. Browning says that tho pcdi'^reo in the 
Hernlds' Collo;,'e stntes that Major Kobcrt Peyton, of Vir:-;uii:i, tlieJ .«. ;>. m., 
but elsewhere in the same paper ho declares the i>oiliyrec asserts he w.-.s living 
in Virginia in 1»3".):>, a. p. /«.— EDiron.] 

BKNXvrr — Utie. — Notes from an address delivered before the Society of 
Colonial AVars ^;/ Btnr dt Hernnrd Bro'cne. J7. D. : 

Governor liiohard Beuuett, (<lied lG7d; will probated April 12, K.7;j, in 
X:iustmoud Couit; provtd in England 3d of August, 1C7G; will executed loth 
of iPtrch, 1G71.* 

Piichard Bennett, member Virginia House of Burgesses, lC29.t 

Member of Vir-inia Council, lGi'2-'-14-'45-'4G.t 

One of the Conimis?ioneis appointed in 1C.'>1 by the Council of State in 
England to reduce all the plantations within the Bay of the Chesapeake to duo 
obedienct) to the l*arliameut of the Commonwealth of England. { 

Reduced Virgiiiia March 12, 1G52.T 

Ileduotd Maryland March 27, 1GG2.+ 

Made the trer.ty with Sustjuehanna Indians on July 5, 1C62, by v»hirh tho 
Indians gave up a large portion of Maryland.; 

Elected Governor of Virginia April 30, lCo2; served three terms to March, 
1655. t 

Elected Commissioner to Encland. lG55.t 

Signed the agreement with Lord Baltimore November 30, 1657, by which 
the province of Maryland was restored, t 

Member of Virginia Council, lG58-'59-'60. t 

Major-General of the Virginia forces in lGG2-ir.72.^ 

[I made an interestiug discovery in tho Lower Norfolk county records ln«t 
summer. There is an order in IG-il referring to tho wife of Hon. Lichard 

• -Vow En r'.aad Umtoricil md G. riHiLvioal Rt-;n>ter. Jc-juarr. is?«. p. lU. 

» H-nniufrV t^tatut^!". [Uut h^ wis a counciUor as early a-" 1030 ( Vi. itaj. of His'.. anJ 
}^-\oj.. II.. p. 00). auii t'ao S.iiflsbury MSS. hhow that lie wa-> councillor before his deatU In 
1675.— KDlTon.1 

JBoztuan'* Hist.^rr of Marylaud. 

JColonial Ptptra. Vol. II.. pariirapli 1250. 

IIl.^TORlC.VL AM> (hNr.ALOr.lCAL NoTFS. 207 

Pcnuett, Esq., " formerly ilnry Ann I'tio. '' Horuamo li.iil been lo^t liithorto. 
'I lie tir&t l'ti»> knowb ill tho rt'cords of Vin;iiiia wu-. Ciipt. John Utio, of tlio 
Council, who look a i^nliuj^ j)ivrt in nrrestinft Sir John linrvoy and oi)posiLit( 
Lord J?;\lliuioro. IL' v.vis ouo of tbo lin;t porsina to settle nt Cbiskinck in 
1032. Ilo called bis plnco " lUiinnria." HiRwifo \vn<? Anno, and he ^ras dead 

before Itil'J. His "pon nnd heir," John, who morriod Mnry , sol«l 

"rtinnuid" to C'ol. ^Vlllinm Tnyioo. and the " I'tio " nnni'* disnpponrs from 
our records. About this time tlirro appeurs iu tbe Miiryl/ind records Nalb-ii-icl 
I'tie, who became fi member of the Mar\liuid rouneil, nnd CJeorj^e, bis brother, 
who was a member of ibe M'lrylnnd Assembly. Th« bitter a will was' proved 
in Palto. Co., ild., 21 Oct. 167S (Christopher Johnston M.S.), nnd nieiitioi.s his 
wife Su?annnb. children, (Joovkp (under 11), J^irj' Aniifi .nud Dethyii (both 
under 16), brothfr, I^Ir. Nathaniel Utio, lo^inf^ friend, Cript Tliomns Lcnr,'. 
Bcuuclt's wife waij probably th«; dau. of rui)t. John Utio; i:nd Niitlianiel r.nd 
Goor(.;e \\ero probiulv yonnj^er brothers of John llio, "pon nnd heir of 
John I tie." Judt,'e H. II. Goldsboron-h has fiiruir-hed nio with a coinpl^to 
note of the public services of Nathaniel L'tie, lis.]., which will appear m due 
lime. — Lditou.] 

BoTETOtTiT Mki>.u^ — Mr. P. L. Burwell writes that it is an error "hj 
iubeiitod " the l^>totonrt ilodal, as stated in last issue. Tiio medal was piven 
by Col. Xathauiel BurwcUs widow to their {,Taudsou Nathnnitl Bur.veli of 
"Carter's Hall," when a very small boy. After bis death it became the pro- 
pel ty of Mr. Georye H. Uurwell, residing near ^lillwood, Clarho Co., Va., who 
Btlll hft> if. Mr. .Mord, Lewis, of Clarksburg, "West Vir.,-ini'i, lelates thas the 
tra^'ic m.'innfr of the death of the younyer Nat. Bnr^.cll incLitiuuc-il above: 
"He had been quite si.'k for some days before tho battle of *_' 1 M."n.'^.--'n!-, and 
was order- d to a hospital, but wouM not go, hopiiiL; cich d.ay h& would bo 
well tnou:;;u for service. He was in camp when tho 2d Vir.'Juin Infantry of 
tho Stonewall Brigade was ordered to th« front, nnd cousonttd to remain be- 
hind; but as the day advanced and bo could hear thf.< taring' ^Towin;:; more in- 
tense, he said he could stand it no longer, and started to tl.u front, hopiuq to 
find the bri;^'aue and tike bis place with tho rfci^ament. .A.ftcr trying for some 
tiruo to find the regiment and failing, he found a regiment about to 
make a charge anvi went in with them, and received tho wonnd from wbii^b be 
died, I think, the m-it d.iy. I was present nt tho battle of Cold Harbor, or 
Gaines' Mill, as we called it, June 27, 1>!G2. We were ordered to charf'o a, 
battery of Galling guns, and in order to make it we had to go through a swamp 
almobt waist deep. After getting through the swamp, the regiment wa.s, of 
course, very much out of line. Nat, who waa sergeant-major, was busy get- 
ting the men up in lino, and urging them to give a good acconat of tbcmsclveP. ' 
When the regiment was all up and in lino, he saluted Col. Bolts and turned 
the regiment over to him. .\.s ho did so Bolts said: ' Como here, Burwell; you 
arc a gallant fellow. Give me your hnud.' Nat. touched his cap, shook hands 
with Bolt?, auil crying. Forward men ! we all gave a yell, nnd dashing forward 
took the battery. " 

[The medal given to Rev. Samuel Sheild is noticed in the will (prove<! 
June -20, l-^Jl,) of bis son Col. Robert Sheild. who reque-,t-5 his brother, the 
di;5tingnished lawyer, Honry Ffoward Sheild, to keep Ib;^ medal, and at his 
death to transfer it to any of his (Robert's) sons thoa living, "so that it may 

208 "Wll.IIAM AM> M.\l;V CuIDCiK t^LAUTKIlLY. 

h« hnuilcd down to the mulo nieiaher!) of our fiiinily so lou;^ as a just CMtiDtutti 
ehall ho p!i\ce<l bj' them upnn tlio merits uiul virtues of him on whom it was 
Lonornl>ly ntnl, I hope 1 ir.iy all, worthily btst'jwc.l. " A do.icriptiou of tho 
luciliil V. ill be yivon in some future account of the- SLt-ild family. — Editok.J 

TfMioN. — 1, Colonel William JJarbcr of York county, born ]>')0'2, and will 
proved January, 1GG9; burfjiss, justice, etc.; m. 2, Miiry, wi-low of John 
Dennett. 2, Maby i.vsue by bi.tli marriages. IJcr tcrandlan^^hlHr wa3 3, 
llary Juxon, whot.o brother w:i3 "\\illiam Juxou, Gcntleuuni," wlio removed 
to London, and made a power of att<iruey in 1701 to dispose of his lauds on 
Skid's Creek, in James City county. 3, Maky niarrifd, 4, ^'iiinud Tii/,»ijK, 
who, in 1G77, came to Yir^'inia as attorney of WjUiain Fellows; of Loudon, 
■woodmouiier, to take charge of two plantations belon^jing to his wife, 5, Mar- 
garet, relict of (>, Ci'.j'L Pbihp Chtslcy, of Queen's Creek, York county, Va. 
4, SvMi'FT. TiMsioN was justioe iu lGy3 and subseq-ieut years, and died Jan- 
uary 23, ItJltl-'Do; will proved May 21, IG'JG. His wife died October lU, 1702. 
Their chil Iron were- 7, William; 8, Jolm; 0, Sanuicl; aud 10, Mary. 7, 
CAr-TAi.s ^\'lI.Ll.^..^^ Timson was born May 23, H)7:<, died in 17lS-'rj, aud liii 
vill, proved September 21, 171'J, is recordetl in Yojkcounty. His son,, 
who died iu 172C, set up five tombstones at the mouth of Qulou's Creek; two 
cost £15 sterliuc. His catate was also cn-diltd "with t.vo lar^e pictures and 
« lar^ii Bible, retmucd in tho inventory, though not his estate." Tho tomb of 
Samuel Timsou, tho immigraut, beariuj,' tho arni.^ of Timsou imp;diu^' Juion, 
is etill at Quecus Creek, aud Miss Molly Gait, of Wjiliambburg, is thf fortuuate 
possessor of two h:iud>ojue portraits, dre.-scd in eUu\'int costume-, which were 
obti.ined from a d'"scoiiil:iut of the Timsons, aud arc reputed puit.'-aits of tuo 
Kupli-h Tim-ous, sister and brother, very probably tho seme as those men- 
tioued in the account of William Timsou's estate. 

Bai.lard. — See Vol. II., p. 271. Thomas Ballard, son of Hon. Thonios 
and .\uue (Thomas) Ballard, was burgess, juitico of the peace, and Colonel of 
York county. His will wa3 proved June 18, 1711. He married Kathariue, 
dauL^hter of John Hubcrd, aud his issue was Anne, wife of John Major; Mat- 
thev., KlLzabeth, lvarh:'.:iuo, Thomas, Kobett, John, William, and Mary, tho five, perhaps by a second wife, beiiirj uudor ago. One of the^-o, Captain 
John Ballard, of Vorktown (will proved ill 17 1'). l,ad Thomas, John, Kobert, 
"William, Catharine, Elizabeth, aud Auuc, aud tho last named, Bobcit, was 
clerk of Priucess Anno county (York county Bocords). Sco Mr. James's note 
about the clerk of Princess Anne iu tho QiAUTEiiLT. Vol. II., No. 2. The 
Ballard family is a very uumcrous one, and ditlicult to trace iu later geue- 

Thomas Ballftrd is ni.;utioned iu Chark-s City Becords as early as 1737. la 
1791 John Ballard, Thomas Ballard, William Talbot Ball.ud, Frauds Dauoy 
Ballard, Elizabeth, wife of Moses Fontaine; Sarah, wife of Abraham Fontaiuo, 
Lucy, wife of Peter Ej-pos, are mentioned as chddren of Thomas Balhinl, o.' 
<'Larl( s City, deceased. Henry Talmau married Ann Eliza, dauj^hter of Tho:uas 
BalL-^-rd, before 17;!3. 

Hon. Thomas Ballard. Esq., member of tho Council, etc., was doubtless of the 
family whoso pedi;.,'rec and arms are printed in T/ic Vi^if/ition <>/ Lvwfon. V .\\, 
1C34, 10C3. luTc-ti .-atiou mii^ht show that he was the sou of either Humfry. 
Kobert, or John Ballard of Loudon, viutucr — the two last being family nam<.3. 

lIl>H>l:UAl. CiENKAL'H.I.-.vl. NuTKS. 200 

In the inventory (1720) of Mnthow IJnllard, of York Co., fcon of Thomas 
finllDrd of t)ie Council, there is nn nccount of pliilc nud a stal, with the do- 
cejiscd's "aims upon it." 

Sciu:y— It is erroneously stiiloJ bs many uril.-rs that .Surry was 
taken out of Isle of Wight, llie roonrds of Suiry fIiow that Surry was taken 
from James City. Plucea iu Surry uro referred to as in Jamcb City Leforo the 
formntjou of the county. Sco Qi'.\i;ii.iiLv, hist issue, i>. 121. 

'J'lie datu of the proilamation at Scuthwnrko was "the 11th day of Octo- 
ber," lOCO— not, a-s stated on p.ige 12'2, " the 11th day of tltbruary," ICOO. 

PjiAcny,- In last number, pa.;.> 115. the d:de •'l)iL-d '.Hh Sci)t. 183'J," ho*, 
reference to Mary Monro Peachy (C), and not to Sally Cary Peachy (7). 

Old TniEs. — Sec pa^^o l^.G, Idih line, " haiuUcmed " bhouUl bo printed 
harulsomoit—a. typo;^raiihical error. 

Pj'.LSiON— TvLK):. — Sco page 140. In iC-v. Mr. NorclifTes Prc-^to'i Chart, 
Piiscilla Pre.stou, dan. of Itcv, William Preston, should be represented as 
njari>iug "William Wilkin," and not "George Stephenson Prehton," Ler 
brother— a t\po^'raphieal error. 

CoLLiiii:, Mmiij., P.ooKKi:, Thi.l>to.n, Shkilp, VALE^^I^E, S.mitii, C.\m3j, 
and other families, will receive notice ii» next iiiuc. 


BOOK Ri;\-ii;vvs. 


Maud Willcf Gooihtin. llliistrnted by Jinn is t J wards. Now York ; 

Lovcll, CoryoU i Co. IbOl. 

'Diislittlo volume *' aims only tlirous^-h local gossip aud homely dctnils of 
life and cui^tonis to open a side door tlirouj,'h which to gnin a sense of fircsi<le 
intimncy with the Colonial CavnlUr." Mrs. Goodwiu says, "she is not of his 
kin," nud h^^r critici'^tn p.ppi>ars to nmouut to the opinion thnt "ho was 
naughty, but he was nice." The book is written in a charminp i^tyle. It is 
strange that Mrs. Goodwin does not quote the opinion of Alexander Spot3- 
wood, who, us soldier with ^larlborouqh, hs'.d seen all m.-inner of people, wid 
yet said that ho observed in the colauy " less swearing, le?s profanencsi, 
less druiikenntss and debiuichory, less unchnritnble feuds and nniiuosiiics, and 
less knavery aud villuny, than in any purt of the world where my lot htus 
been." The opinion of such a stntosmnu is more than gossip, 'flie " d.ime " 
of Gov. Nicholson is not unkuowu. as ilrs. Goodwin suggests. That lady was 
undoubtedly Murtha Unrwell, who married ITenry Armistead. (Qt* aiiti klt, 
II., 2:J1, -ik.) 

Her.^ldkt is A>n:p.ici.. Bii Euncne Ziefj^r. Publi-shed by the Department of 
Heraldry of The Bailey, Banks & Biddle Company, Thiladelphia. ISC'I. 
This work does credit to Mr. Zieher and to rhibdelphia. It is designed 
to meet a want long felt in Amrrica for a popular work upon heraldry. The 
writer has endeavored to group in a coucise and intelligent manner all that is 
ncces-,ary to enable the student correctly to interpret aud apply the manifuIJ 
laws of the gentle science of arms. In this respect the book is largely a com- 
pilation, as are all modern books upon the subject. It contains in addition a 
collection of material, g.ithered from the use of royal and other seals Jip^in 
colonial documents r.ud individual coat-.-'.rmor, upon old tombstones, hatch- 
ments, tabletd, f.imily plate, wills, deeds, etc. Virginia finds hand;some rt'pre- 
sentation in m:iuy ways. I notice among tombstones (p. -19) one of Majoi 
John Howell, of Southampton, Long Isl.and, deceased 1C96, bearing the same 
arms as the Howells of Virginia. As little is known, outside of tradition, re-, 
garding thi-< family here, it might bo well to search the Long Island record* 
regarding Major John Howell. 

Sermons fob the Cut Bi^ Cak-b Diiii Bradur, D. D., P,r^!or (pro t^m) 
of Christ Church, fAynrjiroo'l. Boston : George D. Ellis, 1 11 Franklm 
Street. 18'J3. 

Wo ha^e in this book, which is neatly gotten up, twenty-four purifying 
and iubtructive Strmuus. The morr.lity is l-ifly aud ber\utiful. The reference* 
to the lioman Church on page 1 10 mi^ht bo omitted, for, according to th» 

IJooK l\ivn;ws. 21] 

nuthor himself, "Go-l cnrcs iiothinc; for the bndfrc on tlio forcliend, whether 
thoro 1.0 (■u::,TRvo(1 riiitfirinn or I'.itptisf, Orthodoi. r.j.iscopaliftn, Methodist. 
Ti ivcrs'.list or IIomiuii Catholic, hut hi n>k.i for Iho bmli^o on the heart." 

John GuriNT^Ew Wuiitikk. fiy Samvtl T. I'icl-.trd. In two voluiuos. Bos- 
ton and New York: llonphton, MitHiu k Co., the University lliversido 
Press, Cftnihri>l;.;e. ISy-l. 

This uork is ilotne in the bc<;t style of the c.lc1.rnt< 1 puhlishere, whoso 
iinproS3 it hcnrs. The lou.c;, active life of John G. \Vliitti«^r. ns poet, politicinn 
.lud ftbohfiouist, is f.iitlifiilly nnJ portruyed hy .Mr. I'icknrd. The 
author has his bubject wxll in hr.ud, and the work wiil lunintaiu its deserved 
I'lace amoup the biographits of tlic country. It is fnll of iiiformntiou rc.'^urd- 
ing the politics of the country, and rcpirdiui: nicu and thinfjs. Whitticr's 
opposition to slavery arose from the deep persuasion of the faith to which ho 
belongod. lie ropurdcd the holdin;: of =lrives as a fin, for which in some 
)ne:i.suro all were responsible while the Union continued. When, therefore, 
South Carolina seceded, ^Vhittier was opposed to coercion. In every asj)cc-t 
of the case in whii^h the nmtter can be viewed, the was a plain war of 
conquest. As the work of Mr. Picknrd eIiowp, no two iJidcpondont nations 
were ever more forei;::;n in fccliiif;, in inititiitious. in thotishtrt»th.'\n the North 
and the South. No country of Europe ever brouf,'ht into tlic field larger 
armies or possessed a tcnitory more a unit in interests than the South; not 
only the theory of the Union whicli was formed on cou<^er.t was opposed to the 
war, but r>as<.>/: and rottun. And th'>y opposed the war because a restoration 
affected with slavtry wa>-- only to confirm the distinctions of the two sections, 
and ft restoration without sl.wcry was a conquest. If the last was to bo tlie 
chnractT of the conttst, then the country was committed to a continual war- 
fare with all nations whose institutions were impure and immoral from it." 
Htnndpoint of conviction. ^Ir. Pickard writes in good temper and spirit 
throughout, and I cordially recommend his work to general perusal among 
Southern readers. 

KE>aM6CENCFS OK .\. Por.TiiAiT PAiNTLn. Byfrcorgc p. A. lltnhj. Chicago: 

A. C. McClurg k Co. 1^0-1. Price, $1.23. 

This chnrming little work, all sunshine and nature, like the threat painter's 
brighiOGt efforts, relates many pleasant anecdotes of the great with whim he 
was thrown in contact. The det.oils of his own life arc told with simplicity 
and truth. The book is adorned with illustrations taken from Mr. Ile.ily's 
own paintin':,'^ of Lincolu, Grant, Sherman, Lord A-hburton, the Queen of 
Roumania, Pope Pias IX., General .\ndrew Jackson, Henry Clay. Juhu Qiincy - 
Adams, Daniel ^Vcb5ter, Guizot, Thiers, Gambetta, Jolm James Audubon, 
Longfellow. L'Abb.' Franz Liszt, and others. The contcnLs are: Parti. A 
Sketch of my Life. Part II. My Friends and my Letters— Thomas Contnre, 
Crowns anl Corouets, American Statesmen, French Stiito'smcn, Men of Letters. 

Tui Stoky of tuk Civil, Wak. By John /'.>;v i. G. P. Putnam's 
Sons, New York and Lomlon, the Knickerbocker Pre^ts. ISO.). 
Nothing is more notable than the vast improvcm.ct which has been made 

in recent years in the study of history. Mr. Popes'? work i- one of the best 

2r2 WW I.I \M AND Mai'.y QrAiirKTiLV. 

namplos of sncutific Ifibor. It is written iu n rcmarkiible spirit of fnirucss; 
mid whilo of course bo jvistilkH Ibe notiou of Ihc FcilcTal yovcrnmont iu pro- 
sccntiutj the wur, bo lunkos merit filloWdnL-e for tlic opinions of Soiitbcru men 
in estiiiiiitiu^: tbcir motives, lie is not n b> ro wor^ibippe-r, nud even innkcs 
fioo to criticise some of Ibu appointments of Mr. Lincoln, wbo bns been 
trentcd in tbo Xortli ns n sort of f» ticb. IIo docs not b. '.u-vc in cfiUinf; niimos. 
At tbo Fftmo time by npponlinjj to tbc record be mrikes tbo best possible cn9c 
for tbo Union nrms. 'llio boiistor and firc-enter soon discredits himself, but 
Mr. Hopes Ls nrifber ft boiister nor liro-entor. It is n \York tbnt any person 
would be profited by renLliug. Mr. Kopos's nrj.'nmcut on tbe rclntionb of tbe 
States is tbo old one of Jud;;c Story, which wa.s so conclusively au.swert'd by 
Judge A. P. I'pshur from the Poutbcrn point of view; but wbilo it would be 
expecting too much of biui to concede would nt once condemn tbe North 
before the b.^r of tbe world, Mr. Itopc.s is as reliable, doubtless, iu rof,'ard to 
fact5 CK any writer Sn'.itb. l<ut does he state tbo battle between the y>rri7ii.jr 
and Monitor correctly? Virgiuius Xewtou says that, " it is in endcnce from 
Federal oQlcinl souices that tbo M'or.iior t\\-ice retired from the engagement of 
tbo day; the Mcrrimnc retired only when tlie action was .supposed to be ci-n- 
cluded."— (5<.)?.7'(fT/i Historical Society Pojxrs, Vol. XX.) ^Ve must wrut for 
the millennium for everybody to be of tbo srane opinion, and in tbe mean- 
time I welcome Mr. Kopes'a work as a valuable contribution to tbe literature 
of the day. The tone of the book will do much good. 

The Natttai. Law of;y. J>>/ ll7/iri»i Ihoufjli. G. P. Putnam "s Sons, 

Xew York and I-ondon. 1S91. 

The question of tJie currency is a leading question m the politics of the 
dey. Tho ni;t,!ior claims that what is needed is free met.ilism, not free silver 
or freo gold. He states that money is a mere implement of exchange, 
and asks, if the people of a section wish silver, why should tboy not have it ? 
If they v.ish iron, why not ? The whole system of standard value, is false. 
The only use of the mint is to make coins, attest their genuineness, and certify 
to their weight. This Js nature, and nature is always right. Let people have 
the right to coin whatever they can dispose of. 

The Cafitol of Vit.ginia and of thk CoNrT.i.ER,vTE States, being a iJesorip- 
tivo and Historical Catalogue of the Public Square and Buildings, and of 
the Statuary, Paintings and Curios therein. By ^V. W. S'-ott an>l H'. G. 
Stanard. Kichmond : James E. Goode, Printer. 1891. 
Tlie title of the above is so fully descriptive of its contents, and tbe pub- 
lication itself so highly vouched for as tbe production of two such cminont 
scholars and antiquaries, that comment seems unnecessary. It is a moFt h;indy 
and useful pamphlet, and should be in the hands of every one living iu Vir- 
ginia and a great many living out of it. Every citizen ought to be acqminted 
with the history of hi.s c.apitol, and the pamphlet will be exceedingly conve- 
nient to visitors. I notice one error in running over the pages. The portrait 
of John Tyler, Sr, is not an original, but a copy of tho original made by Mr^. 
Alice Willi.ims, a great grandauLjhter. Tbe original, by James Worrell, "f 
Richmond, was pre^-^nted by Mrs. Letitia Tyler Somple, together with otbtr 
Tvder portr.aifs, to the College of William and Mary. 

Book lIi-viKws.. 213' 

Ammai.s' Rights, ConsiJrrcd in Ilolntion to Socinl Proi^rcp, cto. Hy Ihiny 
tl. SiU. MncMilUn .t Co., New Yuik niul Lon.lou. IS'JJ. 
'J his l«o>jk f>tri M^'lv iTCicnts the c:^ o <f the ill-u'sctl nuimaJs who Fcrvc ^l!^ 

so fuithrnlly. Mr. Salt is undouhtoilly ahmil of his nt^t by innuy ycnra. 

VniLiCAiioNR l{Fci;ivKi>. — Tfif AnuriC'in Jlftorioil li'fjitOr, Dccomhir, 
ISlt-J; Yir'jiuiii llif'ork'tl ami JHo^nt^Jtu-nl .\f.ig,uiuf, TLilip A. P-rnce, Eilit jr, 
October. ISOl, JiichtuoTul, \a. ; yen Eiinluiil JJiston' ami GeriOib->gicjl 
Maf;iziii(, October, IB'.M; Thf liulUtin of the i'liivrnitii of WUconsin ; I'uh- 
licatioDsuf the IVi'ule hlnwl Ilislniciil Society ; rublicfttions of the At'i/ York 
Jlist'.'riC'Uaml OewoK'^jical Soridy, Jcv. 

William and Mary Colllgl 


Editor: LYON G. TYLER. M. A.. 


WmiTn .S: Si:i pperson, Gen-krai. Printe? 


1. Sii: Wii.i.i VM Ti:oMi-S'iN, I'hoTUi i; nr .Sikvi:ns Tn<)Mrv>N, Att'T.sxv- 

C.j;N):kal «.>-\. {Cuntinfud fn>m lust \uinbr), . . •Jl", 
15y Knt<- Milfoil liov.laud. 

2. SoMi: I.r.rrK.Ks OK William J{fc\Ki:r.i.Y: Oue to Mcs.'^rs. Micnjahrtrry 

nii'l I'iiilij) IVjfv, McioLauts of IauuIoh; one to I'.iij.uniu How, 
Loudon; oiv. t.) C'apt. Jiiiars I'altuu, Kiroubiiylit ; ci^^'Lt to Lord 
Fr.irfftx; twi. t.> t'ini-fo' )u r Sm.vtli, Lohiidm; two to l^rjun I'uir- 
fux; one to Micajali IVrry, Lt.nduii; three to John Fairchild, Lur- 
bftdoos; oue to Hidinrd lUitud; three to Fcrdinnnd John-Panis; 
cue to Cltmont I'hini.-tend; and one to llichard It-unctt, . . 22:i 
I'.y Wortliiui:;tOM Ch;uiuccy Ford. 

;i. Tr.I:OCKMi«KTON <,>• ]:ng1.ANU AND VlIiOIMl. (Coi>i,'f.U>l fion, ll^t 




Uy W. G. Stau;^:d. 

K\VM..u, Tin: V1U..IMA Vru.H. {Couti'n'f.i? t'r-w) prf'^ ?6 


•I. Gra< K Si 

and I'JU), 

]!y Fdward \Y. Jau.ts. 
D. Thk Lis-.Kr.s or Vii:';iMA i-ir* 

15y IMv,ard ^^■. J-.nies. 
C. Lii;i:Aiai:3 IN Colonial ViiiorMA, 21C 

7. Oi.i> Toi!i;sioNt3 IN Covsty (C<'r,t(riucd frO!7i ]'oi II., 

rije 210. oi.J Vol. JIL, jvjges 2S, 115, 1S2 — .): Fc-rrin. Toajkics. 

Bylicl.l 2.".L{ 

Collected by the Editor. 

8. Old ToMLsiONKs IV MATiiL-.vsC.H-NTv: Yeatinun, Armistead, Nar-on. 

aud Dixoii, 25.0 

Collected by the Editor, 
f'.' Old To^^'SToN^■.s in Xouxhamiton am> .\ci'>mac GnNiiF.s: U(>shnr, 

Custis, Ivobiu^on, West, 256 

1". Jorr.N.^L OF Tni: MrKTiNcs of the Pkesiuest ano Mastkrs of 

WUXIAM AND iLvr.Y COLLEUE. {^Coiitinufd) 2'"2 

11. Peksonal Xoricisfr'ni the MiDitlmd G<iZ:tU\ Vi2i-'\.Z, . 2'".5 

Uy Kate Masou lio\vli>.nd. 

12. SitEiu> FA>riLv, Pai:t 1 2C.S 

P-y the E.litor. 

1.3. ViiiGiNiA Xame'* Srni.T O.VE Way AND Cvu.EiD An oTUEJ^ . . . 2TI 

1-1. Historical and Genlalooicax Nort.s, conccruiug Ihirpor, Timson, 

Piisteur. Calliiway, Kounon, M.irtiu, JeuiuLrs, Untcheldcr-Valen- 

tiue. Audre-As, Lock-'V-Collier-Cir}-, Sc.-iwi'.l, Hob>un'fi Choice, 

ThrockiuorK n, Cowlos, Gra\L:<, liynl, Neville. Thornton, etc.. . -'• '• 

15. Book Eemews -'>- 



0(jart(>rly ]-listorieal /T\ac5azii7e, 

Vor. III. APRIL, 1805. No. -1. 


By 2Hiss Kate Ma-son Bowl-vnu. 
[Continued from list number.] 

In the pcssicn of 1722. in the tlcbato on a m(»tion for raiHlnj^ a 
hundred thou^niul jjomuls on th.o IJomau Catb(..lio3 towards Iho 
supply of the current jrar, Sir AViUiam Thompson spoke in favor 
of the measure. The supply was to he raised to reimbuno Iho 
public for the great expenses occasioned by " the late rebellions 
aiid disorders."' It was opposed as an extraordinary tax, carrying 
the face of persecution, which was inconsistent \\ith the privileges 
of the Protestant religion. In rtj»ly to Lord Gage and I\lr. Ons- 
low, Sir AVilliam Thompson defined "the notion in his opinion uf 
persecution, which was only when any one is punishcil for his par- 
ticular opinion in religion, and for serving God according to that 
opinion and the dictate-s of conscience.' But ho added, ''That w:ts 
not the case hero, for the extraordinary tax, now intended to be 
raised upon the I\ipis*s, was nut a puLiishmcDt for their leirg 
Komau Catholics, but on account of penalties they had at divers 
times incurred for being enemies to the civil govern ment, raising 
rebellions and contriving plots agairst the State." 

The impeachment of the Earl of ITaccle-stitld took place in the 
Parliament of 172.1. Of the twenty-ono articles the tirst ten 
charged the accused with specific acts of corruption in extorting 
large suras from several of the masters in chancery as the price of 
their admission. The eleventh and twelfth articles charged him 
with admitting unworthy persons as masters. The next seven 
articles charj^'cd Lcml ^lacck-sfield with various artitices for evad- 
ing the discovery of his defalcatior.s. The twentieth article charge^l 
him with borrowing money uf tlio masters that belonged to the 

216 ^\'lI.LlAM ASn M.UiV Col M'-.K (^i:a1;T1 !;LY. 

pnitors; nnd tlio concliulii';^ r.rticlo uiado r. ppcrific chnrp^o of cor- 
ruption in Ihe nmnn^cmont of tlie estntts of an infunt licir. 

Sir "\\'illiain Tliompron, na one of tbo uiaunj^ers, was to assist iu 
maintnininfT tbo liftccnlli, bixtcriith, and Hcveulcentli arli^.les, but 
he conluiccl bimsclf to tbf; considcratiou of tlio bcvcntt-fntb, as tbe 
otbers liad been fullj ilifcursecl by tboso vho Bjjolie before biai. 
Ho cniichulod lii.s argument iu tbcso ^vords: "The commons are 
tensiblo tbat he, ubo bus eo Ion;,' been a strrnpjcr to justic*-, \\ill at 
last meet ^^itb it bero; and tbat your lordsbips' provident itd \\is- 
dom ^vill never sulVor such reproacbes to be cast upon tbis, as Jiavo 
been tbrov.-n out upon another juition, 'that a judge is an even- 
ing' volf; tbat justi(.'e standoth afar oil', find equity caunot enter.'" 

Sir William Tbompsou \vas appointed also to inspect and r-^amino 
the papers of tbe sovcval masters to determine their dclJciencics. 
Tbo trifd took place at the bar of the House of T/ords, and not iu 
"Westminster Hall as was usually the case. There were nineteen 
managers iu all, and the trial lasted ten days. ?»Iauy coriou.s reve- 
lations were made by the masters of the way iu which they had 
obtained their places, and the Earl was found guilty and fined 
thirty thousand pounds. As Sii" Thomas Parker, ho had been con- 
spicuous iu the Sacueverell trial, and ho had presided at the trial 
of Daniel Dammarrco at the Old JSailey, for high treason iu puliicg 
do^\u met"'tiiig-hou.se9. 

This trial with that of Francis "Willis and George Purchase, the 
rioters of the Sacheverell parly, has already been referred to as one 
in which Sir William Thompson was counsel for the queen. 

Other state trials at the Old Bailey iu which Sir Williaui Thomp- 
son appears, occurred u\ 172G and 1120. Major John Oneby was 
tjied for the murder of William Gower, iu tbo foiiiier year, •' be- 
fore the l^ight Honorable Sir Francis Forbes, Knt, Lord r\Iayor of 
London, 'Mr. Earon Halo, Sir William Thompson, Knt., Recorder 
of Londou and others, his majesty's justices." A verdict of guilty 
was pronounced, and the unfortunate man killed himself in prison 
the right before the day appointed for his execution. 

In 1720 Sir William Thompson was one of the judges presiding 
at the trial of William Hales for forgerj'. There ^^ero several other 
iudictments of the samo character that followed, and there was 
some discussion as to the punishment that should be inilioleJ. 
Hales was found guilty of "obtaining money l>y false tokens," and 
the law did not allow of line in the case, but prescribed ccrpe>ral 

SlH WlLl.IA-M ThoMI'SOS. 217 

" Sir Willlftin TbomjisoD, 'Tho questiun i?, what corjwral puiiioli 
merit? To bo Ruro lio will lio ])illoricd.' 

"Sc-rgeaut ^Vbittakf.•l•, 'Tlio pillory, my lord, is nothing, only to 
look throiif?;li a Mooden cascinout. ^^'o huiably liopo some puuihh- 
meut will be orilcrcd, not only i'^nt^uiinioup, but corporal, as tlie 
words are very extenbivo.' 

"Sir "WilliaLU Tbompson, 'The court, to bo 6uro, will order im- 
prisonment, as wnll as Ibe j^'llory, und security afterward.' 

'•Sergeant \Vhittaker, 'But should not tho punishment left to the 
discretion of the court bo extended to Bomething further?" 

"Sir William Thompson, 'I am not for extending it to torture. 
I know not any precedent, nor v/ould I begin anything of that 
nature. The king himself is limited by our law.' 

"Sergeant ^V]liltrlker, 'The penalty seems left to the discretion 
of the court." 

"Sir "\\'illicim Thompson, 'I would not extend it. I do not know 
but that tlio Parliament may think of something else afLerwtads.' 

"Sergeant Whittaker, '^\'ell, sir, I have Inid it before you. I 
submit it.'" 

The sentence was fine, impiisonment, and the pillory, and Ser- 
geant Whitti-kcr did not cai-ry his point a;7ainst tho humane deci- 
sion of Sir William Thompson. 

In July, 172ft, when most of tho judges were on their circuits, 
the case of Thomas Bambridge, for felony, camo before the court 
of the Old Bailey, and SirAMlliam Thompson said: "As 1 have the 
honor to be a member of the House of Commons, and as this prose- 
cution was ordered by address from the House, it may be objected 
by the prisoner that I am both prosecutor and judge.' The pris- 
oner did object, but it was urged that there was no other judge to 
preside, and the Lord Mayor was too much engaged to appear. 
Sir William Thompson professed his willingness to waive the objec- 
tion on his part for the couvcnienco of the court, as it wa;5 feared 
that some of tho witnesses might bo out of the way if the cisu was 
deferred, and ho assured the prisoner that ho should have "all the 
indulgence the law will allow." But Bambridge 6till demurred, 
and tho court was adjourned, in expectation that some of the 
absent judges would come to town. Meeting again a week later 
there was still the game diOiculty. Some of the judges had re- 
turned from their circuits, but were too tired to take up the case. 
Bambridge saiil he had no personal objection to Sir William Thomp- 
son, on the cjutrary he h.\d "long had a regard fur him," but he 

218 WiM.i.\„M ANi> !\Tai:y Coi.i.iAir. (Jlahtkhly. 

l,orr,,(.<l lljiif no |i(TS<ni VuloDf^in,'..^ to (ho IIouso mifjlit have ftiiy- 
thh)'/, to do uith tho triiil. Aud Sir NVilliuiii snid, "1 have had tho 
objection ill inv miiul, and tlio more I think of it the more iiu|no])er 
it Httius to nic. I )al0^v no iuBliinco, no |nirnllcl. " ^Vhcu tho at- 
torney {^oncrul dechircd that ho was forcctl to l>u out of town at tho 
next Kission, in A\igust, Sir ^Villiiua rc-]vlird that ho wi.-hcd it was 
otlierwiso: " If you can tell nio of any caso whcro a judge acted as 
I>ro8CCutor and judj.^c I vrill try him." To this the attorney trenoral 
refi])ondt d, ''I can't recollect, any precedent," but ho cited tho Clourt 
of King'»5 lunch, prantin;,' the infunuation au.l tryiufr the cause. To 
thin Sir ^Villiam answered, " After the Gjurt of Kinf,''8 IJench grants 
iuforuiution, thoy hoar Loth ]>arties. AVhoever reads the act passed 
last Bcssion, if I hud tried him, would say I was not impartial." 
And ho concluded, "Tho trial must go over, it muBt take it.s fate." 
Sir AVilliam Thompson was Kocordor of London from 1714 to 
tho timo of his death in 1739, sometimes acting in his own person 
and sometimes through his deputies, Sergeants Kaby and Urling. 
The city government of London consists of mayor, aldermen, and 
common council with tho recorder. The latter must be "a grave 
and learned lawyer, ekilful in the customs of the city, chief af^.si6lant 
to tho lord mayors, for their better direction iu matters of justice 
and la^Y. Ho takes place in councils and iu courts before any men 
that hath not been mayor, and learnedly delivers the sentence cf 
tho whole court." The criminal jurisdiction of the city includes 
tho Loudon Sessions, bold generally eight times a ye;ir, with the 
recorder as the acting judge, for the trial of felonies, i\:c. 

On the accession of George I. and his public entry into London, 
the now Recorder, Sir ^Vilham Thompson, made a speech cf wel- 
come in tho name of the lord mayor, aldermen, sheritlV, and other 
olUcers of the city. As a good ^^'hig the Kceorder's professions of 
loyalty were no doubt genuine and hearty. A few yeare later he 
was the spokesman of the city again, corgratulaling tho king on 
the birth of s prince, and the king returned his thanks. Then iu 
17-.5, George I., returning from a vitit to his beloved Hanover, re- 
ceived the dutiful speech of tho l\ecorder felicitating him on his 
safe arrival. Tho treaty between Spain and the Emperor of Ger- 
many, which was thought to be injurious to Great Britain, gave 
occasion for an address from the citizens of London, which was de- 
livered by the Recorder. 

On the 11th of June, 1727, George II. ascended the throne, anil 
London wa? again called on fur a welcome to the sovereign. *'Hi^ 

8lK Wll.I.IAM TlUiMl-SOS. 210 

mnjcftty wus fttttuilc'l at bis jifilaco of Lciccelcr House ou tbo IGtli 
of Juue, by tbo lord mfiyor aiul aUlcrmfcU of IbiH city, wbtu Sir 
A\ illiiiin Tbompson, tbo Kceonler, com]>Huientetl bis majesty as 
followttb, Sec," an<l tbo spcccb is givon at lon^jtb in tbe JJistorj/ 
of London. So Uuio >vcro coiiipliuicnts to tlio (luceu also, and 
vbeu tbcir inajcsfios cajno to the city on Lord IMjivur's Day, Sir 
AA'illiiuu Tbompson. in bis oOico as Keconk-r, is tlie oiator in behalf 
of tbo citizens. Tbe account of tbcii- Uritisb royalties* movc-ments 
as ect down in tlio city's chronicle, with tbo duo ol'sorvunce of 
Bpeecb-making by tbo Itcc.ordcr, is vaiiod by tbe ai rival of six 
Indian kings in IT'JS or 1720 "of the Cborolceo nation, bordcriujj 
upon Soutb Cfiruliuft," to wbom, doubtless, tbo city government 
extended jn-opor cjurlesies. There was a beatcd contest at tbo 
election of a lord mayor, September 2'.\ 1720. A convention bo- 
tween Great IJritaiu and Spain bad been brought about, whicb 
was tbougbt by many to bo ii-juiious to the former in ber trade 
and commerce, and Sir George Champion, tbe alderman next tbo 
cbaic, was rejected by tbo citizens for buving yielded to ministerial 
inllucnce, tbe minister, it was charged, being in collusion wilb tbo 
King of Spain. "A greater number of Uveryt^en," Eays tbo 
Chronicle, "'appeared that day at Guildbpll tb>in was ever known 
ou tbe like occasion, cud between one and two o'clock the Kigbt 
Houc)rablo Micsjab Perry, Esq., Lord Mayor, opoucd tbo court, 
Avben Sii- AViUiam Tbompson, Knt., Piecorder ( f tbe city, in a 
Bpcccb to tbe Commcru Hall, told tbo citizens, ' That it was their 
undoubted right to return to tbo Court of Aldermen two lit and 
P.blo persons of tbut court wbo bad served tbe cfilco of sberill'. out 
of wbom they -wrrc to choose ono of tbcm to bo Lord Mayor for 
tbe year ensuing, and tbat bo would not take upon him to dictate 
to them in tbcir present cboice, well knowing their prudence would 
direct tbeui to act in tbo best manner for tbo good peace and wel- 
fare of this great cily.'" 

Tbo Kecorder read tbo Lord Mayor's address ou tbe marriage 
of tbe Prince of Wales iu lT3«i, and be made tbe speecb on tbo 
occasion of tbe proscntation to ihe prince of tbe freedom of tbe 
city, when tbe l.\tter "'was admitted of the company of tbe &a<llfcrs, 
in tbe time of tbo liigbt Honorable Sir John Tbompson, Kcigbt, 
Lord Mayor." 

Sir "NVilliam Tbompson was made solicitor-gtneral in February, 
1717. And it is iu connection witb bis tenure of this oCice, wbicb 
he held fur tbrte years only, that the siuglo apparently censurable 

220 ^V^.I.IAM ANi> M.vuv Collki.i Ql.u;ti:i;lv. 

acfiou rLCordeil of biin is to be found. This consisted in profer- 
ing n r.Lfirgo of coirui)li-jn aguinbt Iuh coll»-nj»ue, Atloiucy fjenersd 
Lt'cLnieJO, waich lifter iuvesti^'atiou vna disnuBsed iis without 
fuuudatiun. Ibc lawcfllccrs of the crown at tbia time, s;iyB Tuwmh- 
end in bis nccuuut of tbo aflair, received a largo part of tbeir 
roveuuts from the fctn upon tbo patents cf iucurpcirjitinn of Ibo 
joint-btoc-k companies tlien overrunning tlio country, hiir M illiam 
Thompson, in tbo cumtuiLtce which sat tolu-iu- the evidence against 
Lcchmere, "cnlkd an bis principal witnessos tbo aitornoya for tbo 
mines and batter\' coinj-anieif, who proved that they wanted a 
charter of insurance, and bad nine attendances before the attorney- 
general, with an arjay of six counsel on their side and three or 
four on that of their opponents, and kept up tbo discu.ssiuu at bi.s 
chambers from six till ion at night." 

The foe oiiorcd was sixty guineas, and tbo witnesses ])rovcd that 
they gave fifty guineas; but these sums, though large as ft-cs, were 
considered by the counnittco as to small to constitute bribes. 
The second charge against Lechmtre, that bo permitted "public 
buildings for charters at his chambers as at an auction," was not 
Bubstanliated either by the evidence; and as furnishing a motive 
for the charges of tbo soliciior-geueral, it was said tliat while tbo 
references of the companies " were sometimes ordered to be made 
to the attorney and solicitor jointly, these had been in the propor- 
tion of five to one at least to the attorney-general." 

It is dillicult to believe that Sir ^Vil]iaul Thompson would have 
brought the matter into such publicity if be had not thought that 
he could prove bis case; and surely professional courtesy did not 
require bim, as Towusend seems to think, to maintain silence if he 
believed Sir' Nicholas Leclnnere guilty. Though condeumod at tbo. 
time for Hbol, and dismi.ssed from his otlicc, Sir William Thoaip 
son muit have recovered the good opinion of his judges who felt, 
perhajis, that he bad been too severely dealt with. In 1721 he 
received the grant of an annuity of twelve hundred pounds and a 
patent of pre( edence in aU courts after tbo attorney and solicitor- 

And it will bo remembered that all this time he remained i»o- 
corder of London, and retained the confidence of his constituents 
in Ipswich, where be was also the Kecorder of the city. And says 
Fos8, "'In November, 17"20, he was atlvanced by a very unusual 
step from the executive ollice of Cursitor Baron of the Extbeijuor 
to that of a Judicial Baron, having been on the previous day made 

8ui ^^■lI.IJ\M TiiovisoM. 221 

n scrgcrtnt for tho ]iuii"i c, and bis }>iitciit difTcriog from tiie rulo 
In- <ltHijMi!i.tirj!f bim as 'liiiron of tlio Coif.'" lliHCurccr, indooil, us 
this writer obBcrvoa, ''presents botli au uncomiuou Buccessiou of 
ofllces nnd an extraordinary combiimtion of tbcin." 

Sir ^VillialU Tbompsou married a widow vitb u larj:;o family, and 
in bis will bo leaves le;?acic8 to all of bis utep-cbildrcu. His wifo, 
Julia, dan^;ht('r of Sir Clirisloiibcr Conytri*, liad married iu IGsl 
Sir ^Viiliam Blackelt, a baronet of Walliuj^lon iu Nortbumberland, 
who died in 1705, Icavin*.,' cue son and fix dauphteri^. Tiio son, 
^\bo Bucceoded bi,"; father as Sir ^Villiam IMackett, married Ijady 
r>iirbara Villiors. daughter of William, Earl of Jersey, and died 
withv^ut hnrs iu 1T"28. Julia Blackett nir-rricd iu ITOti Sir ^Vulter 
CalvciloY.' Her eldest Kon, Walter, inherited the estates of bis 
undo and took the camo of lilackttt. Julia Cidverloy married Sir 
George Trevelyan, Uait., of Nettlecombe. Elizabeth Blackett 
married \\'illiam Marshall, son of Sir John lilarsLall. 

Frances manicd in 1729 Eiobert, only sou of Charles, Lord 
Bruce, heir to the Earl of Ailesbury. Isabella Blackett married in 
17i:>, after Sir William Thompson's death, Dawd, Earl of Buchau, 
and died chilJless in 17G3. Diana married Sii* William Went- 
worth, Bart., of Bretlon, County York. Anno, the younfrcet child 
cf Lidy Blackett, married lirst, John Trenchard of Abbots Lfij^h, 
County Somerset, and afterwards a lilr. Gordon, and died in 17b3. 
Sir V.'illiam Thompson had no children, and lio left bis sister, 
Sarah Thompson, his residnazy legatee. He gave bis fcister, Mary 
Thompson, five bunired poimds, and ho Bays of bis only married 
tistcr, Dorothy: "I m.\kc tliis observation, that my sister and chil- 
dren have had a great share of my fortune already, and c.umot iu 
reason expect any more." Yet ho leaves a legacy to her and some- 
thing to her four children. He had lost sight of hi^ brother'd 
" family in far-off Virglni;^ " and no mention is made vl them iu his 

Stevens Thompson had been dead (in 1730) for twenty-five years, 
and perhaps his brother in Eogland did not know that be had left 
any heirs. Besides his sisters, and his sister Dorothy's children, 
tho only relative named by Sir William Thompson is his cousin, 
John Thompson, cf the exchequer oOlce, whom be makes bis ex- 
ecutor. Of his step-daughter, Isabella Blackett, Sir William 
Thompson s^.y.a: "I release to Mrs. Isabella Blackett all she owes 

' Of the SiiB'.e f.<u:;l/ doiibUo..-;3 as "Walter C.ilv( rley who luaniec! Frances 
Thouipsou of EsliC'lt. 

2'i2 Wii.i.iAM .v.Ni> M.vKV Cui.ixiiK Qr.un-KF.r.Y. 

1110 mid ft h'j^ivcy of two bumlrctl pounda." Isiibella became the 
Ftcoutl \vife«.f l):v\i.l Krakino, tt-uth Earl of lUichnu. Her pk'p- 
«on, l>avi.l Stuwjut, tbo cleveutb I'liil of Bucbau, wbo uaa only a 
yci\r old when ^hu marriwl bis fiithcr, was aftcrwHrds famous as 
a juau of scbolaily tastes ami of liberal political >ie%v8, and bo was 
tbo friend and corresjioudeut of Wasbinj^lou nud otber Amerii-an 
I.atriols. He was related to Lord Fairfax of "Green\Yay Court, " 
in ^'ir{;iuia, and professed at one time a desire to become bis kins- 
inan's "vassal, on tbe l)ank9 of tbo Totoma?." And ou tbo banks 
of tbo Potomac at tbis time lived J'.aron Tbompsuu's distin^iruisbed 
praud-nepbew, alh;o Wasbingtcn's friend and correspondent, PJid, 
])crbaps, not unknown by reputation to tbe 12arl of Bucbau. To 
tbo youngest of bis step cbildrcn, Mrs. Trencbard of Abbots Loi<;b, 
Sir \villiamTlu.inpson makes tbe bequest of "two bundred pounds 
and my diamond ring set in tbo sbapo of a beart." Tbis was pro- 
bably "tbo diamond sbaped liko a beart" tb^twas k-ft to 
Sir ^Vi]]ia:rl by b^'s motber, as montioned in licr will. Anno must 
bave been tbe favorite, to bave rtceivod tbis bcirk)om. 

To Lady Wentwortb, Diana Blackett, was left " two hundred 
pounds and my rose diamond ring ret witb small diamonds, and 
to my god (:an;'btr.r, Diana Wcutwurtb, two bundred pounds." 
])iana AVeutwortb was apoarently tbe only cbild of Sir Tbomai 
AVentwortb, for sbe was left bis beir, and iuberitcd on ber fatber'a 
doatb "Brctton," tbe ancient seat of the "NVentwortbs, with its 
"magnificent mansion." She married Colonel Beaumont, and 
" ]?reton Hall " is now oumcd by tbo Beaimionts. To " Mrs. Bruca 
P!id Mrs. [Marshall," Frances and Elizabeth Blackett, their step- 
fatlier left "twenty p(niuds eaih for mourning," and tbe same sum 
for moui-nirg was left to "Walter Blackett, Esq., and Mrs. Tre- 
viban, bis sister." Sir William Thompson left bequests to some 
half-dozen servants by name, "and to every other servant living 
with meat my deal h twenty pounds." He gave a bundred pounds 
to bis clerk, and ho a(bls: "I release to the corporation of Ipswich 
all arrears of my salary, which I. take to bo between two ami three 
hundred pounds, as a remembrance of tbe regard shown to me by 
them formerly," 

Ho gives to each of the judges a twenty-shilling ring; to each of 
the aldermen of the cin' of Loudon and tbe three ofScers attending 
that court a ring of the same value, and tbo same to each of tbo 
postmen of Ipswich. Sir William Thompson gives Ms portrait, 
"my picture drawn by Mr. Loaman, to be disposed of by the Court 

SoMi: I.i;tti.j;s or \\ii,i.i\m ]> 223 

of AKlenueu of tlir city of Lmij<1oii, titlior to bo liuup( up iu llio 
council cliiuubcr v.Iutc tlioy sit, or in the outer court whero tlio 
lUcoicK'Z- used to hit, r.s tlieyfiluill j>lc;ise to direct." Tiii.s portrait 
vliifh hangs now in tho GuiUlhiill, LonJou, v. as given l)y i^ir 
■NVilliaiu, iia ho iltclnrcR, rb "a tckcn of luy respect ami j^rateful 
FcnBC of tho kiudiKiis anil regard shown to me l>y llui city of 
London, whoso ^v^•lf:u■t^ and prosperity I heartily \ and havo 
always cndeavore I io pronioto to the best of uiy capacity," nml 
lio expret^ses his stuf-o of salisfaclion that he lias " eerved tho 
city faithfully ami with infe^Mity," for which he hopes to be re- 

In 1743 there was a suit in chancery for thu sole of Sir AVilliam 
Thonipoou's estate, and search wus luado for his Vir{/iuia Ixirs; 
but one of his brother's chihlren was then liviuj^, this was Ann, 
widow of Colonel Gcorgo ]\lasou of Si.ailbrd County. 

SOME lt:tti:i:s of willi.ui cevi:kley. 

co.nt:;!! I ii:o ]iv woiiTDingtux ciuixcev y<»i;i>. 

To Messrs. T^Iicajah rir.Kv «.^- Putl. TrKitv, ?iIei;chants, Loxdox.' 

Virg», July the 12th, 17.17. 

I have been favour'd with sovcrcl of yours this year and as you 
Beein to be desirous to oblige mc, in return of your favours and to 
Eerve you I have br-ke thro' my former resolution of not shipping 
tobacco and now put nine hhds of super fine tolmcco on board of 
"U'aiT- (who does all in his power to servo you), it being very lino 
and r. Ihds of stem' c^ the other prime leafe all made at my (.^Uiar- 
ter on York river \-. very weighty as you will see by the weights 
underneath. I hope it will come to a good markott and as it is 
famous here among tlie merchants for fine tobacco 1 beg that you 
will sell it by it s^clf without joining with any other that it may ob- 
tain ft good name and become as famous as M'. Burwell's tobacco. 

' In 1700, Sftvs Lyon G. Tyler, in bis notes to the Jourua/ of' Wtliiarn and 
il'iry Collide, the " k-.'i Hur firm in London doiilin:; with Vircmia was rerry, 
Lnne A Co., tbe i^irtners. LcinL; Micp.jali Poiry, Thomas Lane, nml r»icharJ 
Pcny. Peter, u brother of Micajah, was ngout for the firm in Vinjiuia." A 
letter dfttel I'Sl was sent by tbe prtsiJent of tho college to "ilr. Aldeman 
Perry, M< r>.h' in I.omlon." 

*lllcL;ible, tbe vessel w.\3 namcJ the Buried'.. 

2H1 \\'ir,i.j.vM AM' ]\Iaki Qc;AiiTrRLY. 

1 have filso Bciit yon by Cnp'. [.Tohn] Wilcox eleven hlids of fi'jo 
tobacco maJe nt lioino ny'*" you Ijuvo also tlio wtiVlitH of herewith 
nijJ desire it m:\v be biKI by it self it bcinp; very lino tubarco ainl 
notwithstnnJii!^' all the ])fiiii8 soino peoi)lo tako to do you ill ofljcis 
1 doubt not but vou will do rao Justice, and if my tobacco should 
hc-11 well you niny depend on bavinp^ those Cropa every year and 
jicrliaps nioro if it should prove nioro ndvantapoous by the sales 
vi those I now serid you than scliinj^ ju the Countn.-, for hoc 
wo have our money in hand and if v.e bhip it we uevcr have our 
fiCcountR by tho slip that carries tho tobacco but are generally 
obliged to wait 12 or 18 nionlhr. longer. However I always do- 
Bire a tijKcdy enlo they being generally the bsst according to my 

I was in bnpcs that I might not have been ooinpollcd to havo 
given you the trouble to have paid any thing for mo before my to- 
bacco was pold nor yet to have sent me any goods, but I meet with 
so many disnjv.^ointmcnts that I must cntroat you to pay il'. Benj*. 
How ' the sum of ninety-eight jiounds sterling being for sundry 
goods bo has sent me and to send mo the goods mentioned iu tho 
itK-losed Invoice and altho' I have niany huudi-ed pounds of money 
duo to jne, yet i am nob able to pay about X3U0 1 owe, tho' I am 
iu great hopes that the drought which now troubles us will turn 
to our advRutago i^ then y' 40 odd hhds of tob° I now ba\o here 
will help me, but if t]\ro' necessity I should bo forced to draw on 
you I hope you v.iU not protest my bills but I do assure you I 
have no design to draw on you and I hope I shan't be obliged to 
do it for I dont lovo to pay Introst if it can bo avoided. As to 
the debts due to you here from Nich". Smith vS: others, I wrote you 
that was to be expected, that Rich'' Jones is dead insolvent, y' 
Smith had shipp'd some tobacco c<c y' y' others could not pay with 
out their accounts proved, Docf Philip Jones said he had pcid you 
in London Isacc "\\'(bb's debt.* I don't doubt but you Nvill bo 
tired of this long Letter especially when you come to the £^^^ 
storl' y' however 1 hope you will excuse the trouble I give you for 
I really am, Geul". y^ur most humble servant. 

W. B. 

' A mcrcL.'\nt, iu Lomlon. 

'Mr. Oar Jen's notes from the roconU of Bri'^k St. Pot-^r's 
I'arhli, N. K. co'inty, Vir;iiui!i, the mnrriage of Webb r^ad Winifrc.l 
Ilipkiu:?, lOlli Novcaibcr, 1710. 

Some Lkttei>s or AViixiam ]5i;vi,ni.EV. 225 

An Iiuoioo of Eundry gooda lo bo 6eul to W" EcvcrK-}' by a 
Hnpji' sLii). 
For my wifd 
nu Imt 

6 p' of flloworVl si tiff ]'>nniask shoes not laced arc' to tLoe 
fifor jny IX^uj^lilcrs VJ'w* ' and Ursula '- - - 

G p' of Crdliiiianco or bIuA" damask shoes for each 
1 p' of Sillc Shoc3 f*.>r oach nocording to nioasures 
3 fine thin Calf Skits iV 2 S'ans of Avhito Leather to rauke 
Bboes for my cliildrcn. 

12" best jnns 3 Boris fioni Manikin to Corkin. 
1- White Chapi>le Needles from N» G to N" 12. 
100 of fine Darning d . k 100 of Corse d" 
4'" of Congo Tea 
C'" of Hyson Tea 

A Bet of cheap blew and AVhito Cliina \h\ 12 tea Cujx^ k 12 
PRUcers, a slopbov.l, milk pot, k bultcr ]'lato I'c 12 coffee cups. 
1 gallon of lino Sallet Oyl in pint bottles. 

1 p' of Colen Millstones -10 Inches dinmctcr about 12 or 13 
Inches thi'jk with fTrog spindle and brass for a tubraiU and 12 

A steel plate whip saw I'V' 12 files. 

2 large steel broad axes 
2 d" adzes. 

2 emal well steeled drawing knives 

A set of Cornish Plains i^- Irons. 

A set of hou.-^e Carpenters augres. 

A set of 2' Hand harness of his ?.[aj"e3tios some are ver,- lit- 
tle y' woi-se for wear i.^- may be bought f^r .tO y' setl. 
for myself. 

A Bever hat without ftiffouicg 1{'^- Inches diam' in y' Crown 
a fair Bobb wigg. 

1 p' dd ehan' pumps, 1 p' winter shoes, 2 p" sum' d" round 
toed w'*' y- flesh sido out. 

2 Ivheam of sf writing paper. 
2 d" of fine cut d" not thick. 

The Ijondou Magazines for y' year 173C i^ 1737 neatly 
bound ^: lettered in 2 vol. 

A Fmall comon prayer book neatly bound in ^fjrocco leather 
^- gilt for my Daughter. 

' ilarrka Wilhr.m Fit^bii-_;h. 

* Married in 1713 'ntuos ilills, a young English "gout," n merchant. 

22G Wll.lIAM ASP M '.KY CoM.KGF. (^UaI; lIinLV. 

To BciiJHiuin Il',)\v. Lon<loii. 

Vii;:', An^' 1, 1,07. 

I send yon liurowitU a p' of silk fttockiiipjH whicli you font ino 
tb it* year tUoy wciu dauinidcil befuio tboy cujjjo bowover I tlcsiro 
yuu'l j^leftso to got tbetn dyed bb\ck and seed ine uiiotbor }/ of tbe 
Oilour of tbcse. Iboso you sent jce formerly arc to.) lar^jo in tl.o h':^ 
& especially in tbo Calf I Jiaviug but a fclenuer body as you know- 
by luy measure aud my leg is in pro])orlion and I believe M' 3\ rry 
will jviy you for them. 

"Whatever is or shall bo in my jower to serve you, y<ju may at all 
times bo ;»>^bured of, for I um, S'., «.^c. 

To Cap'. .TauK3 Ta'ton, Ivii-cubiight, Sooiluiid 

Virg\ Aug' y 8'\ 17:::7. 

According to your dcsiro you have lieru inclosed tlic order of 
couneil aud I should bo voty glad if you could import fnmilio.s 
enough t ^ take the vholo ofl" /rum our bands at a reasonable prioe 
and tbo' the order mentions families from Pensilvania, yet fcmilios 
from Ireland will do as well. 

"NVo have had and it stil! continues such a drouglit tliat hns not 
been known here l>y any man alive and indeed 1 believe we shall 
not make corn to eerve 'till April in this Colony;' I pray God to 
send us rain ^^ success in our alTairs. I wish you health and suc- 
cess. I am \c. 

The drought is worse in ^fanland and you must bring Bread vt 
cash or bills to purchase tob' or go empty home. 

To Cap'. .Times Patten, Kiivubright 

Virg^ Aug- the 22' 1737 

YouTB dated the 30''' of Ap' last at Hampton camo to my hand 
but last tuesday in answer to which I now acquaint you that I have 
sent you inclosed a copy of our Order of Council for 30000 acres, 
and y' I am willing you shou'd hold one cju' part of it being at ^ 
I)' of all y ' charges .^- doing your endeavour to procure fami- 
lies to come in A: settle it iV: I am satisfied to allow your pocket ex- 
penses to be bro' in as a charge agst the Land, A: as for differ- 

' B.^vcrley biiusolf onlorf-l from Lomlon two LuudreJ woicht of "finest 
white biskett," as bread woulil be scarce ia the colouv. 

St>Mi; IjI.ttki:^ ok ^VII.T.T\M ]*i:vrr.i.i;y. 'Jl!7 

once8 y* nifty arido botwecn us I am uilliu^ to icforr tbcin as you 
]>iop>jbo tlio' 1 cnii't lonorive llitro c;iii any nrise, for ^ve all .'5 pio- 
l)nso to uuiko money of tho Laml i^ to y'- end I propose to bold it 
undivided tV to sell out I'v: m.iko y' most wo can of it, unless eitlior 
of us shou'd have n mind to make a Bottloment there for our own 
use it y" wo might hiive what wo Imve occasion for hiid off A: appro- 
jiriatod for y* purpose. By y" order of Council you will perceive I 
hftvo been;jfed to nnko use of M'. Barradull'b' name but that 
eignifies noihinjj for Im will convey his right to mo v.hon wo liuvo 
got ft pattcnt. As for y" 1000, or 1500 acres of my land I can't 
agree to take goods at 00 p. c. when I can havo them nt ft less 
advance here, but I expect to have money for y' Ijixnd hei-e unless 
you should have any tradesmen or gardnera to dispose of, k tlteu 
l^erhaps I may be your chap, A; also for y' b>)lfing mill or m^cuino 
1 wrote to you about. If your relation comes in ho may havo tho 
Land. As for Col'. C«.>uway' I have no depend' oa him for uiJesa 
I'll vote for liiiu to be Spcnkcr I suppose he will do me all y« pre- 
judice he ci\n and I assure you y* I cannot vote for him. 

I heartily wif-h you success A: a safe return to ui. I am &:g. 

We shall not make corn to eat this ycai- in y* Country. 

To Lord F.Liif.ix, in Ljndou. 

Virg* Juno y' 11"- 173S. 
My very go:d L\ 

I had ihe huu' lately to hear by "SV. fi'-iirfaz y' }' L^ship was safe 
oi-rived t^- iu good health (which God preserve to you) and l)efore 
tliis will have the hou' to ki.-.s y' ILmd, I hope y' jm'' mourning 
will give way to business & y' your L'p will have obtained Judg' 
for yr L'' from tho head of tho head of the most S"l' branch of 
Itapp* to the head Spring of Potowmaclc Mhich I liope y* Council 
v^-ill think is y* plain meaning of y *■ L'ps Grant, tho' I doubt not but 
our Gr' Men here have done your L'p all the injury in their power. 

The pleasure of Englan<I I am afraid will deprive us of tho hap- 
piness of seeing y' L'p hero again but whether we have that haj»pi- 
ncss or not I most sincerely wish your L'p success in all y' affairs 
&. I beg leave to assure y' L'p that I most sincerely am 

My L^ Y' L'^ps Sec. 

' Edwanl Iviriftdall wns attorney-genenil of Virfcinuv anil jiul-'eof the court 
of admiralty. Ho married Lettire. daiigliter of Coluucl William Fit;:bnL;h. 

'Colonel niwiu Conwny, dc.scril)cd as a " pentlem.iu cf very crreat parts," 
and for tLii ty-oue yt-ars a mtiul)er of the House of IJurfrostsa. His first wifa 
vns .4nue Hall, a hall" sister of ilury D.dl. the mother of Washiu;.:ton. There 
is much iiiformaii'ju couceiuint,' him iu Haydeu. Virjinia Gcnuilojiei. 

228 ■\Vii.i.i\>T ANu MAi:y Collkcik QL-.untKi.v. 

To Jj<jr<i Faufax 

Virg^ Aug' 2.J, 1708. 
My I/'. 

Lcfoio this Lns the IIuu' to kiss )' li s I hojjo }' I;'p will Lave 
oM' a Juil^ui' fiuui tLo King & Council iu y' fuv' v*.- uoc' to v' uu- 
doubiC<l right tlint they luny not tiiuuipb over you here; for 1 
doubt not but y' L'p will luako all y' freeholders ic y' fork of iJupj/ 
easy in their pons ' if it falhj to your lott. It is now vcn' long 
Blnco I had the pUnsuro to hear of y' I'ps health »iv; I hope we thall 
have y' hajipincss to lu ar by tho llan of \Var (wo daily expect > 
both of your health A: success. I beg leave to assure y' L'p y' I 
am most sincerely, iVc' 

To Lord Fairfax " 

Yirg' ^^av^• IS" 17:;!». 

I had y* hon' to rec* y' L^ps Lre of y' 10'" of Feb'' hist & am 
pertJuad-* y' y' L'*p "was not surprized rt y" oppos" you net with from 
hence for by their treatm' of j' L^p tfc y' Com" wc cou'd expect no 
other from them and it is no little concern to y' faithful Com" y' 
"WO shou'd bo y' occasiuu of eo mu.-li trouble ct Delay to y' L'p iS: 
altho'j'L^p has met with th's opprs' from tho Treasury I hope 
you will 600Q bring it to on hearing ct indeed if y' L'p had not 
gone home it would have been impossible for y' L'ps friends at 
Court to have clcar^ np y' dark passages in their report wliich were 
dcsign'd to do you all y* prejudice iinaginable, and surely altho' 
y' gent here have thrown all y* stumbling blocks they can in }' 
L''p3 WMv, yet I hope y' they can't by their friez^ds so for prevail as 
to prevent Justice, iV as y' Lawyers now think y' L^p has a plain 
case A: y' you mubt cany yom- p' and in my p.X)r Judgm' all un- 
prej' persons must bo of y' same cpin° and I hope your L'p will 
meet with much iu v* Council board A thereby obtain an order for 
us to run }' boundary line from j' head spring of Fiapp' call'd y' 
Conway to the head sj^ring of Potowmack. y L'ps kind promists 
I'v assurances on beliiilf of my friends in the fork are extreaujly, 
pleasing to me and I never doubted y"" L^ps goo'lness in that aff.ur 
since I first had the hon' to couvert^e with you on y' subject iV I do 
verily bcheve y' people would have been very easy from y' begin- 
ning if they had not been stirr'd uj) by some persons who had pri- 

' "We hftve had very scarce times in this river, sev' pjor people hAvirg 
lived on herbs -rrowinL: iu y fields withoi:t tither brcnd or mcit.'' JSi.rtrU-j W 
John FairchiUl (Barbadu-i), 25 Augtxst, 17Ut>. 

SOMK Jii:i TFItS OK ^\'^.I lAM 1 5)\ I'.lil.KV. 22'.) 

Yiito vic\vs of thtir ovii io cnvry en. 'J'li;it 3' L'p maj obtain 
hiicccss ill nil }' iilViiirs ace,' to y'' utmost of }' iltsirfs \- Y' vqu way 
enjoy pcrftct lioaltli iV arrive snfrly .V fijico'lily licru arc y' bincero 
A lieai ty >vif;li('H of liiin vhu ia uitli y* greatest trvith Ac. 

'J'o liord J'Y.irfax at ]-ooilb Castle in Kent. 

Vir-^NoV 22' 1711. 
]My L-*. 

^Vt^ have lon;:^ been dcj'vivccl cif y* hon' of }' j'n.scnco Lore; it is 
a sutl tbiug y- y'' L^ji is forct to Buch a long Depend' t^ attend" on 
tbo Court to conic by y' Just right, w"'' I hope you liavo obt' an 
order for beforo this will Jiave tho hou' to kiss }' L'ps hds. IJy y' 
Ann Capl. Jn" Clark I liavo Bont y' L'p Bomo Cinseng seed v'v: ])Inck 
gum berries with a box cont" some Indigo root.«, Chincapin bushoR 
A- wild Olive bushes which I wisli may be acceptable i'^: get in 
safely to y' L'p. As y' I;^ps presence here will be very pkar-ing to 
all y' fiicnds in this "Wildei-ness, it will rejoice none more than it will 
him who is »V desires to be always esteemed by Y' L^'p as one of kc 
^[illiam] E[};vEnLi;v] for Essex. 

Col" Fx is Burg- for 1'. W^. 

The seeds I'v; plants are com'' to y' cai-o of 11' Ch' Smy th Mtrch', 
In London. 

To Ch' .Smyth, Merchant in London. 

Virg» March 10, 1711. 


Before this can roach 5' hds I expect y' our Sec-^ J Crarter] 
i!s(i'' will depart this Life being very ill of y' Dropsy in 3* Lelly 
and tho' I hear y' sev' Gen have wrote home to purchase y* Sec'ys 
place (w'*' is for life) yet if you think proper to trust mo I bog y' 
fav' of you to make a purchase of it for me. M' C: gave loOO 
guineas for it and I wou'd give .t;2000, w " is what I liavo heard 
oihers have ordered to be given for it, but rather than miss I de- 
sire you will give something more for y" b' Com', and thc-u perhaps 
you may obtain a L're for me to be added to y' Council in ^r C: 
room and if there is no news of his death among j* mcrch'* j)crhaps 
X400 or .£500 may buy y reversion and I beg you will do the best 
you can for me; c'i: altho' I have not much ready cash yet I have a 
very con.^idorable Estate in Lds A: negroes .V this eh:dl oblige me 
to repay you what money you shall advance for me in this affair 
together with Interest. ... If you should not thiuk tit to en- 
deavour to get y* Sec ys place for mc, pray don't let it be known y" 
I have wrote to 30U about it. I am ^c. 

2:10 WlLl.lW ANl' Ma1;V CoW.L'.y C^IAUTl.Kl.V. 

To liOVtl Fairfax, at Leeils Custlo in Is out. 

lilunliild, Virg' Julv \' '.V 1742. 

Y' long fibsmico nmkt s mo fo:irful >' y' L'p uill ncYcr return to 
t)iis i">-»r Colouy, tho' I bopo before thia will litxvo >' hon' to kiss 
j' J/p3 hftiids y' you Lave got nu end put to \' tcJiiu.s Biiit to y" 
full extent of y' tU sires. 

Tlie late Anseuibly have at last divivleJ V V\" Couuly .V Lou" y' 
j)art above Ov.'c.xciuon witL \' L'ps nuuie.'- 

I'liero is no other news hero wortliy y' notice only tliat all y' L'p3 
friends nro well iV; wc»uld bo very glad to Lave y' Ijou' to kiss y' 
Ij'ps lula ftg.un in this Country ^t none would do it with greater 
pleasure than him who is at all timeB, ivC. 

"\V. ]ji.vr!ii,tT. 

To Brynn Fairfax, in }' Cu?lom House, London, 

Virg^ Aug' 0, 1712 

According to flic di'>;iro of my very goo<l Friend Col' "\V ' I'airfax, 
this is to r.cquaint you that M' Sec^ Carter died a few days ago, he 
was one of His Mft'lys Council iV Sec' of this Colony. 1 am, cVc. 

To Ch' Smvth, Merchant in London, 

Virg' Aug' the T^ 17-12. 

Tho 10-^ of March last I wrote to you to i^urchase }' Soc'ys place 
of this Colony w" I hope got safe to v' hands. Seci' Carter died 
y' 31" July last, ^^c if y" sd place is not yet purclioscd by ore who 
intends to reside here, I shall be obligid to you if you will piu-suo 
my former instrnctioris c^ purchase y' sd Com' for me for life : tho' 
as I have so little money in y' hands it is a strange presumption in 
me to desire you to advance about i:20U0 Sterl' for me who am a 
stranger to you, however since I have done so, I must begy' favour 
of you to do it for me who am ice. 

Pray forward y' inclosed. 

To Lord Fairfax, at Leeds Castle. In Kent 

Blttuueld in Virg' Aug'. 9, 1S12 
My L\ 

Your great favour of y* 20'" of Feb. last was deliv^ to me from 
Col" Fx. last week .S: I am extremely obliged to y' L'p for y* trouble 

' Tho act u in Ueniiig, V. '2u7. 

SOMI. l^ETTKP.S OK \Vll.I.IAhI 1>KVKT l.fV. 2.'51 

you have giyen y'St-lf about Saliaons I'x: Apple iV: for y' Liml re- 
ception of tliORo few bcoiIk and plants \v *" I wish mny prosper y,'d\\ 
you. W 11. Waljjolo A Lis party hnvc bad a lonj^ reign of it, to y* 
great prejudice of y' Kingdom, A' 7iow y* Country party have prc>- 
vailed I boj^o )' aJTuira will soon take another turn, tho' as y' ]/p 
cbBervcH it vill nut li':^ phasing' to some of our Gentry lure: 

And as y' L'p's friends are now in play, 1 }io}>e you uill 1 nve 
Justice done you vilhout delay, iV: y' you >vill obtain all y* Ldr. ac- 
cording to the mcst extensive bounds of your Grunt, and that no 
may soon have tho hapjiiness of seeing y' I/p again among us. 
Our Sec''' dejiarlod this life on y* :31" of July A: y Chief talk now 
is about mIio will succeed him, and bb Col. F, is liere ready for Y' 
Oflice I cannot (xpcct or desire y' L'p3 Interest for mo; Col" Jn* 
UobiiiBou is a}'p' here 'till a Com' comes from England. 

I will not give Y' L^p more trouble at this time, oiily to beg leave 
to subscribe myself as I really am, A.c. 

To ilicajah Perry, Merchant, in London 

Yiig- y* S^^ of Due' 1712 

Y" of y' 3' of July hist came not to iny hand 'till last Saturday 
right, y' acco' of sales w'*" were inclosed in it are so intolerable k 
your treatment about y* damage ho bad y' I will not send any more 
homo 'till I see much better sales for y* tob" I have shipp'd you 
this year, for at tlii? rate I thall make myself ct family beggais by 
serving yc'U. I am, A;c. 

To John Fairchild, Barbados. 

Virg' Mar 0. 1712 

Your kind obliging Lro of y* 15'" of gb' last from Uoeton 
found me y' beginning of Jau'^ last at D' Parker's at Tapp' oj)- 
presscd cV: languishing under y' Cholic, gravel i5c Pihcumatifcm, and 
above all with a deep ^^elancholy for }* D^ath of my D' son John 
who dep- this life at CoP ]>yrds (where I had placed him at school) 
A y' inhuman Lady kept my dearest boy tho' very sick all along 
in a cold n^om without tire or any body to lie with him to keep him 
covered, tho* it was very cold »fc to ray extream grief I got there 2 
night3 before he died, having with him only that old fool of a 
Doctor wo saw at Cul' Elands who bad no medicines c^ before I 
could get a Doctor, it was too late, for God took him from me on 

232 NVii.i.i.wt AM' M Miv C'<^i.r.T';K QtAUTrnr.Y. 

tlu) '?.G'^ of Nov'. O: thill I lift'l (\k>\ in Lis roum ; for Iho' I know 
I oii>_,'ht to HuliJiiit with i»Ationcc, yd my ^Ifhmcholy incioftHcs «fc I 
bLlicYo it won't ho l-uf^ bcfuro I lyo in the dust wilh him wlio was 
tho Bwcetf.'st boy tluit 'oro wfin horn ; I n«;C(l not nsk y' pardon my 
dear frioud for thin, wlio knew liijn iV how fond I ^••;l3 of him my 
Bwtot boy. 

Tlio ftcco' you f,'f\ve nu> of y' truvfl.s k above all y' of y' recovery 
and being in pcifcct health was no small relief to mo labouring; 
under BO many aihiir-nts i^- 1 am obli.'vd to you for y' ronowr.l of my 
acquaintance wilh M'. \\in6low' who I make no doubt i» the worthy 
person you describe him to be. 

My Viife nud childrf u arc now abroad & have been so for some 
time tS: I hope they are well A: I ora Bure they join wilh me in wifli- 
iu^ liealtb i^ all other blcssiugs you can desire. 

I hope y' you rue safe arrived in Barbados lonj^ before this & y' 
y° found y' Lady t^; family well ifv: y' you with y' Lady A: son may 
live long and enjoy all manner of felicity is the sincere wishes of 
him who is %\ith thio greatest cpteem, 1)'. S'. «^c. 

Pray give my Bcrvico to M^ Lawrence \Yho I hope is now come 
to himself being in his native country ^ clear of the Frost and cold 

To L-jrd Fairfax, I.C( ds Castle, iu Ivont. 

AVinsburg, April 20, 1713. 
AFy L^ 

At the desire of my Worthy friend Col" Fairfax this is to advise 
y' L''pof y' cf ^I' Cominissary Blair one of liis Matys Council 
here who departed this life on Mondciy last: and I hope y"" L'^p will get 
M' Fx. into y' Council in his room M'. Fx. also desires your Ij'^ps 
Irstiiictions concerning y* entries of Land which Numbers of ])CO- 
ple ai"o desirous of making with him on the otlier Bide of y* Blue 
ridge of Mount* iV: among others M' Pdch' Barnes *.^' myself desire 
y' L^ps leave (if you gain your Cause) to take up 10,00u acres upon 
y* s" fork of I'otov mack, y* place I cannot exactly describe, ouly 
there arc some very rich low groui^.ds: 

And there is another tract of about 10,000 acies more or less 
which I can more exactly describe, y' I should be extreamely 
obhged to y L'p for, to-wit — Beginning at a Great w"te oak markt d 
R. C. 1720 being y' upperm.:ist corner tree to y* oO,212 acres 
granted to y" Carter family standing on Shanuondoah liiver nigh 

' JosllUA WiuiloW, of iJOStuD. 

So>(K Lktters of AViLi.iAM Uf.vr.ui.Kv. 23:1 

\c* lower end t)f two sinal IslunJs nwd runninj^ tlK-nfo S" 40 West 
ncro?s Op'JC'kou to tlio Wiij,'c:ou roa«l, tlicueo along y* bcI JiOad to y* 
liiiC of y' fill Oi-iiLl iV llicuce uloiij,' y" lines of y' sd Grant to y' ho- 
j:dnning, tbis I suppobonmy contaiji as nuicli l<ail land asj^'ood which 
if yo\ir L']» it? pUasod to pfrant. nic I purjiose to preserve in my 
funnly A. to fill y ^ruod liond witli tounants when 1 cnn «,'et thtn) ; 
and y" otht r tract M'. I'aroca ^: I intend to Htat and raise Cattlo 
and horses on bcin^j it lies very reniolo & has as we supposo a 
grrat ra^jgo for 'them, but if Y' J/'p Las any inforntation concoru- 
iiig theso Lands (tlio' I believe tboy are not extraordinary) t^ in- 
tc-uds to reserve tlu'm or part of Uuin for your o%vn use, "We Bhall 
uadUy submit to take such part of them hb you shall i^loase to allot 
iis--Tho delays Y' I/p meets wifh iu y' just Caur.o gives mo no 
small concern (not upon y* ace" of y' above entries) but because wo 
are deprived of y' lion' of Y' L^ps Comp* ct our Counhy of y' im- 
provem" you would undoubtedly mal^c hero. — That y' L'p may live 
very many hapi\v years and attain y' utmost of y' desires and rafcly 
arrive hero is the sincere with of him v,ho iJways df.sires to bo es- 
toem'd as be really is. 

Y' L'ps most faithful ^t obt h'ble servt.cVc. 

To Kichard Bland, Scarborough. 

Blfaidlield. Virg', IMay 11, 1713. 
Dear Sir 

Since you left us it hath pleased God in his auger to deprive mo 
of my dear son John in whom was my chief delight and my greatest 
hopes, he having so fine a Genius y' I vainly thought he v.ould be 
an exceeding great comfort to me in my old age (if I ehould attain 
it) but now he is gone the way of all llesh, I shall endeavour not to 
be fond of any tliiug in this world. Idy sister :\Iuufurd ' is ruined 
th.o estate most of it sold to pay the drunken husband's debts. 
Cor riand- is going to London for priests orders much against my 
wifes \- my will. The rest of us are pretty well c'^ wish you k all 
our relitions at Scarborough perfect health & all other felicities. 
I am, D' Sir, your most aflfect. Cousin ' 

'Auuft Bland, o-\ii sLster of 'Sirs. Beverley, mftrri.-<l Ilobfrt MuuforJ, 
an'l by bim h;ul«ort, Theodorict, nnd Elizabeth. Muuford died in 1744. 
Mid she nijuried George Carrie, by whom ?Ue h(i<l two dfiiiL;ht(-rs. 

•Kithor Thedorick or BicUnrd, brothers of Beverley's wife. 

3 Though Mr. Brock, iu the "Dinwiddio T^ipcrs" (II., IJJl), snya that the 
wife of Beverloy I'liznbeth, dauuditPr of Richard Blaud, of Jordan's Point, 
Jaiacs Fviver, this letter would point to Another purent.ii;-.'. For iu writing in 

234 ^^'II.T.1.^\I AND M.\nv Coi.I.KCiK QlAltTinLY. 

To Col° John Fiiircliilil, J'.url.ados. 

})Ihii11c1.1 in Vij -' Julv the IStli 17-13. 
D S' 

By my L" toj" .V Cuuiy* you will ^co v.lint I hnvc done with y' 
Bloop Hilary iV her shU. Corn is very s'^arce iV salt exc^-cding 
plenty, iV this is y' JhsL of uiy mercha'jd' »\: thorofore I doubt you 
may have puIP in this afi'nir; I went up to talk with M Dick but 
was talccu very ill at Col' Cha. Carters v" bop;' of June conl^ ill for 
about 5 wi.ik.s but am now prcLly well. In Ajn-il I wrute to you 
about y' death of my Dear sweet boy who is still ever in my 
thoughts iV makes me unlit for any thinj,', bit God gave him to me 
k he tock him away la himself. ^ly wife is with cliild iS: my other 
D' children are well ^' desire to bo remembered to you. "We made 
DO good Cyder last year uor good peach Draudy : 1\I' Tucker sent 
orders by word of mouth to one of his skippers to call here for 
Bome things but y' messt-ge was not duliv', so >' I doubt our Ba- 
con will be too old before you'l get it. AVe have sent you by y* 
Hilary a few trifles' w '' I beg your accept"; and if I have an cppor- 
timily next winter I don't Question but I shall send you some good 
"white apple Cyder. 

T' prcs' by y' Hilary were very extraordinary ^c all ai'iiv^d in 
good order, I never tas'ed such line Eum and I wish 1 may be6<x>u 
able to retui'n any thing that may be acceptable to you, but you 

17-13 to John Bl.iad, of Scnrborougb, Beverlcj uses a form thnt w.-is aJoptcJ 
only vrheu vrriting to n parent: '•Ilouored Sir: My wife <k I joiu iu our duty 
to you, A wiih you may attain all your desires." Aud ho sii:;iied himself, "I 
am, Hon' Sir your most obedient humble servant." While to Kichard Ulan J 
he is '• Vour mo-it afiectionate cousin." So it was John Bland who wa^ the 
father of Elizabeth. In this connection the question of the se.'vl is not \*-ithout 
interest : 

" I have sent n seal of considerable value by Cap' Wilcox w'-' f lease to get 
mended for me Sc s^cnt iu a^raiu in a new Case. It was formerly sent me by 
Mr. Edward Kandolph but he sent it had the wnnpj arm? engraved on it, for 
y* arms my father used are a Bod Bose seeded Si barbed, iu a lield Ermin w'' an 
Unicorn's head for y Crest and not the 3 bulls heads— y' therefore if y seafs 
co;Ud be all new cat to wit one side with y Bose iu field Ermin i. Crest, y 
other side mine and my wife's i y" other side y uuicorus head crest. I should 
be very glad to have it done if y espcnso won't be much, but if it v.ill, pray 
only get the gold bow meudciL It was made by Mr. Andrew Daltou Anao 
1723, ± if he is now alive pray carry it to him again."— i^citr^y (o Perry, -24 
July, 1739. 

'The Yirjinia laws, a C)\.--k of hams, a pot of dried cherries, and three po3 
of Virginia sweetmcat.s were amon,: them. 

Some Li:TTn:s or Wn.i i.\m I'tvtuiKT. 2.'>5 

niUBt tako tho will for y' dccl. Tho 2 CvV Cnrlcrs nre married to 
2 of Col" Bvrdri ilrtUf^'htorH by his wifo; k "M* liyrd desires to 
liuow if you dcliv"* licr letter iV wliotlior y' Lody to ^vhom it was di- 
rected is alive. 1 Hill with unaltorable estcein, t^c. 

To r^.rd Fiiirfiix, at Lcedr, Ca-.tlc, in Kent. 

BlaiiiK;ld, Julv y" 27'\ ITIH 

Tho Hon' of y' letter of y' 10'" of ^[rjch last w'' y' I/ps Rin^rnlnr 

fftvour in y' kind accept' of my former poor, tho' hearty Borvices, 

aflbrdfi mo no f mall jileasiue; iV y' hopes y' L'p f^ivcs mo of havin;,' 

once flpraiu y' hon' of see* you in Virj^' is no email joy t.^ mc; v^- I 

hope before this will have tho hon' to reach y' liaudH j' you vill 

have obtained an ord' of y' Kiu^' Sc Council accordin;^ to y* lar;^'cst 

extent of y Grant. We here pro vory glad to hear of Cap' Martin's 

liealth c^- Preform'- Sc hope to hear of his obtainiiifj of the Com' he 

desires. — I doubt not but Col' Fiiirfax has ir, formed your L'p of 

Miss Nancy F.x's being marr'd to Mr. adj-' Washington' Cul» 

Charles Carter k Col" Land- Carter to y^ 2 Miss Byrds. My Wife 

& DaughterK join w*'' mo in pres" our best services to y' L''p3 c<c we 

beg y' favour of y" to pros' our services to Cap' I^Iartin k M^ Georrre 

Fairfax— I have not been well for a good While, but whether sick 

or well I shall always desire to be e=<teem'd as I really am, 

Yr L'^ps most ob' h'bic scrv' 

To Ferdinando — Jchn Paris.' 

W[illiamsbm-g] in Virg* Nov' 5, 1743. 

Being favour 'd with a recommendation to you from M' Jeniu'^s 

concerning my Cause at tho suit of Kclward llandolph, I have 

therefore inclo.^cd such papers as my Lawyers here thou.-'^ht necrs- 

sary to transmit to you a hst of which is anucxt. Our Goveruour 

told mc he should transmit the original representation (of w^"- you 

have a Copy") to His Grace the Duke of New Cattle k let him know 

both M' I\andoli)hs iV: my Character therefore If you could gett his 

Grace to eitt in the Cause it nn"ght do me great service, and you 

will not forget to inform my Council that tho Gov' »<: Council here 

' Laurence Wft.shin','ton, half-brother of George Wjisbint^tou, married 19 
July, 1743, Anne, Jftughter of Willuan Fairfax. Un the death of Lawruuce 
8he married (jeorge Lee. 

' " Au emiDcnt solicitor nt tho Couucil Board." 

23G "Wii.i.iAM AM> M.via C'om.kok Qiai:tku,y. 

aro iLo JiuV,'08 of Our Gonenil Court. T tliiiik I need not to enter 
into iiaiticulars, the inclosed blafo of uiy Chmg, &, the other papers 
brin;;^ suIViciout ^Yith ^I' JoningB Letter to let you into the juKtico 
».^- truth of niy Cause. I have desired ^I' Christopher Smith of 
London I^Iercli' to wait on you with these pa]>ers — ».V to pay yoti 
from time to time the fees and charjjcs accrue'. & I liopo you will 
fee y' ntt <^: Soil Gen' for uk; and I he-j; \' faV of you to lot nie 
know from time to time Ixnv you proceed ii^. this aiVtiir and also 
what other ]iaj)ers may l)o Necessary to Pcnd you. I doubt y' our 
assembly will not meet till Into next Sumer i*v: if not toj late I make 
no question but I shall get them also to make a Representation in 
my favour. And as my CabO adocts all the people of this Colony 
if you should gain it I make no manner of doubt but the assembly 
would mjike you their a;(ent, and as I have the ILmour to be n 
member of the assembly you may bo sure of what Interest I have 
there to serve you. I am positive y' M' Randolph never had y' 
proceedings in this cause undi-r the seal of Colony for all the 
Cleiks of y' oflico avcrr that they never isued it. You may ])lease 
to direct to me at IManfield on ]\app^ liiver Virginia and M' Chris- 
topher Smith will transmit any letter you shall please to send me. 
I wi]\ not trouble \ou furlhei- at this time, only to assure you that 
I leave the ail'air to y' pru^ managem' it y' 1 am, Sir, iVc. 

Nov' G, 17-13. 

Since I wrote y' foregoing Lre my Lawyer has the' it proper &, 
therefore I have sent all y' Cop' under y* Seal of y' Col' except y' 
jiet" A: o)ders I was served with by Kan: agent J. "Wales. 

The Governor was pleui^ed yesterday to tcU me y' he had order' 
M' peter Laheup (agent for our Council here) to fee a Lawyer to 
Defend mv Cause on behalf of v" Colony. 

To rerdinando Ju" I'arri.s, Surrey Street, Lond'in. 

Virginia, BlunGeld, May 9\ 1714. 

Lfist week yours of the '-^O^- of January came to my hands, for 
which I am obliged to you: It is indeed an hard Case to have to do 
with such a person as Cap" Kdward Ibmdolph is, for if I get the 
Belter, and the Council should order me my full costs there is no 
hope of ever getting it. — Surely !M" Lcheup who receives an annual 
salaiy from the Gov' ct Council of this Colony as agent for them will 
not fail to present their Kopre.sentatiou xo my Lord Duke and if ho 
does present it, I make no doubt but you'l m:ike y* Best use you 
can o^ it. 

SoMF. LiniKiis OK ^\■H.lJAM JJhVKKi.Ky. 2:17 

As to ndmiltiug of tlio ])ecfe('3, it li;is lu'ou tlio uiMutt rrii])tc(l 
U6a;,'0 of llio sevcrdl Courts licro, tlio' \vc have no L;i\v thuL takes 
any notice of it. 

There ■were several E\iileucca sworn nml oiaminctl j.t the trial 
Lore it no Dopositiona taken, so none conld bo ItoturnLd with tlio 
Judgment; anJ even hio own lirothcr Cap' 1. si mm llandulijh had 
been in partnership with him (and is Bincc Dead; was Bwom .'i: 
nnionp; other tilings was examined as to Ijio sale of mv twu last 
Parcels of Tobacco, and declared that tbo' his Brother E. II. sold 
them at a Low jnice, yet if y' purchaser sold thciu again for more, 
y' he y" .^aid E. R. was to have more, and they were actuald sold for 
more iV y' money wa-^ paid to him ; and being over again i)ris.«e<l by E. 
]{. to Declare what li(.;i.sou ho had for saying so he told him and 
the Court that he was sorry, ho was a-^kcd the Qustion, but as ho 
must answer it, he dc dared y' Cap' Thomas D filing (who was pri\y to 
all E. R.'s al3airs) told him so, to which E. Iv. could muke no Ko- 
I»ly; this I Jiientiou as a sample to show you what manner of per- 
son I have to deal with, and that it is impossible the Council should 
have any insight into our Dispute, because my said principal evi- 
dence is dca.1, and the others are here ; and nothing he oftVred to 
give in Evideuc j against me was refused him, but his or^n Oath to 
his own account, wliich if the court luid admitted would have been 
against all Law Jc reason but they admitted y' accomit c'c his 
Docks to be given to the Jury, so that ho had no just Eeason to 
Complain and I hope the verdict will stand unimpeached, and tliat 
the C-ouncil will ])ismis^. the Appeal »V order him to pay mo my ful 
costs both at homo iV here, iho' I have no hopes, if they should 
order it, that I should ever get a pemiy of it. 

The reason I suppose for Cap' Eandolph's presenting the order 
for appeal was (as you observe) to get a Transcript of the Eecord 
under the seal of y' Colony. 

As to the King's granting appeals under the sum limited we 
doubt not his power but it is a very great Plardshii) that we must 
bo put to a ven.' great E.\ pence to Defend appeils for a small summ 
and yet if we get the ]5etter of the appellant, the Council seldom 
give us the 10"^^ of the Costs ct charges we are at, for in this AtTair 
1 have expended hero about thirty pounds and what it may Cost 
me, with you, I know not. 

Our As.sembly is to meet in September and I make no doubt but 
they will ji^n in a proper Eepresontation of this afTaii-. 

When I paid the money to Diehard Diandol^.h (^the appellant's 

238 "SVlLI.LMl AND Mauy Coi.Lioi: Qi:aiitehi.y. 

Bioth< r") he told mo tliut lio was Lis attorney and promi.-cl mo be- 
fore Wi'iNFssKs tliiit lio wu'ild ^t< into thr CJmi' Court A: there r.e- 
knowlc'dfjo full satisfaction of the Jiul^^ment that it inij^ht he Uo- 
curtkd with the Jud'^uiiiit, and ho btinf( reputed a man of true 
Uouoiir, I made no doubt but >' ho was E. Jt.'s attorney and thftt 
ho would perform his proniiKO. but since I find ho Intended no 
fciuch tiling;, and the re.iaon why I trusted to Ijis Honour was, be- 
cause my sou was extreamly ill bo that I was obliged to go to him 
(who Dear lioy died two ]")ay6 after) JV: Jjeiu;:,' now obli;,'cd to ^'o to 
Pcnsilvania as one of thr ConimiHsioners on a Treaty with tho In- 
dians, I Iia.G desired my Jhother Col" llichard IMand to svarch the 
Eeeords of tho eevend Courts for y' power of Attorney »*>; if ho fiudd 
it tc send you a Copy of it under the seal of tho Colony. 

You aro very right, that wo ought to I^ely wholly on the Verdict, 
which 1 think they c:int get over without manifest injustice. 

AVhether tho Gov' did give orders to M' Lcheup to fee a Coun- 
cil for me or no I can't tell, but when I return I will ask him ubout 
it, for he told me he would do bo. 

I am trucly scncible of tho great Business y* Council have on their 
hands and doubt this aQViii- of c<urs vvill not be speedily determined, 
&, Lidced I should be glad to have a Jleprescntitiou from the As,- 
Bcmbly get home first and then the sooner it is ended the Better. 

You v.Tite with so much Candour and I having had eo good a 
character of you, that I cant choose but rely wholly on your Integ- 
rity, and I heartily wish you health and success in this alTair aud all 
others. I am Sec. 

To y. J. r;U-if5. 

W°"burg in Virg' OcL^^ 22, 1744 

I was in hopes to have get cur House of Burg' to have add' v' 
King 0)1 accu' of Bnpjt* [Randolph's] ag' me but y*^ Burg' being frugal 
of y' publick money, I could not obtain it. Wherefore I ]3eg you 
will bring v' cause to a speedy trial as you can, k I don't doubt 
but you will do mce all y* Service you can in that afi!"air. I am A:c. 

To Clement Plumstead, Philadelphia. 

Yirginif:, Nov' the IG'*', 1744. 
Kind S- 

♦ * * Altho' what C-ol" Lee ' .V mvself did with the Indians 

' Tliomas Lee, vrlioso marrin;;i3 with llnnnnb LinhvcU bruu^lit Lim into 
conuectiou v.itb Sir ^^■illiam Uerkolcy. Lcc was a member cf the General 
Court, uuJ went with Beverley to Lauca.-tcr, I'enu., to treat with the ImliaDS. 
See inv I^ tiers of Wiiliiin Ia.c, I., 1, Z. 

SoMK Li;rj i.iis or \Vii,rj\M I^^kverlkv. 2:VJ 

hiul tbfi ir-juour of your i^v tho other Geut"' approbatiou, yet wo 
uittt iiut v'ith y" saiiio from our As'ieuiUly, for they would not iij»- 
prove of tho treaty nciilior "vvoulJ they f,'ivo us one Farthin^^ nor 
contributo any thin-,' to t)io chiirj^'eH, Si, if the lunj? \\i\\ not j^nvo us 
any thiiif,', \vo shall havo our Ijubour f jr our paina. * ♦ * 

To liichhril llennott, Wye liiver, ^tarykud. 

Vifo* Fcl. 12, 1711. 
Worthy Sir 

Xot haviug the jiloasuro of hearing of you for Bomo time past, 
gives me ho})e9, that yoa are well, for ill news Commonly llics a 
jiace. — It is now fionio mouths Biuco my wife's sister M" Anna 
Moufoid has been left a j^oor distressed widjw w"' two sons and a 
daughter in very mean circumstances (I have taken Robert her 
Eldest sou & }>V Lee her daughter l^lizabeth) tho House k 800 
acres of Land where she livt s bein^ mortgaged to ono M' Theophi- 
lus Field for about .I'^CO Sterling and no hopes of Tltdecdiing it, 
without your kind assiotauce, for neither her Brothers nor myself 
liave any lloady rnoncy to a^^sist her, and before her Kldest son 
comes of age tho Interest v.ill oat it out, it is a very pretty seat on 
tho navigable part of Appamattox Pdver very C jmmodious for Tr;:de. 
If you will be pleased to have Compassion on thorn and Kedot m 
the Laud I will take Care to have tho Mortgage duly as-ioneil to 
you and Kc corded and then they will be in your own power who 
never fails to shew mercy to those who deserve it, as she doe?, who 
tho' her husband was a Sot & ustd her vciy III on all Occasions, 
yet she always behaved herself towards him on all accounts as a 
good .k; dutiful wife ought to do; I hope you will be so good as to 
pardon me for the trouble I now give because it is on belialf of a 
poor Distressed Widow it Orphans. Inclosotl is the Journal of our 
Last Session of Assembly iV: Laws which I should have troubled 
you with, before tliis time but could not get it sooner from y" 
Printer, i^" it may serve to amuse you at your leisure hours. ?.Iy 
wife with myself and children (I thank God) are all well and Join 
with mo in prr-senting our most humble service to you and in ^»ish- 
ing you perfect health and all your desires: and I beg leave to 
assure yuu that I am with unfeigned truth, Kind SLr, Yrs, Aic. 

2111 AVll.I.I.'.M AN1> MaI:Y C'oU.EOE Ql UtTLni-Y. 

Tnr:o(M<MoKTON OF j:nglani) and VIKGINIA. 

r.y ^V. CJ. Stanaiu'. 

47. Juirs Tj'i:iK'i:morton, b. ^^ulcll 10, 1770, went with liis futli. r 
to K«utiu'Ly: mnnied Sarah Diullev. Issue: 80, Thomas; SI, 
John; 82, ^\■i^iam, inuiried, aivl h::<\ Charles, of Par>, Ky., John, 
ami Elizabeth; R:^ Matthe%v ; 81, GL-orj^'o AV. : 8".. May; 8i;, Katl.t- 
rinc; 87, Nanoy; 88, Diileinca. 

50. Aris.s Tur.ocKMOKTON-, bona February 5, 17S0, died Derembor 
25, ISl'.S, served as a major ia tlio lilack Hawk War, inani-d 

, dauLchter of John Reino, of Kentucky. Issue: 80, Jolm, 

>[ajor C. S. A. ; 00, Colin, Mi.jor C. S. A., rnanicd , daughter 

of liobt. J. Wf.rd, of Louisville, and bad Aridr, Linma, !Matthcw 

^Vard, and >r:unico 13., who married ^TaHin, and was killed 

December 0. 18SS, while tryiu{^ to suppress a riot at liirmingbam, 
Alabama; 01. Catherine; 02, Charles. 

51. JouN Tm;ocKMonT<iK, of "FiO.xton," bom Juue '2-2, died ; 

mairied December 26, 1S05, Margaret Elcanoj-, daughter of Pdcu'' 
EK:wellyn. Issue: 0:>, Ellen Catherine, born September IS, l^oc, 
died April U, ISOO ; J, Lucy Ann Moore B., bon;. August 30, ISuS, 
died March 20, 1S33, married in 1820 John A. Thompson. (F. D.) 

53. ^VATl^•l:n W.'ismNciTON Turock.mop.ton, born February, 1702, 

(3ied , married Susan Llewellyn. Issue: 05, Fiichard Albion, 

born August 12, 1831. died September 7, 1815; OG, Hannah Maria, 
ly ,rn September 20. 1810; 07, Phillipa Catherine, born January 1, 
1830; OS, Lucy I'.lizabeth, born June 5, 1812: 00, Albina, born 
October 16, 1844. 

G4. "NViLHAM M. TiiKocKMORTON, of Kentucky, born April 12, 

1S17, married , and bad i^sue: 100, John; 101, Muirod; 10 J, 

Vviiliam : 103, :Martha. 

65. MouDECAi B. Throckmorton, of Kentucky, bora August 17, 
ISIO, married , and had issue : 104, ■N\'illiam ; 105, Susan. 

66 JosEwc M. THKorKMoi.TON, married , and had a son, II. 

^V. Throckmorton, cf Cynthiana, Ky. 

74. Matthew R. Thhockmouton, born Aug^ist 1. 1802, married (1\ 
1830, Frances, daughter of Jo.^eph Everhari, of Virginia, manied 
(2). Issue (1st marriigc) : 100. John, born February 15, 1S32, 

married Curtis, of Nicholas County, Ky., and had a dauphtor, 

Ella; 107, Murdecai, born June 15, 1834; 108, Thomas, born Muy 
4, 1836, married , daughrer of Capt. J. W. Brewer, and had 

TlIKOv'K.V.UllTO.N OV KS(1I.AM> A.Vn ^'lJ•.<;'^lA. 21] 

issuf, SaisiUfl, Miirv yi. nml I'raiKMi: 101>, Mary !Mil(lr«.<1, ])<>m 
Murcb 2(;, KS34; 110, 8unili. burn 1-Vl.nmry 7, IvSlti; 111, MaLtlicw 
R., lK>rn December :U), 1811; 112, Fnincis X., ban .biuuary 2:5, 
1813; 113, ArisR, boru Maroli 28, ISIO, ujiirrioJ - — — , dau-^'htfT of 
Kev. 1). I] Tt. ])cuuK>ro, au<I hail issue, William aud CiiurltH; 111, 
Gcor^'o ^\^, born Juno 11, ISiS, dicil young; (2iid iu:a-rinj,'c) : 115, 
Gcorrjo W., born October S, ISaO; IKi, ]jaFiiycUo, Ihjih April 4, 
1S52; 117, r^Iallljow II., born October 4, lbo7. (F. 15.) 

7G. Col. J<.hn Ai.i-s TnnocKMor.ToN, born Marcb ',), 1S15, diL-.l 
iLny 28, 1891, was colonel of Virginia militia; wlien the civil war 
broke out ho uas chief of a division in the treasury ikpartment, 
"NVa.shington, D. C, but ininieuiiilely nsi«,'nod and entered the C. 
S. A., as a private in Ibe Sixth Virginia Cavalry, and rose through 
the gradfS of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain, to that of inaj\<r, 
coiuniandiiig the rogin.eut at the clone of the war. lie was a g:d- 
lant eoldier, and as a relative vvritct*. "vaa in thirty four hard- 
fought battles and many ekinnishes," and frequently received 
honorable notice in theoilicial reports. He married (1), ilurch l;5, 
1839, :\[p.ry Barnes, daughter of Col. Chr.rlcs Pendleton Tutt, of 
" Uill," Loudoun County, and Ann Mason Ciiiohestor his 
^>ife; and (2\ Mary Crittenden. Issue (1st marriage) : 118, son, 
died unman-ied ; 119, Charles 13., ^lajor U. S. A., served through 
the lato war, and in Indian compaigns, married Fanny iWA, 
daughter of Robert liOgan "SVicklitle, of Bardstov.n, Ky., aiid has 
ft eon Charles ^Vickl^lje Throckmorton; (2nd marriage), 120, AritS 
Critteiidcn, born 1S72. 

■ SO. Joiis BxRuorx^ TnnociiMoiuoN, of Lou(3ouu County, born De- 
cember 8, 1S."30, married Eliza Chambhn. Issue: 121, Mason, of 
Loudoun County, married Sarah Humphrey and had itsue .\rchie, 
Elmn, James Bernard, and Mary Elise; 122, Sarah Hooe. 

81. Hton Wn.i.iAM Tiip-ockmouton, of Washington, D. C, born 
July 12. 1830, married licbecca Elkn, daughter of Charles Horace 
Upton (Consul to Geneva 18Go-'77). Issue: 123, Horace Uptun 
born February 4, 1659; 124, Nellie McCarty, born April 13, ISCO, 
died February 3, 1S73; 125, Earnest Upton, boru November 11, 
ISGl, married Mary Whelpley; 12G, Cecelia Ktbccoa; 127, Frances 

The use of the word "tradition," in regard to the raairiages of 
Mrs. Barbour and Mrs. Mooro (in the July (^r\aiEi:L\) whs not in- 
tended to imply that ihey were not certainly Throckmortons ywhich 
beyond a doubt they were); while there appears to bo no written 

2 12 AViiJ.i.vM ANi> Map.v C'oLi.rc.r. Quautfkly. 

roconl of their luarnftges rpmaiDinj*, tho uniform trnJition anioug 
their dcR«^on(1'\!its is that thoy >vero Biaters, nnd ftunts of ^Irs. 
\ViUii\in Madison. J'robably they wero twice married. Tbero is 
recorded in C!u!i)tpor ft deed, dated 1771, from Itobert Thru^'- 
mortou and Jjucv, his wife, aud ilames Barbour and Frauces, his 

Siuco the hist inntftlment of t'nis account wa« i.rep.'u-td, there hnn 
been found in an oKl vohunc in the State laiul oCice, an entry ic- 
cording that Gabriel Throckmorton a})pcared Ijcfore Frederick 
County Court in 17S0, and i^roved his service in the French and 
Indiun ^Var, and in the Bamo year a warrant vas issued to him by 
State for ••mihtan' service performed cs a caj-tain in the late \VHr 
between Great ]Jritaiu and Irauce," and Bimilar (or duphcate) 
warrants for hi.", feerviccs in tho same war aa a subaltern in ]5yrd's 
regiment, and a captain in Pcachcy's. He was probably the same 
as, 8, Gabriel Throckmorton, born August IG, 17;J5. 

Tho arms on the emblazoning noticed in the number are as 
follows: Quarterly of siveu: 1, Gules, a chevron arg. three bars 
pemellos sable, a crescent for dilTcrence {ThrocJonorton) ; 2, Gu. a 
fe.-se crenell.? or i^AUrhury) ; 3, Arg. on a fess crenelle between bix 
crosslcts litchco gu. three crescents of the tield {Olney) ; 4. Sa. n 
chevron arg. between three crescents or {JJc la Spine); 5, Arg. on 
a fessecrenell'^ between six crocslcrs pottce fitcheo gu. three plate? 
(OI/ui/) ; G, Gu. three bird bolts arg. (Bcsan) ; 7, Gu. a fesse or 
between six Gotce d'or ( Wyke). Crest: A falcon rising arg. belled 
or, cuai'ged on the breast with a crescent, for dilYorencc. Motto: 
"Virtus Sola Xobilitiit." The only variation betwetn these arms 
and those given in the Visitation of Iluntingdrnshire, is in tho 
first quartering — tho crescent for difference, second son. 



\_Continncd from pt<jcs OG and 190.] 
May 2^^ 170G 

" "Whereas a former Compl' was brought ng' Grace Sherwood for 
Suspicion of "Witchcraft w'' by y' Atturny Gen" Fieport- to his 
Ex'-' in Councill was to Generall .Jc not Charging her with any per- 
ticular Act therefore represented to y^y' Princess Ann Court might 
if they thought titt have her txamined Deltovo cNc y* Court Deing of 

(iRACK Siij.Kwocn), Tii>: Vrr.iiis-i.\ ^^■ll^lI. 2-i.'^ 

Oppiiiiou y Ibere is great Ciinseof Suspicion Doetherftforo oi<V y* 
v': Slicrr laLo y° Said Grace into Lis Sjifo Coato^ly untill She Shall 
t;iv»' bunil t^- Security for lior npptaranco lo y' next Court to be 
oxaiuined Di-novo A: y' y* Conhtublo of y' p'ciukt <;o with y* Sherr 
i^ Sorch y" S>1 graces Houbo tt all Suspicious phiccs Carfully for 
till Images «.^' Sucli lil;e Ibings ns may any "way Strenf^'Hirn the Sus- 
picion I'i: it is likewise Ordtred y' y' Sherr an Able Jury of 
Women al^o nil I'.viilences as C'ann give in a?iythiiig pg' her in Evi- 
dence in bchrilf of oui* Sovcraigu Lady y* Queen 'Jo Attend y' next 
Court Accordingly" 
June G" 170(j 

•" \\Tiereas Grace Sherwood of y* County Lave been Complained 
of as a jistm Suspected of ^\'ite^.craft i^-. now L'rouglit l)r;for6 
this Court in onV for exr.minacony' Court Lave therefore requested 
m' ^laxm'' Doush toi>'sent Inforraacon ag' her i\r Councill in bohulf 
of our Sovcraign Lady y* Queen in order to Ler being brought to a 
regular Tryall" 

" ^Vhereas an lufonnacon in BeLalf of Ler ^lag'^ was presented 
by Luke Plill to y* Court in pursuance To SI' Gen'" Att"' Toroson 
reix)rt on Lis Excel) ■' ord in Councill y"' IG"" Aprill Lnst About Grace 
Sherwood being Suspected of ^^'itchcraft Lave thereupon Sworn 
Severall Evidences ag" her by w"' it Doth very Lkely appear" 
June 7'" 170G 

'•Whereas at y' Last Court as ord' was past y' y' Sherr should 
Sounuons an able Jury of Woieen to Serch Grace Sherwood on Sus- 
picion of witchcraft n\ '' although y* Same was performed by y' 
Sherr yet iLoy refused And did not appear it is therefore onV y' y' 
Same persons be again Som" by y* Sherr for their Contempt To be 
Dealt w'*" according to \' uttmost Severity of }' Law, i^ y' a new 
Jury of women bo by Lim Som' To appear next Court to ScrcL her 
on y" aforesaid Suspicion cV: y' he likewise Scm all evidences y' he 
Shall Be informed of as materiall in y* Complaint i^' y' She con- 
tinue in y' Sherr Costody unless She give good bond And Security 
for her Appearance at y' next Court c^- y' She bo of j' Good beha- 
viour towards her ilajestio c^ all her Lcidge people in y* mean 
PriQces-i Ann 

At a Court held y' 5'^ July anno Dom 1700 p'sent M' Jn" liicha- 
son, Caiy" Jn° Moseley Cap'" Henry Chapman Cap'^ W" Smyth 

"Whereas for this Severall Courts V Business between luko hill 

'211 ^^■lI,T.!A^( AM> M.VKV CoLl.Uii: QlAllTKULY. 

i^- Griico Sherwood on SuK]»icion of witclicmfL Imvo Deen for Suv- 
trall lliii];,'rf oiiiilt«tI porticulpily for wi\iit of a -lurv to Serch btr A: 
)■• C\)urt Uiiig D(».iblfull 'J'IjuI they ShoiiM i-ot jfot one >' Court 
&, W'lU'^ \villiiii^' to liavo nil uienns pos.siMf tiyo<-l either to acciuit 
hcT or to Give more Stren^^'lh to }' Suspii-iou )' iSho uiif,'ht bo Dealt 
^v'" as Descrveil thorcforo it was Ord'^ y' y" Day by Lcr owu Con- 
sent to bo tried iu y' water by Ducking but )' weather being very 
Kainy Sc ]jftd Soo y' posBibly it nii'.'ht eiidciif^er her health it is 
therefore ord^^ y' y" Shcrr request y* Jns'iceB p'cisely to ajiptar on 
wednessday next by tonu of y' clock at y' Court house A: j' lie 
Stcure yo body of y* Sd Grace till y° time to be forth Comiu;,^ j" to 
be Dealt w'" as afore sd" 
July 10^^ 170G 

" ^Vherea3 Grace Sherwood being Suspected of v.itcLcrfift have a 
long time waited for a iTitt uppcrtunity li'^r a iTurlher Kxnruiuac.n 
k by her Consent it approbnc«:>n of j* Court it is ord' j' 5' ."^hirr 
take all Such CjuveuicnL aii^istanco of boale vt men as Shall bo by 
him thought fTit to meet at Ju" Harpers plantacon in ord' to take 
y' Sd Grace forthwith ifc put her into above mans Dcbth »\: try her 
how She S'.vinia Therein aUvayes having Care of her life to p'tor .e 
her from Drowning ».t as Soon as She Con^s Out y' he requests as 
many Ansient k Knowing woman as possible he Caun to Scrch her 
Carefully ft'ur all teats spotts tV marks about her body not usunll in 
Oihers ct y' as they ffind y' Same to make report on Oidh To y' 
truth thereof to ;>"■ Court it. further it is ord' y' Som women be re- 
quested to Shi't iV Serch her before She poe into y' water y' Sao 
Cjiri-y nothing about her to cause any llurlher Suspicion" 


(By the Editor.) 

As nppenrs from tho previous number (p. 102) n jury of women pxnmini.-l 
Grace Sbcrwootl 7th March 170.^, nud found ci rtiiin indications of a \nccb 
upon her person. But the court Jul not know what course to tate upon thi-f 
report, and so a stop was put to the proccediugs. Thereup.'o, Luke Hal 
IroH^'ht the matter before the Virginia council, and accordics; to tho cour.od 
books the followiuf; action wa.s taken : 

"At a council hold at her Muj •- Eoyall Capittil the 2'^th day of March, 
170C : 

Luke Flill by his petition informing this Board that one Grace Sherw.xtd <A 
Princess .A.niio Comity Leiu;:; ? ij^ptot-d of witchcraft upon his compl.vint to 
that county court that she had Lowitohed y' petitioners wife, the court orderci 

The Listi:i:s oi Vux;isia. 21' 

fi jar)' of women to sorch y* sniil Grnco ShcrwooJ wlio upon senrcli broopht in 
n TorJict nj^' y' Kn'u\ Grncc, hut y coiirl nut knowing liow t<i itrocccil to jiicli:- 
in(ut tb<>rcon, the jiolitioucr iin>ys tlint y KttDriu-y Gcu' nmy bi- diieci.d to 
jyiosecutc y* said Clracc for y' sninc. 

Ord"* y' y s'' pcticon bo referred to M' Attorney Gen" to consider A r* perl 
bis opinion to his Kxcellcy A- y council on y* lirpt dny of y next Gen'' court." 
"April y IC"' 170« 
rrtbent : His Excellency, 

Edmund Joninc{S, P.cnj' llanison. Philip JiUdvcll, 
Ju" Lii.;htfoot, Jn" Cur,ti-!, Wm DnssL-tt, 
Dudley Di^, M' Com' lilnir, Henry ])ukc. 
W" Cliurchill : Esq^' 
* • • • • 

j)Oft mfridum : present fts before except Philip Lndwcll E.-q'. 

M' Attorney Gen" hnveini,' in p. rsuance of an order of this Board reported 
bis o}>iuion of Ijuko Hill npainst Gr.ico Sherwood as bein;; suspected of witch- 
craft in y followiug words to wit : viz Upon jioru'-al .-f y above order of this 
bou' ■' Hoard 1 doe conceive iV am of the opinion that y' charge or accusation 
ii too general that the county court ought to uuilie a further Examiuacon of 
tlic mutters of fact i; to have proceeded therein pursuant to tlie directions A 
l^owcrs of Conntv Courts given by a late act of A.-^t.mbly in criniinid cr.s:s 
made it provided it if they thought there was sullicitnt cause to have (accord- 
ing to that ]-aw) committed her to y Gcu'' prison of this Colony whereby it 
would have come recjularly before the Gon' Court and whereupon I should 
have prepared a bill for y" Grand jury A: if thoy had found it 1 should have 
prosecuted if. I therefore with hui.-.blo submission ofltr & conceive it proper 
that y s' County Court do make a further Enquiry iuto the matter, and if 
they are of oj>inion there be cause they act nccordiug to the above said Law 
and I shall be reaciy to present ft Hill and if found proceed thereon 

Ordered th;U a copy of y said Heport be sent to y court of I'riuccss Anne 
County for their direction in y" premises." 

The council book has never bean quoted in connection with this subject 
before, and it shows that the pubhshed account of the opinion of the Attorn- y 
General, Stevens Thompson, in the calender of State Papers (vol 1., p. IC'U), Ls 
defective in omitting the word.s in ilulics. After this order, refcrriug tbe 
vhole subject back to the County Court, the proceedings reported in the text 
»ook place. 

[Tot^ Continued.] 



TLomr.s Li.ster,* o*" son of James Lister, of Sbibdcn Hall, settled 

'Arms: Ermine, on a fess sablp three mullets or, a canton pulea. 
Cres-t: A stag's head t rn?=i.d proper, charged with trefoil slipped gnles. 
'Ha la brutLer. 'Whliam, April 3, 1712, s. ttkd in Vir'_:inia, married 
Susanna Lewes 1738 ; had two daughters ; died October 21, 1743. 

246 AVii.i.iAM AM) M m;y CoLLK-iE (^>l;ahtkm.y. 

in Virjrinifi; bp. Doe. 170S iit Ifalifnx, d. Aw^. ir,, 1710, in Vir- 
t;iu!;i, mar. ATinc. ilnu. of .loliu Ltvc s, of ^'il;;ini•.!, 17:^:3. Tliey h.a'.l 
itsiie ^Villium' 

Martha, ^vifeof II. ]*urcl», of Vir^^inia. 

Mary, d. y. 

Susanna, wifo of R ^Morris, of Virpjinia. 

Tho abjNO Tlionm.s ^va8 ihv Bon of Jiinjos, bou of Samuel, Br>n of 
John, 60U of Samuel, f-on of Thonuis, sou of liicliard, son of .lolin, eon 
cf Jolm, sou of ^VillJam, sou of IJicbanl of llalif.ix, ConGtablo of 
ITalifax lil2, larp^cst rout payor to tho ])rior of LewuH in li'.V.), sur- 
reudcrs lauds in Nortbowram 5 Oct., 1152, to his sou ^ViiLiam. 



ISelfctf'ons/rofn tJie rccnnh of Yor7c Countt/, /<>/ t/ie E'?ifor.'\ 
XXXVJI. luYontory (1G70) of Thomas Hansford (banu't-d \>y Sir 
^VilIi;lm J'orktk-y fjr pailiciuatiou in the "liisin;^'" of Xilhlmid 
Bacon, jim.): "A pjcll of old bookes A; one box * ' * at llU pJs. 
of tobacco; plate: six failver spoones, 1 silver dram cuj^p.-;. 2 s;\ck 
cnpps, one tankard, ouo bowle, 2 bodkins, ouo dilt) broken, ono 
smftU silver box A: spoon, the bfLndIo of a broken spoon, a small 
jicell 01 t'ld silver lace" c*cc. 

XXXVI II. Inventory of ?.Iaj or James Good'.rin, J. P. of York Co, 
IGS;: BoV.-os It:. 05. Sura total, 512':. IG. 02. Am mj? tbo ilims, 
GG oz. of Plate worth IGi. 10s, and 1 silvei Taukard at. 'lol oz. 
v.orfb Gi'. 07. OG: 33 ^heep, iS cattit-, 10 no^'roes, ».\:c. 

XXXIX. Inventory oi' I.ev. Kjwland ooxjC::!,, taken in IC-SO: "In 
the Study D^oks as by a Catalof^.ie ll-.£." "il' Joucs' uppef cham- 
ber chest v'v: old Eookcs 15s." Tottd inventory £440. 01. Among 
the items six adult ucj^'roes and four cliildren, 113 li)s of old jMi-.ior at 
lOd p. lb., makiijcrli:. 14; 41 cattle. 12 horses, 3G sheep, c*cc. Tbero 
were the ]-'.ireh roome, piirln-, M.'" Joucs' chaml)er, kitcheu, pas- 
sage, Mr Joues' chamber, study, Cell Coney chamber, Mrs. Jones 
ui>p<-r chamber, kitchen chamber. 

Xli. "A true inventory of what my mother Mary ^[orrisbeyc 
Dyed po^sessed of": 1 silver p]-K>ono, i Dram Cupp, 1 liirg<^ ditto, 
old b.^^A-e?, 1 other old Uuoke ».Vc. Signed George X Staples, 
Juno 24, IGOO. 

'Ileturued to Great llntaiu .lud ficttled at LnnqLoroo. Curn-.tirthrn County. 
He wa3 born in Virqinin July 7, IT.U, married M.ntKt. Lewes, of L.\uf;liorne, 
17i)(J. They left many children, but none of them appear to have settled in 

Authority quoted, " Dugdnlc's Visitation of Yoik.'-l.ire" in the Gc:ual::;:'fi 
for October, 1894. 





: 1(» ; 

: 00" 


: 00 : 

: 00" 

01 ; 

; 10 : 


LlllKAi;I)'„S IN Col.O.NlAL VlIiilMA. 247 

XLI. Inventory of "Mis. Klizabelh Pip^gcB, v.idow of Gov. 
Edward ])i«.;j^'OS, rcconlcd nv^. 21, 1002: 

"A pooll of ould bumll Bookes att 

"one iHrjTi! liililt> ..... 

"()Uur old liirj^c ]*.(!(. kf'H ntt 

Total iiivfutm-v, 1102 U. 18. 10. Sco Vol. I., .Spril Xo., I80n. 

XT.II. Invditorv «jf Dr. H. lUT Tower rcourdi-d M:iy 21, 1003: 
A pcoll of Buuki'3 511, li j)cell of |)}iyt-ick ISC, o fiallicr bcdn, 21 
Lend of cattle, 3 horses \-c. Sum total loSC. 18. 00 

XLIII. luveutoiy of Cui>t John Stanmi|> tukou iu 1003: old 
l>ookeH, 4 iie',Mocs, 8 horses, 03 head of eallle, iVc. »Sun» total 11,- 
900 lbs of tobacco. 

XLIV. Inveiitorv of Janies AThalev, ref^.>rded Sept 21, 1701: 
*'Tho Str.tutes al Larf,'o i^; AVingnte^'Abii.l'rn." att 03!:. (<7. 00." 
"Tiio Lnsvea of Vijjnnia \. a pcell of old bi^'ke.-^, 03$:. 07. 00.' 
Sum total f. 11. OOJ.; amojig the items wore 100 cattle, 7 iiorse?, 
32 sheep A 17 negroes. Tho rooms were the hall chamber, luiU, 
the chumber, tho jmilor, the kitchen chamber, tho chamlu-r over 
the parlor, tho kitchen, tho old store, tho cellar. On March 3, 
170^ there was a further n])praisemcnt of James ^Vhdey's Estate, 
additional valuo 52G.£. 00. 00 

XLV. Inventory of Mr. Samuel Timson, t:il:cu March 2 J, 1701: 
"A parcel! of Bookcp,," 78 cattle, 10 horses, 32 l.o;;x, 14 uej,roe3. 9 
sheep, one Ijidian, «.K:c. Sum total, c.xchi-.ivo of hheep and cat'Jo, 
472 i". 17. The n.ioms v:e}\'. y" Hall, y' I'iulor, y' chamber o%er v' 
Parlor, V" ]H:»rch chamber, v" llall chamber, y' parrett over y" Hall, 
y garrett over } " Parlor. There was a bed or two ui each of these 

XLYI. Inventory of ^Ir. Jose]^h Piing dtced, recorded in 1701 : 
"A parcell of old bockes, 2C." Suni total 1'8U'. 10. i)7. 

XLVII. Inventory of Cell ThoTuas Bnllird recorded in 1711: 
A parcell of Ijooks 2f. 10. ; 18 slaves, 6 hor.-e>, 29 sheep, ol cr.ttle, 
70 07. of l^lato at 5s. per oz —in all G03i;. 12. OS. 

XLYllI. Inventory of Thomas Hill, deced, of Essex Loilgc, 
Bookes 'Jil. 00. Sum total, 150 £. 07. 04. 

XLVHI. AViU of Bov Arthur TiUyard, Aug 14. 1712-Sept IT., 
1712. (lives all his estate to Kdv\ard Power, son of John Power 
and to AVilliam ?i[oody, son of I'hilip Moody. Cole Digges execu- 
tor, and *• for y' trouble of my I-'xeefpitor, "M' Colo Digges, I give 
& becpie-ithe nivhole lubrf.ry of Bookes." 

XLIX. Inventory of James Burwell, recorded iu 1718: " In M' 
Burwell's cluset a parcell of Books G£." Sum total i:23S0. 18. 10. 
Among the items were, "co.ach & harness with a j' of new 
wheels,"' 4 coach horses, 1 pacing horse, other horsts an^l colta 
12G cattle. 81 hogs, 107 slaep and lambs, plato worth 73 f. 19. In 
tho "ohl House in tbe outward chamber" th'^ie were " 1 jMcture i^ 
a court of arnics in a hunw" kc. His estate iu King ^\'iiliam 
Vidued at 377 1". 0.3. was n(.t included. 

L. Inventory of Orlando Jones, recorded Xuv. IG, 1719 : " In 


liis fitu^lv his Libnirv i"v: u parcLll of okl Bookc-a." Sum total -ISii:. 
01. 0:5. ' 

liT. Iiivonlory v f Jnmes ]iatc3, recorded Juno lo. 1721 : 1 Lavj^o 
liihlo, 1 I'Ookot iliti.0, 1 concordance, Kllwoods History of Old nnd 
i\(.'.w Testaments in 'J vols., 1 vols of I'lutRrclis Jiives, Senecas 
^lorids, a i>urct.ll of old books kc. 

IjII. l.i!vt!i\lory of Mary Keado, widow of John Iteado, taken in 
172 1 : "1 lar^'o IJible »V comon Prayers," " liookcs and a parcell of 
old l-jokos," S.'J 07. silver plate at 5s., and o\ oz old t.ilver at -Is. G. 
Sum total. £2:11. 07. Uo 

JjIII. Invontory of Henry I'owcock, ncorded in 1720: 4 ma])3 
and some Kiiiall ])icli]re.-^. 10-.. ; 1 Dc.^k i\: book case -1 L' ; 2-17 oz. of 
Plate worth COil. 0., 4| 1 parccll of old painted jnctures IL ; walnut 
furniture, leather chaii's, china, wine.s A:c; Totol bWO.C. 07. O'.i},. 

LI v. Inventory of Kichard Hickman' "c-f the City of Willianis- 
burpf " clerk of tho Council, recorded May 15, 1732. " A catalogue 
of Uookes beloupfing to the E.sLato of M' Kichard Hickman liecod 
Villi ued by the subscribers: 

1,. H. <i 

Cook upon Littleton 11 Ed° . . . . 2 5 

D" 2 Inst 3) 

3 D- 4^ 1 15 

Hubbards reports 4 15 

hesr tins Brevium 2 10 

First ^Modern rep'' 










01 4 IG 

1 I 
Modera Cnses 1 J 

Setts Statutes 31' lo Car II. . 


riowdens Comm' foil 

Lilly's Abnd^iuents 2 vols 

Lillyp Kntrys .... 

Clefts ]:ntry 

Saunders Beports .... 
Brownlo Bedivivus .... 
Le%-iz. IV'jiorts 2 vol 
Ashfcs Tables 4 voh fol. . 
Dalton's Justice pub 1GS2 
Cooks reports in Eu<,'lish 
Tho 2- Yeai- book of Henry G'" 

'Will provo.l June -21. 17;V2: Sister Elizabeth GrocuLill aud bmlhcrs 
Thomas, Hmry and Ivhviu. sister Lottiee : devises to Cliri-tophcr Jack->>n of 
Nanscmoul county, a house and lot on tho south side of Duke of CTloi:o(?!'^r 
Mreot. adjoining; the colli i:»' lard; to .Sunuel CobUs ULieUiiTi'^' '• j^iveu t.> um br 
Mr. Benjamiti WoIIon ou his death bed," diretto hii house aud lot jviiaiug to 
ilic coUei^e Hud to bo sold. 

'. '. 1 












12 U 


15 l» 


] iU;iiAr.i£.s IN Colonial Vii'.«uni 


Pycrs old l^Jition Ifiijjo l 


i? %-«.>l3 of Cook 


Powell's Iiitorp" 

]'oniuclorf Law of Nut' A- 

IjUcIh's lu-])oils 

^Vincll IJep. 




Vaughan's Reports 
Auollier Set iti 2 vol" of y 2*3'^ 
ct r'-' vol of Coohslust' ) 

Kejlins rep'" 
Iluglios Abrid^Muciit 
\\ ingates I^Inxiin-s 

Diowuloes k iluluoboroupjlis Kcp. old 
Oiplians Lej,'acy 
Tlie Sea liaws 
Kegiila Placitaudi 
Bacons Kkmculs 
Law fioucb Dixor.arv 
Finohcs Law in Li ji^^Ii^h 
Asliton placita laline it. Jiviva 
Tioaliso of ^Vills 
Law Terms pub. 170S 
I^Iodern Couveyancer 3 vols 
Law of 
Ariaira Cleiioalia 
Another D' . . . 
I'lt/hf^rbcrts Nal. Lrc-miu 
Another D" 
Conipleat Att. c<v- Soir 
3'luwdcu, Quar. 
AVellwood's Sea Law3 
Tryals pr. jiais 3 

W'ingates Abiid^onen' -with 2 other S P. 
Instructor Ckriculis — 7 vols 
Abridpmen" PlanT Laws 
Kitchen of Courts, . 
Inptitutio lt'p;alis 

Pulton's Ab'idj^cnt Penal Stats 
Ventris Imports 
Hawkins Pleas of Crown 
Lillys Couveyanct-r 

2 vols ^fodus Justrandi 

1 vol praxis AJen Curr Cambell 









































































Towusenda ])ropa'' to i»leaclinp: 

L:irgo iTrcucb Kiblo 

>i Tiiilin liiblc 

an J-liixlisii liiMo 

a CoiiiUKHi jjiiivcr book 

l")i>ot(«r lIanK>r.R Amiot" N" Test. 

Wilkiiis iL-al Clinracter 

j^ic)(>kH lU'i-Mlilry 

liushwuitli r vi)k . 

I'uifbasc rilr^riinaRos 

11 units iVif-nch l>iclionury 

^lorlifux. Tbc.^niirus 

TlusauniH IJiblicim 

Au Imiu-rfcct Diet' 

JJro'.Milan's Ju(liti:il writs 


The bwvs of Mavvlaud 

liocke 2 \ols on liuuinn Uiulerel. 

Spec" 3 vol .... 

French Littor^ry 

Oxford Clramuiar 

\Vill.s' Xc titia parlimentnria 

tScotts Cliristian Life, 3 vols 

Clirojiolo^icnl Abri'lpmeut 

l.>rclinjToourt ou death D" 

^Method of Studdy . 

Tlie Art of tl linking c't Speak 

^Method of treating ^vitll Trincis 

Odes' Dietiouaiy 

riistory of Viryinia, 2 books 

Boyern Frr-nch ]")i(.'tionary 

Tl'.o life of C/ CV'lluinbus 2 vols 

Aiitrie.i Abdioati Iiestera" 

Fines it Kecoveries 
Haks Pleas of the Crovn 
Ijaws of Usury 
The old Sollicitor . 


Piules I'v: ord ' of the Courts of Com" 

Arbitnnn Kedivive 

The Law of Oldigations 

Polliiical State 5 vol .... 

Florua ..... 

Latin Testament Marteall \; 

Ilelviceups Chronology 

other bi'ok^ 

One book Imper. paper 




2 i; 





1 G 


1 G 







5 U 


1 r, 

2 G 

1 (; 


; > ( 1 










1 U 


12 2 

2 V 





2 I) 




1 G 

1 G 





a lioap of Luiiibrr bjoks 
Cowleya ^Volka 1" vol 
C'oiiks rei)orls 
Advice t'j a son 
])iivers Arislophurus 
Tek-umclms. I'liuch 









fi 2 

To per ct on the above Books tliov buic;; vnlucl in 

Storl . ' . ]() 17 ;'. 

G5 3 5 
AVil. Robertson 
W'iU. Hopkins. 

TiY. Invtntcry t'f Mr. Kobcit Balhird, recorded in 17;^': "3.") 
)H>)k'< of sundry sorts"' 

LVI. Invontorv of M' Chnrlofl Stagfr.' recorded in 17;i''. : 7 
TolunKS of tlui Cnifisnmn 1 1". G. 0, *J5, prints and ni:i]is lil. 11. O'!, 
a 13iblo Oj:. 07. OG, u bo <k the art of Dancing bv J. Weaver, a D' 
by J. 

LVII. AViU of Dr Charles 13rL)\- n, "of ViTiiliaiusburiif i.-i tho 
Colluny of Virginia Doctor of T'Lyj-ic"; loaves his estato to llev. 
M' ^V-• Stith, late profe.^sor of lluni.inily in tho Collciqe of Willi im 
and Mary and at prcst-nt minister of Henricj I'arirh in the Counly 
of Jionrico on Jamos Kivet — Proved Juno 10, 17;i8. Invmlorv (f 
Dr. l>ro\vn. S.>pt' 18, ]7;{8: Dx.ks Ei^ditv two v<.i' in f..lio Ar,':. 
13. 00. One hundred .^; twenty ei-^'hi in Quart '^'2C. 01. 00. f(mr 
hundred <^ Seven in Ortavo 'VJ£. 07. 01. Two family pictures not 
api raised. Oct 31" 173S: Bookes found since — GnrHugeots Anatomy 
1. t\t to 'yV Kenneth Mackensio I'O ; 04. 00, Sluvvs Pr-.etico <f 
Pliysick 2 vols in the Ke\^ 'SV John Foxes hands £0. 03. 00, Talia- 
ct)teas lent to D' John Aiusou £0. 02. 06 T'.vo Book presses sold 
for £0. 13. 00. 

27ie Vir<jinia C^a-e^^e pronounced this collection of books "the 
finest and mo.^t copious in all tho branches of Philosopliy 
and Physiok" ever exposed to sale in tho C)l mjv. 

liVIlI. "Appraisement- of the estateof Mr C!uthbert Ogledcc'd 
April 23, 173o. 

'Charles Stni^r, dnncint; lUfi-t^-r, and Mnry his wife, c^^titracted in 171G 
Hith\Viiiiara Lovin:_'Stou of New Kent, to o{> n atlioatroiu Willi i:.:s- 
hurc;. au.l the ficrt-omeut was carru.l out, the tboatro bii-lt ami j-l-iys oon.liKt«tl 
until St.'i^'i,''s Jcaih. Tho the.itre w:i3 where the T'i<.kor Lovise now btauda. 
Lnter the ucw ther.tre -^as built, about 1751, near tho capitol. 

* Thi=; appraisement is f^'iven entire. Williinu-.bur<:: nt this time wna the scat of 
^-reat •_:aiof_v. It Ijonsted nt least of two celebrate J musiriau->, ("uthhtrt OL:le 
ami Peter rolliani, ami tho b(.aiUitiil nclre.=<<. .Mi>s Sarah Hall im. who al-o 
taupht Q danciu.i-school. John lilair in his diary notrs the musioul cnt-^vtain- 
meuLs at the colle,:;e, and Col. Had=on Muse writes in 1771. that, during bi3 
st.^y for eleven days in Williamsbur.,', the the.dre was crowded every ni^'ht 
with be.iutif'd laiiie^. From the inventory above it is e;vsy enmi;;h to recill 
iho ui'isi'ian dves^ed in his •.'roeu < o,it, with ll >win.,' wi^', tuning liis tiddle od 
he glanced tUrouyh Lu spectacles at his book of aou-s. 


\VlI.IJA.M AND Mm;\ CoU,1a;K QfAKTKlil.Y. 

1 jilnd uif'ht fT^^vii, 

1 now clnth Cent I'v, Grccu \Vais'.coat 
1 ohl ] Coat iV li j)air Jiritohc h 
1 IVc'iK'h fjrey Cbiit it brcocbca tS. black, silk NVaist 

coat ....... 

An old (Iroy coat A Waistcoat 

Kow umrk. t Coat 

Old cloak 10s, 11 slurt.s -lU-s 11 i-iav.';ta Tb. Cl 

5])' Ktockius 20s, G To Ails 3;. 1>, i i.ibucn Hand | 

ktroliiefs 5s. ) 

1 Bilk liandkcrcliicf ?>3. 2 Wiggs 10 b. 2 pair 

shots 10s 

3 pr Foots 53. 1 Hair Trur.k lay. Old Hatl Cs 

1 IMain (iuld Watch Clo. 1 »S].y (Jh.Ps lOr,. ft 
i 11) Grtou Toa i^. Bomo Fiddlo Strinps 4s. 

2 p' Tonii)lo .Siiecluclea 5s. 2 sots shoo A: knee 

Buckks 2d. G . . . 
a Fiddle \- Caso 21e. G, llarpbichord and 2 Ilam- 

nurs Ac 22 1" 11, G 

iVIusick: 2 Fets ru^quatis OvcrLurea 43 each 
10 Books Haiidoks songs .... 

4 largo Sets Itfiliau Bongs .... 
G Sonatas by S^'liickard .... 
4 book.s of Symp. to Handcls orr lories 

Tho Musical entertainment .... 

Lamps Songs 

/.polios Feast by Handel .... 

>>'arcs Lessons G:^, Avisons Concertos 43 

G Concertos by liurgess cV 6 by llaese in one book 

4 email bovks of Stanley .... 
C Sonatas Dogc^irilino ..... 
L'-injjjs through Basb Vs. G, ^U'lcrtis 8 Sonatas 5s 

5 Concertos by Kamesa 4s, 2 concertos by avi^son Is. ( 
G Cnncertos by Hebdcn in 7 parts 
1 Concerto in 7 parts by Avison 
12 songs by Pascpiati 
1 large Book of songs Palma 
S'.'ngs in Acis atd Galatea, Handel 
Alcocks Lessons 4s. Granuoms Songs 4?. 
1 Vol Feltons Concertos 
8 Concertos Avisons .... 
Ftltons Lessons ..... 
Correlli's Sonatas in Score monu 

No. 13 

Leveridj^es Songs in email 

Songs by Hasso ..... 

Catches by Burchct ^ Blow 

15allarils by Crraiinom .... 

An unbound book of Italian Songs 











1 8 9 

1 3 

1 5 

15 10 


23 1 3 

































Om> ToMnsroNr.s in GLOL-cr,'5Ti:r. County. 25.'i 

5 Ip.vf^e BookB of Concertos nmnu .... 1 

Harlequin llatif,'crs *J 

Ijooso ^lusic . G 

G9 3 4 
lector relhaui, Chiivles Jones, Jolui Lcjw. 



( Conclude J.— ^ce Vol. J/., ;>. 210: Vol. JJI.^ip. liS, 115, 18-3.) 

XXII.'s CnrEK.' 

Here Lyeth y' Body of 
M" I^fury Perrin DAu^'Utc-r 
of M' John and M" Mary 

Perrin died Sep' y' 18"" 

1738 Aged three yoara 

One iQontb <fe five Days'. 

Uerc lies the Body of 
John Perriu son of Tbomr^ 

and Elizabeth Perrin 
^'ho departed this life Nov'= 2' 1752 
Aged C3 years 1 mouth and 2 Days. 



Here lies the body 
widow of r^Iorgan Tomkics ' of 
Gloucester C^ daughter of Benj' 
it Hannah Ilobinson of Ivinpj K (^ueen 
O who departed this life the 20'" 
J.m" 1825, aged -13 years, S mouLha 
k 20 days. 

251 ^VIU.UM AM' ■\Iat:y Coi-li:ol Qr.unLULY. 


SIUCi;KL^UKl)'b Fakm.' 

Ilero Ijcth inl erred tbo body of 

Anuie JivfioUl daughter of 

^VilHaln Byficld who departed 

this lifo — July 1700, iu tho 

lllh mouth of her age. 

• * * * 
Richnrd BjGeld 



' Sftrnh's Crcok flows iuto York Itiver on tho en=t siilc of Gloucester Point. 
At itij mouth was tbo fnvorite harborr.cje of the British men-of-war. On tViC 
c:\st ?iile of the mouth stooJ the Verriu uiansion, still iu good couJiiion, ami of 
the style of architecture so usual iu Virginia during tho reigns of the Georges — 
n largo brick building, two stories hi;_;h and four rooms to a floor, wainsconttd 
nud panelled. The house is in full fiew of Yorktowu. The Perrin fainiiy 
haTe intormarricd with many of the leudiug fainiIic-3 of Vireinia. Iu the York 
records I found tho following qv.uiut letter from the anxious mother to the 
immigrant youth, John Perrin: 

Son John: My love to yo', and I very glad to hcare of yo'^ health, but 
very sorry to hearo of y>= accident w '' befell yo' by fire. I have sent yo' a 
boy W ' I desire that yoa would have as much cure of as if he was yo*^ o"ktio 
alsoe. I have, sent yo' some things, so much as I am able at this tyme. and if 
God shftll enable m<> to live another yeare I shall send yo" more. YV ff.ther 
hath deputed this lifo, and hath left you a little house iu y' South-gate streete 
in burg worth the matter of lOtt.", there is a noato iu y ' barrell it lieth at y" torp 
in y ne'.v blankelt. and I have sent yo' by Tho : a small pecce of gonid for 
yo'' wife «lsoe I have j.d for y boy his passage, his name is Backer yo' undo 
Christopher lives nt Ascamack at Chcryston creekr, .l* ns yo desire my bless- 
ing have a care of y boy, and learn him his trade, and not to pt from him ' 
• * my love to yo " & yo^ wife desiring of God to keepc • • • 
Y'our loveing mother, 

Sr.-AN PEEHiy. ' 

[This letter which is without date is entered in the proceedings of the coiir; 
for ICIS.] 

'In the Virginia Gicette of May 20, 1737 is the notice of the death of 
Charles Tomkics, nt his house in Gloticestcr county, practitioner in physic, 
skilful in hi<i profession, for many ye.ars justice of the peace. 

* These Byfi^'ld tombstones lie about three miles from Y.irk River, and 
BcTen miles from the Court-house. Tradition has it that these little- chii Iren 
wandered off from home and were lost iu the woodi and die I, and wore buried 
on the spot where found. 

Oi.i) TuMhSTONEs IN ?»1ai iiikws Cokn ty. 255 

F.r.HOR : Ou pfif:^ fH of tJii3 volume (\\.l. III. No. 1) the four lust linrs of 
thr inscrij/tion of " Jolm Dixon, only sou of Joliu Diioii nud J.liznbctli IVy- 
tou/' etc., vcro tninspas.-d from tin- inscrii-tiDU of l)o-t. Dixon lii-i b.,n 
(pnge 30). Itwastlio laUor "who died" etc., and was "Iho ujule do- 
sccudp.ut of tlic Diiuu fiiinilv." 

OLD to:mj'.sto>:j:.s in liivTii i:\v.s couxxy 

COLI.KCTLI) i:V Till: i;i>IT01{. 


" YK/VI.MANS.'" 

Sacred to the ir:omory of 

i\Iary Yofitiuixn 

Wifo of Tbuinas ]M. yeritiima 

tV. diingbter of John Tompkins 

She died iu October ITOO, 

Aged 31 years. 


to tho ^leuiory of 

Tlionias liobinsou 

Eldest son of 

Thomr.3 Muse Yeatmnn Sc Mary Tompkins. 

]3orn J any o, ITSO, 

Died Aug.' 25, 1832. 


O.KK Gr.OVE.* 

Here lyetb Interred 

tbo — of ^^'llliaul Arnxistoad, 

\sbo departed this life the 13 day, 

of June 1711, a^'ed 40 years. 


Trinity CraRca.* 

In ilemory of 

Mr. John Xason 

vbo Died rd..y y IS •" 1772 

A-cd 5U. 

260 ^Vll.I.l>M \su Makv Cou.kge QcAinEni.Y. 

ITere is depoBiteil tlio i\Iorlal Pari of 

Lucy Dixun, wife uf the Kcv. Jolm Dixcn.* 


ILxf'iQplnry Piely, l^uuustic N'irlucp, Liboi al Charily 

Deservedly Craisid ber to bo 

HiglJy cslecnicd, cordially l)ok)\od, sincerely Iniuented 


The Tublic, TLr Faiuily, the Poor. 
Obiit Nun', 1TG9, Aetat: 41. 


' " Yenlmfin'B })lnutalion " lies opj.ositc to "Toddbnrj- " on North Rivor. 
There are two otLir headstones, but the bri.-xrs were so dcnso as to reiub r 
/i]>pioach iiuposriiblc. 

'This pliice lies oti Ef\?t ftivor, niul tlic tomb must be thnt of Willinrn .\rnii- 
stoftd, eldest son of Col. Johu Armistead of llcssc. (Ste Kiith's " Ancestry of 
iJeijjnniin Harrison"). 

* Trinity church i.s n wooden etructure -10 feet long by 27 feet. Kinsston 
chnrch, which et.'iuds at the other end of the county, was rebuilt just before 
the war, cbi< tly through the ciertions of iliss Elizabeth Tomijkins. 

* Lucy I)ixon'shutbfind was Rt-v. John IMxon, minister of Kiug-tcn pariah in 
3751, and rrufo;.=;or of Divinity, in Willinm and Mary Collc.;;c, from 1770 till hia 
death in 1777. Sons John and Thomas ; .\nne infant dai)[;hter of Thoma^s ; 
and nephew Kogor Dixon. (Chancery papers in WUliaiuibnrg.) 

j,y "WatvWick, or "Qi'inuy's Fat.m", 
/T .- f ;./>-•■■' In Xt^rilmmpltMi- County. 

In memory of Arthur Upshur* 

born in j* County of Essex in y* 

KiEpdom of EiJ<,'land \%ho died 

January 2G, 1709 in y 85'" Year 

of Lis Age. 

In memory of M;iry j* 

\Vife of Arthur U})shur 

born in \' County of Warwick 

in y* Kiugtlom of En;,'land 

\;\\vi died July >' od 1703 

in y" 85'-' year of her Age. 

258 Wii i.iAM AM> ]\Iai:y Coi.I.K'.ii: C^iAinuti.v. 

II. II K'v 



ITfro lies tlio IJoily of 

John CiiBtis, K>q., ono of the 

CouRciU and Major Gtncrall of 

Tiq^inin who (It-purteil Uuh life ye 

20 til of January IGOC t\<^c(\ GG years 

And by Ilia side a son and dauphtor 

Of bis Grandson Jobu Cnstis whom 

Ife had by the duughler of 

Daniel I'luko Esq. C'ajit. Genorall 

And Ciiicf Governor of the Leeward 


Yirtua Poi^t I'uneni. 


Beneath this ^larblo Tomb lies y' body 

of tho Honorable Joba Custis,* Esq., 

of the City of "Willi am sbur^^ and Parish of Bniton 

Formerly cf llunffars ]*aiish on the Eastern Shore of 

Virginia and the County of Xorthampton the 

lilaco of his nativity. 

Aged 71 years and yet lived but seven years 

"Whicli was the space of time he kept 

A Bachelor's House at Arlin^^ton 

On the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

This inf'jrmation put on this tomb was by his 

own positi\e order. 

—Win. C'olley. Mason, in FencLurch Street, London, Fecit. 


"NVrLsoMA Nkck. 

Hero lyoth y* body of John Custis, Ei^q., one of the council of 
Virginia colonel, and commander ij^ Chief of the ^lilitia on the 
Ea-tern Shore of this colouey. He was the son of tho Hon. John 
Custis, of Arlin^^ton, and dejiarted this life '2Gth of January, 17i:». 
and in the siitieth jear of his ago. H)3 lirst wife was Margcrtit, 

Oi.p 'J'uMi' rt'NEs IN MATrnKv.s 259 

y* dtinp^litcr of Mr. John ?tTii'li!icl1, \>y whoino lie liiul sovoii hous jind 
two (Ihu^'IiIois, uho Avilh Ihret* of thc<ir Hons lies near him. Uia 
second wife •\v;i.> Savjih, tho (luu;:3:hter of Colonel Southy Ijittlotun, 
anil wiJcAv of Mr. Aclmn Michael!, who Burnveil hita, but hoped to 
bo buried bj biui wlion .';ho dits, ns was his df'siro. Wiiioh accord- 
in^dy now <iho is, and departed this lifo tho loth day of April, Anno 
Domini, 1720, luid iu the fifty first yeiu* of her ugo. 


"Pori..SON" l'l.ACF," AT OnANCOCK. 

Coll Tully liol)ii!Son' 

late of AccoiJiack C-o., Va., who waa 

born August 31st 1058, and 

departed Novcrabcr 12, 1723, 

aged G5 years and t\\cuty 

— days. 

A gentleman honourable, an 

Ornament to all places. He 

was loyall to bis prijico, 

Unshaken to his friend, and 

a true believer ia the Church 

of I'lnjrland. 



Here lies the body of 

^Fajor Charles \Ve5.t^ 

who departed this life 

Febrmy the 28" 1757 

in tho — year of his age. 


Deep Creek. 

Anthony "SVest 

Son of Anthcny ^\'tst and Eleanor his wife 

Born Auj^'ust 21, 1700 

Died l-'ebruarj 2' 17D5 

^VIJ.I.IAM A.M. MaI.V (*uU.K(iK. QLAllTKlrLV. 

TuiveU ^Vfc8t 

Sou of AulliDiiv Wi-bt uiid ]^!o.inor his wife 

Born ]Vrarc'L 15 ', 175;"j. 

Died December 20. 16U2. 


1. Tlio editor rcccivcil tLi>«c iiisciii>ti'nis nt Bf-cond liniul, nnd cnniiot vouch 
for the onh-r of ihn li ics, whioL is doubtless, in some cases, not einct. 

2. Arthur Upshur was tlio auctstur of Abel P. Ujishur, Rccret'try of State 
during TjKr's admiuiatratiiui, aiul one of the ablest lucu Vir<;ini.i ever i>ri>- 
duced. Arthur Upshur (or Upshott, as his miiae is sptlt iu the earhcst re- 
cords) is Biild to huvo come from En;^land as au apprentice of Colonel WjHiiiUi 
Kendall. Ho appears to have taki a a leading on the Ka?t-'rn Shore, 
thou;:;h, as \mis the c.iie with luuny country cccutlcmcn in Kn;,'l.'\nd about thr'.t 
time, he luad-? hia mark, bciui^ unable to write. The following I'.it* nts apjuar 
iu his uamt-: 300 acres ut i>c;id of Occahannock Creek— hcad-riijbti!, Mary llis- 
dcn, James Iti-den, Laudilla liisdcu, Arthur Carpenter, Philip Sourhack, John 
Albert, M.irch 11, 1C.").j; 700 acres in same locality. October 20, ICGl ; on 
Matchcpunt^o Creek. 2,000 acres, Stptember 20. 1C6J; 2,0u0 acres formerly 
granted to Lieut. -Coll. Kendall, and assitined to Upshur September 23, iC'o; 
350 acres sit the head of Broad Creek, a branch of Nussawaddox Creek. About 
1655 "Arthni Upshott of Occalianuock" married llary, widow of Jamrs Kl-- 
den ; and about U'-CJ iio married Mary, sister of Ocorge Clarke, philomedicu?, 
and widow of Kichard Jacob. Upshur may have had nu earlier wife still. He 

had issue: '2, ArUutr ; 3, Johu ; 4, IleLn, who married Stott ; and "/, 

Ann, who married Bcujamiu iJolby. 2. Aetirti married Sarah, co-heir with 
Anne, her sister (who married Andr»:w Hamilton, of Pennsylvania), of hoi- 
father, a Quaker of great iulluence, Thomas Browne, inheritiD;_' TiGl acrt-i 
called "P.rowujvillc," and on which resides Thomas T. Upshur, one of hot 
descendauLs. The old dwcllii.g-houso is still staudiu^, now converted into 
servants' '<juartt;rs. The descent of Mr. Thomas' T. Upshur is: .A.rt}iur ' 
(died iu ITO.l), .\rthur-, Thomas-, Thomas', Johu^ Thomas*, Thomas' T. 
Upshur. Abt-l P. I'pshur was descended us follows: Arthur', marr-.ed, 1st, 
Mary Hisdcn; 2<1, ifary Jacob ; had Arthur-, who married Sarah Browr.e; 
they had Abel', who married llaohel Pievell, daughter of John llcvcil; they 
had Arthur,* who married Leah Custis, daughter of Henry Custis ; th-y h.ui 
Littleton," who married .-Vun Parker, daughter of George Parker and li;-» 
wife Ada Bag .veil; Ihey had Ai-.el" Pabiiiir Ursuvi;, who married, 1-t. 
Ehzabeth Dennis, who died s. p. ; he married. 2d. Fdizabeth Ups-bnr, 
daughter of John and Ann Brown Upshur, and sho had Susan Upshur, who 
married Lieutenant Umg'>ld o; the navy; issue, an only child, James T. Ki:i- 
gold, an attorney at law in B.dtimore, Md. 

3. These' arms arc described iu John Cuitis's will as "three parrots," bit 
I have seen no copy of the arms on the tumh^^tones. 

4. John Cuitis married, about ITdG, Frir.ces. daughter of D.anicl Parkf. 
Jr. A of Philip Lu Kvoll, Sr.. iu 1707. r. fois to the marriage as if 'f 
recent occurrence, bhe died March 13, 17i4-lj. iJDruton fiirn'i lU^isUr.) 


John Cusiib ilicd November — , ITI'J (Ibiif.\ ntui Jiin wili wuk iluU'd Nuvcnbcr 
14, 17-rJ, ntj(l Was provf.l nt Lnnduii, Novoiubti 10, 17.";3. In it lie- ilhtcto bis 
hotly to bo < nrri'.'il from '\Vilii.'.i:isbiir^% wlieic lie rf.-.iil.'d, to Arlinqlon, to bo 
interred l)y tin s^idu of his f;ruiidr.itlier, Hon'"' .lolm Custit,, E.v^., ui.der a 
hnnd'^ome v,]nt" umrbk- tombstoiic «ii;4riVfd v.itli anuM, "throo parrots." 
(Aew Eng. 11, st. aiul Gen. A'. ^7>fcr. ) As be wns sovoiity-onn vinrs of n^^ in 
1749, he wn; bo:ii in KITS, and wns twenty-eight or tv.euty-niuc y*>p.i-8 old when 
ho uinrried Trrtuccs IV.iko. Ifc prob:ibly rcclioiic-l his bacholorhnoj from bis 
majority. The inscription oalct^'izing this period of ".^--jvon yvarg " i. found 
in his will. Ill (lie ul<l family binyiug-fjroaud, now owiied by Major M' r'.vr 
"Waller, n'-ar ^Villi:l^l^b\lr;,^ nw tombstones of FrancLj Cu!,tw, his wifL-, an 1 of 
two children will >m her only soi:, l")Anicl Purke Cu'tfs, had by Martha Dan- 
dridge, nflinvards Georvje ^^■a^l)in^ton'8 wife. (S^^e luscriptioLS, I'a. Ifi:L 
Soc. CvlUctiiiufi, Vol. XI.) Monde mtntious as in tli3 bnryiiir;-gTo-.inJ tlio 
tombstone of Dankl I'arko Cii^ti><, but it has bit'ii carrieil off. It apitoars 
from the inscrii'tiuns now published that John Custi^ had tvo other d.iidrv;n 
besides P.'.niel Parke Custis. The eiuij/rant Ciistid anceslov was tlohii Co>ti:', 
of llotterdam, who was in Vir^^iuia in ICf-lO. He h^'d six sons: Thorn-is, of hni- 
timore, in Ii' '.and; Kdward, of London; liobert, of liLtterdum (ii tavern-keijA-r 
there, whose dau;^'httr married Ar^^all Yi.rdlcy, son of tiie Governor, about 
IW.'). f ml John, Ytilliani, and Joseph, of Vireinia. John, the «on, was sheriff 
of Nortbauijilon county in IC'I-I, and in 1(j7C wn^ major-y«:? tlurinq Pacoa's 
Rising; and his estato of Arliivtou i^ave its namo to t>io v:ell-];nov.n Ciwlis 
estate nea. ^V .?hiTic;foii. The family was evi<leutly oriii^iually from coumy 
Gloucestei, England. The will of John Smithier, of Arunnton, in the parish 
of Ij'iybury niul county of Glouctfti^r. dated Ftbrnaiy 16, KJIS, prov-d Octo- 
ber 31, V1C\ mentions his coupins, Henry Cu.'tis. alias Cliflo; "my son-in-law 
Edward Custis, tiUni Clille ; and bis son John CusLis,"' as albo WjlHaui Cuslis, 
Kicholas Curtis, etc. (Xor Kiifjl lint aruf Gen. li-r,:^Ur, 195, 201.) See, for 
further informr-.tiou regardinj; the Cr.Ftis fnmilj-, Me.".de, I., 2G;); Gio. Vv'. T. 
Custis's Jit/itirii^ccncis ; The M^JTf hall ?\nuihj ; Sf/indnnJ, III., loU; PoU'T's 
AmericiiTi MonU.Uj, VI., S3 ; and other references in Goode's Virginia<f. 

5. Colonel Tally liobiusuu was sou of Captain V.illiam llobinson, a mairis- 
trate of lower Norfolk county. His dau-^btcr .Scarborough marri--Hl John U i.;e. 
auctjtor of General Henry A. W'i^e. For an account of the Wise family, tee 
JiU:.-/u>n-I ,<t.iKd.iril, IV., 3; Uambleton's Lifcof llcury A. UW. 

C. This tomb bears the W. -.t .arms: on a fcsse dancettee three 1. opavds' 
faccp jesbant-de-lis. Anthony Y\'cst came to Virginia in t!'e Jam<.s in l'J2. 
(Hottcn's hnvii^ranU.) His will is dated October 12. lH;:i. proved M.iy o, 

l€o'2. His issPe by Ann were: John and Katha.-ine, the latter of whom 

married, 1st, Kalph Parlow, and 'Jdly. Sir Charles, eldest son of Li<.ut.- 
Colontl F. iiiuuid Sr.irburgh. John Wtst became lict:ienant-cn!,iDel. and was 
B contemporary of Colonel John West, of ^Vest Foint. In r.acon's Rebellion 
betook sides wiih Bacon, and he and his kinsman, Vvilliam Searburyh. had to 
beg Sir ^ViIl:am Pt-rkeloy's pardon on their beudcl knees. He married Ma- 
tilda ScarbiirL-h. and Anthony, .\lexandor, John the FMest, Iknony, Ji>na- 
tban, John the Yi-nncT. and several dr.ughters. M.'ijor Chail.g Wtst, of the 
text. WHS a Miu of cither J<d»n tli.' tld^ -t or of Jouat uj.u, as each of thtin h.»'i 
asonCharUs; probully, howcwr, of John "the eKk-t," who mr.rried Fr.n- 

2U2 ^\'lI.Ll.vM AM. :\Iauv Cuu tc.i: (,)L-.UaKX.LY. 

ces Yrir.'iirv. An!i(>, tho v.:do\v of Antliony Wosf the iinnii^, m.irriiJ, 
2.11y. Ciiplaiu .St-phou i ■luirl. tun, \sbo i- i.l..,n.;iitly cKM-ril..-.! by Clou. I Nur- 
vuixl, iu ll.c nccor.iit of Lis voyn-o in Kil'J, as li\iti^; in Northamptou in Uiuch 
comfort .ind ho-i-itality. IJy n foiuier wife, Di jdyct, CL.irktoii Lnd two daii-L- 
tors, Hrid'^aiind Elizp.bcth, between whom ho divided his C5tato, with the urn. 
vjso, however, tLnt should tlie elder, Itridtjet. die without i-«suc, her siinre should 
^'o to tlie support of n luiui-itor iu the jmrish. Bridget ui.-.rricd I-anc Foicrnft, 
but died witliout issuo, niul for luntiy years th; church iu Nohrtli-.inptou had 
tl:o j.ropfrty ; but uiauy years hiter the ovcrsoers of tlu- poor bro;i-lit .suit for 
tho same, nud, after mueh litlj.'ation, tlio courts decided n;?ainst tho church, 
(Soe Mc-nde, I., '2r,r,.) Elizal.-rth, tho other, wa.=i porsufidcd to olopo 
with one John Gittiiips at the nye of twelve year.-,, but, died soon after; and 
tliere is on record in Northampton a singularly ab!o paper by Survovor-Gon- 
oral Kduiund Scnrburgh, the second of tho numr, and brother of Sir Charles 
.Scarbur^;!!, protesting tho conduct of John Gittings. (See, alio 





February 1^ ITG.'^ 

At n Meeting of tbe rrisidotit .v; Masters of ^VilIiam aiul Mary 


Tlio Eev' Mr. ^Villiaril Yates, rresidont, Emnianuel Joncs, VriHii.ra 
Sinnll, and James H<^rrocks. 

"Whoreas Thomas Forbes (to whom a Erase of a L'jt in Hampton 
was formerly promis'd) appears to this Society a Person of base 
Character: we think proper to revoke the said Ecase, A: grant it 
tu Gary Mitchell Esq' of the said Town. 

William Tatzs, prt?id'. 
February O'"' 1703. 
At ft :\reetiiig of tho President, and blasters of AVilliam and Marr 

The Eev' Mr. "William Yates President, Emmanuel Jone?. Wiili.iai 
Small, Kichard Graham A: Ja' Horrocks, tho following Directions 
were unanimously agreed to, 

The S>ciety imogining Yni are not sufSciently aequamtei vrith 
College Aiiuirs, beg Leave to l:iy before jou the following Dirtv- 

Jul i:SAi. or THi: Mki.ti:;. s or Tin riiKsmrvr ksd Masteiis. -2^::) 

lions for ynur fiiluro Coiulisct, I) which tli.y ilcsire yu wiU 
constaiitly and sk-fiilily touforni, Viz. 

l*'- That you iiovor c^nc•c•rn y..urrclf witli any of Iho Bovh only 
yvhen you hnve a Coiuiiliiint aj^aiust any of tlicin, ami thru that you 
make it to his, or their proper ^^^li■trr. 

2"^ That there be always hdh frosh, and r.aU Meat for Dinnor; 
and twice in the AVcok, as veil na on Sunda} in particular, t1i:<t 
thore he cither rud<liQf^s or Tics Iv sides; thnt there be nhvnyfl 
Phnity of Victuals; that ]^»rcakfast, Dinner and Supper, bo Eorv'd 
up iu the cleanest, and neatcbt manner poPsi))le; and for this rvoason 
the Society not only allow, but desire [110] you to jret a Ox-k ; 
that tlie]3oys Suppers bo not as usual made up of different Scraps, 
but that there bo at each Table the same Sor': and when there ia 
cold fresh Meat enough, that it bo often ha^.hod for them ; that when 
they are sick, you yourself see their Victuals bofo re it bo carn'd to 
them, that it bo clean, decent, and fit for tlu-ui; that the Person 
appointed to t;d.e due of thorn, be constantly v.ith them, and p\e 
their iledicinc regularly. Tho general Com})laiuts of tho Visitoi-K, 
and other Gentlemen throughout the whole Colony, plainly shew 
the ]^ecc6sity of a strict, and regular Compliance with tho above 

3- -' That I' Di\-it bo kept entirely to hor proper OHo of 
atteadiug tho sick, and when none arc sick, to making the Xegrocs' 
Cloths, and seeing the Dormitories, and other Apartments kept 
thorouguly clean; and that she goes round to them all two, or 
three Times a Day. that she have nothing to do with the Keys, 
Breakfasts, Dinners, and Suppers any more. 

4"- J That a proper Stocking-mender be procur'd to hve in, or 
near the college, and as both Masters rnd Doys complain of losing 
their Stockings, you are desir'd to look over their Notes given v.ith 
their LLnuen to the "Wash both at the Delivery, and Return of 
them, as every House Keeper hitherto hath regularly done ; and 
that after their [lllj Cloths are returned clean, you still keep their 
Kotts till their Stockings are mended, and returned to them like- 
wise; that if any Boy's Linneu is missing vrheu he goes to receive 
it, he shall not take any of it aw^y till Complaint be made to the 
President or Masters that tho Servants may be corrected for tlicir 
Carelessness, and made to lind what is missing. 

S'*"-^ That tho Negroes be trusted with no Iloyp; that a Butcher 
be Rgi-eed with to supply tVie College regularly, and that his Moat 
bo taken preferable to any other provided it be good; that fr€s.h 

2C1 ^\'lILIAM AN»» ■\I\UV C'oT.I.F.'iK QcAHTrKI.Y. 

]5utter bo look'cl out for in Time, tlmt the ]>g,vs may nut bo forcdl 
to cat B.ilt iu Summer. 

C""'' Ab wc nil l:no\v that Ncfjrocs will not pr-rfurm their Dntic« 
\rithont the ^ilistrcsb'a constant I'yo c-ajiecially in bo lur;^c a Fun.'ily 
hs the College, juul as we all observe You going a broiul more fre- 
quently than oYcu tho Mistress of a private Fr.mily can do without 
tlio Affairs of hor province preitly sulTcrinj^, \Vo particularly rc- 
(jnest it of you, tli'it your Vi^iits for the future in 'J'own or Country 
raay not bo so frequent, by which Cleans we doubt not but Com- 
jilaiuts will bo greatly lesseu'd. 

The above Rules tho Society begs may be \Jl\~] strictly obsorv'd, 
find likewise desire pl^rticull^r Notice may bo taken of tho following 
Advices : 

The Housc-Koepyr is to bo supply'd with AVood and Candles, 
and with Tea i^ Sugar for Creak f;ist cni.v: that tho rest of tho Tea 
and Sugar is to bo used for the sick; that the AViuo is intend, -d 
wholly and solely for tho sick, unless tho Society order otherwise ; 
that the IIonBe-Koepcr has no Power to give or lend any Thing 
out of College without Leave; that tho riumbs, Currants, «fe' aro 
culy to be us"d at the Common Table, or for the sick; that rich 
Calces, Pjosenes, A:' must be at your own Expenco; that if any 
Waster should chance to miss attending tho Hall, or Common-Koom 
he may send for what Victuals he pleases thac is loft. Lastly, you 
are desii-'d to have no Boys at Brealcfast wi:h you, or to invite 
particular ones to Tea in tho Afternoon, as it causes Disturbances. 

^VILT.TAM Yatks, Prosid'. 
April 27'^ 17r>.j. 

At a Meeting of the President and Masters of W'lUium and ^lary 


The Rev' Mr. "William Yates, President. Emmanuel Jones, 
WiUiam Small, Richard Graham, iv: Ja' Hon-ocks. 

This Society agi-ers that Mr. John Clough mny be Collector of 
the Rents to the PrafTerton Estate, provided it is agreeable to their 
Agents, 3Icss" Capel cV Osgood Ilanbury, Merchants, in London. 

^VILLrA.M Yatks, Presid*. 
May r/' 1703. 

At a Meeting of tho President and Masters of V.'illiam and ilnxy 
a liege, 


The Rev' Mr. Vril]i;-.ra Yates President. Emmanuel June?, 
"William Small, Graham, A: Ja' Ilorrocka. 

PEKhlONAI. No;Ur..':.-rK05J TliT l\rAr.VL\ND G.V. ITIT. 205 

Oidei'J, TlialMr. liisc, Wrili-j-r-IVInster ftt the Cullrgcbo fU-eir'd 
to nU' n<l l»is Si-lio-. 1 every Evfiiinjif j'n.m tLo 1 " AjV lo the 1" OcV 
(SutiirduvK iV 8iiii(l:'As oxcfi)te.l) bctwccu tliohoiiiH of o A 7 o'Clock. 

Wu.i.FAM Yai i:s, Prcsi'i'. 

pkkso:;al notices -Fno:>r Tin: mai:yi.ani)Gazi:tte. 


FrunuAitv 1, 172S-9.~L!tst AVcrlncsclay uigbt, Col. Thomas Lee's 
fiiio house iu Vir^jinia "was burnt, Ijis otlice, barus and out-bouKCH, 
his plate, cash (to the sum of £10,000) papers auil everythiug on- 
tii-rly lost. His Intly pad child wore forced to bo thiov.n out of a 
window, and ho hiuisolf hardly escaped the flames, beinrj much 
scorched. A white girl about twelve years eld (a Bervant) per- 
ished in the fire. It is said Col. Loc'tJ loss is not less than jCiOjOOO. 
The fine lar^^'e house of Col. Carter on Rappahannock, was also 
burnt lately. The particulars of ibis loss we cannot t.'ive you, 
but wo lire iuformod it is vtry great. 

Makch 1 to 11.— Stolen out of the house of Col. Thomas Lee in 
Virginia (somo time before it was burnt) a cocsidrrablo quantity 
of valuable plate— viz.: Two Caudle Cups, ihreo Piuts each, onf; 
Cho( olato-Pot, one Coffee-Pot, one Tea-Pot, Throe Castors, Four 
Salt?^, A Plate ^vith the Corbin Anna, a Pint Tumbler, Pilto am^.i?, 
Four Cuudle-sticks, one or two Pint Cans, a Fund for Quart Bot- 
tles, no Arras on it. A pair of Ruuflers and Stand .<cc. Thi.s Plate 
has on it the Coat-of Arms or Crest, belonging to the name of Lee, 
\iz: Fcs.s Ciuquo between eight billets, Four and Four. The 
Crest is a Squinel sitting upon and eating an Acorn olT ihe branch 
of a Tree ]>roper. 

N. B. The Governor of Virginia has published a Peword of 50 
Pounds, and a Pardon to anyone of the Accomplices who will dis- 
cover the rest (except the Person whc set tire to the House). 

17*29. Jlnk 17th to Jcne 21th. — This paper contains a pcera by 
^Ir. Blackamore on the Mountain Expedition of Governor Spotts- 
wood "when the Tramontane Older was instituted. ' The original 
poem, iu Latin ver.=;e, was delivered at the College oi ^Villiatu and 
:yrary, the November after the return of the Governor an.i Lis party 
" from their Progress amongst the Mountains,'" by Mr. Blacka- 
more, Humanity Professor at Williamsburg, and the translation in 
the M-iryltnd (7,i:.tff. ^^•og by "the lato Rev. Mr. George Sen- 

2C6 AViT.TiAM ANi> "M KV.Y Cui i.v.u}: Q;'.u:r>;iir.Y. 

1717--ArGusT ]l.---]\rarria,'To of Tfou. Jolin Tayloe to Kcbecca 
Platoi ftt tho houPti of IJalj'h Wonucl-jy in Mi-ldkhc-i .7uly H. 

17-17— Nov. n.— Tlio Governor of ^rnrylautl, Samuel Ojjle, visit« 
Lord Fniifax in Vir<;inia. 

1749. — "At LeedsTown in Vir^jinia on AVednt-.sdf.y, 17th Sep- 
tember" a race to be iiin for a juirKi; uf £'.V), and o!i tho IS'lh a 
plate about £100 value. 

1751— Oct. '.».— Clov. Ogle, attended by 8e\eral of hi^ Council 
of State, "Yesterday set out from bis Beat in Pnnco George's Co. 
for Virg^"uia." 

17j1— Oct. 2']. — He returned safe and in pood health from Vir- 
ginia "yesterday." 

n.')!— C).:ini;in IC— ])a\id Cunningham, 2nd nun of Sir John 
Cunningham of Roberlland in Scotland, came from thence to Vir- 
gini:i or Maryland, tv.-cnty-two years ago. "Something to his ad- 
vantage"— if he cm be found. ITe is to apply to Mr. "William 
Cunningham, Mercliant, at the Falls of the iJappahannock, Vu , 
among others. 

1755— Aror.^T 1-i. —Sales of land in Virginia, the estate of 
AVilliam Clifton in Fiarfas County. Sale of laud of the Lees in 
Md. and \a. 

1757— Seit. 15.— Death of Col. ^Villiam Fairfax, his epitaph 

1757— Sfjt. 27.- -Philip Ludwcll Lr-o advertises, a runaway, 
Charles Love, professor of music, dancing and fencing, etc. Eight, 
nine or ten pounds reward offered for his recovery, according t^.* 
tho place whore ho h found. "Siippo?ed he will make towards 
Charles Town, S. C." 

1750 - AmiL 10.— Col. George Mercer stops at Annapolis on his 
■way from Philadelj^hia to Virginia. 

l~ij^— JfLY 12. — Fleet from London for Virginia and Maryland, 
arrives under convoy of the 7L>/nn. man-of-war. Passenger, AVilli.^m 
Hunter, Esq., Postma.-ter General of Vu-giuia. 

17C0— M.\KCii 27.— "William Ramsay, Alexandria, Va., adverti-^ s 
to be rented the "George Tavein," the house is described, contai::s 
a very good London billiard-table. On the premises are a ganien. 
stable, smoke house, etc. 

17C0— ArrjL 3.— Benjamin Grymes. '• Virginia, r.Iareh20, 17C0," 
advertises, he has built a forge with three fires in it, on a good 
stream, and wants ctricer.'? to cnrr}- on the work. He has "sloops 
that brijig ore from :SIoaIt;'s Point, near Prdtimore Town, so hat 
passage may be had from thence for any Uousthold Qovds.'' 

]'ti;soN\L NoTi:s--l''iii'M Tin; Makviand Ga/etti:. 2(17 

ITOO-.rt'M: G.--"]"rtirfux Co., in Vir-jiniM, .lime G, 17C.0." To 1)0 
lot, fi cla.ii'c trnct of luutl, Ftvtiul lliuiisund ftcns, Itlorpirj? to 
Chiirlcs, Earl of TftuKfivillo, clc. (This in tlio Cohillu ththte.) 

1700 — AiciLsT liS. — "]j!ist >vt(k taikil from l*fttuxtnt to London, 
tbo Bbij> Wilson, Capt. Jiulson Coolidgc, with whom went passen- 
«;or.s Gcorj^o William Fairfax K&q: of Vir^'inia, hin Lady ajij 

17C.1— Jan'yS.— ])oathof IJov.Wm. (Thomas?) Dawson, JVcsidtut 
of AVillinm and :\Iarv Cullo^'C, long obituary notice. 

17G2--Ari:iT, L— Lottery ftdvcrlisea in Alcxanihia, Va., to dia- 
l»OEo of the effects of JuSt-pb ^Vatson "intending fur England," a 
list of books (fh'cn, etc. 

17G2— Skit. 2.— llicbard Corbin, at "Cuibin Hull," in Va., tidver- 
tiscs for a runaway nogi'u coachman. 

17G4 — AiT.ii. o. — A disjiatch fromEujupe. Anthony ]'.:icon E.-q., 
A "Virginia Merchant," chosen "S\. V. for Ayhsbury. iu room of 
John ^Villv•.'3 E>q. 

17G1— May 24.— Brick Church at the Eall.'^, in Fairfax Cc^ Va., 
advert i>umtnt about it. G. AY. Fairf.nx and G. AVashington, Church 
wardens, Truro Paiish. 

17G1— S::iT. G.—!iL. re about the 1/irl of Tankt-rville and thcA'ir- 
ginia lands. Johu Colvillc and Thomas C, brothers, the Earl is 
one of the executors of John C, and T. C, deceased. 

17(;;4-SKiTEMm.R. — The Colville estate in ^fd., to be f.old by 
Thomas Colville. Ho is in controversy w ith the Earl of Tanker- 
ville, dates his advertisement "CU^:h, near Alexandria, Va., Sept. 
22." Has waited niiic years for the Earl to come to some determi- 

1705— Fku'y 5.— "Blandneld," Essex Co., Va. To be Bold, 
several thousand acres in Augusta Co., part known by name of 
Beverley Mimor, apply to ]\P Thomas Lewis near Stauntun iu 
Augusta Co., or to Robert Beverley. 

170.J — r^lAY 10. — An account of a schooner which sailed out of 
York Kiver, bound up the Bay, and was lost iu a violent of 
wind above the mouth of Rappahannock, all on board perished. 
There were two passengers, one of them "M' Graves, son of ii'* 
Sar;di Packe of AVilliamsburg, a very hopeful ycjuth, of about 13 
years of age." The friends request the favcr of good Christiana 
who may happen to tini or hear of their bodies, "to give notice to 
M' Parks, printer at Williamsburg." Mr. Packe was a thin slender 
Touth; \ivA on a tcarlet Great-Coat, a new green cloth Waistcoat, 

2ns Wii.i.iAM ANo yiM.\- Coi.LFt.i: Qv.vmr.Ri Y. 

vith wbit« i)i« lal LuUoiis, a row ]i.\ir of leather brtcclics, nnl n 
now pair cif bods ; fi!;<l had a piivrr wntoh in liin p(jckc't, the. iiinkei's 
u luip, Bradford of lioudou, with a Kilvcr Bc-fd haiif^niig to it; and had 
ft iiiournuit;^ ring on one of his fingers. They buth had luonf-y in 
their jiockeln, and other cfl'ccts wilh them of cocHiderablo vahio." 
The date of tlie accident was I^Iaich 27. or thut wus the day vhcn 
tlio fcchooner sailed. 

lu a letter of M" Ann (Thomson) ]\IaRon, dated 17i3, she sti.tee 
that her sister Mary ThouiRon married firtst a ^r ]'ooth, tnd 
Bocondly "Cai>t. Graves Pack." 8ho had but one child by lier 
Bocoud husbanil, a sou who died in infancy.' 

13y the Editoi;. 
1. Kor.ERT Sia-TLi., of England, and Eli/.abc-th Bray, liis wife, had 
a Bon, 2. Jlohtrt, to whom Edward ^Jihill in 1G1G gave two cows in 
New Pocoson parish (afterwards Charles pansli), York county, Vr.. 
In iriGl Elizabeth Mihill, widow of said Edward, entered into niar- 
ri-ige articles with Captain ^\'illiaiii Ha\-, of York county, in which 
slie piMvidfcd for "her son, Robert Sbcild, wh«jm she had by her 
first husband, pjbert Sheild doc"; and for "her brother, \x- 
t-iur 3<ray, wine cooper of London"; her first husband's "nephew, 

'In tbe York coimly records is the following order: ••Juuo y 21, 172j: 
On tLe i)elition of I'.ooth Armistcj\d by llobert ArmisteaJ, OenL, Lis next 
fricnl, sotting forth tb.^t Thomas Buoth, lute of this county deceased, 
by hi^ last will k testament did give and bequeath 200 pds sterling t-i 
y s' pet' A" by bis s' will did constitute Mary his wife Ex who since uiior- 
majTicd with Graves Pack, Gont, ordered that the sheriff summon the tail 
I'ack to answer y s' petition nt next court." 

Eobcrt I'.ooth w.-.s clerk of York court p? early .as 10 15. lie inarri' I 

Frances , and bad Elizabeth, who married Dr. Patrick Xapi.»r. li^bcrt 

and William Booth sucrced him in the Y'ork records, and were probably lii-! 
sons. Wiiji.mi left a w ill, which shows tbit he ( had no sous. Egbert 
married Anne, dau.u;hter of James Bray, Esq., and An^relica, liis wifv. but as 
he k-ft DO will, it cannot be "said positively Thomas Booth was his S'-n. 
rai)t. Robert' Arniistead (Anthony- William.') had two sous by a first wifo. 
Booth (ditd in 1727) uud Ellyson;and ho then married, secondly, Kathariuo 
NuttiuiZ, widow of C.apt. William Sheldon, and had llobert. Booth, and An- 
gdien. It looks as if Armistead's first wife was Miss Booth, either a dnnt;htiT 
or giaud-daiic;hter of Kobert Booth, the younqer. (See A'nth'i Anct^trj/ "f Uirii^i), p. 21; QrAnrr.Ki.v, Vol. II., p. 234.) Graves Pack dmt- 
ried, secondly, Saiah . He was justice of the peace of York county, 


Thomas SliicKl"; and for "Williaiu Slookcs, eon of ^\'i]lianl 

2. iJoiniRT SiiKiU) aieil March I, ir.OH 70 ; m. I'.Iizab. th' 

(perhaps Davis, ns Aimo Davis iu ir.Y.'J j^mvor a Ic^^iu y to licr 
"f^rnndson, liolxrt Slit-ild"). Issue, 3. JioJnrt. The uill of 2. 
Kobcrt, pr. 24 March KR'.l) -'70, Tjiontioiiii wife IClizabclh, son Kob- 
ert and cozeu Thomas Sht-il 1. 

3. KoiiKKT SiiEiLi), oliurcli waidon of Chorlos parish, Ac. (inven- 
tory rcc.rded in 17l!8), b. April ii!, 1<!G7, married Mary, i>uly dau. 
of Charles ]3unn (will proved April 2i, 1G70) and Tem)>eranco 
(died Nov. 11, IGOO) Lis wife (called "Kistcr of Thomas lioberts"). 
Temperance m'd 2d Samuel Toplady. Issue: 4., Elizabeth, b. 
Jan. 18, IG'JO— died Dec. 29, lCt»2; r>, Tlohcrt, b. April 18, 1003; 
C, Jhtnn, b. Jan. 2, 1005; d. I^Iay 20, 17;{2; 7, Anne, b. Jan. 25, 
1G0(8)— d. Oct. 10, 1710; 8, Thomas, b. April 12. 1702~d. Nov. 
11, 1732, d. B. p.; 0. .lohn, b. April 10, 17UG, — d. OL;t. 7, 1731, d. 
B. p.; 10, Charles, b. April 12, 1700. 

5. 1voi;krt yriKioD, (will proved 21 ]\ray, 1753; inventor}-, £1853.- 
1.5^,) m. Sarah, widow of Thomas Barber (deceased in 1712). Is- 
sue: 11, Anne, b. Auf?. 27, 1711 — m. John Howard; 12, Kohert, 
b. D:-e. 1, 1717: 13. John, b. Nov. 24, 1710; 14, Mary. b. Dec. 21, 

1721— d. Jan. 15. 1721 -'22; 15, Mary, b. Jan. 2, 1722; m. 

Kcrby; IG. Sarah, b. Aujj. 25, 1725— m. William Sheldon Sclater. 

G. Dcs-x gnEiij), m. Susannah Curtis, who di'jd Nov. 15, 1727. 
Issue: 17, Frances, b. Nov. 24, 1725. He m. 2dly Hope, daughter 
of John Tomer, and had, 18, I^Iartha, b. May 12, 1731, d. b. p. 

13. Jon.v, m. EIca)}or Chismau, dau. of John Chisman and JZlea- 
nor Howard, his wife, and had issue, 10, Sarah, b. Dec. 21, 1745, 
who m., 1st, Williaiii Dudley ; 2d, ^Villiam Car}-. 20, Maiy, b. Oct. 
16, 1747, m. Simon Hollier. 21, Robert, b. March 12, 1750— d. Oct. 
23, 1781 ; 22, Eleanor, b. iMch. 23, 1752, m. Capt. William Mitch- 
ell, of York Co.: 23, John, b. Nov. 20, 1757, Captain of First Vir- 
ginia State regiment— died IG Jan., 1770, of wounds received in 
service. WDl pr. 20 Jan., 1783. 

21. Ror.ET.T Sui:n.D (will pr. 20 May, 1782) m. Mary and 

and umlor date Feb. 1«, 17 lu. is tbe followinjj: " E.hvnrd lianlolpL of Lou- 
doun, merch', now residing iu Vir-;iuia, deviieo under the Vvill of GriVi-i Pack, 
Inte of London, m.iriu.T, dated IC Dec. 17:18, for ^."C ciirreut montv of Va.." 
sells to John Knidyee 1 lots in Queen IMnry's Port, near the c.ij-ital of Wil- 
lia!n.sbnrg. ^Vitnes^ J. Pjdmcr, Fodford Drtveuport, John P.»rkcr.— Editou. 
' Sh.> married 'idly 'Wi!!! i^n ^Vetll•;rnll, who Jiod iu ICSl, leaving all uu 
property to his son-in-lnw, llofacrt Sbcild. 


"WiM.IAM AM) Ma1:Y QlAllir.HLY. 

had, 24, John For'nison; 25, Pntrick, b. Soi.t. :iO, 177G; 2r,, Eob- 
ert, b. April 4, 1779; 27, Siuuuel, }). Man-h 2:5, 1781. 

12. Koi i:i;r 8nKii.i<, solved aw captain in tbo French and Indian 
wars ; major of niihtia of York Co.; juhtico of peaco, Sec. (Will 
proved 10 July, 177:^.) Re m. Rebecca, dan. of Samuel llydo (boh 
of Kobort ITyde, ulturney-at-law, and Jano hid wife, dnu. of C'apt. 
John L'uderhill, who is bnried at "Kinf,'field," on York Ivivcr.) In- 
ventory, i:22Sn.l7. 2. Is.suo: 28, AWm»f/; 2'.\ Jlohcrt. 

28. Sami>i, SuKii.n (ntt-red AVilliam and Mary College in 17C0. 
Having passed through the Grammar School, he entered tho Phi- 
losophy Schools in 1771, and in 1771^ received from the Faculty 
one of tl)c two medals established by Lord Botetourt.' Kxtra^t 
from the l':ici.lty ^linutts: 

"July 20th, 1773. At a meeting of the President A: Mf^stera 
of ^Villialu hiid Mary College. I'resent: Tlie Pev' M' Cainm, Presi- 
dent, Mr. Jones, M' Dixon, ^V Ifenly, M' Gwutkin & M^ Madison: 
"Agreed— tijat the medal asbign'd fur I'Lilo.sophicaJ Lcia-niug bo 

given to ]\Ir. D.uid Slowart. 
♦'Agieed that the medal assigned for the encouragement of Claa- 

.sicul Leaj-nirg bo given to Mr. Sr.muel Shcild." 

THr. BoiFTovnT Mri>.\L (obvfp.-e). the BjrtiocBT uesai. (revers*) 

Mr. Sheild was a friend of Gen. Thomas Nelson, who recom- 
mended him in 1774 to Bishop Beilby Porteus (son of Pobert Por- 
teus, of Virginia) for orders. (Meade.) lie returned in 1775 an<l 

' There were eiyht of tbcse mcdiils in all awnnled, of which certainly two 
are pre«erv«;-il. One is in the possession of tho Xlir-srs SlieiM, of, 
danj^htors of >Tiin.-^ry Sheild. nml they kindly Io.tucI it to mo for es.iii;inntii""J- 
The other i> l.<\A hy Mr. George H. Burwell. of Clarke county. Vo.— i>eo Qc.\i.- 
■rrr.LT, pp. 144. 207. 

Viii(.iMA N\MK.s Srin.r Osz V.'ay am- Cali.kd Ax.M-itnn. 271 

v/as uinilo miiiistor of Divbdalo parish, in Curoliiio county. There 
are Bcvcrnl lett<"rs of liin in tho ('\t::ctle for this year, it-jjlyiii^' lo 
KicharJ lUariLl, tho uuUijunry, who look fire at some v.-ords iiu- 
puted to Shield castiu{,' doubl vu liis (Bhuid'fi) loyiJty io tho 
Americm cause. In tho fru:c((e for July, 1775, in tho unnouncu- 
ment of his marri:i;,'o to Molly, daufjhtur, of Chailea liaiisford,* 
(Charles;*, Charlt:v, John', tho iu)ii)ij,ruut.) After the death 
of John Catuiii, rresidtut of ^Villiam and Mary Colk';:ri', who 
married Eliz-abcth iiansford, anothor sister, Sheild bccaino min- 
ister of Yurk-Hainptou parish, to which ho ad. led in 17'.i2 tho 
duties of tho aJjoiuinj^ Charles jiari-h. }fis will was proved in 
in York court Juno 20, ISOo, and mentious sons K')bLrt, Samuel 
and lloiuy Howard ShoiM. To tho lust he gave one-half tijt- tract 
of land called AVorley's ; mentions also brother liobcrt Sheild and 
friend ^^■illialn Howard. Mr. Sheild raar., 2dly, Lucy, dau. of 
Heurj- Howard. Bishop ]\teado relates thai "Mr. Sheild was very 
eaiiie.^t iu his disoovuvsos, and that a lady of the old sch'X'l. at ft 
time when stilT brocades were tho church dress of who could 
afford it, would come home, after some of Mr. Sheild's more aui- 
mjited discussions, and call upoi\ her maid to like otT her clothes, 
for Bho liad heard so much of hell, damnation and death that it 
would tako her all the evening to got cool." Issue of I\ev. Samuel 
Sheild by first marriage: 30, Col. lioh^rt, 'M, OijA. Samu,l, 32, 
Mary, issue by 2d marx'iage: 33, MartJi'i, 34, Jlenry JfoirarJ. 
{To be Coniiu'ied.) 














Urns to ad 

Barkly, or Lartlott 


Broken bu rough 







' In simo CRM s theoii 
u formerly ptouontjced. 

;i:!nl spelling Ins been !..,-£, anJ tho unraos uow spell 
Tlu3 will be inJicnteJ by ituiici 


ConteBBe Countis 

Cren-b.i>v Cirauj^'cr 

Daisy I^'«y 

Dogtje or Dcgs^ 3 .... JJi',/i/s 

Deneufvillo Douovtl 

Dewberry l)e\vl>rc^» 

Drewry I>ruitt 

EnrouL'lity ^^-r^V 

Frtuiilleroy FmUilroy 

Folk I'^'ili 

FoDtaino Fountiu 

Fulghrim Fidljum 

Gawiu <^'(^i" 

GcdJy G.idly 

Gibson Gipson 

Gilliam Gillom 

Goodrich GutriJgo 

Goodwin --..-- Goodiii 

Gooch Go\igo 

Gcldduiith Gouldsrnith 

Hairbtou Hurston 

Hey ward .----. Jloxrard 

liar wood '^larod 

Haught.^n-IIawtliorne - - - Jlorton 

HartwcU Heartwcll 

Higginson Hickerson . 

Hindo Hiues 

Hodsiien Hodgden 

Ironmonger Monger 

James Jeamea 

Kerby Kcaiby 

Langhorno Langon 

Lawrence Larance 

Leigh I^ee 

Mackint 'sh IMackentash 

Mallicote Malicut 

Maury Slurry 

Michaux :\ri^sber 

Moutford-!itunford :Mumford 

Murdaugh Murder 

Naiiior Napper 

Norsworthy Niizary 

UiirroiucAi. iho Gt.vEAJUXirc.*j. NoTta. 273 

Sruj. Callko. 

r.Orick - ^ Fartrick 

Perrott Panr.^it 

Pit'ffot HcJcet 

Presson Prc«Hy 

Ban Jul ph lUndall 

RocbcUe Koacbol 

Sclttter Slaugther A. Slater 

£ cm])le - - - - - . - Sarmplo 

SowellSuawoll Sowel 

8to<^go - Slagg 

Swotiny Swinny 

Talis fti^ro ...... To liver 

TicQberlako - Timlx-rleg 

TiirLngtoa Tumton 

XJrqvikaxt - UrL'i\rt 

Wills Wells 

Tatos - - - - - - - Yer.tcs 

Tardlj Yeardloy 

Afl it is wished to mako the list afi full us jK,ssib!o, aJJilioaal 
n'ines are iuyitocL 


Haktkb. — IIL, p. 201. "William Hftrper, son and heir of William 
Harper, wiia linug ia Cittenbume Pariah, E.=i?cx county, in IGHO. 
Will of Soloiroa Ilarptr uieiitiong brother, Thomas Harper, and 
William and John Ilarper, sons of brother John, proved in 1G09. 
John Ila'-por and Ljdia, his wife, {jrant in IGOO to Mrs. SMrah 
NicLolla land (formerly patented by Thomas Harper). — L\<.<cx 
County lucordi. John Hftrpcr was a linen draper in BrLst(^l. Eng- 
lf:nii, in 1C71. — Isle of Wijht Connfy Jlrcor'U. Williiira Harjv^r 
died in York county March 24, 1731. — Bruton Rfjisl'jr. 

TmsoM.— Ill, p. 203. 7. CiPr. WuxLOt Timson (b. May 3, 
1678, ihed in 1713\ J. P. of York county, etc., m. Anna ilaria, 
dao. of Ivev. F^oland Jonea, drst pastor of Bruton Church. L^ue: 
11, Wilban^ will prove^l Deo. 10, 172G, d. 8. p.: 12, John; 13, 
SamueJ, died before his f.^ther, 8. p.; 11, Juioo, dicnl an infant 
shortly after h'n father; 1.", Mary; IC, Eliz.ibclh. 

12. JoiiN Tm-'uM, m. Elizabeth, Jau. of C.ipt. ifatthow Picroe ^he 
died Al's. 27, IToo, ag^. J '11). His will was proved Aug, 21, 17::S. 

274 WiLLUi< AND M.vnv CoLiJCGE Qdibteui.t. • 

Issue: 17, Auua Maria, b. Dlc. 17. 17.T2. d. July 23, 1734; IH, 
Wil'lam, b. Oct ?1, 1731, d. July 23, 173G. 

8. JoH^ Tiii^oN, {,'ontk'iiiun stiulont at William hnd Mary fruia 
IGOl to 1700, died witbout isBiio m the parish of St. Manr-, Wojl- 
north, Iiondon. "Will proved ia York court, 'J.jth July, 17(M); nu-n- 
tioua godchildren, W'illifwu and Eii7,nl>eth TiinBon. Aunt Kli/ab th 
Mihicr, Undo Walter ^Vhitfield, aji 1 Aunt Sarah Whitfield, Uncle 
V/illiam Juxon, kinswouieu Ann and Ifary Whitfield, j.'ive9 to Bru- 
ton Parish, in York county, Virg^inia, a lef,'acy of money duo him 
from his a^uain, WilUaru Baker, his two brothers, \\'ilham and 
Samuel Timaon, and brother-in la^-, Thomas Barber. 

9. Sjlmvej. Timson, bom in 16SG, v-iW proved ilay 10, 1740, mar. 

I'st, , who di^Kl in 1710; 2d, Dorcaa, who die<l in 1717, and 

Jane (_perhaj>B a Crawley), who BurviTe<i him. lB.=;ue: 17, Marv', 

Vki. _ Buckiior; IS, Samuel; 10, John; 20, Nathaniel; 21, William; 
22, Ellizab'jth; 23, Anne. It appears that Nathaniel, "William, 
ElLzabcUi, and Anno Timson were children by tho last wife. Their 
father, Samuel Timson, was, at the time of bis death, the male heir 
of the whole fcjuily. Tho Ticiaon residence, now called "Travia's 
Point," was known as " Vaux Hall," and was patented by liobert 
Vaui, Bold by him to Rev. Ptter Temple, who bold it to George 
Richards, merchant of London, who cjonveyed it to Samuel Timson. 
(Deed recorde<l Ffb. 26, 1G03.) 

Pastztb. — 1. Jea.s Pastetr was a native of Geneva and camo t<5 
Virginia in 1700, in the Huguenot emigration, with " Charlcti 
Pasteur BJid sn/cmme." — Vir^^mia Ifistorical Collections, Vol V., 
New Series.- Ho settled at Wiliiamsburg, Va., and practiced hia 
profession of surgery, calling himself " barber and wigmaker." 
" In the seventeoth century the medical man, or, as he was termed, 
the practitioner of physic, was r».-quired to eerve hirf tinio an 'an 
apprentice and servant' for seven years, under a physician or in 
tho apothecary's company. Nor could any one practice surgery 
until he h.nd served a Uke apprenticeship in the barbera'-surgeoas' 
company, where tho making of wigs was a part of his training, with 
cupping, leeching, and tho heahng of wounds. Sir Aatley G>opor, 
the eminent llL!<;li3h surgeon, was an aj'prentioe to this com- 
pany. On t'le cf.ntinent the parao law prevailed. Ambrose Pare, 
the great French surgeon (lolT-lo'tO), U-gan life as apprentice to 
a barber-surgeon. In the Prussian army early in the eiu'hteenth 
century it fell to the regimtutal surgeon to shave »he otlicers." — 
If'iljJen. Bat the times change aud we change with tbt-m. Once 

eTorjboly oonsidortHl tho post of justice of tbe jH'ace an ofiico of first 
ltx.|)ocUibilitv', uow it in vifwed with a kind of j,''>o<l-natured c«ri- 

kimpL 1. Jr.AN (or J^.iin) rAsxtin icarritil Isf, Man,- ' , died 

March 25, 1727; 2d, Martha ilurri.H, aiid hud ifUiUfa: 2, Marv, lorn in 
1706, D)ar. Mark CoHby ; 3, Maf^diiltDo, rod. hJamud Coshv; 4. I^ucre- 
tia, married Mathew ShieUls; 5, John, Jr., died .June 2, 1727. — /!ru- 
ton Jlc'juter. 0. John, Sr., died 1728. — Ihi<l. 7. John Jurn^ji, 
" jR>ruktniakor, thh-st son of Jean Pasteur," hved in Norfolk in 
me.—jDfai in York County Court. 8. Sarah, <hed Dec. 17, 
11ZA.—Ef.jult:r. 9. Jarars, "Died Jan. 24, 1771, Kev. James 
PRBteur, rcotor of St. BridoB ^ari^ll, in Norfolk cmniy." — V\r- 
ginlj Gazette. 10, lilouotte; 11, ^\ illi.-im ; 12. Martha; M. Anno. 
Jean Paiiteur'a ^ill wr.h proved in York court, Nov. IC, 1711, ard 
mentions 2, 3, 4, 0, 10, 11, 12, 13. It do.-s njt mention 7, John 
James Pasteur. 11, 12 and l.Tworo chil Iren bj last wife. 

9. Da. WiLi.i.vv Pa.steuk lived in ^^'iiJia;u3bu^^', and was partuer 
with Dr. George Gilmer, as Burj:;eon aud a{)')thecary. Ho wa.s 
highly efiteomed J. P. of York county, married Ehz-ibeth, dHUghter 
of William Siith, President of William and Mary College, and Lf;d 
12, William Stith PaBteiir, b. Nov. 12, 17t32, and pcrhaj»a others. 
In 1785, Dr. Pasteur advertised fur eale G">0 acrea on King's Creek, 
having on it "a large, eLgai-t, tvso-f,tory brick house, with nire 
rooms and ten closets," suitable " for a largo, opulent family." It 
had been sold to him in 1773, by John Wormtley, of Lancaster 
Oiunty, who inherite<l it from \n^ mother, Eliiubcth Wormeley, of 
Middlesex. — York Couuty liecords. 

Callawat, Col. Pichafj). Collinh'a Kentucky (Vol. IIT., p. 203), 
gives some notice of tlie Callauavs. There is Bome account of 
tbe family, also, in the Siutulunl, Vol. III. No. 17. 
Among those who furuirihoil supplies or served in the militia in 
1755, '5G', '57 and '58 (the French ard Indian War), the follow- 
ing were from Bedford couniy, \a. : James Cwllaway, Lieutenant 
Richard Callaway, William Callaway. — Ilrnimji Stututct, Vol. 
in., pp. 201, '7, '8, '10, '11. Ther.1 was also a Capt. Thore'\3 
Callaway from U:d:fnjt county, Va., Ihil., p. 219, and a William 
Callaway from Accomac county, Jdil., p. 'lO.L— 12. A. Brock, 
Jiichnioful, I'a. 

Kz>NO?f, nicriAKD, and wife C^Iia II-;:! md.— Vol. III., p. 201. I 

' <lun,hU;r of Daniel Eloiiftte. ft Fr. urh nii.,Ti. n..t, *h.i rame to 
Vir;ni!iA in iT-il wr.L his wift- an ! s. v^n rL:l !r< ii nn.l i;.--! in Wiilj.miibnrg, 
Febniiiry 6. ITIJ. Jt^ia r.iateiir h.i.l a sou uaajol lil iHctte. 

276 WllJJAM AND !Ma1;V CoU->U;E QCAI.TUU.T, 

h&re hft<l corrtvRjKmtlenc« ta to tLia with tho querist. Prof. Jusrph 
J. CiLsov, durinp Bfvera! vc^rH [jahL For a (|ii«irti;r of a century 
fully, I Lavo Ikmiq pulherin;,' »latn as to my miit«mal ancestry, my 
moLLer hi-lnp; a diiujijhter of I't-iiilall aud Sarah (Nelftcn) IIat,'la'jd, 
and a f^aeHt-^randdauj/hlcr of Jolin and Amio (ll^aufort) UH;;ltind, 
from OlaiuorjjaDHhiro, WaIcK, wiio hettlo<i in that portion of Novr 
Kout which 8ul>sequ<!uMy Hanover couuty, alx>ut 1720, and 
who, it is claitncvl, wero Uio tncoslora of all of tho name iJagland 
in the Southern States. 

I am confidfut that I have more accurate data rcf^ardini: tlio 
family than auy one eUc. . I have no infonnatiou of Ccha Ka^^'Uud, 
or of Ler marria^^p, as etated, but that offered by I'rof. Ca^ov, al 
though I havfa piatlo inquiry. — Ji. A. liroch, Jiichrnonii, I'tx. 

Martix, RoiiKBT.— VoL III., p. 203. Capt. John ilartiu hod 
£Taiit of 4,550 acroe, "Martin's Brandon," in Cbarh^s Cittie county. 
His heirs s.^ld thin land August 5, IC-IJ. — Virgiuia J^ind HejLtrj, 
No. 1, p. 9in. 

Goo. Martia and Lowis ^ValdoD, IGO acrep, and Gw. ilartin 
singly, of 4G0 acrca in Now Kent couaty, Soptomber 22, ltiS2. 
No. 7, p. 192. John Martin 307 acres in Charks City county, Oc- 
tober 23, 1097. No. 9, p. 125. John Martin iOO acres in Hcr-rico 
county, July 11, 1719. No. 10, p 458. John ilarlin 120 acres on 
Boverly Run, St. Stephen's pRriah, King and Queen county, Ftb- 
ruary ?1, 1720. No. 11, p. 51. John Martiu, Jr., 190 acres, do., 
July 9, 172-L No. 12, p. GO. These may give Boroo cluo to the 
•Qceetry of Tl<)b«rt Martin, as requested. — li. A. Brock, J2ich- 
m^nd, Va. 

JrNTNGS. — Vol. ITL, p. 205. The delu.sivo quest of the Jtn- 
ings* e9ta*e in England, ap^xiars to have b'>on instituttxi iu the 
Unit^l States as early aa 1S;{5, if not earlier. I have some n.tcs 
from Savbrook, C-on., of that year. By degrees the South wa;^ in- 
formed ; a f.imily convention of the Jeningd Heirs was apj^oinlci 
to bo held at Na.shNilIe, Teun., September 15, 1S19. There was 
•ome Literature attendant, but it prtsenteii, I bt-lieve, chielly extriKjLs 
from the publications of British Attorneys. There ^vere doubt.k~3 
notvspaper advcrti.sements of the period, giving some genealogical 
facta. The Richmond. Va., Whig, of August 18, 1852, and pos- 
pibly other dates, contains a lengthy "notice to the heira of Allies 
Carey," etc, sigce^l Anderson Demand ville Abraham, Buckingham 
C. H., Va., June 14, 1852. This contains much genealogical infor- 
mation. — Ji. A. Jirock, Iiichri'>n'i, \'a. 

nwir)mcAj, AM» G>:NH.LLooiCAi Notf-s. 277 

BATOinu>Dni — — SAMtr>x BiTcirrxnni's v^ill vrafl proved 

in Mi-.IdlcPPX county Aii-^uet 10, 1712, in. Kaflifirii>o . hivo: 

1, JoAopb; 2, Jacob; '^, Bciijaioin ; 1, Juuios ; 6, t^arrn/ei, and 6, 
Henry. C, S\vlkj> mnrriiHl rikI bad I'lli7_al)cth who md. Jacob Val- 
entino (murriji':jo bvmd in RicLiiiond county, 2'Jlh Sopt(<nd)or, 1702, 
■witnoflH<xi by Samuel BiitcbcbJer). Jacoii Vai.kntinks will is dat<d 
9tb Marcb, 1771, und coubtitutM bia four Rons, Jolin, Batchf Idf-r, 
Jacob and JannH. cx^ro. — Vhimct^j Pope.rx in WillUiinAhHry^ 17')7. 
BLiNi). — That Kli^yilxjlb, drtuf^btcrof liicLard Bland, of Jordan's, 
mairio*! ^Villinm Bovorlcy, Ih, 1 think, too veil attcbted by tho c<.u- 
teniporar)' ovidf iico of Iho Bluud jiedifn-tca in the "Bland I'npcTH," 
and "Familiae Jliuorum Geminvx," Vol IL, to l>o afToct/xl l.y the 
mere Ptyle of a loltor. See p. 233, note 2. 

A>nrjnw8. — Robert Andrews, of Enst Orange, N. J., peno.s a neat 
paniphkiton tbo 'Andrewa fan)Lly." lie efatos that "the ponealc^r 
i& coinplcto as far m the linon^'H of luy part of tho family is con- 
cerneti," and in bjLScd on "rtcorda which have been handed doirn 
from oldest bon to oldest Bon." "In my great grandfather's 
paperw, Dr. John Andrews pnge 16)," ho continues, "he mentions 
his brother Rol>ert, who was a j-rofes^-^or at the College of ■NViiliau' 
and Mary, Virginia, and was associated with Dr Madison in do- 
termiuinij; tho boundary Hne between Virginia and Pennsylvania."* 
Prof. Bobert Andrews of Wil!i:)m and Mury Ck.Ilege, accord- 
itc to this pamphlet, descended from Anthony Aj^drcwp, of Alex- 
ton, L*-ioestorshire, and of Fishnjlce, county Rutland, who was 
bom in 1530, and received a grant of Arms in 15S3. John An- 
drews* (Edward*, E<lv*ard', .-Anthony 'V was born at Ale\ton, but 

emigrated t>) ?trar}land Lu 1G5-1. He m. Mary ,aud had ishue: 

Johu, Kdwrj-d, Anthouy, Thomsp, Nathaniel, Marcus, Eli/aheth 
and Maria. Of these, John m. Alice Greenhill, and had JA.>.n«\-,-, 
John, James, "SVilliam, Joseph, Thomas, Mary, Eleanor and Joan. 
Of these, Muses m. LetiLia Cooke, and had i^sue: iloses, John, 
James, Ri-JterO and Pulydoro. Of these, Rocekt Andrews was pro- 
fes-^or in William and ifary Gjllege during tho Revolution, private 
gecretary to Gen. Neli^on, ap{>cinted with Presiilent Madison to de- 
fine Pennsylvania and Virginia b<jundary line, and by Gov. Henry 
to survey a canal in conu :ct the heads of the North Carolina and 

Virginia rivers. He mirric-l Eli/.ahtth , and had P^jtiert 

and ElizAl>e;h, twins, bom ^larch 7, 1778; Ann. who m. William 

'Can auy one 5Ut« whether RoUrt aad John, sons of Prof. Auilre^i, left 

278 WUXIAM AND MaKV C'lla-uE Qir.UtT^ KI,Y. 

RauJoI{>b, of "W'iUon ; Calliarii]t», who in: Jos»-|)b Wilhcrson, and 
John. Wilh'am iiumlolph, of \Vilt()n, ami Anno Andrewft, Lis wife, 
Lad Iw^bert tnd Citbaiino I!aJi<!«ilj)b. — liruton JUyister, aud 
Ch&nrery Pfxi^rd (1823), tik-d in Wiliimu-bur;;. 

Locfj^T— (x)LurR — C.u;v. — Kdwanl I>xkey, of York couDty, Va., 
was a brother of John Lockcy, grocor of I»utlou, ami of '-llli/jv- 
beth Friend als. Lockcy," whose daughter, True, wnw wifo in l^Ctl 
to Richard Walton, citi/en end mfTuhant of Iy:)udon. Kduanl 
Lockey m»rrit-<l Kli.-.ubeLh, widow of J-hn Hansford, and tlitd s. p. 
about 1C07. Ho It-ft bis proi»erty to his cousin Itauc Colbcr, Jun., 
and to Maiy and Anne Ix^ckoy, daughterw of hi-* iK.'phcw K.Iward 
Lockey, deccK3. If Idaac Gjllier, Juu., thould die without issuo, his 
ft})are viaa to go to Francia Ciirtt;r, the Bon of ^^■i]lianl Carter, and 
if Francis bo dead or unheard of, then to Judith Ivockty, sister of 
Mary and Anne. In 1G71 Isaac Collier, Juu., b.-inp dead, and said 
Carter nottun*ing up, the general o^urt adjud^'cd Isaac's sbjixo to 
Kenry Cary, who had married Judith Ijoekey, r.\cj pfin;^ the land 
■which was adjudge*! " to the brother of said Isaac Collier." 

Mr. John MyhdJ married ilar)- Lockey, and was ordered Do- 
comlxrr 7, ICGS, to pay 310 pis. of tobacco to Dr. Francis Haddon 
for pbj-sick and attendance administered to Mary's uncle, Mr. Ed- 
vrard Lockey. — York County JUcoriU. 

SzAWKLL.— 1. TuoiL\s Se.\^\xij. patented -100 acres on I'oco.^on 
Kiver, in York county, in IGiJo. In ICiXl he p'\t«utol in Glouces- 
ter o-)unty. Abinrjdon Jir<jh(er shows that 2, Ti.omas, perhaps a 
prandson of 1, Thomas, had issue by Mary, his wife, 3, Tuim.'.s, 
liom Novembers, loSO; 4, John, horn June 3, lOo; 5, -'Anno, 
the daughter of Thomtus and Anne Seaw.-ll, was baptized St-ptem- 
bor 4, 1703." In 1757, G, John, and 7, Joceph Soaweil were liv- 
ing in Gloucester county. — Ji^(fis(er. Thoy were brothers. — Mn. 
Jlaria IJdicard.i's l\itnilj Account. 6. Joun Se.\^vell, probul)!v 
a grand.-on of 3, Th^'mas, married Bo^w(•II, sister of Dr. 
Thomas Machen B-iswell. She was a wiclow Thornton and aunt < f 
Mrs. Elizilx th Wormeley and of Mrs. Boswell Itoy. G. John iSea- 
"weli built the house at "Gloucester Place," near Glouce^^ter Point. 
He wfiks a largo importing merchant. "The Am*-rican and French 
troops at one time camped in tlio tield en the left hand ude as vou 
go up U.> the house, antl fed to their horses and «ic;iLrovoil a fine 
crop of curn." Jon>f and Jane (HoHwell) St-uwtU hat! i^sue, 8, 
John, b-'m Gth Februiry, 17G(). — P.iri-*h Krjistur. Dieil, ageil 
4G.— J//-d. £'lic^rJ3s MS. 0. Liizabcth; 10, JeLnv; 11, DuUv. 

Historical ixd Gr^rjo-oaicxs. Noteh. 279 

Iloiisoif's Cnoirr. — The jihrftao in Irito. It may l>o nf interest to 
note bouietliicfj tiH to ils adoptiou e.s an <•xl)^'^^sivo pbraho outside 
of tho place of its* Mrth. It Lrs bcon Bomowliat ri^;htfi:lly and 
righteously claimed (miyhftp). that tho Er).','libli lanf^iaf^e baa U-an 
bettor prericnred otvmoli/f^ieally, and by intonation in Vir,'7inift, than 
in tho btaunch "MolhiT Country" itself. However thin is, really, 
nTO*ip'.<cti%'c of waywardnefis and th« indiscrirnicato UHe of tho 
"brojul a," it may he tnmlo to appear by tho rc>corda of tho "Old 
Dominion" that not only wau Englit^h, aa written and Bjx)Len, 
rendered in tho moat attractive and reHccd manner, but ita ei- 
prciwivo idioms and best forma were cherished amocfj the trans- 
planted "flalvagea." The origin of the phrn-so "Hohson'a Ciioico" 
is thua given in Jiretrcr's Dictonary of J'hrase and F^i'-le, p. 409: 

"Tol>iA3 JJobbon was a carrier aiul inn-keepor it Canibridj^e, who 
erected the handtjomo ct>udiut there, and settled 'Kcveu lays' of 
paaturo ground toward its mfiintcnauce. Ho kept a stable of forty 
good c&tUo, always ready and tit fur travelling; but when a man 
came for a horse, ho was led into tho stable where thero was {.aeat 
choice, but was obliged to take tho hoi-so which etcvid nearest to 
the stable dcor; po th:it every customer was alike served, acconling 
to his chauce, and every horso ridden with the same justice." 

Sp<ct'itor, No. 5i)'.): " Milton wrote two quibbling epitRphs uj-oa 
this eccentric character." 

" Why is the greatest of free communities reluced to ' Hobfrjn's 
Choice'!" — TliC London Times. 

It app'^^ars from AlUbones IHclionary of Authors, Vol. I., p. 38, 
that tho Spectator mailo its appearance (the initial number) Murch 
1, 1711. 

Now, what I yesterd.iy discovere«l in genealogical invest igatiun 
(probing the invaluable trca.sary, the most priceless in tho United 
States, tho iiecrds of Lauel Grants in our State Capit:d, unbroken 
to date from 1C20) should be of interest, as I have with probable 
Becoseary prolixity preface<l. On November 30, ICSJ, there was 
issued to John Stokeley and Benj. Ayres, 175 acres of "sand hills 
and marshes" in *' Accomacke county," coiled " H<>bson"d Choice.*' 
—r>o.yk, Xo. 7, p. 195. 

Conjecture may bo of curiou.s inter.-st as to how val.iable this 
"Hobbon'a Choice" in Virginia may have proven, and what or 
where now may he, or itj present v\Iue, this allotment shared ia 
by the repre.sont.itiv»-6 of pronuntct names. 

R A- BnocK, Richmond, Pa. 

^farch 19. lb'J5. 

280 \VlU.IAM A>D ^IaUY CoLLLCiU QUAhTfiay. 

Timocuur.i-TON.— "I note rd error in Quartfrbj, Vol. IFL p. lOi, 
3d, 2d, Rud IhI linod from tho bit torn. Tho moud vvifo of ilr.jor 
Vfcrdetau Throckmorton wna Siutih MoCarly, <lrtu. of lieriiRrd 
Ilooe and ifary Syiuea Cliicheflter. (S. Mc. H., b.. JuJy 8, 171^3, 
diod in Mav, 1800.) Sco tombstone at 'Moaduw Funu,' al«o 'Vir- 
giuia Gonealo^Mca,' by Horace K. Hayden, p. 77S." — C. IT. Throch- 
ntorto7\, 3-i'J I '.roadway, Now York. 

CowLE3. — Information wantt-d in reference to tbo deccndantf? of 
Edmund CowlfH, who patented laud in Charles city county in IGCfi, 
formerly owucd by Richard Cowlc-s, as by bill of ealo in ICU ; sLso 
in rofcrenco to the descendants of Edmund, rbilip and Cbark-a 
Cobles, who paten tc<l in .lampa City county Uio Bame year. — ^'u- 
ffene Cotrlfs, 215 Cth St., LouLsville, Ky. 

[Tb'jmp.o Cowles was Ju^itice of James City county in 1G09-170-2. 
Va. Mag. of and Biog. In the Vu. Gazette for Soptomlxr 8, 
177J, id the announcement of the marriapje of Mr. Thomas (X)wlc3, 
of Charles City county, to iliss J^lizabeth Crawley, of WiHiama- 
borg. Numerous representatives of this family etill exist al>out 
WiUianiabur-^, but tho family history is hard to determine, owin^ 
to the loss of records. — Editor.^ 

GiurEa. — Information desired as to tho year C-ol. Richard Graven 
represented either New Kent or Jamea City county in the Lei^isla- 
tore. — Jas~ T>. Ilincnck, No. lOG N. Lombardy St., Richmond, Vr. 

Btbd. — What connection, if any, exists between tho liyrds of the 
Eafltem Shore and the family of tho Westover Byrda? — L. C. 

Nrviu.r^— Jamee Neville in 1GIJ*2 patented 100 acres in North- 
umberland county. John Neville patentevl in IGT-t 100 acres in 
Glouc^ifitor county. George Neville lived in Prince William cour.ty. 
Infomiation wante^l as to tho latter's parentage. — ^^ illiini F. 
Boogher, 1330 F. St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Tnoa.vTO^. — Infonnation wanted aa to tho Thornton family — D. 
F. S, [An account of the Thornton family will apnear m the 
Quarterly at Pome early perio^.1.] 

Ct'Kiocs Coci. — Dr. Geo. A. Ilankins, physician to tho college, 
hsa & coin of the Commonwealth of England, which was picket! up 
by a colorc-d man on the Doctor's place, near Toiuio, in James City 
county. On one aide in the circumference are the words: "The 
Commonwealth of England," within ore two branches crossetl, en- 
closing two shitKLs, one charged with a cross and the other with a 
harp. On tho other side are similar ahiolds charged the oarao, 
and the numerals underneath XIL Above tho ehieidd on th:d side 

niHTOaiCU. AKD GKN»ltUXilt'AL NoTF.-l. 281 

ill tho circumforcnc« Rr« tbo wortln, GOD WITH V.S, It'^/.i. Tlio 
milliDg ia unevt-'n, aud L'lo coiu ia nlK)iit tlio ni.:o of u hil\cr CO-ccnt 

TuRrsToy, Caao{, Bookeii, Smith, etc. "Want of Bp.icc aloue pro- 
Vt?ni»>U uotiivo of theso fuuilit-H in tJjo present issui-. 

C-oiiPLiMEVTS TO THE Qu.vitTtKi.Y. — Tlio Duinb-r uf this jHjriod- 
icftl was the recipient of many kind words, in ran;'fi2inc-fl, nows- 
pnix^ra and pnvftto lott-era, but tbe edi'or tukes c«p«'rihl dtli;^tit in 
the opinion of the \<ttortvu und disLini^uidLrfxl Lislorian and f^enea- 
logiit, Dr. R. A. Brock, of Kichiuoud, Va. lie wiiUa: ''Your 
Quarterly is ono of tho best published in this country and (-(lual 
to tny puUished a'lywh'ire. It [a tho most valuublo to Virj^itjiana 
Rud those derivin;^ from the Old Doiuinion, and with duo intcrtAt 
in her, of any of its cliaracter publishod anvwhnre." 


Abetracta of — District rnd Prero^;. "Wills — Chanoon,- and Jli- 
choquer Bills of Depositions — IwoyalLst CompoGition, Doui. State 
wad Coloniol Papers — Foreign Corrtspondonce — Old Finca — Pari-'h 

Photographs of Family Seals— Coats of Arms Emblazoned — 

Electro impreeiiona of old Seals— Copies of Herald Viaitationa. 

Correcpondcnce invnted bv 


JUal Estate Aycnt and Surveyor. 

K Southsea, Portaraouth, England. 

CommisaioDod by William and M;\ry College, Va., State Library, 

TicePreeL of Methodist College, x\j-kadclphia, Ark. 

iuthor of liccords and Pedigree oj Winder Family of Zorton 

(Cnmberland) and of Afaryland. 

BOOK rp:vii:\vs. 

Thou rwt Vninixii 1*hxtation to •niK. National ('AriTAi, ; Or, The Firtt and 
Only Is'tgny I>irrrtniUUtf in CongrfM from Ifi/t O'A Dominion, John 
Mercer L«ni^->t.Q. llartfonJ, Conn. : American l'uHi.-.Ling Co. IS'J-L 
The title of this l>ook Ls certainly a iniauomor. Acronhnnr to hi-i o\»a 
■fatement in tho Kxik itself, Mr. Lao^stoa U half »hiU\ ivn'l nearly nil tho 
rv^i of Ids physicfd couip>>-<iti>u ia Indian. In open court io the Stnto of Ohio 
bo i.ronoiuiii-d a v^kite IVrhajja it is n>>l known lo Mr. Lrtn;.^Uin 
that aft<'r & uianntr NVilliam and ilary C«ll>.>;e, which Riivo ko many illiistrio'ia 
luon to tho Union, niny claim a slmro in hi^i own exiillation. Two of the In- 
diana edn<-att<l at ^\ illiarn and Mary Ccllevje in 1753 were John Lanir't"n 
and Gideon Ljing^ton. Now tho mother of tho subject of this memoir, Lucy 
LangSton, had, besides John M< rccr Ijin.;iton, several other soua, of whom 
OU6 MTOS Gideon I.".n^;iton. Very probably, tlieu, ouo of tho two Indian stu- 
dents nameii wrus ^T-an Jfathcr of Johu Mt rc>r Lnui^'ston ! The ludiau tli-sccnt 
is clear. Still, in ilr. LnnLTSton's fon.liu-a for dotJid5, rhetorical dourliluM. 
am'wint; selMandatioM and needless repetition of wonl.s and phrases, there is 
undoubted evidence of African bloo*.!. But the book w un Jonbtedly rery 
rca»lable. In many of his referencen Mr.^tou U eiceedinqly respectful 
to Southern peopl-'. He has many go<}d thini,'! to say of Governor Fltzhu^;U 
Loe. nis picture I'f his early gu.ardiau in Ohio, Coloci-l Williiim D. Go<H'h, i.s 
much' more attractive than thnt of hn rurit.m successor, Mr. Richard Lon'4. 
Under the circumiU-uiccs of his chii^en i lentidcation with tho negro r.ace thii 
spirit Ls commfudable. In fact, the tone of the work Ls far more m>>lest and 
decent than tho of m.iny b<x'k3 writt«.u by some white persons in the 
North who h.ave no pergonal c^rievauces of their own, bat love to rent the 
malignity cf their os»n evil disposition npon a conquered people. In itsori'.^iu. 
existent^ r.ud development in the Snutii, the iustitn:; fi of slavery wa.s the 
common sin of tV..5 whole country. It is not to be eipecte 1 that iho son of a 
former slave "houM tike a \\ holly phiJo oph;cal view of the wtaation. The 
book is «veU printed. 

Tni OiJ> Beick CHincHEa of Mab\x.vnd. By IIJ<n W'lAt Rilrely. \\\th 
laiufraiinnt by S'pfiif lie f>-iit.^ ?U~ctrt. Ne.vVork : Anvm D. F. Ran- 
dolph and Comp;iuy (Iacor|Kjratcd), I?- Fifth .\v»>nue. I'^O-L 
It is Seldom that a reviewer haa tho opi>->rtnnity r.Lich is affonled by tlLs 
work to deal in praise unmeasure«l and des-rved. So nmny suir^-vstive facts, 
■rmyed in all the ihirnis i>f the tjlorious retiuement of a wouiiini Uihte, are a 
precious v;'-ft to the rt .^din..; pnLlic. 

We are treated to b«Huti(ul of il.irylaud life in c^ dax-s, intro- 
daced to the lordly owni-rs of the old M.iryland m mors, ihe Lloydi, ihe Fv-u- 
nefs, the T;ghJmans, the CarrolL), Ac, ent- rtimed with d.-.-^-riiLi-'US of old 
charche« and charch pUto, and with sketches of old uiuii^ten, mai^stratea. 

Book Rkviews. 283 

•nd •choolniA.'.U'r*, potent fU/n-nU u» ilnryl/vnJ life. Tb« wbolo u srl off 
vitb UluKtruLiouii uiJ p'tpor of exquisite titm.^H. I Eufler iu\'%olf to tuiko but 
one oLj»^.tioa, *nJ Lhnt is t» llio atAtetneul that any of tbo cLurchca of llarj- 
Und were tuilt of " ioipurtod trick." Whoro is tiio pr-xjf? lu tbo took 
itit'lf is autlientic t>TiJcuco ibnt SL Jaiue* chiuch, on Hcrriui^'B Creek, «\« 
taUtof tri.L Ti:iii<» ii;>/7i tKe ijLSf (p. 71). In tbo V:r;,Mnia rcconU there is 
»bQud«Liit r^/trcDco to briok-mnkinj, and surely tho MHryliind«rs had aa good 
bnck-iii&.'K>DS auJ aA good brick clay m tho Virginiinn ! 

SoL-rHjLKv HiSTORiCAi, SocoTY V kvi-hs. Voltuno XXIL EJiUd by IL A. 

Brvci:, S^rrdary of the Sjud/rrn Ilittorkttl S-jcic(y, llu\riu)wl, Va. 

PubLaboJ ty tiio S-Kioty. 1804. William Kliw J.>ue9, Printer. 

Mr. IJrocki t«^Uction of papers publiOjod in this ma-azice ia extrrrnelT 
fine. Thora aro t.T(.:jty-nine i:j all, UfO nuiny to notico in tbo brief pnj^ts of 
this ma^a^ine. The piipcr ruud by V'irginiua Newton, on tho Confeclerato 
Nayy, Dr. K. C Care's Oration, Colonf 1 .\brah.'im Fulkerson's Personal F.i- 
poritince as a lYisoner ou Morris Islnnd, Women of the South, ty Colonel W. 
K. Aylett, Mem- rial .^tMress ou GcuorftI Jubal A." Eiirly, by lion. John W. 
Daniel, 6.^0 mc^.t int/'rcstiu^ to me. The cnuso of tho Sonth could nat b« 
oonfiied to iafer bands than Dr. Brock's, tin) Secrotfiry of tho SoriLty, xvb^'ie 
splendid loyaJty to VirL.-iui.a d x-s nut interfere with tho most rcl./.i.jna 
with aach dL-tingnL<beJ Northern men aa John Ward Dean and Dr. Anvia 
Titos, who hotior and e-tcem him. 

Th« Srtii.BK OF THK Stite. B^ Frank Sarjmt Ilofmnju Seeoml Edition. 

G. P. Ptituam's Sons, New York and Ixjndou. The Knickerbocker 

Presi 139J. 

Professor Hoffman gives hia views upon gOTemment iu a manci r C'^n- 
Tenient and attractive. Dis book ia an exceedingly valuahle synipsis for tLo 
lact jr(v-rooin. It contains, in tho main, very little that ia new. but his work of 
r»-«tat«mrut Li done well and forcibly. Take, for in-^tanco, hLs account of 
the State in '\\a relation to government: "It i? by no menn.s a rare occur- 
rence for jiiriata even to speak of the State when they mean the government, 
and Oiw the word gorercment when thoy are in reality talkir.:^ about the 
Statd. . . . GoTemiuent is an ajvnt for puttin;^ into execution tho vi3of thu 
Etita. It has no auth nity of iUelf. . . .\11 authority over nuinJano mat- 
ters ... is wah the Sfite. The moment the State loses thi3 anth ruy it 
lose* itself. It cannot delo'^-ato this anthority to any agent ; for then tho 
•gent would become the soverci.^, and tho SUito would anniliilate itstlf by 
becoming a rc-cviL" This Ls well said. It is a ductnno which tho writer has 
insi5t«d on ia his own Itctarea on civU government Ajid yet it U a doctrine 
long ago taught by such repr<>seutative Southern thinkers as Judu;e K. P. Cp- 
shur, Jo\n Tyler, Littleton W. Taz. well. John C. Calhoan, but which hw 
been stranijcly misreprcs.-nttfil in tho North by such ds'^tin-uL-hed men aa 
Jad,-e Story. Dan.el Webster, Charts Sumner, and .\braham Lincoln. Now 
the State is the PE'.i-i.K, and soverei ,'nty is tho Wiu. of the people; aud yet 
these eleraect-iry are «.«..miu'.,'Iy misund. r-tood in all the bivk^ on civil 
gofcmm-.rit a-»<^l m the North.-rn scho.jl-c Th»: doctrine popular there ls 
the CoitcJ Sut«M government ia soferei^n to tho ©xtent of iLs dulc -attd 

284 WiijJAM AM) MA.nv CoixioK QLAi:Tua,v. 

powerj^ an'] the Stul<A in m suLorditiute w»T, w)»croii'ij to the oiUnt of 
reserve*) fK)^*^!?. But tlu« coctonlion in»olTC3 a doable offi-nce ai:iili»'»t 
■oand co:'HtitiilioriJ law, limt, iii Jivjiluij; sovm i',:uty, wliioL ls a it^ycinAoy^xc-.A 
•lemeut-tiid will— auJ thou iu d«.Ii'i^ntiuK a frfii^uuut of it to an ncont Ibv* 
nonmDaical dcx-trino w.w doubtU-sj rPs-Ttcd to in onKr to ncitrah/n the riu;ht 
of Mcexuua ; but the Norlli«'m vkritt^rs *f«TucJ to i.jTi;ot lliAt invehliui: iLo 
Statca with »OTerei(^tr did not involre seccshion at will. 'Hie North had tii« 
alt«tnstivo id 1'<G1 of restiDt^ iLh cnii^o upoa the iij".(iequai-y of jiiituiLutKto for 
witlidrawtU, and that it ilid nut do so, preferring to ily iuto absurd conitita- 
iional thi.'rioM, intwt bUow it felt that the Suuth djd bare jiLst camo to 
consider Iho compiu t of Union broken. Mr. Lincoln, who habitually spoke 
of "tho aoTcnif'.ulr of guTuniinent, " declaroil at tlio same tLnie that " tbui 
waa a (lOTcmmcnt of the people, by the ivoplx, and for tho p«oplo. " \N hat 
paoplo? Saroly, either tho people of tho whole Union collectively or tba 
pooplt* of Uie States soparutely. But it is admitted that the Stat<»H— that is, 
Iheir jV5o;id<j— are »ovcr*i^'n iu c«;rt:iin respf-cta. 'ilien they are so wholly, for 
•OTereignty c&auot be divid'Al. Under thu view, which is tho only lov;ical 
▼iew, ViriMnii ba-s two povernnients: one whose btfidquartcrs are at \V.a.'h'ni^- 
ton, and aunlh-^r whose hendquitrttrs are at Uichiuond. Lincoln d. -.-rrcd no 
credit for hj<j nngii;g erpo^iiilon of tho true natare of Kovornm^ut, for hw 
whole coarse of action was in coufiict with his words. Nor were the words 
originjil U^ hiin, for eevenly jrun before, Dr. ITiOnias G»por, one of the 
ablest philofeopLical writ'^^ of tho ai;e, whotje wann democracy broDfjht huTi 
into diafi.Tor with the FederalisU for disputin^T the "sovcreii^ty " of tho 
alien and edition Laws, used nearly identical words in hw letters on rmiio^- 
Hoa, in 1794 : "The govcriuneat o* the DniteJ States is the government of 
the pcoplj and for the people." 

HtBTOBT AXD Gtuxxloox OF Fttrb. iloNTAOCi^ of Nauiemond and Lanca^t^r 
Connti«% Virginia, and his DescendnnU— 1C21-18'J-L Ct/n.piUJ and I'ub- 
luhf.i by Ge^Qo Willitirx M<ynU-jii4i, abo Co-ripil-r and Pvhlitfur of ILitcry 
and G<rual>jy of L\e M-mtn^it Familu of AT.urirji. Atnhorst, ilu-sa., U. 
S. A. ; Preaa of Carpenter A iloorchoase, 1SJ4. 

The f.ontleraan who compiled thij book has dnno a good work for Vir- 
ginia hist )r7, arid ra^ht to recciro his full measure of praije. Nothin:: bat 
the pareat Ioto ct hii sul j-^t coold have upheld him in the barden*-Eo labor 
which it nnqoMtionably inTolfeJ. Myriaiis of nanae? and mynadi of fa-ta 
•well the carefully-stited detaiLi intt) a copiotis toIchio of information. The 
work eontaici m.-viter of inter^-st to thon!>and.i not related or connected with 
the Monta^nies, while family itself hr.j received the most careful and con- 
aiderate attention. Peter ilontagne, the immi;;7-ant to Vimuia. aa ia shown 
by tha poUi;;Tee in the Uoralds OrSce m tngland, is traced back through 
many centaritiS. In pUncing over the pages, tho eye of the writer is r«- 
freahed by many famdiar faces, but none comes to him with more cordial 
memories tl'.aji the counttnance of that splendid Vir;;;cia gentleman, Judco 
Robert L. ilmt-vTie, who tiire-.* no much honor and lustre cp'^n the fanuly 
name. I hope the work will hav.» an eitemive sale, and in sorce dc:;Tee r€im- 
bnrso ilr. ilontag'ie for the tionj and monoy Le haa expended upon it. 

Cook Rxyiews. 285 

Tn» VfHorMiA Maoizixk or IIibt'>«t amd BtoohAPiiT. rahlisbml Qinrtcily by 
the Vbijiuw Ht'torirdl Soriety. Jiinu»»ry, IH'JG. Williaiu Kllis Joiio«, 
Printer, Kicluuurnl, Va. 

Tha content* of this uiimb<>r, (w prepared by Pbilip A. Urtico, «slitor of 
the Dir-t;aiine, prw'ut * rerj' ftttmctJTo li.'il of eiil>j«*ct8: V'Lr;^iiiia Orticr-r^ and 
Mod in the ContinonUl Line, Lf-ttcr^ of WiPiam Fitzh^i^h, Will of WiIliHin 
Fitihuvjh, Ac,, Iiistructious to B-rkcl#»j, Cau.i'"! of Diftcontent in Virt^'inin in 
1676, l^Acing io Colonml Vir:;i!iia, Abstrnots of Vir;.Mma LrilI ratnWs. 
aloj'j — tbo Floamoy Ktmilj, S'.>cro!o<^y, HiiUiriral Not'-s auA l^ucno, Roik 
Iteviows, Publications lie<-':iv...L The animmrifui nnJ ^,•l•Ula]o;';Il'nl iiot«i! in 
tbo maji^nzjno, prepared by W. G. Stanard, imo oxc«edin(^ly Tttla.'*l/lo aud m- 
teresting. In fart, Mr. Sunsnl deserves tho highest praise for the bouulooua 
manner in which ho has showered the priceless jeweU of his wonderful in- 
formation, not only ufoa thLs mns''^iDe, but upon the Wiuuin aiui }fary 
Ooliega JiUtarkal Md<;i:ine, and on every poi^n desiioos of enlij^hleriment 
conc^miug Virginia colonial history. 

ACla&sitled Lrrr of Eablt AMnucA_N r>ooK-PLiTE3. With a Pricf Descrip- 
tion of the Priiicipk-3 of tho Principal Stylos, and a Note m to tlio Promi- 
nent Eu^rraterH. Ly CLirla Ik^Ur Allen. To Accompany tibiljitioa 
at the GroUcr Clnb. October, ISOL 

T.Avrv IT SioiTT. With an Introduction, SaijEjestioDS for Sif:bt-Iloa.lin(;, and 
Selections for PrtcLice. Ly Edicin Pv*t. Beaton, U. S. A. : Gian und 
Company, PubL-ihors. 1S93. 

Ethics or LrrKBATCKE. By John A. K<r»ey, Marion, Indi^ina, E. L. Gold- 
tlivart and Company, Printers and Cinders. I89-L 

Th« Eistcrical Jol-bvat- a Quarterly Record. By John F. McGinnai 
{" John of Laneaitcr"). WillLimsport, Pa.: Gazette and Pullotin Print- 
ing Hoase. 1894. VoL LL 

Tbtb New Yobk GcsxiJ.'Xiiri.i, a>d BiooBirHiCAL F^cono, January, 1395. 
Pnblisbed by the Soci-ty, Berkeley Lyceum, No. 23 West Forty-foorth 
•treet, New York city. 

Publications of tkx Gt-NZiJ/'>GiCAX.Sociirrt or Pt.vNsrLTA-VLi. Vol. 1., Na 1. 

PcncAM'i Mo.vTHLT HisToaiCAL MiGAZxyr. Publiahod by Ebcn Putnam, 
Balem, Mass., U. S. A, 

TnrsTTLykiiik. Socrrrr, S«i>s or thi Rktolctio!<. By-Laici of ths Pennrjl- 
tanij Society. Philadelphia. 1804. 

P»OTxmvT Episcopal Ri:v:ew, Alzia.vdbia, Vibouma. 

AxxBJCA.H Hurro&i as rr Shoclu Be. By Rev. John S. Lindsry. 

A capital contribution by Dr. Liniisey, the eminent dirine of Boston, 

whose worth and name are dear to Virginians and Bostonians alike. A na- 

tJTe of VirifinuL, loyal to ail ! 

Th» Nrw E>\ii_i.HD IIuTT)Ki.-AX A.vD GenejlLOt.icai, REOi^rxn, January, 1605, 
John Ward De^n^ L'diU.r. BoiJton, Maaa. 
No wonis of commendation are ne«'eeAa.-y. It is a pnnc« amo;jg 3:A*;a- 


BciJjrrTH omrr. UKr*EEfirn or "Wia.-oNsis. "Hu Oc/yjrapMo^l I>uf.{^ution 

of Vii Vole of Vu 7,\ir(f.en SUite* on UiC I'uU-ral CoiutUuttm, 17(j7-*»8. 

B]/ C-in OrarU JU^'y, 2tf. L., /•'elUtx in IIuUTy. Madi-iou, Wis., Jouo, 

JooNB UopKiNa U?fr»EiJ»mf Stcdim in Historical . ^ 4. ;> y.-^j-. 

HfTtfrt B. AcLimi, KdiL>r. Thirteenth S^ir 
QoTKHNMcNT Oi" TUB C)LosT ov SoLTu C*' By Kdjun L. WhUnry^ 

I'h. D., LL It., FruUMjr oj IlitLyr-^ . .ui. ilieh. Hahiraore : l"he 

Johiii Hopkins I'reiw. Trico, S-»-- ■ j cents. 

Till Catholic Usivrjoiin Buxi • ' jOixry, 1>595. rullLsLo<i Qiiiirti-rly 

by tho Catholic Uuivcrsit- • • ■ nca, Wosluiij^ton, D. C. 
Tmt Hi.'rroiiT or Nt«.Bo 1 ■ :< .it ij» tub Socrn. By iittj'hm B. \iWJa. 

Boston: Giiin an' .\ aiy. 1894. Ro-priut«jil from PUiticat S-^Unea 

QvirUriy. Vo' . •. . I IL 
PUBIJCATIONB or 1 :• . £ laiaND UlblUEICAL SojIEXT. Now SoficH. Profi- 

dence, R. L 
Thx Sorrn CoNb-nrvxio.v a.vd KtaCLn-so Ukion. By J. L. M. C'irry, Kn- 

thor of ConUiiuti'Vial Gw^mment in Sikiin, WiUuim E'cnrt (JLohtvne, 

EsUitiiihmfnt ami Div-.t^itiix'ti/i^ui in ViJi UniUd Stute.*, etc. Kichui odJ. 

Ya.: R F. Johnsc>a PubliiLuit; Co. ; New York and Loudon: G. I'. I'lit- 

nam's Sons. 1S95. 

This is one of tbo most valuable books that hftjj appe.irod from tho 
SoDtbern press. I hope to mako some further remarks upon it in my n»*it 
Thi A^)JUCA.y HisToaiCAi. KEaisT>-j'., Jannary, Ft-bruary. and M.ircb, 1893. 

Tho Hiatoncal Kegi. tor PabliaJiin^ Compuuy, riiilad«.lpbia. 

The cont^utiof these numlxr^ are very iuttrcstiny and in.structire. 
Thi PK.N'ssrLTA.NLi Mag.< or Histoet a.vd Bioghapbt. Pubii.TU-.'d iiaar- 

terly. January, 1605. 

Mr. William S. Baker's W.isJiir^.jton AfUr tlu Bar.A'.don. 17-^-1- 1799. 
•dda credit, if such a tbuif; is pcra.->ibl<., to tl.ij st.ud aod (lijjuiritd ma..;aj:mc, 
which is always interesting'. 
UarvxHsiTT or Illinois. Inauguration of President Draper. Podication of 

Engineering Hall. November 15, l^Oi. 
Thi MAsaiCKZ or ^.'T05I^^o. By R<r. Ilcrace E. Fliiyden, M. A., Ci>rrfi»}rul- 

ing Sfcrttary Wy-nninj U^^ and (Jfruabgiaxl Society. Printc^^l for 

thb Society, Wilke-^barrc. Pa. 1S95. 

Tho magic pen of Campbell years apo recorded the sad ina-w.icro in 
words of mnaiciJ sorrow. But now ilr. Huvd. n, with that miv^ferly pTn«p of 
detaib so characteristic of him, presents the kGtTv anew in vivid, maaculioe 
Thx Aifrrjri.s Umvehsity Magk.'ine. itarcb. I.s95. 

ThH ma..;aiino coni.iins a deliL;btfiil a.roiiut of the CoUecro of Williatn 
and Mary, with a stnkiii ; portrait of tho mam buiMiccr, and Lord liotctourti 
•tatue in front. 
PBocEtDrstia or thk Nf.^ LnoLasd flisToa/c Gt.vtAi.ooiCAL S.vinT. at iho tLeetlL^^ J.inuary *2, lh'.*5. 
WnxiAM AND MajvT CoL:.r.or .Montult, Jaamry. 1S95. PabIl^.hl:d by the 

Pbo^nti and PhilomatLian Ijteniry Sicictiis, WilliAmahurf,'. V'V 



Andrews Faniily. 277. 

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lanl," by Hfl. a \Ve-.t l;i!.-I.^v, -j.-*.' ; : 
••South^ru f.i.tori..aS..citlv l'"a[>«:rs.' I 
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Book Reviews- - 

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12S. I'fi ; L.inier'. 71, 137: Lee, 2;« ; 
IdghtfocU H>4. 111. i;i7 ; Li-,ttr. 21.5; 
Maau, 4:^; ilartin, 27G; ilftthe-^i, 
173; MorriA, 176; MimforJ, 2;!3 ; 
Nerillc 2.^); Fe.i.chty, 111, 115; Per- 
rla, 2.>t ; Pa^tear, 271; Pack. 2t".."i ; 
Porteos, 38, 3J; 1'k>Iov, Vi'^; Kende. 
40; RoLins, 39; Fujb^rtoa, 6'J ; Sea- 
well, 273 ; SLeUJ, 2l>, 271 ; Spicer, 
133; Stracl.-ey, 14}; Inhh, 120; 
man, 101, iJj ; Inylor, IS ; TLomp- 
^' B'n, 135; 'J ijorut-DU, 71. 2>0; Thorpe, 
133; Throckmorton. 46. 52. 142, 1'2, 
193, 240, 21i 2S0; TirasoTi, 2i;;t, .'70; 
Todd. 120; Tyler. I3'J; U{-hnr. JOO ; 
Utie, 206, 207*; Valertine, 277; Vniilx. 
14, 133; MasUim^a. 22. 70. 71, 137; 
\^e«t, 2C1; Wint. 35. 3-5, 74; Willis. 
42; Wise. 261 ; Veatea. 13^). 

Gloucester Coanty : "A Few Thiii^ 
Abrtut onr Conntv," by Gen. Wiliiaui 
K Tali.'iferro, 19-'27. 

•* Habeas Corpui, Writ of," 149-155. 

" Hobson's Choice," 27J. 

Hooiwood. Will of Sir PhUip, 64. 

Horse-liacins, l.)7. 

Horse Shoe. Km^hta of th^. 133. 26.3. 

Hhtcracy. 76. Oi. 

Jaa:^ City. Plate pre^-.ated to, 172. 

Jamc«on Family. 1'j„«-2JI. 

Lett*>r«: Tra.knof Virgin:.! to the Kin.:, 
13; John Pnrru to Wi:,i:»m Pcnn, 13. 
Jame-* Bla;r to Philip L;i.l:%-.-U. l.'>; 
William D')vrcmi\n to Pwiln^h Dowu- 
mau. 17; i-:..i.ort Cary J: Co. to Fv-ib»^rt 
Throckmorton, 5<J;Thonma LuJwell, 

' Lcttcn : 

j of HnJton, to Philip La.lvrcll. 107; 

I Willinni Itevfrk-y t > M«u^r>. Mioajah 

I and Philip I'orry, 2J3 ; ^ juo t/> Ii<u« 

, jamiii How and CapL Jftrmn tLirca- 
bri'.;ht. 226 ; aiitco to Lord Fnirfai, 
227. 22H. 2-2'J. 2.i0, 2.''.2. 2J3; kftuse t-> 
Chr. Sriyth, 230; vimo l.» Julm Kair- 

I child, 231, 234; SLinio to Jirsan Fair- 

; fax. 230; same to Micajah IVrry. 231 ; 

! s(ime to Ki.djard HUind, 233; winio to 

1,loLn Pens, 233. 2L;i', 2^4; 

1 stimo to Clomt-nt PhuustrMi, 2.>.'j; 

I ttamo to Uichard JVnnett. 23'J; Susan 

I Pemu to .John Pomn. 231. 

. Lamb Family, l2t;-12S. 2i>3. 

JLi^rhtfoot FamUv (concladtHl). 104-111, 

! 137. 

i Libraries in Colonial Virc^nia, 41^3, 
132-133. lS0-lf?2, 216-233. 

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lor, of Caroline, 9, 1". 

; Maryland Gaz. tt*;. Personal Notioea 

; from, 263-26.'! 

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, Naturalization Pa^>er of N'icboUs Yii^er, 
Norfolk Academy. 3-8. 

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. Pajntm,,-^ and' Portraits, 21. 39, 6.S. 70, 
S.3. 101. 110, lo-S. 139. 141. 143, 1^1, 

I 1S9, 2us, 212. 223. 231. 

: Peachev Fnmily. 111-11.3. 

. i'ubbc, 201. 

1 Pl.uit-Ciittinu' in Middlesex County, 149. 

; Quaker Meotincr-House. 173. 

'(^iieriea: Concerning ilordfcai Cocke, 

i 6S : Thomas Peale, 6>i ; Th.bie Fox, 

, John CockcrilL and James li-^bcruoa, 

Linier-W1l.shin.4tcn, 6'J; P.:\ll. 71. 137 ; 

Sjvitswood'd Giildr-n El'T-e Sh.'^'s. 13-> ;• 
■ Pjbcrt Martin. CoL UioLard Calla- 
> way. Kich;u 1 Kenuon and Tife, ("eiia 
I liiV^laud, .Abraham Venub'.e. John 
; Holder. 203 ; .Anne Cocke, Anne 
Stub. >[nry Walke. or Walker. Har- 
i per, 204; j^hn Carter, Jecin.,-^ Fom- 
i ily, 203, 276. 
I Racin.; m Vir^-ini.o, 2'''"'. 

Schools: In Lr-itun parish. 174; Pej. 
' Arthur Emmersons Sch.>d, lJ7 ; 
' Grammar School at William and iliry 
; Collfv-e, 63, KiD, 196; In.inn Sch ->l. 
' 39; ilatthew WnaUy Free School, 39, 
131. 174; N)rf"lk .Acft'I-my, 3. 

Seal of Vir-iuLV -'1-96. 140. ' 

Sofiwell Fuiiidy. 27S. 

Sc-rvnuu. 133. PJ^S, 226. 

Sb«>rwo.>d. ilrice. the Vir.^nia Witch, 
'j-l'.d. lc.3-l''4. Ij >-l'J2, 242-243. 

SL.ild Familj, 26S-271. 

Siik, 21. 

fil&re Owners iu P^-iucou .Vjin Co., 52 ("O. 

•SoTf leij^Jty of the b'Afc\ 1 » J, 1 Iti, 2iJ, 

Euiry Connty: Keiloratiun of Cbftrks 
II., Keb«llion of 107L, yurry Fir^t 
K<>co^:mzi.vl. BnojQi i;ulx:liion, 121- 
ll'",; How ForniOiJ. '.iOJ. 

Tftlmna FauiPT. I'll lut. 

T»>ir.H Ik)una.>ry. H''- 

Tliompson, bir Willmm, brother of 
Stevens ThotnpHon Ai:..rnrj (jcucrnl 
of Vu-K'iiiio, H • li-i. 21C 2.''3. 

Tbr<.K-kmorun of Kii.'lftu.l auJ Vir>;iaia, 

iCr-r.2, iy2-rj5, 2ij 273. 

TiriL»<>n FH/iiily. 2»>"^, 27-1. 

Tobacco, The £, D., 143; the BurwcU, 

T'jrnJ-stones ; Mnry AJ^ 32. 163 ; 
Samuel Alhawcs, 3C ; George D ib- 
ney AnJcrson, ISo ; ilary AjUi-ler- 
Bon, ISi; .Mftthesr .VaJcrsoD, l3j; 
ViJliam Arini->tcVuiL 2'»->; Geor'^-e Wjth 
Bcith, lltJ; .Mary E. };o3th, 117; Pau- 
line B-xjth, no, Aine bvtie!il. 254; 
luchara BytieKl. 2:4; Jumts Chick. 
52; rjcbard Coko, 12U: llich^ird 
Cocke (2), 2'4; Uoti. John Cjstis, 
F^q.. 2*S; John CuitU, £^.4., 2-56; 
ElizabtUi rnion. 3<'; John Dixon, :?i\ 
31; Dr. KioLurd Ll-.vards. ISl; K-i- 
belLa Fox. 33. 1^3; .Mary Fos, 31, 
1S4; Suiann.vh Fox, 3-1, 1S4; En; in- 
nel JoDt^, 31; Joht. Joiif<. 31; .Miry 
Jono, 116; John M :au. 3-1; JolmN.i- 
»ou, 2^i-'>: Alice Fftc:e, H^: Elizibetb 
Page, 34; Judith P.i^e. Is7; Mnn. 
Mann F&ge, l'^'^; ilrirv Pa^'C. Ibj; 
CoL Matthew Page. 1^.3; .M.itthe^ 
Pn-e. ISti; TavU.o Pa-e. IS^: .lobn 
Perrin, 253; llarv- Pomn, 2.j3; Kd- 
Wft.rd Portent 2^:' «b'^:i:.« Rende. 21; 
Thoiaoa Kob^u'^. '29; Franct-s Robins, 
2y; Amy Kicb.arls. 32. 1">2; John 
Richanbi, 33. 1>53; Col. Tiilly Robin- 
son, 23U ; Elizabeth I^jy. IIC: 
James lioy, ll»i; Geor^p S.indy. 
3o ; Edward SiQcl.\ir, 31 ; Louisa 
Smart, 30 ; XVLIL.ia Smart, 30 ; 

Toiubstoiics — 

I'.eT. Armt'tead S.-niih, 118; MortLa 
Smith, ny; Philip Smith, 117, l"ho4. 
Small, 117: Ed^vurd Tnbb. ll'J; Lacy 
ArniL<tead labb. 1 1^ ; Lucv Tabb. 1 !'.♦'; 
I'hiup Tabb. IIJ; 1 hotutu'lndd I.ibb. 
117: Fraut*^ A. Trdiaf.rro, llS;J.jhn 
Tfivlor. IS; Tim-on, 2u>l;C'\pt Llm- 
toj-tier T'Ald. 110: Fruic. « 'lo<id, II J; 
,'t. 'ILoraoi. To-ld. IIC; ilori-na 
I Toiukics. li:i; .Arthur I'pdiur. 2'i<.; 
ilory L'pshiir, 'loC: .\nthooy Wtst, 
2.VJ; .M.ij. rh.irl.3 XWsU 2V.»: ll.vell 
West, 2i'.0; Fanny Wmtt. 2><: Potcr 
Wifitt, 2«; Wiatt Tal.let-\ 3';. Ann 
WiiiLs 33. 182; Johii Wood. 32; ilury 
Yeutnian. 2.>5; Thoujaa Ye.itaian. 23o. 

I'p-^hur Fiiiudy. 2'>0. 

Virijiai.-i Niujitti Sjx-it One Wav and 
C.Ub'd AuaUi::. 271. 

Vip/inia: Charr.tor of P-ropIe of, '.•<', 
210; Poor VThlui of. 70. jO; J-.-..;*! 
Ph.^ses of, Tii; ilS. Laus of, 175; ScaI 
of 1 5«^-€ thnt tit!'') 

War: BiiiliiinAs Destroyed in the, 70; 
Stale Scid C.irrutl o:T.' 03. 

W;ishinctou-L.iDii'r-Lia;l Tradition, 71- 
74, 137-13J. 

Widiamsbiirc;: First Settlement at, l-IQ; 
Conim.iudcr^ at, 1C9; Church at, 170; 
First Orjaa, 177; Firvt Incatro, 177; 
Kir-it Asvliioi for llie luwino, 177. 

William .i":id il.ary Co'.lev-c: cf 
the Jleetiru'S of the President und 

jEa-ton of. »»-»;». r2-<-i;i2. r.'.-,-i':i7, 

2'i2-20o: Dnmrtl, 70; ScboiaraLiips of 
PI.ilH)Li-:h:f>x)t. 107; Uiitori-.jl Cuta- 
lr.._nie of. 1 44. 

Wilir,: of E.hauDd Dorkoley. 42; Thom.vs 
Gnthn. 113; l;icL-ird tiickmiu. 24"'. 
Sir Vhilip H-m\v»,i. rh Fhdin Li,vj'- 
f<x)t. 107: iLiry Li_L*JooL 107: John 
MAnu. 42; p£.ioL»-y. 113, I^^b- 
ert, 4'i 4:!, 143. J^hn 
White, 00; Francis WilUs, 42. 

W.t'hcs: Gr-xce >Li r-^vocnl, the Virr^nia 

Witch, 90-101. i.\.;. 104. ;oi)-i:'2. 

212-240; Jone JenkiD'j. 103. 161. 


Abh.-it'» Lci^h, Conntv Somerset, Eu.j., Al-Tfin. LeKf^t^-r^liire. 277 

2-.'!. ■ "AU-hallja-^-tiie-W.iU" Iar>h, Loc- 

Abiuvd.^n P.Mivb, is. 42. l",}, l-;5. 202, dou. 77. 15.1. 

27.^. Amein Conntv, 120. 

Ac., 107. 2.".0. 2'.J. 27J. Aii:Ler.t, 2>1." 

'Airrule," 21. 25, .to, Ijj, .\.u.ic.»NUn I-l ind. 71. 

Aleiftulna, 200, Auu.ti olia City, ISO, 200. 


Api>crAattox Bi\tr. M. 230. 

Aicher'B llopo Cr.-ek, l70. 

ArhcKton, 2S,-t, J'^L 

Arktt'Jtilpbifi. ArkAnna*, 60. 

AAbbys r.ri.l^e, 50. 

Atlnu'tA, 6-'. 

Aul>nru, 120. 

Aufrasli* County, Vn., 201, 2G7. 

Back Rar, 50. 

B<u.:: hiVor, fliz/ Uih City Couuty. 1C3. 

EalJock, Hertfordshire, 10. 

B&ltimoT*, Md., Cy, 120, Ul, 2()-i, 2u7, 

BarbrtdcNca. 43. 71. 90, 2-29, 232, 234, 
C.x<=rctt's Crtek, 90. 
Bfvth. 155. 
Bay Si.le. 50. 
BcHf-inl., PS. 
Bvilionl, King Cie<)rgo Count v, Va., C8, 

141. 14:'. 
B<!.Uor<l Conrtv, 275 V 
"b^lle Air." 1 ' 2. 
"Belie Farm," 24. 
** Belle Grove," in King George Comitr, 

**I>clleTille," in Glonce^tor County, 24. 
Berkeley County, 193. 
Bennuila, tt7. 
Berwick, 16. 
"B^verlev Manor," 267. 
BewJly. 13S. 
Biglow's, 172. 
Birminc^hrtni, Ala., 240. 
BlAck Water, 50. 

ElanciSe'.J. 2^0, 233, 234, 235, 236, 267. 
BlftulforJ. 107. 
BorJ&Rii, France, 72. 
Bordentown, 7-. 
Boetoa. 145. 
Bourne, 36. 
Boiley -ibhey, 35, 36; Boxley Parish, 

35: Boiley Cborcb. 35, 36; "Box- 
ley." 36. 
6r;.ck.Iev, Soathimpton CountT, Eng., 

76. IKd. 
BraffertoD, 61, 76. 12S. 2C4. 
Bnd.-. S4. 
Bren:-T. 204 

Pr»'tt u. County York,, 221, 222. 
Bridge Crttk, Va., 71. 
Brid'^-wntcr. Ot<. 
Brit;Liou. 9S. 
Brms,.;a 8 Qiiarter. 165. 
Broa ;ham. Westmoreland Coantr. Elng , 

Browu rniversitv, 75. 
Brutcu Prtru-h, 77. loK. 154. 170. i^'i. 
Braton CLur<.h, l6'J-lBt:>, 273. 
Bruton. Ktiw;l:\ud. 171. 107. 
budu CouQtr, 41. 16^. 


" Buckui^'h^itu Houv," Viv., 105. 

*' F.urliu Hall. ■' Liucolcahiro, 43. 

Boybory PorLnU, 2»il. 
I Cabiu IVint, 1"8. 
! Call Will County, Ky. , 104. 
i Cardi^;ftn Oonnly, 2''', 36. 
I Cnrmaillien County, 36. 
' CaroliLo Conntr, Va., 109, 205. 
! CanoUtou, 14.i, 204. 
: CnrUTt. Cro, k. 30. 170. 
I •'Cart.-T'sllall." 2'j7. 
! Ccdur Cr.ek Cnrnlme County, 100. 271. 
i Churlcs Cotiulv. l^. 
!ch.irk3 Citv.'S'?. 100, 125, 201, 202, 
j .201. 20^. 276. 
I Cliiulea liivt r County. 160. 
{"Ceely's." 112, 114. 
[ Chnritif;, Kent., 64. 
! ChatsworUi, 101. 
IChcesmun'sMill, 8L 

Cherrystone, .\icnniack, 254- 

Chesaixjake, 19. 
I Chester. En?., 30. 

i Cbe.<»tnnt Hill, Kichmou<l Coantv, CO, 
I 132. 

■ Chi.r.v.-o. 145. 204. 
!<iv.- Hlr.iT^, 60. 
I Chiixjke's Creek, 201. 
j Chiicoyake, > „, -^ ^07 ^ 

chi«,ki.".ck, ; ^^' *'-"^'- 

Christ Cbarch, 170. 
I "ChnrcL HUl," 24. 
I Church Creek, \t.3. 
\ Citteuburne Piirish. 133. 273. 

Cbirksbari.'. West Va., 2u7. 


"Cli-h." near AJtxandria, Va., 267. 

Cold Stream, North britain, 106. 

Colle-.;e Qu.irter. Notto\T.ay Co., 129. 

"Concord," Gloncester Co., 21, 25, 3S. 

"Corbiu Hall," 207. 
' "Coltn..^e. The." lO.T 
•' CreiicLton Uon«e, 16s. 
i CuliHfjHjf Co.. 6i). 52, 200, 201, 
' Cjnjborlacil r.iver, 60. 
' P.Tin Neck. 50 
' De^p Creek. 259. 

Denbigh, H-1. 
' Detli'i',' K-nt, England, 36. 
, DorchcstrrCo.. il L, 14. 153. 

DrjLsm Hoa'^e. im. 
I Drvsd'il« Parish. Va.. 271. 
j " Diiuhain Mu.-v.->.e." 20. 120. 
' "E.>-le I'-ict." 2L 
' East OrntJ-e. S. J., 277. 

EiLst KiTcr. 256. 

Elizabeth Citv. 30. 78, 120, 127, 13'; 

i i»;">. 2"2. 2i' I. ■.:"5. 

Elii:.ibcLh lliver. 1-J. 
Elliucton. anatiD.vlonshixe. 46-4?. 51. 
' "EhiJin.,-: i-." Va.. 2 J. 120. 



Erroll, Pcrtbsliire, IRS ; EUxabetb City 

lioUA-cu. 70. 

Hobsoa'i CLoicc, 279. 

Ho-.-nJv-s Cr-ck, M. 

HolLbain. lUl. 

"llullirj ILiil." l>i. 

II' -k, TLo. -22. 

Jlinipir's I'oinf, '25^. 

HuuliU'.'.liHisbir*. 40. 47. 4**. SO. 

IiiiLiXii FielJ^. Q. icon's Creek, 172. 

Iiidmu Schrx-I, 76. 

ll~iwi(k, Suilolk, Eij(;laiiJ. 153, 

Con'.tT, IC-S 
J> 't Coocly, 49. 103, l'J9. 256, 267, 

Kit'Usr. New Uiin;|«biro, 98. 
"Eicbiccei," Gloucester County, 12U, 

184. ]yJ. 
Fnirfdi Coantv. Vr>., 2t"C, 267. 
"Fuirfiel^l," I'JL 
FmIow's Neck, 170. 
I'ftltr )uth, t-S. 

Ft-bmnrban Mnnor. 101, 102. 
Fiutrio Fanib, IH. 
FlviaR I'oiut, 12J. 
Fr'inoe, 91. 
Irei-kfort, 92. 
I'l.-ilrnrk Conntv, l'.i3, 242. 
Fici^ricksbun?. 109, US. 20-L 
Fort Wat.\u„'a, CO. 
Fulb.'-..iu. En^'lr.nJ, 21. 
Funtlull. Wilt^bins 198. 
Gccr^;L'to\^ii Colli ge, 18. 
Coor-clo\n!, D. C, 1», 135. 
Giasixit;, 70. 

GhiEor^anshire, Wdca, 276. 
Gbifigow, 166. 
Gloncestcr Coantv. 19-27, 34, 37, 4S, 

50, C^. lot, 10b. 115. 120. 142. 151, ,' Kia-'s Creek, 106,275. 

165, 1S2, i:?2, 193, 202, 253, 251. 261, i Kid:: George Coiintv. GS. 


IrcLnd, 226, 261. 

Islebnm, 2!, HO, I'.-l 

L>lo of Wi^jbt County. 1C7, 1C8. 205. 

Jnuiaic.o, 43. 
Jajucs Citv [James Tov^-n) 17. 39, 40. 76. 

lOJ, lO:., 121. 1J5. 149, 151. lO.t, 17.', 

174, 175, 176, 2U1, 2«->2, 20d, 2?0. 
Jones" FttJls. 71. 
Jordou's Point. '2?.'i, 277. 
KeiQfs\TlJi-, 59, 'J.'iJ. 
Kent Couuty. 36. 171, 229. 230. 235. 
Kentucky, 9, 120. 2».>0, 2<.'5, 2 10. 
KiD.r anJ Queen Coantv, 120, 203, 253. 


27S, 2SJ. 

Gloaeoi^ter C. H., 24. 25, 26, 27, 29. 
" Gloncostpr Flace," 278. 
"Cotih.n." 24, 253. 
Gravesend,, New York, 98. • 
Gniy'8 Inn, 102. 
Grr\y's Creek, 121 
" Greenway Court," 222. 
Green Ph.nt. 1?0. 
Green Spri.i>^. 76, 121, 167. 
Grimei'toa Pariah, lOi 
Grv^ton, ilfltia., SS. 
Gvi^ci's Llaiid, 22. 
" Hail Western." 24, 50. 
n^v-erstow-n. Md., H2, 
Halifax, 106, 2 15. 
H.'ilifai Coantv, 106. 246. 
Pallowin^ Foiit, 12,1 
Hampton, 25. 144, 197, 262, 270. 
Hiinip^tead. 156. 
Hamp^bire Coanty, 194. 
Hrvr-len, 9-h, 155. 
Harop. 136. 169, 170, 171. 
H.Lm- .\bbott3, 49. 
HfL-ir.j C'-mtT. .SI, J-U. 204. 
H-raMa Odice,' 51, 14J. 20-5, 206, 284. 
Hoss*. n. 
*'llo?9o." 2t. 256. 
F^.ton, i(-|.i;,.^i, England. 155. 
B.c^ory Hill. 193. 
H:,:h^-at..>, GloccLst^r Cor.aty, 139. 
Hiniworth. 102. 
ilinkston Cre«k, 109. 

Kinir^miil." lO-*. 170. 

Kincston Pari-sb, 256. 

KiDt: WUliaia CouLry, 62, 63, 109, 193. 

Kircubri.^bt, Sc.jtlun'd, 22G. 

Knott's Island. 59. 

Lambert's Point, Va., 164. 

I^iucaster Coantv, 73, 74, 133, 275, 

Lantrborno, Carm.ilhin County. 21C. 

L-^nr^ton Hall. .M.ilton. York-xhire, HO. 

Lee<U Ca.'^tle, Kent Coantv, Eng., 229, 
230. 235. 

Lced'to'xn, Va., 266. 

Leeward 127. 258. 
I Leicester Hall. 219. 2^2. 
JL<5cast Hill. 241. 

I London. 14. 15, 26. 39. 12:^. 135. I'A. 
174. 175. 2<'S. 21'?. 220, 222. 223. 224, 
226. 227. 22 •. 230, 231, 236, 261, 267. 
263. 274, 26X 

Loncj Island, 37, 50. 
j LoawviUe. Ky., 142. 205, iSO. 
I Loudonn County, 2 11. 
' IjOTvland Cotti ;o, jj. 

I.yiibaci Bay. 2'>. 
I Lynubivvea'P.iriib, .59. 60. 26. 
I Mr.vli''on County. 52. 
j "llaa^tield. ' ln9. 
■ Mr\a-<iiel.L La., 194. 
; Marlon ParL^k 32. 
, ilarvtoa Prtr;-,L. 77, !70. 171, 174. 
I Mnrtini, Bf.iniijD. 276. 
i ilariin'a Handn.'d, 17'. 



Marylim.l, 13, 110. H5. VJo, 204, Q03. 

JU'., 'Jj7, 2-JC, V:C0, 200, 277, 2»± 
MisaAThusolU, 08. 
MatUjKini llivcr, 17i), 203. 
Miilbowa Cotuily, 118, IJO, 255. 
M*ltA'.comAii, 71. 
**MwuJowFaim,"LouJoun County, 104, 

^lockloDborg County, 120. 
McmpLw, ToDo., CJ, lOL 
McrcLonfa HundroiJ, -10. 
lltxico. H6. 

JJi.l.IU n.-intAtiou. 37. 77, IGO, 171, 172. 
MidJla Teniae, 134, 151. 
lIiJcHe«<i C<x, 77, 156, 149, 187, 188, 

2G(;, 275, 
SIJLJ.Ilctown, 77. 170. 
••," CftroliLc Cjanty, 9. 
MilJon H.^:l, SuJolk County. Eni::., 111. 
Milvrcod, Clarke Connty, '.iOT. 

Mofllos Peiut, 2eG. 

Mobilo, iJa., 1C9. 

Mv^nt:;omery Coanty, Ky., 19'.', 200. ^ 

ilordecai iloaiit, C3. 

Myrj^fintowR, ]3S. 

Mixvly, Stafford County, En;?., 37. 

">rount Pleasant," 24, 20, 31. 

Ximny's Creek, 59. 

N.-uLville, Teun., 60, 194, 276. 

Niinvmond, 48, S9, 197, 234. 

Na.<5AAWftdJoi Creek, 2G0. 

KettJccnmb, '^21. 

NcttlesU-ad, Eng.. 33, 183. 

New PoUle, 3S, 39. 

New Cfl-stle on Tyne, 155. 

New Eni^Iand, 3S, 75, 145. 

New H.'urn>5hire, 98. 

New Jer-:oy. 76. 277. 

Nowin-ton, 2 4, 37. 

New Kent Coantv, 3<^. 43, 77, 103, 107, 

170, 17''. 202, 2'- 1. 27C. 
Newport, Ky., 142, 205. 
Newport News, 143. 
New Poquoson. (See Poquoson.) 
New?fea.l, 120. 
New York. 16, 48, 52, 75, 98, 145, 2S0, 

2>2, 2it3. 
New Mexico, 146. 
NicholjLj Countr, Ky., 193, 2 40. 
NorfoUc 3, 5. 18, 22. 2G. 43. 102, 112, 

HI. 163, 164, 169. 2u3, 206, 261, 262, 

Nor'Jmmptr.n G)nntv. 78, 256. 261, 262. 

Norta Or.iin.^ 72. l.'tS, 1"2, 166 277. 

*' North Eii.l,- 24. 160, 277. 

Noribe.-a Vc, 37. 

Northowrntn, -^40. 

North. Point. 120." 

NorthuraberlanJ County, 49, 50, 173, 

*'Northamb<;rLind Douse, "' 50. 

NotlinKLamsLLre, 101. 
NoTa Sv-oliA, 70. 
Nuec»>t. 146. 
Oak Grove, 225. 
O.-xkley, 2^. 

Occvhftnnock Creek, 260. 
Ohio. 129, 2Si 
OU Cptun, 2S. 35. 
C'naiioock, 259. 
Oi^ockon. 23:1. 
Ornugo Cuuntv, Va., 19?. 
Orforil, S'ltf oik, ir,5. 157. 
Oxforil CInu.-v, 4'"., 47. 
O^t.riey Park. 151. 
Oswctjo, Now York, 142. 
Oxfordshire. 171. 
Palaco. Willi.imsburf;, 76. 
' Piuji'iukey, l'J3, 170.' 
' Park Houb.?. 3C. 
Pans. 13, 92. 
Pembroke County. 36. 
Pendleton, S. C, 205. 
Pcntnden Eltntli. 3.5. 
Pta:..s\Iv.-»nia. 15. O-, 205, 225. 239. 277. 
retor^'biiru;. 37, U>S. 
PeUworth (Petsoc) ParLsL, 31. 37, 33, 41, 

Pevton Pawft, 43. 
PhUndelpbia, 2;)3. 
ri.-\i'.knnnk, 21, 13.3, 189. 
Piuoy Swvamp, 23. 
Pi.sbroke. Countv Rutland, 277. 
PitKbnrt:, Pol, 142. 
Plymouth, 17, 145. 
Point PlcMJint. 59. 
Poqno*m, 82, S4, 126. 263, 279. 
Polebrook. En:?., 153. 
I "Poplar Neck," 73, 170. 
Porop-jtank, 24, 33, 170. 
; Port Koyal. 109. 
I Portsmouth. Enfj., 231. 
Potoamo. 71, 75. 105, 112, 137, 227, 

228, 231 
"PouLhou Plnce." 259. 
"Powhatan,'' James Citv Countv, ]9, 
76. 154. 
I Pncce-i Anne Countv, 52. 53. 59. 60, 
I 99. 190. 191, 192, 203. 242, 243, 244. 
j Princeton. Ky.. 19 4. 
I Prince Geor,'e Co;intv, 3>^. 167, 266. 
i Princo William County, 2"'0. 
' Provi lence, 9>. 
i Prvor's Plnntfttion, 41. 
; "Purcnn." 39. 
Qucvu Mary Port, 269. 
1 Qur?en Cre.k, 170. 175, 207, 203. 
"Quiabv Farm," 256. 
Eippih.innx-k. 19. 43. 69, 73. 112, 204, 

22->. 2.^3. 266. 267. 
K.itrliffo. i[:Hk.,Hr Coantv, 14. 
Riohraond. V:v. 77. ^[, 'J2. lOJ. 114, 
12^ 132, 20J, 2-50. 2^1, 233, 2-55. 



Rirhmona Cuntr. Va. . C8, 111, \\2, 

113. MJ. 17J. 173. 177. 
"Uich Ncch," 82. 
Bippon, 3'J. 151, 175. 
llio Graijvlo, U'j. 
li.)Anoke, N. C. 1G<?. 
I'.oUrtLkti.l, ScolUnd, 2t'G. 
Itobm MUl, 21 
liobm'i 29. 39. 
••Ii'>^owcU.*'21, 39. iy5. 1S9. 2fil. 
'•lloiton," JeffereoQ CoQDty, GO, 1'J3, 

SA<liiler> N. rk. 23. 
fcUfTrou ^Y^I.1. a, 143. 
HivIKttiry, 21 ^2. 

8«' l\.mt. 10.-.. 106. 10^. 110. 
fciiivih's Ctte'i. 24, 39. 253. 254. 
BftTaiuiah, Go.. 104. 
^clll^..•^ol^:;h, Yorkshire, 155, 233, 234. 
S.aforO. 24. 

P.ivea linft Is, Gloac'.'nter County. 24. 
•* Severn" 19:1. 
Shitxlon H-ai, 245. 
Bhitloy Hui.JreJ. 201. 2<H, 205. 
Bh'jckoc Wir.?h.)Ui.\ H'3. 
" Shooters Hill." Mi.iak-k;i County, 49 
Skimeno Cre^k. 170. 
Soiilli'i Fott. 123. 
Somerset House, 51, Or>. 
SoutLaTurloa Hanilr.;.! 201. 
SouthwitrL Surry County, 122. 
bpaulJwicL 47. 
SpotUilvrmia, 12. 42, IOC. 2'15. 
Btftffvr 1 County. 41. 2"tt. 223. 
Bt. Andrewj-in-lhe-NVKnlro'oo Pari.-<b. 41. 
SL Brule's Taruh. N-jrfolk County. 275. 
fit. Clfai' at D:.ncj, ilulJkicx County, 

Hvi^-, 15G. 
Ct. GertDrtLiis. France. 37. 
Hlirlin^,' 0:>iinty, ScuiIhuJ. 18. 
St. Jaiiits Turuih. ^Iar\LinJ, 2S3. 
St. Mark's I'arL'^h, 2'."'. 

"T.Mlii)-ton."108. 109. 110. 

"Temple Farm," York County, 69. 

TcDll.■^»..o. 13H. 2t«>. 

Tcxlou. Kent. Eu(?.. 3;J. IM. 

Tcir.s, 51, 120. 1 IG, 194- 

T.'auo. Jrtiiifn City toMtjty. 2s0. 

Thore^by Uouso. NotlAu^iL&niikhJni, 101. 

Tbulstiiuc. 'J». 

"Tiiuh.r N\ck." 24 3-1. 39. 

"To.Ubury,-' 21. 71, 120. 256. 

TrftTiH' Point. 274. 

Trinity Chunh. 255, 256. 

Truro TarUh. 71. 

UiuteJ Slates, Ml 

Uuivei^ity tif Virj^inia, 18, 135. 

Urbr\nn'\. 112. 
i Utinmria. lOG, 2o7. 
I Utrtcht. ICl. 
i Valley Forj^e. 104. 
I Vttux Hftll. 14. ^7 4. 
i ••Vi..l,t Bnnk-s." 24. 23, -S. 
I Virc;iuia, K!. 17. ;1L 75. bl. 'JS, 149,206. 
I Vir^'uiia Hi'^torical Societv, 89. 
I •' Vue .Ic"' 24. 
} Wake Coiintv. N. C. 09. 
I Wall Strc.t.'N. Y , 7o. 
i Wiilhn'^'ton, Northumberland, Kng., 221. 
I Warcop, I4i>. 

I NVaro Parish. 32. 33. -12 49. 50. 51 ; 
! Church, 16S, ltt2. 183 ; lliver, 50. 

Warehnm. 24. 
i Warner Hall. 20. 24, 39. 193. 
! " Wuverley." Gloucester County, 184- 
I War^-ick. 40, 143, 256. 
'-WashincTton, IS. 69, Fio, 241, 2-51; 
Pari-,h, 41. 

Wellford, Gloaceiitersliire. 171. 

Wcrow.icoiuioo Coauty, JO. 
I West Indies. 39. 
j Wc?t LnnuL;ton. Wf Itshire, 101. 
, Westminster. 77. 153. 
j Westiuoreluud County. 11. 22. 37, 41, 
I 84. FtH, 1.53. 

bt ilary. Woolworth Parish, Loudon, West Neck, .',3. 

SL Paul's Church. 18. 

SL Peter's Parish. New Kent. 33, 103, 

176. 2J4 
Sl Pft^rVtUe-Poor Pari-h, Ld-, 167. 
HtTRtfurd-by-Bow. 17. 9'5. 
Sc Stephen'* Parish, Kin^^ and Qtieen 

Cor.cty. '276. 
Bt Th^'uias, CanteruurT. 35. 
SuJu!!: t.'ouiity. En-.. i7d. 
Bnnken M irsh, l-.i:;. 
tJurrr Couctr, 37. 1<>-S, 121-126, 13S. 

Su>»«x Citinty. 197. 
Button Court, 1 i.l. I'll. 

TuVxiruiu le. 5.>. 
Tanner's Crutk; 16L 

West Point, Va.. 261. 
Wtst Vir-mi.i. 4s. 12-' 

13.-.. 207. 

Wevna'jke. Territory of Greiit, 201. 

" WLitrt Hidl.''21. 95. 155. 
i " Whit« ilarbh," 24. 48. 

Wiuuno. Mass. 137. 

Wi..horsba.-h. LI. »se. 12. 

Wilkosl>nrre. Peun., 2in. 
I Wilhaiiijl.uri:. V^.. 37. 7i'.. 106. 
I 115. 127. 131. 14!'. 16'J. 171. 
' 232. 251, 265. 2- J. 

Willi-iiu aud M'lrv (^Ilek;e. ~6, 

137. 139. lU. i:.l. 105. 22.3. 
, 262. 27m. '.iTl. 274. 275. 277. 27-'. 

Wind>.>r. •>* ; ••WiniMor L^l-;e," tW 

WiI.-mjii'm Crtik. 24. 1J3, 

WiL-onj.i N^ck, 253. 
' WUtun, 273. 




. ^6. 




Wilts Coi'Dty, Eur.. 3?, 41, 19'^ 
Vi'. 'loy, YorL-ure. llV.'. 
" Yi CAxibuij," V*.. 104. 
Vforc<«t«r. 3'J, 108, 
yfoilajt Kfck, 'ill. 
W rot Lara, Knt;., 37. 
V/yo Eivcr, QaU. 
TcAtm&n'a, '^6. 

York, Viv. ?h. l?'i ; Chorch, f.'J ; Coun- 
ty. 14, 37, C'J. TC. 77. 82. 83. «.j. lnO, 
127. 137. 14'.», i:.". ir.l. 153. i.-,i. i»-..i, 
170. 171. 17;!. 1-<1. Ji'H. -Jicj. -it':. -J'-S, 
270, '273. '273. '27H. '.L^l ; UiTcr. a>.. ."0. 
223 ; Yorktown. 40. Hi''.. 107. 143, 2>». 
Y..rk. Ku^-.. 'Jl. 3.'. 17:.. _ 
YorkL/vini^ilon I'arisL, 107, 371. 


A*ron, Sa 

i.UU, JuUn. 44. 

Al-crtury, 24i " 

Abn\b/iin, '.^76. 

Ab!i\loui, Janies, uX 

Ackiaa, illi/jibcth, FruirLs, Jonathan, 

ThoEOAn, i'X 
AiUni*, Herl>€rt P., 2SC: John Qumcy, 

Adcock, EJwRr^l HI. 
AdJeubrx.k.s J^'.w.arl, 111. 
idJersoii, Ilobt-rt, 53. 
Ailo.H, iUry, 32, lb3. 
y llKjrt, John, 250. 
AUv>n, 6y. 
AJk-n, Arthar, 126, Charles Deitf-r, 285; 

E-Jwcxti, o3; Ls-odc. 14; Marv, lOS; 

Will:sm, 107, lOS, 100. 
AilertoQ, liaac, 6.3 ; WUloagbby, 

Alia, Robert, 53. 
Air.Mer, Thoai-w M.,_17'3. 
Amsi-in, Tn. Jjho, K'T. 251. 
Ander>on, Gec-rkjo I).ibut>v, iluttbow, 

135; MAry. IS4, ISJ. 
Aidrewi Fam.lT, 277. 
Andrd, John, 2"0. 
Andre*, E-loiund, 1.50. 172. 174. 
Axine.^ley, Frnnci:!, J')hu, 153. 
An^^lh FreJenck, John. 53. 
Aicher, Anne. 172. Jame-?, 172, ISO; 

Michael. 172. 17.3, ISO. 
Ardeiibrv>ik, 14. 
Ar^-*J1, 8ir S.Ainacl, 201. 
ArcLstea-J, Anne. lO'l; Anthinv, 7S. 

IZ6, Bo-th, 2J8; Eliys.Mi. i-.i; F-i- 

phAn, 203; ILinnah. IJo. II«nry. 210; 

Joha, S3. 256; Jii ir\h. 7h; ilary. 1('»5, 

107; K.,b«^rt. ia->. 203. 2hS; Wuhnta, 

IOC. 203. 253. 25-'.. 
Amolvl, Matthew, I'JJ. 
A-^hr.'in.-u., 211. 
Aihby. NViILaiu, 53. 
AthAWdA, tiamud, 3C. 

Alwood, Edvfard, 53, 07; John, TLorua.s, 

Aylett, WUIiarn, 171. 179; W. R., 2S3. 
Ayrcs, Lt-ojiiuiiu, 27'J. 
! AJteid, Wdluim. 53. 

B.i.-on, 20. 1C3; .Anthony, 2C7; John. 
I 103, 2tU: Nftthiimel, o'J, Co, I2l, 125, 

l'-.3, 240. 
Bailoy. 50, .SI, 142. 
r>ail. y, B inks and L.Jilc. 62, 210. 
Eiiinton, Samutl, 15<.i, 15 4. 
Baker. Edward. 101; LH.vnnce, 123, 

124; Willmoi S.. 2-<''.: \Vi!h.'\DJ. 27 L 
HrII, 71. 137; AiiL'i!. 227; Adqo Catha 

nne Tayloe, 2uU: Ehya, 13-J. J.-iin.-s 

13S; Jos^i-h. 17. 7J. 74. i:.0; J«i liUi 

200; MarLraret U.. 201: 2i. 72 

73, 74. 13.S. 13'J; iIL^3. 71-73. San. 

utl, 45. 200; 2'tl. 
ballird, 3'», 208; Charlott?, 42; Mat 

Lhew. 201»; Robert, 42, 251; TLomK* 

65. ISO, 2<H, 247. 
Baltimore, Lnrd, 15. 
BaiubrJ<lt;i3. 217. 
Hanks, Harrison. John. 53, SI; 

Barber. Cipt. Jamc,. WUliam, 172 

Sar.-.h, Th..rua.i. 2».J 274 ; Steihcu, 14. 
BarlKJUr. CoL J-iU'es. 4^. 
I Harlow, Llalph, 2iU. 
' Barnes. 145, .\^th.>nv. 100. 101; Charles, 

53; Elizabeth, lOO. VJl: Fran oj, 

John. 5.1. 123. 124; Uichard, 232. 233: 

Tnllv. 53. 
BHrrnlull. E.lwftrd, 41, 103, l79-'80 

Mr.. r27. 
B-irritt, William, 14. 
H.irron. K-L^rt. 4 
l).ur'<w. Uua.iin. in^; John. 201. 
Lur»eli, ilary. 5:' 
Div.', Gc'Tje. 5".. 
B.wkerry 1... John. 1''2. 
Btt..>u(3tt. U'm.. .<ij. 
EuoiiO, NathiUiiel, 65. 


Bfti^.tt, Willianj. Co, 'iVi. 

Ii<it.dif Iikr Kninilj, '277 ; S vmiiel, 277. 

h.\f'. Ji\:a«-<, Siuilo;.-, 10 J. 

1UU^ Jauiei, 173. UlS; Jehu, 17a. 

Calt.uU-, John, 13J. 

BatUQ, I'JuAbtth. .">3. 

iJAjurl, Uui^lj, NichyU\ V.'illiiim, 7a 

Bsiytop. Caj.t , Jo. 

Etiiilo, 40; Alir.\ 40; Ann-?, CO; Tboiuns, 

40, Cr,. CO. 113, 13-J. KSL>. Y.. 14. 
lit'iiufort, 27fi. 
li«a turn Kit, 222. 
P.'lfLr.l. C.>iicU_>s of, 154- 
l-ot<-nift. 111. 
IkjllJulil, NftiiOT, 20'>. 
Bell, Jtv-mb. :'>X 
lirnnclt. 20";, 200; Bi-liarJ, C.3, ICS. 20C, 

'JJO; ilivry .\nno, 2'j7. 
l<<:us«:)n. Amos, oX 
B-jutJi-vll. Joseph, RoWrt, i.1 
Bon-en, O'J. 
Btrk.Ioy [Eartlett], 107. 171; YAmnn<\, 

42, Cj; Ijvly Frincts, 17-'; John, C3; 

Sir V.illiam, '^J. 82, Si, H .. pil. 12 i, 

151, If-l. liU, 171. 172. i.w. 24C. 201. 
Bernard Farailv, 41: Ikmud, kixuA, 

17:-; S«llT. luOjWimum, G5, 109. 
Eortrnm, lUL 
R-.-iuth, Calharine, 172. Jiunca, 171, 

172, 17.>. 
R^t, Mawa^tly G.,38. 
Beverley. 10. 52. TO. Hi; P:iL.-abcth, 22.>; 

riarrv, 2i)'.; John 231, 2 l.!;llarv, 20.j; 

P., 43; Kobert. C'. S7. 10 J, 14'», 207; 

Rob^rtA, 100; I'TTsali, 22.".; Williiun, 

e.-i. 223, 277. 
BiddJt-Coiub. J\iner*, IIX 
BIrUdJ, Balph, 51. 1 IX 
Bishop. Anne, EUia, Jatuc\ CO ; William, 

53. GO. 
Bivin. John, 53. 
BUck, Jamea. 42. 
BUckRincre. 2'^'>. 
Blarkett, 15>. l.-.a •2-21, 221 
Bla.Lst^ine, Gov., 1&. 
Bladon, PnsnlL% 2"5. 
BUkey, Ge.->r-^e. V^. 
BUir, Archibill. l7i 1^0; Jftrnes. 15. 

17. 63. 171. 17:?. IT'J. 2;i2. 21': John, 

C\ 114, 12J, lo7, 177, iMi. 2 ."2, 2.»1; 

Sarah. 11 L 
Elan. I. AnsA, 2 W; F.iiiaNth. 277; John. 

2;J4; L^civlut. n.>: Kich«rl. 17"i. 

1^0. 2;W. .Tl, 277. TlcoJon^rk, 05. 
BUnt'y, t^i varii. »v'>. 
BloiictU', DuLiel. 
r->;o,-ke. U nry. 24^. 

lioilc-:Ui I» t--(.tC1UX, IM. 

B..liu.;brt)k..'. LorL i:.». 

B..lhD,'. Iw.Urt, 2m; Th.^mi-s "237. 

BolL. John, Maxa, Wdlo.i^iiby, i3. 

I B-jniifV, 53. 51; Kicbnr.l, 53, 00, I'M. 
I lU)uu)inau, A!.iiii.'l*r, VI 
, liooktr. 200; Anne. 42; KicLorJ, 43. 
; B<K.-Jur. ^Vm. K, 2 'V 
I B.,<.lu.v:ton. liVl. 

I lkK>lk KlUftUrlh. Frrvncia, M'JIurii, 2<",S; 
I i;w)rj^p, .'..«, U.S. 12S; (W-ori;' Wjth.-, 
lie, 110; liaU-'.la, lft3; Lucv. llH; 
Lucy B., 117; Mary. .'U. 2'-S ; M.iry 
H, 117 ; Mr., 2; I'Aiilm^, 110, 
Uichanl, 14', Bc^bcr^ U<», 2i>>; SuAan- 
niih, 34; ThouiiLj, 33, lfj3, 20a. 

B.j«n. 2 12. 

}kwto<.:k, 43. 

B->sisl11, Jfuio. Thoui.ii M kchi-n, 278. 

Bout.. art, 127, 14 J, 2(.'7, 270. 2«0. 

Bv.ttH, 2.>7. 

Boi,:uie, J/ur.n il., 100. 2('3. 

Boti^li, MrjaiuUiao, 243. ^S"illlitnl. 53, 

Bow lea, ICo-'CG. 

Bowler, TLoturu, 65, K^, 204. 

l5oza':\n, 2('«1. 

Eowaitiii, Thful.lrMis, 53. 

Bovle, liobert. 30. 

Br'ick'Q, John, 170. 

Bri.ifor<l. 2r-d. 

Brail^a, Caleb Davii, 210. 

Bramble, 50. 

Brand, r^iiidolph. 71. 

Binioliflll. 40. 

Brar, 103 ; An';elir.a Anne. Arthnr, 
20S; Ddvi.l, 0.">, 173. 170, 1^0 ; tiiz.-v- 
beth. 127, 268; Jurct^ f'o. 60. 171, • 
175, 170, 20.S ; Plomer, 07, U>j ; Ro- 
bert, 1G4. 

Brent. Gii.s, 37; Htigh. 17; Jovce, 130. 

Brever. 270; John, 65; J. W., 240; 
Willmci. 53. 

Brikn. ThoLn.vj, OS. 

Briilj,'er, Ji>seph. 05. 

Bridges, Anne, 102. 

Brit:ht, John, 53. 

BrL^.ow. Githftrine. Kobort, 180. 

Broa-lnax, Eliiabeth, John, T^r^ravi, 

Brocks. Charles, Comelitia, ilow; 

Sarah, 53; Hcnr,. 51; R. k., ;<•', a^, 
87. Oi>. 123, 2.13, 273, 2T»>, 2S1. 283. 

Bronj-alL, Thotn.ii, 4--'. 

Bron.tii^jh. EIi..:nb.Lth, William, 4*^. 

Bro^)k.«, L^lcDund, FJ.hard, liobfrt, SL 
G«^T^e T.. i:!>. 

Bro.iji.. Wiili.itn. 212. 

Brown ^Bro».-ue\ .Vl.-ia-n.l.»r, 81. 03; 
Anthony. .',3; F.ennMt F-tdatJ. 2'"'.; 
Bn>U)l. 3; Charl-i. 231 ; Colonel. 
122; Dlvf.ird. 31, .-'J; mi.:aS:th :3; 
Hiurv. »'^ : IU:T. J. Cui..». JoLn, 42, 
.3.1, l.-O; .33;^-irot. MiJ- 
ilf.d. 1'^.; F.'MiSin. Saiaucl, TUotiU, 
i.\ 20O ; WuJi.\ai, 41, Oo. 




Browti't "Ri^V.ry of th« Prjpai;aliuii of 

CLriatianitv," 'SJ. 
liruwrning. cinrl.'S H.. U»fi. 
Lrtiee, luj, '2'22 ; I'bilip A., 77, liH, 

Braco-Pryo'v ir.."). 

Hryna, Fr^-doriok. lh(V Mr»rtli»\, f4, I'Ji''. 
Br)i>un, ilxs. A. tL L.. 72, 7J, 71. 
EuchAn. Larl of. 2\l\, 2J1 
Bnrk, Klizaboth. bJ ; J. H., 17-1 ; l:i. b- 

an3. 2ul. 
BiK-kla. 99. 

Baciner, 52: Gorarl. Jl ; },\mj, 274 ; 
y Tbrr.jM. 173; Y.iludin, 41. 

BaUifant. Fanioa, 2o2. ^ 

Bollock, 137; Ur.,;b. 173; JaInP^ 136; 

Kicbftri. t.'.: Koh-it, ^Vlllittlll, 17.<. 
Buxoh, F. G., 17J; B., 246. 
BonlcQ, Jobn, 47. 
Barges, Cbarltft, SD, 14i>; Jobn, l-:2 ; 

lAiif&ir, 53; ^rftry, lO'i. 

Baikal S3, 91, 95, V'2, 1^5, IG, IM. 

Burly. Tbcrnw. 113. 

Buniaby, Aadrew, 131. 

Boiroa^-b. Bcdo, & ), 191. 

Pnrloj. Tboiuax, IKl 

Barrows, .^^litLoaT, Trayy, Willii\m, 53. 

Ban^ell, 3.^, -id;'. 107; Armis- 

teAJ, 177. IS); ElizidKitb. 14. U'7 ; 

George, 2i'7 ; Geor„'e H.. 2o7 ; Jamrs, 

106, \\fl, 217; Lewu, 14. 41, ♦'o, 1"'3, 

107, 108, 170, 1^0; Lucy. 41. 13C ; 
llirtha, 21"J; M.^rv, lOC;"yiith., 17, 
144, 2ii7; Nat. Dv-on, l.>7; P. L., 
144, 207 : Bobert Carter. 65. 

Buahro<.i, Thonas, 6L 

Faslrr, Cornohjs. John, 53. 

BaaU'n, Darul, 53. 

But'.cr, 46, 166; Cnipb. 22. 

Butt, AntLoDT. BoiL-!b. Davhl, George, 

JereuiLih. WilliHni, 53. 
Byfield. 254. 

Bjrd. 6-5. &.S, 166. 231, 235, 280. 
CAb*" T, liAm, 1(13. 
.. '«nl, 166. 
■. .'uhnC. 2S3. 
v^fUTcrley, Julia, Sir WaUer. 221. 
CilTert,' Cornelius, 34; Jobn. 34; 

JonAthan, 3, 4, 5; Margaret, 54; 

TbocoM, 14. 
Calthorpe, 39. 
Callawav. 2"3. 275. 
C-.:.;'. n i,-o. iMvi.l. 136. 
CHri..rjti. \VJL;u.i E. . 03. 
Q^ir.TT^ John. .0. 17S ; Ker. Mr. 270. 
CamplH^ll, .S.^ily i[., 114; WiLiiaiu. ^. 
Cane, Jereniiab, 54. 
CaxiuOQ. £ U'^rl. TJo; EILzabfth. Henry. 

54; J'hn. 54. 17'J; Wjil.atn. 54. 
C*t>(*, .i2. 53, 59 ; liichari, 99. 
C*p«l, 12S. 

CHrnecie, F.Ii/aIx tb, 73. 
: CiiniucLaol, Auiif, CO. 

■ Currnway, ^.Ufili, 'A. 
C'Bri>«'iji«T. Arlluir. 2M. 

j Carribj^toD, Ovori'c. HcninyliAm, 41. 

Cftrroll. Cbarl.-s. 1 15. 2i-'4. 
'C.irtr. Iboui.ii. y9 

' Curt, r, 133. 1^9, T.O. 235. 2C5; Cb'.rl.-s, 

I 2<'l, 2:i». 2:].i. 237; Fraucu. 278; JoLii, 

»i5, 133, WJ 2(i5. 2:^9. 3;;tt. 23 »; 

Judith. ISG; Lnu.loii, 235; Bob^rt, 

I C5. l^G; William, 278. 

Caruth<r', Dr. 135. 
rC..ry<.r. 163-16.",. 

Curv, Anue. 40; Hetirv, 40. 17-5. IFO, 
27^; .MilcH. 65. 276; lioVrt, 51; 
.Mary Monro. Wilson .Miles, 114. 

Cury, ilobotl .fc Co.,'51. 

Ca.seT, Joseph J., 2U3, 276; WLlliani, 

C»»aori, JacatnJDy, 54. 

Ciitelyn, JoLn, IL 

Cnte:d)v. Eli.'..vb.tb. Mark, 170. 

Cftutit.1.1, Bobcrt. 124. 

Cavo, 11. C, 2 S3. 

Cft^eudor, Henry, Mnry. 54. 

CervinstoD, 46. 

Covele, John. 97. 
: CharubliaL'. Eliz., 241. 
I Cli.'impion. Sir George. 219. 

Ch.npman, li •^. 167, rjl-'2, 243. 
i Cbiirks II.. 21. 65. l.M. 

Charleton. EriJ>.^. t, Capt Stephen, 2C2. 
: Cbeffelle. 204. 

Cbt^slfv. I'hibp. 171. 179, 2»j8. 
I ChfSoett. James, 123-"24. 
} Chew, Hann.ih, Jobn. JOo. 
I Cliioh^ley, Sir Hcurv. 6.5, 7-^, 149. 
[ Clue bc-s tor, Anne M., 211; Elizab. th. 
I 17 ; Marr H., 194, 2S0; Marv. 165; 
Sir Heury. 7k. 149. 

Chiun, Sarah. 17. 
jChi.'^man [Chcesman], 39; Eleacor, 2'"9; 
John, 65. 2''.9; Jace, Mary, Tbouiaa, 
40: Sftrah, 17. 

Chois^-. Gen . 23. 24. 

Chn*tian, Jo-eph. 202. 
' Churchill, 6.5. 245. 

Clack, Juajfcs, Mary, Wiiliam, 32; Jame?, 

■ Jaiio, 42. 
Clarendon. 38, 101. 

Qftrke. 1<1: George, 260; IlAnnah. 37: 
I Sir John, Sir Wiiliam, 36, CapL Jwhn, 
1 229. 

Caibtinie fClaybouml EUizabcth. L^-.n- 
ard. 172; Harr.h. Thomas. 77. 153, 170, 
172; WiUium. tVi. >t3. 170. 2t".2. 
' Clay. HeiirT. 211: Tb.)m;u, ri3-'?4 

Cl.iyt.ia Fimily. 21: John. l-o. 

Cleiue'iL-t. M.iiii.iiv, IJ4; WiiliAm, 
, Ciiiton, Wilii>uii. mC>6. 
I Qoui;!!, John, 264. 


Col.K Ambu>v. 175, 180; Rohort, 170. 
171. 175. 17'.i. KsO; Hiunucl. 'ilS ; 
•nioiiiiL-v, 173, LrtO. 

Cockftjnc, Jolm, FTftuc<>«. 103. 

Cockbuni, Aiiec, Martin. 71. 

Cockn, Anni\ 1'2S, '2')l ; Chri-tt'-pher. 
' UK); InaLollA, r3t;; lliclmrd, -lU, Wil- 
liam. C5, 17f'.. 179. 

Cvktnll, John, tD, 103. 

Coke, Richnr.l. 120. 
/^O-'lo. f..5, HO. loO. I'M, 173. 
^CVlcman. Jlnu C. B. T., 171. 

Coka, Kli.'rtUth, lOS; L.«hc, 111; Mil- 
«lri 1, WaUtr, 106. 

C<>!>Tin, John. lUd. 

Colloj, Ki; Willinm. 2.V<. 

C<.>llifr, 2n0; l^iAc, 216., m. 

CoUiDSAortli, Dnvi<l. F..lmand, f<0. 

Colston, CL-vrlee, Willuiiii, C'J, 131 

Co't^.n, 139. 

ColTille, John, Tbomiw. "267. 

Conway. 186; F.hzRUtb, Fitzhui^li, E>1- 
\fc-iu, Francis Scott. 112, F.Jaiu, '221, 
Moncure D., 75, 106, 137, 13i>, 165, 


Coutare Thomrvs. 211. 

0>ii<^, JotthnA, Hilliarr, 54. 

Conquest, I-Alwani. 37. 

Conrers, Sir Chrvstophcr. 155. 221. 

Cooke. 19;^ahcth. 54J; Frnnces, 49; 

Johii, 6.S ; John F-^teu, Josi.ih. 51. 

Lady. 99; Lctitia, 277; MorJccoi, 49. 

$», 203; Hns.-uinnh, t',^. 
CooIiJk'o, Ci'pt. Ju.lson. 2G7. 
Coolinf^'S. Ch.'xrit's, 65. 
CooprT, Sir Astley, 274; Dariil, 54; Dr. 

Thomtw A.. '2b4. 
Copley, 110; .Mary, 167. 
Corbel], Sally. 51. 
Corbi.i, leO; Alice. 105; Gaulu. Co. lOG; 

Peary, 65; Kichiini, 65, 2«>7; K. R., 

Corbitt, Richrvnl. 191. 
Corcoran, W. W.. 135. 
Corderoy. Anne, F.iwanI, 41. 
Corker. 'WUbfim. ISO. 
Comick, Jo.>l, John, 190, 101. 192. 
CorprcTT, Ekzabeth, Joseph, Thomas, 

Cotib^, M^rk. SAmael, 275. 
CoUo". M-iry. n-2. 

CottlECt-Jtl, VJ"*. 

Coart.;aay. lt>5. 
Cowpf r, it'O. 
Cowles FnaiilT, 2H0. 
Coi, Aii>fil, Juho. MoUy. 5-L 
Craft, John. 51 
Craikj, ToIiTer, iiH). 
Craik. yj. 

Crd-wley. 271; ElizaUth, 2a0 ; N'dlLan- 
leJ, Robert, laO. 

I Crm-kiufin, I/eek, 54. 
{'rvsby, Sniuh, 2i'<J. ' 
Crwb«v¥, Jo"<-ph, 37, 18, l.'.l, 170; 

Unity. 7S, 170. 
Ciimborfoot, John, 5L 
Cumtnins. 51. 
Ciimiuj-li'iiu, Da»iJ, Sir John, Wil- 

liniii, 20'".. 
C\irlin, Ltmnel, 54. 
Curno, George, 233; Dr. J. L. M., 

CurtLS. 240; A., 174; SHsanuah, 269; 

Ihouia-s, 42 
CiL"tia FftriJIv, 260-'Cl ; Frances Parke, 

17r. : a. \V. p., 71 ; D;vni.l I'.irke. 

171 : Hour)'. 2'3<) : John, cr,, K-l. 175, 

176, 160. 2»:.. 25S : Ltah, 200. 
CnlLbcrt. \VaU:i:a. 59. 
Dnhiu-y, 19; Cecelia. 37; Cnroliiie, 74; 

Jrtiii.%. 1^9. 
DaJo. 145. 
Ihun-erlicld, 105, 16C; Dathur^t, Vir- 

t:iUlH lil.'iQd. 1 15 
D-de. Sir Tromas 65. 149. 201. 
DiIhoii.sie. Hirl of. 16m. 
Dalton, Andrew, 234. 
DamrDarroe, DnQiei. '206. 
Daudridi^e, 16.-1: KiK'htin, IfS ; .Mar- 
tha, 2t;i ; Viilliatn. 05. 
Dnnicl. Jolin "SV . 71, 2><3 
Diivoimut. Sir Willioru, 65. 
D:ivcDp<..rt. Bedford, 26'i ; Jobcph, 129. 
D.iviiL>tjQ, Christopher, 65. 
DavLs, Aune, 269 ; Hnrton. 49 ; Edward, 

40. 103 ; Ikurv, Horatio. 54: Joahaa, 

132; Kicbnnl,"54: Kaohel, 163; Wil- 

li:\rn. 64 ; Winifred. 19'2. 
Dawley, Sir Cr.leb. 54 ; David, 54. 
Dawson, 'IhonL-u. 60. 01. C2, f^:', 04, 6.^, 

12H, 129, 130, 171, 2G7; WiUiaiu. C^, 

Day, Copt .lames. Elizabeth, John, 

Mary, 'I'homa.s, WUUani, 167, Ibl. 
Deacon, Tbonjii.>i, ISl. 
Deajie, Cburlcs. 87; John, 132; John 

Ward. 2^3. 2s.>. 
Deans. NVllio. 1X9. 
Debuam. \Villi,tm. 49. 
Delanjire. NS Jham, 112. 
I>e la Sn;ne, 24'2. 
DeLuviire. I/ord. 170. 
Delk, Kocer, 123. 124. 
I>eiiL*.>D. H.iir>- hi , 179. 
Denm^re. 241. 
Dennett. John. 2CS. 
D^Diu-i. F.litabeib 2'^! 
D-r.vcutwutcr, L..r>i. 13»'. 159. 
De.-pream ii-nUaa, 106. 
Dew 'Ib'MCA*. 65. 
Dcv. Lewii. 5L 
D.Jk. 2:: I ■::■:,. 
Dickerson, Wm., 194. 



DIPKO* IDi^^r*!. Cole, f5, 217 ; DuiK v. 

;.j. &">. i7;t. -245; r..i-.»nr.i. r.». c^ w.i, 

153, 217; Eliyjil«'t»i, 143, '111 ; Mary. 

163 ; Mary Oph-.-lia, l'.»5 ; Willjuni, 

Dillon, Miobell, 17. 
IMoiiia, HttDOikh, 11>2. 
DLslicuAO, 41. 
Diion. 50, 87, 9j. 270 ; Anne, '2r>C> ; 

Klt-ahoth, 3U; Jolin. 2'J. 30, 31. CI, 

r«3, 255, 250. '270 ; L-i-y, '2l\ '256 ; 

licRer, 25»> ; Thoiuw, '1'j>'>. 
Doblms, DRui«l. Ill, 113; EILz.ibeth, 
*^ 111 ; Cbarl..«. Kftthnrini-. WUlLam, 113. 
rof'Tv;/ l.v'nj.imin. \iO). 
l>oruT^, SiRry, inr Jiiiui ■<, iCi. 
Donel*oD, A. J., Dmiol South, 200. 
Doiiiphivu, Aleuir.'ior, 132. 
Donne, Goorpo, «^. 
Dorinar, John, ISO. 
Dorriugtou, Anne, Hrnry, 47. 
D3adt;t>, Nnlhan, Tiillv. 'Wiilism, 54. 
DowTiman, KiUeich, Wilbain, 17. 
PoyloT, Cope. 179. 
Drtiytoa, I.o'vU, Saninel, 54. 
Drcwry, ilcry, 54. 
Dni:tt, Joiui'.h&n, 174. 
Pramajond. IsjibiU.i, 100. 
Dndley, ll/:>b«rt, 54; S^rih. 210, 2C'J; 

Thomai. 14 ; Williain, 54, 26J. 
Du-J.-vlc, 215. 
Dnke, Uenry, 66. 245. 
Dunbar, Dnvid, 54. 
Doccan, Sol", 54. 
Dondas. CoL, 23. 
Danmor^, Lord. 21 
Dunn, Chftrles, Mnry, 2C9. 
Dniiiter, ilary. 1L'">. 
Dyce, Alexander, 9'J. 
Dyer, Saiah, 44 ; James, WLllooghbv, 

Dyson, Jame.<v, 3, 4. 
Each, 8a:uQel, 201. 
Early, Jubal A.. 2S1 
Eatin, Moses, 54 ; Piakethman, 180; 

TLomaa, 3-S ; William, ISO. 
Ebame, SamacI, 173. 
Editor, 35. 51. SI. 115, ICO, 204, 205, 

206, 240. 26S. 2»VJ. 
Edloe, Heary. US. 
Edraand-% ilenry, Williara 54. 
- Etlmandsou. Juiii'.h. Th^'^Rs, 40. 

Edwardi. l5'.) ; Hums. 200 ; Maria, 189, 
■ 278 ; ILchard, l54; WUlium, 123. 121, 

Effintjham. Lorl, 15. 84. 
Ej;»;rt:ia, TharU''. ItU. 
Ev't^ledt^n, JiXfph. 144. 
■ EiLub^th. Qi.ea, Sj. 
Elliott, Anthony. 6(3. 
Ellia, Geor^'H U.. 210. 
EUj-vJO, AnaeCloptoQ, lOS ; Rob.jrt, ISl. 

Kltouhtnd, A^ratha, 78. 

KjiH-H? Franc w, M ; Fetor, 208. 

I2.iitucr»<m. Arthur, l'J7. 
: Jlnior)-, Iklty, 127; \l\ry, 203. 

Kmpie, Adiuii, 17'.». 

Lr&kine, Dttrtd, 2'22. 

l.lheridf,'e, Jubu, Jamoa, Mnry, 54 ; 
I l'.ol>ert, 55. 

Lrans. Tbomas. 144. 

i:\erhart. .ro..oph, 210. 

Fv<.nrd, Ihoiiiun. IbO. 
I KwlI:, a. S., 144, 178; /anJe^ John, 
, Ezckiel. 54. 

Faircbild. John. 22^, 231. 234. 

Fwrfax, 222. 227. 22S, 22'.>, 230. 200 
Anne, 2J5 ; Gcor^jo W., 65, 267 ; W 
I liiiin, G'l, 2J.J, 2GG. 
I I'arli y, ItJG. 

IFj-rrar, Williara, 66.^ 
Fiiu-iiier, l7y. 
Fa\vk«M, Gnv. 15<1. 
! Fellows. Williflui. 208. 
I Fcun, iJorothy, Sarah, Samuel, 77, 1>3 
170, 172. 

Fcntresi", 55. 

Fo:i;adon. John, 270. 

Fi.'ld, Harr\-. lUJ ; Hioophnns, 230. 
i Fieldinp. 165, 166. 

; Finch. Georj^e. 53 ; Hrary, C5 ; Jane, 
Sir llionirw, 36. 

Fisher. Israol. 55. 

Fwko, Dr. John. 145. 146. 

Fitzhn^'h. 06, t;s, 142, U*\ 225, 227. 2t 

Flana^'Kn, Natlmniel, 55. 

Floo-i, Kato, 113. 

HoorTiOy Familv, 2S.). 

riuwors, i;ii/:ibeth, RdJpb. Samncl, 

Foli.-tt. Edward. 170. 

Foatftino. Abruhim. Mf>se3. 20S. 

Forbcj, 216 ; Thomaa, 1*^7, iG"*. ; 
Francia. 216. 

Ford, ^VorlhingtT'n Channcey, 92, 05, 
223 ; Stephen, 43. 

Foreman, Elizabeth, ISO. 
! Fo^iter, 14 J, l'.i5 ; Flonrj", 136. 
I Fouler, (^irc^e, 163. 
I Foi, 1S9 ; l3r\bel. 33. ICA, ^3 ; Joi a, 
33. 16.S"'t;'J, 1S.3. 251 ; Mary, Snsan- 
I noh. 34. 1<4; Thebio, 63. 
j Foxcrait, Laac. 262. 
I Franke, John. 1-53. 

Fruys^r, I'bomxs, 136. 

Fr-ivniiva Hri'lL.v-i. Ofl 

Fnend, Elizabeth, True, 278. - 
: Frith 15.5 

I Fri/zle. John, Mary, 55. 
I Fronde, OO. 
I Frv. I'Js. 

: Fulkorsim, HoL Abrahnm, 231 
I Fallor, Tbjma'^. 5.7. 

Ga:l«, Lur.i. .T.. 
, Ga.:, M.« MuUv. 2u8. 



G^'nl*tU, 211. 
Oajninou, Joel, S.'\. 
Gardner. Miuliii, 17'J, ISO. 
Qfirrett, Ml-s I'J'J. 
Garriot, KfZi.i)!, i'*. ' 

Gnm-ioa. Ikluiu.iJ, Jobu, 53. 

Qs.'A», 8ir 'l^oiua.<s Co, 81. 149. 

Oorvie. I/ttto-H. 204. 

Gil'bH, Ouna, Sii. 

Oib^tju, H'Aurr. i03. 

Gilbert, Tbotuas. lo3. 

Gilliam.':il.ftli, John, 112. 

Oi'mor, I>r. Georjj.\ '273. 

Qian .t Co., 2-'5. 

Girr-nhn, 91. 

Ci4on, J.kI. 55. 

GL'burne, Jt\UL\ John, 99-100. 

Oictinf:^ John, '2'".J. 

Ohxhioue, Wm. E.. 2HC. 

Gl(«8cock. Gcorjj-e. 17; Jlillioii, HI; WU- 

lem, 17. 
OoJbj, Auna, 44. 
O-xldftnl, Thomfw, 82. 
Golf rev, XI.itLhevr, Williiun, 55. 
Ocdolphiu, Lord, 136. 
GolJ bon.uijh. IL H., 44. 141. 207. 
GclJihwait, •2-' 3. 
Oolyd-jhn.n, ICS-'Cv 
Go.-cK (Goui^o). C6. CJ, 140. IOC, 2f<2. 
OcK-Ji-^cre. SHrnb, 102. 
Qcode. 261; Jaait^ 11, 212. 
Of odJoe, CO. 2U4. 
G» >Irick, Henry. l'"3. 
G» odwin, JaiucA, 40, '21'3; iLiud Wilder, 


0- rdoQ. jUiiiie C, 15fisi-l, €.3; Mr, 221. 

G iito, 5o. 

O. reinc;. 124. 

Gosnold, B-sj-thoIoiuew, Cfj. 

Gtose (be« Goo<'L). 

G( wer, WilliAm. 216. 

Gthanj. John. 37. 74: Elizabotb. 74; 

iichard, 61. 131, I'JJ, 197, 262, 264 
Giant. 5.-;. 211. 2SG. 
Grassinghain, RichiirJ. 14. 
Giavea Faaiilj, 1^0, 2o2; Ricbard, 

Gregory, John, 123. 124. 
Gieene, Jobn. 102, 12:^. 124. Catbariiie. 

44; Pettir, 1-22, Kobort, 200; Wdliiuu, 

44, 43. .55 
G.'e*Lh:il, Ai; -e. 277; Elizabeth. 24S. 
Once. John. 101. IM. 
Gu!bn, 167, Fninky, Jobn, 55; Jobn 

Tsvlo«3, i''i<'>: ihi'.tb:^.-.. 3o; Ihoaia*. 

11--; 113. Wicu'r, L 113. 
Grii.'u'^ Charles, 33, John, Uargorr, 

Gru£^te»d. Juuiei, Tlii".i3. 55. 
Grmnr.n. Dr JL G., 11. 3.', 136. 
Oroht-r Club, 75^ 

OmnMi (Orimpsl, I'^l; B'^njtmin, 206; 

t'h«rl«, 106; John, 66, IsS; Mr, ISI; 

Pbil.p. C6. 
GuisCArJ. ICO. 
Giit/ot, -Jll. ICO. 
Guy, Ccor.jc, 33. 
Ow'itkjn, l:.T. Tboma.*, «!, 270. 
G\*vii, Etlmnnd, L-icy. 40. 
Uarkby. Jobn, •-'">0; JuJUb BaU. 139. 

2"M; Lury, iJ'J, I'lX). 
Iladdon, Dr. FrancU, 278. 

Ilni^k•VS, •.'03. 

Hnio, Mr Barr-D. 221. 

rial..;. Willmo, 'J 16. 

ll!\]!, Jo'iT, U-^A'.t. 78; Georcje T., 55; 

Tl.ODJas, l')0. 167. 
Hidli'.cn. Sornh. L'3. 
HftCiMctou. 261. 
Hv.milloc, .\n drew, 260. 
llr.mor. Il-ilih. eC. 
IL-uupden, 139, l6l. 
Harupton, Mr.ry, 42. 
Hftoburv, I'JS. 

IIanc.o<.k. Goorv-e. 191, 102; James D., 
2sO; WiJham. 12.3, 12 L 
I Hftnkin-<, Dr. G. A., •-•^0. 
I Hanaier, numpbr'^y, s-J. 
I Il.m.sford. Gu-v H., 3. 4, 5: Charles. 
t hli-:.ibclh. 271. 27-i; John. 27*?. Marv. 
39; Thocaa-s. 39; 216, 271; K. V., 114; 
WUIiiUu. ISO. 
Ilarache, I'etcr. 174. 
j n.iroourt, .'^ir Simon, 157. 

tl ud.'L5on, M'lJlinm, 5L 
j Harlimd. MHrvin. 74, 139. 
: Hnrloy. 137; Robert, ICO. 
j riariuer. Jobc. 1>0. 
I Harper. 2<'4. 244. 273. 
I Harrft, Timothy. 16{. 
j Harris, John. 14; M.-irtba, 273. 
I Harrison, Bcujamiu. 66. 243; Fraarw. 
37; ('i.>orL:c, 2i'l ; Henry, 66. .laui'?-*, .33; 
! Dr. .r»?remivh, 17; Jobn. 37; TboOiaj, 
14. 53; Allen, lOJ. 
IlarrusoD. William Alien, 100. 
H utloy. Charles. 53. 
Harvey. Sir -lobn. 66, 8'2. 2"7. 
Har'^oovl, Edward, 40 107; Thomas, 14. 

Hatton. 35. 129. Thomas. 6'2. 63. 
Hiivesarycr. W. F.. 73. 
HuwkuiH. ilars'aret. 199. iO>^; 

Tbouixi. -^2. 
FIinUv, Jtroiu-?. 66. 
Fiiiwto .\ruis, .iii. 
Hawto Uauto). .<ir Wilham. "1. 
HayF.ui.i!y. 127. Dr Kter. 167. Racbol, 

•JuJ, W' 0->. 2'.-^. 
n.ivd.-.j. U^rK.-e E. 32, 71. p.?. 13«<. 
139. 142, 143. 2"3, 2'J6, 2-24, •>27, 274, 


E'';I\»-^ Kiiial^tb, &6; Fnuicis, Ct; Ki 
fwlwrt. 64. 

Di-'vlj. 0^>01^^ 2J1. 

Ileanl, Kir Iaaac, 13S. 

lltAlh, Jaiues, SJ. 

E«i'>li"r*on, Jaiuen, 1C7. 

Henley. Clu»rloi, JyLn, llioaiaA, 53, 

UiTiula, lO-L 
Bcinin^', Th'itnft*, 174. 
Uenixj^; e Sutiit«». .si, 'jO, lOo 100, l.'.3 

}Cy, 170. 2U'j, 230, 213. ' 
HnrTOMis, SO. 
lini^uiujK John. 141, 141 
llcwitt, ia;/Ab«lh, 107, liifhard. 4t». 

Hawlett, Mu-abelh, 107. 
HejfWRnl [HijwnrJ. H'-w.-vrd), Ilonry, 
6J. 84, 271; JoLn, 62, 20'J; Lucy, 
WUU(ia>. 271. 
n.jjl, CoL i-l M.. 204. 
Hiclrman, Kichar.I. 248. 
Hicki, Thoma.*. 1.>L 
ITide, Lawreuco. 
Hifjlej, Johu, Ito. 

lii'ifixisoti, CLrist-.fher, JllunbH>th, 136; 
Huiii[)lirey. C-';. i;iO: Kobtrt. li.J. 170. 
Bill, ^:jwnrd, Jr., C'^ KlLsabotli, I'Jl; 
Fru:»k Alploe, 14o; Jc<.so, 55; Lake, 
I'Jl, ll»-i, \HX 244; Nioholfts, 16i; SU- 
>, 1G7, 16«; 'fboniai, 247. 
Hind, llannfth, 127. 
Biutoa, Sir Thomiw, Cfi, 173. 
Mipkius, Wmifml, 224. 
HolisoD, John, CO, Tobiaa, 279. 
Ko.l^ea, Willhca, ilJ. 
HoJ^-^kin, Ajine, ilnrtm, 111; "W'Uliam, 

111, 113. 
I ; 0.1 ^,-', -11, }:eT. Rol-?rt, 30. 
EioflQiaa, Frauk S., 2*3. 
UohoU. 4G. 
IIcMor. John. 203 
Iloliowny. John, 175, 17*^ 180. 
HollanJ, Janica, U. 
Hullicr, Simon, 269. 
Holt, John. 1>^0, f"hief Jostko, 157. 
Holmes. John**, William, 55. 
Honiiins, Ilf-nnoiu. 85. 
Honiwoi^l, Bit I'hilip, 37, 64. 
Hcxxi, Kobin, 11.J. 

Hotx*. 145; Anne F..*ke, JliLo, 193, 194- 
Bernard. I'M, 280. ) 

Hook, Frnnria. 61. I 

KHjkor. KolH-rt. 14. I 

Hopkii-^ th/ftUib. George, 181; John ! 
5J; WiIliaiLi. 25 . I 

HortlsI^r, Jiji^^ph. 107. | 

Hyrr<jck.» J»n,.-rt Gl. i]i]^ 173,190. 202.] 

Hon-hU)n. Mirtlm ± C'.. 1 (5. 
H"w, HonjdUiiu, 22 ». UJf"). 
Howard. (See Uejw»rd.) 

n.'well, 110. IG.".; John, IOC, 110, 210; 

Mary, Mildred, 103. HO. 
lluUrd. 1*^9 KliZ/ibrth, 172; jMar\ 

180; John. IVi, 2(^; C'MlmrLne, 2lW; 

M*tiliLW. 17i. 
HuJ;nn. Wiliir.m, 55. 
H'idvja. 110. 
il il. tt, Lawrence. 181. 
ll:jiuj)hru-a, Jtiniti", Thomas, SS. 
rtiimtihtev. Snrnh, 241. 
lluuU G-ul'-ard. 'JO. 96. 
I Kuiitc-r. 5.'.. 85, 95: WUliam. 2C6.;*, JoUn. 4; Ji>aebh, baruh, 1C9; 
I Willijm. 55. 

IUvio, James, liebeccH, Hob«rt SamueL 
270., SViUUm. 4. 
I Isfibel. ilnngbter of Dxilip IV., 83. 
Ive-i, 55. 

JncLsoo. 47; Anna, 38; Aadrrw, 24, 
138; ChristopluT. 81*. 24.>>; NicL'-ln^ 
14 ; Kichard. 201 
Jacob. Willis ni, tJi ; Dr. J. K, Ci- 

Richard, 20O. 
Jam^s, 55. 20-i : .John. 101 : EJwari W., 
3. 43. 5.3. 9o. 103. 190. 2US 212, 245; 
Thomas l'J9 ; Thninxs W., 59. 
Jame-iou Faruilr. \jO ■ D.'^vid. ll,:- ; Prof. 

Jntnei t., 75 ; ilur'.<uret, 199. 
J.viij.'lin. ir.. 17. 
J:*rvii, Mark, 14. 
Jefferson, >V2, fj.'^j ; TLoma'i, 18. 
Jtffreyi [Jcilriesj. If. rbert, 84, 172; 

Jeffrey. i;33; lord. 1^5. 
JekyU. Sir Joaoi ii. 157, H^O. 101. 
Jenkin^r?, Ln-zorn.i. 101 105. 
Jcuking, Jone, 103. 

Jeniiii.'s, 205, 2.30. 270; Charlea. 205 ; 
EdmanJ, 39. GO. 7S. I'o, 151, 175, 
17.S, ISO, 205. 215; £liz., 154; John, 
205; Peter, ♦^O, 154. 173, 2^5; Ho- 
be^-cA, 154 ; Sarah. 154 : Th.jmjd, 154. 
Jersey. William, Earl of, 221. 
JoU,on. Kez:;ih, 55. 

Johnson (.Tohnston], 139; Ann*, 69; 
B. F.. 2s0: Cbrii 14. 207; tliy.ii. 73. 
74; Georco. 43; James, 115; JoLn, 
Sj; Mary. 73. 137. 138. 
Jon. 3, 42, 52. lO'), 172. 180, 181. 270; . 
Anna 31, Ui7 ; (\U'-l.y, 25; Charlrs, 
2.-J ; FaIw. ISO; Eluabeth. 113; 
Emanuel, 31. 60, 62, 63. lin, i'j-< 
12'.». 130, 195 ll»0. l',»7. 2ri.' -."iii 
2'"4 ; Ev.'»n, •.<•». Frtsl^-rick 17.'/ IsO; 
il.i.'Ii, lOJ: 11 T., 78; Joha. 31; 
J.-^fph. Ill: Mary. HO; Orlando, 
2J7: r>r. Paul, l■^^ ; Phil.. 224; 
Ku-U. 1. 25, 193. 221, I^,^:.iiJ, 171, 
172. 175. 218, -.273; 'ili, clu Ap. 
C.itf~»hy, 175; Th.Kuua, 63. IrO ; 
Ualt-r, Ij7: I)r. V>\l..rr. 37. 74; 
\Siiliam, 25 ; Wiiliiua Eilu, 2^3, 2?5. 



Jom 'linp. Jamw!, 93, 

Joxon, llary, !20S ; Willi(un, 27 L 

KAJdyee, John. '^'■'J. 

Kc*h.n^'. r..';. 5C. It?. 100. 

KdtL, IOC; n.r.rl,'* P.. 2C3 ; R, ITU. 

Kollavroy, ^Tillui:-!, ISl. 

KclK f.'J. 

Kelly, G-'orpo, 4. 3.". 

Kenii>«, EJmiin-i, Llisjibeth, 70; John, 

43 ; Rirhiird. C5, C'J, 70. bJ, 1C6 ; 

Roh«rt, 70. 
Kemper, GoTernor Jarac« L., S3. 
KcaJall, Gt-orgo, C6 ; John, ISO ; Lit- 

Uetoii, lOS; Iticliftnl, 175; Wil- 

limiT_ 6. 

Kennon, Richard, WUliaru, 203, 275, 

Kersay, John A., C^5. 

Kfl}n«»r, Xfrs. ilnry Waahingtcn, 70. 

K)l:^ore. John, SG. 

Kid.:?. Sir Peter, lo7. 

Kics.:/, iJohort, IKI. 

Kne'ler, 21. 

Kuott, G. F., 3G. 

Kcor, eS. 

Lftcy, ICobt-rt, 123, r:4. 

I^ihoghon'ioi, tli^abeth, 203. 

lAnib Fft.iiilj, l-j»",-i':s. 203; Judge 

Janes C. , 12S, 2"e. 203. 
L.'ur.bert, Sarah, WUliaiD, 20-1. 
Ijand. t",6. 
LacgboTOe, Jalin, 193 

Le TcIUf r. John, 66. 
L<^ni)o, Hum., II. 
L«viiic^tou, AVillinrii, 2 j1. 
Lewei, Susanna, "JJ^ ; John, 21»>. 
Low-is IG.'; Ai; Ir.nv, 22; CLirlea. \r<ii, 

loQ; CharlM Au-r..,ius. Ill; FicKl- 

V'iU 1^"'^ ; Gc<>T^.v, Henry, JumtA, 56; 

Jolin, i'J, S**.. CO, Itxi, 2J'i; Julia, 

103; ilary, K'o; .Marv Wrtrnor, 60, 

111; .^!ftri:nre^, 2 nl ; 'ilil.lreJ, 21^; 

MorJccai. 2u7 ; rh:!:p, 10 J; Th-uias. 

2f.7; AVamcr, iCS-'tio, U'3; WdJiiiui, 

J^y, nurnphrift, II. 
Libbev, Or.n Grint, 2jJ0. 
Li-ht.' WilUam. M. 
Li.;l.tfiX)t. Ci ; ArrTii«tri.l, 107;, 

215; Pliilip, CO, 163; WiUifjn, 70, 137. 
Li^htfoot Faujiiy, 101 111. 
Lilly, John, Mary, 40. 
Lincoln, 2H-'l-.! ; Abraham, 2S3-'84- 
Lind*<jy, llor. John S., 2^5. 
Lister Family, 24">. 
Little, WiUmm, 123-'2L 
Liilleton, Nathauiol, G»j; Samh, SoutLf-T, 

IJvin:rston, John, 56; i^obert, 70. 
L:>zt, L'Abb.' FrMi2, 211. 
Llewellyn. RicLurd, 210. 
Loftiaau, 222. • 
Lockey FaruUv, 273. 
Lodie, Ucnrv,'lSI. 

Lane, Lorev. 5S ; TLomis, 223 ; Nancy | Lout;. Arthur, 123-'2(; ; Richard, 2S2 ; 

BelSeld, Svdli*>. 20^ Thomaa. 2u7. 

Langley, Joyce, Will. am, ICr,. Louv^fcllow, 211. 

Lanp^ton, John Jlerccr, John, Gideon, Loi-inL:, B. J.. SS. 

LoTo, Charles, 2';C. 
Lovell. CarvtU A Co., 
Lovott, SO.'-V-.-'- 
1 Loridav. Lishop, l^^L 


2 c 2. 
I^anie'r, 7a 74, 137-139. 
Lftsher, Joshn.-v 14, 
I^oinn, Dtiko de, 22, 23, 21. 
Lawrrcnoo, 40, 232 ; C.^pt., ,?S ; Joishu.a, ! Low. John, IG:), 2.'.:?. 

56 ; Mar^erie, IC.) ; Richard, 41. | Lovall, Georpe. 3, I ; Paul, 4, j. 

L-avrson, Anthony, 56, 99, 1'33, 164. j Loyd, John, 133. 

Lear, John, 66. i Ludlow, (Jeorve, 68 : Thomas, l^'l. 

Lechmere, 151, 157, 161, 192, 220. ' Ludwell 1LSS.~: 84. 17J. 2ol. 

Lee. 239: Dr. Arthnr, 92; E!i::abotb, Ludwell Family, 167, 171, 176, 2"l. 

112: Fit7huKh, 2S2: Goor-e, 235 ; | Ludwell, John." 19S ; ILujnah, 1L'>. 2.''.3 ; 

H-nry, It-j ; Philip Lalwell. 66. 266; I Philip. 15, 17, 66, 167, 172. 177, la^t, 

Ricii&rd, S4, 1>5; Richard Evers. I 197. 245. 260 : Robert, 197; ITiomAa. 

3. 4 ; Richard HoLry. 91 ; Robert, 3S ; ; 83. 172. 1"^«'. 197, 199. 

Robert E.. IIU: iTjoma-s, 6G, lit."., ' LutTman, William. 56. 

106, 233, 205; Wdham, S4, 91, 92, Lun->ford, 151; EUizabelh, 

95 ; Rev. ilr., 42. j 7<» ; Sir Thom\8, 37. 154. 

Uy)ch CS. Lynch, Eh.'abeth, Scphcn, 113. 

Lj^ett, 56. SlaCHulftT, 99. 

Leheup, 236. 23X. | Meed -;C\l 1, 156, 157. 205. 

I^'i.ih, Francij, 66, HH. I Macf:irlano, 9J. 

L*ly. Sir Pet. r, 110. l Ifackinti^h, 69. 

r.oior.nt, H->urr, 50. ilac'u;, Gileun. 172. l"^"). 

!>' Ne»e, 1"5, 1.-5. 
I>TW(rth, Michiul, CG. 
L«st4»r, John, 56. 

iladuou, : 
9, 10, i 

lO. Dr., ■-'77, Isaac. 6'": Jam-s. 
, lU, 17-5, J77, Wdh^m, 52. 



iWbon, 56, 57. 

Ji-'.Jor, John, I'O-i. 

MnlK-ry. Mm.. ISl. Uriel, 199. 

Mill wo, E^ivrtril, 40. 

KiicJers. Jamri, 40. 

ll*nu. 2V; Joliu, 31, 41', I.hO; ^^7 

42, 43, ISi 
KjLMly. 130. 

ITiunini^, ItC; Koury h,, 50. 
irftrlbonia^jh, ICl. _'10. 
Marro, Jasai*, 5'1 
ILvrtjvre, 46. 
MarraLlo, .Tohu, 104. 
ilatriolt, ilijnr V^'dliaii, 122. I'.'o. 
Mnr<'iall, '2tKi, L'2'i; liacipLtcj, 

Sir Jo!m, '2jI; WkLou, li^l. 
UaitiAO, Ni:lio!M, 40. 
MATtin, C-^pt., L'3"i; Gcor..:^ 179, 
276; John, rC, L'TC; ]w,l>crt. 203, 
K040. 5C.; Su'unQft We< 203. 
lIwjoD. 1J4, U:i, Itl; Ann.\ '2CS, 
£67; (jLuii-u. 71. J 1, ii5, i:.S. 'iL'J. 
waiU, 48; J lirtb-.tli, 71 ; LomU'-l, 
Mr., 121; NVillirvui. 71. 
MadBenbarg. Nidioiaa, 197. 
Miui^y. Li>o, 71. 

MathoTH Family. 173, PiJdwin. 
175, ISO; }!r i-.i lou, 7^; Kliz.ibfth, 
fruici'., 173. 1-0; John. 129, 
SAmutl. fG, 173; Thoiima, 3, -L 
Motth-ijA LJA.-.C, 06, 
Maary, Walker, 4. 5, 144. 
Maxwell, James, 3. 
Mnycock, Sanonel, C'5. 
Mayo, Fanuv, 11^ 
McCabe. 170, 171. 172, 17t 177. 
McCar'.y. D.-iuifl. 113; &irah, 2b0. 
McClellan, Y'.il-iiii, G6. 
McCliilen, So, 57. 
McCoy, Wm., 56. 
McLiumess, Joha F., 2So. 
Mclatosh, Gcor^'o, 59. 
Mcirenzie, Kenaeth, 251. 
McKiimcv, S. Branch, 93. 
McRac, iiberwic 9J. 93, 91, 0C>. 
Mende, 41, iJ, 9:., 170, 261, 262, 

Mcars, NatL.'vaieL 56. 
Me^'so, Henrr, 6'>. 
Menkes Johu. 14. 
Mcnede, George, t'C. 
ycnE:% than. ', ilory, •.><». 
Mrrc^r. 2;. Gori^j. 129, 266. 
ilt.TcLanLH of Vix..-;iiLv. S6. 
"ilore-Jith, J.iqi'.e'.ia. l79. 
MuhntL, Ailu::i, John, Mii^'aret. '. 

Mil.-i, FJi^abeth, 112. 
Miiic»-nt. Anue, l*"'j. 
ili.Ier. Joiuc-s 37, ^2. 
Milner. ELunUnh. 271. 
MilLi, Jaojea, 3o. 11.', 225. 

Miu^e, John, Sor&h IL, 108. 

Molly. 57. 

iloiitA-Ti, l?.i, iVtor. G«>.}rgo VT., 281; 

jD.!-e KobL Ij.. VSL 
Moo.iy. I'hllip. \wllinm. 217. 
M.v>ro, 5'., 57. 103, 199; J. S., 102; 

llijor w., ro. 
Morocock, Anijo .S., 128. 
Wurlr-y, 46. 

ilorru. 14. 57. 170, 246. 
ilcrriiibcy«, .M'*r}-, .46. 
Morrivvtt. J<.lin.' C<'>. 
MorrLsou (Morvsou], FranciA, CC, 81, 

173; KicLari" 66. 
Morv>, 57, 'J'J. 

ilort'-u, JfDiiii.h, Su-san, 194. 
.Moselev. Al-^irmdor, 5S; FxJward, 99, 

191, 192; Hili.irv. 4; Dr. James. 56; 

John, 199. 213; \Villium, 44, 56, 99. 
Sloii, Thomns, i-L 
Mott, 120. 
ilowl.rnv, 102. 
Maaforii. Ann/v, Kluaboth, 233, 239; 

Geor^o \V\-thc, i*-'; KoU.rt, Ihoodo- 

rick, 233. ' 
Munden, 56. 
Slnrdcii, S'"., 57. 
.^l'lrI'hy, Willifti.n. 57. 
jlostf, iludaon, 251. 
NAEcy, 57. 

Nr.pior, Ixrd, 9S; Dr. Patrick, 2(^6. 
Kason, John, 2.'.5. 
Needier. Daaitl, ISO. 
Ncill, 81. 95. 
Nelms, Harris, 57. 
Nol-ou. Jane. 136: Thoma.«. 40, 66, 106, 

143, 270, 277; V.'iLiim. lOG, 13'.. 
Nence, 'iTiomaa, Sir Wiilmm. 66. 
Nevillo Farulv. 2S0. 
Newell, Jonr.tJiAn, 182. 
Kowman, Kob«'rt, 8i 
Newport, ChrLstopher, 66. 
Nowton, CoL, IS; GoonTe. 164: Sarah, 

lS;TLoa!fu', 3, 1: Virijiojus, 2S3. 
Niths.lalo. L.jrd, 159. 
Nichol.'v^. George, 180; Robert Carter, 

91. 180. 
Nicholli, Snrah, 273. 
Nicholson. Fmnrii, 16, 87, 175, 210. 
Nicklothwaite. Nathaniel, 14. 
Nickson, liichird, ei. 
Niiunio, 4, >t^. 
Nivui.oa, John, 50. 
Norchffe. Ch.-irles BmI, 140. 209. 
Nomi. .'}~: ."'anil. 192. 
.Vorvoil. l> >. 2r;2 ; Ha..-h. 175. ISO; 

Williuni. 175. 
Norwool. 1»^, •:62. 
Noit, Got., 179. 
Nutt, Jub. 14. 

Nattiiv;, K;xtbnTine, 268; Mary, 40. 
OoLani. Nuihan, 57. 




Oslo, 35. 

0.;lc. Cuthbert, 251; B&iunel, 2»lC. 

Olirer. FILzabrlh, 57. 

Oln..-/. '2i>. 

O'iVrrftll, Got.. 03. 

Onclcy, John, 21C. 

Ou.sloiv, Mr.. -215. 

Ott, Hu,-h. 1G7. 

Oiford. r.fvrlof, If.O. ICl. 

Orkney. Lorl, U'.. 17. 

Of^-Mi, CoTueliun, 57. 

Otltv, Covin-toj. 67. 

Ottorstiu, Cornelius, Jaoc, Joscpii, 57. 

Ororbr. Alex.. IT'.'. 

Ow'QJOvriml, Grouow. CO, 61. 62, 63. 

6t. i:3. l-'y. 130; John. 14, IbO; Mrs.. 

Ci,<J, 1-L 
Packe. Gr:»vfs. Sarah. '2C7, 2G8, 200. 
Fa.'-c, :^3. 43; AnLO. 00: Anne Qirbin. 

i?=l; Alice, 173, 185, ISS; ik-tsy, 130; 

ElLzaUnh, 34; FmucH. 65. 14J. 153, 

172, 170; Jobzi, 3S, t>;, 01. 153. IC'3, 

172. 173, 177-1-0. 135. Ju.lith 137; 

Mann, 66, ISG, 167. l^S, IS'J. Robert 

Carter, ISC; T. C. 1S7; Tayloo. 1£S. 

Mnttbcw, 34. 6-;. 1S5; M.".ry.'lHo. 
TalJet, John,, 57. 
Pol-Qer. 12.1, no, 2:0; V.'Lliu-.u P., 84. 95. 
pMinell. 4G. Vj9. 
T&t<\ Ambrc^e. 27t. 
Par A KcrJinr.nd-John. 23.5, 23n. 233. 
Paike. CO. IC6, 171. 17C. 170, ISO. 21C, 

231. 25S. 2C1, 2G0. 
Parker. 216 ; Dr.. 231 ; John, 2C9 ; Sir 

Thomft?. 157, 2lC. 
pRrks. WUliam 180. 267. 
•Parana. Hcrntio, 57. 
Ps.<itQr Fn.niilv, 27-L 
Pa:f, rO; John. CG ; WiULini. 20. 
Pm-.on. James, 2:;t3. 
Pawlett, Rob^Tt, 67. 
PrvJoo, Chftilei, 57. 
PeA:hy Family, 111-115, 2oO ; Lt CoL 

Sam. Peachy, 132. 
Pearson, Oirijtopher, 18u. 
• Peb worth, 57. 
PeeU, 4G. 
Pelham, Charlf>s, John, Peter, 17; Pet«r, 

251, 253. 
PcU. H.innah, John. IIL 
■- Pendleton, Jaicc, 0. 

Pemaan, Thooiaj, 127. 
^ PoLin, WilLi-vUi. 15. 

rcnaiij^-toa, Loaiao. William C, 204. 
PercT, Abr>ib.ia:. Geori;©, IW. 
Perri::, 30. 42. i-'X ^ZL 
P«nT, 40. CG, 130, 170, 171. 174, 210. 

223. 22G. 231. 
Peujr*. 0«-.r>,','. 123. 12* 
Petiet. L.ih.^ii, 57. 

Pettn$. ITicniaa, t*', laO ; Jess<>, 2i'€. 
Pc»y, 67. ; 

Pe-rtou, 205; Eliz^iUth, 31, 25C ; Mary, 

i03 ; Jt•s.s^ lU.l.Tt, 2()C : Sir JuLu, 

103, 205, 206; l^ocaa, 2UC; Do I'eyt. 

t«r. Col. J. Ii.. 03. 
Pbel|H-v I>lwar.l. IH'i. 
Phill.;*. 47; Mnry. 203 ; Tul'oy, 57. 
Philip of .Spain. 3"., t*.\. 
PhipjH. Mr. 157; Sir CooitAOtiiio, ICO. 
Pi'-kftnl, Snmuel T., 211. 
Pick< rujt;. 4'5. 
Pi»-rro. John. Mallhevr, 17.'., 180, 273 ;, Cu 
Pi-ot, Gcor-c, 71. 
rit-rjx-int, Gov., 92. Mrs.. 17. 

Piiik.nhnjaii, Timothy, William, IhO. 
PinsIX , 211. 
Plft'-e, r.uwl inil, C7. 
Pl.ater, Kvbeccn, 2GG. 
Fluui.^. Willmni, 3. 4. 
Plarumor, Jeremiah. 57. 
Phinisteail, Clement, 233. 
Pocahoutfis. 20. 
Poin Jester. Goorce, 37. 170. 
Polhir J, Benjamin, 3, 4, 5 ; Robert, 

Pon<i, Samuel, 104. 
Pon,\ ICl. 

Popoley, Richard, 160. 
Porten, Wm., Qfi-OS. I'M; .SarrAh. 165. 
Porter. Johu. 41 ; James, 45 ; Thomas, 

Porleas, Beilby, 21. 2S, 39, 270 ; E.1- 

w«rd, 23. 36 ; Robert, 21. 20, 3i!. 67, 

Po^t, Edwin, 285. 
Pott. John, 67. 169. 
Potter, ELicaeza, 51 
Poalton, 4G. 
Fountis John. 67. 
Powell, 100; Benjamin, 73, 177 

100 ; Nathaniel. 07. 
Power, Edward. 247; Henry. 1G7. 217; 

Jame-'j, 177 ; John, 130. 247 ; ilolly, 

Powis. Robert, 44. 
Powhatan, 10, 7K. 
Pronti-*, J<.ha, WilUam, 130. 
Prevsoo, Johu. 127. 
Pre<«tou Family, H«>, 200. - 
Prie.'stlv, 6;J. 
Prchy,' Paid, 3, -t, 5. 
I'rvce, lii5. 
Pryor. 41. 

Penoluvse. Geortjo. 216. 
Piir.lio, Ai-x.\n lor. -'7, 05. 
Purefuy, Thom.'vt. 07. 
Putt:?, John, 15, l.!5. 
Putnam. G. P.. 211. 212. -'^l. 2^6; 

Lbeu, 2'«5. 
Qu»en Mary, ^',. 
Quarry, itobert. 67. 



lUbv, 218 I Boy, Bo«wcI!. 273; FJizalxtfi, llfi; 

RugiiinJ. '203, 275. 276. I James li.. 110. 

KAniKAj-, GfirRft, jiuncs, Joha, lC-<, lO'J; j Royil'-n, 4il. 

W'llliiuii, Jtj'j. Uautin-^o, Join, IL 

Bandolph. 2:W; I>*vcrle.r, IOj; Cktharinp. | Kuvioll. tli/ab.-tli. 54: JoLu, 151. 1.54; 

278; luimunl. 4; K.'1v.iit\1. 2 U. J.ij, | Jo-it*!)!!. I'JJ. Otho. l"'. hichard, 41 

236,237,209; LUj:nh*iu, lu:; Uhnm, 
237; John, ISO; r*tcr, 67; Povton. 
180; fiichAr-i, 237; Uobert, 276;'Wil- 
liiun, C7, llV.; 27«. 
llan>»y. 57. 
Rate 1 1. To. John, C7. 
_ Rawlms, iliU-y, 151. 

/ K*A.lo[l>fvl], Knaiilv. 33, 40; Elizabelli. 

( iaS;GA>r;:o.2J, 4rs'67; John. J^\cy.iiC; 

John, V:45; Lewu, 50, 52; Mfiry. 'Jl-*; 

Mildro.!, 22; Matlhow, 1S3, Thonifts, 

29. 50. 
Benio, John, 210. 
Benney, Kob-.rt, 100. 
Rcvell. John, Kacbe!, 260. 
Beynoll.^, Mrs. \.\liiimi, loO; Sir Josh aa, 

30, 70. 110. 
Bich. ir^, 1^S; Lndy Ann, ICS. 
Kichard.s I'S; Au:y, 3_\ l€S. IS".'; 

Gtxjrge, 271; 2yiin, 32, M, ICS, 162, 

Bich.'irdson, ISl; Joho, 2i3 

TViUiAta, 50. 
Bichftson, Jol'n, 101, lOj. 
Bichn'oud, iJ-bert, 100. 
Eidgeley, Helen ^Vebt, 282. 
Biu^'. 13; Edmond, 42; Jor;6ph, 42, 

Binggold, Jamc3 T., 260. 
Biaden, 260. 
. Boosbv. W., 14. 

Bobb,'jnmes, 1':'0; Robert C, 100. 

BochACibean, Couut, 2.?. 

Eoberti, Flii-ibeta, 57; Thomas, 2i'.0 

W. T., 170. 
BobertsoD. Fnvncw, 100; Jf»mes, 60 

Mtt>e8. 160: ^Vdliam iSO, 251. 
Bobina, 30; UlLz.tbfth, Frances 20. John, 

Sw.hcvercU. 155, 15tj. 15a, 216. 

Siiiijshnrv. 20'".. 

Suit. Ueury S.. 213. 

Sniusbnry. 57. 

Sandys, George, 36, 67; ilargartl. Sir 

Samuel, 3ii. 
SaiiDdef:!. John, 105. 
8ftuvu.:;e. Mr., 02. 
Sikwor,, OS. 
Su^er, It' I: Fr.Tnci.."!, George, 64; Frvr.cii, 

ItMt, ic.), \r.i.^ 
Scabb, Jame-=;. 57. 

Scarbur-h. Charlos, 67: Edmund. 11*7, 
261 ; Matilda, Sir Charlea, WUlmiE. 
Scharf, 00. 
Sc Liter. "W. S., 2C0. 

Scott. 74; Col., 37, 71: L-aac. 57; JoLn.37; 
MoUy. 57; i^ir Iloh. rt, 'J>: W. W.. 
2I2;'\Val!cr. OS; WmiJeld, 25, 26. 
Scnvcaer, .Mattbow. 67. 
Bebecca, j Soa-ood. il. li.. 136. 
SoawcU Family, 278. 
Seatou, Ititi; Finacis. 153 
Sed-wick. I-.X1C, 43; William, 4.1, 151. 
Sclden, Ce.irtucy. 105; Mrs. IK'. 
' S-enei a, Jc^io, \Villiam, 5S. 
I Sem|>le, L<'titia lyl'T, 17S, 212. 
I Ser;,-eaiit, Sarah. 102. 
I t^bakespeivre, John. Judith, OS. 
1 Sbar'.ov. Daniel, 57. 
j SheiJd' Faniily. 2C,S-271 ; Heury Ho'x. 
t ard, 2u7 ; lijbcrt, 127, 2ii7; Sa:.;uel, 
I 144. 2U7. 27u. 
I Sheldon, Uarnet P., 31; Williaci. 

I Shepherd (Shepperd, etc), John, 123. 
' 121; William, 57. 


Mary, 30; Ol>edienco, 67; Thomas, 'IJ, ' Sherm-^n. 211. 

30, 40; William, 20. 
Bobinsnn. 40, 53. 57, 67. 105, 132, 13J, 

163, 103. 23!, 253, 253,261. 
Boc'ers, Cr.i>t , 25. 
Boife. John. 67. 
Bomuey. Lord. 35, 36. 
Roott.% JoLa. Sxriih, 10. 
Ropes J-^hi.. CoJiu.vii, 211, 212. 
Boae. 57, •2'i'j3. 
Ross, Sarah L^e. I'JO. 
Ro^s*T, Gv>a. T. L.. 27. 
BotAu, Wilham, 104. 
Boiao. Vk 
Rowe. Jr.ooh, >:>\ 01 . ^'2. 63. 64. 12^1. 

120. l3u;Lacv. :>; Wuluuu. 120. 
Bowland. Kat.3 Mi^oa, 7l. 01, 05, 142, 

151, 215. 

Sherlock, Jamos, 111. 
jSherao^d. C.rnce. 06, 0"<. 90. lOO. 100- 
I 102. 242-245; Isaac. 57: Jnni- «, J'i- 
100, 101, 100; Joha, 06; WuLam, 
123. 12.5. 

Shields, Lncretia, Matthew, 275 ; N'a- 
' thnniel, ISO. 

' Shipp. P.artlett, John, PeguT. Reuben, 
I 57. .5.S. 

Shippeu. in 
I Short. Surnh. I'^s. 

I Simkiui. K.ilph, Su-Acuxih, 77, 17i'. 172. 
jSincl.ur, E.lward, 31. 
, ^^uJm■lus, lIcLr^. Johc. 57,_5'>. 
i f^iu;on^. Huharl, 'Ihomad, 42. 
• S:{ i..y. .I.iLn. '"7. 
j SUiie'r, iUt:Le.v, 136. 



St'.rv. Judge. UiJ, 212, 283 ; Tbomus, 

.Sunt. ICO. 
Slow, H6, 1)5. 
Strachev Fnmilv, 1 13. 1-14 . WilliAm. 67. 

SUnghtor, 21-0; Fr«.ncd«, 'JOl ; Mercer, 

62; i' 111. 
Bmall, WillDwn. 61-Cl, 12s 131, 105- 

197, 2fri--tA. 
finjart, lA)uiija, Mury, William, 30. i 

Smelt, lIikA 67. ' Stripe^,' Ea^tnrt.. i-i. 

Smith fSmjthe], 30. .'.'2, 76, 85. 95, K«" ; j Stunrl Km;-^. 83. 

Andrew, ii? ; Auni^ 41; Ariuisleuil. i Stu»)bmt. .^^-rxtha, Luke. 77. 

117. 113; liulU-iu M/ittlie\rs, 173;, StuliU. Johu S , :i7, 71 ; IxmisA. o 

Chvles 57, M; Cbribtophcr, '2-"J, j Jobu. Cnpt.. J'.'T ; Mildred. 'i'J. 

230, -J-iO; »nji»rle3. 57; Duuiol. 200 ; | Stvlo, Al»...rt F.. 30. 

r.uocli. 200, 2i'5 ; llcury. Ill; Crosby, , Styron. H. nry. Mulnchi, 57. 

200; l8.iac. 5S; Jimh-a, 58; John, -jij. | Sumner. Clinrles. jsj. 

57, 5.8, C7, 101. 16'J; Jonntbnn. 57 ; I Sutherltin.l. DuLo of, 69. 

Ibiry, 173; Mnrtlm. 117. 119 : iint- Satton. :;ii5. 

thpw, liy ; ilary Virf7.nia, li>j; N'uncv, 

205; Nicholas '221; Philip. JIT'; 

Robert, Kc>t:cr. C7 ; Sarnh. 4'J, 200 ; 

Busaii, 59; Toby, 111 ; WiUlam, Ui, 

Braithicr. John. 2^',1. 
Snail, IfOirj-v, 57. 
BnigneU, Suniudi. 82. 88. 127. 
Somer*. Summen*. f.7, 179 
Bon.xhack, 1-hilip, 260. 
SovoT, .'i7. 

Swann, l»i7 ; ilnthew. 123. 121, 125; 

Col. Thomas. G7, tO, 
Swift. 101. 

Tftbb, .Ki:r:n>tinc. 120 ; F^iannd, lOG; 
ixJwnrd, Hi!:»jbrey, Johu, Lucy 
AnnL'^ttad. Lucv. Mnry. Mr.rttiA. l'L;L, 
TborcMTrvM. il7-lJ0: Henry 'Aytho. 
Thomc.9 Todd. Ih'i; Mr^., '2oC. 
Tah.aferro. Frances A., IIS ; Lucv, lOJ ; 
Wuraer, 118; Waiiam Bo-^th, I's, 120; 
Dr. William. 1^-3. 
Spencer. 95; Robct, 123. 124; Niches- [ Tr.lman F.omilv. 101-103; Ueury, 208. 

U.% £i. iTdukervillo. tarl of, 2']7. 

Speytra. Albert G. P., Jr.m :S, 70. { Tfirl.>UiD, 23. 

Spicer, Ajthnr, Elizabeth, John, Lvdia, | Tarpley, Lcttv. Klizaboth, Mtrj'. 113 ; « 
133. ' 4 James, 177;' John, 132. ' " 

BpoUwcod, /JcianJer. 11. 12, 75, P><. ' Tfite. Jaiaes, 101. 
B9, 9i, 135, 151, 153, 174, 175, 176, | Tavenor, Mi.ur.-l. 173. 
203. ITavIor, Arthur. 59; Fielding Lewis, 

Spurr, ."lamael, 177. 
Spratt, Henry, 190, 192. | 

Spring. Kob'^rt, l-^O. I 

Stap^'. Charley ilary. 251. j 

StauarJ, W. G., 21, 38, 41, 4G, 70, 212. ; 

Btauford, Anth'^ny, Hugh, 14. 

Stannp, John, 217, 
Staple , George. 2 IP... 
Starke, Daiiigerlield, 

Bteilhall, John, 1 4. 
Stegt'e, Ibomaa, 67. 
Stephens (Stovcmj). 205; George, 

J&mea, 57 ; Kichard, 07. 

1C5. 189: Francis, 124 ; Freden.-k S., 
18 ; George. K<2 ; Heurv, 154 : Jamos, 
3, 4, 5. 9. 1(1. IS. 14J ; Johii. 9. 10. 18. 
f.7, 2»>; : Mr.rv, 140 ; Robert, 3. 4. 5; 
Sarah TazewL-ll. 18 ; Thoma3, 1^0 ; 
William, >;-2, OJ, 67. 195. 
Tavloe. WiUiam. C7. 132. 195, 2i>7; John. 

lames 98; Sophie do Buttd, 

Stephenson, Janjes. 57, 98; John, 1 

Elizabeth. 140. | 

Stewart [Stu.'vrtl. 150 ; DariJ. 141, 222. : 

270; Ja 

Stith. 204; Arne. 204; Drary. 202, 

John. 2"4: Williim. 130. 251, 274. 
St.vkctt. Lew7«, 1-L 
Stukeler, John. 27'J. 
intone, J&.-JCM, 57; John, 59. 
Stooer, J.jLn, 67. 
Stooke« rstootea], Cliristopher. &2 , Wd- 

liAm, 269. 

I 67. 

Tazewell. L. W.. 59, 283. 
Powhatan, i Temple. Peter. 274. 
JTennant, John, HI. 
j Thiers, 211. 

|Thom.a3. 142. 175; Doul^Im H.. Johu 
Dnusou, 68. 141^ 14?; William. 125. 
Thomson [Tbompsou|, 01. 154, L 

154-102, 2l5--.'2J. 225, 240, 213, 245, 

Thombury, Rowland. 71. 
Tborntou, 27"5,2^i'; Francis. 42; George. 

71 ; Preslev. b7 : Pcttr Freslev, .00. 

2>0 ; Wdliam. 42. 71, 13i 
Th<>row.:'^od. *•!. 
Thorne, Thoma.s 113. 
Thorpe', tathunoe, 153 ; Dorotb.y. 

77, 153 ; ^-llZii^• til, 77 . f{ant:nh. l.',.i, 

154: Oe.^rK-''. 67. 15C ; Utlio. ;i7, 77, 

150. 153. 17J: KubarJ, 153; hdralx. 

77; Itomos. 153, 154, ItO. 



U2. U3 

Ihivckm .iU>a. 30. \l, 4t> 

Hti, !'..», rJ3. 210 Hi, '260. 
Ihrvip. Ck-orv:o, :>^. 
Thru.v...D. •ids; Cl.iirl.« Mynu, U.O : VA- 

w\nl, i:ii«yvL:tli, JoLn, ilary. IC-S "C'J; 

Ilinrlow, "liOrd, DO. 

TiiuLH»rlukt\ Aft.rui\, oS. 

•} ilt^Uujfuj, bdiii, IL 

Tillyiu-d, i:ev. Arthur, ':t7. 

TL^aiv.ii. 2-jA. '_::} ; Sajuuel. 173, 1 

WiUi.*m, IT.';, ISO. 
Tit'j% Dr. Aa^on. '28:1 
TrUJ, I'JO; }:ibaVv.'.h. 74; airi-.t-n>li' r 

74,110,119; Triuici-s 115; M,iq, IC 

Rt'tKrt, 1 •-'«'; Siirnh. 1 (0 ; Thumhs, 

lie, IJO; Williiiiu, ICO. 
Todim, Adiu, :'0. 
Torakfcs, Chftrl.^a. Elualx-tb, Dannah, 

Tomer, IIop.3, John, 2C0. 

Toiapkin.s. Joliu, •:.'.."), L'O'J; irnrthft, IS?, 

Tooka. ^VillidIa; M.nrj, li.'3. IJ-L 

Toplsdv. SajDuol, Tompfcrance, I'G'J. 

To-u>u,'D:. JoLn, S4. 

ToJihon. TLomoa. 14. 

TowE-seiiJ, ir.V. ICO, 220; Richfird, 67. 

TicncLaiJ, 2-_'L, 222. 

Trowor, Honrj-. 5S. 

Tucker, 19, 23^. 251; Beverley 

Joiinna, IS; J .Ln. .".; ILr., 2Jl; li 
■ Sarah, 18; bL Gcortje, 166; \\ 

Turtier, Ilonrs-. 58; Samuel, ISO. 
Turpin, 104; \V. IL, 10 L 
Tntt, a L., 241. 
Tyl.r, 139. 14J. 173. 178, ISO, 203 

22J, 2S3; Wat. 33. 
UnderhUL, Jane, John 270. 
TJniorwrKxl. Willi.ira, 132, 199. 
Ul^hurch, 123, 124. 
rpahur. Abel. P., 14(5. 2)2, 2G0, 

Arthur, Marv. 256, L'tJO. 

Upton, c. u., 211, :co. 

Urlinij. 218. 

XJtie, 20*5; John, 67, 207; GMrt^e, 

Anne, N'athHniel. 2u7. 
Vail, Mary Lo«ls. 109. 
Valentine, Gcor-e, 58; Jacob, 

Joseph, 2i11 
Van;;over. CU. b. WiU;am, 58. 
Va.-<h()n, Fanny. .",->. 
Vfttcb, ^HnJ^»ci, 7li. 
Vaali, EU-^b^bi, 149. 15.5; Bnmphrey 

14, 153: J.MJi't, 14. 153, l-'O; Lor-i 

46; Kobtrt. 44. 15J. 
Venable. Abrabauj, 203. 





e-.pucic, .\[no! 

•..1. no. 

yiili.-rs. liurb.ira. 221 
Viucltr, .\br:ib.\ni. L^O. 
Volkman, 110. 

Wa.Ic. Ariiiit^.^r, 127. 
NVuk.'J, JCicL.nrd, 43. 
Wr.Moc, Kirlmr.l, 07. 
Wiildron, H.Miry, l-il. 
Wul.j, J., 2-0. 

Whlko, K.«T. Anthonr. CO; Mary. 201. \ 

AV.\'ker. Au^ni-stine, John, C7; liobcri, 

129; ThotufLi. 5-^, \i*). I 

Wall, Fleiinr, loO 

^ !«; 17. 179; JaincH. lCS;aiftrlc3 

^>l, il., S4. 95. Jimiuinia, 5S. 

Wnlk-r, Honjaruin, 170. 130; John, 107; 

Mercer, 2»;i. 
W.utH.k., 101. ICO. 1,:7, 231. 
\V.'\lt}a, r.ichnrd. 27:5. 
WapL.M. I-.-nlh 192. 
WarJ, CUcb. John, 58; Martha, lOO; 

Mary, 59; Jaci^s. IU>bcrt J., 210. 
Warnt-'r. 39. JO, 105; Aumistine, 20, 22, 

40, 07; MiUrcl. 22. 
Warren. Mary, of*, 59. ^ 
Wnmr/ton. ijeor;.'**, lUO. 
Wab^rhoo^e. lUntfurJ, 14. 
Watorsoa, Kobcrt, 5'".. 
Watkinn, Man^., 192. 
Watlincrton, Paul. 40. 
Wat-son, Jarr.os. h^; John, S2; Joseph, 

207; Ralph. ISO. 
WattermiiU, ilarv, 59. 
Washin-^ton, 70." 71, 72. 13.S. l'^'>. lCr>; 
AnLTUvtin-?, 70. 72. 139; Eottv. 22; 
Cb.irles. 2-2;»bcth, 7l, 72, 73. 
139; Gcr-e, 22, 70, lUC, 133, 2Cl. 
267; IJantiah Fairfax. 191; Jchn, 22, 
71, 72, 137, 139; Kathanco 13-'. 15'); 
Lawrence, 22, 172, 106. 235; Isaac. 
2-24: Mary, 137, 13S; Wicuer. 194; 
Wiili.iui Aii;;asiuie, 70. 
Weaver. J., 251. 
Webb, Marr. 192; Thomas. 

liam. 01. 130. 19G. 

Weboter, I)\niol, 2>'3. 

Weodon, 24. 413. . 

Weeke-s Stephen R, 2S6. 

Weit7cl, Giu. C^o.lfr>\T. 92. 

WeMon. Henjamia. 24."t. 

! Wonivvonli. 21. 222. 

'West Family, 2">9-20l; .\nthony, 

I nor, M ij'>r Ch.Trb-. 259; Francis i'~: 

j J.>bn. :)7. 07, 7-v 170. IS I; Jud.ih, 7S. 

I Nathaniel. 5S: Kcvcll, 200; Thoin'V'*, 

, W'Jlon-hby, .59; L'nity, 37, 78; WU- 

j 5"«. 

I Wcst^ooJ, Fli3ab.!'h. lie. 
Weth.^mll. Wi.'li'.m. .'09. 
W^Mimmi. Sir tVr.linaDilo. 67. 
WLaJcv. 70. J.i:i;ti. 151. IS'). 2l7; Mary, 
UJ. I'l. 17 4; -Matthew, 154; ILi.mi^d, 
154, 1>:U. 
Wh.iru^u. Lyman B.. 170. 
; \S'Leat:ey. .j' 14; Solomou, 174, ITJ. 
' Whclpl-'v, Marv. L'H. 



14; Wil- 




Vv'hitKLer, JnU^ C7; Per^jfant, 217. 

^VLitchan:h, I'J'^. 

Wbite. 130; Joha, 96. 97, H4; Jo<4cVl.. 

ISO. ^ 

WluU'hcaJ. Swcpson, 59. 
AVliitohnnt, S-*, j'.K 
WLitlield, Auut>, Mary, rfurnh, Wiilt.T. 

Wlut>:re«Te. Th.-^rnfts. 37. 
"^Mii'.iDt;, Fraucn, 4'J; Llonry. G7, l3'.i; 

Scaifo, 25. 
Whituoj. K.lson K, 2SC. 
V.bilt, Iraucw, 40. 
NVhitU.r. Jobii Gr.oulc.^.f. 211. 
V.iu [NVijtt, ^^y^lt] Fnmily, 3.V-3**. 71, 

7y, •JUL'; Fi\niiy, Francis, lVt«T. l'"<, 

2'J; B:r Frrjicis, 67; Sir Ik-ury, Sir 

"i hom5».<. 35. 
Wickarl, John, Philip, 58. 
V.'icko'is, Jiiiiios John, 58. 
NSickh:iai, WilU.-.m, CI. 
\V.ckliffe, Kobcrt L.. •.Ml. 
Wiil^ooo, Isartc, J^hu, 5S. 
Wilbor. Moses, 5S. 
Wilcoi, 2^24. --'34, 335. 
V.'UiUuau. Jane. Jobu, 113. 
V ilker^n, Jo30j>h, -277, 276. 
AVi'.k-s, J. .'an. 2o7. 
Vi'ilkui. WilLnru, UO. 209. 
"NVilkiriS, Coq>re7f, Jobu, Willi.'itH, oH. 
"Wilkin^)!!, Frauds, 5S; Johu, G4. 
Willi. F.eubon, 5*>. 
V/iUaroy, .\bmhftra C, 5*!. 
"WiUiam, The Couqneror, 33. 
WilliAms, 15S ; Alice. 21^2 ; Elbnb.Hb. 

ILHJ; John, 43; Mary, 5-^ : br.snnnab, 

1(X);T1 omivs. li*-). l^O; Willia-jj, G'^, 59. 
WJli.'Uu^on, 58. 
AVUlia (\Vylb3\ Anne. 33. IG-". 1^2; 

Flii. ISO; Fra::cH, 33, 42, G7. I'iS, 

18'2, IflS. 1-^9. JIG. 
Vr'UIoagbhy. Surah. 41 ; Thoma?. 41. C7. 
WUiner, WUliatu fl., 178, 179 ; George, 


WiuJebaiik. 40. 

Winder. F. A., 'li>\. 

AViu^Mito, Krh.;i r. C7. 

AVjiij.;at.-li!. i:.l\Mir.l Mario. 67. 

Wuinc. hicharil, 160. 

\\'\n*\o\v, 232. 

Wmt. r. Dr. IKiiry, 1S2. 

Wintouu, Lord, l''?, ICi". 

Wi^f. I'mncca. 130; l»r. John CropJy^r, 

i;;.') ; John. 2r.l : Ueury .\., 201. 
Witheri.l^c. Eiiwanl. 14. ' 
\Vol<:tttihulinf. IiaiJol, TJf) 
Wo<^l, Abrrtham. 61 ; Johu, 32 ; Wil- 

\i\iii, 1 i. 
NVoiJar-l. Goorgc, i.'enry, Jesse, Jo- 

siiib. 'j>>. 
Woclbouio. rb.irlos M. Francis, J«tTn-'S, 

Tbom.-'jt. 5->, 5'.>; H»>i:ry, 5'J, i*'J, I'JU; 

Jolin, \'J2; Horatio, 192. 
Woods, Sir Albert W., 104. 
WoodsiJo, John, 4. 
. 3Vornj.:ley, Carter. li'9: Christopher, 67, 

69, 70 : hli/abcth, 275, 27b ; John. 

143, 194: John C. 191. 27-J ; JuJith, 

18o; Knlph, G7. 70. 77, 7>, 151. 1>«G, 

137. 2»'o ; Fiobert Carter, IW ; 1 bo- 
mad. 58. 
WorreU, James. 212. 
WoltoD, 46. 

Wrny, Ch.'.rles. 58 ; Janiea. IHO. 
Wri^rbt. FranrL's Jcnbao, ThoniDS, 58. 
WyUl [Wildl. Daniel. ISO. 
Wvime [WiunJ, Peter, 'jS. 
Wvko, 24-2. 

AVvtb.e. Ucorj;e, 91. 1-^0. 
Ya-er. Nicholas 11, 11. 
Ya[.t. Wiihaui. 1 t. 
YorJley. Ar.^all. '''.7. 261 ; Frencii, 41, 

2t/2; Sir Cifir-f. ^7. 
Yntt^. Wi]li.'\m. lCO-131. 179. 195-197, 

2G2. 2r'4. 
Yentinnu. ilarv, Thomas Muao, Ibomis 

K., J.-.-i. 
Zieber, Fagone, 210.